Okay, I’m just going to come out and say what I’m sure everyone else is thinking. This daylight savings time thing is a bad idea. Sure, you can draw a line down the middle of a page and list all of the pros associated with setting your clocks ahead one hour on one side, and all of the cons on the other, and the cons will always outweigh the pros for one simple reason. CON: I LIKE TO SLEEP! One hour either way may not seem like a big deal to some, but if your routine necessitates your waking up at 6:00 a..m. every morning, that extra sixty minutes could be the difference between getting into work refreshed and revitalized following a morning work-out or accidentally steering your car into a roadside breakfast burrito stand manned by a guy dressed as a homeless Pancho Villa. And I know, there are those who’ll say: “Why don’t you just go to bed an hour earlier?” Go to bed an hour earlier?! Don’t make me smack you! I’m not one of those people who can just shut their eyes and fall asleep. I toss and turn, my mind preoccupied by a thousand thoughts: my latest script, my taxes, travel plans, the fact that I had better fall asleep as soon as possible because I’ll be getting up an hour earlier tomorrow.

Yep, I’m going to miss that extra hour of sleep – especially after a day like today, spent cleaning the house and running errands, starting at 7:30 a.m. and finishing up a little after 2:30 p.m. Well, I would’ve finished up if I only hadn’t run out of Tide.

Would love to hang around and talk about The Last Man but, alas, Fondy’s flight is scheduled to arrive in less than an hour and she can be a stickler about little things like punctuality and getting a lift home from the airport.

But, before I go, I leave you with some pics: Yet another book shipment, goodies from the art department.

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  1. Did the Phoenix have an Asgard core room? Because I remember seeing a room just like it.

  2. Hrm. Books. I fell out of reading most science fiction ages ago, when cyberpunk was big and everyone was all about that. [Everyone would tell me, “Pick up Snowcrash, by the time you get to page 15 you’ll be hooked.” I picked it up at least a half dozen times, and by the time I’d get to page 5 I’d be fast asleep.]

    I’ve instead been mostly reading mystery, especially police procedurals (from authors such as Joseph Wambaugh and [the late, lamented] William Caunitz) and detective books (from authors like Dana Stabenow and Robert B Parker). There’s something about their writing that evokes the writing of the old-skool SF masters I love{,d}: Heinlein, Niven, Kuttner, Knight, and even Fredric Brown.

    So tell me – or don’t, Master of One Zillion Comments per Post, who has probably been asked this 9000 times before – what authors or books would you recommend to someone like me who thinks she really should like SF but just can’t find something to love anymore?

    As for the draftings: HOT TUB! WOOO, PARTY! [*cough*, sorry]

    end babble.

  3. say hello to fondy for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hmmmmm question….good question…

    Hows about you come up with a question and I’ll take credit for it:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  4. Joe, now that S4 is over, I just wanted to let you know how much I loved it. The Last Man was a wonderful episode, and has left me very excited for S5 to begin.

    As well, I wanted to say that though I’ve loved Amanda Tapping & Sam Carter since Children of the Gods, I was leery of her coming to Atlantis because we already had our brilliant astrophysicist and our brave, heroic military leader, and I didn’t want to see her usurp either position. I was wrong to be doubtful and kudos to the writers for working her in so brilliantly. The scene in The Last Man where Sam hugs Rodney also really highlighted how very well y’all allowed that relationship to grow. I love that Rodney has gotten over his crush, and that Sam now really appreciates Rodney as a friend and a colleague.

    Now my biggest fear for Season 5 is that you guys killed off Major Lorne. I would weep copiously should that be so, and probably curse all of you to the tenth generation. What, you expected this to be all hugs and puppies? 😉

  5. Joe,

    Well.. Thank you for this superb season of Stargate Atlantis. I really appreciated it and I think it’s a great improvement over the last one. Keep up the good work, and for once I’m happy that you got another season. (Last year, I couldn’t say that much.)

    For one, I really liked seeing Atlantis in a non blue environment. I know that you guys do it on purpose, but sometimes I think that this show is too much associated with blue (and frankly I don’t watch the opening sequence anymore. it’s so blue it hurts my eyes !). I guess in my head, that blue oceanic tone is associated with some sort of vacation resort (huh?).
    I don’t really know how to express my dislike of the blue hue. But let’s put it this way : maybe the other colors feel left apart ! Poor them.
    Anyway, I loved seeing Atlantis (creepily) empty and more especially in a RED tone.

    Then, I think this was a fantastic finale. I love the alternate timeline where everything goes bad (with another surprise hookup ! loved it, although the scene where they kiss is a little bit akward).

    So thank you (and all the writes of course!) for that. And Carter’s death? Well, I’m happy that this isn’t how she will (eventually) really die, but nonetheless it was a good death. Cheers for that !

    Other than that, I hope you guys didn’t have any problems at the airport (and Fondy with her flight, huh) 🙂

  6. It’s weird, I’ve never before heard such an outcry against daylight savings time. I’ve never been a fan of it — but I live in the world of astronomy where we live under Zulu Time. DST is for the weak.

  7. I’m confused… I agree with you but I’m confused. We put the clocks ahead by an hour doesn’t that mean you get an extra hour of sleep??

    It’s hard to see the books care to list them for us??

    Oh I read one of the books from your other shipment “Never Let Me Go” please let me know when you’ve read it I’d love to get your thoughts on it. I liked it, weird and desturbing but very believeable.

    Welcome home Fondy 🙂 Joe and the pups missed you terribly.


  8. hi, joe,

    after getting some sleep, working most of the day, and most importantly, having chocolate, i’m somewhat better at handling ‘the last man’.

    it was a very well written story. very touching and dark and all that jazz. the only thing that would have made me like it better is if sam was one of the ppl that didn’t die. but her death scene(s) were absolutely poignant and beautifully done. her goodbye to mckay was actually her knowing she was prob not going to get out of all this alive. VERY SAD. *tries not to think further about it*

    i’m going to soooooooooo miss sam on atlantis! s9/10 was very disapointing to me on many levels, but atlantis was a rebirth of stargate for me. even without sam being on in s5, i’ll check some of it out. i like atlantis more now than sg1. i want to be more excited about ‘ark of truth’, but i know it’ll just be more of what i didn’t like, so… so anyways, i’m off topic.

    ‘the last man’ was very poignant, but DON’T do another story like this again!! *hugs atlantis characters. puts sam in superhero outfit to protect her from crazy writers*

    sally 😕

  9. I LOVED “The Last Man.” What a cool way to tell the stories of each of the major players of Atlantis when John Sheppard goes missing a la “It’s a Wonderful Life.” How different the world turns when you remove one person. Sam went out in a blaze of glory, something I always figured she’d do if she died in the line of duty. Ronan went out as only you would expect. I wasn’t expecting Rodney and Jennifer…so that was a surprise even with the teasers I’d seen. My guess is the line in the poem is that “The death of a loved one spurs McKay into action” works for this week. And the hologram of Rodney helping John to get back to his time was great. I’m glad I know who showed up to work this season so that I know who survived the explosion last night. Looking forward to the conclusion in Search & Rescue.
    FOr some reason I thought we would have resolved the Teyla pregnancy storyline this season. Will it be resolved on air in Season 5 [I suspect Michael will steal the child]?
    Again, a GREAT episode with which to end the season!

    THANK YOU for a great 4th season…looking for season 5.

