Contrary to the opinion of some, I don’t disallow posts to this blog simply because I disagree with their content. A quick glance at the various comments sections will reveal a fairly wide range of opinions on numerous aspects of the show, some positive, some negative. I don’t censor posts because I disagree with them. But I do censor those I find obnoxious, rude, or just plain annoying. Every once in a while, I’ll approve one of the least egregious of the offensive comments because I’ll feel the need to respond and set the record straight. And, as a result, these obnoxious yahoos are occasionally singled out as representative of a certain part of fandom. But the truth is every section and sub-section of fandom has their shining stars, their silent supporters, and their embarrassing cousin Emersons who always show up at the dinner parties without their pants. Take the case of the Torri/Weir fans. You get all kinds and everything in between. At one end of the spectrum, you have that consistently shrill doofus from Virginia whose comments have degenerated from hilarious in their invective meanderings to disappointingly dull and a little sad. And, on the other hand, you have Erika who presents an incredibly eloquent and thoughtful defense of her feelings regarding the Weir character. If you haven’t read Erika’s post yet, I urge you check it out in the February 7th comments section.

Now, given the time Erika put into her post and, quite frankly the timing as well, I thought it best to inform Weir fans of recent developments. Last year, after we shot that final surprise scene in BAMSR, I stopped by Torri’s trailer to congratulate her on a job well done and, also, to assure her that the door was left wide open for Weir‘s possible return (in some form, be it repli-Weir or other) the following season. Torri was excited by the prospect and, in particular, had great things to say about her new leather outfit (props to Val). As season four wrapped, Carl and Paul got to spinning and came up with a terrific storyline that picked up where that last scene of BAMSR left off. We had a story in place for one episode, the starting point of a potentially bigger arc. The script was written and we eventually contacted Torri who, after much consideration, turned down the offer to reprise the role of Elizabeth Weir for the episode. We are, of course, disappointed, but nevertheless respect Torri’s decision and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Well, another day, another awesome book shipment. This one from the gang at Pyr. Included in the assortment: Ian MacDonald’s River of Gods and Brasyl (the latter nominated for best scifi novel of 2007 by the British Science Fiction Association), Keeping It Real and Selling Out by UK author Justina Robson who is at the forefront of the hard SF scene, and the prolific Alan Dean Foster’s latest, Sagramanda. Potential book of the month club nominees all.

I found some time during lunch to step out and pick up a few anime dvd’s (pictured above). I’ll definitely be checking out Paprika this weekend. Any anime aficionados out there familiar with any of the other titles? Anything I should immediately jump on?

So, what’s happening with that Fuel dinner? Marty G. and I are in. Are we aiming for April 1st? Or will it be April 3rd? And what time is good for everyone?

Best birthday wishes to mom and Alex Levine, and early best birthday wishes to firefly827347.

Today’s mailbag –

Suekay writes: “Would the actress in mind for Porter happen to be Leela Savasta or am I totally wrong?”

Answer: Porter’s out. Vega’s in. And, yes, Leela Savasta has been cast.

Nigel RAF writes: “What does the Magic Eight Ball say about a Jack O’niell guest spot in season five?”

Magic 8 Ball says: Outlook not so good.

Sally writes: “…speaking of ‘trio’; you said to the fans that as soon as the ep aired, you’d write out the unedited version of the ‘not-so-subtle sj/ship reference’ that ended up on the cutting room floor. will you still do that?”

Answer: Sure, but it will have to wait until Monday when I’m back in the office and can get my hands on the script.

Benny writes: “1. will there be an Ori related episode in season 5 Atlantis?
2. will we see the Tria in season ?
3. Is the brotherhood of Dagan episode gonna be revisited for the missing ZPM in season 5?”

Answers: 1. No. 2. Possibly. 3. Possibly.

Amy Taylor writes: “If I remember right you are watching Lost? What do you think of the new episodes?”

Answer: We stopped watching about a third of the way into season 3. However, Fondy has expressed an interest in catching up, so I picked it up on dvd and am dvr’ing season 4.

AscendedTauri writes: “At this point, how many episodes for Season 5 are set in stone?”

Answer: I’d say we have over half the season mapped out.

Alli Snow writes: “Re: Comic Con, make sure you swing by the Mile High Comics table and say hi to Lisa, our official SJHW representative.”

Answer: Will do!

Remus123 writes: “Since the Porter idea got the axe, will the new character/actress follow along the same lines as what had been originally intended for Porter(i.e. new addition to military contingent and participating in “Search and Rescue”) or will she make a later debut?”

Answer: The character in Search and Rescue has been changed to Captain Alicia Vega. Now DOCTOR Allison Porter will be making her debut in Whispers.

Flyingdog147 writes: “Did you ever get a chance to read Good Omens?”

Answer: I didn’t. It’s still on my To-Read list.

Pam writes: “One thing I have noticed at both Stargate & Star Trek conventions is that other actors (and others associated with the shows) are always full of praise for the attitude of both Amanda Tapping and Robert Picardo to their work: knowing their lines, being on time, respect for other actors, etc. Is this one of the factors that led to both being on the shortlist for the position of base commander in the run up to Season 4?”

Answer: Fans can say what they like about their respective characters but, on a personal level, you’ll be hard-pressed to find two more hard-working and pleasant individuals. In an industry where productions are often saddled with jerks and self-centered whiners, actors like these two are a delight to work with.

Kamilla writes: “Why was Rachel not happy?”

Answer: I never implied she wasn’t happy. Quite the opposite in fact. I said she was very happy with some of the early creative decisions we’ve made regarding her character.

Heightmeyer’s Lemming writes: “What happened to the militarization of Atlantis which seemed so hellbend in season 4?”

Answer: Tune into season 5 and find out.

Marla writes: “Joe F. had done two episodes of Women’s Murder Club while on hiatus. Once the writer’s strike gets settled, will Joe be able to continue his role on there, since you guys will be in production by then?”

Answer: Once production begins, Joe will be very busy on Atlantis. This season is going to be very tight schedule-wise.

RG25 writes: “Have the writers ever scrapped a story idea early on because it seemed like it’d be too expensive, daunting, or too much of a hassle to do?”

Answer: We came very close to scrapping Midway when it looked like it was going to be too expensive to produce – but ultimately found a way to make it happen. Good thing too. It’s an excellent episode.

Elisa writes: “I was curious about something. Since you average over a hundred comments on your blog, do you really read them all or do you randomly just pick and choose which ones to read and answer?”

Answer: I read every comment prior to approving them, then pick whichever comments/questions interest me for the mailbag.

Wolfenm writes: “Do you just not want to go to Dragon?”

Answer: No, I’d love to go. Unfortunately, it falls smack-dab in the middle of production and while the actors may be able to get away for the weekend, I’ll no doubt be hammering away at a script while the event is taking place.

Kdvb1 writes: “Is April 1st a typo or are you playing an early April Fools joke on us?”

Answer: I wasn’t the one who suggested the April 1st date. And, no, I’m not joking.

Kdvb1 also writes: “Who is older, John or Dave Sheppard?”

Answer: I imagined John being the big brother.

Jen writes: “Just started watching Trio and I’ve got to ask… was Rodney’s comment about Shape magazine compliments of an adlib or the writers?”

Answer: That was pure Marty G.

Taz writes: “I thought Ronon and Keller were dating since Quarantine.”

Answer: There has been no development on the Ronon-Keller front since the events of Quarantine. She’s still single.

205 thoughts on “February 8, 2008: Books, anime, and a behind-the-scenes development.

  1. Aww darn, I wanted to read that missing scene tonight. Why must you always tease me like this Joe? 😀

    – Seren

  2. Psssst, everybody, I know a secret about a MAJOR Season 5 plotline, and I’m about to post a very BIIIIIIG spoiler. They tried to silence me, but they failed. They tried to bribe me, but I held fast. I laugh in the face of danger! *Oh, crap, I broke a fingernail.* Where was I? Oh, yeah, I laugh in the face of danger! (Ruining a manicure is a whole different can of worms.) Anyway, if you don’t want to be spoiled, best to bypass the rest of this post.

    Still with me? Are you ready? Goggles on, seat belts fastened, hands and feet inside? Okay, here goes . . .
    They’re going to kill Teyla next season! Kill her, I tell you! How are they going to do this you wonder? Well, wonder no more for I have the answer!

    We all know that the “Anne Teldy” character is going to be killed in a most spectacular fashion by carnivorous mutant space cows. Right? Right! Well, look at the name “Teyla” and look at the name “Teldy”. Now, and here’s the real spoilery (but interesting) part, move the “y” in “Teyla” to the end of the name so that you have “Telay”, then pull up the top of the “a” and what do you have? Teldy!!!!

    AND . . . “Emmagan”? Lose the “gan” on the end (’cause it’s just “nag” spelled backwards), run the two “m”s together and cut in half with your Ginsu knife, then reverse the order of the letters. What do you have? “Anne”, that’s what! (Real subtle there, guys. I almost missed it.)

    I am such a genius!!!! Eat your heart out McKay, you hoser!!!! Zelenka? Yeah, right! The Czech’s in the mail! Carter? She’s blond, what more needs to be said?

    Feel free to bask in my magnificence!!!!!!! *pats self on back while grinning maniacally*

    You have now been spoiled. Please return to your regular blog experience. Take it away Mr. M! Oh, and Mr. M? Sorry about spilling the beans on the super secret storyline. I bet you thought no one would figure it out. But hey, people have a right to know who you folks are planning to off next, and it’s my duty to inform them of what I know in that regard. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    *can I be a part of LAME now?*

  3. Hey, I’d like to see whatever direction this is going in, no matter who’s not there.

    By the way, who’s idea was the Colbert reference?

  4. Hey, Alan Dean Foster! One of my favourite authors. Have you ever read “Into the Out Of”? Never look at those bits of tire on the side of the road quite the same way again.

  5. So is Keller trying to work her way through all the guys on the base?? Or is she just being friendly with Rodney? Inquiring minds and all that…

    I thought it was a great episode. And Keller was not bad this time. Although, nitpick – if she is so socially awkward, never had any friends (which is what I understood her to imply in Quarantine) how’d she learn any nifty bar/beer drinking games? I learned all mine in high school.

    And she should have asked Sam something like “John or Rodney?” 🙂


  6. Loved Trio:

    Loved John’s lollipop
    Loved that Sam would rather Stephen Colbert (!!!!! HA!)
    Loved that Rodney would rather Jon Stewart
    Loved that Rodney looked hopeful that Jennifer was going to lose her shirt
    Loved that Rodney thought Sam flashing kids would help
    Love that Jennifer is a bar babe
    Love the chemistry between Keller and McKay
    Loved the Rodney says he is going to buy Jennifer a keg but then doesn’t want to buy her one beer
    Loved Rodney’s modesty for a whole 2 seconds

    I am really hoping Stewart and Colbert say something about this game of would you rather…
    Who would you rather?

  7. Answer: Sure, but it will have to wait until Monday when I’m back in the office and can get my hands on the script.

    *sob* and here I was trying to stay awake long enough for that clip. Gotta sleep sometime, as some of us poor weary souls have to be at work at 7am EST.

    How about a dedication to all of us hard-working tech support people? 😀

    By the way, really liked Trio. Sam’s really gotten used to McKay. No threats with citrus or strangulation at all! Keller’s right that McKay has no clue at all. I was just slightly disturbed that she wants to go have a drink with McKay after almost making out with Ronan. Come on, that’s a step back! That girl needs better standards!

  8. Elizabeth Weir is not a real person!

    Sorry I just had to say it out loud for my own sanity.

    She lives by virtue of the fact that someone’s neurons fired an electrical impulse that brought her to life in a writer’s mind, that’s it, she doesn’t exist.

    It’s terrible if anyone losses their job but actors know what they are getting into.
    It’s a very unstable business and being in a series one minute and out of work the next is something they all live with.

    If I wanted to hear Weir fans moan in unison I would go to GW but I choose to read Joe’s blog for the insight into the writing of the show, not the ‘If we harangue Joe long enough he will bend to our will’ campaign.

    So stop throwing you toys out of the crib and leave those of us who like the show, not just one character, to read this blog without fear of the over use of the following words and phrases:-

    “…no words to describe how disappointing…”

    “And anti Weir people, please don’t attack us…”

    “I’m moving on…”

    “I’m disappointed beyond words.”

    Please believe me I do wish you all the success in your campaign but not here. This is not the place for vitriolic out bursts.

    But Joe allows them so if you could please put a warning at the top of the post so those of us who have heard it all before can skip past those bits that would be really nice of you.

    Ps, SBM BOOKS I read your list, fine line between fandom and stalking!!!
    (It’s a joke relax…chill)


  9. Well if you and Martin are open to the 3rd that’s what I’d vote for as not everybody who’s going to Vancouver will be in town by the 1st but, as the con starts on the 3rd, will be there by then.

  10. Haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

    Sorry to hear about the Torri news. I really wanted to see where that storyline was going to go. Ah, well…who knows what the future may bring? 😀

  11. Enjoyed Trio and sympathesized with Sam and the broken bone!! Hope she has better results with using the crutches than I did. I can’t wait for the season 4 dvd release…the commentaries should be great fun as usual. And I’m hoping that the actors sign off on the blooper real since both Jewel and Amanda made comments about all the laughing that went on with this episode.
    I’m having a ball with this season and looking forward to the remaining 4 episodes. Any idea when season 5 will premiere?

  12. I like the name Vega. Always makes me think of that ponytailed dude in Street Fighter with the mask and the Wolverine-esque claws who would jump on the chain-link fence at the back of his arena before dive-bombing you. Is Capt. Vega going to dive-bomb anyone at any point?

    So, let me get this straight…there isn’t going to be any conclusion to wrap up that random and tantalizing teaser/cliffhanger scene because Torri decided not to do it? Um, please tell me you’ll find some other reason for that to make sense. I’m not a massive Weir fan or anything, but I hate a loose thread, and that’s a pretty dang huge one (given the utter randomness and lack of any explanation). Also, that must have been really disappointing, especially to whoever actually put the work in to write the script.

