To be perfectly honest –

I don’t care who is friends with who.

I’m not particularly interested in joining a cause, flirting, rating a beer, or sending good karma.

Nor do I want to know who is playing scrabbulous or blackjack, was sent a love bug, received a friendship rose, or is having their mind read by the mystical mind reader.

I don’t wish to be hugged, poked (whether naughty, flirty, kinky, Kiwi, cocktail, voodoo or Bea Arthur) smiled at, High 5’d, or winked at.

And I certainly don’t care to spank, cuddle, massage, or nudge anyone.

I’d rather not receive best wishes, a greeting card, an ultimatum, a ray of light, a care bear, cheers, a love box, a jelly bean, a charm, karma, a sticky, martini kitty, a pet tarantula, happiness, a girlfriend, a teddy bear, or a Turkish Delight

And I’d sooner not get a lucky cat, a penguin, a handbag, a super car, a rose, a Turkish gift, a poppy flower, frogs, or, worst of all, an affirmation.

Please don’t update me on new comic books, fashion fortune cookies, the cat of the hour, my daily horoscope, the stupid celebrity picture of the day, or TopShop Fashion.

Or apprise me of the Swedish word of the day, Today’s Greek newspaper front page, or your goals and resolutions.

I have no intention of sending anyone a fairy kiss, a birthday balloon, a bomb, or a cockroach.

Or advising everyone of my profile player, my style, the languages I speak, what I’m watching, or that I am a Global Citizen, or the fact that I love Honda.

Or creating my own WWE superstar, fighting a duel, or collecting my favorite ballcaps.

Or letting people in on my mood ring.

And, for Godsake, I don’t want to play Crazy Market, Cash Point, Backgammon, factory, checkers, Asteroids, Othello, or Lucky Jackpot Bingo.

Or take a fun Trazzler, pop culture, famous movie quotes, will I ever be homeless, or business quiz.

No interest in taking part in a Bar Fight, a Dance Off, flipping my pics, saying I’m sorry, turning my profile pic into a funny caricature, showing my love for Fraggle Rock.

I don’t want to play sudoku, dinos, virtual chess, solitaire, bridge, or frogger.

Or participate in a crazy car parking game, flip cup drinking game, or Guess who? Game.

Or celebrate a Friend of the Month.

Or rate my friends as naughty or nice, sensing or intuitive, or interesting or not.

Or check my allergy IQ.

Or take a patience test.

Or add a testimonial, bling to my photos, or a cool new wallpaper.

Or bestow anyone with a Friend of the Year Award.

Or display my quick and dirty bookcrossing stats, my bookshelf, or my flickr gallery.

I have no desire to find out what kind of animal I am or which South Park character I am or what color I am or what kind of magical being I am or what is my wedding color or what is my party song or what is my weed song or what’s the best sexual position for me tonight or what car I am or which football player I am or what season of the year I am or where I will find my dream guy or how crazy I am or what kind of guitar I am or what kind of fruit I am or what U2 song best describes me or what is my girl’s night out song or what kind of lingerie I am or what kind of pizza I am or what kind of video game hero I am or what is my Disney song or what is the meaning of life or what is my happy song or whether or not I’m a shopaholic or what my cruising song is or when he will propose or whether or not I’m a fun drunk or who is my natural enemy or whether or not I’ll be a bridezilla or which mythical sea creature I am or my funny Christmas name or whether I’m an introvert or an extrovert.

Nor do I need to know how many ninjas I could take on in a fight, which Bon Jovi song best describes me, whether or not I would survive a plague, which Simpsons character I am, what is my falling in love song, which One Tree Hill character I am, how evil I am, which Sondheim musical I am, what’s my inner dragon, which women’s shoe I am, whether God loves me or not, what beer I am, what is my reggae song, which Spiderman villain I am, whether I am really Lebanese, what kind of crazy I am, which DBZ character I am, which Xena: Warrior Princess character I am, what kind of cake I am, or how Singaporean I am.

I’d rather not compare my reading attitude, throw a pizza party, or create a virtual woman named Jenny.

I do not wish to take part in a water fight, fly a fighter jet or a helicopter, save my archery scores, pimp my profile pic, plant a real tree, ride a motorbike, hunt squid, go AWOL, or profess my love for Burger King.

I have no plans to invite anyone to my bunker, rate my mate, share my dreams, spread the piece, or bubo anyone.

Do not challenge me to a Penalty Shoot-Out, puzzle war, snowball fight, or karate match.

I don’t care to vote for a top celebrity,

No to sloganizing!

No to color accents!

And, sweet Jesus, no to virtual babies!

I’m in the process of trying to extricate myself from the clutches of Facebook. Easier said than done. Just when you think you’ve managed to delete your profile, it turns out some pesky little residual element has managed to elude your best efforts. It‘s like a frigging brain tumor.

Today’s video: Bubba body slams Lulu. Twice.¤t=BubbaTakesDownLulu.flv

152 thoughts on “March 7, 2008: Frustration and Despair want to be your friends: Confirm or Ignore?

  1. You and the rest of the crew can be proud: you broke my children with The Last Man. They may not recover until the season premiere.

  2. Mr. Mallozzi, what were you thinking? My goodness… just tell us everyone isn’t dead and that all of Rodney’s efforts to change the future weren’t in vain.

    Awesome episode “Last Man Standing.” Of course Scifi had better come through with that summer premiere.

    Thanks for a great season sir.

  3. That’s how you ended the season finale? THAT’S HOW YOU ENDED THE SEASON FINALE?!!!

  4. Last Man was awesome!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much, looking forward to seeing out it turns out


  5. Wow! Where to begin. I hesitate to say anything specific because some of the West coast viewers haven’t seen it yet. I will say…Best Atlantis episode yet! And of course the cliffhanger had me saying NOOOOOO! I can’t believe you did that to us and we have to wait 4-6 months for a resolution. I will post a more detailed view of my love for this episode later, lest I be flamed by those who haven’t seen it yet.

  6. I know what you mean…I tried to delete it too. It doesn’t go away. It just deactivates! I looked up how to get rid of it, but no luck thus far.

  7. I win! I picked March 7th in the “What day will Joe Mallozzi suffer a nervous breakdown?” pool!

    *wonders what I will win as a prize*

    *hopes it has nothing to do with Facebook*

    Regarding Last Man… Excellent episode! Kudos to everyone. The ending, however… I’m not falling for it. Not me!

  8. Just finished watching the season finale. Great episode, loved it a lot. The special effect of going from young Rodney to old Rodney was amazing! And then ending… yeah…

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!

  9. Um….. Joe, I hate to be the one to break this to you but in more than one of your lines you appear to be refering to yourself as a member of the female gender.

    “or where I will find my dream guy”
    “or what is my girl’s night out song”
    “or when he will propose”
    “or whether or not I’ll be a bridezilla”

    Is there something we all need to know about?

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!!!


  10. Well, I would have thought you were a water fight kind of guy. 🙂

    I’m cancelling the water pistol order now.

  11. *Covers eyes while getting to the bottom of the page*

    I am resolutely avoiding all further spoilers for this episode. No way will I let myself get spoiled on that much-frustrating ending!

    Anyways…2 thoughts came to me while reading the entry tonight that fully epitomizes the “Rant” and “Tirade” parts of this blog’s title:

    1. He’s soooooo talking about Facebook. Of course, I had this thought 3 lines into it. Yes Joe, I’m a Facebookian, but somehow I’ve never been exposed to all that hideousness that you have. I consider myself lucky.

    2. I am going to comment with “I am Joe Mallozzi, and I. AM. CANADIAN!” Because, you know, that’s how it sounded. Heh.

    Oh, and Joe, if you don’t mind…a question:

    Is Amort an episode title? Is it the title of Martin Gero’s mid-season 2-parter (or at least the name of one of the 2-parters)? If not, is it the title of Brad Wright’s episode?

    Looking forward to The Last Man!!

  12. Bonne nuit Joseph,
    J’ai appris dernièrement que le mot hystérique ne pouvait être employé que pour désignée une femme, mais je crois que je vais faire une exception. Alors, mon cher je crois que ce soir on est un peu hystérique ? Lorsque j’ai lu ton blogue j’hésitait entre le fou rire et la consternation ! On peut vraiment faire et savoir tout ça sur internet ??? Wow, j’aimerais bien savoir what kind of guitar I am or what kind of fruit I am, je crois que ces informations complèteraient bien ma vie ! lol Moi, ce que je dis c’est : une bonne montée de lait par semaine éloigne la crise d’engine pour toujours !
    Bonne soirée à toi
    Incroyable mais vrai, il neige toujours !!!!

  13. Umm, I’m glad for you that Fondy is coming home? Since I don’t “do” Facebook, I can only imagine how infuriating it must be. Actually, given your post, I don’t have to do much imagining..
    Congratulations on The Last Man. The episode delivered as promised. Despite the warnings, I found myself actually shedding some tears as episode unfolded. I see no need to go into details on how poignant each death was (but double applauds for how Ronon and Todd were handled), but the most heartbreaking of all was McKay’s fate. The small bits of humor interspersed made the laughter all the more appreciated. And while the ending felt a bit rushed, it was better than dragging out the suspense of Sheppard’s return to his proper time. The finale? I must admit I burst out laughing. After being distracted by the “might have been” timeline, the conclusion was more abrupt and “Perils of Pauline”ish than I’d expected. Mind, I liked it. It’s going to be a rough few months to see how you extricate our heroes out of their mess.
    Just one observation that intrigued and disturbed me. It was great seeing Lorne finally promoted, even if it took 25 years. But was there any significance to Lorne’s uniform? It seemed a rather drastic change, even allowing the time frame. That, and holo-McKay’s toss out comment that hinted that things on Earth had not gone any better than things on Atlantis. Looking forward to seeing other comments on this episode, and I second Jason’s request for a possible guest appearance by Paul to discuss the episode.

  14. i knew i’d read something about the facebook clutches recently:
    (and if the link doesn’t work, this is from the New York Times Business section, February 18. i was finally convinced to join facebook by a colleague and now i’m totally regretting the move. on the bright side, i’ve barely been in there and haven’t been annoyed….YET. good luck on trying to extricate yourself.
    and thanks again for tonite’s episode.

