Just a quick reminder that the voting for the next book of the month club selections ends at midnight tonight. So if you haven’t weighed in yet and are planning to take part in the discussions, pick a book – or two – or three. The nominees –

In the scifi category, it’s Gregory Benford’s Timescape vs. Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

In the fantasy category, it’s Jeffrey Ford’s The Empire of Ice Cream vs. Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind: The King-Killer Chronicle, Day 1.

In the horror category, it’s Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box vs. F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep.

To those of you looking for a little information on the afore-mentioned titles, check out my January 30th, 2008 post –


Well, it’s Superbowl Sunday and, unlike past seasons, this year I’m not all that interested in the big game. As much as I’d love to see the Giants pull the upset, and with all due respect to Cookie Monster, I think it’s highly unlikely. I expect it’ll be a yawner of a game. At around nine p.m. PST, New England will celebrate an undefeated season while every football fan outside of Boston moves on to far more interesting things like, oh, getting an early jump on sorting my wife’s mail prior to her March return. I’ll probably tune in for the first quarter and, provided the Patriots (or the refs – anyone remember the Seahawks getting jobbed in their last Superbowl appearance?) haven’t salted it away by then, may stick it out to half-time. I remember Paul telling me that when he was in Thailand many years ago, he and some friends stopped by a bar to catch the Superbowl. As the game progressed, every North American in the bar was glued to the t.v. while the locals chatted noisily amongst themselves, oblivious to the big game. When the game hit half-time, however, the North Americans kicked back and began to yak – while a reverent hush fell over the locals entranced by the half-time show. Well, I think this is one year that the Thai have it right.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject, here are the top three things someone can say in the weeks leading up to the Superbowl that will earn them a mid-knuckle crack to the forehead compliments of yours truly:

1. “I don’t care who wins, just so long as it’s a good game.”

2. “Football is for morons.” followed by – “Hey, did you watch last night’s Celebrity Apprentice?”

3. “I don’t follow football. But I’m rooting for the Patriots.”

Today’s video: Another behind-the-scenes vid of the replicator plunge. Scroll down or click on the link –


129 thoughts on “February 3, 2008: Superbore Sunday

  1. Far be it from me to say any of those things. 😉

    Hopefully we shall not lose you to the mountain of mail, either.

  2. Football is for morons. And so is Celebrity Apprentice. 😀

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist. As it happens, I don’t follow any sport (or any reality TV shows) and I doubt even the half time show could entice me to watch. However, I wish you a pleasant evening of sporting prowess and hopefully an at least midly pleasing result. It’s all greek to me… 🙂

  3. The people saying that Weir fans are attacking Carter are really funny.

    What I’ve seen is Carter fans upset that Amanda’s leaving Atlantis, and everyone else saying how great it is that she’s got this new show she’s doing.

  4. Hey Joe!

    I am not a huge fan of football, but I am watching the big game as I type to you this moment, and I’m finding it to be quite interesting. Approaching the half-time, it’s anybody’s game. Shall be good. 🙂

    I also found out, and posted on Gateworld, that you guys put a new country into the Atlantis Expedition on “Adrift”, a Hungarian (appears when the ATA gene members disband to go to their jumpers). Was it a pure costuming idea, or was this a decision by somebody else?

    – Enzo Aquarius

  5. Joe said…

    As much as I’d love to see the Giants pull the upset, and with all due respect to Cookie Monster, I think it’s highly unlikely.

    Oh come on Joe…don’t give up hope yet. Other than a couple of pretty big errors, they’ve done a fairly decent job of holding their own. So far.

    But then there’s 59 seconds left in the second half so let’s see if they can keep the Pats from scoring again before halftime.

  6. My vote for the book of the month in the horror category is Wilson’s ‘The Keep’ – I’m only going to vote for one this month as I have quite a backup going of my own books I need to read …

  7. So far the commercials are mostly a bust in my opinion. Do you get the same ones in Canada or totally different (or do you have any idea??)

  8. 2. “Football is for morons.” followed by – “Hey, did you watch last night’s Celebrity Apprentice?”

