13 thoughts on “February 7, 2008: More Snow Bunny!

  1. Hi Joe! Cool video of you dog’s! Was that lulu running around! how cute! Boundfulls of energy there! She doesn’t seem to mind the snow!


  2. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but on a blog words are helpful.

    No blog? – Part 3

    You ok? – The Lost Man

  3. I love your blog. Dogs, food, food, food, food, dogs, oh yeah, people. Such cute dogs.
    I like how you handle people who are not content to just disagree but have to be jerks while doing it. But I am sorry people do not respect and appreciate the time you give the fans. Don’t let the energy vampires ever keep you from remembering that most of us greatly appreciate your efforts. And in case people don’t say it often enough, thank you.

  4. Finally! The ep with Teal’c & Ronon. Since I saw the pics you posted last year, I’ve been waiting for this one.

    Yippee! (Color me excited.)

  5. I’ve been under the weather or I’d have said two days ago: I’m very happy to get the cast announcement at last! I’m happy we’re not truly losing anyone from this year’s cast, and I very much like Robert Picardo. I do hope he won’t be just comic relief, as in some episodes I won’t name here! He has had some great episodes, especially at the beginning: “Heroes” and “Inauguration,” and while he’s always good, he’s great with strong material. I’m looking forward to seeing Amanda Tapping sometimes (though I hope Sanctuary goes well!) and Michael Shanks at least twice.

    I’m thrilled to get Carson back, but I was a tad disappointed at the number of episodes. I see you’ve also said if you have more stories for him, he might be in more: if you need help with that, let me know! (Don’t forget my standing offer to help with Latin and Old and Middle English, either. They might not come in so handy in Pegasus, but hey, you never know.)

    I wanted to ask about a previous exchange on your blog:
    Q: “…will go down in scifi history as some of the dumbest things ever done.”
    Answer: I don’t know. It’s gonna be tough to up-end those ewoks from the top spot.

    Do you really think the Ewoks are worse than Jar-Jar Binks?

    My Top Three list of bad SF decisions in movies and tv:
    1 Jar-Jar
    2 Late X-Files
    3 the touch-Logan-and-he’ll-die virus on Dark Angel
    I haven’t decided yet the exactly where “exploding tumor kills beloved Doctor Carson Beckett” and “Ewoks” go on the list, but they’re not in the Top Three. Might be Four and Five; I’ll try to remember to let you know when I’ve decided.

  6. Even Jar Jar doesn’t hold a candle to the sci fi travesty that was the Star Wars Christmas Special. *shudders at the memory*

    And the puppies are so cute! It’s wonderful to see how much Lulu loves the snow. We just got so much here that my grandma’s Jack Russell Terrier keeps disappearing in the snowbanks every time she tries to go outside.

  7. Aww, so cute! Looks like Lulu also found herself some of that mystical ‘yellow snow’. Make sure she doesn’t eat it. 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  8. Lulu is such a cutie. You can tell that she sure LOVES the snow. We have a toy dachshund (very tiny) that HATES the snow with a passion. Right now we have approximately 9-10 inches of snow on the ground, and when it’s time for her to go outside she just gives us one of those ‘you’ve got to be kidding me looks’. We have to shovel a path for her or she would completely sink and be buried. *LOL*

    Super cute!! Thanks for sharing with us, Joe.

  9. Hi Joe!

    I’d nearly forgotten how darling Frenchies are. A couple of old friends of mine back in Illinois kept a trio of them and they were just too lovable for words.

    Thanks for posting more Lulu. As much as I love pugs, she’s fast becoming my favorite. LOL

    Pssst. . .don’t tell my cats I’ve been cheating on them by watching dog vids on your blog, okay. They might make me move out of their condo. ;-P

  10. New comment on an old post..sorry!
    How did you get into Pugs? It seems like you have so many of them!
    Your pup’s are much braver than my neighbour’s pug. She doesn’t like cold or hot. I don’t think she’d ever prance about in the snow like your LuLu.

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