  15. Joe,
    OK now that I got my last comment out of the way I MUST congratulate you on a damn fine episode. I have to agree with many of the other viewers about the smile from Ronan to Todd was made to perfection, Sam’s last stand was completely true to her character, and Rodney’s never-ending commitment to fix the entire galaxy was true to form. Overall this episode was OUTSTANDING!!!

    Now I do have one question. Was there a scene, possibly cut for time, that showed Shepherd coming out of stasis and running to the gate with old Rodney?


  16. LOL. Awesome entry. I was reading thinking, Joseph Mallozi doesn’t have a facebook page. . .does he? Then I got to the end. Yeah, the site has gotten pretty obnoxious since they introduced ‘applications.’

  17. Joe,

    OH GOOD LORD! What a fantastic episode! I was reaching for the tissues watching Rodney’s heart break in the halls of the SGC. Then threw the whole tissue box at the TV at the end…good thing it’s far enough away and I’m a bad enough aim that it didn’t make it that far (the hubby would have gotten upset).

    Now. What I want is the puddle jumper that can move through time so that I can go ahead and watch Search and Rescue! I can’t stand cliffhangers…I am SO incredibly impatient! SIGH!

    Congrats on another great ep in another great season.

    (Does SGC still have the above mentioned puddle jumper? Is it available for rent?)

    MA Milan
    aka moms2398

  18. BORING.

    The only interesting thing about the episode was the Phoenix taking on Hive ships in hit and run attacks. That is what the Daedalus and the Apollo should be doing together when they can find a single Hive ship with maybe one cruiser as an escort. The rest of it was meh. After Spoils of War, this season has been bad in my opinion when compared to most of the first half (Travelers and Missing being the exceptions) except for Midway which was good. Better luck next season, but maybe you should stick with 12 or 13 episodes and scrap the rest if this season was any indication.

  19. Oh, great googly freakin’ moogly, Joe! My Gods, that was going to be the series finale if SciFi hadn’t renewed for season 5?!?!?! That’s evil. I’m still sitting here catching my breath and thanking my lucky stars that we do get a season 5. That aside, I have to say that I absofreakin’lutely LOVED “Last Man”. I was on the edge of my seat with eyes as as big as dinner plates and my heart in my throat for pretty much the entire hour. There wasn’t a think I disliked about it, either, and I tend to have little nit picks about most episodes. Bravo!

  20. Ho, un dernier petit commentaire avant d’aller au lit: puisque demain c’est la journée internationale de la femme je me demandais si tu pouvais dédier ton blogue demain à tes fidèles lectrices ? Ce serait vraiment sympa !!
    Bonne nuit
    Morgia (En fait pour moi demain c’est rendu aujourd’hui, mais bon tu comprends le principe…)
    Hé oui, il neige toujours !!!!

  21. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’ve got a bunch of casual fans raving about the season finale, and I think that supports my own opinion that this was indeed a great episode. Call it the epitome of schmaltz, but I like Carpacorn. You hinted it at the somewhat similar premise earlier, and I had been half dreading that it would end up being the equivalent of mixing oil and vinager, yet it turned out quite nicely.

    As to the ending: now that’s how you do a real cliffhanger.

  22. Gah, there wasn’t a thing I disliked. Stupid tongue tied fingers.

    Oh, and to all of those people who will kvetch about the call back to “1969” and the fact that the main plot device was used before, I give a resounding Bronx Cheer (a raspberry, for those who don’t know what a ‘Bronx Cheer’ is)!

    *off to watch the second showing of SGA*

  23. [i]blinks rapidly at the seemingly long Rodney like tirade then shakes her head to clear it.

    Ok. I have to admit. This was the mother of all season endings and cliffhangers. You just gotta love Rodney mental whumpage. hopefully Sci Fi is not teasing us about a summer premire because waiting until Oct. is just going to kill people.

    Again condolences to the Flanigan family from everyone at Stargate Alpha Command site.

    Oh. One more thing. Please oh please my birthday wish for this year is better old age make up for sci fi. It doesn’t look good.

    LOL and poor Lulu. Thats a move Triple H would be proud of!! [/i]

  24. I sympathize with your Facebook troubles. I’ve really gotten used to hitting the “ignore” button a lot. You were really on a role in tonight’s post. Have you noticed the difference in people who use Facebook like a game (thus the crappy apps), and the people who are actually trying to share photos/video with friends. I blame it all on the high schoolers and sorority girls.

  25. Kudos on a great season overall and a WONDERFUL finale. I agree with other posters on Ronon and Todd going out together. Oh, the irony. And I’ll put my vote in again for Keller and McKay. They are completely adorable together.

    David Hewlett was awesome in this (I know, when is he not, but seriously). I started sniffling at his expression when they found Teyla simply because I began to figure out who the last man was. To stand by and watch everyone he cares for die…. *sniff*

    Anyway, great ep! I’m looking forward to next season.

    Any idea when SciFi will make an official announcement on the S5 premier?

    Have you heard anything about the release of the S4 DVDs?

    We’ve heard a rumor that Joe Flanigan’s father died. If that is true, would you please extend our condolences to him?

  26. WOW!! I think this is the best season finale since The Siege (and that was mostly good because it was the first season and the “city/characters in peril” theme was brand new).

    Everybody’s ends were so appropriate to their personalities, although Teyla’s was the most tragic to me because I’m assuming Michael just killed her and she didn’t get the chance to go down fighting. Plus the “losing the baby” part.

    It’s also sad that they probably never found a way to heal Carson in the alternate timeline (or just didn’t bother).

    So does Martin Gero get stuck with the job of trying to figure out how to get the team out of a demolished building?

    I would also love it if Paul could drop by and give us a little breakdown of this episode! But whether he does or not, thank you and the entire cast and crew for a great season!

  27. LOVED the season finale…congrats to all involved! Time travel is a dangerous thing to play with, and I love how this epi begins to address this!!! Can’t wait for Season 5!!!!

    And I must say, I too am trying to rid myself of all the annoying Facebook apps… while some of them may be useful (photo; groups), the majority are just wasting space and time!!!


  28. The Last Man. At first I wasn’t digging the style as I’m very much a “show don’t tell’ type person and the flashbacks were just I dunno. Then things began meshing and I was feeling all these emotions.

    It was like this was written for the fans….we’ll answer all your questions just in case we don’t get picked up for a season 5. We’ll tell you how everything might have happened and how in the end..its all gets fixed.

    What drew me was Rodney’s plight to just repair everything. He knew in his heart John was the turning point…that once he found a way to save him…it would save everyone and I LOVED that!

    In my hearts of hearts I felt once John was lost, everything fell apart. Its not really true but emotionally it felt that way.

    I loved old!McKay and John. They were at the center of this tale and I loved the bond that was there. I found it funny that John wouldn’t cover his skin during a sandstorm, but thats just sci-fi. It was odd that he was at death’s door but peachy keen after a long nap…lol

    Overall I enjoyed this. We got to see how each team would do save others. That they all died heroes, dying for others and for their principles.

    Then a building fell on them.

    The end felt rushed but I really did enjoy it. Kudos to the cast but major props to David and Joe for hitting a homerun!

  29. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so cruel! I hate cliffhangers! Well, at least you didn’t leave Sheppard 48,000 years in the future!

    Seriously though, the last three episodes have been so incredible, I am on pins and needles until Friday comes along waiting for the next installment. This season has been your best, by far. Congratulations! I cannot wait for season 5 – and at the risk of sounding redundant …


  30. Excellent season finale, Joe! Great work! I really love AU/time travel episodes – all of those have been my favorite of the Stargate series. I loved everything about this episode. The lonely shots of abandoned Atlantis were great and effective. The Ronon and Todd storyline was awesome. Todd is so my favorite Wraith.

    “Save Teyla, save the world.” Hee. Taking your cues from Heroes now? 🙂

    And I echo your sentiments with the facebook applications. They are the most annoying things ever created. Although the Oregon Trail application was amusing for about five minutes.

  31. The sad thing is, I suspect there are still more Facebook applications than those you’ve managed to list. Actually I know there are because there’s also all the various political parties and their applications, competing in Greek contests, mapping out all your travel spots…

    Good luck with escaping Facebook’s clutches! While I just idly click ignore on almost everything, I’ve seen others struggle to get away as much as you seem to be.

  32. I loved “The Last Man” but I hate you people for making us wait for the continuation! 🙂

    As to the Woolsey scene: On Feb. 11th, I posted the following to an Atlantis forum:

    A sneak-peek at a Season 5 scene:

    Woolsey: I’m sorry, but the Atlantis budget was getting out of hand. The IOAC had to make cuts somewhere.

    Sheppard: What?

    Woolsey: Bottom line, Colonel, it’s just not cost-effective.

    Sheppard: So, what are you saying? I can’t have more ammo because…

    Woolsey: … Because it costs money, Colonel. Atlantis’s current average is $52 of ammunition per Wraith killed. The IOAC wants you to bring that down to a more reasonable number. Say, twelve to fifteen dollars of ammo per Wraith killed.

    Sheppard: (speechless)

    I guess I’m not too far off.

    Anne Teldy

  33. Wow! That sounds like my spam email folder. Pain in the ass but sometimes good for a laugh. Judging by this I think I’ve made the right decision to have a LiveJournal and stay away from everything else.

    Tonights ep was brilliant. I couldn’t help but cry when Sam took out the Wraith ships, it made me feel like end of an era. The scenes with Ronon and Todd were fun, especially when Ronon said, “I was just going to blow it up.” Hee. I love a man who can get to the point! And damned if the Squirrel King himself didn’t have me bawling in this one as well. The look on his face at Keller’s bedside and in the hallway just about killed me. Glad Rodney could figure out a way do try and pull a Mulligan though. (Right?)

    Shame on you though for leaving such an evil little cliffhanger. You’d better start dishing out some hints and tidbits to make up for it Mister! 😉 Thanks to you, the crew and cast for making such a great season and can’t wait for season 5!

  34. I think I have gotten all of the offers on facebook that you have. To be honest I have actually succumbed to being drawn in to some applications. But I am off to weed them out while watching the repeat of tonights episode which was fantastic. And fantastically cruel given the dire cliffhanger. But I think it was a brilliantly perfect way to end this season. So many poignant moments and I loved getting to see the characters fighting until the end. I can’t wait until season 5.