    Yeah, switch out “football” for “scifi” and “Celebrity Apprentice” for “So you think you can dance?” (or any other reality tv show) and you have my life. I sharpen my tongue on them, though.

  9. I don’t follow football…so I don’t really care about it. How’s that?

    Anyways, I’m tuning in, just because you keep going on about it on this blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it…but probably not.

    Oh, and it looks like the Writers Strike may be nearing its end:


    Finally…I gots me 3 questions:

    1. What was the name of the restaurant in which Ava met with Shep and Ronon after the wake?

    2. Was Bill Dow really sunburned, or was all of that makeup just to set up the joke that Dr. Lee got called in from vacation?

    3. Although it’s kinda obvious, would you mind confirming for us the line in the Spoiler Poem that refers to Outcast?

  10. jan wrote:

    If there was a fast food fly-in at Pegasus galaxy, would they serve special dishes for Wraith like a ‘Crispy Colonel’ or a ‘McKay’?

    I’m thinking ‘Sheppard’s Pie’. 😉

    Anne Teldy

  11. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Tu devrais écouter le hockey, c’est ben meilleur ! Je te souhaite une très belle fin de fin de semaine ! Je suis entrain de lire le livre de Dan Simmons, il y un bout assez ennuyant je continu en espérant que ça redevienne meilleur…

  12. There’s a football game on today? I must have missed that. I was busy FINALLY watching “Outcast,” which is a much better way to spend my time anyway. I had to work Friday night, then my husband had to work Saturday. This morning in church during the sermon he leaned over and whispered that the medication he’d taken for his sore back was making him sleepy. I leaned over and whispered to him that I was watching “Outcast” with or without him today. He managed to stay away for the sermon AND the episode.

    The worst thing about not watching an episode “live” is having to avoid this blog for days until I’ve seen the episode, and then having to catch up on several hundred comments! My questions seem to have been asked already (the Bates disharge question, Bill Lee’s sunburn: real or makeup). I can’t believe Bates got hit in the head! Who wrote that? That’s just mean!

  13. Awwww, don’t give up Joe. It’s half time and the score is only 7-3. I’m still very hopeful that the Giants will win. There was an Artist that my Father use to hire out of New York that used the phrase “expect the unexpected” on a lot of his work. In other words, I think it’s still possible that the Giants can win.

    OMG the game’s back on. Got to go!!


  14. I have been sitting reading your blog and Frankie, my cat, has been sitting staring nose-to-nose at a photograph of Rodney McKay/DH.

    I am not sure what he is finding quite so fascinating.

    Is this a sign of some sort? An omen?

  15. I was going to be one to say I would win either way if Patriots or Giants win but watching the game.. I have to say, I want to see the Patriots win so they can have an undefeated season.

    This is definitely not a boring game. A big plus I’m actually able to watch the game live because SBS is airing it. Funny thing is I don’t get to see the Superbowl commercials but Aussie discussions with the kicker from the Eagles (an Aussie) and another Aussie who played for an American team.

    Expat Down Under

  16. This non-football related so…
    who is the person on the production that’s responsible for maintaining continuity within an episode? Or is it scene by scene? And who amongst the writers, producers, etc., maintains the most accumulated Stargate knowledge?

    I assume there is someone referred to as the “Grand Pou-bah Repository” of all things Stargate? Hm-m-m??

    Also, why is it sometimes Sheppard is wearing regulation boots and other times he’s in black sneakers while in uniform?

    This girl wants to know — 😉

    Carol Z
    SHEPPARD: Why don’t you two guys just make out and get it over with, huh?, First Strike, M. Gero

  17. I’m curious….you have so many devotees to your blog. Are there any blogs out there that you read on a regular or semi-regular basis? I read a few that go along with my interests and hobbies. Only yours and a woman in Australia, do I read on a regular basis.

    Loved seeing Bates again, is Cavanaugh gonna pop up too?? Maybe he’d like Carter better than Weir. I love Sanctuary and am glad they got picked up, but sorry to see Carter go.

  18. The people saying that Weir fans are attacking Carter are really funny.

    Yeah cause heaven knows that’s never happened 😉

  19. I haven’t been able to see any of series 4 but I read the transcript of “Outcast”. It was nice to have Bates shown in such a positive way. I think that he was good as head of security (or whatever) – he trusted nobody apart from himself.

