With prep finally underway for the show’s fifth season, my focus has shifted from this blog to the production. That said, I’m well aware that many of you check in here on a regular basis fully expecting a daily entry. Well, rather than disappoint anyone, it’s at times like these when I call on my friends to help pick up the slack. In this case, Cookie Monster and Baron Destruto who have been kind enough to drop in today and offer some dvd and movie reviews. But be warned – spoilers abound!


Reviewed by Cookie Monster

Snakes on a Plane be good, old-fashioned fun popcorn movie. Minus fun. And not very good. Or old-fashioned. Also, no popcorn. Still, for movie dat make hardly any sense, it move along at brisk pace. What little story dere is about guy who taking flight from Hawaii to Los Anjelees to testify against mobster. But mobster find easy way to keep him from to testify. He put crateful of crazy poisonous snakes on plane! So simple, Cookie Monster surprised we don’t see dis happen more often. Airport security always checking shoes, but never checking innocent-looking crate of snakes. Something to tink about.

Anyway, halfway through flight door on snake crate blow open. At dis point, Cookie Monster tink “Hey, wait minute. If able to sneak bomb on board for to blow up crate door, why not just sneak bigger bomb on board for to blow up plane?” But Cookie Monster not film producer, so not have answer. Snakes get loose. Lots of people get bited. Some unlucky and die right away. Some lucky (aka – bigger stars) and hang around for a while. Snakes not only angry, but very spiteful. Sometimes bite, sometimes climb into people’s eyes and mouths, sometimes slither by in foreground of shot and wink at camera. People in business class more lucky because no snakes upstairs in deir section, but not so lucky later when riffraff finally reckon dey be better off not flying coach. Figuring dat out easy part. Figuring out how to climb stairs much, much harder. Staircase collapse and everyone fall down onto waiting snakes, making great case for why some people not cut out for first class travel. Luckily, FBI agent Samuel L. Jackson on board and he get in touch with “hardcore” snake expert played by actor who either make decision to play character sleepy-drunk or not bother to learn lines so look like he read dem off back of car headrest. Expert get anti-venom ready. Sam tell everyone to buckle up, den shoot out window. Plane decompress and snakes all sucked out (and presoomably land on unlucky picnickers and sunbathers). Sammy J. land plane. Phew! Nightmare over. Or is it? No because now dey make Snakes on a Train.


Reviewed by Baron Destructo

Has anyone else happened to notice the growing divide between critics and the general movie-going public? While the great unwashed make box office hits of the likes of Meet the Spartans and Enchanted, movie critics are heaping praise on cryptic and increasingly inaccessible films like There Will Be Blood and Michael Clayton. What has caused this increasingly widening rift? Is the general movie-going public really that much stupider than they were, oh, ten years ago? Baron Destructo would argue yes, yes they are. On the other hand, have the endless movie-watching demands of their jobs rendered critics so jaded and cynical that they’ll laud any movie for the mere act of breaking established filmic convention? Again, Baron Destructo would argue yes, yes they have.

No Country for Old Men is a brilliant three-quarters of a movie. Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, it had me and the rest of the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil on the edge of our Corinthian leather recliners. Javier Bardem’s portrayal of the dispassionately ruthless killer Anton Chigurh is chilling and more than a little reminiscent of a young Count Sinister. Yet, for some reason, the film ultimately eschews its taut, suspenseful narrative to – a) kill off the protagonist off-screen, and b) continue along matter-of-factly some twenty minutes past it’s dramatically satisfying conclusion. The Baron would argue that there is a good reason the three-act structure has become so entrenched as a way of telling a story on the big screen. BECAUSE IT WORKS! While the Baron won’t go so far as to say it’s a hard and fast rule that should never be broken, he will argue that there should be a good reason for doing so. And the breaking of tradition for the simple sake of being different is not so much a statement as it is an affected FU to the audience.

Of course, like most associations, the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil boasts its fair share of pseudo-intellecti and preening cognoscenti, and they have been quick to disagree with the Baron…

“But the Josh Brolin character wasn’t the protagonist,”argues the Malevolater. “The Sheriff played by Tommy Lee Jones shares in this role, so the decision to dispatch of Josh’s character off-screen and about a half an hour before the final credits is a sound one.”

– “Your cervo implants must be messing up your synaptic plasticity,”the Baron counters. “A film’s protagonist is it’s hero, the character driving the action. The Tommy Lee Jones character, on the other hand, was a passive entity, a commentator/philosopher more akin to Ancient Greek drama’s Chorus. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous.”

“But that’s the way it happened in the book!”argues the Malevolater.

– “So what?”is the Baron’s response. “Perhaps the most important aspect of adapting a book to the big screen is in translating the written word to the visual medium, giving the source material life within the filmic framework. The book and the movie are separate entities and should be appreciated as such. ”

In the end, the Baron doesn’t mind the odd artistic peculiarities. In truth, he has attended more of Glaxnor the Miscreant’s performance art shows than he would care to admit to. But, again, it must make sense within the framework of the movie. Take the Sheriff’s post-shooting visit to the motel room. He stands outside, anxious, perhaps a little fearful. We cut inside to reveal the Chigurh character inside, seemingly waiting for him. Eventually, the Sheriff heads inside and – Chigurh is not there. What happened? Did he dislocate his skeletal structure and slip out through the air conditioning vent like the Purple Lamprey escaping the clutches of Justice Incorporated as Princess Arcana suggested? No. According to the actor who played Chigurh, his character was never in the room. “It was a manifestation of the Sheriff’s fear,”explained the Malevolater. To which the Baron counters: “Is your adreno-serum screwing with your basal ganglia? How the hell can he possibly imagine someone he has never met before?”

What made this experience so frustrating for the Baron was the fact that No Country for Old Men IS a truly great movie up to a certain point, and then it seemingly ceases to care – about its characters, its audience, and what has come before. The Baron is reminded of the incredibly unsatisfying conclusion to The Sopranos and how faux wunderkinds tripped all over one another to celebrate its out-of-the-box finale, meticulously deciphering supposed clues in the narrative – hidden symbols, turns of the phrase – that, in their minds, presented irrefutable evidence that Tony Sopranos had been killed off at series’ end. Painstakingly conceived theories that were, in the end, completely upended when show creator/finale writer David Chase revealed that – No, Tony Sopranos was, in fact, not dead.

Fie! The Baron yearns for the day when the broad chasm between the cinema dilettante and the masses of mouth-breathers is finally bridged. When we can all unite in our adoration of movies like Braveheart and The Silence of the Lambs. When he can spend a peaceful movie night with his fellow megalomaniacal mates without having to resort to his fire gauntlets to get the Malevolater to shut the hell up! Is it really so much to ask?

Today’s entry is dedicated to Rachel and our friends in the Southern U.S.

Today’s mailbag –

Narellefromaus writes: “I’ve decided to read another Iain Banks novel. You recommend both The Player of Games and Use of Weapons. Do you have a preference of one over the other?”

Answer: They’re both excellent – but I would lean toward Player of Games.

Thornyrose writes: “You’ve indicated McGillion is onboard for 5 episodes. Do you already have outlines for those stories, or are you planning to write the scripts now that you know you have the character?”

Answer: One of Beckett’s appearances has already been scripted. Another two have been outlined and about to be written. And, at this point, we have a vague idea for two more.

Karen writes: “Can you reassure us that Zelenka will be back?”

Answer: Yes, rest assured Zelenka will be back for the show‘s fifth season. As will Lorne.

JoJoB writes: “Oh, and another point about Keller, not everyone who skips grades and graduates early has a miserable childhood. I skipped two grades and graduated high school at 16 1/2. I had no “fitting in” problems. I went to dances, to my prom, was in the marching band, the chorus, played sports and was a normal high schooler. The only problem I had was that I was the only senior who had to take the bus to school since the driving age in New Jersey is 17. I had to live on campus my freshman year of college since I still wasn’t old enough to drive. My experiences didn’t ostracize me. I married my college sweetheart, we have a beautiful daughter and just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. I have a successful career, too.”

Answer: Congratulations to you. However, I’m sure it’s remotely possible that others have had very different experiences.

Kate writes: “Only letting through the good stuff, hey Joe?”

Answer: Actually, if you’d bothered to read through the preceding comments, you would have noticed there’s a good mix of opinion here. I just have zero tolerance for obnoxious posters. But I’ll make an exception in your case.

Kate also writes: “…you got rid of Elizabeth because she wasn’t leadership material because Atlantis was at war, right, and you needed someone military.”

Answer: I believe you’re confusing the behind-the-scenes decision on the character and the ensuing in-show explanation for the change.

Kate also writes: “You may as well rename the show “Stargate: Crybabies”.”

Answer: I think that would be a far more appropriate title for your comment.

Kate also writes: “The decisons to get rid of Beckett and Weir, the decisions to switch to Carter and Keller, and now the decision to bring in Woolsey as a leader — […] — will go down in scifi history as some of the dumbest things ever done.”

Answer: I don’t know. It’s gonna be tough to up-end those ewoks from the top spot.

Kate also writes: “You need your head read.”

Answer: You mean like phrenology? Please. I don’t buy into that antiquated mumbo jumbo, preferring instead the far more grounded practices of galvanism and moxibustion.

Kate also writes: “If you haven’t even spoken to Torri, or decided how many episodes you want her for, isn’t it a little presumptuous to be telling fans she’ll be back?”

Answer: Not necessarily.

Ascended Tauri writes: “Will we see the Wraith worshiper that escaped at the end of ‘Reunion’ return this season, or in Season 5?”

Answer: We’ll be seeing Tyre (played by Mark Dacascos) in season 5’s Broken Ties.

Jenn writes: “ Will the focus of the show still be on the team (i.e. Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon and McKay) in season 5?”

Answer: Yes, both as a team and as individuals.

Kamilla writes: “I was wondering who wrote these last episodes of season four?”

Answer: Midway – Carl Binder, Trio – Martin Gero, Kindred I – Joseph Mallozzi, Kindred II – Alan McCullough, The Last Man – Paul Mullie.

Fargate writes: “Do you consider Mrs Claudia Black to play Porter’s character?”

Answer: Nope.

Khyrra writes: “In regards to Sheppard knowing McKay’s password in “Quarantine”: did we ever actually see Rodney tell John the code? It seems like I remember such a scene, but no one on the SciFi Channel board can find it(several of us have been scanning transcripts). Are we all crazy, or did it happen offscreen?”

Answer: I’m sorry to say that, yes, you are crazy.