  35. Joe (and the rest of the SGA crew and cast),

    The Last Man was awesome. Season 4 was fantastic. David Hewlett is, as always, amazing. And the Sam story in The Last Man – oh, how it reminds me why I’m going to miss Sam and AT so very much after 11 seasons. Thanks for a great season – looking forward to season 5.

  36. First of all, I concur wholeheartedly with everything you said in the above post. I graduated college right as Facebook was taking over people’s minds, and so I never really got into it. If I thought I could gracefully exit without my friends hunting me down and possibly (probably) killing me, I would. Good luck with that!

    Second (and most importantly), the season finale was beautiful! I cried, Joe! You guys made me cry several times! And the end? Oh gosh.

    You guys are brilliant.

  37. Oh, and by the way, I was reading through your blog. Work has been such that I barely have time to eat – let alone read and watch cliffhanger episodes of my favorite show. I noted that you had contemplated a Land of the Lost gag. Am I crazy – or have I noticed some parallels between Stargate and Land of the Lost. i.e., crystals, portals through which people travel to different worlds (or dimensions, if that be the case). And, of course, that being said … what could be so wrong with including a planet full of Sleestaks in the Pegasus galaxy?

  38. Hey Joe!

    …wow…you read my mind in regards to Facebook. I hate those darn invites to pointless programs. 😛

    Thanks so much for “The Last Man” and for a GREAT season! I am really looking forward to season 5!

    Thanks as always,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  39. “The Last Man” was a great season finale. I loved the dark timeline (Then again, how often do you see an alternate timeline that’s noticeably lighter?) and seeing how everyone went down fighting. The cameos were great, too, especially the Zelenka one! That was a perfect Rodney line.

  40. I just totally skipped all the comments to avoid being spoiled until I get my download of tonight’s ep.

    I just wanted to add a big AMEN to today’s entry. A more moronic way to spend time has yet to be found. Oh, wait a minute … MySpace!

    Riley is: still hating facebook.

  41. Believe it or not, Facebook was strictly for college and uni students only, I preferred it that way. Ever since they allowed these idiot programs/applications I hate Facebook. I, like you, am bombarded with idiotic applications for things that I simply roll my eyes at. Now they have the option to “ignore” all the requests when they reach 25 or more, how about coming up with a way to get rid of all the applications? lol Myspace used to be fun back in the day, thank the Gods there are no applications like Facebook on there *knock wood*

  42. Mr. M

    A fantastic episode. Perhaps even the best SGA episode so far. Thanks a kick butt season 4, looking forward to season 5.

    Eric T.

  43. Meh. I have a myspace, but no facebook. And I don’t even check myspace that often. Although I will admit to occasionally doing those “Which ___ are you?” quizzes, when I know I should go to sleep but don’t want to. And also occasionally amusing myself by pondering such things in my head while I’m driving, like what dog breeds would the SGA characters be (so far, the only thing I know for certain is that Sheppard would be a Shepherd, which is pretty much a gimme, anyway).

  44. Well that should be enough time for the West coast crowd to have viewed the best episode ever. We had Sam and Ronon giving their lives fighting the good fight. We had Keller losing her life because she was exposed to the disease while she was trying to save all those others who were infected. We had Rodney essentially giving up his life in order to change the past and save the future. Oh yes, and he also gets the girl. About time. It figures he is more concerned with losing his hair than anything else. I loved how, like in Tabula Rasa, we had the action in the present and flashbacks to what happened in the past. And that end to the first act with Atlantis in the desert was one of the most impressive special effects you have had yet. The pace to the episode was fast and furious. Then we get to the end and I though the episode would end with them waiting for Michael to arrive with Teyla. Then you go and drop a building on our heroes. Noooooooo!!! How can you leave us hanging like that. I can’t wait until July for the resolution. I want to congratulate you and everyone associated with Atlantis for an absolutely outstanding season. I hope that you will go even longer than SG-1 did.
    So my top 5 for the season is:
    1. The Last Man
    2. Missing
    3. Trio
    4. Be All My Sins Remembered
    5. Quarantine

  45. Oh. My. God.
    Killer finale.

    David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan hit this one out of the ballpark. Separately, both actors are very talented and amazing to watch. Together, they are riveting, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-them entertainment. They have such amazing chemistry. They slay me.

    I cried my little heart out during Sam and Jennifer’s death scenes.
    Ronon finding Teyla dead and looking over at McKay and McKay’s face? Oy! McKay had to suffer so much in this episode! Lesser men would have buried their misery in a bottle of booze or pills.

    Loved seeing Kate Hewlett!!!

    Great eppy!

  46. Not to bug you with the script thing again…well okay – I AM bugging you about the script thing again:

    Say you had an actor with Meares–Irlen Syndrome (layman’s terms: someone who is dyslexic but with the use of coloured lenses can read much faster). Would they be shown compassion in letting them have white scripts?

    hehe – how annoying am I? 😛

    More importantly – The Last Man ROCKED!! It was like a mini movie more than a tv show and I was close to tears! Trust me, it’s hard to find a stronger rock than I, and it was very close – I was welling up! Some serious McKay torture there!

    Great work on season 4 in it’s entirety. It was fantastic throughout and I eagerly await the conclusion to tonight’s cliffhanger (btw – you guys are also evil for that! ARGH!!!) July (hopefully) here we come!

  47. Bravo! Bravo! To the writers, actors and rest of the SGA crew: Excellent season. A fantastic mix of outstanding special effects, drama, humor, team stories, character stories. And great acting throughout the season – Jewel Staite in Last Man was her best performance this season IMO. And Hewlett, as always, was great.

    And Last Man was…Wow.


  48. Ark of Truth —

    After finally being able to see it fully, I can’t say I’m as underwhelmed or even as overwhelmed as many other viewers. The Ark of Truth is basically a plot in a box, and a series of theatrical looking shots that enhance the appearance of the film, but I was wondering where the hell the character development ran off to? I’ve been following this entire franchise since 1994, and I’ve gotten to know every mistake and triumph the writers have thrown at us for a long time, and after all of that, I really wanted to see a worthy wrap-up of the Ori mythos that didn’t just rely on pretty crane shots and sweeping landscape shots.

    I really hated the fact that this movie was cut and spliced like two almost unrelated movies were going on, and you’ll realize I’m referring to the stinker of the IOA plot for the Replicators to infest the Ori galaxy to pretty much eat their technology from the inside out. That might have made a decent two-parter in a hypothetical Season 11, but was this really at all necessary when we have two galaxies hanging in the balance? Was it merely a way of keeping Mitchell and Carter out of the way of the main plot while the rest embark on the real quest? It’s then you realize that this movie really belongs to Daniel, Vala and Teal’c, and I’ve always believed that Daniel was really the central character of the series all along; and for good reason, I came out of this movie feeling like Teal’c had the most quality screen moments, dialogue and development. The so-called “B-plot” overwhelms the picture so much, it’s like the Ori become something of a cameo in their own damn movie.

    So now we come to the long awaited main villain of the piece, Adria, played so wonderfully and edgily by the beautiful Morena Baccarin, who does the best she can with the total four or five minutes of screen time she was unfortunately given. In relation to the series, Adria a classic metaphor of a grand and almost demonic villain who represents the personification of purified evil shedding off the little humanity she actually had that Vala struggled and failed to preserve. That was something I wanted to see Vala feel, a sense of guilt that she couldn’t do more and an attempt to convey some sort of sympathy to Adria, but limited screentime and exposure provided none of that. Adria was a villain with so much potential for exploration of depth and development because of her relationship with one of the main characters, namely Vala, and I think much more screen time that was given to the oh-so-been-there-done-that Replicators could have been utilized to have her character finalized to complete their arc with greater satisfaction, rather it seems neither character really cared and that just left me with a sense of shallowness. We didn’t even see the stakes all that high with the most powerful ascended being in the universe like we did with Anubis at the end of Season 8, who wanted to wipe out the entire galaxy for his own agenda. Cooper wasted so many opportunities here, so let’s just litter the movie with Replicators as an easy way out. Is Martin Lloyd based on Robert C. Cooper?

    Another character aspect that’s really bothersome is Carter. The Ori storyline has really given her character almost nothing to do for two seasons, but it’s painfully obvious here that she’s merely carrying the weight usually dished out to “techies”. Her little kiss on Mitchell’s cheek at the end only proves that she really seems to live for the team leader, a point that leads me to believe that her character development had probably outlived its usefulness at the end of Season 8 after Jacob died and Jack left, leaving her with no arc or pursuit. I really hope she has more to do in Continuum.

    The final battle was quick and over in a blink of an eye. Come on, it was like a build up with no pay-off. Cooper was just tip-toeing on eggshells in the final 20 minutes, it was like the movie itself was desperate to end itself, but the characters deserved so much more than that.

    I cannot really blame any of the film’s shortcomings on the actors or crew. They did what they could with the material presented to them, but Cooper really should have revised and refined the script to intended perfection, rather it feels like a first draft that was slickly shot to meet a tight deadline. Joel Goldsmith’s score was serviceable, and there were some really nice cues laced in there, so I look forward to getting that on CD.

    I’ll give it a 6/10, and I’m being generous because I was glad to see my favorite characters back, and I was quite hooked on the movie while watching it, but afterward, it left me feeling cold and empty after seeing that there was barely any interaction where it was really needed. I may not sound like I really liked it, but I did have some fun with it even though I thought there could have been much more of this and much less of that.

  49. As she quickly bypasses all of the spoilerrific comments…None of that until Monday night!

    All I wanted to say is… Holy crap, I’d love to x-post this entry all over the vastness of cyberspace. Gah, Facebook is like a bloody, chunky train wreck. And I’m pretty certain it steals small children and eats their souls too.

    So, for this entry, you pwn, sir. Thank you! 🙂


  50. “The Last Man” is brilliant in every aspect, a fantastic final episode. Congratulations and thank you for a season filled with excellent, thought-provoking entertainment.

  51. Congrats Joe, Definitly the best season you’ve had so far, just amazing.

    Couple thoughts:

    -You’ve gone from a “defend the city!” type of season theme to more of a “defend the galaxy” type of theme. Certainly before Atlantis was concerned about the pegasus galaxy, but it seems this season the welfare of the pegasus galaxy as a whole seemed to be much more in the forefront. How intentional is this? It kinda reminds me of the change in SG1 from “team missions” (which although was never the focus of Atlantis) to “we must defeat Anubis” in season 7.