    I hope that he comes back for a visit in series 5. Maybe he could bring a big hairy German with him – German Shepherd dog/lie detector dog/contraband sniffing dog.

    Frankie has given up trying to intimidate Rodney and has gone to beat up his sister, Merlin, instead. She usually wins!

    Yes I am bored and will now go to bed.

  20. Giants are doing awesome! Particularly the defense, I can’t count how many times they’ve hit Brady. Let’s hope they can keep the lead.

    Plus, new House after the game! How are you liking the new team on House? Who is your favorite of the new three? I can’t decide, they’re all so great!

  21. Halfway through the fourth quarter – so far so good…

    (maybe Tom Brady’s girlfriend should have stayed home)

    Voting: for scifi Benford’s Timescape and for horrow Wilson’s The Keep.

  22. On February 3, 2008 at 5:22 pm anneteldy Said:
    jan wrote:

    If there was a fast food fly-in at Pegasus galaxy, would they serve special dishes for Wraith like a ‘Crispy Colonel’ or a ‘McKay’?

    I’m thinking ‘Sheppard’s Pie’.

    Anne Teldy

    are you sure Anne Teldy isn’t one of your writer’s? and if not WHY not?

  23. I don’t want to jinx the Giants, but they might pull it out yet.

    OK, for the record, I’ll vote for F. Paul Wilson, if only because I like his Repairman Jack series. Normally, I don’t care all that much for horror, but the other selections don’t interest me.

  24. Oh, Alli Snow.

    I just have to say, I loved your Sam/Jack fic back in the old days. The only ship I’ve ever been able to go for. However, knowing you’re a Sheyla kind of turned me off. Personally, I don’t think any ship in SGA is viable. Least of all that one.

    Then there’s Ronon/Keller. Where the hell are people’s heads with that one?

  25. I expect it’ll be a yawner of a game.

    What about that “yawner” now? 🙂 I hope you stuck around for the fourth quarter. Those last two minutes of the game were a nail biter!

  26. Maddie –

    Back in the old days? I don’t appreciate being made to feel old, thank you very much!

    Yes I am a fan of Sheppard and Teyla (I can’t stand the term ‘Sheyla’). They’re my favorite characters, so I don’t really care if the pairing is ‘viable’ or not. ‘Sides, that’s not really up to either of us, is it?

    Sorry you’re turned off. Hopefully this won’t affect my ratings.

  27. LOOK AT THAT!!! LOOK AT THAT!!! Looks to me like the Baron is gonna hafta pay up to Cookie Monster. 😉

  28. Haha, #3 fits me, except I always root for the underdog. Yeah, New York wins! Congratulate Cookie!


    GO GIANTS!!!!

    And sorry, Joe, but that was easily one of the most exciting Superbowls I’ve seen in years…and I didn’t even have a horse in this race.


  30. (leaps up and down). Well, neither Cookie Monster nor The Baron were close on the scores, but man, what an ending to the game. I do hope you decided to stick it out till the final play. Score one for the Cinderella team. Another 8 months and we start it all over again.

  31. It was a boring game except for that last drive by the Giants. I didn’t think they’d do it, but the Giants won.

    Book votes

    Gregory Benford’s “Timescape”
    Jeffrey Ford’s “Empire of Ice Cream”
    Paul Wilsons’s “The Keep”

  32. I never watch football, but caught the last 3 minutes of the game. Whataya say, Joe? Sure hope you stayed awake for it!

  33. Oh Joe I hope you didn’t skip the game! It was awesome!!!!!!!! The Giants pulled it off and I couldn’t be happier.
    As for the books I would like to vote for The Empire of Ice Cream and A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

  34. Oh, ye of little faith!

    Thanks for the replicator vids. The end result was very cool, and a great idea.

  35. WOW! We won, I secretly hoped and we did it.

    Hoped you watched the game it was good, slow in the middle but picked up in the 4th quarter.

  36. Hey Joe,

    Next year, you should check out the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead.