  10. Hey Joe!

    You’re going to make the McKay lovers squee with joy from two of those images. Never thought that McKay would have a rubber ducky in his bath. 😛

    Still digging from the snow (lucky you 🙂 ),

    – Enzo Aquarius

  11. Oh no’s… I have to walk to school in the dark again…!
    (Oh, and I’m not 17th in Stargate trivia anymore – AM 16TH!!!)

  12. i also would like to say that the todd/ronon scene was very well done. chris and jason have wonderful chemisty

  13. An hour less weekend! AAH! How dare they. Just wanted to say that I loved The Last Man. I was confused about McKay and Keller though, I thought Keller and Ronon had a moment a while back. But otherwise, seeing Lorne in command was great. The scene where Sheppard returns was short IMO, he didn’t seem too upset about just having been asleep for 800 or whatever years. I expected more emotion for him and everyone else. (But I understand it’s hard to fit in a lot of information in 42 min.) The ending was fantastic, can’t wait for the next season!

  14. Wait a minute Joe, I do get up at 6 am. And by the way my 6 am is three hours earlier than yours is. That’s why I like it when you post to your blog early.

  15. At least it works both ways!!!
    In the fall, you get an EXTRA hour of sleep!!!

  16. I loved last man. It was great. I was dumbfounded when the building came down. It was a great season. Thanks to all of you for giving us such quality episodes. I can’t wait for season 5.

  17. OMG actual sanitation facilities on either Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis. Joe and TPTB must be listening to the grumblings of the fans.

    I still say that a race as advance as the Ancients must incorporated a toilet in the puddlejumper’s design. The SGC just isn’t clever enough to activated it so far. Maybe we should have a segment in an episode describing the discovery.

    (running away now with laugher)

  18. Hi Joe:

    I’ve just heard that you once showed up at an event dressed as Ba’al. Would you be willing to do that again at the Fuel dinner?

    Patricia (AG)

  19. Can you be so kind as to possibly release the score for The Last Man? maybe on the DVD?

  20. Joe, I am thankful for several things. You may want to go make yourself a drink or something, this might take a while.

    1) The Last Man being the best episode of Atlantis in the show’s history.

    2) Lorne being in the opening scene.

    3) Lorne being left in charge of Atlantis while Sam was gone.

    4) Lorne being promoted to General and put in charge of the SGC.

    5) Lorne getting a nameplate with “E” as his first initial. (I’m hoping we get the rest of the name next season – please be Evan, please be Evan, please be Evan…)

    6) Lorne authorising Rodney’s plan hence sending Sheppard back to his own time and (possibly) indirectly saving the day, the city, the world and the galaxy.

    7) Rodney and Keller – I never saw that one coming but OMG I love it. Especially the kiss.

    8) Rodney in a flightsuit. Don’t ask.

    9) Chuck getting some screen time.

    10) The Phoenix. Just… cool.

    11) Sam getting a very heroic ‘death’.

    12) Having Sheppard come up with an idea Rodney didn’t think of.

    13) Michael + Queen head. Ew and cool at the same time.

    14) Ronon and Todd working together and not killing each other. Well, they did, but not out of hatred. You know what I mean.

    15) Todd fighting. Thank Bambam for me.

    16) Kate Hewlett screen time.

    17) Lorne being one of the few people in the ep NOT being turned into a red shirt. (Extra brownie points for you guys on that one)

    I’m sure there are many more but right now you’ve fallen asleep and I’m still trying to calm down. I’ll let you know if I think of more. I bet you can’t wait.

    My final thought; you guys are the evilest of all evil beings! How could you leave it at that?! That’s even worse than last season’s cliffhanger! *screams in anguish and tears out hair*

    I’m kidding. I love you guys really. Thank you so much for the best season ever, I can’t wait for season 5. Excuse me while I go and watch them all again.
    On second thoughts it’s 2am, I’ll do it tomorrow.

    By the way, Facebook isn’t quite as evil as it first seems. If you ever decide to add me as a friend you may just make my year. 😉

  21. Please tell me that there’s going to be a lot of comfort and/or blowing up of things in the premiere of season five to make up for all the hurt in the finale?

    PS: Precisely how does holo-Rodney know what was going on with Ronon and Todd in the Wraith research lab? Before or after Ronon lost radio contact with his team? I mean, you know, what with Ronon being dead and all and so not in a position to actually tell anyone what happened?

    PPS: Wolsey is a character I love to hate, but please put him back in a suit or a better fitting uniform for season five.

  22. Welcome Home Fondy!!!!

    McKay in the bathtub with bubbles and a rubber duckie? In spite of having to turn the darn clock ahead, I will have sweet dreams tonight!!

  23. Can I leave a short review kind of thing for Last Man here? (By the way, it was really good)

  24. Since “The Last Man” wasn’t recorded properly while I was out of town – and (off-topic) especially since unnamed guilty party is one who’s able to sleep simply by lying down – I can only hope that if S5 starts in July, MGM will see fit to release the S4 DVD’s in a timely manner. And, really, for the entire season’s sake; but I had wanted to see TLM three times in as many days. It really is exceptional.

    It’s very decent of you to be on time to pick up your wife at the airport. *glares again in general direction of unnamed guilty party*

  25. Joe,

    A big thanks for a spectacular season to you and everyone else involved in bringing us SGA ! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Also, it’s good to know that I am not alone in absolutely hating Daylight Saving Time.


    Also, McKay + rubber ducky = pimptastic hot tubbing
    I can see him trying to come up with a line to get the ladies back to his room! Or it might just be he needs it after a hard day of getting shot in the butt with an arrow…

  27. Hi, Joe!

    LOVE the rubber duckie in the bathtub with McKay!


    And thank YOU for reminding me about Daylight Savings Time!

    But darn…now I have to reset all those darn digital clocks. ARGH!

    LOVED “The Last Man” — until the last 10 seconds. I think the phrase, “Those Bastards!” was evoked quite loudly.

    Both Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett were marvelous!

    Thank YOU to everyone at Stargate for a delightful, wonderful, enjoyable season four.

    Looking forward to season five!



  28. I know its no consolation, but for me the DST change means I am working a 23, not 24 hour shift. And with Fondy back after so long, perhaps listening to her tales of he course might assist you to sleep (not suggesting she’s boring, just that she will take your mind off the 3948 other things it is normally trying to think about). Thank you very much for the pictures. I can’t wait to see how McKay’s tub is incorporated into the story. I can imagine Sheppard will be slightly green with envy at it. Here’s hoping your efforts at cleaning house will be met with approval and aclaim, and that you manage to sneak in that extra hour of sleep to compensate for the one the government is so inconvienantly taking away.

  29. Looks like they finally find the Ancient jacuzzis in S5! Good for them! They could use a nice, relaxing soak. The corner models are so space-saving, too.

  30. Joe,
    With all the books you order (and read) what do you do with the majority of your books when you are finished with them? For some reason, I am not picturing your home as one huge library.

    Also, kudos on The Last Man. I liked the foreshadowing you gave with Woolsey. Friends and I want to know if that was the ONLY foreshadowing. Will some elements of Rodney’s sad timeline actually happen?

    I totally agree on the whole Daylight Savings Time fiasco. Perhaps you should write an episode where Earth puts itself in danger unknowingly (stupidly) by clinging to the time change. (I am sure that you could develop a witty and thought-provoking plot!)