    – Atlantis seemed remarkably well preserved for being how many years old? Especially since who ever was last there didn’t bother to bring the city with them…

    -Is the Phoenix something that we’ll be seeing later, or is it just something that was only present in that one version of the future?

  52. Arrrgh! A net hiccup ate my post! Let’s try this again …

    While I’m a happy endings kind of gal and want the “final timeline” to see Sam retire, for an alt timleine end for her, I was very pleased – and proud of her.

    Loved all the Rodney emotional whump! He was so adorable when interacting wth Keller! And *adored* all the McSheppy interaction. *sighs happily*

    Suprisingly, though, my very fave moment of the ep was the Ronon/Todd team-up, especially the look they shared in their last moment. As proudf as i was of Sam, I was quadrupally proud of Ronon then, nit just for his sacrifice, but for being able to let go of his hatred of the Wraith in general enough to smile at this one Wrauth who’d proven himself to be not such a bad guy. And I was proud of Todd, too, for not arguing with Ronon about letting the humans escape first, and for being willing to sacrifice himself as well.

    Talk about bringing the house down — that was a freakin’ awesome explosion!

    And now for the reason I was late. I was putting finishing touches on some Stargate-related items I’m waering to Megacon this weekend — including the Todd plushie bag! MWAHAHAHAHAH!

    Anywa, Joe, I just want to thank you and the crew immensely for a truly brilliant season. The Stargate franchise in general has been a great comfort to me through a rough couple of years. Arigato gozaimasu. I look forward to season five with great anticipation!

  53. GREAT Episdode, Can’t wait for season 4 to come out on DVD, I understand why the did the shows this year the way they did. There must be something in the canadian water for all these great women getting pregnated.

    Can you confirm or deny’s the stroy related to Joe Flanigan’s dealth? I’ve not found it out there at all, which doesn’t say much, sorry.

    I just really enjoy the character of Shepphard and want him to be in the last couple of seasons you have, so far.

  54. WoW that was a great ending to a great season. I can’t wait for season 5.

    I like the fact that Lorne was promoted to General. Always support more Lorne in future episodes unless you kill him off then he can skip that episode.

    Will there be a behind the scenes look at the aging process that David Hewlett and Kavan Smith went through?


  55. You guys really know how to just lay it on don’t ya??? I cry in Kindred, then just ball my eyes out tonight.

    I gotta say though, you guys have really out done yourselves. That was the best SG finale EVER…wonderful idea…Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better after this amazing season, I can’t wait for the next.

    I especially loved Ronon’s end…God, that sounds morbid…anyway…I knew I always liked Todd. I was just depressed and gone by then. Good laughs and cries in this one. And that joke about John asking McKay if he’s caught the last 25 super bowls or world series…priceless…only John would ask that.

    Anyway…I think I’ve babbled enough…LOVED IT…

  56. More Mckay/Keller in season 5 please. Gasp I actually liked Keller when she was with Rodney.

  57. I’ll probably catch hell, Joe, but I’m going to give my honest opinion of tonight’s episode, The Last Man.

    Keep in mind that I think season four is the best one yet. Most of my favorite episodes such as Doppelganger, Midway, and Miller’s Crossing are in this season.

    Having said all that, I have to honestly say that I didn’t care for The Last Man. It had a promising premise, IMO, which had me excited. I loved the idea of old McKay and sending Shep so far ahead into the future. Seeing what happened to everyone after Shep disappeared was interesting. It always is when it comes to alternate timelines.

    I liked General Lorne’s uniform. Looked a little fascist to me. Had my brain wondering what the hell was going on in that timeline. LOL

    The other flashbacks were interesting and they added to Rodney’s motivation to change the timeline. I did tear up with Keller’s death bed scene. I thought it was very moving. She really is wonderful.

    I also liked Ronon and Todd a lot. They have interesting chemistry. I have enjoyed Todd’s portrayel immensely this season and I do hope we get tons more of him next season.

    Tonight’s episode did not add anything to the ongoing Michael and Teyla Arc. There was nothing new about Teyla’s baby or the hybrids being created. Michael’s plans hadn’t changed at all. We knew from previous episodes what he was planning. Tonight’s episode brought nothing new at all to that story. That was a big disappointment for me.

    My other complaint is the ending. I found it to be abrupt and cliched. IMO, it hurt the overall episode. It’s nothing different from a thousand other season finales on various TV series. Who died, who lived and so on. Nothing exciting or compelling there. I would have found far more satisfaction at having it end with Shep going into stasis…add to that something even more compelling about Teyla, her child, or Michael to whet our appetites even more.

    Well, there you have it. My thoughts about the episode. I love this series and continue to be a huge fan, but I won’t hold back on what I think.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so.

  58. It’s bloody 2 am, and I’m still watching, and rewatching, TLM. Can’t get the tears out of my eyes (I love torturing myself 😛 ). Excellent episode.

    Still totally awed by the T&R scene…so much fun, and so emotional, too. Each time I watch it I just fill up again…I just can’t get over the chemistry these two characters have, and that damn Ronon-smile is still breaking my heart. Ronon had to realize Todd sacrificed his own life so that his men could escape – he must’ve realized that Todd was a bit different afterall…

    The key is – carrying that potential over into the next season should you keep Todd around (please do!).

    Anyway – won’t go off on that tangent now. I just wanted to say that I loved Todd’s “Indeed” – it gave me a pleasant flashback to Teal’c and Ronon in Midway. 😉

    And it was great seeing Todd’s knife – I was wondering where it would come into play, and so glad to see he knows how to use it.

    Again – thank you very much. VERY well done. The flashback scenes, for me, were the most emotional…they’ve left me both satisfied and melancholy at the same time. The ending has me anxious to find out how it will all unfold next season, but it’s not something I’m going to lose any sleep over. The flashbacks, however…are a much different story…

    Well done.


  59. Not reading the comments above me as I haven’t watched the episode yet.

    Facebook blows big ones.


  60. Oh come on Joe, don’t you at least want to know which SGA or SG-1 character you are most like? Or which one would be your BEST friend? *evil grin*
    Maybe that’s just on MySpace. (I’m most like Carter and McKay is my best friend…lol…I really didn’t manipulate it either…really. What…you don’t believe me? *evil laugh*)

    Well, I haven’t watched The Last Man yet…and I am helpless against spoilers so I guess I pretty well know what’s going to happen. Which is good because I HATE Romeo and Juliet type shows where everyone dies…so I probably would have been very upset through the show. Now I can brace myself for all the deaths and try to enjoy it, remembering that there is a season 5 and that you guys can’t really kill everyone off! Or it will be the Sheppard/McKay show that some people whine about. (Not me…they are my

    Anyway, I’m glad to know that I was right in my prediction that the Keller/McKay kiss would be an alternate timeline/universe one. Come on everyone…how many really romantic and sweet kisses are actually canon in the Stargate Universe? And I’m not talking about one-offs where it’s with a hot alien babe/dude. I’m talking about relationship type kisses…Sam had a few with Pete before they broke up, Daniel and Share but she’s dead, Teal’c and wife but she’s dead…um…kind of a pattern here….lol.

    Romantic relationships don’t last in the Stargate Universe. Is anyone even married there? LOL I think it would be an interesting place to visit, but you shouldn’t stay unless you like having no significant other around. If you want to see relationships in Stargate, read fanfiction…there’s a ton of it there…of course you may get more than you bargained for. *wink wink* It can get quite steamy.


  61. Thank you so much for a wonderful fourth season!

    “The Last Man” was amazing!

    I LOVED Todd and Ronon’s scene. Their scene was so touching and wonderful. I was grinning ear to ear the entire time. I am so incredibly happy. The scene was lovely. *Cries* I hope Todd and Ronon can develop a similar relationship in Season Five.

    I truly want Todd to become a major character, he’s the main reason why I love and am dedicated to SGA! I am not alone either, there are many “Wraith Defenders” such as myself who watch SGA purely to see Todd.

  62. An amazing final episode to wrap up a wonderful season!
    “The Last Man” was awesome.

    I absolutely loved Todd and Ronon’s scene. It almost made me cry! I truly hope Todd will continue to be the charismatic and honorable wraith he is in Season Five. Todd deserves to have a major roll in the Season Five story line. I would love to see him make many appearances; he is my favorite character and the main reason why I continue to watch SGA. 🙂

  63. *skips all comments on the season finale in fear of spoilers* Grr, sucks living in Canada tonight.

    Hi Joe,

    Wow, you did a lot of research on the Facebook applications that are out there. I’ve seen some pages that have more applications than any valuable content. I have to admit, I like Facebook and it really comes in handy when you are a student. I also have to admit that I don’t even talk to more than half of the people on my friend list.

    I wonder how many people have read the fine print. I found out not too long ago that any pictures posted become property of Facebook…. :S Should really start paying more attention to those “Terms of Use” documents.

    Question: Have you heard any news on when S4 of SGA will be released on DVD? I think you answered this alreay but I can’t remember and am too lazy to go looking. I can’t wait to see all the eps on my new Sony LCD TV!

    Have a great weekend!


  64. What a wonderful season ender! Congratulations on a great season! Now Anxiously awaiting # 5.

  65. Holy ZPM!!! *flails* I’m flailing! See me flail! And just… dude, Michael is really, really crazy. I mean, yes, we knew he had gone insane. But he’s insane-insane, like WOAH.

    I’m torn. I think I’d like to see that future start to unfold and for the series to go that despairing. Yet I’m also going, “No! Avert! Avert! Get far, far away from that future!”

    So, like, the Season 5 premier is next week, right? Right?!

  66. I’m sorry I’m confused.

    If Keller never died or gotten sick Rodney wouldn’t have done…anything? He’d leave Sheppard trapped in the future without even trying to bring him home and live out his life with Keller on Earth? Because to change things at that point would mean no more relationship with Keller.

    After three weeks on the Daedalus she became more important to him than people he’s known for years?


  67. 41 sodding comments and I can’t read any of ’em! unless maybe Baron Destructo would be so evil as to make me read them then administer some concoction to make me forget everything that would be cool! how ’bout it Baron?

    This is me resisting temptation btw.