  37. *Happy dances in*

    THE GIANTS WON!!!!!!!! They won, Joe! They really won!! Fantastic game! Got those earplugs ready?


    I told you, Joe. Always, always ‘expect the unexpected’.

    danielfanforever *happy dancing out*


  38. Ugh. As someone who married into a family of hardcore Jets fans, this Giants upset (and it was an UPSET) really turned my stomach. But hey, at least Belicheater’s Pats went down.

  39. Just dropping by to say nice episode on Friday. Actually, from the spoilers/commercial, I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but it was a nice surprise. It was nice to see some Shepphard backstory and Ronan back on Earth.
    Didn’t have much interest in the game this year either, but it was nice to see the Giants win.
    Book votes – Empire of Ice Cream, Timescape

  40. Hah! Go, Eli!!

    I vote for The Empire of Ice Cream and A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

  41. Hey Joe- as a non-football watcher I had to watch the game as I am from New York. Hopefully you watched the game until the end. I kept changing channels but went back in time for the best plays. This was the best upset of all.
    Do you have any favorite Fox shows?

  42. Just out of curiosity to all those shippers/slashers/non-shippers that don’t like it when someone ships and they disagree with that ship:
    Why do you care if anyone else ships or not? Why would it bother you if I shipped Sheyla or McCarter or Beckett/Weir? Why are there even arguments about this? Isn’t everyone entitled to their opinion?

    I’m not a shipper or a non-shipper. I do like to see some romance though…but ONLY if it’s written well and doesn’t affect the stories to the point of making them boring. I liked the idea of Cadman and McKay…I thought they had some chemistry and that was where TPTB were going with that one…but I was WRONG..lol. And that’s ok. I hated Ratie(Rodney/Katie..and yes the horrible combo name IS deliberate) and am glad they are over, but some people liked them together..and that’s ok for them. When I first watched the show, I thought TPTB were leaning toward a Teyla/John pairing…and they weren’t. Then I kinda thought they were leaning toward a John/Elizabeth pairing…again NOPE! I think they just enjoy teasing us and making us crazy!

    I don’t like Larrin much and I think they are making John pant way too much over her. Sheesh, everytime he’s around her, he’s staring at her chest! I doubt they’ll do anything but have them play around a bit too. If they ever pair anyone up with any of our boys…I just hope it’s not a space bimbo type. It would be nice to have them with real, good, kind, warm-hearted type women like Teyla, Elizabeth and Samantha. But, I doubt we will see that. Going on their track record from SG-1…they will all end up alone and doing their jobs until they die…lol!

    And that’s why there’s fan-fiction!

    I’m a bit all over on this post…sorry!


  43. Poor Ava she may have been a replicator but the gal had heart. You put her in her own reality; poor girl’s probably still walking around that lake trying to find Sheppard.

    It reminded me of ‘Ship in a Bottle’ an episode from TNG they did the same thing with an adversary of Picard’s, Professor Moriarty put him in a holocube on Picard’s desk.

    I suppose it was the only way to ‘dispose’ of her, Shep can sleep at night happy in the knowledge that Ava’s well, no where really!

    Joe have you ever written anything under a pseudonym?

  44. I really couldn’t care less about football, and I find it kind of annoying that people seem to assume that literally everyone watches the superbowl. Seems like everyone I’ve talked to in the past three days has mentioned it. Ugh. Who wants to watch a bunch of unidentifiable jocks running around playing what is essentially rugby without at least being man enough to not wear all the padding? Well, apparently a lot of people, but not me.

  45. When it comes to football, I always envy the people who are able to support the team from their state. (or region I suppose) I would like to be able to be really excited about the home-team, as people call it, but I’m from Michigan. It’s sad. At least my college team is good.

  46. Hay Joe,

    In the same vein as your “SuperBore” title, I like to call all of them “StuporBowl” for all the folks that get into a drunken stupor leading up to and including gametime as well as all those that only watch the game for the multimillion-dollar commercials. Not that you fall into either category; I’m just saying 😉

    I did like Dr. Lee a bit more this time around. For once, he wasn’t incompetent! It makes you wonder how he keeps his job sometimes…

    And the other Joe did an excellent job of the emotional acting. I haven’t lost a parent yet and I don’t know if he has, so I have to wonder what he was thinking of to call up such believable facial expressions for Sheppard’s grief.

