A late blog entry today, so I’ll make it quick by offering up a bullet point summary of my day:

– Read, re-read, and re-re-read the 56 pages I’ve got on Whispers so far, hoping it would put me in the proper frame of mind that would allow me to write the final scene.

– It didn’t.

– Went down to Stage 5 where Robert was being interviewed by Space on the upcoming Ark of Truth release, patiently waiting for twenty minutes in the wings until the interview ended so I could yell “Booooring!”

– Was relayed a query from certain individuals who requested their scripts only be printed on white pages because the multi-colored production drafts hurt their eyes to read. Seriously. Would they like our office assistant to chew their food for them too?

– Said goodbye to Amanda and told her it was a pleasure working with her these past eight years. “Don’t’ be a stranger,”I told her in a particularly emotional moment. “Come back and say hi.” Then was quick add: “But call first so we can clear your name with the guard at the front gate.”

– Said hello Paul McGillion back who dropped by the production offices on his way to his wardrobe fitting for The Seed. I pitched him Whispers. He was predictably delighted at the prospect of being stranded off-world with an all-female team.

– Gave Alan notes on his beat sheet. Told him I thought it was going to be a fantastic episode. No pressure.

– Gave Carl notes on his revised beat sheet for Tracker. My one big cover note: Change the guy’s name. Clearly frustrated, Carl informed me he was open to suggestions. I consulted the list of ingredients listed on the packaged mixed nuts sitting on the coffee table, immediately coming up with the inspired “Peanutia“.

– Discussed Rage of Angels, future dinner plans, and Lawren’s uncanny and frankly quite annoying knack for cleaning up at poker night with Chris Judge.

– Welcomed back David Nykl who brought us all dark chocolate which, to be quite honest, was much tastier than the goldfish he gifted me with at the end of last season.

– Ate way too much at lunching, but made for it by eating way too much at dinner.

Today’s blog entry is dedicate to Giler – Good luck on that quiz!

90 thoughts on “February 27, 2008: Just the highlights

  1. If you are saying goodbye to Amanda now, how many early Season 5 Episodes will she be in or does the production schedule allow her to come back later in production for early eps?


  2. If you are having trouble writing that last scene you should pretend to be someone else (i.e. Cookie Monster, Baron Destructo, Gero whoever) and write it as you think they would. Then look at it and rip it to shreads, by then you will have a good idea of what you would like to have written all along.

  3. What exactly is a beat sheet? Is it basically the preliminary idea for a script?

  4. Wow, Amanda gone already? That’s alot less time than I though she’d have with you. “is sad”
    Hope Whispers isn’t Trio with laryngitis….

  5. A lovely tease. Carson stranded on a planet with an all female team? The only thing to top that is to put McKay on a world ala Ethan of Athos…then again, that might be too cruel even for him.Now, stranding Sheppard on such a planet… No mention of near-syncope episodes. Overeating is a GOOD thing. Just a quick question before I head to bed. Have you ever tried a chocolate wine?

  6. Re the different coloured scripts, it might be thoughtful to provide the most “eye-friendly” pages as possible, as it is a large part of the actor’s job, reading the darned things. At least where I work, it’s almost a union issue, to have the work environment safe, and eye strain can be a real problem with some individuals.

  7. So what number episode of Season 5 is The Seed? (I can’t get onto gateworld.net right now, and you’re my next best reliable source.)

  8. Robert cooper always reminds me of Bert from sesame street. Was it his idea to have zelenka train pidgeons. *is suspicious* Does he collect paper clips?

  9. You know, those multi-colored sheets can give you a headache. Of course my experience comes from having to take AP statistics tests on hot pink, green, blue, that odd salmon color and every other possible color paper. So it might not have been the paper that caused the headache.

    Surely there were more interesting ingredients on that package, right?

  10. What on earth are those three rather flat cylindrical thingies on the plate? I’m assuming something Mexican due to what looks like Sour cream, spring onions etc sprawled on the top…either that or they look like cabbage rolls.