  13. You know, I’ve been campaigning for Torri to return, but I’ve decided I’m happy she’s turned you down.

    She deserves better than one episode here and there. The woman moved from LA to Vancouver, gave everything to your show for three years, was nothing but positive in her interactions with fans, was a great plus for this franchise, only to be unceremoniously dumped when you became showrunner.

    She will move on to bigger and better things.

  14. After watching “Trio” tonight, I consider it to be one of the best episodes of season four. Although it is hard to choose. It will probably become one of my all time favorite episodes of Atlantis. (but there are a lot)

    The interaction between all three of them was great and sooo funny! I was glad to see some banter between McKay and Carter. The grappling thing was hilarious!

    Thank you so much for an excellent episode!

    P.S. I am disappointed that Torri has decided not to come back. Very much so. Are you going to just forget about the storyline or write her out of it somehow?

  15. Hi Joe!

    First, I am apologizing to you for my recent snarkiness towards other commenters here. It wasn’t appropriate and I’m sorry. I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I will try a teeeeeensy bit harder to bite my tongue (ow!) in the future.

    Second, “Kdvb1 also writes: “Who is older, John or Dave Sheppard?”

    Answer: I imagined John being the big brother.”

    I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! OK, I thought it. Hey, gimme a break. I’m about 50/50 in guessing this kinda stuff! 🙂

    [insert appropriate numbering as needed]

    Very cool that Leela Savasta will be coming back to S5! I saw her in Supernatural and Smallville and thought she did a good job. Can’t wait to see what she does on SGA!

    Thanks for the info about Torri/Weir. 🙂

    I was just realizing today that this blog gives us glimpses into the future. Yes, the production is your present, but the results will be seen by us several months from now. How blessed are we to have the opportunity to take a peek at the future? Pretty darn blessed, pardon my [insert correct grammatical term]!

    Take very good care!

    eddy 🙂

  16. So how many episodes in Season 5 can we expect to see Kanan? Also you have said that Rachel was very happy about the creative route you are taking with Teyla in Season 5….care to give any hints about what those are?

  17. Great to read your balanced approach to the fans Joe. Thanks.

    Would really love to be able to make it to the Fuel dinner. It would be a great laugh I imagine. All of us that can’t make it just need all attendees at Fuel to take a laptop with wireless internet, have around 100 MSN sessions open at once and voila we have a lovely virtual dinner 🙂 See, easy…. 😐

  18. Thumbs up!

    It was a great episode.

    Great character development within SGA for the Rodney and Keller, specifically.

    I don’t know if it was even a thought during development of the storyline, but, throughout the episode, I was mentally comparing the situation (and specifically Sam’s reactions) to the Stargate episode with Sam and Jack stuck in the ice cave near the second Stargate. I didn’t feel that it was a recycled storyline, but that it showed an evolution is Sam’s character’s development from that Stargate episode.

  19. Is it a possibility that someone else might portray the Weir character in the script that is already written? Or is it ever a possibility that an unproduced script might be released in a novella form or in a collection of short stories after show production ceases (in 2022)?

  20. “Trio” was fun – the character interactions were great, and I’m so glad that Rodney was in character and funny without being a buffoon.

    As for Comic Con, I’m very glad that you’ll be there – I enjoyed your participation on the panels last year. If you’re so inclined, I recommend Island Prime for dinner one night – it’s a mile or so from the Gaslamp district and the food’s great.

  21. I loved the episode JOE!! it was great!! SO funny.
    Hope The daily show or Colbert pick up on the conversations LOL

    “what made you guys put Sheppard eating a lollipop?”
    I can’t imagine watching your commanding officer, a certified bad ass walking around the base eating a lollipop LOL SO awesome!! LOL

    Great work even thought the rest of the team was missing I enjoyed this episode VERY much.

    Love the SET!!

  22. Hey Joe!

    I have to say, I absolutely LOVED Trio! I honestly had to look away in horror when the crate-tower tumbled, taking Carter with it. *Shudders* That was so real! And the bit with McKay & Keller in the end? Very sweet. We need to let the boys over on Comedy Central know about their “rankings” by the good doctors of the Pegasus galaxy ;). Priceless!

    Quick question: a while ago you had shared some plans of Rodney’s quarters & I was thrilled to see a turtle terrarium. Are we going to see that this season or did that particular scene get cut already? Or did I just miss it completely?

  23. TRIO TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I was glued to my tv set the whole time I almost didn’t take a bathroom break since I was so into it.
    I loved them trying to figure out ways to get out. I also enjoyed where Rodney tried to get Sam and then Keller to flash those boys. I actually thought for a second that was actually going to happen. Glad it didn’t though.
    I liked Keller’s “Come on Schwarzenegger” comment at Rodney when he was hanging on the rope.
    I also liked how Rodney whose usually wanting a band aid for every little injury dealt with the injuries on his hands to save everyone.
    There’s so much more I want to say but I really don’t want to take up anymore space.

    Great Episode!!!
    I’m really looking forward to next week’s..

  24. Thanks for the reply, Joe. 🙂 Totally understandable. Maybe if I get that library gig I’ll be able to make it to Comicon, too … *crosses fingers*

    @Shawna ~ Oh thank Gaia I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Street Fighter!! 😀 The anime/game version of Vega was my fave character from the series. 🙂 (Well, the one the Americans called Vega. Can’t recall his name in the anime …)

  25. Forgot to mention. i used to love those exact same type of lollipops that Sheppard was eating in the beginning. i still do.

  26. Thanks for censoring and not posting all the “obnoxious, rude, or just plain annoying”.

    I enjoy reading most of the comments but I’ll never understand the why some people become so malicious over changes in a TV show. Those type of comments make for unpleasant reading and cause me to alternate between feeling sorry for the poster or feeling sorry for the people they deal with on a daily basis.

    Makes me wonder how they handle change in real life. Hopefully better than they do with fiction.

    TV is supposed to be fun but maybe all the moaning and spiteful comments are fun for the complainers. But I don’t get it.

  27. kdvb1 – See Joe still loves ya!

    Kate – See you always need to have a last word. Shows the immaturity..

    Pity Torri turned it down. Sure everyone will survive.

    Joe: I saw a recent ep of “Iron Chef” where the battle was sea urchin >.> I know you’ve eaten it, but what’s the most unusual out there meat you’ve eaten. My friend had ‘beef tendon’ once at a yum cha and compared it to a rubber tyre. Have you tried that? Sounds godawful.

  28. Joe said… “So, what’s happening with that Fuel dinner? Marty G. and I are in. Are we aiming for April 1st? Or will it be April 3rd? And what time is good for everyone?”

    Well I vote for April 3rd, as I would have to take two extra vacation days to make the April 1st date. I am really looking forward to dinner at Fuel and tasting the creations we’ve seen in all your pic’s of late. It would be great to spend time with all the fans and have a nice dinner with Marty G. and Joe. Here’s Hoping for April 3rd.

    Only one more hour before Trio airs … can’t wait… Hooray!!!

    Patricia Lee

  29. Was there a scripted reason that hit the cutting room floor explaining why Sheppard had a lollipop?

    cat4444 wrote:

    Psssst, everybody, I know a secret about a MAJOR Season 5 plotline, [snip brilliant deductions]

    Well, that was certainly… uhm… interesting. I don’t think it’s right, though. I, Anne Teldy, actually do exist.

    And in no way will Ms Luttrell thank you for equating her to me. If the situation were reversed, I’d be serving you for defamation of character.

  30. Erika; outstanding post in support of a beloved character. here’s hoping others use your example.
    Wolfenm: Good luck on the job. Keep us informed.
    “Consistantly shrill doofus from Virginia:. urk. Here’s hoping I’m not the subject of that quote. Even if I’m not I’m embarressed that our fine Commonwealth would produce someone who would rate such a comment.
    I’m sorry to hear that Higgison has passed on the Weir sript. Is the script going to be shelved, or reworked? Will we see a re-casting of the role or will there be an offer made later in the season to Higgison to reprise the role?
    Trio was…interesting. The scenario was a tad contrived, but wasn’t a major turn off. I found it a bit harder to believe that all characters could fall the 20 or so feet without one being injured. And the only injury an isolated fracture on Sam’s second fall? Ah well. SG-1 fans certainly should be happy, with Sam in fine form. Keller was entertaining, but I found her sudden social skills to be a contradiction of her background story in Quarantine. But I did like that though all three were geniuses, they did not all share the same “geek” background. McKay was great, coming through with the appropriate low-key heroics after being less than impressive in the early stages of their dilemna. And is Keller taking over Heightmier’s job? I didn’t get any “sexual tension” vibes from her offer to have a drink with Rodney. But it’s nice to see someone trying to clue him in on how a relationship should go. And I would just love to see Ronon reappear on the scene, so to speak, with Keller. And have him react intimidate Rodney, just a bit. So, good job all round.

  31. Great episode! Most certainly one of the best of the season. Really enjoyed the byplay between the “trio”. Maybe now the Keller haters will crawl back under their rocks.

  32. I have been visiting your blog since August and after watching Trio tonight I had to leave my first post. There have been a lot of really, really great episodes, but this one is now my current favorite! I love the Carter-McKay banter. I never disliked Dr. Keller (she really hasn’t been a favorite of mine) but after tonight she certainly has moved up my list of favorite characters. The scenes with the kids were priceless!

    I am also looking forward to Robert Picardo becoming a regular. I have always enjoyed his rolls on other shows and as much as I will miss Carter (I love Sanctuary, so I understand Amanda Tapping’s choice), I look forward to seeing what his character will bring to the show.

    I am almost done reading The Blade Itself. It is a great book and had you not reccomended it, I probably would have never read it. Thanks to you, I am going to have dozens, if not hundreds of new books on my shelves! My little Pug dogs(Stewie, Phoebus, Urgo & Magnus aka Maggie) probably won’t forgive you for suggesting all these great books – it takes away valuable “spoil us” time, but I think in time they will understand.

    Again, great episode tonight!

  33. Ah, Joe! I adored Trio! Rodney and the girls, trapped in a creepy underground bunker. I love that all three got a chance to throw out an idea and almost, but not quite, shine.

    Mostly, I love that Rodney got to be a real life action star and save the day. Oh, Rodney!

    (I have to work tomorrow. Bah! Saturdays are not for libraries!)

  34. @Thornyrose ~ Thanks! Hopefully I’ll hear back about getting an interview by mid next week (or so the lady I talked to conjectured). 🙂 In the meantime, there’s my parents’ anniversary dinner at Outback (yum!!) to look forward to Sunday, and that missing Jack/Sam ship mention for me to look forward to Monday! =^.^= (Please don’t forget, Joe!!)

  35. I KNEW you still loved me! *smirk*

    Thank you Cookie Monster…*smooch* big kiss to his furry blue face. He is my hero.

    I vote for April 3rd for the big Fuel extravaganza.

    You totally floored me at the end when Keller was flirting with Rodney! She was very sweet earlier when she said he was a nice guy and she seems to get him with all his quirks. I do remember that I thought there was some kind of dynamic between them back in Adrift when they were turning on Elizabeth’s nanites(sp?). She didn’t take his crap and still seemed to like him anyway. I hope Ronon doesn’t want to kill McKay now. *yikes*

    You gave Keller some quirks. I like her SO much better now. (Oh shut up all of you…it is NOT because she was so nice to my favorite character…REALLY…I’m totally objective about this!*stomps foot*)

    I really, really, really like McKay with Keller, SO much better than with Katie Brown. Of course…I really, really, really hated the McBrown pairing. Thank you! I now know you are listening to me, and tailoring the show to what I want! 😉

    Doing the happy dance of joy,
    *Disclaimer: Again…just joking on much of that…um..well some of it anyway! 😉 *

  36. Uh…gee, Joe, I hope you know what you’re doing. Of the vague memory I have of driving past Fuel about a year ago, it seemed to be pretty tiny; crammed in between two, taller, buildings.

    Or maybe that was just Invader Zim.

    Anyway, yeah, I don’t know about this. I may show up, if it’s a weekday (best be Tuesday or Thursday), but seriously, I think A LOT of people will be there. Are you sure the restaurant will be big enough for all of us? I don’t think so.

    Something to think about there, Joe. Yeah.

    Interesting development there with Torri. Well, I wish her the best of luck with her career! Question though: are you guys still going to do the story arc (but with tweaks to compensate for her decision), or is the whole thing scrapped? I mean, is the replicator plot still going to be revisited?

    Sorry I haven’t commented the last few days. Been busy with midterms. My brain was so filled with numbers and symbols and heat capacities that my hilarity center (you know, the part of the brain that has been enlarged in all of the Stargate writers) has virtually shut down.

  37. Hey Joe!

    I’m sorry to hear that Torri doesn’t want to reprise Weir for your arc idea. Although, yes, it is sad that she doesn’t want to reprise her role, she has her own endeavours. I wish her the best of luck in the future. 🙂

    I also wish you, Joe, the best of luck in this pre-production phase of Atlantis season 5. I’m sure it’ll be great, and thanks for “Trio”!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – If you do end up making a funnel cake from the recipe I gave you, let us know if they turned out good!

  38. my brother is one of those “anime aficionados” and he says that fantastic children is similar to paprika as they are both in the fantasy category.

  39. Trio was great and I second all the comments about the things that people loved! I laughed out loud many times at some of the clever lines, and I needed that tonight as the show was my study break before a big test Monday. Also wanted to say that I hope that you guys will be able to find a way to keep the Weir/Replicator story around despite not having Torri because that was one of my favorite parts of this season so far! It was such a good twist and I would love to see where it goes!

  40. Count me among those who is disappointed that the Weir/Replicator thing won’t be continued (at least not the way it was originally planned). Will there be a follow up to that particular thread, with a different (or new) explanation given, or is it something that will be ignored/left hanging?

  41. Wow!! I really enjoyed Trio!! McKay just keeps growing on me and I actually find myself defending the man wherever I go!! Am happy to see Sam And Rodney working well together. I had all kinds of horrible visions as to his reaction to her commanding the Atlantis expedition. Yes, yes, I know. Oh yeah of little faith. I stand corrected.