  47. So, how ’bout that sports team? I really thought it’d be fixed in the Pats’ favor(why chance ruining a perfect record, right?) That certainly shut me up.

  48. Hey Joe,
    Watched the game! Hurray for the Giants! Wasn’t too interested in the game, mostly watch for the commercials. Was reading through your blog from the last couple days to pass the time. Lots of info on the blog. Can’t wait till tomorrow. Changes abound, and I’m sure we will be surprised. So far, so good!

    Enjoyed Outcast. Will watch it one more time tonight. Enjoyed very much the story and all the twists and turns. Great season, you keep outdoing yourselves.

    What I’m reading: “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Couldn’t find the BOTM selection by Neil Gaiman, so picked this up instead. Have you read it? I’m not too far into it yet, but so far enjoying the humor. I did read Terry Pratchett’s BOTM a couple months ago, and do enjoy that style.

    Anyway, time to sign off. Looking forward to tomorrow’s announcement! Have a great night. 🙂

  49. I hope you didn’t go to bed before the game was over. That was the MOST AMAZING game I have ever seen! And not because my team did what no one thought they would! I LOVE COOKIE MONSTER!!!! Go Big Blue!!!

    I still love you even though you had no faith in the Giants.

  50. Well, the first half of the game was perfect for canoodling with hubby after convincing him to Stop Shoveling Snow and Get Indoors. And hey, can’t go wrong with Tom Petty, weird beard or not. So that left a quarter of intense napping before catching the end of the game. Bravo Victoria’s Secret!

    So, Cookie, can you spare a fiver?

  51. Well do you still say it was boring? That was the best Super Bowl game I remember seeing in the last 25 years. Also I’ve been saying all along the Giants would win and Cookie Monster and I were right.

  52. Dear Joe,

    If someone asks you a question, the answer to which would be a HUGE spoiler to either an SG1 movie or an SGA episode, do you prefer to ignore the question, tell the questioner that you can’t answer or blatantly lie?

  53. PS: Are we discussing Neil Gaiman’s book as a whole, or a specific story in the book?

    PPS: What IS the story of Androcles and the Lion?

  54. Hi Joe
    Is the new commander for Atlantis civilian or military? I’m not very happy with Sam leaving Atlantis after only one year – mainly because I can’t think of other positions for her that are not a step back for leading Atlantis – maybe only leading SGC. One more thing – could you please tell me if Sam is still in the AirForce after she leaves Atlantis.

  55. We had them We had them 50 sec left and then it was gone. I am not listening to Sports Talk Radio Monday all the NY fans will be calling to Razz us. Here’s a link


    it is free but I think you have to signup to listen Online

    You could cheer me up by telling me something about Daniel & Vala. Is there any emotional scenes between them in Continuum how about some funny banter any of that to look forward to? I know somewhat happened in AoT but I haven’t seen it waiting for the DVD release.

    I would ask you about Weir but after what you said before I take it you don’t like the Weir character so I think I am wasting my breath so was Brad the only one who fought for the character. I really miss her alot and the season has been off without her as a regular character. If Picard in Star Trek The Next Generation can be captured and become part of Borg then come back to Command Enterprise yes there were few episodes where he was dealing with it but he still came back and Commanded Enterprise. Weir could come and be the leader of Atlantis again but I know you don’t want her back as a regular character. I just really don’t want her to be evil I hope you give her a happy ending that would Weir fans would like aqnd is true to the character she would never be evil.

  56. AAAAAHAHAHHAHHAHA as they say in Australia, sucked in Joe! Looks like the game was rather interesting and this drongo, after reminding fellow Strines that it was on this morning, forgot TOTALLY about it. Not regretting it as being with friends, yakking over a coffee is more important.

    So the Giants won! oooooo total ego blow to the Pats. Hate to see what the coach/manager’s saying in the dressing room.

    Mwahs to you and Pugkids..