Ernie writes: “I have a question as I was watching some of SG-1 Seasons. I noticed a lot of the episodes are labeled with the actors as Executive Producers or writers. Like RDA as Executive Producer and Christopher Judge as writer. Is this something that the actors wanted to do to help their career or something fun for them?”

Answer: Rick started on the show as an executive producer. As for Chris, he always expressed an interest in writing an episode and eventually did – The Changeling. He went on to write several more and is presently shopping a pilot he wrote – Rage of Angels. I think writing is definitely something Chris enjoys, although I think you’d have to ask him for the details.

146 thoughts on “February 6, 2008: Cookie Monster reviews Snakes on a Plane, Baron Destructo reviews No Country for Old Men

  1. “Answer: I don’t know. It’s gonna be tough to up-end those ewoks from the top spot.”

    Really you rank ewoks over Jar Jar Binks? Any Chance we will be seeing the Travelers in season 5, most notably Larrin?

  2. “I don’t know. It’s gonna be tough to up-end those ewoks from the top spot.”

    Are you kidding? I love the ewoks!! They’re great!!

  3. Joe,
    I admire the way you handle some of the more “annoying” comments here. I am a teacher who, at times, receives ridiculous and annoying letters from parents. I’m wondering if I could hire YOU to respond to them!

  4. Hey Joe! thanks for thinking of all us southerners!! We had a little bit of damage to our house/roof but everyone was safe so alls well that ends well!!! I still think seeing a “form” of us on Atlantis is a GREAT idea!!!! thanks for listening!!!

  5. I see you mentioned that Mark Dacascos will return in seadon 5. Has he asked you yet to be a judge on Iron Chef America?

  6. I think that Woolsey will be funny to see as C.O.
    Not so much as “the team hates him. Sucked In.” but more as funny comments the team will make to one another about him. It’s like Sheppard liking Ellis, and McKay disliking him(Is that an understatement?). McKay was like “really?.”

    The one thing I want if you are going to have Woolsey in there is BANTER. Write a few comically ironic scenes. Sort of like how McKay felt annoyed and squirmish in McKay and Mrs. Miller. (Mess hall scenes in particular.)

  7. Hi Joe,

    My flatmate is camera assistant on Australia’s top crime show, and has started racking up the work hours since shooting started this week (heading off at 7am, arriving home closer to 11pm). As one of the Exec Producers, do you have to pull those kinds of hours during production too? Or do you get to work a more civilised week?

  8. JM, this is a little late but a special thanks to whomever for the five episodes next season with Dr. Beckett. Our household really missed seeing him this season. (But that doesn’t mean we’re on the Keller hate list. You’ve got her holding her own and making her own space.) Oh, and having Woolsey in charge of Atlantis next season is a great idea. I guess that’s two things to look forward to. Kudos!

  9. ** Kate also writes: “The decisons to get rid of Beckett and Weir, the decisions to switch to Carter and Keller, and now the decision to bring in Woolsey as a leader — […] — will go down in scifi history as some of the dumbest things ever done.” **

    It doesn’t really matter at this point, nothing in the history of television or Science fiction will ever top the canceling of Firefly.

    And second behind that would be airing Firefly out of order in the first place.

    So everyone else is competing for third place. Although Atlantis won’t be it. (As long as they don’t write an episode where McKay somehow gets impregnated with an alien baby)

  10. I always felt that Sheppard’s vision in Progeny was like…a sudden and panultimate doom for the Atlantis team. If the show goes under I want an ending like that.

    One in which Sheppard shows his true leadership skills. Even though it is a bit ‘drone-slinger’ of him. Because his persona was ‘I’m going to the chair room. And I’m going to take care of these guys.’

    season 2.siege 3. “I’m sick of this.”

  11. Ah, Snakes on a Plane. I remember all the buzz before that came out. And then it came out and people realized it really just wasn’t good at all, and the buzz immediately fizzled. And then, at some point, the second round of fun started:



    While the great unwashed make box office hits of the likes of Meet the Spartans and Enchanted

    Oh, please don’t tell me you’re likening Enchanted to Meet the Spartans. Enchanted was cute and sweet, while Meet the Spartans is clearly just crude and unfunny (but considering who made it, that’s to be expected).

    In reaction to one of the comments you answered…it annoys me when people assume that when you present one type of person, that you’re creating a stereotype for what you think everyone that fits into that category to be. In this case, that kids who are smart enough to skip grads suffer socially. Or that just because a show/book may happen to have only one female character, or black character, or whatever, that you’re stereotyping and that you think all women/blacks/whatever are whatever that character is. It’s irritating. Like a character can’t be an individual, even if they’re the only representative of their gender/race/occupation/religion/etc. present.

  12. Fair warning taken on the fact that you’ll be giving priority to other matters than this blog. Knowing that those priorities will mean future teasers and photos makes the idea of a cutback in our daily dosage of bloggery tolerable. Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo seem competent to handle matters in your absence…
    Thanks for the mailbag. Oh my, the ewok thing…too incredibly funny. Though I vaguely recall a Star Wars tv special involving the wookies that hits worst of both tv and sci fi.
    Um, a red faced apology is also in order. It seems that you incurred some expenses when I shipped you a couple of books. I’ll be happy to make amends. I’ve worked up a way around customs issues(though my undertsanding at the time of shipping was that there should not have been any charges). I leave it to your discretion on how I might correct my oversight.

  13. Hi Joe,

    When you say “story in place” regarding Weir, does this mean 1 episode? 2.71828 episodes? 3.14159 episodes? Also, did Robert Picardo and Jewel Staite’s relative star power in the world of sci-fi influence your decision to bring them on?


  14. I spent a crazy amount of money on chocolate today… I got a really dark chocolate hot chocolate, and some individual chocolates.

    Tequila, lime and salt
    Ginger and Wasabi
    Lime dark chocolate truffle
    Chilli bitter

    I haven’t decided what order I will eat them.

    You are bad for me, Joe.

  15. I’m excited to see Woolsey on Atlantis! Robert Picardo is a great actor, and I love how he plays Woolsey. I imagine his taking command of Atlantis and his command style will make for some good drama and funny moments. Can’t wait for season 5! And Beckett’s back…cool!

  16. Way to go Joe…
    I loved the reviews. They made me giggle a lot. I love your humorous antics. And I think that if you needed to you could skip a day or two. I know most of us would totally understand that your job comes first and who knows if you don’t post every night, it might get some of these nay sayers to look else where to spew their diatribe and leave this blog for good! One can only hope. Have a great night!

    One question:
    Have you and Marty G. given any more thought to having a blog fan dinner at Fuel the week of April 3rd?

    Best wishes for a moderately silent night and not seeing over 200 plus postings of opinions that most of do not want to read anyway… IMHO.

    Patricia Lee

  17. Happy Wednesday!

    Two quick things…1) The comments seem very divided on Woolsey — while sad to see Carter go, I think Woolsey is a great choice. He must be a great character to explore from your perspective, and I look forward to it. 2) Is there a difference between “Special Guest Star” and “Special Guest”? (Referring, of course, to the press release wording.)

    Have a great evening!

  18. Speaking of Christopher Judge, is there any chance Teal’c will be stopping by to check in on Ronan in season five?


  19. I didn’t find the ending to The Sopranos unsatisfying at all — in fact I found it a great ending, kind of a Lady and the Tiger type of ending. But then I didn’t particularly want Tony to die and yet I didn’t want him to get away either, so maybe that ambivalence fed my feeling that the ending was brilliant. Sorry to say that I found that ending for the Sopranos far more satisfying than I did “Unending” for my ten years of watching Stargate SG-1. Except for the final walk up the ramp — that was cool and very satisfying — but the time loop interim was pretty much rubbish to me.

    To add to the conversation of early graduations causing ‘fitting in’ problems. Both my brother and I skipped grades — I graduated two months into 17 and my brother graduated at 16. I had no problems ‘fitting in’ either in class or into social situations as the youngest girl … but my brother had it much rougher when he was often too young to do what his peers (for example, on dates) were doing. Hence, he was always lying about his age and carrying phony IDs as a teenager, until he got old enough where it didn’t matter. In fact, there were many times I felt sorry for him and considered that skipping grades and graduating early was not the best thing. I even considered that if I had a son, I would refuse to let that happen to him.

  20. I’d have to say, as far as Snakes on a Plane, Cookie Monster is a genius. I don’t know about No Country For Old Men, as I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been a fan of Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem for a while (yes, I’ve seen Spanish movies on HBO). However, I’m willing to trust the Baron, even though I will eventually watch the movie and make my own determination as to its worth.

    Has anyone else happened to notice the growing divide between critics and the general movie-going public?

    For a good many years now, yes.

    And may I say, without apple polishing, that the Baron and the Monster provide a better critical guide than do the overpaid sourpusses of Criticdom.

  21. Hey Joe,
    It’s my birthday on the 7th can I get the blog dedicated to me? Thanks

  22. Cool, Zelenka and Lorne will be in season five!

    Actually, yeah, most of the time when you’re a grade or so ahead it’s normally pretty hard to fit in. I’m a year ahead (I did the fifth and sixth grade in the same year) and I’m going to college (at the same time as high school), so it’s a bit unusual. It’s kind of weird being the youngest person in a college class. Most of the people in the class are four or five years older than you and won’t have anything to do with you (my high school classes aren’t a problem, they’re all ISP (Independent Study Program)classes except for my Mythology class, which is with other ISP students anyways). Like in my engineering class last semester, I had to explain most of the material that we had to learn to the person I was doing a project with (which is always really strange). Actually, I like the Keller character more now that you guys wrote in the ‘kid genius, hard time fitting in’ backstory. She’s finally lost the ‘evil chipmunk’ nickname my sister and I gave her (’cause she looks kind of like a chipmunk, and she played a replicator in This Mortal Coil).

    Please answer this question. Have you ever seen the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire? It’s a cartoon movie, I think it came out around 2000, and the lead character looks just like Daniel Jackson.

  23. Although I share your disdain for the ewoks, might I point you to the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special Featuring Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Miss Diahann Carroll, The Jefferson Starship and other wacky guests as the most insane travesty against sci fi ever committed? And yes, there is a drinking game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asnVcbWQ2cg

  24. When writing… is it easy to fall back on things that could have happened off camera to produce an on camera solution? If so, do you try to avoid doing so?