    As for Anime, which I don’t watch willingly more like forced viewing when the remote is taken away from me, The only series I actually enjoyed was The Guyver. Mark Hamil did a RL version movie of this series and ooof was it awful. Now I have my friend over my shoulder suggesting loudly for Inuyasha. As for myself I’ll stick to straight animation and revel in The Family Guy and The Simpsons.

    Oh and at some point will we see John go into full blown mother henning mode with Teyla because I have to say it’s hysterical to watch.

  42. Hi Joe.

    I’m very disappointed to hear about Torri’s decision. But I’m sure there are good reasons. Thank you for letting us know. I hope there’s still some possibility of her returning in future. Could the script be put back to season six or will it need to be reworked for this season or dropped competely?

    And yes, I very much hope there will be a season six. With or without Weir.

    I have a little wait before I get to see Trio. Looking forward to it, though I admit Outcast is a tough act to follow and that Midway looks like its going to be great too.

    I rewatched Doppelganger today and it reminded me of something [which I hope hasn’t been asked before]: When Sheppard said to Carter about her surely having seen something that would allow them access to McKay’s dreams, I immediately thought to the one time we actually saw someone entering another’s dreams – when Osiris invaded Daniel’s in ‘Chimera’ using the memory devices. So I was surprised to see them use the VR equipment. Why modify a technology to a new purpose when you have something you already know can do the job? Was there a specific reason the VR was chosen or was Osiris’ method not considered?

    It certainly looks like you’ve got plenty of good reading and viewing ahead of you. Have fun. 🙂

  43. I really liked Trio. I was worried for a while that I wouldn’t after seeing some excerpts that focused on McKay suggesting that Carter flash the kids and another scene where he comments on what a great body she has. I was afraid we were going to see “McKay the Jerk” from SG1 eps – or that we were going to see him laying out on the ground helpless and whining like he did in Quarantine (cringe).

    But his character was handled well in the ep. And the scenes I was worried about were even funny. (Shows you really can’t judge an episode by few excerpts.)

    Loved the mention of Katie and tying up the loose ends. Absolutely loved the Who Would You Rather game (Neil DeGrasse Tyson rocks!) and Rodney as action hero. Overall, great interactions between the three characters. I’ve seen in interviews that Hewlett, Tapping and Staite had a hilarious time working together on this ep and I can’t wait to see the Season 4 commentary (and hopefully bloopers) about this ep.

    Nice work, again.

  44. Oh man, everyone is freaking out about McKay and Keller, and many are branding Keller a whore. Could you please please clear the air on this one so that the boards will calm down and start talking about normal Stargate stuff again? Lol.

  45. Oh hey Joe, another question (well, a clarification, actually), if you don’t mind:

    I refer to Harmony, where Martin Gero did not write the script until Jodelle Ferland was cast. Why was this situation different, in that the script was written before confirming Torri’s involvement?

    If the question requires you to reveal inside info that you don’t want to reveal, then feel free to disregard (although I wouldn’t mind a note telling me that, just so I don’t ask you again tomorrow should you actually disregard the question. You know how I am. I usually post a question 3 times before giving up).

    Well, that was formal.

  46. anneteldy Said:

    Well, that was certainly… uhm… interesting. I don’t think it’s right, though. I, Anne Teldy, actually do exist.

    And in no way will Ms Luttrell thank you for equating her to me. If the situation were reversed, I’d be serving you for defamation of character.

    Oh, phooey. I’m not scared of you. You’re way over there, and I’m way over here. 😛

    As for the lawsuit, I’d have it struck as frivolous and vexatious since I was referring to the fictional Anne Teldy and the fictional Teyla Emmagan. 😀

    And there’s also the fact that my deductions are entirely correct! You only think I’m not because Mr. M allowed my post to go through. Well, I’m telling you now that he only did it to throw everyone off and make them think I’m wrong. Very sneaky. 😎

  47. Annie from Fremantle AKA Kylie Said:
    kdvb1 – See Joe still loves ya!

    That is priceless! I made my comment before I read yours…lol. Great minds think alike! 😉

    I love the Weir character and the mysterious way BAMSR was ended. I’m hoping Torri will change her mind and come back for some episodes. It would be nice to see what the heck has been going on with Weir.

    I forgot to say it on my last post:
    I LOVED Trio! Loved it, loved it, loved it!


  48. Hey Joe,

    First, I just want to thank you for being a consistent bright spot in my day. You go to a tremendous amount of trouble to blog for us daily, keeping us informed and entertained. Must feel like a thankless task, especially on the days when the yahoo’s vent their fanitude.

    Overall, I think S4 has been the best to date….but Trio left me lukewarm. Can’t really put my finger on why except to say that rhythm just seemed off until the last 10 minutes of the show.

    Sam was true to character. Rodney seemed particularly snotty for the first half of the episode….but not in his usually endearingly arrogant way. I’ve enjoyed seeing Keller’s growth since the snively little weenie we saw in Missing….but her sudden knowledge of pub games caught me of guard for a girl who recently admitted missing out on “any kind of social event.”

    Really looking forward to Midway!

  49. Kdvb1 also writes: “Who is older, John or Dave Sheppard?”

    Answer: I imagined John being the big brother.

    Looking at that scene, because of the body language used between the two actors, I immediately said to my friend that John was the younger brother and she agreed.

  50. Listen, Joe. I trust your judgment, I really do. Season Four allayed all the doubts I had about whether you knew what you were doing (and I say that with tremendous love). But now we have Alicia Vega AND Alison Porter, and I know you must have a really, really good reason for adding two more characters when you already have such amazing secondary characters (like Lorne and Zelenka), whom we fans already love and are waiting anxiously to learn more about. So. Okay then. Vega and Porter. Let’s do it.

  51. Hmm… did I miss it? I thought that you had mentioned the possibility of a contest in conjunction with the discussion of Sean Williams’ “The Crooked Letter”. Me bad if I missed when you mentioned in your blog.

  52. Just saw Trio and it was lovely 🙂 Poor Zelenka needs some love. (Hundreds of fangirls, I’m sure, will volunteer.) Though, I have to ask, how often DOES he sniff Keller’s hair? And, considering that this is a doctor we’re talking about, were there heavy doses of pain medication involved? ;-D

    Oh, and the Colbert-Stewart references were brilliant. I love those guys.

  53. I thought Trio was a fantastic episode! Such chemistry and I must say David’s acting in the ep. was spectacular!

    On a serious note, and I’m sure you’ve been asked already now, but does this mean the Weir story-line will not be produced now? Are you still going with the excellent idea you guys had?

    I’m sad 🙁 I thought the Weir story-arc would have sky-rocketed the show. The end to BAMSR was the greatest cliff-hanger imaginable. Disappointed in Torri.

  54. Is there any chance that there may still be a Ronon/Keller ship at some point in the future?

  55. As I’m flying in to Vancouver April 2nd, I vote for the 3rd for the Fuel gathering. \o/

    I enjoyed Trio tonight. It was fun to see McKay and Carter being geeks together (with Keller along for the ride). I was glad to see Sam get out of the ‘office’ for a change.

  56. Is Teyla going to be in any more episodes this season? Or will they just refer to her character.
    thank you

  57. Hi Joseph,

    regarding Animé:
    I strongly recommend ‘Paprika’. (I told you when you bought the DVD’s). If possible take some hours off of work on the weekend and enjoy. It’s playing with different realities and such stuff. Very ambitious project, very cool.
    As for ‘Origin’ – well, if you’ve seen ‘Nausicaa From The Valley Of The Wind’, then you don’t have to rush with that one, because it follows basically the same idea.

    Anyways, good spirits for the pre-prod on Season 5. I’m definitely looking forward to that Season, even if I have to wait like a gazillion years until they’ll show it in Germany.

  58. Well Torri was not the original Elizabeth Weir, Jessica Steen was… So maybe an uncasting of the recast and bring back the original Elizabeth to film the episode?

  59. woo hoo, ‘trio’!! 😀

    wonderful sam stuff, i’m doing my continual falling for mckay thing, and keller is SO sweet!

    i laughed many times through out this ep, especially when mckay was trying to get out of his innocent remark about sam’s weight, which went to sam having a great body, which went to so did keller, which went to some mammoth babbling, which had me LOLing the entire time. 😛

    another part i cracked up at was when mckay was trying to get sam to show her boobies to the boys, and when sam shot him down, he turned to keller. *great* timing with jewel that all she did was give him *the look* and yeah, loved the scene.

    sam whumpage! what’s not to love. mckay being brave and sexy. what’s not to love. 8)

    and so keller came up with the great idea of using the boards. not bad for a non genius. 😉

    my mom didn’t like it that the kids got away with what they did. the only complaint i have is it ended too abruptly.

    this was a fun and entertaining ep, especially for this starving sam fan. 😀

    sally 😀

  60. Joe…if the dinner is on April 3rd, could MGM/Bridge stop you from attending any events while Creation is in town?

  61. Hey Joe,

    I was just looking back at the spoiler poem you posted in December and was wondering if this line:

    The status quo shifts, a power play made.
    The arrival of this one leave some feeling dismayed.

    refers to Woolsey taking coming to Atlantis?

  62. Sorry to hear that Weir won’t be back, but please, please finish off the storyline. I really want to know what those guys were planning. Oh, and Erika’s comment was great, real thinking about why she loves a character and a show instead of random outpourings.

    With the Carter/Woolsey changes, I’m really not sure yet. I’ve not got my head around him being in charge and unsure how he’ll fit. That’s most likely because he’s usually annoyed me on the screen and my mental picture is of a pen-pushing bureaucrat who couldn’t raise his game to be a real leader. I’m going to have to go and look at his more recent appearances, to watch them without my initial impressions colouring his later actions.

    Now to go and hide from Trio comments until I can see it here. But with a quick glance it looks like it went down well, so looking forward to it.

  63. Hi again, Joe!

    I thoroughly enjoyed “Trio” tonight. As someone else already commented, several fun laugh-out-loud moments that made the story quite enjoyable. Also, as often as McKay tries to puff up his own ego, he just as often comments on his shortcomings (i.e., re: his “unbeknownst to him breakup” with Katie Brown, “She deserved someone who knew that”).

    Also, re: dinner at Fuel – I’d vote for April 1. Then again, I’m planning to arrive early because I know once the con begins on Thursday, the schedule will no doubt be very full. Frankly, however, it seems that it would depend more importantly on your schedule, Joe. Which evening works best for you? 🙂

    Since it’s nearly midnight here, I’ll just add then, see you in 52 days! 😉

    Jennie in Oregon 🙂

  64. cat4444? You are nuts!*snickers* Sherlock, Hercule, Magnum? Watch out, there’s a cat in the house.


    So, Mr.Joe. Recasting Dr.Esposito with the perky little…smile as a soldier? Couldn’t you have kept CAPTAIN Allison Porter and DOCTOR Esposito? I liked her.
    Well, she’ll be back at least.*shrugs*

    All the best, Nicole

    pee.ess. You can’t give her a first name! What will the fans wonder about for the next, hm, 2 1/2 years?
    You don’t give military personnel a first name for at least that long.*shakes head*
    Oh, btw. Will Damien -Dean M’s choice- Bates be back next season?

  65. Hi Joe,

    Enjoyed Trio very much. Loved the McKay – Keller thing at the end.

    As for Fuel dinner my vote would be April 3. As for time, the later the better… I would be flying in from NY day of.


  66. About the dinner with you and Marty G in April — April 3 would be much better for me, as I can’t afford to fly in so much earlier than my… other obligation. I’m flying on the 3rd, so will no doubt be looking for a good meal after settling for peanuts on the plane!

  67. I’m sure someone has already asked this…but I’m too lame to read all the way thru the comments as it’s past my bedtime.

    Will the ReplicatorWeir be recast or scrubbed. The actual plot line could continue without her in it, that’s what writers do when necessary. Just curious, as such a point was made that they were still “out there” at the end of BAMSR.


  68. When I saw the story was about three people down a hole, I felt some uneasiness about Trio. Oh, me of little faith! I enjoyed it much more than I expected, especially the character moments, of which there were many. Lots of good laughs and some growth for Rodney and Jennifer. Thank you!

  69. PG15, if the Fuel dinner ends up on April 3rd, you’re already booked! Where would you be instead? Well, at the UBC Physics Society Year-End dinner of course!! =P It’s going to be at Chivana (near 4th and Vine). Nice fancy dinner that probably won’t cost as much as Fuel. No Stargate producers though =(…unless Joe wants to be our special guest hehe.

    Joe, have you experienced dinners at Chivana yet? Any extreme warnings? (We’re a few days away from locking in our reservation with a deposit!)

    Okay, real question time: Will you cast someone else to play the role of Elizabeth Weir for the storyline? Personally, (not that my opinion counts much), I hope you do! I am very interested in seeing that storyline resolved!

    I like Torri but when I watch TV or movies, I watch it for the characters, not the actors. Besides, Weir has already been played by another actor in Stargate. Maybe the question “how many actors have portrayed Weir” will become like “How many times have Daniel Jackson died?”!

  70. “Trio” was fun. It was great to see McKay and Carter at it again, and Keller holding her own. Also, I’m curious about the set. I experienced both the 1971 & ’94 quakes in LA, and although the room didn’t quite shake as it would in a quake, it didn’t look like the shaky cam effect that was used in “Inferno”. Was it on rollers? Is the set still standing?

    The reason I ask is because I teach quake preparedness along with some geology, and last spring I met with John Clague, a geologist at SFU as well as the Vancouver emergency preparedness folks. They are incredibly concerned about quakes in BC, which don’t happen often, but in time they will, and sadly will be very devastating. A shake room would be a great way to teach people what it’s like and why they need to prepare. Any info on how it was built?

    Also, here’s a couple of links I hope can help folks:

    Provincial Emergency Program

    Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

    Sorry about going off topic. I really love this show, and can’t wait for all the upcoming S4 episodes, and the tales you, the cast and crew will be telling in Season 5!

  71. Hello Joseph =)

    Sa va, bien? moi super, cette aprés midi je vais asseyais de trouver des chose de la Saint Valentin.. vous avez réfléchie a ce que vous allez offrir a Fondy?^^

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  72. Ah, I only wish I could make it to Fuel the 1st or 3rd (darn!). Perhaps anothet time? One can dream can’t they? 🙂 Keep up the great work1

  73. Hi Joe!

    So, only to have a conclusion:

    We aren´t going to see Weir again??

