March already? What happened to the rest of February? Okay, so it was killed for lack of interest and, really, it’s tough to fault those in charge. Hopefully this month will prove more to everyone’s interest.

I ended my February with the annual network dinner, held this year at Vancouver’s Caffe de Medici and hosted by SciFi’s Mark Stern and Chris Sanagustin. These get-togethers can be a little frustrating as it’s usually very difficult to circulate and chat with the various attendees while the meal is being served – which is usually all night. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to bond with Chris, our new point person at SciFi, that afternoon when the Roots outlet I was going to drop her off at turned out to be closed. Rather than take her back to the studio and have her call a cab from there, I offered to drive her to her hotel. Over the course of the ride, we had a nice, lengthy discussion about our respective backgrounds, television, and certain uniquely Philippine dishes that she finds revolting which I, on the other hand, don’t think are all that bad. Actually, “discussion” is a little hopeful. In truth, I did most of the yammering, bogarting the conversation like a studio rep tagging along to help accept the Best Picture Oscar. I don’t believe I drove her too crazy. I mean, there was never a point where she waited for the car to slow, and bailed out the side passenger door, tucking and rolling to avoid any potential head injury. But then again, I had the child locks on so it’s hard to gauge intent.

I arrived home at 6:30 p.m., which gave me just enough time to feed the dogs, moderate some comments, eat, touch base with Fondy, and change out of my office suit and into my dinner suit. My timing was impeccable. I left the house at 7:55 p.m., picked up Marty G. at 8:00 p.m., arrived downtown at 8:11 p.m., parked, and walked the one block to the restaurant, arriving at exactly 8:15 p.m., the appointed time on the invitation. We were the first ones there. Our hosts didn’t turn up for another 45 minutes. While we awaited their arrival, we welcomed our fellow early birds (Carl Binder, Alan McCullough, Paul Mullie, directors Andy Mikita and Will Waring, producer John G. Lenic, actors Jason Momoa, Paul McGillion, Bob Picardo, Rachel Luttrell, and Jewel Staite) and listened to Carl bitterly complain about how hungry he was. “Aren‘t you guys hungry?”he asked us. Paul, Marty G. and I informed him that we had already eaten. Carl was stunned. “What is this, your first cast dinner?”I asked. “I guarantee we’re not eating until ten.” Poor, innocent, trusting, ravenous Carl – who ended up inhaling half our bread basket.

Our affable hosts finally arrived, we ordered and, eventually, had dinner. Well, most of us. Carl, seated to my right, loved the starter salad (the secret ingredient, I could tell from smell alone, was white truffle oil). Love it so much, in fact, that it looked like he was actually going to break own into tears of joy when I told him he could have mine. We had a choice of three mains – a risotto (that Jewel adore), a half chicken (that Marty G. found overcooked), and a ling cod (that Carl seemed to enjoy so much, I passed him mine.). For dessert – the house tiramisu which I was actually looking forward to having, only I made the mistake of leaving mine next to Jason Momoa.

Mark made a great speech, recognizing all of the hard work being put into the show, season four’s success, and the network’s confidence in what we all hope will be an equally outstanding fifth season. Martin regaled the gathering with an account of his running afoul of this country’s self-appointed moral police. And, when I wasn’t snapping pics or passing off my dishes to Carl, I was discussing arts and literature with Jason.

I got home at about 11:30 p.m. and logged on to check out fan reaction to Kindred II. Like I said, when I originally envisioned Carson’s return, I had two scenes in my head. The first was the end of Part 1 and the second was the final scene of Part II. For those of you asking how the Beckett clone got the original’s memories – right now, only Michael knows for sure an he aint talking. As for what the future holds for our beloved doctor – only time and season 5 will tell.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Janet’s daughter who will be turning nine on Sunday.

89 thoughts on “March 1, 2008: Cast Dinner

  1. Joe, I can just imagine you putting the child locks on while Chris Sanagustin was in the car. That, and the part about poor Carl’s food woes and adorations made me laugh the most. So much so that my sister came to see what I was reading (and when she realised she left almost straight away because she knows not to disturb me while I’m reading your blog for fear I’ll drop some spoilers into the conversation).