  25. Did you just say that ewoks were dumb??? They’re quite possibly the cutest things ever!!! I love Wicket! Man, now I don’t know about you anymore, Joe…

    And I completely agree with Baron Destructo and his No Country For Old Men review. I saw it this past weekend with a few of my friends and we all had a good rant about the last half hour of it. Ugh. [Don’t read the rest if you don’t want to see possibly spoilers…I really hate that word]

    The Tommy Lee Jones/Bardem-in-a-closet part confused me as well. I also kept wondering why Llewelyn didn’t hurl the tracking devise out the hotel window when he first discovered it. Or smash it. And not only did Anton kill the protagonist off-screen, but his wife, as well. Assuming he did kill her, that is. And what’s with him being hit by a car at the end? What exactly was the point of that? Other than emphasizing that he can apparently take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

    I did get a kick out of Tommy Lee Jones’s character being named Ed Tom Bell. Ed Tom. Hehe. I suppose the fact that my 2 friends and I all managed to zone out during Ed Tom’s ending speech didn’t help our opinion of the movie.

    “What? It’s over?? Crap! What did he say at the end??”

    “I don’t know, I zoned out.”

    “Shit, so did I.”

    “Oh well.”

    But man, that Javier Bardem character with his oxygen tank weapon thing was uber creepy.


  26. Bonsoir Joseph,
    J’ai adoré ton blog ce soir tu m’as autant fait rire avec les commentaires de Cookie monster que tes réponses aux commentaires insipides de certains. Merci !

  27. After reading today’s mailbag, I realized that if I want to send you a comment, I should add a G to Kate! There seem to be two of us. And Woolsey, very nice choice. The more annoying he gets, the more he grows on me.

  28. I’m a long time fan of Stargate and just wanted to voice my appreciation of, and respect for, all the work that goes into the franchise.

    I’m curious though, how do you handle some of the fans on sites like gateworld? All it seems is that the website is full of complainers and naysayers – almost to the point that I bet dollars to donus that if you invited every single member of gateworld to appear in a Stargate episode, they would still complain! You must have the patience of Job 🙂

  29. Wow, wow, and did I say wow?!? FCOL!! All this fuss over characters and plotlines and writing!! I’m sorry but i’m glad of the changes!! This is by far the best Season Atlantis has spun out yet! If the show remain a constant it would stagnate and would be boring and something Jar Jar Binks could relate too. God knows there has been enough shows on tv that start off wonderful then go down the drains because of executives cave into fan pressure. I loved Weir and Carson both, but this show can’t evolve and grow if the same actors stay. This may be a simpletons view on the situation but like everyone else in this world, it’s an opinion.

    BTW Joe? You may have answered this before but I saw a recent show on Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations in Vancouver. I thought he and the show were great but How do you feel about him?

  30. Hello Joe!
    Well, all excellent and exciting news. I can honestly say, I’ve enjoyed every moment of Atlantis thus far. Y’all have done an unparalleled job from writing to acting and most especially with SFX. Brilliant and BRAVO! Can’t wait for S5. (And oh, yeah. . .thanks so much for not killing Our Darling Radek!)

    Snakes on a Plane? How about Goats on a Boat?
    (language warning kids) lol

    Roll on SGA S5!

  31. Have to agree with cookie and baron about both films and add to the list of ‘ugh’ movies ‘There will be blood’. I wonder if either of you liked 3:10 to Yuma (i loved it!)

    What’s up with the hostile Weir fans, let it go. The show is about a team, teams change players sometimes! Can’t wait to see how Woolsey fits!

  32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAJgFDCU3So

    I love this.. snakes on a plane auditions. See who the artist is imitating. Warning – language!!

    Kate’s no doubt going to retort to your answers Joe, so Kate, show some respect eh? Telling someone they need their head red is just bad manners. I don’t think you want to make Joe angry. Remember , Italian blood and he already says he never forgets *cue Godfather theme*..


    Kisses to Baron Destruto (as you called him ) and Cookie Monster.

  33. Joe said: With prep finally underway for the show’s fifth season, my focus has shifted from this blog to the production.

    I was just about to say ‘don’t work too hard, Joe’, then I remembered – that’s our SGA you’re toiling away on!
    So go ahead, Joe – work your butt off!!! 😀
    Start writing (and writing and writing) all that terrific banter we’re looking forward to between Rodney and Daniel.

    I’m going to miss Amanda – be sure that you write some real meaty stories for her few appearances, OK?
    (see? a food adjective – I know how to get your attention!! :razz:)

  34. Bonnes nuits Joseph, et merci pour les nouvelles!

    We´re going to miss Amanda, but I hope that everything goes well to Sanctuary.

    I have to say that I´m not a Weir fan. Mckay and Teyla are my favourite characters, but I like Elizabeth and I´m missing her in this season.

    And yes, I wish she could return for more than 4 episodes.

    Torri is an amazing actress, and Elizabeth is a good character who has contributed in many ways to the amazing first seasons of SGA.

    I´m not trying to say that the show can´t continue without her, but she was an important and beloved part of it, and not only her personal fans care about her.

    So, I think it´s not fair to say that Weir is not a very beloved character.

    Here, at France, she has many many fans (I guess that there are many fan webs that prove it), and I think that say that the fans are not missing her is an insult to these people who loves the character and the show.

    As I, there are many fans who have enjoyed Carter in Atlantis, and are going to enjoy Woosley too, but this haven´t nothing to do with our wish to see Weir again as another member of the expedition for a couple of episodes.

    Joe, sorry for the long post, but I really felt that somebody had to try to be just and objective.

  35. YO.

    I’ll be honest, when I saw the Woolsey was the new leader, I was skeptical. However, the more I think about it, the more I trust that you guys are going to make it work and you know what you’re doing. I’m excited!

    Question! These new enemies that season 5 will bring… will it be another faction of humans, or an actual alien species? I know you probably can’t/won’t answer this yet, but I figured I might as well try!

  36. **Question**: What has been the general reception towards the Keller character by critics, and how (did) that affect your decision to make her full-time?

  37. First, thank you so much for letting us know Lorne and Zelenka will be back for S5! They are the most engaging supporting characters I’ve seen in any TV show, and provide perfect counterpoints to Sheppard and McKay. I hope to see them often for as long as Atlantis is on air.

    As for Keller’s high school backstory, I have to say I also found it disappointing. For one thing, I’ve known many people who skipped a grade or two in school, and none of them had trouble fitting in at school. While I don’t deny the possibility that there may be some people somewhere who had a miserable social experience due to skipping grades, the stereotype strikes me as based more on myth than reality. But the greatest problem I had with Keller’s backstory is that it was couched in such generic terms. There was no concrete detail that stuck in my memory. Compare that to the many colorful backstories of Rodney McKay, starting with his childhood dream of becoming a world-class pianist, to the most recent reveal of his bicycle accident after acing an important exam. I could probably recite all of them to you from memory because each one is so concrete and vividly rendered. I know Keller is a very different character from McKay, but that shouldn’t mean that her backstory can’t be presented with as much attention to detail. For instance, the story about her classmate planting a snake in a cadaver was very good! Please give us more like that one.

    Oh, and finally, talking about backstories, thank you so much for Outcast. You gave us some answers, but they were the kind that led to even more questions — which I think is the best kind of answers where characters’ backstories are concerned.

  38. nswer: Rick started on the show as an executive producer.

    Uhhh, actually he did not. He became an exec producer in s2.

  39. Hi Joe,

    I have been reading you blog for the better part of 18 months now, for some reason I never posted. It has been a rough couple of years for me and the antics of the Barron and his blue friend always seem to make me laugh. Being an avid SG1/SGA fan I find the incite you provide about the goings on of the franchise to be fascinating. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks.

    As for the food thing, I think the fan Fuel dinner is great idea. I would actually fly out just for that dinner if it happened. Fuel looks & sounds so good I might fly out just to eat dinner, fan dinner or not.

    BTW love the bob picardo choice.


  40. Here’s some Stargate jokes and a sci-fi in general joke. They may not be particularly funny, (they might be funny, it just depends on your sense of humor) but they’re clean:

    Six ways you know you’re lost………
    #1 When you’re fighting the Enterprise for a parking space
    #2 When you look out your window and see a black hole
    #3 If you roll down your window to ask for directions and you get beamed up
    #4 The folks in the ‘ship next to you are pale greenish, have stringy white hair, and are licking their lips at the sight of you
    #5 The bumper sticker in front of you says BEEN 2 ROSWELL
    #6 The sign ahead says, ‘Thanks For Visiting The Milky Way. Come Again.’

    How many physicists does it take to change a light bulb?
    Three. McKay to complain about having to change the light bulb, Zelenka to say his family didn’t have electricity and Sam to threaten McKay with a lemon and actually change the light bulb!

    How many SG teams does it take to change a light bulb?
    Six. One to change the light bulb and five to rescue the first team!

    How to get an alien device to work:
    Thor: Beam it up, study it, decide it is hazardous and get help from the humans.
    Vala: Kick it.
    O’Neill: Get Carter.
    Jackson: Read the label.
    McKay: Complain about it until someone threatens him and then get it working in three minutes.

    How many McKays does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    One (if it’s Rodney), but he’ll need at least three people to yell at while he’s doing it.

    Nox, nox!
    Who’s There?
    (Sigh) Never mind…

    And if anyone thinks any of the jokes are even slightly funny, please say so (if you don’t think any of them are funny, please don’t say anything). And I changed my name from Elizabeth to Elizabeth S (in case anyone noticed, but they probably didn’t)

  41. Hehe I love it when you just lay into the stupid lesser beings like you did to “Kate” in today’s mailbag.

    It just makes my day! Especially when most days the only way I get to react to the stupidity I have to deal with is to rant to my co-workers and bang around my office.

    I know it’s their opinion and their sad little view of the world and that they are entitled to it, but don’t they realise how embarrassing their idiotic, uninformed and emotional tirades are?

    I don’t like stupid people and clearly you don’t either! Thank you for fighting back.

  42. Don’t dis the Ewoks. Maybe it helped that I first watched Star Wars when I was a little kid and they were like giant teddy bears, but they are my favorite Star Wars aliens.

    On what should be an unrelated note, I am really excited about Wolsey joining the cast. The difference in attitude his has compared with many (all?) of the other characters really opens the door for some potential conflict.

  43. Hey Joe!

    Thank you for taking the time to have a lengthy mailbag despite your new busy Season 5 schedule, I surmise. 😛 Oh, and don’t forget to thank the Baron and Cookie for their inputs, I still await their autographs! Heh 🙂

    Thanks again, and looking forward to “Trio”! Keep up the fantastic work, and say hi to the pugs for all of us!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – Very random question, do you like funnel cake?