    Or will there be an offer made later in the season to Higgison to reprise the role?

    Thanks for your answers!

  74. Hi Joe,

    Thanks as usual for the site and especially the recent S5 updates! Can’t wait for the new dynamic with Woolsey at the helm!

    Just a normal crazy left field question if I may… I am wondering if the black shirt that Ronon/Jason Momoa wore at the start of ‘Outcast’ (from the section where he and Shep turned up at the funeral) was bought from a store, or a unique creation of the SGA costume department? I only ask as I really want to buy one! Been looking for a similar one for a while, but gave up on the search, however seeing the one in the shop spurred me into action again…

    Many thanks!


  75. Oh. My. God.

    Someone put Keller in a convent for whiny town bikes.

    Either that or feed her to the wraith.

    She gets worse with every episode.

  76. I really can’t be bothered dreading the half assed comments of Weir-worshippers. It would’ve been great to see the final outcome of the Weir thread but with Torri turning it down Its a bit of a slap in the face to her fans(IMO) but that is by the by. I’m certain that you’ll find a way to wrap it up somehow, hey how about getting Cookie Monster to take on the role? its not as if there hasn’t already been two other actors play the part!

  77. my bloody laptop did it again! I’m NOT Dreading the comments but Reading them…or not as the case may be! Oh buggerit!

  78. Hi and thanks for a great blog.

    Just wondering if there is any chance Major Davis will make it to atlantis?

  79. Hey,

    Sorry I went nuts over the whole carter/beckett/weir thing….Its not that I have a problem its just that we were use to the same thing… anyway I’m sorry!

    I do have a few question…

    1) Any chance the Gouald will be in season 5?
    2) so now that Torri isnt apart of season 5 how are you going to explain what happen at the end of BAMSR?
    3) In Trio they all basically said they didnt like Dr. Zelenka (even Rodney)…why was that?
    and finally 4) Any chance we will see anymore of the Teams families…like Rodneys father/Ronon’s family/hell I will settle for Ford again…

  80. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. It’s pretty awesome when Joe Mallozzi, James Bamford AND Dan Payne all wish you a happy birthday 😉 Thanks for making my day that extra bit special. 🙂

  81. That’s Weird! I mean, at the P3 con Torri said she would love to return to Atlantis… that was just two or three weeks ago! And now she has turned a script down? Not to try making me look dumb, but does this mean Torri won’t be asked again. It’s now just over, gone, bye bye Weir?

    Okay that’s hugely disappointing of Torri… Really. But just like it’s you decision to write her out, it’s hers to turn down guest appearances I guess.

    Thanks for trying.

    Well, is Jessica Steen still available? 😉

    Don’t forget about Lindsey Novak! 😀

  82. Death Note is fantastic!
    You need to read the manga too. It was meant to be 12 volumes, but there is a vol 13 coming next week AND a novel. *bounces* I just loves me my Death Note! 🙂

  83. Hey Joe,
    On the anime front you definately have to watch DEATH NOTE!
    I love it. It’s great and im sure you’re going to like it. =D

  84. Hey Joe,

    Was wondering if there would be anymore deeper revelations into the Wraith next season? Don’t suppose we might see an episode that shows a Hive-ship being created?

    Take care Joe!

  85. Anime: my daughter is the family expert. She has been telling me that I ought to read her manga of Deathnote — she thinks it is incredible. Someone suggested Inuyasha — she used to enjoy it but stopped watching it because she said the characters don’t seem to develop at all. I didn’t recognize any of the other titles.

    Trio: This ep had so many LOL moments! I had a thought, when Carter was injured and Rodney ran over to her, he said something about “We’re going to be all right.” and I could just hear Carter thinking, “McKay’s being optimistic — we’re doomed!”.

    Loved the way Rodney was quietly heroic at the end there, looked at his bloody hands and didn’t complain about it once! Just kept on going. He IS an action hero!

    All in all, a wonderful episode! It goes up there with Duet and Tao of Rodney as favorites! (can you tell I adore McKay?)

    I am aquiver with anticipation for the rest of this season and the next!

  86. Hi Joe!

    The first picture about books there is one “Brasyl” Ian McDonald, I am not sure if this book is the same story like the movie “Brazil”, it is a retro-scifi-movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088846/

    Have you seen this movie? What do you think about the book? and What do you think about the movie?

    Thanks! 🙂

  87. I’ve always wondered what the actors, and the production staff, think when they watch the finished episodes of their own product? With what kind of mindset do all of you have when watching your shows during a regular television broadcast? In a way, it seems to me that it would be difficult to watch your show from an entertainment perspective when you’re all involved with making this series so successful? Your thoughts?

  88. Hi,

    I was wondering if we’ll find/come across any ancient transport ships in season 5? Thanks.

  89. Do you know where the name “Sora” came from for the Genii character introduced in Season One’s “Underground”? Peter DeLuise may be the only one who knows this, but I was wondering how the name came about as it is a word in several different languages.

  90. Hi Joe,
    Bummer about Torri. I really like Elizabeth and was interested in where you were taking that story. Hopefully something can be worked out in the future.

    Trio was great!!! (Yes, me, the anti Keller person loved a show she was in a lot). It was interesting seeing the contrast between the two experienced members (Carter and McKay) who jump right in to try to solve a problem versus the inexperienced Keller who was content to stand by and watch. Totally in character for all.

    As a McKay fan, it was great to see how far he has come. Although he was still had a lot of his self-centeredness, hitting on Sam at every chance (Keller too), he showed a lot of growth. Admitting to having his pride hurt (tough for anyone let alone someone as arrogant as he is), the ending scene with Keller (which I didn’t take as flirting, more as friendship), but most of all putting his life at risk to save Sam are things he would never have done a few years ago. Rodney normally complains about a blister and yet he lowered Sam to the tunnel despite having his hands all torn up. It was great seeing him save the day with brawn rather than brains.

    Two questions: Is it safe to assume that Rodney has to pass a physical fitness test to stay on the team? Obviously it wouldn’t be as strenuous as the military members, but I can’t see them putting him in the field if he can’t keep up. He’d be putting others lives in danger.

    How did Keller know about drinking games? Kinda contradicts the story she told in Quarantine.


    If you want real funnel cake, come to the Jersey shore in the summer. Every block on the boardwalk has at least one funnel cake store. I grew up on them. Probably explains my ever present effort to lose weight.

  91. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of episode. “Outcast” in particular was just awesome, not least because there were so many interesting guest characters.

    Are there currently any plans to have Ava make a return? I thought she was one of the most fascinating minor characters we got to meet on the show, and it would be great to see more of her.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest developments regarding the upcoming season! 🙂

  92. Ahhh, I always liked Zelenka….He seemed to be one of the good guys, reliable, intelligent and a little goofy.
    Is there a reason he’s made out to be some kind of perv in Trio? Hopefully he can redeem himself in the eyes of his colleagues at some later time, because I’d hate for this view of him to become permanent.

  93. Pauline,

    You said:

    “Ps, SBM BOOKS I read your list, fine line between fandom and stalking!!!
    (It’s a joke relax…chill)”

    Um, if you felt the comment wasn’t funny enough on its own and required an explanation that it was a joke, perhaps it is not so funny?

    I certainly respect your right to throw in a jest. Obviously, given the news Joe has just shared on his blog, your “humor” is definitely a little lost on me at the moment.

    I wish you continued enjoyment of this blog and hope you continue to enjoy SGA.

    SEW Crew Member

  94. Trio was great! It had alot of laughs in it. Rodney has grown quite a bit since he reached Atlantis! I love watching the character dig himself into deeper holes!!..No pun intended!!

  95. Joe,

    Thank you for sharing the update regarding Torri’s participation in Season 5.

    Needless to say, I’m very disappointed.

    However, I respect Torri’s decision 100%.

    It is a business after all (as so many are fond of pointing out) and I am hopeful that Torri choosing to focus on her career and on projects that can offer her a real chance to demonstrate her talent, will result in some great projects for her in the near future.

    Oh, I watched the repeat showing of Outcast last night (missed it when it aired the first time). Nice Shep episode. I enjoyed the friendship moments between Ronon and Shep. And, good Lord, if Shep losing anybody else close to him this Season, I fear the man is going to implode. I also feared that Ava’s fate at the end was what Elizabeth was going to be subjected to in her one episode next Season. Guess I can put that fear to rest now.

    Here’s hoping that the old adage “Hey it’s SciFi – anything can happen” is true and that some day, when circumstances are right, Torri will come back to the franchise in some way.

    SEW Crew Member

  96. What a fun episode Trio was! Loved the bantering between the 3 Genius’. And so nice to have Sam on screen for the entire episode…Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

    And speaking of thank yous….thanks for filtering out the obnoxious posts. I enjoy reading this blog but it does become annoying constantly reading the whining about Weir. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to letting TPTB know how you feel about something. I have written more than my fair share of letters about my favorites, Sam and Jack but the Weir fans have elevated this to ohhhhhhhhhh the same level as the Daniel fans back in Season 5/6 of SG-1. It was a bore then and this has become a bore too.

    Now that Tori has turned down the episode, maybe we can move on.

    Now about that long overdue Sam and Jack reunion show…….

  97. Y’know, Marty G is going to need to be careful, should he ever get near a con. I think there would be a long line of women waiting to give him a big ol’ smooch for yet another great episode.

    Trio was a lot of fun! I liked getting to know Jennifer better. And I liked seeing Rodney be like nearly all of us would be in a situation like this.

    Dang. I wish there was a way for me to get up to Vancouver for an April 3rd shindig. (And from the looks of the responses, you probably need to warn them.) Sadly, I think I’m going to have to be fiscally responsible and miss out.

    I do, however, have one of my friends (who’s a chef) very excited about meeting me in Vancouver for a Fuel adventure.

  98. I was a little disappointed by the Radek bashing on “Trio”. Is one of my favorite scientists going to get a chance to redeem himself and prove how important his contributions are to Atlantis?

  99. Trio = triple crap. I watched this thrice to make sure I wasn’t getting the wrong impression. The episode was nicely filmed & some informative dialog (I’m one of the people who LIKED Katie Brown with Rodney) but sorry the story & character interactions fell flat for me. I’m now *really* turned off from Keller as just about everything she did contradicted her previous storyline! biggest thing, did she lie outright to Teyla & Ronon about herself?? Find it hard to believe the character has made such a 180 turn in just a few weeks (Atlantis time). And Carter! what the hell is she doing, still allowing Rodney’s big fat ego to dominate?? she’s a LEADER now dammit and should’ve taken charge from the first. Like she learned from Jack. I expected Keller to defer but in my eyes, Carter allowing Rodney to run things made her look too weak. And don’t say it was done to make him look more “manly” I’ve seen McKay’s growth, he has learned field work well and can take direction just fine.
    Keller & McKay? *gags*

  100. The tension build up in Trio was impressive, even disbelieving you’d actually kill the characters. The jokes were funny and provided nice relief. Overall it was a very pleasing episode to watch.

  101. I am truly sorry that Torri Higginson has decided not to come back. I think it’s a shame really, how season 4 turned out. Some may say she was a poorly written character, that Jessica Steen was the better actress, but one has to keep in mind the differences between the two Weir characters, and actresses. Weir in Lost City was written to be a UN diplomat just recruited to command the SGC. She was unsure of herself, completely out of her comfort zone. She was never written to be a permanent leader. Weir in SGA was written to be a strong diplomatic leader, able to hold her ground in the face of conflict. She was written to be a permanent leader. Jessica Steen played the catious, uncomfortable Weir well, while yet adding a realm of security and strength to the Weir character. Torri Higginson, on the other hand, potrayed a softer, sympathetic Weir, while keeping the leader aspect. The SGA Weir added human depth to the show, as Erika posted, as well as the character of Carson Beckett. Her character helped to keep SGA from becoming SG-1 v.2, IMO of course. SG-1, seasons 1-8 anyway, was all about the bravado and heroics of the team, defeating system lord after system lord. SGA season 1 was about survival, making allies, and continuing the search for Ancient technology. Season 2 hindered those aspects in that when contact with Earth was re-established, the “lost city” aspect was lost. The show became much more like SG-1, severing the distinction between the two shows. While it was good in some areas, it ultimately diminished the Ancients and the Wraith, and resulted in the loss of two characters- Weir and Beckett, by masking their affect and roles on the show.

  102. Forgive the length of this, but I had a lot of thoughts on Trio. By the way, loved the ep.

    Grown men eating lollipops…always good.

    “Red means bad.” Heehee. And that’s why they made her the leader of Atlantis.

    Carter and McKay overtalking each other with the technical explanation…very funny. And apropos.

    3 adults + big ol’ mound of dirt = 300 pounds? Did Carter just have a math anurism?

    McKay’s using clothes as rope idea — Total Cube moment.

    “Who would you rather?” LOL! Brilliant. That was frelling awesome.

    Okay, I thought it was funny when McKay was arguing with Carter to show the kids her boobs, but when he turned and looked at Keller, I just lost it.

    When they realized the crates weren’t going to help, why didn’t try to break them up and toss them out to offset some of the weight?

    Why did Carter let McKay try with the rope? They didn’t really have the time to indulge his male ego.

    Loved the camera movement during the bridge building scene. How very epic.

    McKay’s rambling and backtracking about their bodies was hysterical, and then Carter mercifully cutting him off. Too funny.

    Yay for Macguyver McKay!

    Heh. McKay saving the day with his brute strength. Excellent. Really, very awesome. Now we need an ep where Ronon saves them by solving a rubiks cube. (Speaking of cubes, there was that Cube moment again.)

    That last scene…it really does kiiiinda look like Keller’s trying to work her way through all the guys. Sheppard better make sure he doesn’t get trapped with her anywhere or he’ll get reeled in, too.