  68. Great teaser for “The Last Man”. Can’t wait to see the rest of the episode (yes, I DVR it but that due to my pesky overnight job). And since I’m guessing Paul wrote that part (or whomever had input on it)-great job!

    Best wishes to you and Fondy too!

  69. Hi Joe

    At first I thought that you had some really persistant
    fans on here! You had me worried. Then aargh ‘Facebook’ Phew.
    TLM doesn’t air in the UK ’til Tuesday. Sheesh – How can I wait that long?
    On the upside though I am halfway through ‘Timescape’

  70. The Last Man…

    Wow. GREAT episode. Classic sci-fi material. So sad to see all the deaths, but in that great way that we can still enjoy it because we know that it’s not really how it turns out, and makes us all the more glad that McKay’s life’s work paid off. Well, sort of. Wouldn’t he have been bummed to find out that all his work just meant the premature deaths of them all. But of course, that isn’t what happened, or there’d be no show left. But I’m looking forward to next season for sure.

    Some things I loved about this one:
    – McKay’s old man cardigan.
    – That look between Ronon and Todd just before he pressed the button.
    – Jeanie’s cameo (though it was sad that she eventually gave up on him).
    – Michael. Seriously, I just love him more and more with each appearance.
    – Woolsey having his jacket zipped all the way up like a tool. (And given the rather Star Treky nature of these newer uniforms, I couldn’t help but think, “Emergency Command Hologram!” But hey, what do you expect from a Trekkie?)
    – Lorne becoming a general.
    – McKay/Keller, for the brief time it lasted (and I’m really wondering now if things will go that way in the real timeline).
    – The idea of McKay teaching at a community college (my first thought, oddly, was that there’s a really funny fanfic in there somewhere, I just know it).
    – Those shots of Atlantis in the middle of a desert. Freaking awesome.

    I suppose my one question is this: why did Carter express such disbelief at his story, when she’d experieced THE EXACT SAME THING herself?

  71. Fabulous episode, Joe. I do love the time-travel stuff. Ronon was amazing. Sam was perfect. I’m really going to miss Sam…she’s been one of my favorite characters for so long, it’s going to be strange not to watch her every week. The whole episode was wonderfully written. Overall, you made me cry, which I’m sure was the point.

    Hoenstly, I’m still in the Ronon/Keller camp, but the way you wrote Rodney and Keller in this episode was very sweet.

    The wait for the premiere is going to be painful, seriously. Thanks for a great season!

    And the dogs are adorable.

  72. Will we get to even More of Teylas Wraith Abilities this season at All?

  73. Great episode, what a way to go. Loved the Jimmy Stewart-Sheppard and thought David Hewlett did a great job at being old McKay.

    Also, did you know you can block all facebook apps at once and limit what shows on your mini feed? I say this as someone who spends a lot of time being sent stupid apps repeatedly.

  74. Here I was coming over to tease you and Paul about going all soft on us with that wonderful (yet annoyingly cliff-hanger-ish) season finale.

    But you go and remind us that you are still the super villain over all of us. 🙂

    Great job on the finale. Can’t wait to see how our heroes get out of this one!

  75. take solace in the fact you can always get your favorite
    stargate quotes from facebook….that s gotta be my fav app.
    by the way i am new to this blog great stuff joe i love reading it when im at work i live in australia and havent seen any of season 4 yet cant wait
    will by the usa region when it is released any idea when that might be

  76. Joe, LOVED TLM!
    Was that a nod to Minority Report, with Rodney doing the math with the glove thingy and the screen?

  77. Wow. I seriously had no idea this post was about Facebook until I reached the bottom. I was thinking to myself, “Maybe I should just hold off on the comments for the next few blog entries.” Then I reached the bottom and sighed with relief when I figured out the post was directed towards Facebook. (I actually had to read a couple comments to figure it out…I blame my lack of brain activity on lack of sleep.) I created a Facebook, but to date have only logged on it once…Not really good at keeping up with stuff like that.

    Just wanted to offer my congratulations on a Season well done. The finale was absolutely incredible. I was pleased to see Kate in there a smidgen. I really love brother/sister episodes of all my shows. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyways) “McKay and Mrs. Miller” and “Miller’s Crossing” securely hold a place in my top 10 favorite episodes of SGA.

    Hope all is going well. ^^



  78. Wow that season fianle was AWESOME, Mckay was brilliant as always, and I am so glad we got a fifth season if that was the series finale I really think I would have to kill TPTB at skiffy.

    A part of me does hate you guys a little though, when I saw the Mckay/Keller kiss in the preview I thought EWWW, but the way it was handled I could actually see them together, so for me another ship is born which for this Stargate fan normally means disapointment (Sam/Jack,Daniel/Vala) but I still have hope for John/Teyla.

    I’m slightly worried though about that little preview we had of Woolsey in charge, I’m hoping the change in the Timeline means an improvement there.

    Great to see a glimpse of the Sam we all know and love, I thought we’d lost her when she took over Command of Atlantis.

    Keep up the good work guys roll on season 5, and thank god we have the SG-1 movies to keep us going till then. Speaking of which, will there be more after AoT and Continuum?

  79. Hey, what about Radek? Perhaps if he had helped Rodney solve the puzzle it would not have taken him 25 years! … Had this been the Series Finale I would have been satisfied. Sam went out in a very fitting way, lived up to her character. Even got a chance to hear Rodney talk at a “normal” pace for once. Oh may TPTB bring on the return of fast paced action sooner rather than later! Nice job.

  80. WOW! Just WOW! I can’t even begin….no, wait, I lied, I can begin…

    What a freakin’ fantastic way to end the season! Season 4 rocked!!! What a way to look forward to S5!

    I loved old Rodney and Sheppard! And how Sheppard found out about each friend individually and how Rodney was last. I cried more in this one than I did in Kindred II.

    Was there a scene missing at the end where John comes out of stasis and oldRodney sends him back? Was it cut for time or expense?

    I feel like John was such the turning point – he disappears and the whole city falls apart without him. His team members die one by one, and Rodney leaves Atlantis. I’m sure some slashers will have a field day with that one 🙂


    And even though SciFi’s promo showed the end scene (even though the preview was out of sequence) it was still a surprise and pretty much unexpected by the time it aired! I fully expected a completely different cliffhanger – well done!!

  81. Wow… Now just scream a take a deep breath… Everything’s gonna be alright…
    A french singer (Michel Berger) wrote a song called “SOS d’un terrien en détresse” but here… I’ve to say… You sent an “SOS d’un scénariste en déteresse” Lol !
    Also take a deep breath and relax.

  82. The Last Man = a waste of (alt)time and a perfectly good old McKay, played brilliantly by Hewlett. Loved seeing the old Lorne too. I guess I’ve become too jaded on the “Stargate doomed-alt timeline” stories, this episode fell completely flat for me and all but one scenario seems highly unlikely going along the current timelime. Sheppard wasn’t even sandblasted, no physical damage like skin hanging off of him?? However I’m intrigued by the suggestion that the Current Universe really does revolve around Sheppard since everything went to shit after he was gone? you would LOVE that wouldn’t ya Joe M 😉 So I will consider the season ended in Kindred II when Michael took Teyla and then there was a short few minutes when the team got booby trapped while looking for her. Nice bang but c’mon!! I’m sure the Search & Rescue will be a much better episode…

    While I’m very eager to see it, I think a return to a July premiere for Atlantis is a mistake unless the DVR numbers are taken much more seriously and given more weight. If they are not, then I will not be surprised to see falling ratings no matter how good your stories are as many more people do other stuff in the summer than watch live TV, as opposed to fall/winter. I think the 3-mo break in the middle of the season will hurt more too = people lose interest, I’ve unfortunately noticed attention spans have gotten alarmingly shorter in recent years. I hope of course to be proven wrong about ratings but I already know I will have to DVR/ iTune any summer episodes as I won’t be home to watch live, assuming it stays on Fri at 10pm.

    Overall, Season 4 was definitely the best for me since Season 1, in terms of show tone and quality episodes, and I like the direction the show is going in.

    My Ark of Truth DVD has been shipped!!! I will come back with my opinion after I see it.

  83. I knew there was a reason I refused to get a Facebook account. Now I have extra proof that it is a really annoying feature of the internet in the form of a well written Joe Blog Entry (aren’t they always?).

  84. “The Last Man” had me watching commercials. I didn’t want to miss a second so I stayed in the room during the dreaded ads.

    Highlights for me:

    “and we buried another empty casket” – great line, great delivery.

    Rodney as an old man – complete with old man sweater and the top button fastened on his shirt.

    Ronan and Todd – ironic that Ronan dies with a wraith working together on a common goal.

    Hoist by your own petard – Michael was created as part of a plan to destroy the wraith (or at least their way of life). And he winds up being the destruction of our Atlantis heroes and a good number of humans in Pegagus.

    I hate cliffhangers but I have to admit they are effective. There is no way I’ll miss the first episode of Season 5.

    Thanks for a Fanastic job on Season 4.

  85. Haaa haaa… I tried SO HARD to avoid facebook for SO LONG. and then it just wins. It wins, I think it may eat us all someday.

  86. I swear, I thought you’d end your Facebook rant with “My name is Joe Mallozzi. And I. A. CANADIAN!”

    (and yes, I feel the same way)

  87. Really enjoyed The Last Man. Great story telling and a very exciting finale. Great performances by everyone, especially Joe Flanigan. The only one who didn’t impress me at all was Woolsey. I hope he is better than this in season 5.
    It really is a shame we have to lose Sam. I love her leadership abilities and her rapport with the team. I just don’t think I am going to take to Woolsey at all. A great finish to a great season, though I am looking forward to more team episodes in season 5. I love the friendship and caring that is so evident between them, and am now waiting with baited breath for Search and Rescue, as it’s not just Teyla who needs to be rescued now, but all of them.
    I would also like to thank everyone involved in SGA for bringing us such a great show.

  88. The Queen (I’m presuming she was a Queen) in The Last Man, that wasn’t Andee was it? Who was it?

  89. Still reliving The Last Man. Wow. well done there. I might not be able to concentrate on anything productive till the s5 premiere…. *happy sigh*

  90. Great episode! I did wonder about the makeup – was that Rodney 25 years in the future? And he was born in 1968? It just seemed older than 65, same with Lorne’s. Lorne especially, seems like he’d keep his youthful good looks longer and not be so old looking. Unless that was supposed to imply life is harder now (er, in the future now, as opposed to right now…time travel is confusing). I also wondered if we missed something between the stasis pod and John getting back to Atlantis.