    Paul! You looking gooooooooood .. mwahs.

    Joe, how you feeling? Got some of us a little worried about your sleeplessness ..

    “Peanutia”..almost as bad as Canayo (was that it?) I suggest we blog-fans come up with something interesting.

    How about….. Junara?


  11. Hey Joe,

    thanks for the pics 🙂 very cool to see David Nykl and Paul McGillion again. but your goodbye to Amanda is quite sad. wow has it really been eight years? I wish I could relieve them. if only… I see someone else already asked but I’m very curious too. is this really goodbye? a while ago you said there’s a chance to bring her back for 1/2 episode(s) in the back half. have things changed? thanks. btw dinner looks delicious

  12. Hey Joe
    i was wondering did you know that Mark Dacascos had a birthday on the 25th???

  13. Hmmm…I like this, I like this a lot. Efficient, to the point, and no filler. Yup, I can definitely get used to this type of blog posts. Who needs the hilariously-entertaining-but-ultimately-irrelevant masterpieces on dogs and books and spam and demented garage doors, when bullet-style Stargate info is all we really want?

    *is shot*

    Heh, ok, seriously though, thank you so much for taking the time out, even after such a long and eventful day, to tell us about it. But wait, didn’t you promise Fondy to post pug pictures today? Oh, you’re gonna get it now!

    I’ve been pretty busy the last few days due to midterms, so I didn’t have time to comment. However, I do like to say something about that near-pass-out you experienced yesterday. I have this problem where I get dizzy all the time, and I believe it has something to do with both a lack of sleep and a lack of nutrition. Obviously you don’t have the 2nd problem, but you are missing sleep, and as the guy co-in-charge of the Stargate franchise, I bid you to sleep more, for the good of us all. Believe me, you don’t want to feel the same way I do sometimes. It’s a chronic condition that one can fall into if one is not careful.

    The dogs are cute, but I think it’s time to act like THE MAN. It’s your bed, and you need the sleep in order to function the day after so you can continue to deliver to us, the millions of fans who are counting on you, the Stargate goodness that has kept us alive these few years (and I’m in no way exaggerating). Come on Joe, take charge, don’t fall into the trap of Lulu’s great big sad eyes, and sleep like you mean it!


    1. Does the fact that Brad Wright is writing the 6th episode of S5 have anything to do with the fact that it’s the 300th episode of the Stargate franchise?

    2. Is the mid-season 2-parter going to have 2 names (like Season 4), or just one name with “Part 1” and “Part 2” (like Season 3) at the end of them?

    Thanks greatly…and sleep!

  14. My 5th graders bitch about the colored copies too, I tell them that they are young and their organs can be easily sold on e-bay. Perhaps you can share with your “11 year olds” that they are old, their knees are weak and if they keep complaining you will release the hounds. After all, you have several to choose from.

  15. Mr. M. wrote:

    Paul McGillion [snip] I pitched him Whispers. He was predictably delighted at the prospect of being stranded off-world with an all-female team.

    What did he think about the space cows? 😀

    Anne Teldy

  16. Hey Joe I have a question for you would you be doing back flips if you got this for ratings

    The numbers for 02.25.2008:

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    4.5/7 HH rating/share
    7.12M viewers
    2.7/7 A18-49 rating/share

    and this show is on the bubble with FOX according to some. I know it is Network TV so it’s different than Cable but come on this show is awesome and needs time develop. Have you seen this show it rocks I love Sarah Connor and Cameron love seeing strong women.

    On the Whispers front make Ronon the Hero in the Final Act or maybe Teyla or both. I know you will get it right.

  17. Speaking of naming characters, is the name “Kanaan” any sort of allusion to the Biblical land of “Canaan” (or the American North and Canada since the name was often used by slaves in the American South in reference to the free land over the Ohio)? For Teyla to find Kanaan and her people is the equivalent of her reaching her inner promised land. Dude, you guys are deep.