    Note to Penny: When you “Fall back” to Standard time you gain back the hour you lost going to Daylight Savings Time. When you “Spring ahead” to Daylight Savings time, you lose an hour. Think about it. Tonight, when you turn your clock ahead, that hour difference is lost to you. When you wake up the next morning it will “officially” be an hour later than your body wants it to be.

  31. Slian Martreb Said: PS: Precisely how does holo-Rodney know what was going on with Ronon and Todd in the Wraith research lab? Before or after Ronon lost radio contact with his team? I mean, you know, what with Ronon being dead and all and so not in a position to actually tell anyone what happened?

    @ Slian Martreb – I’m gonna take a stab at this, someone will correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure. The way I take it is this: Rodney tells Sheppard the ‘facts’ of the battle – WHAT happened… (Ronon meets Todd in the lab, the two decide to work together, Ronon’s men escape, lab blows up, neither man nor Wraith are seen alive thereafter)…while we, the audience, get to see the details of HOW it happened. (Afterall, this wasn’t one of those ‘perspective’ episodes, where we see 5 different versions of what happened, all from different standpoints. So, I’m assuming the audience gets to see what really happened, while Sheppard is left with just the known facts surrounding Ronon’s death.)

    I’d also like to comment briefly on Teyla’s death. Teyla – the one who loved life more than anything, and cherished so dearly her people and her friends – dies all alone, slaughtered by a madman. Such a sad way for her to go. It really set the mood for the rest of the episode, and somehow made the other deaths seem all the more meaningful because we really understood the madness they were up against. Excellent episode, fantastic finale…

    (Just never kill any of these people ever again! I don’t think I can handle it twice! 😛 )


  32. Hi Joe, Can you use Ford to cure Beckett?? That would make for a good story!!! I would really love to see Ford in Season 5!!!!

  33. You get up a 6am? You lazy slug-a-bed! 😀

    I’m up at 4:15am monday thru friday and hard at work when you’re just rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

    Maybe I should look into ‘Executive Producer’ for my next job … 😆

    Welcome back to Fondy! And now maybe you can get a decent night’s sleep, Joe …

  34. Hi Joe, I guess pretending the time doesn’t change won’t help,maybe a nap would help….I must say I really enjoyed The Last Man, very well done, even with spoilers, it didn’t give it away, lots of surprises. thanks. Keep up the wonderful job you do so well. The dvd is preordered, so now just waiting on season 5. thanks for the book info, will need to hit the bookstore and find them. and enjoy the day, the Tide will wait..

  35. Wow, you must be popular over at Facebook! I never get any messages on my MySpace page…which suits me just fine! I don’t even get junk messages. And I’m fine with that, really! I only have a page so I can go over to my nephew’s page and leave embarassing messages for his friends to read.

    The thing I hate most about Daylight Savings Time is the way my husband whines about it for about a month. Anytime you mention what time it is, he says “Well, it’s really only…” Drives me crazy!

  36. Joe,

    Welcome home to Fondy…Hope her flight went well.

    I completely understand what you’re saying about DST. I hate it more than Goa’uld, Wraith, Ori and Kinsey combined. I grew up in Indiana who only recently adopted DST and, though I haven’t lived there for years, I still can’t get used to it. I feel foggy for two weeks EVERY time the time changes, in spring AND in fall. I really can’t stand it!

    Sigh…sorry about ranting.

    Re-watched “The Last Man” today (I watch it live while the DVR tapes it, then watch it again on Saturday…then download it from Amazon and watch it a couple of other times…). The kidlets (9 & 5)wandered in at one point and asked what happened to make Rodney SO OLD (darling daughter – age 9 – has a crush on him, BTW), then came back in time to see the ending and begged to be able to watch the whole thing and to be able to watch the end “next week”. I had a hard time trying to explain how televisions seasons work to a 5 year old!

    Speaking of the 5 year old, he fell in school and got a beautiful shiner and a rug burn on his forehead. When it put medicine on the rug burn after his shower last night, he growled instead of crying because he wanted to “be like Ronon”.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is restful!

    MA Milan
    aka moms2398

  37. Sorry about the typos…

    Also, forgot to say that I loved “The Last Man” as much the second and third times as I did the first. Still got choked up when Rodney was standing in the hall. Still wanted to throw something at the TV when the end came.


  38. Joe,

    I LOVED Last Man! Thank you! Could you find out from Brad Wright when Continuum will be avilable for pre-order? Also, will Martin Wood be directing soon, or is he all tied up with Sanctury for All for season 5?

    Thanks ever so much!

    Patricia Lee

  39. Alright, finally saw The Last Man. It was just…phenomenal, superb, spectacular, awesome…you name it. I loved it so much that my review of it had to be broken up in 2 since it exceeded 12,000 characters, and my reviews tend to get longer the more I like an episode so…yeah, I LOVED IT.

    I’d say it attained another level of Atlantis storytelling. The raw human drama coupled with the out-of-this-world SciFi concept of 48,000 years into the future…it just blew me away. Anyway, enough yapping; here’s my review of it:

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Overall, I’d say Season 4 just edged out Season 1 as the best year of Atlantis! Now let’s see you guys top that with Season 5!

    Oh, and whenever you get the time…Is “Amort” a Season 5 episode title?

  40. You talk about cleaning the house often, and I can’t help but to think why you do not just hire a cleaning service of some sort to help out you and Fondy.

    My 10 yr. old daughter said last night at the end of Atlantis, “So, can’t wait to see what happens next Friday!” When I told her that it could be this summer or even next fall, her eyes got big and her jaw fell open. I just laughed! She has watched Season 1-3 on DVD and multiple times I might add. I don’t think she is going to handle no SciFi Friday well at all! LOL I told her welcome to the world of TV with 1 season per year. She did not find the humor in that at all.

  41. Yay, welcome home Fondy! I bet you’re ecstatic to have her back home, Joe.

    Thanks for the look at some of the production notes today, McKay’s tub is cool! I want one like that!

    Also, back to “The Last Man”, now that most folks on this continent have had an opportunity to see it. I have to say, I think this is the best season finale since “The Siege”! I loved the whole episode and there were so many wonderful lines and stand-out moments, but my favorite parts were the scenes with Sam. I absolutely love that she and Rodney have gotten over their various differences and obviously have great mutual respect and admiration for each other. That hug between them was so obviously a goodbye on Sam’s part, though, and it broke my heart. I was literally yelling “NO!!!!! SAM, NO!!!!!!!!” at the screen as she went out with her ship, but I was so very, very proud of her, the way she saved her crew and took out those hive ships. It’s silly to be proud of a fictional character with whom you have nothing to do, I know, but she’s always been my favorite, so there it is. I know we’ll have a few episodes with Sam in season five, but I’m desperately going to miss that character after eleven years.

    By the way, was Rodney’s line “With her last breath, she took out three hive ships” a nod to “Wrath of Khan”? Old Trekkie that I am, I love Star Trek references!

    Please convey my thanks to everyone there in the cast and crew for a truly amazing season! The premiere of season five can’t happen soon enough for me and I can hardly wait for the DVDs of season four! I plan to pre-order them as soon as I can.

    Also, if the rumors about the death of Joe Flanigan’s father are true, and I really hope they’re not, please convey my condolences to Joe Flanigan and his family. Losing a parent is difficult to deal with at any age.