  44. Hey J,
    I have to agree with cookie monster, snakes on a plane was a real failure, i didnt want to see it from the begining but no, my friends wouldnt listen to me.

    Question: How many people live on Atlantis?
    Also are you planning on writting in some recreational sports or activities like surfing or football games for the characters in s5?

    McKay playing football to impress Katie, that would be a laugh.

  45. Is the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil currently accepting applications for membership?

    Anyway, I must be honest and say that, at first, I was very wary about the decision to make Woolsey the one in charge, but the more I thought about it, I realised it was the best decision you could have made. I really can’t wait to see the resulting stories. =D

  46. I’m a little late, I know, but I did finally read the casting announcement. I wasn’t going to because I hate spoilers, but I did anyway (because I have no self-control). Oddly enough, I don’t feel spoiled. Not like that time I accidentally read something crucial about the season finale and nearly cried.

    Reading through this post, I was beyond thrilled to see that the Iron Chef guy will be back for an episode. Fighting! Please say there will be fighting!

    (Also, snakes? My biggest fear. The reptile house at the zoo is off limits and I can’t even watch them on tv. Just, no.)

  47. Hey Joe

    So I was browsing this site and I found something I thought you’d find interesting. Remember when you and Marty G went shopping at Best Buy and had the overwhelming crowd of employees surround you to offer help (I mean the lack there of)..?

    Well don’t know if you’ve heard of this already or not, but this improv group did a prank/joke on Best Buy where they organized about 80 of their members to wear blue collared shirts, khaki pants and infiltrate their local Best Buy. They sent one person in every 15 seconds.. they were instructed to stand by merchandise, help customers if they asked, and to say they were waiting for a friend if a real employee approached. Anyways I thought it was pretty funny. Here’s the link to the site, has some funny stories and videos about the “event”… just think of all the satisfied customers THAT day..


  48. Elizabeth…
    I think they are cute jokes!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Lee

  49. Hello from Greece! Just curious. Production wise, when you have an actor/actress with a good role and an “atrracting” story-arc if as a person the actor/actress is a bad ass do you as a producer end or limit the arc? And if yes, how difficult is this decision?

  50. Good morning from the Middle East! While I enjoyed your making light of that one person’s annoying post, I can’t help but notice that I never get a questions answered! I must have really boring questions.

    SO….I have come up with a question that I think is fantastic. (Pardon the pre-question background paragraph)

    We are about to finish watching all the seasons of SG1, yes I know, we are behind. My husband is a HUGE Star Trek fan, he loves TNG and Voyager especially. Our friends, who are lending us the SG1 seasons, have recommended that we move on directly to Atlantis and then give Battlestar Galactica a try.

    My husband did not like the original Battlestar Galactica series, he says it annoyed him. Do you think he would like the new series? Would you recommend any other scifi series for him? He hasn’t seen Farscape either, I know there is a lot of discussion on here about that show. After getting caught up on Atlantis, what series should we try next?

    As reference, his favorite TV series are Star Trek (obviously), 24, Lost, the new Terminator series. He also like the shortlived Surface.

    Thanks for the recos, if you give them. Its lonely living here, and SG1 has really (as cheesy as it sounds) saved us, making us happier and making us feel less homesick. Thank you for that!


  51. To contribute to the continuing school debate…I didn’t skip a grade, but I did start early. I was in the same year as my cousin, who’s over a year older than me. Thus, I was quite used to being the youngest in the class, until I got to my fourth or fifth year of college and most of the people I hung around tended to be a few years younger than me, at which point it felt very, very weird to be older than most of my classmates (of course, at that time, most of my classes were theatre, so that’s a bit different in itself). Anyway, to the point, I personally never felt out of place or left out because of being younger. That is to say, I certainly did feel like I didn’t fit in much of the time, but I never thought it was because I was younger. I have plenty of other reasons to blame that on.

    So, I suppose this still makes Keller one of the youngest on Atlantis, right? Or at least, one of the youngest people of any kind of high rank or importance. So, she’s probably used to being the youngest, as well. I’d be curious to see her interact with a person only slightly younger than her, yet somehow making her feel very old to be around them. Perhaps another child genius, who’s slightly younger and slightly smarter, but makes her feel very old and quite dumb to be around that person, just because she’s not used to it. Just a random thought.

  52. I thoroughly enjoyed “Snakes on a Plane” when it came out. Went to go see it twice in theatres (the second time was free, thank god). The crowd was really excited and we all screamed at the screen when “The Line” came on. It’s definitely one of those movies you have to watch with a group of friends to truly “appreciate” and be entertained by.

    Answer: Congratulations to you. However, I’m sure it’s remotely possible that others have had very different experiences.

    TIME magazine did an article a while back about child geniuses and their social problems. Not all the teenagers had social problems, but a high number of them did. It all depends on how someone’s raised and if they can adapt to social situations. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1653653,00.html

    Joe, can you tell us in which episode Teyla will have her baby? And I’ve heard rumors that McKay’s going to deliever him. Can you squash that? 🙂

  53. Does Baron Destructo have a British accent? Because that’s the way I always hear him in my head.

    Also, I’m quite intrigued to see how Woolsey gets on with the rest of the characters as a regular. I was a big fan of Voyager and always enjoy seeing Mr. Picardo, whether he’s an obnoxious good guy, an obnoxious bad guy, or an obnoxious can’t-quite-figure-it-out guy.

  54. Hey Joe,

    I enjoy your blog, especially the dog pics and, of course, the Stargate ‘behind the scenes’ tidbits.

    To be honest, I found your style a bit brusque and off-putting at first, but after months of reading constant complaints from supposed fans, I now admire your restraint and good humor.


  55. Joe said: “Answer: They’re both excellent – but I would lean toward Player of Games.”

    Thanks Joe, much appreciated.

    When I initially read your response regarding ewoks, I was wondering why on earth someone would invent a virtual chinese cooking utensil in the first place.

    If you need to take some blog time off I’m sure we can just amuse ourselves here. Don’t expect your blog to be in the same condition as when you left it though.

    Speaking of which, how’s the state of the house with Fondy away?

    Enjoy sinking your teeth into Season 5. Have a great night. Be safe all those in the US who are facing the aftermath of the tornadoes.

    ~ Narelle from Aus

  56. Its good to see you let your alter egos out to do something constructive. That Cookie Monster is brilliant and incisive I never tire of reading his comments nor do I seem to ever find myself disagreeing with him, the same goes for the good Baron whose moustach twirling demeanour always gives me a laugh. Any chance we’re going to see either of them in Season 5? Just a mention would be cool.

  57. Hey Joe!

    I’ve spent the last few weeks reading your blog from start to finish… which is why it has taken me a few weeks. You’ve been very prolific, but extremely entertaining! Mostly, I just want to thank you for the time you put in here, answering questions and clarifying points. You certainly don’t have to spend the time doing that, but the fact that you do means a lot. So thank you!

    I’ve been watching Stargate since the first season and while sometimes I’m initially skeptical about some of your choices choices, I always end up agreeing with you in the end. While I’m sad to see Carter go (she has always been my favorite character), I’m excited to see how you’re going to play Woolsey with the other characters. Should be interesting!

    My own question right now concerns Carl Binder and the Writer’s Strike. If the current talks fall through (and I pray they don’t), how would that effect the production? Would you set aside certain storylines for Carl in the future, or would you and the other writers just have to bulldoze ahead and pick up the slack? Thanks!

  58. Hey Joe,

    Thank you for keeping up the blog. Like *most* people (although surprisingly not all) who read it regularly, I’m happy to hear it will be kept up.

    You do realise that if you skipped a day I’d just be sad to miss my daily dose, and not at all worried about you, right?

  59. Hi Joe
    I’ve been looking all over the internet, and I can’t seem to find the reason Rainbow Sun Franks left the show. Come to think of it, I never really found out why Richard Dean Anderson left, too. Could you please explain these to me? Thanks.

  60. “I don’t know. It’s gonna be tough to up-end those ewoks from the top spot.”

    You’d also also have to beat whomever thought it was a good idea to let David Duchovney write an episode of the X-Files. You know the one, with all the major unresolved plot lines that went nowhere?

    Question for you: Todd is my best friend’s absolute favorite character (he’s a close second to McKay for me); will we be seeing him again at all in Season 5?

  61. I’m grinning like mad in reading that Woolsey/Picardo will be a regular in S5. I’m hoping we’ll be seeing some good character growth and stories out of him and I imagine the political conflict of interests between Shep’s crew and him will be interesting. He comes off to me as a decent guy and can play politics, it’s just that he’s out of his depth in Pegasus. I’m hoping we’ll see Woolsey grow into a formidable commander. (Provided you guys don’t kill him. Please don’t! And of course, please don’t kill Todd or Michael either!) Though really, I’m just happy that we’ll be getting more of Robert Picardo.

    Glad to also read that Zelenka and Lorne will also be in S5!

    As for Kolya… maybe he’s been injecting Wraith enzyme too? I’ve always wondered what would happened if Sheppard, Todd, and Kolya met again.

    Finally, just watched Harmony. It was cute and I’m surprised I enjoyed it. Though I couldn’t help imagine everything turning to ash. I loved the visuals of Jodelle’s movie, Silent Hill. Well, except for the onscreen, over-the-top brutality part of it near the end. So I also enjoyed Harmony in a rather unexpected way than what I think you guys were going for.

    P.S. I’ve been catching up on your blog. That uni sashimi from Tojo’s you posted a while back looks delicious. I love uni and would eat it everyday if I could.

  62. Snakes On A Plane was hyped up to the eyeballs but didn’t suck as much as I thought it would, it was fun seeing the many ways people could die. But that man was a complete *&^%”””! for throwing the poor dog in the path of a snake 🙁 at least he got what was coming to him. As for the bigger bomb, it could have been done but that would have made for a 30 second movie minus the snakes 😛

    No Country For Old Men was incredible 😀

    As for the season five press release, I was one of those who was upset at the loss of Carson and Weir and would love to have them back but TV is a cut throat business anyway so meh. Nice choice of Woosley, was a little sceptical of the decision but after thinking it over the IOA are the ones who oversee the expedition and therefore it’s logical 🙂 Plus Bob Picardo is all sorts of awesome 🙂 So kudos!

    As for questions, just one…

    Todd the Wraith? Will we see a return?