  18. Hey Joe!
    Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with Whispers. I’m sure it will come to you soon and it will be awesome! Thanks for the tid bit about Carson and the all female team. Is Cadman on that team? Will be a Carson/Cadman reunion?

    Finally got to see Kindred P1, it was very enjoyable, loved the episode even though the last 30seconds were ruined by the promo. Can’t wait to see this weeks episode.

    Guess what! I have a job interview on Friday. Wish me luck! I’m so nervous, any pointers? Any good ice breakers?

    Also, are those cabbage rolls in your pic? They look tasty.

  19. Is it too late for me to audition for the all female team? Once I eradicate the opposition he will be all mine! 🙂 🙂

    Paul is looking particularly youthful and healthy in the photograph. Hopefully he’s going to DragonCon since you have said that you are unable to go.

    Liking Chris’s hair band….not!

  20. Hiya Joe!
    Did Robert Cooper happen to reply back to your “Booooring” comment? Awww I didn’t realize Amanda’s last day was so soon. Well, I’d like to wish her the best of luck with Sanctuary. You’re already at 56 pages and you still have to write the final scene? That brings me to question how many pages was the longest script you’ve written for either Stargate shows? Hasn’t both Stargate shows used multicolored paper for production drafted scripts and it wasn’t a problem then? Ooohh stranded alone with Carson?! Can I volunteer for that mission, pretty please?! Unfortunately, I think Peanutia(Pen-noo-sha)sounds more like a girl’s name unless you had another way of pronouncing it. Oh poker! Has anyone been able to beat Lawren at all? You know you’re teasing us by just posting the picture food and not letting us know what you’ve eaten for both lunch and dinner. Ok, I swear this is my last question for the evening: You’ve mentioned that you won’t do a Creation Convention, but I don’t recall if you’ve ever said why. Could you please explain why? Thanks for you patience! By the way I’m slowly converting members of my family to be Stargate fans.

  21. mitgefuhl Said: Hope Whispers isn’t Trio with laryngitis….

    I think Joe should be writing sitcom about a writer with multiple personalities on a scifi series. It’d be a runaway hit!

  22. Hope you’re feeling better today! Thanks very much for the pics of David and Paul — they both are looking quite well! 🙂 (I don’t suppose we could get some pics of Heyerdahl when he’s on the set again? Pretty please?)

    And a belated birthday wishes to BamBam!

    Re: Ryan Reynolds, I actualy haven’t gotten to see all of Blade 3, but yeah, from what I did see, he was the best thing about it. 🙂 I guess I shouldn’t worry about him as Pool — it’s just that, since my first exposure to him was in 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, I still have a bit of a hard time seeing him as an action hero … I’m really disappointed that Josh Holloway isn’t doing Gambit anymore, though — I thought he was *perfect* (hell, Sawyer’s pretty much the same character), and he would have cinched my seeing the new Wolverine movie. As it stands, I’m still iffy on whether I’ll see it; while I loved the first two X-Men films (especially the second one), I pretty much despised the third …. Can’t decide on whether or not to see Iron Man — never cared much for the character, but the promos actually look interesting, and I like Robert Downey Jr …. Still haven’t scene Hulk (I haven’t really liked any of Ang Lee’s films, not even Brokeback or Crouching Tiger, and The Ice Storm was uncomfortable to watch), or Daredevil (kinda sick of Affleck, only liked him in Dogma, really), or Electra (not a fan of the character, and Garner doesn’t do it for me), and still haven’t been convinced to see either Fantastic Four film (never cared for the characters, and none of the actors are a draw for me) …

  23. Joe, I hope you find your way with the last scene of “Whispers” soon. It’s always so frustrating getting that far and then being unsure of where to go, regardless of whether the “unsure” lasts a few hours or a few days. So good luck.

    They say “brake a leg” to actors, so maybe “break a pen” would be an apt turn of phrase for what I’m saying?


  24. Amanda left did you guys take her out to Fuels for a going away luncheon.? Or did she just stop by to say goodbye. Where is Sanctuary being produced in US or CANADA??