  103. Hi Joe, check out this thread on Gateworld intitled “Sam’s exit as commander of Atlantis (speculation on how it will occur)” http://forum.gateworld.net/showthread.php?t=51123&page=5
    1. Many posters would like Sam’s exit to have a little something to do with Jack even if it’s another subtle nod to SJ ship. Pretty please.
    2. When you post the little shippy scene that was cut for time would you please say when it was supposed to be?
    P.S. I loved Trio… And Midway looks awesome too

  104. Hey Joe!
    I really liked Michelle Morgan’s performance as F.R.A.N. in BAMSR. Are there any plans for bringing her back for an episode in season 5?

  105. I’m disappointed that we’ll no longer see Torri on SGA, but it was her choice, and I wish her the best in future endeavors. I’m hoping her guest spot on NCIS will become recurring.

    Meanwhile, do you realize you’ve now named a character after a Chevy subcompact from the 70s? (Vega)???

  106. Oh.My.God. I swear Mr Mallozzi, while I love your blog, it’s really hard to read it right after a new episode airs. This is solely because due to scheduling conflicts, I have to DVR Atlantis and then usually watch it Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. (You should still be flattered; it’s the only show on TV I bother with right now… except for that neat little “How’s It Made” On Discovery.)

    Anyway. Spoilers galore! And Trio is one I’ve been waiting for. I usually like reading the comments that came before me. But I can’t. Oh man, the torture.

    I totally had something relevant to say.. what was it…

    oh yes. THANK YOU for saying no to the Ori. I find them too all-consuming. (It wouldn’t make sense to battle them for one episode and then go away.)

  107. It’s a pity we won’t get to see that Weir episode, but I respect Torri Higginson’s decision not to come back at the moment completely. 🙂 I’m sure she had good reasons to pass on the appearance, as she’s always indicated before that she would be interested in doing another episode or two. Bottom line, she has to do what’s best for her at the time.

    One question, though, Joe – does this mean we won’t see the rest of that possible Replicator arc or will that still be a part of next season? And is BAMSR definitely the last we’ll see of Weir, or would you consider reapproaching TH if the right story/opportunity arose later on and she was available? Just curious – I’d like to know who that was we saw at the end of the episode!

    At the end of the day though, if she doesn’t appear on SGA again, we had three great seasons with Weir, and I look forward to seeing what Torri Higginson does next.

  108. Well I’ve got to say I’m really disappointed too by Torri’s decision to turn down the return, it seemed such a good set-up about season 5 and I’m really disappointed by it. A couple of questions on it though if it’s ok:

    1. Will the fact that she was there at the end still be acknowledged within the show in season 5? Or will other Replicators ect just avoid talking about it?

    2. Is there a chance she could be in an episode say later in season 5, or did she make the decision to not come on the show again?

    But yeah, it’s disappointing to read but there’s not always something you can do with it.

    Onto Trio, a sublime episode in my opinion. Just really worked it was a good quality episode. Consistent all throughout and most of what makes the show work was included, with a lot of humour, good characterisation and interaction, a very nice story involving McKay and Keller, and good to find out more details about Katie as well, I’m glad it was followed up.
    Carter fitted in the episode as well, it is a shame too she’s leaving but again her decision wasn’t the wrong one imo. But episodes like this will make you miss her.

    A question on this ep though: Will the Rodney/Keller thing be revisited or is it official now? Because I’ve got to say they made a lovely pair and one you could believe in, some people had a problem with the whole Ronan/Keller thing in Quarantine but this one fits really well. I’m hoping it does carry on and we see it more.
    Will be an interesting first date after he buys her the keg though. But overall a very good episode, 8-9/10.

  109. (((((((Joe)))))))))

    LOVED TRIO! I was actually on the edge of my seat, literally squirming. And I don’t do that often. I loved the character interaction. Sam and Rodney were priceless and with some bar babe Keller thrown in it was excellent! LOL @ Rodney wanting Sam to flash the kids, that Sam picked two scientists, that Rodney finally joined in on the game, Rodney burst the pipe and then made a cannon.

    It was really good. I liked seeing soldier Sam again too, especially with wanna be soldier Rodney!

    In any case, I’m rambling. Just chiming in that I really enjoyed it!

    Gosh I wish AT could do both Sanctuary and SGA.


  110. Trio … that was fun. The kids were perfect! I really enjoyed the episode.

    Brilliant Season Five product placement idea:
    Purina Space Cow Chow. Now with 42% less bitterness. Oh, wait a minute, that’s Futurama. Sorry!

    (I’m trying, but between the food poisoning and missing an anniversary trip to Vegas, I’m underwhelmingly creative while in my crankypants phase. Moving along now …)

  111. Kudos on Trio! I thought it was quite fun and entertaining. The dynamic between the 3 was terrific. I really love what you guys have done with Rodney this season – all the quirks just a bit toned down.

    A few questions:

    Do you think you will revisit Sheppard’s backstory in S5? Will we learn what happened to his mom and perhaps what drove him and Dad apart?

    McKay/Keller is very sweet. I’m not normally a shipper, but I think she would be great for him. Is that an avenue you intend to explore or was that a one-time let’s get a drink thing?

    Is the replicator storyline done now that Torri won’t be returning?

    General TV question – when the writer’s strike ends, how long would it take for a typical drama to get up and running again – a week, two weeks, more?



  112. Ok, so Trio didn’t rate so highly for me, alas, (sorry, the plot didn’t quite hold up for me, though I did enjoy many of the character interactions), but Midway looks absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to see Teal’c counselling Ronon, and some of the action scenes look – well, exciting is a bit of an understatement. Roll on next Friday!

    As for the Weir news? Well, if Torri declined then that’s the end of that, isn’t it? She was given an opportunity to return and either couldn’t commit or chose not to. End of story really. Can you continue this storyline without Weir? I thought it looked interesting, with much potential. Who are these replicators, what are their aims?

    If not, will you need to come up with another arc to replace this?

    For me, as someone who’s never been a huge Weir fan, I liked where you’d taken her. I also liked Carter as leader; she worked so well for me – and in my mind, you did the right thing, having had the chance to watch most of season 4 now. However, now both characters are gone or going, and it’s Woolsey as leader. I look forward to where you’re taking this, even though I do mourn Carter’s loss somewhat. Best of luck to AT with Sanctuary though. 🙂

    All things considered, I’m happy with Woolsey as a replacement. I’m keen to know the explanation as to why the leader will no longer be military.

    On a sidenote, with so much discussion on GW and here about Torri’s finding out of her role reduction, I’ll post my thoughts on it.

    I personally think it’s good to be told face to face your services are no longer required to the extent they once were, and then to be offered recurring work, if you wish to accept it. The easiest thing would be not to face someone and to break the news through agents. So many times actors are booted out, end of story. That hasn’t been the case here, and Torri did in fact choose to appear in 4 episodes of SGA season 4.

    I’ve had friends in the business world, whose jobs have disappeared, and they’ve been made redundant through no fault of their own. What’s happened to them ? They’ve been informed, watched while they pack up their belongings, and then they’re escorted out the building, never to return. Just like that, in the blink of an eye. They’ve not even been given the opportunity to say goodbye to people. Was any of that personal? No, it’s just the way it is in business sometimes I’m afraid.

    Characters on TV shows do get axed all the time, at least Torri had the chance to come back for some episodes, which, no doubt was good for her (financially), and for some of her fans who wanted to see her again on the show.

    I wish Torri all the best in her career. 🙂

  113. I seem to be in the minority here, but I would prefer to have diner at Fuel on April, 1st. The convention has events planned for the 3rd. This being my first and probably only SG con and trip to Vancouver, I want to be able to experience it all! There are already 16 people planning to attend on the 1st. I am a lover of dining out and am excited to be able to try a highly praised establishment like Fuel. I just hope that you will be there as well. Thanks for trying to fit us in to your busy schedule.


    PS – Would it be such a bad thing if you ended up dining at Fuel two nights in one week?

  114. There was a review in the Globe and Mail online yesterday about Fuel and I thought of you!

    Now, if you’ll permit a brief general comment –

    Frankly, I have reached that point in my fannish life where I *gasp* trust that the showrunners know what the heck they’re doing, if only because it’s really nice to be employed and eating regularly. And you have all those hungry mouths to feed.

    I have too much going on in my own life to agonize over the ‘appointment’ of the character of Woolsey to the top spot – I think he’s a schmuck, but he did survive the Replicator occupation and had the sense to shut up and listen to other people’s opinions than his own. I also trusted the various cast changes and such (though seriously, the exploding tumour still gives me the snickers).

    So hey – it’ll be interesting TV, and that’s pretty much all I’ve ever asked for from the show. Haven’t had much to complain about, really.

    Yes, stories are similar to ones in SG1, or other movies or TV, but every time I read that comment/complaint on any site I just laugh to myself. Three basic stories, folks, Man vs Nature, Man vs Man, and Man vs Himself. That’s it.

    Naturally there’s going to be similarities. We all, in the Western world, have certain archetypes we grow up with and that common experience, and the virtual common experience (the net and what happens there); which is even more pervasive than television (when’s the last time it was part of school that you learned to watch TV the way kids learn to use the net?); means that even more than before there are no new ideas. There are just new takes on old ideas.

    That said, having the verbal shorthand established makes it so much easier to tell a story, no? I remember the movie “Conquest of Space” – it took an entire movie to establish the process of getting to the moon and back. Now, you’d get to the moon in the credits.

    So, anyway, I’ll be there on TMN every Monday, armed with a cup of tea and a husband and a cat, just waiting for forty some-odd minutes of adventure and interesting characters and space goomers. I’m 47 and I’ve been an SF fan since my dad read me “Rolling Stones” at six. That’s all I need, guys.

    SGA? Adventure, interesting characters, space goomers? Check.

  115. HI

    Will there be any development of the Teyla/Rodney friendship in season 5?

    BTW Loved ‘Trio’ 🙂

  116. I’m really happy you picked that guy as the next Atlantis leader, and I hope he stays on for another season when it happens.

    I think my reaction to Robbert Picardo being employeed was YEEES!.. well kinda

    Well if you next see him, tell him he has a fan on your blog lol

  117. I’m very disappointed to hear that we won’t see more of Elizabeth. I hope this means Torri has good projects keeping her busy!

    I did enjoy “Trio.” I haven’t been thrilled with Jennifer Keller; in fact, I’ve been disappointed, given that I loved her in Firefly and Wonderfalls (you have seen Wonderfalls, right?), but last night the character finally came together for me. I found her believable and likable, and I loved the dynamics among all three of the characters. They had some great dialogue–and great facial expressions (I laughed when the other two just looked at Rodney that too many times to list). Great work by the cast, Martin Gero, and Martin Wood!

  118. Hey Joe,

    Well the news about Torri is dissapointing. I understand where she is coming from, but for her fans I would hope she would revisit her role once more. Oh well.

    I have to say that I am loving Keller and am happy she is returning as a regular next season. I do hope Carson might have an opportunity for more episodes than just 5. I can see these two characters really hitting it off.

    Some people are upset about the too many cast changes, but when you look at SG-1, there was a main cast change every season for the last 5 seasons.

    Season 6 – Daniel to Jonas
    Season 7 – Jonas to Daniel
    Season 8 – O’neill takes over SGC, Hammond leaves
    Season 9 – Mitchell added to main cast, O’neill leaves, Landry takes over at SGC, Vala made recurring character

    Season 10- Vala added to main cast.

    So between Seasons 7,8, and 9. There was 3 leader changes. Well it worked for SG-1, why not SGA!



  119. Will we see Bates again in S5 now that we know he’s working with the IOA?

  120. Wow, I must totally agree with Ltcolshepjumper’s comment. I hope Midway gives a bit more of the isolation feel that Atlantis originally had. The ‘Lost City’ effect does make the show that much more unique and interesting. While I love SGA to be totally independent, a connection I’d like to see to SG-1 is a Daniel Jackson type of character.

    Yes, we have military, scientists, and even diplomats. But where are the archeologists, the historians, the librarians STUDYING Atlantis? Atlantis’ discovery was intended to be a discovering of the Ancient culture and civilization. I would love to see Atlantis act more like a ‘school’ to us (at least more episodes focussed on culture and history) than the military base camp it feels it’s become.

    I appreciate your work over at Bridge Studios and I hope the quality can get better and better.

  121. Hey Joe!

    When you said that this season is going to be very tight schedule-wise, did you say that because you guys are pushing for a possible July premiere? Or what are the reasons?

  122. “cat4444 Said:
    Hey, Alan Dean Foster! One of my favourite authors. Have you ever read “Into the Out Of”? Never look at those bits of tire on the side of the road quite the same way again.”

    The Shetani. Pieces of car tire stripped from vehicles at speed. Angled inert pieces of rubber unless you look out of the corner of one eye and then…watch out!80

    I 100% agree with Cat4444. If you haven’t read this book yet you absolutely must. I don’t know if it’s out of print (at one point it was) but if you can get a copy do so.

  123. Hello Mr Mallozzi 🙂 What is your dream about Stargate plot, I mean, what will You want to see as a fan but also as a writer and producer? (If this isn’t a secret)

  124. I’m back with 2 more questions:

    1. You said “This season is going to be very tight schedule-wise.” What makes this season different than others? Is it the stories you are telling or cast scheduling or season premier timing or something spoilery?

    2. Rodney, Teyla and John have talked about their fathers, but there hasn’t been a mention of their moms (and poor Ronon hasn’t said anything about either). Is that an oversight or did you find the father fit best with the story? Will we learn anything about their family backgrounds in S5?

    Thanks again!


  125. I have just had more than half of my company made redundant. They had no notice and were bascially told to back their bags and go, some had been with the company for 20 years. But like in the TV industry it’s just business and it wasn’t personal. I have been at the end of the redundancy phone call myself and it’s not nice but my philosphy in life is that there is always work out there if you look hard enough and have a positive attitute. Most of the time better things come along and it can be a blessing. So Torri’s situation is not unique or unusual especially in the TV industry so I hope now that all her fans will cease their name calling and accusations of how badly treated she was by the terrible ptb.

    Hopefully her fans can finally move on and leave the rest of the fandom to enjoy the show without the constant attacks.