  42. Hear hear! I was quite befuddled when I saw my laptop read 1:45AM, and my Blackberry, PDA, and alarm clock all read 12:45AM. The next few minutes consisted of me going around in a daze asking people for the time. Now I get the pleasure of waking up an hour early every day, and making myself sleep an hour earlier at night.

    Great season finale! Really enjoyed the older McKay. Regarding the book Thirteen, I also have started reading it, but haven’t gotten around to finishing it. I’m also a big fan of Science Fiction, Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, William Gibson, and Robert Sawyer (He’s Canadian!).

    Have a great day!

  43. Oh, and…

    moms2398 Said:
    Speaking of the 5 year old, he fell in school and got a beautiful shiner and a rug burn on his forehead. When it put medicine on the rug burn after his shower last night, he growled instead of crying because he wanted to “be like Ronon”.

    That is sooooo freaking cute that it makes my heart hurt. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. 😀

  44. Tell Fondy “welcome home”! I hope you cleaned up the house for her! LOL

    I must admit, that’s quite a shipment of books. I’m beginning to start reading ones outside my norm (which are trashy romance novels. Please don’t judge me. ;)). Any suggestions?

    Does this mean we get a shirtless Hewlett in season 5? Can we get Joe in the hot tub too?

  45. I hope that’s not the whole bathroom, otherwise I think Rodney will have to pee in his bathtub?

  46. You know what annoys me about daylight savings? I’m in the only state in Australia that doesn’t do it. Normally that would be great, but if you’re travelling or want to call someone interstate it’s the most frustrating thing ever. I’d rather lose an hour.

    Hope Fondy’s flight went well and that you managed to get to the airport on time for her.

    Thanks for the pictures too. I’m particularly excited by the fourth from the top.

  47. The best part of The Last Man was David Hewlett’s performance. His ‘old McKay’ was crotchety without being over the top. His holographic compassion for John and his teammates as he relived the stories was palpable, esp the very cool transition from agonized young Rodney to old Rodney after Teyla’s death. Most amazing was his subtle transformation from awkward geek to believable boyfriend of Keller. OMG, he can kiss! And be sweet, mature and protective of her, as well as devastated. David is amazing, as we all know, and it was great to see him play such a range in one episode. I hope there’s a chance of recognition for him. 🙂

    I really think McKay was the last man in a sense — the last member of the expedition in the old time-line and the person who devoted his life to putting everything right.

  48. Daylight savings time blows.

    “Last Man” was fabulous. Very exciting and just the right kind of cliff hanger. Well done to all.

  49. I have a teenager, so sometimes I miss a post til the next day… Yesterday’s had me rolling. What disturbs me is how ANGRY people get when you say those things. I tell people that I LOVE personal email. But please leave me out of the loop on the rest of it. Sigh. You’d think I said something terrible about their mother. LOL so from now on, I’ll just link them to your blog 🙂 Thanks. You can take the heat, you’re used to it.

  50. THAT is McKay’s private bathtub?? seriously?? but their rooms don’t look that big to begin with… then I can ONLY assume that Sheppard has one of these too. Or the grotto.

    Curses on DST may it someday be DRT.

  51. Two things:

    Acacia is AWESOME.

    Facebook applications blow monkies.

    That is all.

  52. Wow, The Last Man was a fantastic episode. Season 4 has been the best yet and was capped off by one of my favourite episodes. David Hewlett did a fantastic job – him telling the stories of what happened to everyone was done extremely well. I particularly liked the stories of Carter going out in a blaze of glory and the whole Keller/McKay thing.

    Once again, well done! Can’t wait for the premiere!

  53. dasNdange said– I’m gonna take a stab at this, someone will correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure. The way I take it is this: Rodney tells Sheppard the ‘facts’ of the battle – WHAT happened… (Ronon meets Todd in the lab, the two decide to work together, Ronon’s men escape, lab blows up, neither man nor Wraith are seen alive thereafter)…while we, the audience, get to see the details of HOW it happened. (Afterall, this wasn’t one of those ‘perspective’ episodes, where we see 5 different versions of what happened, all from different standpoints. So, I’m assuming the audience gets to see what really happened, while Sheppard is left with just the known facts surrounding Ronon’s death.)

    @ dasNdange: I just felt that that stuck out from the real Rodney’s knowing/seeing that John didn’t come back, seeing Teyla’s dead body and then seeing Keller die. I can deal with his ‘imagining’ of Sam’s death because they knew she crashed the ship and that she would have been on deck. Not much to imagine and very factual. With Ronon, we go from being told a story of facts and his actual experience to guessing.

    @ Joe: Still thinking about the episode and I’ve decided that John’s comment to Rodney about how he (Rodney) didn’t have any hair anymore was very flippant. I appreciate that ‘boys will be boys’ and trust me, I love my boys and my team– but this episode is all about how Rodney saved the universe (or multi-verses. There was a shadowed comment between Rodney and Col. Lorne about ‘what’s happening here’?) at great sacrifice to himself. I really feel that for John to have just let all of that go was disrespectful of that sacrifice. It doesn’t matter that that future was essentially negated– John knows and should have said something other than ‘you’re a genius.’

  54. Joe-

    You haven’t filed your taxes yet? Tsk tsk, I filed mine a month and a half ago. I actually like to file mine (I want my damn refund!), want me to do yours? I mean sure, I have no idea how the Canadian tax system works, but I’m pretty sure I could figure it out……

  55. Hey Joe,

    you guys did it again! ‘The Last Man’ was amazing! I mean there were several spoilers and (I don’t know if you you remember but) I had several theories but to actually see the ep…WOW! honestly it blew me away. training some farmers and dying with Todd was so Ronon. Keller’s death (how come nobody calls her Jennifer?) was also beautifully done. I’m hoping to hear more about Teyla in S&R so that’s ok for now. and poor Rodney to have witnessed everything.

    regarding Sam’s death. I’ll have to quote PG15: this ‘has got to be one of the most intense moments in Stargate history. I was literally shaking and speechless afterwards.’ this is so true! the whole sequence was incredible, I still can’t believe this happened (or not, go Shep!). long story short this episode was the conclusion to a great season and I’d like to thank you and everyone else 🙂

    I see you ordered some more books. I’m afraid I don’t know any of them. yes I should read more sci fi books…
    so will we finally get to see a bathroom in Atlantis? ooh and what about that blast door? me thinks there will be a lot of explosions in s5

  56. Once again, I’ll have to catch Friday’s ep in reruns. Sick, and sleeping a lot while the meds kick in.

    However, I did do my duty as an NBC/Universal survey respondent, supporting the entire SG franchise. For once, the survey was about shows I watch regularly!

    My best to Fondy, even though we haven’t met.


  57. I prefer to call DST “Daylight Slaving Time” since it’s all just a ploy to get people to work earlier so they can then get home earlier and out in their backyards to burn up more charcoal briquettes 😉 You can also call it FIJ for “Federally Imposed Jetlag”.

    The Last Man was a great episode, but I was a bit disappointed with the graphics of the building collapsing. It wasn’t quite smooth enough. Parts seemed to jump forward before falling, like the smaller set of stacks near the rear of our view. I can only guess budget or time were constraints and things had to be either compressed or not rendered more completely. After playing with “Physics is Phun” (http://www.acc.umu.se/~emilk/) I am noticing how objects can be smoothly rendered in freefall even on a home PC. Just beware! You’ll waste hours playing with it if you ever download and install the tiny program… 🙂


  58. Ahahahahaha!!! McKay’s bathtub??? Seriously??? You’re just fucking with us now, aren’t you? Hee! May we please, please have a pic of the actual set? Pretty please? Extra bonus points for including a half-naked Hewlett. Um, I’m just kidding about that last bit. Mostly.