  2. Looks like a wonderful evening with great company. here’s hoping the bonding experience with the Sci Fi rep may lead to promos heavier on tease and lighter on spoilers. Re-watched kindred II. (I don’t recall ever seeing Sheppard reach out and touch another character like he did Carson; it’s not a hug but from him its unprecidented). I’ve moved this episode to my favorite of the season, bumping Tabula Rasa. It’s going to be a loooong wait for season five to premiere. Now, off to eyeball some verses for clues to said season, and let you get about enjoying the weekend.

  3. Since I don’t stay up obscenely late at night, or get up early in the morning, I waited until now to let you know that I was enthralled by Kindred Pt. 2. You said there would be the need for Kleenexes, and you were right. Kill Carson once, bring him back, freeze him a la O’Neil, and make us cry. Bravo.

  4. Hi Joe!

    I’m a first generation Filipino-American and there are definitely dishes I do love (gotta love the desserts: ube, flan, kareoka,etc.), but others I just can’t stand. You and Chris Sanagustin were discussing about Philippine dishes she found revolting, but you didn’t think was all that bad. What dishes were they?

    Nice to see everyone dressed up for the cast dinner, especially the guys. Did you even get a bite of the house tiramisu? If you didn’t make a mental note to keep your desserts away from Jason if you intend to enjoy your dessert at all.


  5. What? No photos of Rachel? *clearly disappointed*

    AND, I loved, loved, loved The Kindred Pt. 2. People in my internet forum were actually complaining that you made them cry…AGAIN! That last scene was a masterpiece with the perfect punctuation being Rodney’s saying goodbye to Beckett. I can’t wait to see Season 5! You wouldn’t have any idea when they plan to start airing that, would you?

  6. No JoeF? He’s not much of a partier, is he? Hardly ever see him at these get-togethers.. Either way, nice to see everyone else. Looked like fun.

    The new episodes have been quite interesting. The biggest problem I had with The Kindred part 2 (as have quite a few other people) was that Teyla did not run when she had the chance. Of course, the situation is up from interpretation, but I had an issue accepting that Teyla would stay in harm’s way and risk her child’s life just for Kanaan. I mean, I know it’s a tough situation because it’s her child’s farther, but as a mother, I would think the child would come first and foremost, no matter what.

    Now, some have considered that Teyla wanted to stay near Michael because of the injection he gave her, and if that is so, then that’s more acceptable. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anyone for making bad decisions, but I am curious as to your opinion on the matter. Or, if Rachel had any? If it was merely the idea that Teyla would want to stay to help Kanaan, reguardless of the fact she was endangering her child, then that helps to prove this idea of male versus female instincts I heard once.

    If you don’t mind me going into detail, I once heard a scenario on the radio in which a spouse had the option of either saving their spouse or their children from a burning building. For the most part, the male callers said they would save their wife, while the females chose the children. I thought it was extremely interesting.

    So, I could see why male writers would find Teyla’s actions justified, but I do believe that many female viewers will not respect her choice at all.

    Again, not a huge issue, just a little something I saw and found interesting. I’d just like to know if that was an issue you all thought out and discussed, or whether it was just decided and that was that.

    So, now that I’ve successfully wasted a lot of time and space, I’ll let you go.

    Have a good night!

  7. HA! Is Jason flipping the bird at someone in that picture? Where were JoeF, Amanda, David and Kavan?

  8. I thought Kindred Pt. 2 was another terrific episode. Especially loved the ending, the heartbreak of losing Carson all over again. At least this time it won’t be forever.

    The Jack/Sam fan in me thought AT threw in a little Dormata-Pod-Brings-Back -Bad-Memories moment for all of us who sail the ‘ship. Or maybe I’m just projecting.

    After rewatching Heroes for the umpteenth time on SciFi’s SG-1 marathon, I have a question. Did the belief that season 7 was absolutely, positively the final season of SG-1 come into play when deciding to kill off as great a character as Janet?

    Another question. Does Martin Gero own any ties?

  9. Jen wrote:

    Yes it’s true that the clone is in fact a different person from Carson (because of those six months of different existences)

    Actually, the clone said he’d been waiting for 2 years to be rescued.

    kathy wrote:

    How do you get from 55 pages to approx 42 mins?

    I’m just guessing but I’d say it was due to the written description of visual effects, action sections, etc., and the speed-talking of David Hewlett.

    wolfenm wrote:

    To those questioning how Michael could transfer Carson’s memories: [snip list of memory devices] *Especially* considering how the dart beaming tech managed to put Cadman’s consciousness into Rodney’s brain? It’s just a matter of copying the “file” instead of just cut-and-pasting, like a computer file — brains are just organic-based computers!