    Take care


  63. You mean from now on we wont be able to get our daily fix of Mallozzi? Alas, with this bad news also comes the super joy of season 5 and behind the scenes goss *nudge nudge* XD

  64. Hi Joe

    Glad to know you’re keeping busy. YOu get in less trouble that way.. Of course I think you like trouble.. Just finished “Before we were hanged” Good book, nice development of the characters. Did you read the third one in this series and if so what were your thoughts on it.

    Take Care


  65. Loving the blog as ever, Joe. Now I’m going to have to end up stereotypical as can be with my first ever comment, though, and ask something Stargate-related.

    I’m not looking for any exact answers, because of the nature of the question and all, but is there any lingering hope whatsoever for Aiden to show up in the upcoming fifth season? Or has it been pretty much left behind as usual? This isn’t a negative comment, I promise. I’ve enjoyed all four seasons of the show, and sure, I’ve had some problems here and there with things, but that’s life. I’m just curious.

    And yes, I know. It’s been asked to death. But has it been asked before within a couple of weeks? …Probably, but I missed it.

  66. Anton Chigurh frightened me to death! Good review from Baron Destructo there. That film did meander a bit toward the end.

    Anyway. On to more important things. Woolsey!!! Hmmm…gotta say that was a surprise to me. He hasn’t appeared to display any leadership qualities yet, but then, perhaps that is going to be half the fun! I hope we don’t get too many “politicsy” type stories though. My brain tends to do a ‘Homer Simpson’ and wander off someplace else when we get that sort of thing 🙂

    Also just wanted to say how much I loved Outcast. It was fab! I’ve really enjoyed where you’ve taken the Sheppard character this year and I’m looking forward to lots more good stuff in s5. I’ll add my voice to all those asking for a really good whumpy showdown between Shep and Kolya please!

  67. Okay…let’s try this one…(I’m just new to SGA, so sorry if the question has already been asked, and addressed)…

    Any chance writers will find a way to save the Wraith instead of just exterminating them in a galactic genocide? Also, can Wraith fans hope to see a semi-regular Wraith character who works along with the team (Todd, or another character)? The dynamics such an ‘alliance’ brings to the show – and the characters – is what has finally made SGA worth watching for me.


  68. Good luck with your kick off into season 5!!!

    Did you get any ratings for “Harmony” and “Outcast”?

  69. Hey Joe,
    I think it’s great how you handle the impolite posts.
    Was Outcast shot in Vancouver? I mean do we see the harbour and the North of the city when John and Ronon chase the Replicator?
    And pretty please answer my question about how Dr.Keller finds out about Teylas pregnancy just by looking at her bloodwork!!

  70. Hello Joe,

    Any chance of Todd making an appearance next season? What about Ladon Radim? Don’t suppose Sora could appear anytime could she?

    Take care!

  71. “Kate also writes: “The decisons to get rid of Beckett and Weir, the decisions to switch to Carter and Keller, and now the decision to bring in Woolsey as a leader — […] — will go down in scifi history as some of the dumbest things ever done.”

    Answer: I don’t know. It’s gonna be tough to up-end those ewoks from the top spot.”

    Very good answer!
    You always make me laugh with these answers.

    Now , seriously: ignore the person who has made the question, but can you tell us if we will see Weir in one or two episodes in addition to those from the replicator´s storyline.

    What about in the 100 episode??


  72. Hey Joe,
    Have you guys started think about SGA 100th episode? If you have can you just maybe give us some hints? PLEASE!

  73. As hoodoo-y as this sounds, do you ever ascribe astrological signs to the characters in your shows? IE (hypothetically), Teyla is a Virgo or Ronon an Aries, etc.

  74. Hi Joe,

    I think it’s incredible how negative most of those questions you answered in your blog sounded. I may have my prefrences concering a certain Doctor, but I’ve always respected the decisions that have been made on Stargate atlantis and SG1 and always ended up liking it a lot.

    Since you’ve explained Woolseys appoinment as leader in your previous blog I’m even more convinced that it’ll make the show the more interesting. I’m actually very curious to see Woolsey struggle with his leadership and the people of atlantis.

    Oh and I forgot to thank you esterday for answering my question. Thank you very much!

    I’m sure Season 5 will be amazing!

  75. Oh, Baron Destructo! Once again, you manage to encapsulate in a few words what the vast majority of the public truly believes, but doesn’t dare to say.

    I can honestly say that there were very few movies of the No Country for Old Men variety in the past few years that I have actually enjoyed.

    I very much like a story structure and not some disjointed, “artistic” way of putting indulgences on film.

    Yes. Many of the hyped movies feature excellent acting. Many have amazing art direction or locations. But very few of them actually move me as a story. I fear we’re heading back to the late 60’s and early 70’s era of cinema verite’ that moves no one but the artists.

    Incidentally, in spite of his being part of that scene, note how the public responded to George Lucas’ Star Wars in 1977 after abandoning film theaters in droves. We want to be told stories. Plain and simple. (Although no one could ever forgive the Star Wars Holiday Special.)

    And my goodness, but you got me waxing philosophical!

  76. To the annoying posters:
    1) It was Armanda’s decision to leave – writers cannot keep a character without the actor, especially an established one like Carter.
    2) Woolsey is an interesting character, having someone who is a bit of an pain could be an interesting dynamic, we have no idea what the writers are planning to do with the character.
    3) If they’d brought back Beckett full time and got rid of Keller somebody would still be moaning.
    4) Weir finally has an interesting story line – she did nothing of note in half the episodes she was in 1-3.

    To Joe: could you possibly some of your other candidates for the job of Atlantis commander, were the guesses of Caldwell etc… right?

  77. Just wanted to add another opinion to the Keller skipping grades topic.

    My mom skipped two grades at school from the start. She says she wouldn’t do it again. She didn’t have any problem from an academic point of view, but she felt out of place with her schoolmates. At one point, when she was still a kid, her schoolmates were teenagers, talking about things she still wouldn’t care for another couple of years, for example.

    So, if some of you didn’t have this or other issues due to skipping several grades, it’s great for you, but not everybody has/had the same experiences. Maybe it’s less notorious when you skip just one grade. But at least my mom felt awful skipping 2 grades. Now, Keller skipped 3 grades, THREE, if I remember the info correctly from Quarantine. I can certainly imagine and I see it as a very possible/real scenario, Keller having problems adjusting at school, not from an academic point of view, but from a social one, feeling isolated and out of place among her schoolmates. Three years when you’re a kid/teenager make a lot of difference regarding many many things.

  78. Hey, at least you can’t complain about misleading titles or false advertising when it comes to Snakes on a Plane. 🙂

  79. Hi Mr M!
    Greetings from Tipperary! Away from base today, so I’ll have to keep it short. Firstly, Excellent decision re: Mr Picardo and the arrival of Woolsey into the SGA hot-seat. Secondly, loved Outcast, great story, great action…neat ending.

    Elizabeth S.,…they are great jokes!!

    If I may Mr. M., use this comment space to talk about the Fuel Get Together? Thank you !!
    Patricia Lee and Eric (NY-ET) and all interested, with regard to the Fuel Dinner thing, I’m hoping this will happen! That week (Monday March 31st to Sunday 6th April) is a busy one, with a lot of Stargate Type events happening on the Wed/Thurs/Fri night times…My suggestion (a few days back) was to hook up in Fuel on the Tuesday (April 1st) night…That way most Con attendees won’t miss out on the Fan Party / Cabaret Night etc etc.

    What thinks you all? Contact can me made with me via gateworld…Look for me on the Vancouver Con 2008 Thread! At present one or two others have agreed to the Tuesday night (blog regulars here and on the GW Van Con Thread)
    In any case, I shall be in Fuel on that Tuesday night to try out the cuisine and to see if they will restore the Corn Soup to the menu as per Mr M’s wishes!

    Thanks Mr M., Keep up the sterling work re: Season 5!


  80. Hi Joe:

    I have to say that I like the idea of putting Woolsey in charge of Atlantis. I went back and watched some of the previous episodes that he has been in and I believe it will be very interesting to see a “questionable” character put in charge of our beloved heroes.

    For the most part we have always had someone permanently in charge of the SCG or SGA that we liked, Hammond, Carter, Weir, Landry and of course O’Neill. We knew that they would always try to do the right thing and would look out for Team Sheppard and SG-1 even if they didn’t agree with what they were doing.

    Woolsey will be coming along with a lot of baggage being a representative of the IOA as well as a former member of the NID, not to mention he has “rubbed” a few people the wrong way. Who knows where his loyalties are and what he will do when faced with certain problems. Will Team Sheppard be fighting a war within the home front as well as the Pegasus Galaxy?

    Conflict is good; it keeps a show interesting, after all we can’t have everyone getting along all the time. I like Woolsey, even though he has worked for the “bad guys” he has for the most part stood up against them when it was required. Will he continue to do this…who knows, but I look forward to finding out.

    Sabina 🙂

    PS: Give Cookie Monster a hug for me! His review of “Snakes on a Plane” made my day!

  81. Any chance that you will be at Dragon.con this year? I am considering making the epic journey from Scotland to the US (if they let me in) and it would be nice for there to be Stargate guest there for me to see.

    If Kavan Smith, David Nykl, Joe Flanigan or (yummy) Paul McGillion are there I may never come home again.

  82. Agreed with Lorr54, Joe. You really need to be a judge on Iron Chef America.

  83. Joe,
    I hope I won’t be relegated to the “obnoxious posters” area….but I am definately pesky and determined. 😉

    1. Who is the older brother, John or Dave?
    2. What happened to their mom?

    If you don’t know (ei: it hasn’t been discussed) could you please let me know. Or if info. about the mom is a future spoiler please just say “no comment”. Then I won’t have to bug you anymore.
    mwahahaha *sits waiting impatiently*


  84. Hey Joe, thanks so much for mentioning Lorne! Was it my nagging that did that or were you going to mention it anyway? 😛 Because if it’s my nagging that did it, can I please request that we have more Bambam cameos in season 5?

    Me: “I’d also like to know if you’re going to nag Joe M about getting more cameos in season 5 If you don’t I’ll be happy to do it for you ;)”

    Bambam: “I don’t nag Joe about anything so…..fill your boots!! Go right ahead with that, and I will just……ya…..do my job. ;)”

    So… more cameos, yes? 😀

  85. Ewoks? Mmmmm… crunchy.

    Wait a minute … the Baron’s fire gaunlets? Glaxnor’s performance art? Dude! I so totally know these guys from Burning Man! The League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil are burners! I can prove it, I can describe certain tattoos and piercings the Baron has where the sun don’t … oh. Nevermind.