    Trio was not one of my favourite episodes and it didnt really hold my interest. Not a big fan of either Carter/McKay or Keller but it had some good moments. Didnt appreciate the comments about Zelenka and found them totally uncalled for. Zelenka is one of my favourite characters and insinutating he was some kind of perv wasn’t something I expected from MartyG.

    I hope we get back to the team episodes with Ronan/Teyla/Shep and Rodney. They seem to be sorely lacking this season and as far as I remember this season was meant to be a big Teyla season but she seems to feature even less than last year.

  126. I’ve seen people complaining about Keller the social misfit knowing drinking games, so I thought I’d share my Brilliant Husband’s explanation:

    Too young to drink, Keller was the perfect designated driver in college and the start of med school. She didn’t have to be cool to do that (and, honestly, people didn’t even have to like her to invite her to bars so that she could drive them). She learned all the drinking games, won them all because she stayed sober, and yet couldn’t collect on the beers she won. Thus, she is determined that Rodney will get her a beer. She probably remained vaguely resentful for years that she spent so much time as designated driver for so little thanks, but finally all those hours paid off–in a scheme that broke Sam’s leg. Oh, well. Live and learn.

  127. Atlantis must have had some industry/factory production line to be able to sustain and build such a large empire in the pegasus galaxy (and to be able to sustain a multi-year long siege), do you have plans to show any of that next season?

  128. (GRRRRR j’ai encore toute effacé ce que j’avais écrit,grrr, je crois qu’il y a un problème entre moi et ce blog…
    Bon je recommence prise 2)
    Bonjour Joseph,
    J’ai vraiment adoré l’intro de ton blog, je dois avouer que j’ai bien rigolé. En fait, juste à m’imaginer la pauvre personne qui prend le temps de t’écrire un mot sur ton blogue et qui au bout du compte est censurée par ce que considéré commme trop ennuyeux selon toi, j’ai bien ris. Pauv tite, j’espère que ça arrive pas trop souvent ! lol
    Pour ce qui est du souper je suis super jalouse, être dans le coin je serais là c’est certains (avec mon dictionnaire anglais/français). Je trouve que c’est vraiment super gentil et intéressant de ta part d’aller à un souper avec tes fans. Je suis vraiment jalouse (si le Canada était pas si gros aussi )
    Bon, je vais enfiler mes raquettes et aller profiter de la neige.
    Passes une grandiose journée
    Hello everybody !

  129. I took the time to go back and read Erika’s comments based on your recommendation to do so. I wholeheartedly agree that her comments were thoughtful, reasonable and rational.

    I was not a huge fan of Weir and for some of the reasons that she mentioned. But, as she also pointed out, no one is perfect and even, as a fan of the Weir character, she could see them as mistakes.

    Well, NO ONE is perfect. People like me, who wanted her to be a leader of the type that we would have liked to see in the situation, are basically asking that her character be something that it is not or never would be. That mythical leader we were looking for would have simply made OTHER mistakes.

  130. In Trio, when Keller asked Rodney for a drink, was that meant as a casual friends drink or as an “I’m interested in you” thing?

  131. I’m disappointed to hear that Torri turned down your story. Is there a way we can contact her and let her know that we want her back? Or at this point, is it kind of beyond when it would be reasonable?

  132. Congratulations on Trio! It was such a great episode! I loved the snarkiness, the interaction between the “science-y” officers, and especially loved “who would you rather..” I don’t think I’ve played that game since junior high!

    I know you are into very sci-fi fantasy books, but have you ever dived into the realm of sci-fi humour? I just recently read a book by John Scalzi called “Android’s Dream” and it was surprisingly very good! I enjoyed it from page 1 to the end. I didn’t have high hopes for it, even though I did enjoy Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” since the book was in the bargin bin of my local bookstore, but needless to say I was very surprised that I did.

  133. Are there any plans to re-cast Jessica Steen (who played the original Weir) in the part of repli-Weir so the story can continue?

  134. Aw Crap! I just got half way through rearranging my bedroom ready for my new wardrobe (furniture not clothes LOL) Had to reconfigure my bookshelves and managed to dispose of a whole four count ’em 4 books! My kids made the smart observation that I’m more concerned as to where my books are going to go than whether or not I’ll have room for my bed! Maybe time for a hammock.

  135. I applaud Torri for standing up what she believes in. Whether her feelings / thoughts of right or wrong are different from TPTB doesn’t matter so much, she does what she believes is right and I admire that.
    I’m sorry she won’t be coming back, I loved her character and thought it was way more interesting now with the replicator storyline.

  136. Je veux voir Corin Nemec dans la saison 5!!!!!

    Tout le monde aime Corin♥ Sa serait tellement génial de la revoir!

  137. I just saw on the news that the WGA have reached a tentative deal. I hope that means Mr. Binder will be flying back up to Vancouver soon.
    How is Fondy doing with her course? Will she be coming home soon?

  138. I have never actually seen any of those titles of anime, but I read the manga for Death Note. Its, interesting, very clever, and a little depressing but I enjoyed it. I don’t know if you want to jump on it though…

  139. AscendedTauri Said: Yes, we have military, scientists, and even diplomats. But where are the archeologists, the historians, the librarians STUDYING Atlantis? Atlantis’ discovery was intended to be a discovering of the Ancient culture and civilization. I would love to see Atlantis act more like a ’school’ to us (at least more episodes focussed on culture and history) than the military base camp it feels it’s become.

    Maybe the mysterious “DOCTOR Allison Porter” will be an archaeologist/historian character. It doesn’t make sense that they would need another medical doctor to be a main/recurring character if they have Keller and Beckett next year. I don’t know why…but I see the actress with an English accent. Hmmm…now I miss Grodin. 🙁

    Joe, is “DOCTOR Allison Porter” going to be an archaeologist/historian type character? *please say yes…please say yes…you did mention before something about you thinking having one would be a good idea!!! wink wink*

    Just a thought about the Fuel dinner. Is it only for your blog readers or is it open to anyone from the convention that wants to go. I just say that as it could get really big if it’s open to everyone. And, saying that…are we allowed to bring our significant other…or must we leave them at home. *scratches head…sort of contradicted myself on where I was going with those two questions*

    I still vote for the April 3rd date for the Fuel dinner. Many people don’t come for a whole week for the con and wouldn’t be in by the 1st. And, when I looked at the itinerary for that day, there is nothing going on from 7pm to 9 pm. At 9pm there is a cocktail reception. *and of course there is a fee for it!?!…what a racket* So maybe that would be a good time for the dinner? 7 or 7:30??? Is that too late?


  140. Hi Joe. Thanks for answering my question.

    I’m really sorry to hear that Weir won’t be coming back but I chime in with the others in hope of the plot being continued without her, if that is possible.

    I have to say that this season of Atlantis has been my favorite, right up there with season three. It’s wonderful! I especially like how much Ronon has grown as a character and that Rodney has had a chance to shine in areas outside of intelligence.


  141. Hmm, it’s said to hear that Torri won’t be back in Season 5. Really hoped to see her again.

    What happened to those light Uniforms from Season 1?
    Have you ever read “The Perfume”?
    Would you mind if I send you and the other writers a Sacher Torte from Sacher?

    Take care and have a nice day!!


  142. Really sad to hear that Torri is not coming back. I am not a huge Weir fan but I thought the last scene from BAMSR was intriguing and I would like to see where it could lead.

    Having that said – and here comes the question – is it possible to play out the storyline you have come up with, even without Weir? Or will you scrap it altogether? Will there be some kind of closure to tie things up or will it be left to everyones imagination?

    Thank you

  143. Well Crap! I got sick last night and ended up missing last night’s episode. I was really looking forward to this one too. And of course I forgot to tape it. *sigh* I think I’m going to run out tonight and get a Big Mac like you did after you got food poisoning – even though the thought of that right now is extremely repulsive; however if it worked for you….

    I’m really going to miss Sam on Atlantis as a regular in season 5; however I can’t think of anybody better to replace her than Woolsey. I loved Woolsey’s interaction with Hammond, Daniel and Sam in “Heroes”, his interaction with Daniel in “Prototype”, with Sam in “The Scourge”, and with Daniel in “The Shroud”. I’ve always thought that Woolsey was an excellent character and Robert does a fantastic job portraying him. I’m really looking forward to his interaction with the “Atlantis” cast (besides what we’ve already seen).


  144. Regarding the anime:

    Wings of Rean is Tomino’s followup to Aura Battler Dunbine and Garzey’s Wing. It probably won’t make a lot of sense unless you’re familiar with Dunbine at least. An episode by episode review/synopsis can be found at http://www.mahq.net/ Tomino isn’t for everyone, and the translations of his works often suffer as he tends to pack a lot of meaning into short sentences, leading to missing stuff unless you really pay attention.

    Phoenix is based on Tezuka’s Manga of the same name. It will be a bit melancholy, but should be good. I’ve been eyeing it myself.

    FLAG is by the director of VOTOMS and looks good if a bit slow at the start.

    I find http://www.animeondvd.com/ useful for reviews and info…

  145. So who would you rather:

    John Sheppard or Rodney McKay?? I’m sure you’re secure enough in your masculinity to tell us!

  146. If the BAMSR storyline is to be continued, then bring back Jessica Steen as Replicator Weir. Just morph Torri into Jessica. Still a bit hazy why Torri replace Jessica to began with. Somehow the Replicator storyline got to be continued and resolved, the TPTB invested too much plot time on storyline to leave it hanging.

  147. dayse Said:

    Hey Joe,

    I was just looking back at the spoiler poem you posted in December and was wondering if this line:

    The status quo shifts, a power play made.
    The arrival of this one leave some feeling dismayed.

    refers to Woolsey taking coming to Atlantis?

    i doubt it. the change to woolsey was made after sci-fi picked up sanctuary, amanda tapping’s on-line program. the “spoiler poem” refers to season 4. the change will happen in season 5.
    of course i could be wrong.

  148. Hi again – just wanted to throw in a comment about folks’ concerns with Keller’s apparently conflicting back story. There’s no reason why both aspects of her past can’t be true, is there? I was solitary and didn’t have much of a social life in high school, but like a lot of people I came out of my shell in college. By the time I graduated my ‘bar bet’ was tying a maraschino cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, but I know folks who used Keller’s bet to great success as well.

  149. hey joe wanted to let you know how much i loved last nights epp “Trio” my question for you is … How many of the stunts did the ladies and david do. thanks

  150. Aqualegia Said:
    Kdvb1 also writes: “Who is older, John or Dave Sheppard?”

    Answer: I imagined John being the big brother.

    Looking at that scene, because of the body language used between the two actors, I immediately said to my friend that John was the younger brother and she agreed.

    Watching the interaction between John and David, I also got the impression that John was the younger brother, even though it’s not expressly stated either way. He certainly managed to make it look like he was younger. I could just see John scuffing his feet on the ground as his “big brother” told him off at the wake. I also got the impression that their father was not an easy man to get along with for either of them (the whole “you ran away while I stayed” bit).

    Conversely, David seems to be under the impression that John is irresponsible and perhaps that is why John appears to be younger. David has “stepped up” as it were to take John’s place in the family as the responsible one and has taken on the role of the “elder brother” as a result. David may look at John more as a child who had a temper tantrum and ran away from home because he didn’t get his way, and, thus, interacts with John in a way that makes David appear to be older.

    I think that John, while being a tough guy when it counts, does not like personal confrontations with his family and, by avoiding such confrontations, simply ends up reinforcing David’s opinion of him. I suspect that such avoidance on John’s part could stem largely from whatever disagreement he had with his father that made him leave in the first place.

    I did find it odd, though, that John’s main complaint seemed to be that his father had his “whole life planned out” for him, which undoubtedly is what the disagreement was about, yet John joined the military of all things. Seems strange to me that, if John objected to his father telling him what to do, he would join the military, since the military would also be telling him not only what to do but when to do it. Unless his joining the military IS what the fight was about, which I think is quite likely. (“No son of mine is going to be a grunt in the military! You’re destined for bigger and better things! If you insist on going through with this, don’t darken my doorway again!”)

    PS to Nicole:

    I am not nuts. I thought the matter through very carefully and applied sound deductive reasoning and logical processes before making my conclusions known.

  151. So are we going to be doing more city exploring in season 5? because it didn’t seem like a whole lot was done in Season 4.

  152. If I were to guess, I would say that “The status quo shifts, a power play made refers to “Midway” and “The arrival of this one leave some feeling dismayed” to “The Kindred Part 1 & 2”

  153. Thank you for the information that there will not be an Elizabeth Weir episode featuring Torri next year after all. I’m disappointed, of course, that we won’t see her again, but I respect her decision and am sure she had valid reasons behind it. I will always enjoy Weir in the first three seasons of SGA.

    While the reveal at the end of BAMSR was my favorite thing this season, I kind of hope that you don’t follow up on it without Torri. I normally don’t like storylines or characters left hanging (Ford), but in this case, I would. Everyone could speculate on what she is doing with her replicator companions, and all theories would be equally valid.

    Thanks again for the information.

    Take care.

  154. Sorry we won’t see the Weir story line continue in Season 5 but obviously nothing you could do about it. Also very sorry that Sam won’t continue to be the commander of Atlantis in Season 5 but I understand Ms. Tapping’s decision. I am hoping since Sanctuary is finished filming in July that there will be the opportunity for several guest appearances in the back half. I’m willing to offer bribes to encourage your thought process in this direction. What kind of chocolate do you like? Thanks, by the way, for all your support of the Sam character in the past.

  155. When does Season 5 officially start filming?

    Loved Trio. The dialogue was fantastic.

  156. Henry Said:
    PG15, if the Fuel dinner ends up on April 3rd, you’re already booked! Where would you be instead? Well, at the UBC Physics Society Year-End dinner of course!! =P It’s going to be at Chivana (near 4th and Vine). Nice fancy dinner that probably won’t cost as much as Fuel. No Stargate producers though =(…unless Joe wants to be our special guest hehe.

    HENRY!! You made it! Good going, finally worked up the courage to post eh? Haha.

    Joe, in case you didn’t know, this is the Henry that I mentioned to you via email all those months ago when you told me I won those SG1 DVDs. And yes, he has been reading your blog, as you suggested.