    Those are just TINY questions, in no way implying it wasn’t a great episode. Please say you’ll let us know when you can about the s4 DVDs being released (US) and the s5 premiere will air!!

    *trots off to annoy husband and rewatch all of s4 on videotape*

  91. Exciting weeks : The Last Man, and The Ark of Truh tuesday. I really enjoyed the Last Man. And the couple McKay/Keller is surprising, but not enough real in my opinion. It is like all the beginnings of relationships that happen in parallel universes or in a timeline going to be changed. Why McKay cannot be happy ? 🙁
    Good work, I am eager to see The Ark of Truth. Do you already have in mind some ideas for the others movies after Continuum ? By the way, what’s the status of Stargate Universe ?

  92. This is the first time I have taken the time to write a comment here. I read your blog every day but like so many others get overwhelmed by the countless things on the internet to do and severe lack of time to do them all.

    I just wanted to say that this season finale was excellent. I usually dislike time travel in any show because it is extremely hard to do well. That said my favorite time travel of any series is SG1’s 1969. I believe that The Last Man was done almost perfectly and is now one of my favorite time line episodes.

    The only thing I really did not like about it was Robert Picardo/Richard Woolsey in the grey uniform. It was not very flattering to him; actually it reminded me of the guy that changes oil on my car every month.

    I just want to say thank you for the blog. I know it can be difficult to find the time to write them every day, especially in the busy times of year.

  93. tin..tin..tin….tin….*roulement de tambour* ….

    La Frenchi est de retour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Trop happy de revenir sur votre blog !!!
    J’ai passer de super vacance!!! Le seul truc nul c’etait le temp! pluit, vent, gêle…oohh mon soleil ma manquer!!

    A bon Morgia, demain c’est la journée de la femme? a non on est le 8!! c’est aujourd’hui! =D …mince je n’en est absolument pas entendu parler.

    Yéé super cette video lol!! vos chien son des catcheur!lol!

    Bon aller gros bisou, je vous ♥! Merciiii!!

  94. *begins watching the Last Man*

    This rocks! Oh, geez, poor Keller- poor Rodney, for that matter! And is it wrong that I take a certain pride in Carter and Ronon’s actions even though they’re fictional characters? Go them! Never before have I watched beloved characters die (AU, alternate timeline, etc or not) and been so happy (with how they died, obviously, not over the death itself). And massive kudos to makeup- really impressive job. Kudos to everyone, actually- this ep is fab all the way around.

    *finishes watching the Last Man*

    What, but… no. No! It can’t go down like that! It just can’t go down like that! That’s just cruel!

    *crawls into a corner, curls up in a fetal position and weeps until March 11th*


  95. Last Man was great. Really looking forward to Season 5 and really looking forward to getting my copy of Ark of Truth sent to me in a few weeks.

    Just one (non-Stargate) question. Bubba and Lulu were playing right? I’d hate to think that Bubba picks on Lulu just ’cause Lulu is smaller.


  96. Hi Joe!!!

    You know, you could have had a lot of fun with that one and made it sound like Dr. Seuss “Green Eggs and Ham”. I was waiting for you to start to rhyme. 🙂 My question about next season, who is going to go through the most significant changes as a person (better or for worse)?? Thanks!!! Enjoy the weekend!!! I am, thankfully, on Spring Break from college!! This mom needs the week off. I am taking three classes (algebra, Spanish I, and biology for elementary school teachers). My kids don’t have spring break for 2 more weeks so my house will be nice and quiet!!! 🙂 Take care!!

    from Indiana

  97. Dammit! Looks like my comment wasn’t posted. Did I offend you, Joe? Or was it this damn modern technology?
    I was only saying that I loved TLM.
    Also, was the glove/screen thingy Rodney was using a nod to Minority Report?

  98. So if Keller hadn’t died Rodney would never have had motivation to find a fix and bring Shep back to the present? I find it hard to believe he would have just let everyone he knew die in vain if there was any way he could change things, even if he was happily ever aftering with his new love. I find that so sad and almost bit out of character for Rodney.

  99. Allo Anaïs,
    Je suis contente de te revoir sur le blogue, je me demandais où tu étais passée ! Oui, aujourd’hui c’est la journée internationale de la femme, mais j’avoue qu’on en entend pas vraiment parler, faut dire que l’égalité et l’harmonie règnent tellement bien entre les hommes et les femmes partout sur la terre qu’on a même plus besoin de le souligner ! (Ironie)
    Prends soin de toi !

  100. Wow. The Last Man was just fabulous.

    ‘And then the building fell on them’, is an incredible cliff-hanger. I’ll be chewing my nails until the S5 premiere!

    Also, please don’t kill Lorne. Maybe break him a bit, that’d be okay. See? I’ll be nice and polite about it. He’s been a nice addition during the back half of the season, able to give an alternate POV to things.

    Thanks for an incredible back-half of SGA. It’s been wonderful!

  101. wolfenm Said: Suprisingly, though, my very fave moment of the ep was the Ronon/Todd team-up, especially the look they shared in their last moment. As proudf as i was of Sam, I was quadrupally proud of Ronon then, nit just for his sacrifice, but for being able to let go of his hatred of the Wraith in general enough to smile at this one Wrauth who’d proven himself to be not such a bad guy. And I was proud of Todd, too, for not arguing with Ronon about letting the humans escape first, and for being willing to sacrifice himself as well.

    @ wolfenm – THANK YOU for making me all teary-eyed again. *sniffle* Just when I thought I had things under control, too. Damn.

    It was the best moment of the episode, perhaps the best of the season…and I better stop reading and talking about it and watching it before I end up in a corner somewhere, sucking my thumb and sobbing my eyes out like the big geeky boob that I am… 😛

    Over 12 hours later, JM, and that scene still has me gutted – even AFTER a double dose of decadent dark chocolate and a nice long kitty snuggle. Damn you…damn you all!! 😀


  102. The Last Man, a VERY good episode imo. Just one of those good stories, very intruiging throughout and the flashbacks to the past proved very interesting and were well told. There was a good amount of tension and pace through it all. But it was good to find out how all of this stuff could turn out.

    Michael is turning out to be SUCH a good bad guy though, I LOVE him. He’s actually a bad guy who sees his plans through and doesn’t make stupid mistakes and get stopped like so many Goa’uld did. He is one of if not THE best bad guy either show’s had. He is just proving himself to be incredibly good.

    But still, the dark tones of what happened. That’s lovely. I like the fact that situations are just getting darker. The amount of for-shadowing is incredibly high and now there is nothing in this timeline the team have that can prevent the events Michael will do. We know something will happen at some point to stop him, but for now, the team has no extra intel then they did before. I’m hoping this arc of what Michael does is at LEAST stretched out to the half way point of season 5, and we see some of these things come to fruition.

    Oh btw if the cliffhanger is solved by ‘Oh the Daedalus beamed them all out in the nick of time’ I imagine people will probably throw stuff. I’m hoping that the soliution to the cliffhanger is just as big as the cliffhanger, it should do it justice. (Oh and yes that point extends to if it’s the Apollo as well). So I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.

    But season thoughts, a good season imo. Strong, consistent, the arcs were developed well. Characterisation was largely well done and good to find out more about these guys, something I’m presuming will continue into season 5 as it was strong here. But there was only one episode I wouldn’t really consider that good which was Missing (Having Keller as the damsel in distress the whole episode but the end felt disrespectful towards a character you’re supposed to be developing) and considering the first couple of seasons bad episodes that says something about season imo, as it still beats a handfull of the weaker ones from seasons 1+2, and a couple from 3.

    Best 3 episodes:
    1. Be All My Sins…
    2. The Last Man.
    3. Tabula Rasa.

    Worst episode: Missing.

    Best developed character: Teyla.

    Best recurring character: Michael.

    Best plot twist: Weir at the end of BAMSR.

    What worked:
    Stronger arcs.
    Stronger characterisation *from all the characters*.
    Paying off arcs previously set up.

    What didn’t work:
    Carter, she felt too passive in the series a large portion of the time, she NEEDED to be in more episodes as well. It did feel like she was missing sometimes.
    Problems within the city should probably be stopped from being explained by ‘Oh McKay changed the code’, it will make you wonder why they allow him to.

    But that’s about it, only one real point that didn’t really work imo. It’s a good sign, and a good season. I hope to continues on into season 5 and you continue to try and raise the bar. Good work though, a good first season for you and Paul in charge.

    Overall for the season: 9/10.

  103. Personally, I love Facebook. It’s got the best Stargate trivia section I’ve ever seen. (Am currently ranking 17 out of 19785!!)

  104. Great EP Joe. Ones where everybody dies usually go down as my least favorite (see “2010”) but this one was done so well I have no problem watching it over and over again. I wished they could have mentioned Carson, like when McHologram (yeah I said it) mentioned putting Shepherd in the stasis pod it should have made him realize that Carson was the last person in there, and they could have riffed of that. But I guess there was a lot going on in the episode. Either way nice ending and cannot wait to see how they get out of this one.l

  105. I loved TLM, I thought it was great, Paul did a fantastic job! I can’t wait for season 5, I’m chuffed that it’s getting a summer premiere. I just hope that doesn’t mean another 7 month mid-season break:(

    I thought the Phoenix was great, I look forward to seeing it again in season 5 in the real timeline. Atleast we should, considering it was already like half done just a few months after Sheppard dissapeared/got back.

  106. Actually Joe, I know this is probably to big of a spoiler to answer if it’s true, but is there a possibility that Sam still get’s command of the Phoenix in season 5 even though the circumstances will be different? She made a great ship captain, that final moment was even beat what happened with the Battlestar Pegasus in BSG:)

  107. That was incredible…

    I absoutely loved The Last Man! It did surprise me that you ended it with the building collapsed (I was thinking you were going to leave us with Sheppard in stasis). I think the other ending would’ve been a bit more poignant but also maybe a bit too much like SG1. Anyway, what’s done is done.