    True, we know there are ways for it to have been done, but I think most people — myself included — wanted to know how Michael did it to fill in what seems like a huge gap in the story. Remember in (forgive me, Mr. M.) “Irresponsible”, Sheppard asked how Lucius saved the people? Right now, the lack of explanation on how Michael accomplished the memory transfer is making the storyline seem like one of Lucius’s made-up adventures.

    jedi43 wrote:

    Which of JF’s two sons where in The Kindred Part 2 as part of the jailed Athosians?

    Since Joe Flanigan’s third son, Fergus, was born in September 2006 and wouldn’t be walking all that well ;-), I’m guessing it was his older two Aidan and Truman.

    Anne Teldy

  10. Alright! Finally saw Kindred 2. Overall, a very enjoyable episode; McKay and Carson’s scenes were the best. My usual review:


    Can’t wait for The Last Man!!

  11. Hi Joe,

    Which of JF’s two sons where in The Kindred Part 2 as part of the jailed Athosians?

  12. On March 1, 2008 at 4:44 pm chevron7 Said: Are you always logged in when you comment susiekew?

    thanks for the tip, chev. You were right – I wasn’t always logged in when I posted.

  13. Kindred II, I thought was very well done. I was oddly not disturbed by the idea of Carson coming back as a clone…I prefer that idea over, say a Replicator-engineered Carson.

    The emotional pacing and everything were very well done. *claps* Bravo! and of course, the end scene…talk about emotional bang for the buck! Kudos to all involved. 🙂

    Question of the day: How much time generally passes between a first submitted draft of a script and the finalized version?

  14. Hey Joe,

    sounds like you guys had a great evening. I’m glad to hear that Mike Stern mentioned the network’s confidence in the show 🙂 btw The Kindred Part 2 was a very cool ep even though I was a little disappointed. I expected a lot more action, mysteries, creepy scenes etc. however that’s not really you fault. somehow the spoilers and trailers managed to give the impression of the episode being better than it turned out to be. I still very much enjoyed watching it and hopefully others did too. which reminds me, do you have any ratings info for ‘The Kindred Part 2’? thanks

    remember the theory on ‘The Last Man’ and ‘Search & Rescue’? Rodney getting killed, Sheppard changing the past…? no? never mind, I’ve got a new theory:

    we know that Sheppard ends up 40,000 years in the future right? he’s gonna encounter a hologram of Rodney that tells him about past events and how he can help. I firmly believe that Sheppard will not interfere with the timeline, he can’t. meanwhile Atlantis is wondering why he hasn’t returned. Rodney refuses to believe he’s dead. they also discover that Michael’s going ahead with his plan of destroying Wraith hives but most importantly killing human popluations on several planets

    Sam takes the Daedalus and engages him. they’re taking heavy fire but Michael doesn’t care about them (at least not at this point) and retreats. they return to Atlantis. Shep returns from the future and tells Sam that he knows where Teyla is. I’m not exactly sure what’ll happen at the end of TLM but I think Shep, Rodney and Ronon will head out to rescue Teyla and something goes wrong

    ***to be continued***

    in S&R Sam, Lorne etc go offworld and get stuck. the team manages to rescue Teyla and then go on to rescue the rest of Atlantis personnel. Michael will escape but he will return with another evil plan. oh and Shep has the cure for Carson

    so what do you think?

  15. How are the dogs? We haven’t heard much about your large clan of small dogs for a while.

  16. Seeing as Blu-Ray has now won the format battle, Can you tell us if there are plans yet for the new Stargate movies to be released on Blu-Ray?

  17. Dear Joe, Great job on with the Carson storyline in Kindred 2. I so missed him. 😀
    March 2nd is my birthday, so can you answer some questions for my special day. I hope you say yes.
    1)Will we be treated to Rachel singing again in Season 5?
    2)Are we ever going to see John and Teyla spare again.
    3)Will we see if John gets to have any other ancient powers? Even if it’s temporary.
    I thought the little ones in Kindred were adorable. I’m sure their dad is truly proud of them. I bet he has that cap in a nice frame.
    Thank you.

  18. I really enjoyed your commentary on the dinner. I’m quite possibly mistaken, but it really looked like Jason may be flipping off the camera in the first photo of him. . . Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy the tiramasu.