    I also wanted to mention that I enjoyed The Last Man very much, and it’s going to be slow torture waiting for the S5 premiere.

    Glad to hear that Fondy is arriving home today. Best of luck to you on reclaiming your bed from the mutts.

  59. I’d wanted to mention some of my own favorite parts from TLM, then realized I would have to describe almost every scene. (NOT kissing brass here – I don’t think it’s helpful for creators of whatever stripe not to get constructive critcism. So, maybe in about three scenes I thought a line of dialogue could have been left out to let a little tension build during the silence. Style issue, yawn.)

    Granted I’ve only skimmed the other comments, so I don’t know if someone else has already mentioned this bit of dialogue: I got a good laugh from hearing Todd the Wraith uttering Teal’c’s signature line, “Indeed.” So often it’s the little things, along with the big things, and everything else. . . . And if I thought before that the audio fx and music scores had gotten very, very good this season, I had no idea of the excellence that lay in store for TLM. The scoring itself was outstanding, and it was used in a very creative and powerful way. The variations on Atlantis’s superb main theme were so perfect for the intense drama of this episode.

  60. At this point all I can say is that I pretty much agree with everything good said above. This is the best episode of the Atlantis series so far. David Hewlett really shone in this episode. It was beautiful.

    Thanks for everything that you, the cast, and crew do to keep us entertained each season! We very much appreciate all the hard work put in to make it work. I can’t wait until season 5.


    P.S. I hate Daylight savings time. Seeing as its now 3:35am on my watch but my computer says 4:35am I am already feeling it. 🙁

  61. Salut Joseph =) sa va ? yéé super ces photo!!

    abon? vous changer d’heure?? nous c’est en avril je pense…! on va dormir une heure de moin,…snif!

    En plus demain c’est reparti pour 6 semaine de cours, …snif!

    Aller gros Bisou, je vous adore♥

  62. Congratulations on another fantastic SGA season – I loved it. There’s just so much happened in it, more than any other season imo. A couple of questions:

    1) Do you have any idea how long the mid-season break of S5 will be?

    2)Will the Asgard-database, or perhaps even Ba’al help to cure Carson? The Asgard were able to fix the O’neill clone in s7, and Ba’al doesn’t seem to have any cloning diseases.

    3) Will the Genii be brought back in S5 – possibly an appearance of Sora, Ladon Radim or Kolya?

    4) Can you PLEASE answer my questions?

  63. Hi Joe,
    I absolutely loved “The Last Man”!! It was great on so many levels-the acting, the music, the angst. It was so hard watching Rodney telling John how everyone died. David Hewlett’s acting was just superb, his expressions were spot on, not over the top and the kiss he shares with Keller, was done with so much love/tenderness/shyness that I found myself sitting still and holding my breath until the next scene. There are just too many scenes in the episode that were just fantistic that I don’t think I can name them all and won’t even begin to try. Thank you for bringing this episode to life and sharing it with us! Please tell everyone involved that this was a great episode and I throughly enjoyed watching it!

  64. Hi Joe,
    I really loved TLM! Especially the Ronon/Todd scene. It was awesome. I never expected that I was going to like Ronon’s character.. and here we go! Chris was always great in Todd’s role and I don’t know how it’s possible but he actually still gets better!
    I wonder if we will see more interesting Wraith characters in Season 5, such as Michael and Todd? And the poor beautiful Queen, any chance to see her again?

  65. Hey Joe. The Last Man was a good, episode, it had some holes, but the story was very heartbreaking so I could forget the “What? I didn’t get what happened…”-moments to really focus on the characters.

    Just a question about the title. I know that “The Last Man” is supposed to be Sheppard, but I agree with Michelle (and maybe others, I didn’t read all the comments). In fact, The Last Man is Rodney. He’s the one who lost everyone he cared about, he’s the one who couldn’t let go of something “that was already gone”, like his dear Jennifer said.
    He’s the one who spent his entire life running after some crazy fantasy… Alone. Damn, it was so sad…

    So… have you thought of making Rodney the real “Last Man” when you wrote that episode?

    Please, tell David Hewlett he did an amazing job at playing Hologram!McKay. At the same time so human, so McKay and so… Machine-ish. I loved the “Oh my god, Sheppard, your biosignature is fading!” line. He sounded so concerned and at the same time so “computer-ish”, if you get what I mean..

    I hope we get more episodes like this one next season. Episodes about characters and their will to fight whatever happens. Just like Rodney did.

  66. I had a feeling McKay would have a huge bath!

    As Michael is growing rapidly in strength, and the Wraith keep having a go at the expedition, is there any chance we’ll see the expedition get their hands on the Dagan ZPM?


  67. Gee you’re in DST already? our clocks don’t go forward for another couple of weeks.Personally I’d be quite happy to stay an hour forward right through the year, seems I’m just getting used to the change and WHAM they change again!

    Now I’ve succumbed(yet again) and been thoroughly spoiled for Last Man I find I’m dreading watching it, maybe if I only have one eye open it’ll be easier to handle.

    Welcome back to Fondy, bet the dogs are pleased to see her too!

  68. Bonjour Joe,

    Je viens à l’instant de voir “The Last Man”. Wow que dire…un magnifique épisode.
    Que d’action, que d’émotion (oui j’ai eu beaucoup de mal à ne pas verser une petite larme…en fait je l’ai verser ma larme lors de la mort héroïque de Sam, ce passage était très émouvant).
    Un épisode sans temps mort, plein de surprises et de supsens (arfff quand on sait qu’il va falloir attendre quelques mois pour voir la suite), des acteurs excellents.

    Vraiment un magnifique épisode pour une très bonne saison 4. Merci.

    Bonne journée

  69. Last Man was awesome… Everything was perfect.

    And what a cliffhanger! gosh lol. Any chance you could give us a pointer or a clue to how things turn out?

    Also are there any plans to revist the Keller/Mckay thing?

  70. Hiya Fondy and welcome back!

    As for daylight saving, that ..like facebook blows big ones. As a mum of two boys I can vouch that the hour lost IS noticeable and well the vast majority are against it. Not that our gummant care.. they implemented a ‘trial’ 3 yrs of daylight saving whether we wanted it or not. NOT!!!

    QLD and the NT of Australia don’t use it. They’ve got their heads screwed on the right way.

    A doctor has proven that daylight saving, is bad for our health and costs us money in lost production and illness. So the money they think they save isn’t saved at all is it?

    LOVED ‘The Last Man’!!!

    Sad that we have to wait for season 5!!! *sniff* hurry up with Season 4 dvd already LOL

  71. Just wanted to drop by and say how much I’ve enjoyed this season of Atlantis. You all do an amazing job of putting out one of the most solid and consistent television shows I’ve had ever had the pleasure of watching. Over a decade of Stargate on TV, and still going strong. Good luck on the coming season!

  72. To Mom2398: I nominate you for mom of the year. You’re obviously doing something right, if your child can choose and attempt to emulate such a worthy role model. The only thing that would be cooler is if he takes the best traits of the other characters as well. Your child is proof of the power of the written and spoken word.