    Cookie, stay hydrated, the reason you woke up in that landfill outside of Reno is because you passed out at The Lost Penguin and were mistaken for a dusty scrap of shag carpet. No wonder you’re hallucinating about snakes. Less party favors, more gatorade. Didn’t you read the Survival Guide?

  86. Dear Joe
    On behalf of myself and a number of so-far dedicated UK based SGA fans, we have to ask you – have you all gone mad? Richard Woolsey to lead Atlantis? The character [not the actor] is one of the most dull and irritating you have created, certainly not inspiring at all, in fact the kind of stick-in-the-mud administrative dullard who can kill any kind of creative project. We wonder if you are trying to scupper your own show! Why not have someone charismatic, interesting and articulate in charge of this pioneering outpost? [Oh sorry, of course, you got rid of Weir.] We shake our heads in disbelief.

  87. Well, the rudeness of some people never fails to amaze me. It’s like, okay…not everybody is gonna feel exactly the same way about changes or developments, but sheesh! Have some respect when voicing your opinions, Kate. You’re not going to make your point any better or stronger by being vitriolic. Poison doesn’t persuade, poison kills.

    As for my own opinions, the more I think about it, the more fun I think having Woolsey in there will be. Let the head-butting begin! Of course, Sam was cool to have around and it’s a shame it was for so short a time, but stuff happens. lol So I think this’ll turn out all right.

    Yes, THANK YOU for the 5 Carson episodes. My personal preference would be to have him back for more than that, but hey…it’s wonderful that you’re bringing him back at all; you could’ve just left the character “dead.” So…you’ve got at least one grateful fan here.

    Hope the production of S5 goes as well as possible!! If it’s as smashing as S4 has been, I know we’ll be in for a treat. 🙂

  88. When we met McKay, years ago, I disliked him intensely. Thanks to interesting writing and great acting, he grew into one of my favorite characters to watch.

    So I’m excited to see what happens with Woolsey. Kudos…

  89. *gives Joe a high-5*

    way to snark the annoying people! ha, that made my morning to read.

  90. Hey Joe,

    Happy Chinese New Year! Here are some interesting if extraneous tidbits about the Chinese Lunar Cycle:

    There are many legends about the picking of the twelve signs. One legend has it that the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to come to him before he departed from earth. Only twelve came to bid him farewell and as a reward he named a year after each one in the order they arrived.

    According to another legend, many years ago Buddha summoned all the animals to a meeting in which he would designate the first 12 animals arriving, to be signs of a year respectively. On the night before the departure, cat notified his pal, rat, and they agreed that the one waking up first the next morning must awake the other so they can depart for the meeting together. However, rat broke his promise and arrived for the meeting alone. Then, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig arrived one after the other. When cat woke up and hurried there, the meeting was over. It is said that is the reason why the cat kills rats.

    According to yet another Chinese legend, the twelve animals quarreled one day as to who was to head the cycle of years. The gods were asked to decide and they held a contest: whoever was to reach the opposite bank of the river would be first, and the rest of the animals would receive their years according to their finish.

    All the twelve animals gathered at the river bank and jumped in. Unknown to the ox, the rat had jumped upon his back. As the ox was about to jump ashore, the rat jumped off the ox’s back, and won the race. The pig, who was very lazy, ended up last. That is why the rat is the first year of the animal cycle, the ox second, and the pig last.

    Do you think this is where the term “rat race” comes from???


  91. Jezzz No Country, it sucked what was the point, some weird freaky guy kills people with a home made air gun, the good guy who loves to shoot animals with his sure shoot telescopic lens gets offed by nobody knows who in a hotel room nobody knows where. It’s all just too much, or to little depending on your point of view. More excitement watching Barack and Hillary throw verbal barbs at one another.

  92. Hi Joe!
    After your review I´m going to see “No Country for Old Men” tonight.

    Tomorrow is my birthday (I will be 23!), and if you can tell us any good news about Weir you would give me the best birthday gift!

    So, she would be in more than 2 episodes??

  93. Hi Joe

    Thornyrose writes: “You’ve indicated McGillion is onboard for 5 episodes. Do you already have outlines for those stories, or are you planning to write the scripts now that you know you have the character?”

    Answer: One of Beckett’s appearances has already been scripted. Another two have been outlined and about to be written. And, at this point, we have a vague idea for two more.

    If all five episodes have been written, and a sixth brilliant idea comes up, is there any possibility of more than five Beckett episodes?

  94. «On February 6, 2008 at 10:23 pm KJ Said:
    Does Baron Destructo have a British accent? Because that’s the way I always hear him in my head.»

    KJ are you British ? Because for me, Baron Destructo look more to have a big french canadien accent ! lol
    But, in fact, I feel he have more old german accent.

    So Baron Destructo where are you from ?
    Morgia 🙂

  95. I can’t believe we’re approaching 100 episodes already! That’s pretty awesome. My vote for the 100th episode is Atlantis: The Musical, complete with tap-dancing Wraith back-up dancers, and McKay doing a soft shoe number in the gate room.

  96. Love your snark, Joe. After reading some of the ‘hateful’ posts that you do put through, I can’t even imagine what you have to read that we never see. It’s one thing when fans state their opinions contructively, but it’s hard to take posts seriously when they’re just full of hate towards you, an actor, or a certain character. IMO, they’re only making themselves look bad.

    Thanks for dedicating your blog to our friends in the southern U.S. The loss of life and destruction is devastating. (((hugs))) to everyone affected by the tragedy.

    I wish Chris and Michael the best of luck with “Rage of Angels”. I remember reading somewhere that they hope to have the pilot filmed before June. I’m very anxious to see it.

    I’m still super excited about what you said about Daniel in season 5. Judging by all the comments you got on yesterday’s entry about Daniel, I’m definitely not the only one. A lot of fans have been wanting Daniel to guest on Atlantis for a long time. Thank you so much, Joe. I also think Woolsey was an excellent choice too. I’ve always enjoyed Woolsey and think that he can bring a lot of conflict to the show. I can’t wait for season 5.


    PS: Elizabeth… I thought your jokes were really cute. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  97. Dear Joseph,

    Thanks to take time to answer to us. No Claudia for Porter Snif! You’ve lost your chocolate bar.

    But as I am a very forgiving person, I will give you the address of where you should go to have your greatest chocolatgasm. I read this morning in “Le Figaro” (http://madame.lefigaro.fr/popshow/tapis-rouge/86/celebrites/tapis-rouge/15454/45304) that the Bryant Park Hotel in New-York has a suite called “La Decadence Suite” ENTIRELY BUILT IN CHOCOLATE !!!

    P.S.: If you check your moorsyum count and give me a positive response I will buy La Decadence suite for you !!

  98. Hello Joe, you never answer my questions about exploring Teyla’s family background. As a black female I can identify with her character, but I of course I am from Earth, ha ha. Can you tell me if SGA will explain her familar connections in the upcoming seasons?

  99. 1) I agree with those who expressed that John needs his own story arc. Hopefully in s5?

    2) Kolya, Todd and John in a dark action-packed episode. Pretty please 🙂 It wouldn’t be the first time a villain comes back from the dead…

    3) Question:
    I think as soon as Carson gets back to the city and sees everybody minus Elizabeth plus Sam in The Kindred, the first thing he has to wonder is where the heck is Elizabeth. So I was wondering… Will Carson be told on screen that Elizabeth died? (at least as far as Atlantis know).
    No idea if you want to answer this, but maybe yes, if it’s not too spoilerish in your opinion…

  100. Blending out the politics behind, who would YOU’ve seen as the best leader of Atlantis? And Why? And if it is Woolsey, with what kind of problems will his character (after you) have to deal with as a leader? Where are his weak points?

  101. The best thing about Carson’s wee turtles was when Sheppard implied he wanted to eat them xD

  102. I hope that Alison Porter will be a take-charge, no-nonsense, kick-ass military woman. With an imposing physicality. By that I mean not one of the size 0 – 2 Hollywood ideals that are usually seen in TV shows. A woman of more realistic proportions and an imposing presence would be a welcome addition. at least for me.
    Question: Did Rachel’s pregnancy lead to the decline of team episodes in the last part of the season? I just wonder, because I love the team eps the most. (Although so far, the split-up team ones have been great too)

    (sorry for repost-accidentaly posted in prev commnts)

  103. Christine said:
    …Well don’t know if you’ve heard of this already or not, but this improv group did a prank/joke on Best Buy where they organized about 80 of their members to wear blue collared shirts, khaki pants and infiltrate their local Best Buy…

    Wow, thanks for that link! That was hilarious. I was once in a Target wearing khakis and a red shirt (totally by coincidence). I was approached a few times with questions. Being as I’d actually worked there a few years ago, I was actually helpful…yet self-conscious and embarrassed that I was wearing the “Target uniform”.

    My favorite was when I was shopping in the shoe department at Macy’s wearing clothing that in no way resembled a uniform of any kind and had a purse, etc. A lady came up to me and rudely asked me to get her a particular size of the shoe she was holding. She then got all pissed off when I told her I didn’t work there. That was weird.


  104. Hello Joseph, je passe vite fait car demain j’ai un gros control de mathématique (snif)

    J’ai juste une petite question a vous posez….

    Tenez vous compte des idées ou des subjéctions des fans de sga pour faire les épisodes?

    Voila, merci a demain =)…Merci ♥

  105. Hi,

    I’m sure you’ll be pleased, or you may not actually care, I think it might actually be quite cool having Woolsey in charge, and I’m not just brown-nosing. I think it could possibly be awesome, kind of like returning to the non-militariness (spelling?) of Weir, but I do think it will be a gamble considering no sixth season has been guaranteed, although I guess you have to take risks to get the best rewards.


    NASA Space Shuttle Atlantisis lifting off today, (within the hour perhaps) to a mission to the International Space Station.

    Anyone know how to contact Colonels Caldwell or Ellis to request they standby to assist?

    Actually, it wouldn’t hurt any of us to send a prayer to speed the astronauts on a safe and successful journey.

    One day to go until “TRIO”… counting the hours…

    Carol Z

  107. Along with critics loving cryptic and inaccessible scripts, I would add unlikeable characters who seem to learn nothing through the course of the show. I get so tired of critics raving about movies/shows where there is absolutely no character to root for or identify with.