    I really did enjoy the Kindred storyline, now that everything has sunk in. In the beginning (back in Season 3), I really sympathized with Michael’s character. But he’s kinda gone of the deep-end into the crazy pool with the whole mass murder thing. *sigh* The Atlanteans definitely ‘created a monster’ with that whole thing. And Carson’s “see y’all later” scene was so touching. I was cool with him dying (shocking, but I admired the risk you guys took with that). But with this episode, I was reminded of what a great character he was, so on that note, the story was really successful. 🙂

  19. Joe…just finished watching Kindred II…Best episode yet!! I’m sooo happy to see Carson back; even briefly..can’t wait ’til next week’s episode..

  20. Thanks for the pic’s. But Dude, you gotta turn that red-eye doohickey on in your camera, otherwise the “Keller” haters will use it as evidence that she’s the devil incarnate.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love Jewel, she’s awesome, but a lot your pictures of her lately have a serious case of red-eye. And I love the fact that she and Paul sat together at dinner. By the way, who is Jason flippin off in the pic of him behind Richard? AND who’s the hottie in pic’s 4 & 5 drinking a Martini??? Just curious!

  21. Dear Joe,

    I REALLY enjoyed last night’s episode. Carson finally got the (temporary) ‘send off’ that he deserved. I almost cried. I also loved the ‘No wonder I felt like a dog’s breakfast comment’ that got stuck in there. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so loudly and over something so unexpected.

    I know you’ve said there’s nothing you can do about it, but maybe if you direct TPTB to complaints on this blog about the ‘next week on SGA’ teasers, they would stop showing us things that we don’t want to know in advance?

  22. Hey Joe!

    First of all, great work on Kindred Part 2! Next week brings upon the long-awaited finale! Can’t wait!

    Secondly, have you ever seen the movie “Equilibrium”? If so, what do you think of it?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  23. Love the photo of Marty. You obviously didn’t get pissed at the dinner since you were driving…..at least I hope you didn’t.

    Will you be online straight after The Last Man airs?

    Cheers, Chev

  24. I loved Kindred 2, but I truly found the Teyla risking her baby to find the father unreal, especially knowing what Michael planned for the baby. Very weak. But the rest I LOVED. Y’all done good 🙂

  25. So my hubby told me he is looking forward to next friday because in his words “Jason Momoa day is done” I refer to friday and Jason Momoa day and he likes calling friday by it’s actual name (booo)!

    I just wanted to say I loved last nights episode, and I am looking forward to the finale but sad that Jason Momoa day is gone for a while!

  26. On March 1, 2008 at 12:53 am Rigel Said: […]With Sam there I had to think she was probably reliving the moment they had to put Jack in the status chamber.

    oh, i got that too! just look how the camera immediately went to sam, just after the procedure took place. good scene, touching on the events of the moment ‘and’ sam’s past. 😉 *squees at shippy vibes*

    sally 😀

  27. I have just been into my freezer for something. I think that I may have room in it to store Carson until you need him back – just send him over to Scotland. At least them his mother can visit.

    🙂 A girl can ask, can’t she!

  28. Since Paul made a visual appearance on your blog tonight, any chance we can get a breakdown of the season finale from him next week?


  29. You do realize Jason is flashing someone The Bird in one of the pics?

    Glad you all had a chance to schmooze. Bummer you didn’t get to eat.


  30. Joe,

    Did you get to eat anything at the Cast dinner? From the sounds of it, Carl ate everything except the dessert, which Jason Momoa got, lol.

    Thanks again for having this blog,


  31. Thanks so much for the blog dedication to my daughter, whose name is Kris.
    Cannot wait to see Kindred Part2.
    I still prefer the working title though.

  32. Question…I am watching Season One “Letters From Pegasus” and when Sheppard and Teyla are on the planet and the Wraith attack there’s this beam of light that just kinda is pointed, and stationed on the ground…but it was never said what it was for…what was it for??

  33. Jason snaked your desert, huh?
    So, can we expect Ronon to suspiciously fall of a balcony mid-season five?
    *whistle, splat*


  34. Mr. Mallozzi:

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe that initial revelations about the return of Carson Beckett’s character announced that it would be the actual Beckett rather than a clone.

    This misdirection strikes me as deceitful.

    I feel that the character of Dr. Keller hasn’t contributed anything meaningful to the character relationship dynamics this season.

    I also feel that the filler episodes of the last several weeks and “Kindred” Parts 1 & 2 lacked dramatic tension.