  73. I’m with you. Y’know. Daylight Savings Time? Just deal with the natural order of things. Why do we need to keep messing with our clocks?

    Luckily, I tend to do okay with going to sleep early. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll reset fairly easily.

    I hope it was a lovely reunion with Fondy and that you were able to rid the house of all evidence of your bachelor existence. (Because if not? You are in SO much trouble!)

  74. I’ve had some time for the finale to sink in and I wanted to thank you all for it.

    A little bit into it I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not (the whole “let’s present a backstory” format can go bad quickly) but it was SO PERFECTLY DONE.

    I think one of my favourite bits was having Lorne as McKay’s “in” when trying to make things right. I like Lorne so much — I would never want to see him replace Sheppard (Because that’d mean Sheppard would go away! NO!) but he seems like an extremely valuable member of the team, a good leader, and a guy who knows when to do the right thing.

    I also must say, I really liked the ending. You’re going to have me wriggling in my seat until the premier, you torturous bastard you, but I like that going to that gate address didn’t make things magically better. I was kind of fearing that’d it be “Teyla! Hi! Let’s go!” but of course nothing is that easy.

    OH. AND. I *REALLY REALLY* liked how many guests you brought in. Todd! Jeanie! Radek! It was a mini reunion! I know nobody really had any major screen time but it was really, really nice to see everybody. Including that chick on the Phoenix who seems to be on nearly every Vessel… ha.

  75. Just purchased the ARK OF TRUTH it was really good the replcators are back and thay are nastier than ever. I dont want to go into detail but the storyline was good its worth buying. The special features are also good they had the entire comic con interview and some nut was trying to sing to the actors he was serious man this guy was going to cry if they did not let him sing it was only becaus amanda said let him sing boy did I laugh my ass off. overall the movie was really good. You guys will enjoy it.

  76. When you shove the DVD into your player it will ask you to play movie and also play movie with prlude choose the second one it gives a run down on season 10 and walks right into the movie I thought that was really Kool.

  77. Hats off to the writers ,producers and cast and crew on a Movie well done. Cant wait for Continuum. It will probably be just as good.

  78. Joe,
    I happen to be someone in favor of Daylight Savings Time, I hate when we “fall back.” I’d rather have light at night than in the morning. Oh, and I wake up at 5 AM to get on the road by 6:30 (need the hour and a half to have my coffee, pack the lunches and get the little one ready for school.) I’m quite the insomniac so it doesn’t matter to me that we lose the hour.

    Still in awe over “The Last Man.” David Hewlett was so great in this ep, he really just stole the entire show. Loved all of the cameos, even Zelenka passing by with no line at all. Hope to see more of Radek in Season 5, Jeanie too.

    I can’t believe I forgot to mention the hug between Sam and Rodney. It just shows how far they have come since “48 hours.”

    McKay/Keller is wonderful. Please, please, please, please, please let this happen in season 5. Did I say “please” enough? He just seems to be so comfortable around her. Even with Katie Brown he was still so disfunctional, Keller makes him normal. Pwease, one more time. I’ll send my favorite chocolate if it’ll help.


  79. Daylight savings who? Ah, the luxury of housewifery.

    Rodney’s tub … oh, you just spawned a tidal wave of fanfic with that one. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Yeah, too much SGA, I just had my first ever dream about Shep; we were hanging out in a break room, me in my flannel nightgown, he’d just come back from a mission, hungry. He was zapping microwave breakfast sandwiches for the Marines who were there too, and giving me the sausage bits out of his, because he didn’t like the sausage bits. Some boring dream, but Freud would have a field day with it. And being aware that you’re dreaming that you’re asleep in a dream? Weird as hell. About the norm for me.

  80. TLM was awesome, the whole season 4 rocked! Kudos to everyone involved. Fabulous job. Bring on S5 asap and lots of Shep Whump please *fingers crossed for a summer premiere*

    Joe, can you confirm the news that Joe Flanigan’s father passed away? We would all appreciate it.

  81. “Okay, I’m just going to come out and say what I’m sure everyone else is thinking. This daylight savings time thing is a bad idea.”

    I used to hate time switches too. I either showed up an hour early for work or an hour late. Luckily back a few years ago when the economy slumped in BC I moved over a couple provinces to SK. Although it has some draw backs I love the fact that the time does not change here!

  82. So it has taken almost five years to figure out the bathroom situation on Atlantis. ; )

    Love the pic of MacKay’s bathroom. The rubber ducky is a sweet touch. : ) That just made have a good laugh.

    Does this mean we will be getting a half naked McKay in S5? Because you know I would just love to see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  83. Hehehe, we don’t start british summer time until March 30th, which in fantastic because thats the weekend after I finish Uni for Easter, so it doesn’t matter if I get up an hour late!

    I loved Last Man…right up until the fifth act. Personally, I think that it would have been better if you didn’t know if Shep was going to make it back or not.

    The last three season closers have left me thinking, “Well I’m glad I’m not going to have to write them out of this next year,” but this one is a little…easy for them to survive.

    Having said that, I thought the other four acts were brilliant, especially seeing everyone die in such fitting ways (Sam died saving lives, Ronon died killing Wraith and Keller died being a doctor). I loved old/hologram Rodney and David Hewletss’s voice overs of the scenes from the past really made it.

    So, good job on season 4. I very much enjoyed it and can’t wait for season 5.

    PS. Any idea on when season 4 will be released on DVD, and any chance of you doing any commentries?

  84. WOW!!! LOVED “The Last Man”. Kudos to whomever did David’s makeup. IMO, it was sooooo much better and realistic than SG1’s makeup in “Unending”. Congratulations to everyone on an excellent season finale.


  85. I just read the release that you guys will be having a summer premiere for season 5. It’s like finding out Christmas comes twice. I’m sure it will be the best season yet. And I can’t wait to see more action shots from the lot. Last years clips and pics were really awesome.

    I wonder if your blog will start getting more traffic than the actual Sci-Fi Stargate site? You might be able to get paid extra just for talking about whatever you feel like every day.

  86. Loved “The Last Man”. It was interesting to see a Shep episode where he couldn’t be the action hero, and I liked the way you told the story through Rodney’s voice-over combined with the visuals. The Rodney/Keller storyline was so sweet and so sad – I’m not a big fan of them as a couple but the way it unfolded in that timeline was convincing.

    Of course I do resent being made to cry. And I also resent being forced to wait until July to find out what happens – it’s worse than that episode of the Brady Bunch in Hawaii when Greg got smacked on the head with the surfboard and we didn’t find out he was okay until the following week.

  87. Ooh, and now the fans are all aquiver! The answer to that age old question will be answered…the bathrooms will be revealed for all to see!! Yay!! Party time!!!

    Though part of me hopes the rubber ducky is just a joke added by whoever drew the picture … but another part thinks it’s kinda the thing McKay *might* have in the bath … I just can’t decide if it fits his character or not! Oh well, will just have to wait and see.

    Of course, I’ll probably be too busy checking out McKay’s chest the bathroom to notice the ducky if it’s there…!

    And yeah, I hate losing an hour – we get to do that in the UK sometime towards the end of March I think. Not looking forward to it.

    Leesa Perrie

  88. The fourth season has been a great season. Maybe the best season up to now, because everything was coherent. I enjoyed all of the stories very much (especially those with the Wraith but that won’t surprise you, I guess 😉 ).