  25. Salut Joseph =) Yéé! Merci pour toute ces super photos =)
    On dirait que vous avez passer une bonne journée, moi oui lol j’avais mis un épisode que vous commentiez et je me suis endormi avec votre voix, on ne peut pas rêver meilleur coucher!

    j’ai entendu quand vous parliez des bloopers! Je voudrais savoir si vous gardier tout les blooper de tout les saisonq de stargate sg1? serait’il possible qu’un jour ont puissent les voires?

    Passez une bonne journée, je vous adore♥♥ =)Merci

  26. I recommend against the name “Peanutia”, primarily because, when said aloud, it sounds like a descriptive name given to a poorly-endowed man, owing to the fact that it sounds like it’s derived from the words “penis” and “minutia”. But then, depending on the character, this may be a fitting name. Possibly an incredibly evil villain who has grown angry and bitter over the relentless teasing he was subjected to for his entire life. Which would, admittedly, be kind of hilarious.

    On another note, I, too, have a question about the word “beat”. Pretty much every screenwriting book I’ve ever read that mentioned it said that one should never use “beat” to mean a pause (like in dialogue) because beats refer to units of movement, so to speak, in a story. And yet I noticed you used “beat” in the former way in one of those discarded script sections you shared with us. Is this “rule” pretty much irrelevant in the real world, or does it really confuse the actors like the book suggests?

  27. Hey Jo’,

    Hardwork day ! Good bye Amanda 🙁
    Are they ( the actors ) coming in your office just to eat chocolates ?^^

  28. Thornyrose said: “The only thing to top that is to put McKay on a world ala Ethan of Athos…then again, that might be too cruel even for him. Now, stranding Sheppard on such a planet…”

    Or strand them both! For a long, long time…. Mm, sorry, where was I?

    Done right, I bet it would make almost every McShep ‘shipper in the world explode with either glee or indignation. On the plus side: no more shipping wars! On the negative side: the audience viewing numbers might drop some.

  29. Wow 56 pages WITHOUT the final scene? Am I reading this correctly; I’ve always been taught the page count for an hour series should be around 42

  30. When a restaurant has a tasting menu-would you rather try that or order off the main menu?

  31. Ah, Rage of Angels I’m looking forward to seeing that, as sometimes it pays to stick with the devil you know. Speaking of, I’d sure like to have back the hour and change I wasted watching a brand new Lifetime movie in which I felt I saw Shanks practice for said role. I can only hope that the worst faked Irish accent I’ve ever heard was done intentionally so. Yes he’s one of my fave actors along with Chris.

    Great pix of Dave & Paul et al and another episode title! thanks

  32. Thanks for the pictures, especially of Paul! Good to see he made it back from London relatively unscathed! 😉 (I’d be wary of his mental stability though, you never know what effect we had on him while he was here. The same goes for Kavan Smith by the way…)

  33. – Said goodbye to Amanda and told her it was a pleasure working with her these past eight years. “Don’t’ be a stranger,”I told her in a particularly emotional moment. “Come back and say hi.” Then was quick add: “But call first so we can clear your name with the guard at the front gate.”

    Hi Joe,

    Wow impression d’une page qui se tourne avec le départ d’Amanda; tristesse de ne plus voir Sam…après 11 années c’est un peu comme un membre de la famille qui nous quitte (arfff je deviens mélancolique avec mes vieux jours lol).

    Mais dites-moi Joe, bon ok vous avez dit aurevoir à Amanda mais est-il possible qu’elle revienne pour un épisode plus tard dans la saison 5 (quoi je ne demande pas la lune juste 1 épisode de plus lol)?

    Bonne journée

  34. On February 27, 2008 at 9:13 pm Amy Taylor Said:
    Please tell me that is a pair of sunglasses in Chris’s hair and not what it looks like…

    Yes, it’s a hairband, it’s what you think it is. I only see little girls wear these so it always makes me go “huh??” when I see him wearing ’em!

    By the way, great shots of David Nykl and Paul McGillion.