  57. I’m not much into the football either. I sympathize with riley: I often get the condesencing responses to watching and reading sci-fi followed by ‘Have you seen Rock of Love?’ I watched Rock of Love once for five minutes and was scared for all of humanity. Had to cover my eyes and search blindly for the remote.

    I watched Blade Runner this weekend. Wasn’t as impressed as I wanted to be. What’s your favorite sci-fi movie? Mine remains Contact; maybe because it was my first exposure to scifi.

    I got laughed at from the family when I looked up from the newspaper in the second quarter and said “The Giants are playing?” I did incorporate SGA into the conversation when someone said “That was a Hail Mary.” There’s always a way.

    By the way: loved Outcast. Though my theory on why Sheppard had a falling out with his family is not agreed upon by my friends. Also relates to why my friends must always answer my comments with “They’re just friends!” What-ever. Love the show. Keep it up.

  58. BOTM votes:

    Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.


    Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind: The King-Killer Chronicle, Day 1.

    No vote for horror as I won’t be reading it. Good luck books!

  59. Kim —

    In my opinion there are too many bimbos on tv, both in space and elsewhere. (It ranks up there with the seemingly endless quantity of TV shows and/or commercials where the big fat rude idiot guy is married to the hot woman. You can tell what demographic they’re going for.) I don’t think you can really call Larrin a bimbo because in my mind the bar was set pretty high with Anise, and obviously she’s sharp enough to have kept her people alive. But I do wish she didn’t dress like one. And let’s not even get into her thing for bondage.

    I also wish her car commercials weren’t on so often because every time I hear her tell me to get a Mercury I flinch.

  60. I had a bizarrely vivid dream last night that it turned out that the new Atlantis commander was mini!Jack.

  61. AHHHH, Joe…. WHAT A GAME!

    Here’s to the smell of Victory! (I’m a student in New York, but grew up in Wisconsin by Green Bay) And here’s to redemption to the Packers for losing to the team that beat the Patriots!

    ahhh…. now, I’ll sit back, relax, and wait for the cast release tomorrow morning. Yum.

  62. On a Football front I just want to say the offensive line did not show up for the Pats the defense played their hearts out they showed up they came to play to only allow 17 points and to keep them at 3 most of the game they have nothing to be ashamed of. Congrats NY Giants fans.

  63. maddie said… “The people saying that Weir fans are attacking Carter are really funny.”

    No one is saying that all Weir fans are attacking Carter. We are saying that “A” has a habit of making her fellow Weir fans look bad by attacking other fans, fan groups, and even Amanda Tapping. I know a multitude of Weir fans that are very nice, intelligent, and polite people who have more than good reason to be upset about what happened to their favorite character and actress. Unfortunately, some Weir fans like “A” have let their bitterness turn into something quite unpleasant and I am tired of reading nasty comments like those directed at majorsal (a fan who has never once bashed Weir, Torri, or her fans). When Weir was reduced, majorsal was one of the first fans to express her sympathy to the Weir fans. She has done nothing but love the character of Sam and Amanda. What’s wrong with that? I’m sure “A” and other Weir fans would do no less for their own favorite character and actress.

    maddie also said…
    “What I’ve seen is Carter fans upset that Amanda’s leaving Atlantis, and everyone else saying how great it is that she’s got this new show she’s doing.”

    What I have seen are a number of Sam fans expressing their sadness that they will not be seeing their favorite character every week, while also expressing their happiness that Sanctuary is going to be on TV. Every Sam fan I have seen has been nothing but understanding and supportive of AT’s decision.

    On a much more pleasant side note, congrats Joe on the Giants (Not the Patriots) winning the Superbowl. I hope you enjoyed the game. I heard it was actually a good one this year. I also want to thank you for trying to work out the scheduling with Amanda for next season. I know it must have been very difficult for you both to come to the decision you did. I’m sure all Sam fans appreciate you trying so hard to come up with a compromise. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but happy for Amanda at the same time that Sanctuary has been greenlighted. I wish you much success with writing and producing the next season of SGA, and I will be watching when it airs on SciFi (as always).

  64. Told ya. Cookie Monster…Genius. Giants…CHAMPIONS!!

    Looking forward to Trio. Previews look interesting.