    Additionally, the character of Kanaan didn’t resonate with me when he finally appeared after being mentioned fleetingly in “Be All My Sins Remember’d.” He was originally called, Kanan, though (the same name as the Tok’ra symbiote that Jack O’Neill was blended with in Season 6 episode “Abyss.”)

    Season 4 for me has been uneven.

    I especially question the removal of Weir for Carter who will be replaced by Woolsey, who lacks the relevant skills and experience to be the commander of Atlantis.

  35. Mark made a great speech, recognizing all of the hard work being put into the show, season four’s success, and the network’s confidence in what we all hope will be an equally outstanding fifth season.
    I’m really glad to hear that, with half of season 5 already mostly planned out and sounding VERY promising (including that potentially absolutely terrific mid-season 2 parter), hoping to continue this ride into season 6. With $$ support and core cast intact.

  36. I can see Teyla doing what she did. I think she’d do the same for anyone she was close to. She may well believe there is still a chance to save her baby’s father and will take such a risk. It’s possible she thinks since Shep and the team is there then it’s not such a big risk.

    In addition to all that, I also see Teyla as a person who reacts emotionally rather than to use her head. She’s not always used common sense in the past.

    If they plan on writing Teyla as a mom on the show I do hope they keep in mind that most mothers wouldn’t continue that line of work for very long. While it’s true that many mothers who have such risky occupations can continue to do so despending on the danger of their job, others can’t mainly because of the fear of leaving their child without a parent. It’s very risky and wouldn’t be an easy decision to make.

    I do hope the writers seriously consider this if the storyline is to have Teyla as a mother on SGA. She will have to take some time to consider the possibility of leaving the team if she doesn’t want her child to be motherless.

    Now, if the writers have other plans…okie dokie. So let it be written, so let it be done. 🙂

  37. I’m guessing balut, dinuguan and anything involving durian fruit and ampalaya (bitter melon) were among the dishes discussed?

  38. “Over the course of the ride, we had a nice, lengthy discussion about . . . certain uniquely Philippine dishes that she finds revolting which I, on the other hand, don’t think are all that bad.”

    I’m venturing a guess that balut, dinuguan and anything made with durian fruit and ampalaya (bitter melon) were on this list?

  39. susiekew Said:

    thanks for the tip, chev. You were right – I wasn’t always logged in when I posted.

    no probs susiekew, glad it helped.

    Cheers, Chev

  40. I’m glad to hear xou got home safely :o)

    I saw kindred now and was not only a good portion of Beckett scenes, it was also a terrific episode. And besides being terrified, CArson might die again (although I know he wasn’t going to) I was also excited by the storyline. What will Micheal do with teylas Baby and are they going to be able to free her.
    Awesome epiode, really!

    I’m still not sure whether to watch Last man or not. I hate cliffies, especially when I’ll have to wait that long for the second part. But in the end I guess I’ll get weak or terribly spoiled ;o)

  41. I mean, there was never a point where she waited for the car to slow, and bailed out the side passenger door, tucking and rolling to avoid any potential head injury. But then again, I had the child locks on so it’s hard to gauge intent.

    Poor, innocent, trusting, ravenous Carl – who ended up inhaling half our bread basket

    I needed those .. first laugh of the day. Thanks Joe.

    My 5 yr old son got savagely bitten on the arm by a crotchety old Jack Russel, left by an irresponsible owner in a dining facility. I was so mad! Now I hope he’s not put off dogs for life.

    No photos of the food??? Guess you were too busy feeding Carl and defending the honour of your Tiramisu.

  42. Kindred 2 was quite the let down after last weeks episode. So much was built up last week and it all seemded to fizzle out in this episode. The main focus was on Carson but as much as I loved Carson I said goodbye to him in Sunday, and the whole bring back Carson just seemed contrived and boring. Michael wants the baby because of the Wraith gene! Just because the parents have a particular gene doesn’t even mean the kid will have it as well. Did he just happen to stumble upon a pregnant Teyla who had conveniently hooked up with another Athosian who had the gene, or did Michael play some part in getting them together and for what purpose.
    All in all a disappointing second part. It seemed to lose all the excitment of the first part. Hopefully TLM will tie up some loose ends and crank up the excitment again.

  43. Hello Joseph =) Sa va ???

    Waou!! Super ces photo!! MerciMerciMerci^^!! Ahhhhh en plus il y’en a de vous, ma journée commence bien =)

    Vous avez passer un trés bonne soirée on dirait, je réverais d’oraganiser un repas avec cette belle prochette d’invité:)

    jason? tiramisu ? Oh oui en effet c’est un grand erreur lol!