    Purp said
    “It doesn’t really matter at this point, nothing in the history of television or Science fiction will ever top the canceling of Firefly.

    And second behind that would be airing Firefly out of order in the first place.”

    Preach on, Purp!

    Though I would add that making the ever annoying River the center of “Serenity” and killing off Wash take the third and fourth slots. Joss Whedon killed off the franchise there, which Fox couldn’t manage.

    For Sarah, looking for DVD recommendations:

    Firefly – even though there are only 16 episodes, they are golden.

    The current BattleStar Galactica – is very dark in tone. It doesn’t have the optimism about the future or human nature the way that Star Trek and Stargate do. That said, the first 2 seasons are very good and feature some of the best acting you’ll ever see from Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell.

    Farscape – Worth watching for the chemistry between Ben Browder and Claudia Black. It gets a little convoluted in the last two seasons, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  108. Just chipping in (again!) I agree with a lot of what NatalieMckay said, although I suppose kind of in reverse. I am a Weir fan – but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing Carter or that I’m not looking forward to Woolsey next season. Yes, I was terribly sad when Weir was reduced, but I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to shift the status quo. You said she was originally meant as a supporting character, and I don’t think there’s many would argue (convincingly, at least) that she hadn’t been developed way beyond that role by s3 – so perhaps better to shift her to a stronger, more substantial role in fewer eps than to be unfair to both character and actress by keeping her stuck in limbo between different ideas of ‘supporting’ and ‘main’, giving her limited screentime where she only got to hold up the scenery in a number of episodes. At the least it affords Torri Higginson – whom I greatly admire – the chance to spread her acting wings in other roles.

    That being said, as I’ve stated before my biggest disappointment was with just how little she appeared this season – essentially two full episodes, unconscious through most of another, and in barely a few seconds of her last (although I think the reveal at the end of BAMSR was one of the great surprises of the series). I think the majority of Weir fans are looking forward to an interesting arc with the Replicator storyline, but only if it’s paid off to its full potential rather than zipped over in a single episode. I’m excited about where it takes Weir, but worry it’ll end up taking her right off the screen altogether. I’d hate to see the story wrap up both the Repli-arc and the character. I’d much rather Weir remained a tangible recurring player in SGA, like you’ve been able to do with characters like Lorne, or even Sam and Daniel, and would love to see her popping back up on Atlantis. She was a big part of the first three seasons, and it would be, to steal your phrase here, a bit of a slap in the face to all the fans who’ve supported her and enjoyed her if you choose to write her out completely.

    As ever, of course, just my opinion. 🙂

  109. Elizabeth S. Yes, the jokes were funny in a groaning type of way. More!

    Atlantis is airborne! Just the shuttle, not the city, but still inspirational. Which brings to mind a question. In SG-1 its been mentioned the shuttles were still being flown. Given the advances in technology, has Earth/the USA/Nasa finally come out with a new near-orbital shuttle using the advanced alien technologies, that dont carry quite the risk of the original shuttles?

    And happy birthday to David Nykl…

  110. I would love to see an appearance of Lindsey Novak (Ellie Harvie)in the coming season. Her interacting with McKay would be hysterical. Please please, any small chance or her appearing in one episode? We never found out what happend to her after critical mass.

    If you answer this one I will not bug you anymore on Weir, that’s a promise! 😉

  111. Dear Joe,

    1. will there be an Ori related episode in season 5 Atlantis?
    2. will we see the Tria in season ?
    3. Is the brotherhood of Dagan episode gonna be revisited for the missing ZPM in season 5?


  112. I too was skeptical in the choice for Woolesy as SGA’s commander. But it all depends on how your play the relationship between him and the SGA team. Have you decided that angle? Will he be a competent leader in his own way, or one that will struggle with the burden of command?

    I think the latter provides more rich story material, as Sheppard and the rest of the team will have to deal with him even when they disagree with his decisions or when he just makes plain bad ones. Woolsey is not unreasonable, as we have seen, but he’s not experienced either. (Guess there are no available generals in the whole US military that could take over command?)

    The introduction of this kind of conflict and how the characters relate to it personally and professionally could make for some really great stories.

  113. Hey Joe.

    don’t ask me why but this just occurred to me and I just had to ask.

    Awhile back you showed a set drawing of McKay’s room and there was the turtle tank. I thought this meant that there would be mention of carson or his wee turtles but there wasn’t (as far as I can remember). I don’t even recall seeing McKay quarters this season. Was this just a possible set or is it something will be seeing in one of the last few eps of S4?

  114. Hey Joe,

    So are there any episodes next season called “Snakes on a Puddlejumper”? Would be funny to hear Sheppard say that famous “Samuel Jackson” line, but since the network censors those kind of words, we would not get the full effect.

    As per Woolsey as leader, A lot of folks who at first said “NO WAY” are starting to come around and realize this could be very interesting and could be successful. Well I have faith in you guys, just keep up the good work.



  115. hi joe!!
    wow..’kate’ had alot to say!!!!!!

    well not so much as a question and i dont know if one of my friends posted this to you but we were recently at p3 in london (pegasus 3- wolf convention) and decided to go to the local chinese..as our main course came we thought of you!! and snapped a picture!!!great food..moderately priced (although chopsticks are an art i have to master!!)

    Weird prawn cracker things that didnt taste like prawn crackers!!!!

    and 2 of the main courses..chicken and cashewnuts and an orange or lemon chicken i think..out of picture are chicken and black bean and i think Plaice in soy sauce!

  116. Joe,

    I met a french bulldog when I dropped my two off at daycare. She was bouncy and and all wired up. Does Lulu get excited about going to daycare?

    Like the choice of Woolsey. Should make things interesting. Season 5 sounds like its going to be a lot of fun.

  117. *waves*

    On February 7, 2008 at 6:45 am MarianneUK Said:
    Dear Joe
    On behalf of myself and a number of so-far dedicated UK based SGA fans, we have to ask you – have you all gone mad? Richard Woolsey to lead Atlantis? The character [not the actor] is one of the most dull and irritating you have created, certainly not inspiring at all, in fact the kind of stick-in-the-mud administrative dullard who can kill any kind of creative project. We wonder if you are trying to scupper your own show! Why not have someone charismatic, interesting and articulate in charge of this pioneering outpost? [Oh sorry, of course, you got rid of Weir.] We shake our heads in disbelief.

    Oh please! You’re speaking for yourself,admit it. I live in the UK and you certainly don’t speak for me. So where are these hoards of UK fans that have pledged allegiance to your ‘so called cause’ of calling Joe names, and are so called pioneers in their pursuit of not liking Woolsey? . I may not like the decision to have Woolsey as the commander (just yet), but at least i’m honest. Why not just admit you’re not keen on Woolsey because of Weir and be done with it? Instead of citing some ulterior motive, and implying it’s because it’s Woolsey.

    And ‘We shake our heads’? Did you go to drama school for that one? LOL

    Okay Mr M, would you say the chances of bringing back Kolya are slim to none, or better with bribery? 😛


  118. Hi Joe,
    Was wondering if it was a conscious effort by the writers for Rodney not to call Col.Sheppard by his first name or was it something no one realized until season 4? And if it was an oversight, how did you finally come to this realization – fans, writers, actors?

  119. Wow, that Kate was a real charmer. Though with the amount of name dropping she got she’s received the best kind of fame; internet fame. So in that same vein…

    How does it feel to commit television genocide? Washing the nonexistant blood of fictional people from your hands? Hearing the silent screams of those that don’t exist as they are written out of existance?

    How do you live with yourself making choices that I might not agree with? Did you not once think to consult me? Did you think for some delusional reason that your creative decisions might hold more weight than mine do?

    Next time you go to make a cast change, or a decision on an overall arc, or what the caterers are going to serve on set, you need to stop. Stop and think, and pick up the phone and call me so I can okay these things. I think your willingness to slaughter made up tv characters is, quite frankly, bordering on the psychotic. How many people who don’t exist have to die? How many before the UN finally gets the courage to invade Bridge Studios and bring this genocide to a halt?

    I think when you run off and do things that I might not wish to see it’s quite frankly unreasonable and selfish. You have to understand that MY opinion is the one that matters, and what I want is the only right way of doing things.

    After all at the end of the day you’re just the Executive Producer and writer for the show, I on the other hand spend 45 minutes a week slumped on the couch with a bag of potato chips watching this. If anyone knows how to run things around here, it’s me.

    Shame on you Mr Mallozzi, shame on you. Thank God there’s decent human beings like me who are prepared to come into your journal and tell you how to do your job and make insulting remarks. Thank God for us heroes.

  120. Ok, so I KNOW accommodating has two ‘m’s’. This is why I want a preview button!

    *Runs away to watch Outcast again*

  121. Ok, so I posted to correct my spelling on a post, and the first post awaiting moderation disappeared. So if it has been deleted by me, here’s my original post. Well I think it’s the same!

    “On February 7, 2008 at 6:45 am MarianneUK Said:
    Dear Joe
    On behalf of myself and a number of so-far dedicated UK based SGA fans, we have to ask you – have you all gone mad? Richard Woolsey to lead Atlantis? The character [not the actor] is one of the most dull and irritating you have created, certainly not inspiring at all, in fact the kind of stick-in-the-mud administrative dullard who can kill any kind of creative project. We wonder if you are trying to scupper your own show! Why not have someone charismatic, interesting and articulate in charge of this pioneering outpost? [Oh sorry, of course, you got rid of Weir.] We shake our heads in disbelief.”

    And I shake my head in disbelief at the tone of your post… and find myself being embarrassed at being a fellow UK SGA fan… and have to ask if it’s not you who are mad in thinking posting in this way is actually the way to express your unhappiness at casting changes, or indeed to hope someone at Bridge will listen to your pleas and actually want to try to accommodate your desires? IE, you don’t want Woolsey as leader and want Weir back because she was better.

    Because, I have to say, I read your post and laughed at first and then shook my head, because I couldn’t take your post seriously. I then thought how detrimental your post is to the many Weir fans who post so nicely and intelligently here, expressing their upset and concerns so politely and without insulting or belittling anyone. SMB Books and MarielAbbot come to mind here.

    Of course Joe and his fellow Executive Producers want the show to fail! They’ve purposely gotten rid of the universally adored and admired Weir and brought in Woolsey now to get the show cancelled! Didn’t you know? Joe and his colleagues want everyone to lose their jobs…

    I get you don’t like Woolsey and think Weir should be leader of Atlantis, and you’re entitled to your view, and I personally respect that, but from where I’m sitting you’re doing nothing to help your cause and are blighting others who are trying to get their point across politely and eloquently.