    On March 7, 2008 at 3:07 pm Panna Cotta Said:
    It’s why I root for Todd and an alliance between SGA and the Wraith. I want them to work together on that long, hard road towards mutual, beneficial coexistance.
    So what do you all think?

    Coexistence would be a bit too less for me. If I had to make plans for a – more or less – peaceful future I’d have something more revolutionary in mind: a real symbiosis between Wraith and Humans.
    What if we combine Human-DNA with Wraith-DNA that way that humans gain the ability to survive the feeding process (as long, as they are not dead – naturally) and to regenerate their bodies within 1-2 weeks + the ability of resistance to every diseases (including those of old age)? But to keep up that ability the periodically addition of the enzyme that the Wraith produce while they are feeding is needed.
    Humans could live without that enzyme but then their bodies wouldn’t be protected against diseases any longer and they would have to fear that they’d fall prey to the hunting passion of the Wraith (thus no change to the momentary situation). In this way humans could choose between living with the Wraith or without them – but have to pay the price for their choice.

    On March 7, 2008 at 3:19 pm dasNdanger Said:
    @ Noir – I’ll send Todd over, if you can figure out a way to resurrect Steve for me… (well…his hair, at least…and that arrogant little pout of his)

    I’m no necromancer so I can only serve with “my” Steve from another timeline. But I’d advice you against meeting him now, because he’s a bit…well…bad-tempered at the moment. 😉

  89. Yes, daylights savings IS a bad idea. I think we should go the route of Arizona and not have it.

    I don’t mind it in the Fall, but it sucks in the Spring, especially with midterms this week. *sigh*

  90. Ok.. I retract my earlier commenat about losing an hour of sleep. I’m no longer confused. I went to bed around 2am this morning, and I have one of those alarm clocks that sets itself turning over was expecting to see 2:11am…but no it rightly said 3:11am. I proclaimed out loud “Damn Joe was right!!” Poof there wnet an hour… I’m a visual person it took me seing an hour of sleep evaporate right infront of me.

    Here’s to you Joe. 🙂

  91. Joe, I completely agree with you on daylight savings time. I have insomnia and spend most of my evenings awake studying, reading or watching tv…so loosing an hour of sleep sucks big time. I work at 7am on weekends and usually sleep, if I can, a few hours. I, like you, toss and turn for hours. At work today I was zombified! I managed to get out early so I can study for my midterms and do some touch-ups on my Russian speech (a 50min Q&A about the US Pres. candidates, in Russian….sounds fun, eh?lol). Please wish me luck on my German, Linguistics and Russian midterms this week, won’t ya? 🙂

    The Last Man was a great episode now that I had an opportunity to watch it a second time. I cannot wait to see the conclusion!

    Have a great week!


  92. WOOT! Sky One is showing The Ark of Truth over Easter!!!!
    *doing a happy dance*

  93. I just spent the last three and a half hours going through all my recorded season 4 episodes ( thank you sky one!) and cut out all the £$%!!adverts so I can get four episodes per disc and pretend that season 4 is already out on dvd,mind you I still buy the dvds cuz I love all the extras, what can I say, I’mmildly obsessive;)

  94. Thanks for indirectly answering my question of a week or so ago when I asked if there will still be a McKay bathtub scene in “Broken Ties.” It even looks like it will be a McKay in bathtub scene (and a rubber ducky no less) – something to fantasize about during the long SGA dry spell.

    I just have to say that I absolutely loved “The Last Man”. David Hewlett was brilliant, awesome, amazing (I guess that’s enough adjectives to describe his performance). It’s just too bad that when they pass out awards, science fiction actors and shows are generally ignored.

    I’ve already watched the episode 4 times, and cry my head off every time I watch the McKay/Keller hospital scene. Seeing Rodney standing alone and devastated in the hallway of the SGC is heartbreaking. Please, please give Rodney some happiness/romance this season. That man could sure use a hug.

    The episode definitely ranks up there as one of my all time favorites.

    Season 4 IMO has been great. I can’t wait until Season 5.

  95. I really don’t like Daylight Savings Time, I have midterms next week, I need that extra hour to study! (especially for the vocal performance, d’oh, what was I thinking, taking a class that requires singing in front of a bunch of people all by yourself, I have major stage fright 🙁 )

    Good luck to anyone else who has midterms!

  96. I spent all morning wondering why I couldn’t actually wake up – then remembered DST. Ugh. (And I’m still in bed, because I didn’t adjust my sleeping like I should have last night – instead I tried to get up much earlier than usual for something; that didn’t work out so well.)

    Regarding The Last Man. My god. Just.. wow. Hewlett and Flanigan worked beautifully off of one another, and it seemed like Future!Rodney must have lost some of his obnoxious attitude – the flashbacks were all told very humbly.

    Wonderful, subtle acting choices by everyone involved. That was really an amazing, and beautiful, episode.

    That said… (there’s always a that said, isn’t there?) I really, really hope that’s not a preview of how Wolsey will be all season. He’d been making such lovely small strides in being more, well, human, and better understanding that IOA bureaucracy doesn’t work in the Pegasus galaxy, what with his recent stints there with O’Neill, and then reviewing Carter. Please don’t revert him too hard back to the stuffed suit that was so inflexible about everything. Please.

    And how long do we have to wait for S5? I know Doctor Who’s coming back soon, as is Battlestar Galactica… but it’s just not the same. 🙂

  97. thanks for a great season of Atlantis. I loved every episode. Be All My Sins Remember’d was a great episode. I just wished that the Wraith-Asuran war was something that could have spanned the rest of the season, but the Michael arc seem to be interesting as well.
    I do have some criticism. Why was Weir demoted to a recurring?
    In The Kindred part 1, we hear for the first time that they were tracking a unknown illness that was spreading across the pegasus galaxy. On itself it is a great episode, but mentioning that illness was better done in a previous episode than just in The Kindred part 1. It’s like introducing Keller in Lifeline while she was introduced in First Strike. It would have made no sense in introducing her in Lifeline.
    Whose decision was it to bring Carson back as a clone?
    It felt like it was a terrible idea to bring him back as such. If he was ascended and retook his human form, that I would understand, but not the explanation that was given for his return.
    BTW Last Man was awesome. There will some holes in the science relating to the sun, but all in all, it was a great way to end a great season. It is a season that is as good as the first one.
    What happened to the Tria and the list of planets that old Weir had where ZPM’s were located?

  98. Bonne nuit Joseph, je vais au lit, demain les cour reprénne, réveille a 6h00,2heure de bus, 8 heure de cour, et des devoirs..Snif jespert que vous aurez un petite pensée pour moi! Courage encors 6 semaines avant mes prochaine vacances!

    •J’ai réussi à voir”The Last Man” et je l’adore!! il est super!! Je suis impatiente de voir la suite =)

    Cette semaine, je commande ma saison 3 de sga en bélgique ..et oui peu pas attendre la sortie national!

    Sayier Continuum est disponible en téléchargement illégal..et bizzarment il n’est disponible qu’en sous titrage francais …

    …Donc ma question ce soir…


    Aller gros Bisou Joseph, je vous adore trés fort a demain =)♥

  99. Your comments about daylight savings remind me of the reason Queensland, Australia resists moving that clock forward. The dairy cattle would get confused and show up for milking at the wrong time. Seriously. Apparently, the cows don’t know how to reset their watches.