    Cette nuit j’ai fait un drôle de rêve, j’ai rêvais que des chasseurs de têtes voulaient me tués..j’ai du totalement changer de vie ..mais étranger ce qu’il ma le plus atrister c’est d’avoir du changer de blog lol!


    1)Vera t’on Daniel dans la premiére partie de la saison 5?
    2)Il y’aura des réplicateurs dans la saison 5?

    Voila =) Bonne journée =)je vous adore fort fort fort!


    KELLER + MCKAY = ♥♥?

    0_0 Incroyable!

    éhéhé je trouve sa super! =D

  45. Great dinner, except I kept having the feeling that Mark was going to cancel it half way through. Loved the franken fish though, that stuff is so good. Will have to re-order that.

  46. brains103 Said:
    When I saw Carter watching Carson go into the stasis pod, I couldn’t help imagining that she was thinking of when Jack went in the stasis pod in Antarctica. Maybe that’s just me.

    I said, “I wonder if she’s thinking of the time when Jack went into the stasis pod” to my husband!!! Great minds think alike!

    Did the writers put in the “dog’s breakfast” comment? Or was it adlibbed by Paul?


  47. Absolutely loved the kindred 2, a very emotional episode. (where is Heightmeyer when you need her;))

    Will you please take it easy on Rodney, i don’t think the poor guy can handle much more of this, he needs a vacation and some seriouse talking.

    Great performance again from Paul/Carson, it is so great to have him back finally and the way he portrayed his coming back in this episode i found very very good, all the hanky moments where handled beautifully and he put down a very emotional held in Carson clone, which i found very believing looking at what he has gone through (and going through).

    I can’t wait to see more of those Rodney-Carson moments and i really enjoyed Joe also in this episode, in all the leader he should be.

    If season 5 will continue in this way, it will be an awsome 20 episodes to look forward too:))


  48. PMSL funny how everyone pinged Jason flipping the bird or at least an unreasonable facsimile.

    Great pictures, thank you SO much. I take it the fare wasn’t up to your usual standards hence why you donated yours to more worthy causes.

    Now as its mothers day over here and I am not your mother(something for which you should be eternally grateful!) I’m gonna nag about some more Lulu et al pics and updates please. they’re the REAL reason we all tune in!

    Lookin forward to Tuesday!

  49. I’m stopping by to tell you that I thought the Kindred part 2 was Brilliant! Even better than part 1.
    Once again a perfect plot, suspence to kill your nerves and emotions to draw you tears.
    Big round of applause for bringing back Beckett.
    Paul McGillion did an amazing job and David Hewlett almost made me cry a few times.
    I really can’t wait to see how Carson comes back in season five.
    You know what would make me really happy? A Carson/Rodney/Radek scene in season five. Can I be hopeful?

  50. Argh! I completely forgot that there might be Kindred 2 spoilers in this blog post. I’m slow like that. Oh well, I won’t get to see it for a few more days anyway and the curiosity about his return was beginning to get to me.

    Poor Carl, don’t you just want to give him a big hug?

  51. Jason Said:
    Since Paul made a visual appearance on your blog tonight

    Please forgive this fan but which picture is Paul?

    And Kindred II was good. Alot of hidden meanings in it. Very deep to me. Thanks again!

  52. If Ba’al was able to clone himself a gazillion times without any problems, and the Asgard were able to fix the problem for the young Jack clone (season 7 I believe), how come Beckett suddenly does have the disease? Shouldn’t the all-knowing Asgard-hologram be able to tell them how to fix it? Or does perhaps even Ba’al give them the cure?

  53. Hi Joe,
    Looks like you all had a nice evening. How was the dinner? Fondy’s back now isn’t she? Hope she had a nice time! Great pic’s of everyone!
    Thanks again for such a great blog!


  54. You went to Cafe deMedici and didn’t get pictures of the food? Clearly, the conversation must have been stellar. 🙂

    Poor Carl. Here he is trying to go counter to the general North American culture by actually leaving calories in his day for the dinner. Low blood sugar is never pretty.

    Glad you guys had a great time. It must be pretty helpful to be ending the broadcast season when everyone is trying to get psyched back up again to shoot the new one.