    I am extremely happy about the way you wrote the last days for Sam in the alternate timeline. It was so great to see her out in the field (again) and giving her all. Can you tell I miss the old SG1? The Sam/Rodney hug was absolutely touching. I almost cried. I must sound like some emotional wreck or something, but I’m just a sincerely devoted fan. And now I’m depressed because Amanda is leaving as a regular. I really hope that she is free enough to do a few (or more) episodes.

    I loved the interaction between hologram McKay and Sheppard. The flashbacks to the alt. timeline were sad but good. Ronon and Todd sacrificing themselves was very heroic. Liked that as well. (basically I liked everything)

    The relationship between Rodney and Jennifer was sweet and sad. Of course Rodney spent 25 (TWENTY FIVE!!!!)years working on a solution! Wow, that’s determination to the end. None of these flashbacks had happy endings which made the episode quite depressing but also fantastic. Woolsey was annoying, but that’s to be expected. I just he comes around a little in Season 5.

    So all of that to say, Everything about The Last Man was extraordinarily good. I loved it. (I think I’ve already stated that a few times) BTW, I just bought it from iTunes… and it’s the #2 Top TV episode bought! I think that’s pretty cool.

    Thank you so much for a fantastic (and def. touching) ending to a fantastic season.

  108. The Last Man – BRILLIANT!

    Love Sheppard and McKay together.
    Ronan and Todd – excellent twist.
    Woolsey in uniform – frightful (yet I’m still hopeful the team can manage to function effectively in spite of him – if they can survie the Wraith and Replicators why not?).

    Who knows what other intel Sheppard brought back on that crystal will drive next seasons episodes (including explaining why Carter needs to leave perhaps?).

    Thanks Joe, SGA is awesome.


  109. Jumping out of lurkerdom to throw something out here…perhaps this has been discussed and I’m getting ready to look foolish for not reading every comment…but am I the only one who thinks the “48,000 years into the future” plot was Michael messing with Sheppard and giving him the means to quickly head to a planet where an obivious trap was set?

    Yes, everything that happened in the future was very poignant (I felt very sad at Carter’s demise), but I can’t help but think that it was Sheppard’s interpretation of how things might have happened as “Rodney” gave him the facts. No offense, but Rodney was only present for Keller’s death, so he really wouldn’t know how the others died, though John might have imagined Ronon and Todd smiling at each other…

    I don’t know, the whole scenario, while very entertaining to watch, seemed like a set-up to take out SGA’s top team and then some. (of course, we know that some (all?) will survive. (except, of course, those wearing the red shirts under their uniform). Anyway, I digress. Call me crazy, perhaps I’m over thinking things, perhaps this has already been discussed, but this is what I’m thinking.

  110. *waves*

    So Mr M! I’m shocked and appalled at what I read today!! It’s become so clear to me that you’ve obviously not been hugged enough this year. I’ve not hugged you enough. so much so that you’ve de-climatised. I know i’ve been lax in that department, for which I shamefully ask for you forgiveness. I see my absence on your blog, has caused you to revert to your non hugging ways and even now as I read your blog it just screams that you just need a huge hug from me!

    I know that you’ll resist at first at first, but just so you know if you do resist, it’ll just make me persevere even more. So you might as well just give up now and accept it. I’ll hug you until I hear you squeal with delight or pain, whichever comes first. And obviously as a whumper, i’m sure it will be the latter. 😉

    So talking of feeling the luff, let’s talk about The Last Man. Sorry, but for me it didn’t work as I expected. Sorry, but if you have ten minutes to waste here’s the reason….

    This is the short version, because i’m extremely long winded today. 😉

    I missed the caring and the luff and seeing the impact the deaths of the team have had on everyone, and I didn’t feel the love. As a whumper, you know all we care about is the love, nothing at all to do with cuts, bruises, nekkid under the infirmary blamket whilst intubated or the cracked ribs that are caused by buildings falling on top of our team, but the after effects of all that. 😉 I’m hopeful about that for season 5 with Search and Rescue, but, sorry for me I just didn’t feel that the loss of Shep to begin with, then the loss of Sam and Teyla and Ronon really had an impact! Sorry, I love the emotions of people and seeing the ramifications and the whole what if’s, but I also need to see what drives people and the effects that one person’s life had on another. Plus I bought 3 boxes of tissues and not one was used…. not a good sign where I don’t end up a blithering wreck!

    I think I went into this thinking that we’d get to see the teams reactions to Shep going MIA/KIA, or Teyla being killed by Michael’s hands, but the pace was so fast that the emotional impact for me just got lost along the way.

    *Massive hugs because you’ve obviously been too de-sensitised* 😉

  111. That analysis of Facebook seems to be spot on – I’ve seen more time get wasted with people surfing that site than almost every other distraction combined in the last couple years.
    I made to skip over everyone’s comments today to make sure I didn’t hit any spoilers on the way down. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the final episode on Monday when it airs here. It’ll be a nice break from the pile of school work I’ve found myself under for the weekend – I’m sure most university students can empathize at this time of year though. Anyhow, guess I’d better go perform yet another set of fictitious consulting services for my foundation eng. class… yippee! :\ Hopefully you’ll have a relaxing weekend! 🙂

  112. J’ai quelque petite chose a vous dires:

    •Waiou! jadore le jeu de golfe que vous avez au bureaux, c’est trop fort^^!!

    •La saison 5 en Juillet??? Ohh sa serais super coool =)

    •Pourquoi tout les jeux a la mgm (genre “supr fan”) ne sont destiner qu’au américan!!! snif!

    •Tout mes Condoléances a Joe qui a perdu son papa Mercredi =( voila c’est tout… =)

  113. Facebook? Meh!

    The Last Man, however, WOW!

    Loved it! All the herioc deaths (the Ronon and Todd scenes were great; Sam’s scene too). The angst, the banter between John and both McKays, old and young, the action…

    The ending! NOOOOOOO!!!

    Ah well, somehow they get out of it – but I want to know how! Season 5 looks to be a long, long, way away right now!!

    Good episode; so much in it to love, so little energy to write!

    Leesa Perrie

  114. Whoohoo! What a wild ride!

    Great episode! The cinematic death scenes were so in-character and so darn noble. I loved Carter’s solo kamikaze attack.

    Ronon and Todd were the highlight for me. What an incredible team! The knife fight! The dialogue! And that little – “you know, dude, you’re really a pretty good guy; but I can’t believe I’m making my final stand with a Wraith” – smile Ronon gives Todd was the perfect final note. I’d love to see them together again in Season 5. (You guys are clever, I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make it happen!)

    Michael has evolved into a magnificent Prince of Evil. (Yes, Michael, you never asked for any of it. Greatness was thrust upon you, but you certainly embraced it wholeheartedly).

    And poor Rodney – that guy has had so much heart-ache but always seems to rise above it. It seemed so right that he dedicated his life to attempting to change the future. I hope the new future holds better things for him.

    But really, Joe, leaving the team in trouble at the end of the season is one thing; dropping an entire building on them smacks of excess. I have to confess that I loved watching it implode, though. Spectacular!

    Can’t wait for next season!

  115. Ah, The Last Man, most excellent. What they said, all the folks posting above me, except RangerOne’s “boring”. Sheesh. Ronan and Todd? Cool. Sam? You made me cry, you bastards (bastards being a term of endearment, btw). Jennifer? Cry, again. Atlantis in the sand? Cool, again. Crazy Micheal? Way cool. And so on. Cool, cry, cool, cry ….

    My favorite moment: Radek bringing coffee to Rodney. That’s defining friendship for me, the people who know what you need when you need it most, and provide support without fanfare. Perfect little touch.

    Well done, well done.

    Except for that To Be Continued crappola! ARGH! ARGH! Cruel, cruel, cruel!

  116. Amazing! Mindbogglingly so. Uber-kudos on the splendid job. For combined effect, that may just be the greatest episode of the season. Which is saying something, cause it’s been great. Absolutely loved the Ronon & Todd working together part. Is Todd going to keep reappearing as a convenient and all too cool ally next season?

  117. Hi Joe!

    TLM was great! Very different from what we’re used to for a season finale and I think David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan did an amazing job. I loved the little friendship moments between John and Rodney, even though old Rodney was ‘just’ a hologram.

    The stories about what happened to the characters we know and love were sad and poignant, but just right.

    And of course, Shep whump and a worried Rodney! Heee heee! 😉

    But- there are a few things that bugged me:
    – I didn’t like the implication that “the death of a loved one” that spurred McKay into action was Keller’s death, and not the deaths of one of his team. He knew Sheppard was still out there and I like to think he would never have given up trying to get him back, but he would’ve happily lived out his life on Earth with Keller if she hadn’t died. It just didn’t sit right with me.

    – Another thing that kinda bugged me was that we never got to see any emotional reaction from the team when Sheppard suddenly returned after being missing for 12 days. I know there were time constraints and I suppose we just have to imagine the angst about Shep’s disappearance happening off-screen, but I think things like this are what fans (or at least, I ;)) love to see. So, yeah…

    But overall, awesome ep! And I loved S4! I hope you’ll continue to incorporate lots of character moments into episodes in season 5.

    Can’t wait till Search&Rescue gets here! 😀


  118. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU Joe and company for a spectacular Season 4. All the hard work shined through to the end. I fear you have spoiled us to demand excellence for Season 5 (and beyond), Woolsey and all.
    (Are you reading this SciFi?)

    Off topic —
    Does anyone know how to stop gray squirrels from seeking out my car engine to nest in and, while there, chew wiring such as found on fuel injectors?

    I just spent $479.00 US dollars on repairs 3 days ago. I looked under the hood again and found an even LARGER nest!! 😡
    DRATS! I cannot afford this!

    Someone, please…. help me…

    Carol Z
    (sitting in rain saturated eastern New Jersey, waiting for squirrels to strike again…sigh)

  119. I don’t even know what Facebook is so I didn’t get your rant at all. Sorry.

    I read a couple of posts here about Joe Flanigan losing his father. If that is so, please relay the condolences of the fans. I know it’s just words, but it’s all we can do.

    Now to the good stuff.

    LAST MAN ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG, you and Paul should be awarded for such a great episode and the perfect ending to, IMO, the best season of Stargate since SG-1’s 4th season. I don’t know where to begin.