    Thank you for an overall great season 4! Y’all should be proud to have one of the best shows on TV. The few quibbles I have are easily set aside. I am eagerly looking forward to season 5.

  100. Bonjour Joseph,
    J’ai une question qui me trotte dans la tête depuis un petit bout. Le fait que les épisodes de SGA saison 4 soit disponibles sur des sites comme youtube, quelle tort cela vous cause exactement ? En fait, la plupart écoute ces épisodes à la télévision et ensuite achète la saison en dvd. En plus, lorsqu’on regarde ces épisodes ou encore des extraits et bien ça fait connaître la série non ? En même temps si je me sens coupable d’écouter les épisodes sur le net c’est que dans le fond je sais que ça doit causer du tort à l’industrie … Vous pourriez pas me faire une remontrance pour que j’arrête de le faire ? lol
    Bonne journée

  101. Still incredibly upset that Rodney was fine with leaving John behind to die in the future (.. and most likely thinking that Rodney would save him to the very end! *wibbles*) while Rodney was living happily in a sunny suburb with his insta!girlfriend.

    That it was Jennifer’s death that was too much for Rodney to bear and not… say, losing John? Then losing the rest of his team one by one, and Carter? That things going so horribly wrong in the Pegasus Galaxy weren’t enough for him to do something to fix it.

    Dude, just no.

    Thank gods that Keller died. Or Sheppard would have indeed died a slow death alone in the future.

    McKay/Keller is wonderful. Please, please, please, please, please let this happen in season 5.

    Oh my god, please don’t. I admit both David and Jewel played their scenes brilliantly in this episode and I was impressed by their acting but still there was absolutely nothing between them. It was… empty and so uncomfortable to watch. I seriously don’t think I could do that. *cringes*

    At least let the romance be between people who have proper chemistry together. (…seriously Joe, what happened to Ronon/Keller?)

  102. Hey Joe,

    It would seem the majority of the members on SCI FI.com loved “The Last Man” and thought Season 4 has been the best season of the series. It was tied with Season 3 after “Midway” aired for myself. After “Kindred” and “Last Man” you guys took it to the next level, and truly gave another reason why I love this franchise so much. So Season 4 to me now is the best Season to date. I hope the ratings soar for the finale. Season 6 hopefully looks very promising!



  103. To Slian Martreb : I don’t think Sheppard’s remark about McKay’s hair was “disrespectful”. First off, at least several hours, if not a few days had occurred between Sheppard’s return and the start of the rescue mission. More than enough time to have thanked Rodney off-screen, and probably inflated his ego. Second, with the knowledge he had brought back about how things had unfolded in an alternate reality, everyone has to be just a bit on edge. So Sheppard making his comment was an attempt to get back to “status quo”, leaving McKay to figure out if Sheppard was lying or not. And besides, we’ve seen Sheppard can be just a bit mean to his teammate. The most notable example being Reunion, when the Colonel stole McKay’s gift to Col. Carter.
    To Rza: Consider this. Yes, it took Keller’s death to spur McKay into coming up with an idea to action. But that doesn’t mean he hadn’t been considering the problem. Merely that he hadn’t had the epiphany on how to save Sheppard. If nothing else, McKay’s ego would probably have gnawed at him until he took action. Not that we can know, but given the limitations of how much can be told in 40odd minutes, I don’t think we need to beat on the writers for not covering every single aspect of a storyline.

  104. i hate death scenes. i HATE death scenes of my fave characters. so of course i’ve watched it again and again. why am i sick this way???

    that entire sequence with sam, starting with holomckay explaining sam not taking no for an answer… it was so powerfully done. i started choking up, though, when mckay came into the room and sam was staring out the phoenix’s window. right then she was preparing herself. her hug to mckay was goodbye, which i think mckay felt a bit of too. but that battle sequence… the music… i just can not stand things like this, but i’m sometimes drawn to it like a moth to a flame. it was so fitting and respectful to sam. she did everything she could to protect not only the ppl of atlantis, but her ship and the entire friggin galaxy. she’s a hero. but the scene that gets to me more than anything is when she’d readied the phoenix to ram the ships, then stood there and waited for the inevitable. with the music playing, and the way amanda played the scene, with this sad look… you could even see sam’s hands balled into fists. amanda was fantastic!!!

    dammit, joe, this stupid thing got to me!! i don’t like things like this!! THANK HEAVENS it’s been erased!! sam must live and be happy! with jack of course. 😳

    i don’t know what sam’s future is and why she has to leave atlantis. whenever you want to start dropping some hints, i won’t fight you on it. :p

    *thinks about battle sequence. feels sad*


    sally 🙂

  105. Some thoughts after reading ALL the posts…

    Wraith feeding solution – Instead of taking ‘years’ – how about if they take ‘pounds’? I don’t know about anyone else, but sure could use a bit taken off my rear end. Just think about it, the ladies will be lined up around the corner for a chance to get Wraithosuction…. 😛

    @ noir – Awww…I’d take Steve, cranky and all. See…I have these neighbors I wouldn’t mind him feeding upon… Yeah, I’d fix him right up. 😀

    @ Slian Martreb – That’s why I feel the audience actually sees what happens, while Shep just gets the facts. By the time Rodney is done his story, Shep is nearly dead, and comes stumbling in from the storm, not even sure he heard all of the story.

    Also, Ronon is a terrific character, though I hate to admit it. Afterall, he his a Wraith-killer. But he’s such a big love – a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve (as he was just described to me). So, I think his fans really needed to see him go out in style, and the writers delivered. I try not to think too hard about the ‘technical’ aspects of the scene (Was it really what happened?, Was it imagined?, etc), but rather what that scene tells us about the characters.

    Sure, Ronon gets to kill Todd in the end, but at that same time, he had to realize that Todd was making the same sacrifice he was, and – for that brief moment – they were truly brothers-in-arms. We can translate Ronon’s smile as everything from ‘well, isn’t this ironic’ to ‘never thought I’d say it, but your okay for a Wraith’ to ‘Woot! I finally get to kill this freaky-lookin’ sucker!’ – but the point (IMHO) is – at least we GET to see and enjoy that moment. The writers (and of course, both actors for giving such a great performance) are to be congratulated for really, REALLY thinking that scene out. It was the best of the show because it was such a full circle thing for both characters, but esp. for Ronon. It was well-placed, right in the middle. There was the build-up to it – then BAM! – then the winding down as we hear about Rodney’s life. If I’m not mistaken, it was meant to be the highlight of the episode, and therefore given very special attention.

    I don’t overthink the technical aspects of the scene, I am just EXTREMELY happy to see such a well thought-out and brilliantly performed ending for two great characters. It was Butch and Sundance in the Pegasus Galaxy, going out together in style. LOVED IT!

    @ tiger’s eyes – I, too, noticed the score. It played a big part in how I responded emotionally to the scenes…and yet in no way did it overpower the moment. And, yes – I got a big smile out of Todd’s “Indeed” – not sure if there was any intention of drawing a comparison to Teal’c, but it was still pretty sweet. What popped into my mind was how Ronon had to set aside his feelings to work with Teal’c in Midway, and now he’s doing the same to work together with Todd, but really – on a much larger scale (since his hatred for Wraith far surpasses that petty pissing match he had with Teal’c).

    Just loved this episode – will give us a lot to think about while awaiting S5….


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