  35. 1)Will intergalactic domination be anyone’s primary objective for Season Five?

    2)As Teyla has suffered emotionally this season, will next season force her to suffer physically?

    3)Will the Atlantis team’s bond strengthen or falter next year?

  36. It is a good thing my boss is late this morning because I let out a big SGUEEEEE while looking at those lovely pics.

    I am torn between being happy that we finally get to see how Carson returns and sad that there are only two more eps left to the season.

    Thankfully I will have your daily blog to keep me company during the long wait for S5. : )

  37. Very much looking forward to next season. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

    Who in the poker group usually goes home with the most money? I feel like you could put on a mean poker face.

    Any chance I could get a birthday shout out?

    Thanks Joe.

  38. Hey Joe! Thanks for a new Season 5 episode title!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA lately…. TONS of mid-terms this week! But on a good note….


    Great dinner planned for Carmine’s at 91st and Broadway after my choral concert.

  39. Paul McGillion anywhere makes for a nice tease (cuz it involves Carson – and I’m not even one of the ones who raised hell at y’all killing him, I just sobbed quietly into a pillow). But it’s sad to hear Amanda’s gone already… 🙁

    My one big cover note: Change the guy’s name. Clearly frustrated, Carl informed me he was open to suggestions.
    May I suggest y’all move into the lower half of the alphabet? The T’s could use some love. (And isn’t that what baby names and heraldic web sites are for? Coming up with character names? No? That’s just my writing group? Oh, okay then…)

  40. The highlights sound like ’twas a pretty busy day. *grins* YAY Paul M and David N. 🙂 Must say I’m looking forward to seeing all the tricks you have up your collective sleeves for Season 5. 🙂

    How often do you guys hold auditions? Do you audition guest roles episode by episode, or as storylines are solidified, do a “mass casting” for the whole season (or half season) at a time?

  41. Joe, it’s almost impossible to hide your excitement (and at times your frustrations) as Season 5 preparations and writing gets into full-swing. As you and the rest of the writers and producers jump headlong into this Season how do you feel about the state of the show and its future potential as a whole? (ratings have remained quite steady this season, and even though the ultimate decision belongs to the network, it doesnt seem like Sci-Fi is ready to give it up just yet – especially with it being parallel to the final season of Battlestar and being so much more awesome)

  42. [quote]On February 27, 2008 at 9:13 pm Amy Taylor Said:
    Please tell me that is a pair of sunglasses in Chris’s hair and not what it looks like…


    Amy – unfortunately i think it is what it looks like, a plastic-y headband

  43. Of course chocolate is tastier than goldfish … but have you ever tried chocolate-covered goldfish? Hmmm, everything’s better with chocolate. No, wait a minute, that’s bacon, everything’s better with bacon. Mmmmm, chocolate-covered bacon. No, really, now I’m not kidding.

    Great pics, but I want to tell a certain someone to Sit Up Straight! OMGosh, I’ve turned into Mom.

  44. Joe, Please tell me you didn’t eat the goldfish David N. gifted you with! Also could I get Friday’s blog dedicated to me as I’m going into surgery that morning and hoping to be awake enough for Kindred II that night. I’ve only been waiting for this episode since “Sunday” aired last year. Wish me luck!

  45. I don’t know what that food item I’m looking at is… but it looks GOOD. 🙂

    Chris! And Paul! In pictures! In the same post! That’s exciting.

  46. Hi Joe,
    I started a blog recently here on wordpress, about tv series, movies, music, advertising, design, photography… stuff that i’m interested in and i’m following SG universe since 1997. See, I’m from Bulgaria and Atlantis and SG-1 have many fans here, I was wondering can I quote you sometimes on my blog, when you spill something interesting. I promise to translate everything 1:1, as it is and not misquote you as some online magazines have done recently 🙂
    here’s my blog, but it’s in bulgaria, so there won’t be much use for you.

    thanks & keep the stories flying 😉

  47. Hey Joe!

    Now I know I can look forward to an ‘Ark of Truth’ special on Space soon! 🙂

    Bah! No more multi-coloured scripts? I’m sure you’ll miss typing the scripts out on hot pink paper. 😀

    Also, what exactly is that dish you posted in your pictures today? Looks like cabbage rolls, but, nonetheless, they look very delicious!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  48. A piccie of Kavan Smith would be nice – he has a nice smile. There is a really cute picture of him and Lulu when she was a baby.