    Now, Henry…come on, seriously? Hmmm…Physsoc dinner with a lot of people I don’t know, or Dinner amongst many many Gaters AND the Executive Producer of Stargate Atlantis? It’s a no-brainer. I can use any form of physics to prove that the latter would be the best option. Thermodynamics? Going to Fuel will increase the entropy of the universe more than going to the Physsoc dinner. Quantum Mechanics? My wavefunction has an absolute maximum at Fuel. Special Relativity? Space and Time are most intertwined at Fuel (that’s what makes their food so good!). Newtonian Mechanics? Integrate the acceleration twice, and you get, that’s right, a vector-valued function showing me ending up at Fuel as t -> infinity. It’s simple Physics, man.

    But still, I’ll be too busy by then to actually eat anything. Chances are, if I do get some time off, I’ll probably just talk to the fans a bit, show off the flocking, shake hands with and annoy Joe with my fanboying, and, of course, sneak into his suit a minimicrophone so as to record every meeting in Bridge Studios. Same old, same old.

  157. archersangel Said:

    i doubt it. the change to woolsey was made after sci-fi picked up sanctuary, amanda tapping’s on-line program. the “spoiler poem” refers to season 4. the change will happen in season 5.
    of course i could be wrong.

    Actually, the spoiler poem refers to both the back half of Season 4 and most of Season 5.

  158. Hey Joe,

    Are we ever going to consistently see alien populations where the women don’t have to be young, pretty, with long hair, and wearing makeup and heels? Surely this is a Western construct of attractiveness and not a Universal requirement. And if it is, why not the men too?

  159. Trio ROCKED!! David Hewlett, was as usual, his awesome self. I love the interaction between he and Amanda. There is a lot of Keller-hate out there, but put me down as LOVING her.
    I was glad that the 3 of them couldn’t figure out a way to get out of the hole right away, and that each of them had ideas that failed, but they kept trying. No Super Sam. No Super Rodney. Just a group of people (very smart people!) trying to figure out how to stay alive.
    Looooved the ‘flash your chest’ jokes. Marty G you funster you!!!! Of course 10 yr. old boys want to see that!!!!
    AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Sorry if this has been asked already. But will you be approaching Torri again for another episode, with a different storyline? Or was the story in place the only one with Weir in for season 5? Thanks

  161. Dear Joe,

    I think that a Fuel Dinner on April 3rd at 630 or 700 pm would be perfect. I really hope it works out and doesn’t become a pain in the back side for you and Marty G. to sort out the logistics. I’d hate to see it cancelled because of to many participates and to much discourse about the dates. Here’s hoping we can keep it simple and not complicate it.

    I really enjoyed Trio. Looking forward to Midway, have a wonderful weekend.

    Patricia Lee

  162. I just have to ask this . . .

    Do you, as a writer of the show, have to remind yourself that these characters are in fact fictional? I don’t personally have a problem with this but it seems that many, MANY fans do. Correct me if I am wrong but this show isn’t really documentary series is it?

  163. Joe,

    I’d like to thank you for saying you know the difference in the gradation of fans. We, of course, knew this, but the reassurance is greatly appreciated. Yes, I realize how silly that sounds.

    Second, I’d like to thank you for letting us know what happened concerning Torri. While it’s a sad announcement for a lot of us, both for fans of the character and storyline opportunities, I’m happy to know early on. I hope you won’t completely shut the door on the character, but I realize it’s not all you or the writer’s decision or issue.

    Thank you.

  164. Love the show, and honestly enjoying all the changes as they come, the whole thing adds dramatic flair. I also love what your doing with the team, as some of them leave, the others sort of bond closer together.

    A few queries, some of which your probably incredibly sick of:
    1. Are you planning to explore the Ronon/Keller relationship?
    2. Is it possible to finish the replicator story introduced in BAMSR without Weir?
    3. Will Woolsey be taking over as an IOA official? How does that work?
    4. Do we have to wait until the fall to see season five, or are you going to make my day and say summer is a possibility????
    5. How big a part will Todd the Wraith play in season five?
    6. Will the fact that Teyla used her wraith-mind powers on the Queen in front of Todd the Wraith in SOW come back to bite the team on the a**?
    7. With new enemies on the horizon, will the team be going on a ZPM hunt?
    …and finaly
    8. Can I have a job? I hate mine, so I usually just end up scouring the net for Stargate spoilers all day. A life was never so unfulfilled as mine.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  165. Trio was quite possibly the funniest episode I’ve seen of either Atlantis or SG-1. I don’t have one misgiving about it. I loved it!!

    Things that stand out:
    Rodney determination to use the grapple
    The “who would you rather”
    No one character of the Trio standing out
    Rodney thinking Sam should flash the kids
    The Keller-Rodney scene at the end

    It was a fantastic “let’s work as a team” episode!

    Now I’m looking forward to Monday’s blog. 🙂

  166. We just watched “trio” together in a threesome :o)
    That was (is!) such a great character episode. Simple idea (stick them in hole) but terrific story telling and writing.
    Although I might not be that very fond of Dr Keller I couldn’t complain about her in this very episode. I kind of like her in action as in this episode or in “missing”.
    But concerning Carter and McKay: It was such a great interaction between them. More then I even anticipated as I realised that Carter an McKay are going to be stuck together for the whole episode.

    I hope you don’t mind my watching SGA on the internet?

    Being in Germany and very impatient I have no other option. But it’s certain that I’ll buy the DVDs and I can assure you that my parents will tune in as soon as it is broadcast in Germany with or without me. :o)

  167. Hey,

    I’m not exactly an anime aficionado, in fact I’m just getting into the genre myself, but I looked at that picture of yours and spotted Death Note so that’s my suggestion. Most of my friends are big anime fans and Death Note is the first anime they managed to get me into. It’s amazing, haven’t met anyone yet who’s seen it and not loved it. Full of strange mind-games, geniuses trying to stay one step ahead of eachother, great fun. Anyways, you asked for suggestions so I figured I’d add my two cents.


  168. Just finished watching Trio.


    I could see Keller and McKay hitting it off from the start!!! To me, the Ronon / Keller incident was a typical “getting close under pressure” situation. But Keller/McKay had it going on before the situation got pressurized!! I think they two will be GREAT together!!

    The special effects and stunts were fantastic this episode, and poor Rodney! I winced at the pain his poor hands must have been under! (I know they are not real, but hey, looked real!!!)

    Carter and her broken leg, OUCH!!

    The interactions between the characters was just brilliant. The fun and joking, the concern and cheeky banter!
    I was on the edge of my seat at times, completely glued to the screen! The writing was excellent, the dialogue was just fantastic!

    I must say, in my opinion, that the series continues to get better. I know I kinda did not like Outcast as much as others, but it is a tiny blip in an otherwise perfect series.
    So many good episodes in this one series, that I have had to make my rating score 1-20!!!!

    I rank Trio as a 20/20, as it is so FANTASTIC!!!!

    So I have a question this time!!! (instead of a post of praise!)

    Will we be seeing more close interactions between McKay and Keller? As in, will they become an item?

    As usual, fantastic! I praise you and your teams work very highly!!!

    Looking forward to Midway, which looks amazing!!!!

    Fraggle D

  169. Hi again Joe,

    I was just sitting here–wasting time instead of writing, but I’m sure as a fellow writer you’ve been-there-done-that-ad-nauseam–just thinking of how cool this entire situation is.

    I might be wrong, but for me at least, this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone in the genre this accessible to the fan populace. I think folks might forget this; not recall that industry people are usually locked away from direct access by a million and one layers of security and privacy.

    That you’re not says a lot about you. Thanks for being a real human being.

    Second, perhaps I’m a bit more introspective since, without benefit of cable or satellite out here on Whidbey Island, I have no television. I rely on what I can get through inter-library loan once a month. That’s actually how I discovered SGA last year. I never even saw SG1 until after I’d found what a delightful distraction SGA is. And while I do enjoy SG1, I wouldn’t actually call myself a “fan,” so much as an admirer of a job well done. However, with SGA, you guys created, from the first moment, situations and characters both intense and affecting. I *want* to care about these imaginary people.

    Carl W. Buechner said, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

    At the end of the day, for any artist, that’s the bottom line. So, yet again: bravo. Mission accomplished. Thanks for that, too.

    Pedantic Bohemian

  170. >>>>>DonnaR Said:

    Hey Joe,

    Are we ever going to consistently see alien populations where the women don’t have to be young, pretty, with long hair, and wearing makeup and heels? Surely this is a Western construct of attractiveness and not a Universal requirement. And if it is, why not the men too?<<<<<

    We live in very different worlds, you and I. And I’m not talking about the women.

  171. Alright Joe, let’s talk. I know that you guys were totally concerned because five or ten online fans were screaming bloody murder about Carter joining the team and how she was going to take over everyone’s positions. She was going to trump Sheppard on military stuff, Mckay on science stuff, etc. Clearly this was the big worry and the thing you guys took to heart all throughout season four.

    But now, when it comes down to it, the biggest and most widespread complaint I see, from all the threads at Gateworld to the DannyRanters to a recent interview with Amanda Tapping herself, is that Sam is too much in the background. That she is too weak. That she isn’t being a leader. That there has been so little Carter in Atlantis that she might as well have not come at all. Most of the professional reviews, if you care to read them, also count this as the major flaw in season four.

    I get that this probably seems like a lose/lose situation from your perspective. You try and make sure you address one concern, only to find that it has led to an even bigger and more insistent problem in the show. What’s really happened with Sam on Atlantis is, in many ways, the same thing that cost you so much of SG-1’s audience. You see, the people out there who watch your show, who have always watched your show, they have certain expectations for the original SG-1 characters. Regardless of what fans online say (and they don’t even know what the want half the time), you have built up an expectation in your audience when it comes to Sam, Teal’c, Daniel and Jack. Those characters have to be dominant. That’s why they were SG-1 in the first place.

    If you guys, the writers, don’t meet the audience’s expectations then the audience feels that the show is somehow wrong. When Jack showed up in The Shroud, he was totally Jack, and everyone loved it. Likewise in The Return, everyone expected certain things from Jack, and they got them. But with Sam, you’ve been too meek. No one believes that she’d ever be this subordinate. They didn’t believe Mitchell would be in command over her two years ago, and they don’t believe that Sam wouldn’t be more “in charge” now.

    You all did really, really well with SG-1 for those first eight years. You totally conditioned your audience, like Pavlov and his dogs. When one of the SG-1 team is on screen it’s like ringing that bell. We all expect something. Sometimes it’s there, but specifically when it comes to Sam, you just don’t deliver.

    Thanks for reading, if you’ve made it this far.


  172. OK, I´ve got a complaint: Could there at least be some kind of warnings!?!
    I sit down to watch TRIO, eating a pear, and then Rodney makes that Shape-Magazine-remark, and I almost choke..and it goes on like that! This ep was very, very funny, but I think I either have to stop eating while watching SGA, or I have to teach my cats the Heimlich-maneuver (manouvre? manöwer?)!!

  173. Hi Joe,
    Trio–OMG just a fantistic episode!! Please tell Mr. Gero job well done!! Just a couple of inquires: who thought of the bar trick, because seriously that was brillent and who thought of Rodney’s hand motions when he wanted Sam to flash the boys (just hilarious).

  174. On February 9, 2008 at 9:14 am shiningwit Said:

    ….I just got half way through rearranging my bedroom ready for my new wardrobe (furniture not clothes LOL) Had to reconfigure my bookshelves and managed to dispose of a whole four count ‘em 4 books!…

    My response to this was, LOL, I’m a bit like this! My husband’s response; 4 books! That’s just reckless!

    Hmm, you not the only one who likes to keep hold of books!!

    My kids made the smart observation that I’m more concerned as to where my books are going to go than whether or not I’ll have room for my bed! Maybe time for a hammock.

    Nothing wrong with a hammock – just ask Jewel Staite (Kaylee in Firefly slept in one), and more room for those important things in life…EVEN MORE BOOKS!!!

    Or get a bunkbed and store books on the top bunk?! (Another of hubby’s suggestions.)

    Joe M – Loved Trio. Will leave more feedback tomorrow though as it’s bedtime for me and my brain is shutting down…

    Leesa Perrie…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  175. It’s too bad that Torri has decided not to come back, but that should not stand in the way of a good story and continuing established story arcs. It has been clearly established that Pegasus replicators can change shape. Repli-Weir can be recast without any fancy tap-dancing story-wise. There could even be a nod to the long-time fan by casting Jessica Stein. 😎

    On a different topic, I was worried when Carter was coming onto SGA that McKay would drop Katie and horndog after Sam. When that didn’t happen, I was very happy. The Rodney-Katie breakup at the end of Quarantine was not so much an issue until McKay behaves like a complete jerk at the beginning of Harmony. Breaking up relationships for spurious reasons and killing off potential love interests is an annoying habit of genre shows (see Smallville). As a fan, I don’t need him to be “romantically available”. It is much more interesting to see a nice mature relationship… which is beyond McKay at this point, admittedly. So, fix it! Something happens to Rodney or Katie (or Cadman or Jeannie or … talks to Katie) and the light of revelation shines. She stops being a passive doormat and takes command of the relationship (which as previously shown, Rodney is perfectly willing to accept advice on interpersonal issues, unlike in technical matters). She gives him growth exercises and quests which allow for character growth and, as an added bonus, much comedy. He can still be mostly a jerk with only occasional bursts of humanity if need be. The organic B-story growth of a relationship from it’s first tentative beginnings versus the heavy handed introduction and disposal of characters like Pete Shanahan would be a delightful thing.

  176. Hi Joe,

    I just wanted to drop in to say that Season 4 is fantastic; the show just keeps getting better and better, IMO. Huge props to all of you for continuing to write and produce a show that keeps me in that flush of first love, even after more than four years!

    Also, I was wondering if we will ever find out what the rift between John and his dad was about. If not, would you be willing to shed a little bit of light on that for us?

  177. I guess I will be in the minority and announce I did not like “Trio.” I laughed and laughed during “Harmony,” and thought “Outcast” was a great insight into John’s character and Joe F. gave a solid acting performance, but “Trio” just wasn’t one of my favorites this season. Sorry, Joe.