  122. *cough*

    Just posting a reminder to LINZ! Oi drunken one, this is today’s post, you’re a month behind! 😉 LOL

    It’s FEBRUARY! You been at the champers again? 😛

    *** this message has been brought to you by the sober one ***


  123. Joe,
    Love when Cookie Monster fills in for you, not that I don’t like what you or Baron write.

    I was so caught up in my anger over Keller that I forgot my positive take on the announcement, the fact that Robert Picardo is joining the show full time. I have loved him since “The Wonder Years” and it makes perfect sense that the IOA would want one of their own in command. It’ll be interesting to see where you take him given that he’s always looking for the “safe” way out of a situation and that doesn’t always work on Atlantis (or in a lot of situations).

    On another note, I wish I could say why I dislike Keller so much. I’m not a Carson fan (he was good in some eps but I don’t really miss him). I liked her in her first three eps but she has really gone downhill from there. Maybe, with another season to flesh out her character I’ll at least be able to tolerate her. Her presence is not going to make me stop watching the show, I love Sheppard and McKay too much for that, I’ll just have to learn to put up with her. I’ll get practice tomorrow night.

    I just wanted to say that bit since my last post made me sound like some of the whiners you get here (ironic, since Keller’s whining is one of the things I know I don’t like about her).

    Well, I’m going back to bed. Got the flu. We had 70 degree weather yesterday, going down to the 20’s this weekend. No wonder I feel so yucky.


  124. “On February 7, 2008 at 2:54 pm CheekylilDevil Said:

    Just posting a reminder to LINZ! Oi drunken one, this is today’s post, you’re a month behind! LOL

    It’s FEBRUARY! You been at the champers again?

    *** this message has been brought to you by the sober one ***”

    Oh good grief…I posted the original post in a January comments section?

    Well, it was my birthday, and I had champagne left over…

    How the hell did I do that? *hangs head in shame*

    Oh Joe, by the way, as a music grad, I always really appreciate Joel’s scores. Particularly so in Outcast. He’s such a wonderful composer, and I admire his work so much. I think I forgot to say that when I posted about Outcast recently.

  125. Su said: And pretty please answer my question about how Dr.Keller finds out about Teylas pregnancy just by looking at her bloodwork!!

    If the routine on returning from a mission is to do a blood work up, then Keller may have found a raised level of hGC Human chorionic gonadotropin. in Teyla’s blood. That and an increased levels of Alkaline phosphatase can be indicative of pregnancy.

    Sorry for stepping in Joe but I think Su has asked the question a couple of times and I did wait to see if you would answer her.


  126. Jon K. wrote:

    Any Chance we will be seeing the Travelers in season 5, most notably Larrin?

    Travelers: I would love to see them again.


    Purp wrote:

    (As long as they don’t write an episode where McKay somehow gets impregnated with an alien baby)

    Mr. M., you promised I was the only one who knew about that episode! 😀

    Patricia wrote:

    Best wishes for a moderately silent night and not seeing over 200 plus postings of opinions that most of do not want to read anyway… IMHO.

    It always surprises me that people don’t read all the comments. Ever since I discovered Mr. M’s blog, I’ve read every single comment. I admit to skimming the book-related ones as I rarely get the chance to read that month’s choices, but I always read the rest. If I didn’t, I might miss something. (I’m nosy that way 😛 ) Visiting this blog and reading all the comments is a high point in my day. Mr. M and the posters here never fail to make me laugh. And I definitely need it. Speaking of which…

    Elizabeth S wrote:

    How to get an alien device to work:
    [snip list of Stargate people]

    You forgot one:

    Sheppard: Sit down on it.

    Nox, nox!
    Who’s There?
    (Sigh) Never mind…

    😀 Absolutely love this one! 😀

    And if anyone thinks any of the jokes are even slightly funny, please say so

    I enjoyed them all.

    Anne Teldy

  127. Baron Destructo wrote “a) kill off the protagonist off-screen”

    I attended a ‘writing for the screen’ workshop last weekend and the writer/producer who ran the workshop said “it’s probably not a good idea to kill of your protagonist”, but personally speaking, if the death has to happen, I would think showing the death or imminent death should be on-screen more as a visual ending to the character. Yes/No??

    Glad to hear that Chris Judge is now writing scripts for Rage of Angels. At the Armegeddon Expo last October, he said that he had not yet begun writing.

  128. Hi Joe !

    As I’m currently re-re-watching my SG1 dvds (I miss the team so much, I can’t help it), an old question pops into my mind when I saw “threads” today :

    1 – Jacob mentionned moments before he passed away, that it has been 4 years since he became tok’ra. Was that an error or is there an explaination for that particular timing (as I had counted it, it has been like 6 years, not 4, due to other timing mentioned in other episodes, like “inauguration” s7)
    2- I also wanted to know why you decided to kill him. He was a very beloved character, and I miss him. Was that to definitely get rid of the tok’ra arc or maybe to explore a little more sam’s emotionnal side, or an other reason… ?
    3- Had you planned at the beginning that pete and sam relationship would end, or was it more to pleased the fans at the time (who, as i saw it, didn’t like him much, more likely, because his involvment killed sam/jack ship)

    Personnaly, I liked him, however I’m a big fan of jack and sam, and would die to see them finally end together, but he allows us to see sam a different way, more feminine a accomplish as a woman, which I totally loved. Pete’s character was great by himself too (I loved when he met jacob, so funny…) and of course, one of the Deluise, he has to be an excellent actor… well he is certainly not a shame for the family !

    4- On the books side, i just started an harlan coben, in english (I’m french, I hope it will improve my language skills) “gone for good”. Have you ever tried one ? if yes, did you enjoyed it ?

    I know, you are currently drowning over SGA season 5 questions, but I would really really appreciate it, if you answer my questions !

    Have a good night !


  129. Throwing my questions in way down at the end of the list: I really get a huge kick out of Todd the Wraith – any way to know if he’ll be around next season?

    Also, based on the beginning of BAMSR, is it correct to say that there are still nanite particles floating around in space from the attacks Caldwell and Ellis made, waiting to be re-activated?

  130. Jean wrote:

    Do you think this is where the term “rat race” comes from???

    I believe the term ‘rat race’ comes from laboratory rats running in mazes and getting nowhere.

    Dovil wrote:

    [absolutely brilliant parody]

    😆 😆 😆 Fabulous!

    Anne Teldy

  131. Hey Joe.. just wanted to check in and see how you’re coping fending for yourself without Fondy… have you started researching recipes for Pug yet or are you simply resolved to eating out every night? 🙂

  132. Elizabeth – I liked the jokes!

    Sarah – although I admit I was a fan of the original battlestar, I absolutely loathe the current version. But I’m not into that much soap/angsty stuff. I really enjoyed watching all the Star Trek Enterprise (up until the last pathetic episode or 2, when they had to end the series quickly). And I did watch all the Farscapes. Firefly, I saw most, then watched the movie and figured I didn’t miss anything. I haven’t seen Andromeda but a lot of people like it (and has some of the SG actors), and the 4400 is interesting. I would recommend watching the first couple of episodes before committing to the whole thing though!

    Joe – I’m interested to see how you’ll carry Woolsey over to the commander of Atlantis! Since I don’t care for Keller, not too thrilled about the news she’ll be a regular, but that’s just my opinion 😉 and I realize I can’t change your plans! Since everyone says Picardo is a big singer (and dancer?) can we assume there WILL be a musical 100th episode in S5??

    Finally, we need an update on you – are you drowning in dirty socks? Eating at Tim Horton’s every evening? What’s the reality of life without Fondy? And who’s giving the dogs baths?

    Happy Thursday night…wams352

  133. Hi Joe, I will be looking forward to season 5 when it airs over her in very rainy & cold Sydney! Did I say rainy & cold? It is suppose to be summer here! Who has stolen it?
    I reckon that Robert picardo “Woolsey” will do a great job! He is an incredible actor! I am very very pleased with Paul McGillion coming back to Atlantis!
    Jewel Staite “Keller” regular! Very pleased Stargate Atlantis fan here! Kudos to you all there for bringing in such great talented actors!
    How are you coping without Fondy? Things always look better with chocolate!

    Take Care & Happiness always!

  134. Hi Joe,

    got some cast questions for you:

    1) Putting Woolsey in charge of the Atlantis Expedition is certainly a big change – one which provides a wealth of opportunities for you writers to explore (e.g the new Dynamic of how things are run, the friction and tensions between him and Sheppard’s team). Do you intend to address all of these so as to develop Woolsey’s character, and thus make him an expedition leader which Sheppard and we as an audience will eventually be invested with (Both Weir and Carter were great leaders, Woolsey has a lot to prove in S5)?

    2) Having Keller as a member of the regular cast was kinda expected but nice to hear anyway. Will her role in Atlantis be similar to that of Beckett in Season 2 and 3, where he does follow the team on several off-world adventures or will she still be pretty much a “stay-in-Atlantis” kind of character? Also, will the romantic tension between her and Ronon be further developed in S5?

    3) I know that you stated that there wasn’t a plan to promote Sheppard to a “full-bird colonel” but seriously, could you consider it? Carter was promoted from a Captain to a Lieut. Colonel in Season 8 and then a full Colonel between Season 10 of SG-1 and Season 4 of Atlantis. That took about 3 and a 1/2 years for her to rise up to what she is today. Sheppard has been a Lieut. Colonel since season 2 of Atlantis. Isn’t it about time he got promoted?

    4) Amanda Tapping was a member of the regular cast for only one season. However, in your opinion, do you think that her character has develop significantly over the course of the season?

    5) There will be many significant guest stars coming up next season (Jackson, Beckett and Weir to name a few). Having confirmed that yourself, do you and the rest of the writers has a plan in which these characters will fold into the new season?

    Good Night, Happy Lunar New Year (yep, that’s today) and keep up the GREAT work!

    Clement aka freedom89

  135. today was a long, long day, and I meandered over here to catch up on blog posts as a wind down before bed. Cookie Monster’s review of Snakes on a Plane just about made my life. Thank you. I get to end my day with a genuine laugh and a big old grin.

  136. Have to give everyone who spilled ideas for Trio props. It was a great episode. Honestly, I enjoyed it more than some of the others, lately. It was hilarious and put together 3 great characters/actors in a good situation. I found myself smiling and laughing often. A good breather before what I’m hoping to be the more suspenseful end of the season.

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