  55. Can I please ask if there was a reason why the stasis chamber from Before I Sleep was not used? I’m not complaining, this one looked so much better, but it would have been nice to see that old set again.


  56. Me revoila,

    J’ai trouver un nom pour ce ship, le “MCKLER”, franchement je ne mi attendais pas du tout^^!

    Qui a eu l’idée du baiser entre Keller et Mckay?

    Je pensais à autre chose aussi, il va bientot avoir ce nouveaux personnage ‘Alicia’ et ma peur est que sont personnage prénne trop d’importance dans l’équipe et qu’on laisse de côté Teyla..car deux femme d’action dans un même serie…j’ai du mal a imaginer!!

    Franchement ne jamais touché a John, Rodney , Teyla, et Ronon! Ce sont les piliers de l’équipe!

  57. I’m desperately avoiding comments because I haven’t seen the episode yet. (Later today! Thank you DVRs!) I wanted to watch yesterday but I didn’t have a whole hour to set aside. (MUST WATCH IN ONE PIECE.)

    The dinner sounds interesting. The mental picture I have now of Jason trying to steal your dessert while Carl steals your salad and you sit at the table with nothing but a fork.. is great.

  58. I have a question… The “PREVIOUSLY ON STARGATE ATLANTIS”. So far i’ve heard Rachel, David and (as of the kindred) Joe say it.

    Whats the reasons to have different people say it? As opposed to reusing Rachel or Joe’s previous ones?

  59. Nice pics, thanks for sharing! I had to browse through them a couple times, once just for the stemware, dishes and decor. Looks like a Good Tome was had by all.

    Balut is a bout the only Philippine food I find truly heinous, I tend to like most of the dishes. I adore soccer-mom potluck lumpia, which you can’t get at restaurants, only at potlucks which include Philippinas who can cook. Mine turn out more like eggrolls. The lumpia, not the Philippinas. The chow hall on Diego Garcia had civilian cooks from PI; about once a month we’d have a full on Philippine feast. Empanadas, baby!

  60. The only reason why to watch Kindred II was Paul and David. They were both amazing. The episode overall…let´s just say that I haven´t seen so many angry people around me for some time 🙁

    Can we expect Teyla to get killed off anytime soon? She totally ruined that episode. She was annoying. Her presence since S2 is pointless and her character useless. Now, in S4, she is annoying, useless, whinny…

  61. Thanks for the dedication on Friday, the surgery went fine. I loved Kindred II, I’m so glad that I know Carson will be back next year. My question is there a line in your poem that relates to Kindred II. I think I’ve found one but I’m waiting for your confirmation. Thanks again and hopefully Carson won’t have to stay on ice for too long.

  62. Oh, Joe. I feel as though I have abandoned you as of late. Surely you have missed my charming posts. Who wouldn’t? I’m afraid that you’ll have to suffer my absence even longer for I am off to Michigan (brrrr!) this week and sunny Orlando (ahhh!) the next. My fancy-pants new position is keeping me busy.

    I am still finding time to download new episodes from iTunes, so I am forever your faithful Atlantis viewer.

  63. Two questions re: Kindred 2 (which I really liked, by the way, especially the scenes between McKay and Carson). (1) Was it just my perception or was Carson’s face not covered by the ice-like statis screen like O’Neill’s had been? It appeared as if part of his face was on the outside of the “ice”. and (2) Was there something up with Connor’s face or were the rather pronounced veins a new part of Michael’s makeup?
    Can’t wait for next week’s episode and when will there be a decision as to when Season 5 will air? Thanks.

  64. Hi Joe,

    Haven’t posted for a while, but still lurking in the background. I thoroughly enjoyed Kindred I & II. When I read that Joe Flanigan’s boys were in part two, I kept my eye out for them the second time I watched it. I missed it the first time because I wasn’t looking at the kids’ faces, but the smaller one looks up and flashes a big grin at Dad. Cute!


  65. Camera advise for Joe

    When shooting closeup pictures with flash, it’s very important that you point the center of aim away from the face of your subject. Try for the ear or neck area instead. Otherwise the reflective camera flash will result in whiteout of the skin and/or glowing eyes of the picture subject. Notice this happens a lot more with small digital cameras, because the flash beam path is almost directly on the center of camera’s field of view.

    Everyone should remember that Joe is more use to film and TV cameras with indirect lighting with the subjects squarely in the middle of the field of view.