  65. Erika, sadly I think you’re right. It’s not worth even mentioning Weir here anymore, because we know that Joe doesn’t want her as a significant part of the show. I’m quite sure we’ll be lucky to see Elizabeth in two episodes, while TPTB will move heaven and earth to work around other actors.

    But Joe, rational, non aligned fans who aren’t rabid Beckett or Weir fans can even see that you don’t off two characters that are popular and are therefore assets. I read a comment to that effect today, and it basically stated the obvious.

    It looks like you’re boosting your cast numbers for season five. Why that couldn’t have been done for season four including those characters, I guess we’ll never know.

    There’s been a lot of talk about ratings. What you’ve done is effectively thumb your noses as certain segments of the audience and said “We don’t need you. We’re doing things our way and if people don’t like it, they can lump it.” That’s fine if you really mean it and don’t care about the consequences, but the talk at the moment on various sites is that a lot of people are extremely nervous about what you have planned for season five. Not everyone. Before people jump on me, I’m not so arrogant as to believe everyone’s annoyed about the changes. But this isn’t survivor. People don’t watch it because they want characters to be offed. They watch it because they connect to the characters, the related to the characters, they begin to love the characters.

    I personally don’t like Ronon. I find him boring, but I wouldn’t want him to go, because he works within the dynamic. I just personally don’t feel a connection to him. I’m not so insular that I can’t see that other fans love him, enjoy his interactions, etc.

    I’m beyond confused about why you felt the need to get rid of Beckett and Weir in the first place. In my opinion it was the wrong thing to do on both counts. If SG1 had treated its cast the same way in the first 3-5 years as the Atlantis one is being treated now, I have no doubt it wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did.

    Then again, we all know there was a different team running SG1.

  66. OK that game rocked. I am so happy for Eli. After all the crap, and now he is the MVP. So glad the cheaters lost, all is right with the world. Outcast was great. I enjoyed the backstory. Hope you watched, and you should be very happy.

  67. I’m looking forward to the pictures from filming like you usually do when filming Atlantis.
    Well hopefully they’ll be soon.
    Football is boring

  68. COOKIE MONSTER GIANTS WIN!!!GIANTS WIN!!!!WWWEEEHHHAAAA!!!!! Joe what do you have to say now eh buddy???

  69. You destroyed my diet! I’m holding you personally responsible for providing Ronon in jeans. Yum.

  70. Hey Joe,

    Wanted to ask some questions about the next season of Atlantis in trlation to the Wraith.

    1) Any big planned revelations for the Wraith next season? I quite enjoyed “Spoils of War” but hope more is explained on how the Wraith won the war against the Ancients.

    2) Will we see those enigmatic and elusive Wraith Keepers that ‘made their alliances’ back in “Allies”?

    3) On the MGM website there is this concept art for a Wraith Scout Ship that was mentioned in “Aurora”, any chance of seeing this bat winged monster on screen next season? It looked really cool!

    Thank you for answering my last question, have a good time!

  71. Well, Joe, I hope you stuck around for the game. Frankly, the Giants are in my black book at the moment, beating my two favorite teams. However, it was a good game and in the end, as long as it’s not the Vikings winning, I can appreciate a good game.

    What’d you think of halftime?

    Also, I loved Outcast. Great episode.

  72. I hope you didn’t bet on the game Joe 🙂

    I, on the other hand, tipped the Giants for the Superbowl and have tipped them the last 3 games (and I’m a 49er fan).

    Chev rules!!

    Cheers, chevron7

  73. Re: Outcast

    John and Nancy haven’t seen each other for 4 years while he was on Atlantis. How long were they married and how long has it been since they were divorced?

    Just wondering.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. can’t wait to watch it. I have to wait for the DVD as it comes out before it’s shown on TV in Australia.

  74. Hey whaddya know Cookie Monster was right about the outcome even if his predicted score was a tad off I am impressed. I guess I better put away my Patriots cap huh? not that I follow the game or claim to understand it and the cap was a pressie from my New England cousin and it comes in handy when its raining.