    Okay, tell the truth, you bought stock in Kleenex. This was a 3 hankie show if I ever saw one. Story by story broke my heart, the tears showed up at “and we buried another empty coffin.” Of course, I assumed the title referred to John, but it referred to Rodney, too, as he watched friend after friend die. What a terrible burden to bare.

    Oh, you know how I feel about Keller, but she was perfect in this ep, in fact pretty darn good in the last few eps (I may even start liking her). Please tell us that you are going to keep the McKay/Keller relationship in the new timeline. She is just so perfect for Rodney and they are so cute together. He even dressed better with her around.

    The ending…..grrrrrr…….I’m not mad at you, but SciFi, who yet again, third week in a row, showed the end of the ep. I gotta stop watching the previews several times. As soon as they went back to the building in the end I realized that it was the building blowing up in the previews. Of course, I never expected our guys to still be in it when it blew. It would be such a cruel irony if Lorne dies in this time line when he seemed to have a happy life in the other.

    Oh, and I was right. The line “The death of a loved one stirs McKay to action” or something like that, did apply to this ep. Only it wasn’t John’s disappearance, it was Keller’s death that did it. I should get some points for that.

    Once again, congratulations on such a great job.


  120. So from the hints in “The Last Man” does this mean that the Midway station will not be rebuilt??

  121. I really liked The Last Man. It was quite an unusual season finale, but I felt that was quite refreshing.

    Michael was just horrible. A real villain. I thought he’d been a little shortchanged in Kindred II, (I am one of the few who preferred Kindred I. 😆 ) But, when he held up the wraith queen’s head, I gasped! I hate decapitation. It’s always freaked me out. But, goodness, it was well used here. Michael is evil, twisted and bent of revenge. He’s going to be formidable I think.

    I thought Joe and David, particularly, did a good job here. I liked the little stories about what happened to each team member. Sam’s and Ronon’s acts of heroism. Teyla’s sad death. Keller’s death was sad too, though I can’t say she’s as important to me as the rest of the team yet. She has a little way to go before I truly accept her as part of the team. Have her caring for Shep in the infirmary, and she might well succeed! 😉

    I am not a shipper. Far from it. I could never see Rodney and Keller together in the present timeline. It’s wrong, for me, on so many levels. However, I do think the fact that they found solace in each other after such tragic events to be believable here. Those sort of things do happen to lonely and desperately unhappy people, united in grief and disappointment.

    I loved the sandstorm and the deserted Atlantis. Very well done. Though, surely, Sheppard would have had very sore skin after battling 50 mile an hour sand being blasted at him?

    I’d have liked for there to have been a scene when Sheppard came out of stasis though. I know time was probably an issue here, but I’d have liked to have seen that all the same.

    The cliffhanger wasn’t what I’d suspected. Perhaps I felt it a little random, tagged on to the end of a time travel episode? I don’t know really. Perhaps it was TV Guide hyping it up as something happening to Sheppard, when that wasn’t really quite the case?

    I will be interested to see what happens in Search and Rescue. I do hope there are some injuries, for realisms sake.

    I personally think this is Paul Mullie’s best script to date. So kudos to him here.

    It’s really funny, but one of my favourite bits was when Sheppard asked HoloMcKay if he knew who’d won the Superbowls in the last 25 years. I can’t explain it, but I just had a big grin on my face there. Maybe it was JF’s line delivery. Maybe it was the lines themselves. But it made me happy!

  122. P.S.

    Please can you tell us if Sheppard has an episode centred around him in season 5 yet? I’m sort of getting a little desperate here. I don’t want to know details or anything, honest! Just knowing he’s got something coming up will be enough to shut me up. And I’m sure that would be a blessing for everyone! 😯

  123. Bon aller bonne nuit =)

    A oui j’avais oublier de vous dire..devinez combient de commentaire j’ai eu Dimanche dérnier?……
    …………..éhéhé……………..alors?…………………oui!…..1700 commentaire en une journée!!! incroyable!!

    Bisou Bisou, a demain =) Bonne journée…je vous aime GROS comme sa *j’écarte mes bras le plus possible*(hum si vous me vériez vous verez c’est vraiment gros lol)

    Je vous adore♥:)

  124. So, if the network does air Season 5 earlier than usual, does that mean the Season 4 DVDs will be out sooner than usual?

  125. Joe – you hit another home run with “The Last Man”

    And bringing in Kate Hewlett for a few-seconds-long cameo is the sort of thing that makes SGA ROCK!

  126. Jenn said (and others said similar:
    – I didn’t like the implication that “the death of a loved one” that spurred McKay into action was Keller’s death, and not the deaths of one of his team. He knew Sheppard was still out there and I like to think he would never have given up trying to get him back, but he would’ve happily lived out his life on Earth with Keller if she hadn’t died. It just didn’t sit right with me.

    I think really it was more that her death was the final straw so to speak. After all of those deaths it was hers that acted as the catalyst for his realization that he had to do something to fix it all. He probably just hadn’t realized there was way to do it until that moment. And even if she had lived he probably would have had the realization (that there was away to get John back) eventually.

  127. Oh Facebook. In order to delete your profile, you have to first remove everything by hand (Groups, Confirmed Friends, Wall Posts, etc), “deactivate” your account, then email the facebook peeps to tell them to remove your login from their system. Otherwise it all just sits there until you log back in again. Nevermind the part where you supposedly “deleted” it in the first place.

    It look me 3 hours, quite a few emails, and I’m positive I’m not going to get those chunks of my sanity back. They really didn’t design that very well (there is some small part of me that thinks they made it hard to get out on purpose).

    I’m glad to be rid of it. *nods*

  128. Carol Z Said: Off topic —
    Does anyone know how to stop gray squirrels from seeking out my car engine to nest in and, while there, chew wiring such as found on fuel injectors?

    I just spent $479.00 US dollars on repairs 3 days ago. I looked under the hood again and found an even LARGER nest!!
    DRATS! I cannot afford this!

    Someone, please…. help me…

    Carol Z
    (sitting in rain saturated eastern New Jersey, waiting for squirrels to strike again…sigh)

    Well…I’m in South Jersey, and I’m pleased to say the weather down here has cleared, and no squirrels in my engine…

    Not sure how you’d drive them away. Can you put your car in a garage? Change where you park it? Leave the hood open for a few days? Anything to make it unpleasant for them? You may want to contact an exterminator – not to have them kill the squirrels, but perhaps they have a repellant or tips you can use…

    (My squirrels are quite well-behaved, and tasty too! 😀 )


  129. Do you think you will ever make a bigger space battle scene than the one that was in “be all my sins remembered”?

  130. @RANGERONE: Maybe you should stick to watching shows you like such as oh I don’t know American Idol or Big Brother but thanks for your input nonetheless.

    My granny always told me “If you can’t say something positive then don’t say anything at all” A very wise lady.

  131. Ahhh, the joys of Facebook. Facebook used to be okay until those applications.

    I enjoyed The Last Man, but it had a different vibe for a season ender. I liked what happened to all of the characters in the timeline.

    Can’t wait for season 5!

  132. Well, I’ve criticised you guys for most of the season so I’ll give credit where credit’s due. The Last Man was a great season finale, one that could probably hold its ground against the best episodes from season 3 – SGA can really be great when you guys are looking more at the story and characters rather than the next thrilling moment, like the first few episodes of the season. And there was still place for some nice CGI. 😉

    And now for the inevitable, why can’t all episodes be like that? 😉

  133. Hey Joe,
    TLM was very good episode and I especially liked David Hewlett because he was fantastic. And Jewel Staite was also great. They both were. I hope I will get a chance to tell them.
    Tell them both thank you for such awesome performance.

  134. I liked the last man, very interesting ep in premise.

    I loved how Shepherd reacted to McKay saying its cool and getting very visibly angry THIS IS NOT COOL!!!!!

    Personally the ep felt like “the other side of the coin” to Before I Sleep. Not in a bad way, i quite liked it. Stargate, generally, is very happy and seeing a dark bleak story of people dying and the key characters falling left, right and centre was quite pleasing. It felt overwhelming negative… and i’m POSITIVE! Everything was great, except right up to the point when he steps into the status chamber.

    Some people above say it was rushed. I felt the episode should have ended there. It went to great detail to explain what happened, even referring it back to SG1, then completely skips past him jumping back 48,000 years (minus 12 days). Then it launches right back into present time and continues like nothing happened. I guess that’s the issue of having 45 minutes to play with. An extra 10 would have been great.

  135. Facebook: A-FRACKIN-MEN. I’m trying to train my friends not to include me on the crap. So far, about 70% success rate. Part of the problem is that some of my “friends” keep missing the “skip this” part of the “Here, spam all your friends” pages (and some keep messing with things that DON’T have the “skip this”).

    Puppy video: BUBBA IS *THE* DOG!

    end babble.

  136. I totally agree… I don’t care for neither but ended up being part of the MySpace “genre” as most of my friends (and clients) are part of it and it ended up being a way to keep in touch because they don’t believe in e-mail. I had a Facebook until I kept getting slammed with virtual this and virtual that. No wonder I never get anything new in my inbox. As if I care.

  137. I think really it was more that her death was the final straw so to speak. After all of those deaths it was hers that acted as the catalyst for his realization that he had to do something to fix it all.

    It might have been, but I’ve never felt this betrayed while watching a show before. The whole things was like a slap in the face and frankly… it ruined the episode for me. I feel silly saying that since it was only a small part of the ep, but still.

    Last Man had so many wonderful things I loved; Sam’s death scene (her final stand, I’ve never loved her as much as I do now. it was beautiful, it was poignant, it made me tear up), Ronon’s death with Todd (his little smirk breaks my heart! gods, Ronon, how I love you!), all that McKay/Sheppard interaction in the future.

    It should have been among one of my favourite episodes ever, but instead I’m feeling betrayed, and incredibly put off from the show. =(

  138. … penguins… We really need some penguins on Atlantis (You heard it here first 😉

  139. I was wondering if we will ever get back to Runners. Why the Wraith can’t feed on Ronon and why the Wraith want him back? It is rumored on the internet that Ronon is a Wraith-Human hybrid or something else. Will we see more romance between he & Keller? Thanks again for the great blog.

  140. that’s really music to my ears! finally somebody who doesn’t care about the “facebook hype” as well… *sight* ^^. And just think of the fact that facebook and other platforms like these get money for giving away your personal data… Nope they’re not gonna see me again!

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