    How are the dogs doing? Any amusing stories to tell?


  49. It’s good to hear that the “Whispers” draft script is almost finish.

    Have there been any casting decisions on the rest of the female team yet?

    If Karen Cliche is available, she would make a interesting Lt. Anne Teldy. Just insist on dyeing her hair from her natural brunette to something else.

    Don’t mention the Space Cows to her and anyone else consider for the lt. Anne Teldy role. LOL

  50. susanthetartanturtle says: “A piccie of Kavan Smith would be nice – he has a nice smile.”

    I second that comment 😉

    By the way, all those people criticising Chris’s hairband: I dare you to say it to his face 😛

  51. me revoila *=]

    ..je me demande vraiment ce que vous faîte en ce moment?

    J’ai regarder pour la 1000iem fois une video ou on vous voyez, et j’ai aperçu votre petit ordinateur, la class,il est trés joli ;-)Moi aussi je vais avoir un ordinateur portable pour mon anniversaire =) je suis impatiente =)

  52. Joe,

    Since Amanda was saying her goodbyes yesterday, I assume you’ll be posting a few pics of Bob Picardo in his Atlantis uniform? *hint*hint*


  53. Awwww, Amanda is done already!!

    I’m curious, Joe, if fans need to be concerned that “Continuum” could be leaked like “Ark of Truth” was? Without going into any detail, could you reassure fans that the leak was ‘taken care of’?


    PS: Can’t wait to see “Rage of Angels” with Chris and Michael.

  54. How sad to have to say goodbye to Amanda! I am looking forward to seeing her in Sanctuary though.

    But hooray for the return of Paul and Beckett!

  55. I am disappointed that you feel the complaint about the colour of the scripts is so silly. In fact, the colour of the background of a page can have a serious effect on the way your brain interprets the letters. That’s why some dyslexics find reading easier with coloured lenses over thier text in normal books. They have to do that because they can’t print the words on coloured paper.

    I can only imagine that if you are not dyslexic or you are and your eyes work better with a different lens, having the wrong colour as a background day after day would indeed lead to discomfort and eyestrain.

  56. waou je vient de découvrir un super truc!!

    Vos initial c’est JM …..et si on le lit comme si on liraient un mot sa fait Jaime ! Roh c’est trop fort lol!

  57. Well, I’d offer to swap writing assignments with you – I’m trying to work on doctoral thesis proposal – genetics and gene regulation…

  58. Bon je vais aller regardé mes dvd et aprés je vais au lit, alors a demain, je vous adore trés fort!!!! gros Bisou Bisou MOUHAMOUAHHHHHH!!!! 😀

  59. I’d offer to trade you writing the last scene but the only thing I have to offer at the moment is a kidney stone, and $8.00 worth of chocolate. Oh and I’d even toss up the dog cleaning toddler.

    Which reminds me- How’s mz. Lulu doing(and bubba, jelly, and maximus too)?

    could i maybe possibly pretty please get a blog dedication cause of the kidney stone that has kept me sidelined for 15 days?

  60. Wasn’t this a nasty shock – finding out that we readers actually agree with the actors about the script colours?

    Ah well, you’ll get over it. Besides, pastel colours are all the rage this year, doll, don’tya know?

    Shiningwit, I’d ask where on earth you get these things from but you might just tell me, and that’s more than my sanity could take… 🙂

  61. If you’re having trouble with the final scene just dip into the classics:

    * Someone wakes up and it was all a dream!
    * Everyone spontaniously dies mid-sentance.
    * A car smashes through the Stargate and a load of angry clowns fall out.