    I found Jewel’s demonic visage quite amusing. Is Keller really a Goa’uld in hiding. Only Joe knows for sure. LOL

  66. I cannot wait to watch “The Last Man.” It looks like such an exciting episode!

    I am looking forward to Season Five. I hope that Todd (the wraith) will be making more regular appearances. Todd is my favorite character! He is humorous, cunning, and multi-dimensional. I wish Todd would get more screen time.

  67. I can’t imagine why beckett’s clone wouldn’t have the originals memories because the same happened to jack’s clone in sg-1.

  68. One question concerning the release of The Ark of Truth, the DVD is obviously being released in different regions at different times. For instance us fans in the UK won’t get it until March 26, Australia until April ect. Will comments/answers to comments concerning spoilers of the film be posted on here before international releases or should international fans be wary about what they read on this blog?

  69. Hi Joe,
    David Hewlett has come close to crying on several occasions on SGA, you have got to have him really cry! He is a tremendously talented actor and I know he would be able to handle it!! You have got to write something for him to go though a gut wretching episode so that we can see his talent as an actor be put to the test. I know he will be able to pull it off.

  70. Loved “Kindred 2”, Joe. I thought everyone was fantastic in this episode. It was great to see Carson again, and his scenes with McKay, I think, were probably my favorites. It’s hard to believe that this Friday will be the final episode of the season. I was surprised to see an advertisement for “Ark of Truth” while I was watching an episode of SG1 Friday night. I wasn’t expecting it. Can’t wait to finally see it.

    Everyone looks great in the pics. Thanks for posting.


  71. Someone may have asked this already – but was the ultrasound shown in Kindred 2 actually Rachel’s baby?

  72. OMFGs I LOVED KINDRED!!!! (My sisters are angry with me because I won’t stop watching it.) You were right about the last scene – I was literally in tears.
    Chan eil Carson marbh!!! But my favorite part was the bit where Rodney tells him what’s happened in Atlantis since he was “captured” – that’s a scene that truely shows off the actor’s strengths.

    On another note, today is my father’s birthday!!! Yay! Free food and good dessert!!

  73. Just caught up with yesterday’s comments, not had time to read today’s comments to far…!!

    Anyway, loved Kindred II – won’t go into details as I’m sure loads of people have and I really need to go to bed soon (!), but I really liked this episode; loved Carson (don’t care if he’s a clone, I’m with Rodney on this!) and loved the interactions we saw between various characters, especially Rodney and Carson.

    And yes, there was a lump in my throat at the end there…

    I’ve seen the promo for next week’s ep (both MGM and Sci-fi promos) and the Keller/Rodney kiss – well, if it’s a time travel type episode then that could be an alternate timeline…of course, it also might not be! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I have no problem if it is our timeline/reality – no issues about the age difference but then I married an older man (16 years between us) and we’re very, very happy together.

    I think Keller could be good for Rodney – but I also liked her and Ronon… Won’t be upset whichever way it works out; Keller/Rodney, Keller/Ronon or Keller/no one/someone else – just so long as Rodney and Ronon’s friendship isn’t damaged by whatever happens (or doesn’t happen)!!

    Leesa Perrie

  74. sounds like even your off time is pretty much working to eh? is this common for you?

  75. jedi43 wrote:

    Which of JF’s two sons where in The Kindred Part 2 as part of the jailed Athosians?

    anneteldy wrote:

    Since Joe Flanigan’s third son, Fergus, was born in September 2006 and wouldn’t be walking all that well ;-), I’m guessing it was his older two Aidan and Truman.

    Anne Teldy

    My 2 year old Nephew walks just fine for that age, and if it was Fergus in that scene he was being held by the lady at times and walked off holding his brothers hand.

  76. Hurray for Bob Picardo pics, I really liked Kindred, but something felt a little missing, don’t get me wrong it as watchable and good, but it’s like watching a movie and feeling like their is still a bit left that could of been explored after the credits have rolled, but obviously this will be answered in the last man onwards, you set up the episodes perfectly for more that is to come, so I think you have done your job well and for that you should be proud.

  77. Hi Joe.
    Just wanted to say that i love season 4, but i feel that the show has derived from its original premise:explore the city of the ancients and learning their secrets, so i wanted to know if we’re going to see some “discovery” episodes in s5?
    Thank you in advance, even if you don’t respond (and sorry for the bad english, i’m french)

  78. Will there ever be an explanation of how Michael survived the orbital bombardment in “Misbegotten”?

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