    I like Keller (I fell for the character when I saw Jewel at Comic Con last summer, she is a doll), so I am very happy she is coming back next year. Maybe you will put her in more scenes with Jason? They have great chemistry.

  178. Hi again Joe,
    I was just reading some SGA stories on FFN and I remembered you writing that one reason you maintained this blog was so that you could keep your writing skills sharp. So I was wondering if you ever considered writing some short stories for FFN. There are really some very talented writers and some really awesome stories posted there and I’m sure yours would just be as great. Just a thought.
    – Elisa

  179. Hmm. I liked Trio, in that I’ve been liking the “quieter” episodes that are more introspective, that offer characters a chance to interact and get to know one another. I really appreciate the fact that we’re seeing both Sam and Keller adjust to being new, and especially to see Keller try to learn about her fellow coworkers.

    And whomever decided to do the fooling around game? I love you and offer kisses and hugs for the Colbert/Stewart reference. One of the things I’ve always loved most about the Stargates is their “just next week”ness, and how that allows so many contemporary references to be worked in. But one wonders – does Atlantis get TV as it broadcasts, or do they have to download the episodes? 😉

    You mentioned a scene with Ronon watching Battlestar Galactica that got cut out of “Outcast”, and we know several of the characters are Star Trek and Star Wars fans. That covers most of the current scifi on TV right now, which means I have to ask – which character(s) like Doctor Who and Torchwood? 😉 (My guess? Keller likes Torchwood, and Carson and McKay watched Doctor Who, but McKay doesn’t watch much since Carson died.)

  180. “I found some time during lunch to step out and pick up a few anime dvd’s (pictured above)”
    ROTFLOL I’d love to see the results of a shopping spree…
    Just out of idle curiosity what was the most expensive bill or biggest number of books/dvds you ever bought in one go ?

  181. Mr. Mallozzi:

    The news that Torri Higginson declined to reprise Elizabeth Weir in Season 5 saddens me. But I’m not surprised.

    With respect, I submit that Dr. Weir shouldn’t have been removed and replaced by Carter, but kept on as a regular.

    I feel that Carter didn’t establish her presence on Atlantis and form true relationships with the Atlantis cast like Weir. We didn’t see much evidence of Carter the extraordinary scientist and soldier on SG-1, but more of an underplayed Weir when Carter appeared. Additionally, Amanda Tapping had the dual responsibility of filming the two SG-1 films, limiting her time on Atlantis and she apparently felt the need to tread new ground as an actress since she elected to go on with her Sanctuary series rather than stay on with the Stargate franchise full-time.

    I also do not feel that Woolsey is the most suitable replacement for Carter.

    And it seems to me that so many elements of SG-1 are being infused into Atlantis that Atlantis is losing its distinct series identity. In many ways, Season 1 of Atlantis strikes me as the most dramatic with the expedition cut off from Earth, lacking ZPMs, and exploring the city and the Pegasus galaxy on their own.

  182. Not getting too excited yet, but the writer’s strike may be over. I’m sure everyone will be happy to have Mr. Binder back. So, in his case with 15 stories already plotted, does he just get assigned with ones to write or does he pick which ones interest him?

    Will he be able to contribute any ideas of his own are were some ideas batted around before the strike?

    Good lucj as production goes into full swing soon.

  183. I have to confess to truly mixed feelings about Trio. The whole platform is falling down thing was utterly predictable but fairly entertaining nonetheless. I also enjoyed *most* of the dialogue/banter/whathaveyou between the characters. I love Sam, like Rodney a lot, and am beginning to like Keller. I like the growth she has shown, and although I liked the interaction between her and Rodney in this episode, I find the idea of her dating Ronon a bit more interesting.

    Re Trio, however, there is a but. Why Sam defers to Rodney the way she did in this episode is beyond me. Her allowing him to take charge put them all in more danger. Now, perhaps his complete and utter incompetence with the grapple was supposed to serve as counterpoint with his much greater competence after Sam was injured, but it was grating that Sam just let Rodney take charge the way she did.

    Sam is my favorite character from SG1, and one of the things I enjoyed the most was watching her growth from a young captain to a more mature major to an even more mature, sure of herself colonel capable of commanding missions and teams. (Of course, I try to not think about the much less experienced Mitchell commanding SG1 over Sam because that makes me a little nuts because it made so little sense and was insulting to Sam, but I can sometimes get past it). In my opinion, Sam is perhaps the best female character in all of media SF; she is believable as a real woman AND a career military officer on every level.

    However, on Atlantis, Sam has been so far in the background that she might as well be a picture on the wall. I realize that the team is the most significant character, and I’m ok with that. I also understand that Amanda Tapping’s availability has been more limited than I as a fan would have preferred. I coujld still live with this, too, because I’m not entirely irrational, if her character were believable when she was onscreen. At times, it has been, for example, when she stood up to Woolsey.

    In Trio, though, I simply could not accept that Sam, knowing the danger they were in, would let Rodney screw around the way she did instead of just taking control. The way she deferred to him was completely unbelievable for the Sam we have come to know over 11 years AND the relationship the two of them have had. It wasn’t even a matter of his scientific expertise in Pegasus; this wasn’t science. (And, oh, yeah, even I without a math and science background realize that 3 normal sized adults plus a huge load of dirt are going to weigh more than 300-400 pounds, but Sam had to have RODNEY tell her that?)

    What it reminded me of more than anything was when smart girls dumb themselves down for the boys. But she’s the CO; she should not be deferring to his ego or whatever that was. So next time I watch I’ll fast forward through the scenes that drive me crazy.

    Now, I’m looking forward to Midway because it looks to be a decent episode and there is of course Teal’c, who is my next favorite character in all of Stargate.


  184. ps – I meant to say this in my first post but forgot.

    I have mostly really been enjoying this season, even the episodes Sam hasn’t been in. The only episode I haven’t liked at all was Outcast. I didn’t really expect to like Harmony, but ended up loving it. I laughed through the whole thing. Frankly, Harmony was a dead ringer in behavior for my youngest sister at the same age, and she acted towards Rodney the same way my kid sister acted towards me. Now we couldn’t be closer.

    Anyway, I think that this season has been the strongest of all for Atlantis.


  185. Joe,

    Have you had any indication from Scifi on when they expect to air season five? Do you think it will be this summer or later?

  186. Karen Said:
    So who would you rather:
    John Sheppard or Rodney McKay?? I’m sure you’re secure enough in your masculinity to tell us!

    Now how can poor Joe answer that?? He’ll have to deal with the fallout from Joe F. or David H…LOL They would be SO jealous if Joe picked the other one. I can just see THAT conversation! Hee hee hee

    If I had to answer that one it would be BOTH! I would have a hard time choosing…they are both adorable!

    So Joe, here’s an easier one:
    Who would you rather?: Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones
    Now remember, it’s just for pretend…so you don’t have to worry about their “Hollyweird personalities”.

    And here’s one for Fondy:
    Who would you rather?: Hugh Jackman or Josh Holloway?
    (Geez, I’d have to say BOTH again!!! LOL) 😉


  187. Hi Joe,

    Loved most of Trio but was rather shocked with the Zelenka bashing.

    What was the creative reasoning for the Zelenka bashing and protraying a very likable character in a very unlikable way? I could accept Sam’s comments because it was obvious in Quarantine that Sam and Radek just didn’t connect socially, but to take it to the step of having Keller state that Zelenka has told her several times that he likes the smell of her hair and her calling him creepy just really felt out of place for Zelenka’s character. Zelenka had the chance to be creepy in the elevator with Sam, especially with the glancing at her cleavage when she took off her coat and he wasn’t, he quickly and respectfully looked away so why put his character in such a negative view now with Keller?

  188. Hi Joe:

    Pauline said: “If I wanted to hear Weir fans moan in unison I would go to GW but I choose to read Joe’s blog for the insight into the writing of the show, not the ‘If we harangue Joe long enough he will bend to our will’ campaign.”

    Darn! I knew I was doing something wrong. Not enough haranguing. Joe, how much haranguing will it take to get Cliff Simon on to Atlantis? Can you round it up or down for me? Even numbers maybe? I remember once you said that you could be bribed. But I think you wanted a new car, or was it a yacht?

    Anyway, just a suggestion for everyone. Maybe the people who want to attend the dinner at Fuel could let the Vancouver thread people on Gateworld know since we don’t want to end up with two lists going at the same time. Otherwise, we are likely to have two separate dinners going on. That may not be a bad thing, perhaps, but it might be a bit confusing for Joe and Martin.

    Thanks, Joe.

    Patricia (AG)

  189. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the episode yet, but hearing that there’s a Stewart-Colbert reference is made up of so much win there’s not enough left for anything else. Large sacks of money to whom ever came up with that.

  190. My god! What is happening to my show?! That brazen hussy Keller almost kisses Ronon and then, a scant few weeks later, she’s inviting Rodney for a drink?! I’m shocked and appalled to see such wanton behaviour on a family show. Appalled, I tell you! That Keller should be ashamed of herself and as for you writer chappies, it’ll all be your fault when the decline in moral standards leads to the complete breakdown of society and total anarchy!

    So there! 😀

    Anyway… due to unfortunate circumstances (i.e. I didn’t win single rotten penny in Friday’s £95 million Euromillions lottery), I won’t be able to attend the Fuel dinner on whatever date in April it ends up happening. But I’m sure you’ll think fondly of me as you wine and dine hordes of lucky SGA fans. 😀

    I enjoyed Trio but I do have one small question/niggle.. from an “out-wrse” perspective, I can see the need for a plot device that allows for the characters to step outside of their usual roles (Sam injured and unable to help, Rodney having to step up and be heroic(, but from an “in-verse” perspective, I find it hard to imagine that an experience field officer like Sam would *twice* climb a high, unstable tower of less-than-sturdy crates to a great height, and never think to use some of their supply of rope as a safety line?

    Other than that:

    Shawna Said:
    Yay for Macguyver McKay!

    Hee! That’s exactly what I said when I saw that scene! 😀

    cat4444 Said:
    Watching the interaction between John and David, I also got the impression that John was the younger brother, even though it’s not expressly stated either way. He certainly managed to make it look like he was younger. I could just see John scuffing his feet on the ground as his “big brother” told him off at the wake. I also got the impression that their father was not an easy man to get along with for either of them (the whole “you ran away while I stayed” bit).

    Conversely, David seems to be under the impression that John is irresponsible and perhaps that is why John appears to be younger. David has “stepped up” as it were to take John’s place in the family as the responsible one and has taken on the role of the “elder brother” as a result. David may look at John more as a child who had a temper tantrum and ran away from home because he didn’t get his way, and, thus, interacts with John in a way that makes David appear to be older.

    Interesting point and one which had not occured to me before. In the episode John came over, to me, as the younger brother, based on his actions (and the fact that Joe looks younger than the actor playing Dave, despite actually being older than him!). However my sister is 18 months older than me and people have always assumed I am the elder, ever since we were teenagers.. mostly because I just have a more social personality and just acted/came across as somehow more mature than she. So it’s a very possible interpretation.. and if Sheppard were the elder it would go a good way towards explaining his father’s expectations for him and the resentment of Dave being left to take on the role everyone had assumed John would (carrying on the business etc.)

  191. Just saw the episode, and I’m writing my review of it as we speak. However, I just have to say one thing:


    That is all.

  192. Sorry if this has been asked already, but will John’s brother be making an appearance in Season Five?

  193. (And, oh, yeah, even I without a math and science background realize that 3 normal sized adults plus a huge load of dirt are going to weigh more than 300-400 pounds, but Sam had to have RODNEY tell her that?)
    Mary – fwiw, I took Rodney’s comment to be about his weight – as in, implying that Sam had underestimated just how much Rodney weighs. Badly underestimated, heh.

  194. If you haven’t seen Tekkonkinkreet yet I HIGHLY suggest it. It is one of the most visually stunning and touching movies I have seen in a long time.

  195. *waves*

    So, anything is possible in Scifi, even a shirtless Shep ep! Why Mr M you aren’t just teasing me are you? 😉

    So have we got names for three eppies then? Are they all running concurrently? Or are there eppies in between those three you’ve named?

    Have to say, I watched Trio and sorry, but it didn’t do anything for me. To be honest it fell flat for about the first 37 minutes. I just didn’t feel as if it was up to Marty G’s normal standard. The plot for me was just ‘Characters stuck in a box, and they have to get out of it.’ I kind of expected more from an ep of Marty G’s. I don’t know why, but I compared this ep to ‘Missing’, maybe because i’m trying to like Keller, and I felt these two it would let me see more into the character. So, let me get this straight, you put in a nearly shirtless Keller, and yet no shirtless Shep? Shame on you Mr M. 😉 I really loved Missing, and I think for me it felt as if there was a real sense of danger for Teyla and Keller, and I loved the Bola Kai characters. Their neanderthal type of characters kept things real, and primal and exciting, and there was a real sense of danger for the team. Here it didn’t come across like that at all, so sorry I was bored. I did ‘snort’ at Keller’s Arnie reference. (I’d spell Shwarzneggar, but i’d probably just embarrass myself LOL). So, there’s still hope, but for me it only gets a 3/10 🙁 And it wasn’t just because it was the ‘Trio’ I love Sam and McKay moments, and humour, but nothing seemed to work it appeared too predictable and no suspense. And the medical thing again, oh Mr M, please tell me you have a nurse or doctor on staff or counsell, because the medical stuff again, just didn’t cut it for me at all, no pedal pulse check, just pressing of the balls of the feet. no checking of Sam’s abdomen for internal injurie’s and an hour for symptoms to show of internal bleeding? And then at the end Sam was okay apart from the broken leg? Not good Mr M. Sorry, I tried.

    So, quick question since you were kind enough to answer my last one. Will we see the Bola Kai again anytime soon?


  196. It would help if I actually paragraphed things wouldn’t it? Ooops, sorry.

  197. Joe,
    A little late, since this is an old post, I know, but since you asked I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed both Pumpkin Scissors and Le Chevalier D’Eon. Definitely recommended. ^.^

    Loving season 4! <3

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