    These scenarios work particularly well if it’s part one of a two-parter and some other poor sap has to write the following episode. Remember to laugh manically as you pass the script over to the writer.

  62. Hey Joe….what is Miss LuLu up to lately? We haven’t had a vid or pic in a couple weeks.

    Amanda is gone 🙁
    I thought Sanctuary was filmed at Bridge but I guess not.

    Any interesting guest stars lined up yet?
    RDA maybe????

    Looking forward to Kindred Pt 2 tomorrow night.
    I can’t believe there are only 2 episodes left this season.


  63. Thanks for the great pictures!

    Don’t be such a brat about the multi-colored copies! Jeez, that’s so obnoxious to make people read off of colored paper. I’d complain too. Yes, Lawren can chew my food too, please, Mr. Grouchy Pants.

    I vote ‘Splenda’ for Carl’s character’s name.

    You need to start a countown to Fondy’s return. Possibly a little counter somewhere on the site. I predict your sleep patterns will improve upon her return.

  64. Hey Joe,

    Greeting from The Netherlands

    My birthday is coming up in about 30 minutes from now (29th of February, Yes I’ve heard all the jokes, Please spare me)

    Any chance of dishing some incredible awesome news (as a birthday gift for yours truly) on SGA and/or SGU?

    With kind regards,
    Tonny “Angel” Aarts

  65. deeinsouthafrica said:

    Shiningwit, I’d ask where on earth you get these things from but you might just tell me, and that’s more than my sanity could take…

    Torture me all you want I’m not telling cuz I can’t remember other than that I have some very odd friends LOL.

  66. You do realise tht you probably weren’t supposed to eat the goldfish, right? Not is they were alive and swimming when given.

  67. You wrote: “Was relayed a query from certain individuals who requested their scripts only be printed on white pages because the multi-colored production drafts hurt their eyes to read. Seriously. Would they like Lawren our office assistant to chew their food for them too?”

    I just wanted to mention that I have to request the same of all my instructors when they give exams. Why? because for some people colored paper gives instant migraines. Seriously. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, but it is a fact of life. It very well could be hurting her eyes and causing her more problems then you realize.

    Okay now that I’ve got that off my chest, good luck on your script! I’m sure the right ending will come to you eventually.

  68. Thanks, Joe. The AM quiz should get a decent grade. The PM midterm…wait and see, but at least I felt prepared.


    Said persons should -seriously- have their eyes checked. Sensitivity to light, perhaps? Or they’re reading under insufficient light?

    If the eyes are fine, they can come take my finals for me…bright white paper under intense white flourescents…migraine time! Had to shade my eyes (put on a hat) to finish yesterday’s midterm.

    For your character name, how about “Jocis” (JOE-sis). It’s a combination of my parents’ names, sounds alien but masculine, no?

    All the best, Gilder

  69. Messed up the quote again…

    — Was relayed a query (…) multi-colored production drafts hurt their eyes to read.–

  70. Regarding colored paper, try pastel colors, we have to use them where I teach because they are easier to read in general and people with specific problems like dislexia find black on white very hard to read. A secondary (if very small) benefit is that speed of reading improves slightly when using black letters on blue paper.
    Any plans to have Teal’c in s5?
    The description of your good bye to Amanda seemed so final, what are the chances of seeing her in any more episodes besides the ones she already filmed?

  71. *straightens up in chair after reading maggiemayday’s comment* I guess we all need our mother-reminders from time to time.

    Vecturist, if Joe won’t swap with you maybe you’d consider trading writing assignments with me – I’m trying to pull together a doctoral thesis proposal in hydrographic science… Then again, you may not want to have your academic future depend upon my knowledge of genetics. 🙂

    Anyways, Joe, what I really wanted to say was thanks for continuing to entertain us with your blog every day. Yesterday I had fits of silent giggles over your lisping wraith.

    Thoo much thuddying to do tonight…

  72. Hi Joe

    Will Brad be doing something big for his ep, considering it will be the 300th episode of Stargate?

  73. Is Martin Gero not doing as much writing this year? So far, the only episode we know of that he’s writing is the season premiere. Is he taking on more producer responsibilities instead?

  74. So is there gonna be any Teyla whump in S5,maybe some torture or she gets badly beaten…..Oh lordy,now where did i put that Whumpers anonymous phone number…:S

  75. Hi Joe.
    I watched “Misbegotten” (season 3, episode 2) earlier today. But I have watched “Kindred Part 1” as well (couldn’t help watching it in advance!!!)
    I took notice that- in “Misbegotten”- Michael had Carson captured, & mentioned that Carson is (& I quote from the episode) “exactly what [he needs]”.
    [He also says after Shep & team get Carson back, to othere Wraiths “He’s served his purpose”.]
    Now, with “Kindred Part 1”, Carson- I know he ‘dies’ in “Sunday”- appears at the very end, much to the team’s surprise.
    I was wondering if what Michael wanted from Carson in “Misbegotten” has any link to Carson’s re-appearance in “Kindred 1”??? (or am I completely reading into this wrongly, & it’s nothing???)


  76. Hi Joe… loved the lisping Wraith!!!!..would be hilarious in a McKay dream sequence; just a thought..lol.. Do you have a name yet for Teyla’s baby?..BTW…my neighbot just named her puppy, Teyla..she thought the name was unique…my friend has a Mastiff puppy ; Im trying to push for Ronin…****Theresa from Baltimore****

  77. Amy Taylor Said: “Please tell me that is a pair of sunglasses in Chris’s hair and not what it looks like…”

    I think it’s a very manly hair band. Who is right?

    How about the name, “Kenan”? But since I know you won’t accept a name suggestion from your readers, just pretend you never saw the suggestion and that the name came to you in a vision… I’ll be fine with that.

    In the 2-part episode of Stargate SG-1 called “The Devil You Know”, The Tok’ra home world/base had rock formations that looked exactly like Hoodoos from Drumheller in Alberta. Can you tell me the history of the image?

    Merci Joe,

    Patricia (AG)

  78. said goodbye to amanda… 🙁

    you and amanda mentioned about doing ‘several’ episodes in s5, is that still the idea? of course, that’s only if amanda’s schedule is open after filming sanctuary. but will you still keep the door open for sam/amanda?

    AMANDA!! 😥

    sally =)

  79. We aren’t allowed to use anything but black ink at work (I have one red pen, but I never use it), and I’m pretty sure colored paper doesn’t exist anywhere in the building. My uniform is black, my boots are black, my cellphone is black, the cars are black and white…I vote for colored scripts! Color please!

    Oh yeah, the tickets come in different colors (I keep the pink copy, you get the goldenrod copy, the court gets…I don’t remember, whatever colors are left), but I only write about one a month (using a black pen), so that doesn’t really help the monochromatic atmosphere.

  80. …random thought here~~~Will we ever see you in any part of the special features on any of the dvds??..

  81. crazymom, you need to invest in some scarlet lingerie to wear under your monochromatic garb. That’s what I did when I got tired of my Navy uniforms.

  82. Regarding the colored paper debate:

    As someone mentioned the different colors are for production drafts. (Though using pastels might be helpful.) You can tell at a glance if you have the most current.

    If it’s such an issue for some people perhaps they need to copy it onto the color of their choice. Yes, it eats through paper but the paper is a different color for a valid reason. They don’t like it, they can change it themselves.


  83. re: script colours, are you using goldenrod? 😉 I had teachers that insisted on using goldenrod in high school. *shudder*

    @AscendedTauri ~ Omedetou Tanjoubi! 🙂

    kathy said:
    Wow 56 pages WITHOUT the final scene? Am I reading this correctly; I’ve always been taught the page count for an hour series should be around 42

    You’re talking about shows that don’t have speed-talker David Hewlett. 😉

    @shiningwit ~ loved the animation, it was briliant! 😀

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