  75. Joe, I hope this comment doesn’t tick you off, and I’m actually hoping you try to address my criticisms. Not that I deserve special consideration, but because if I, someone that has never really been upset at anything you guys have decided to do, can get somewhat angry over this last episode and some things happening in S4 then I am sure many, many others feel the same.

    Okay, the problems I am having with S4 and last Friday’s epi;

    First, Carter. I love Carter, always have. So, why would you guys waste the time and talents of Amanda Tapping by having her come in and speak a few lines and leave? Why would you take such a major character and use her so little, yet include her in the credits as a regular cast member? Yes, technically she will have been in 14 out of 20 episodes in S4, but if you put all her scenes, so far, together it would stretch, maybe, 11 minutes. Such a waste of time, talent, and money.

    About the last Epi;

    I do apologize for this harsh sounding criticism, but man, that was a sloppy episode. The worse offense was the scene at the food table at the funeral. As my wife and I were watching I commented to her; “Look at the tool at the end of the table. Jeez, what horrible acting. Ya know, if I didn’t know better I’d think he was some ‘Get in the Gate’ winner and someone who was SO enamored being there he just could NOT stop smiling like a idiot.” NOW, the next commercial comes up and THERE HE IS, a WINNER of Get In The Gate…. So, why is this a problem for Atlantis… Because IF I noticed this guy smiling and so out of place, others did to, yet the Director either didn’t have the time or money to shoot again or wasn’t paying attention enough to see what was happening. Either way, it totally spoiled the show for me.

    Carter: One line… gone. Annoying

    The WHOLE concept; Are we, longtime Stargate Fans, supposed to believe that SG1 would NOT be the ones looking for this Replicator on Earth? Not even a mention that SG1 was also looking for it? That Ronon and Sheppard, who have been in the Pegusas Galaxy all this time are heading up the team on Earth looking for a replicator, while ANY team in the SGC would be better equipped to do it. Everyone sets aside some belief when they watch TV/movies, but come on, this whole idea just did not fit for 2 Atlantis people when the SGC has many teams that would be doing the looking. (Unless of course the SGC didn’t exist for this episode, LOL )

    The Replicator; The solution was silly. Sure, Star Trek TNG did it, but they didn’t even TRY to have McKay check out her out to see if she could be of use in Atlantis. Despite leaving her is a virtual world, they basically killed her. Was she not basically the SAME kind of Replicator that the doppelgänger Replicators were a few epi’s back? Would she not then be a REAL human, deserving better than to be killed and sent to a virtual world, ala, Vanilla Sky?

    This is by far the longest comment I have ever left and for that I apologize. I had looked forward to S4 a lot and to hear that Carter was taking command was great news. After 3/4 of the season is over I am left feeling empty, and very critical. I don’t like the way S4 has made me feel.

    I hope you can address at least a couple of the things I have type here.

  76. Hello ;

    Yé!!!!!!!Les Giants sont des winner!! Trop fort! J’ai adore ce superbowl!

    Quel match défensive des Giants!(Lol pauvre Brady) il n’ont rien lacher!
    Dommage que les Patriots n’etaient trés dans leur jeux hier.

    Aujourd’hui je n’est pas etais en cour (et oui je me suis coucher a 6h00 du matin) Mais si l’année prochaine le superbowl ce passe a New york, nous ira bien, car le décalage horaire est moin important.

    Yéé j’ai appris aussi que le foofball francais éxisté! Il y’a en tout plus de 50 clubs, et voici mon préféré:


    J’ai aussi découvert le Footabll sur plage? étrange!


    Mais ils doivent mourir de chaud!!

    Bon ba voila, je n’est qu’un mot a dire, Vive le Football!!

    Gros Kisou, je vous adore!

  77. Hi Joe,

    J’ai une petite question. Bon j’imagine que vous n’allez pas y répondre mais comme on dit, qui ne tente rien n’a rien (Nothing ventured, nothing gained); donc je vous la pose quand même lol.

    Dans la saison 5, Samantha Carter ne sera plus le commandant d’Atlantis (sauf peut-être dans l’épisode 1). Mais qu’elle en est la raison ?

    1. Elle fait quelque chose dans l’épisode « Search and Rescue » qui lui vaut d’être rappelée sur Terre pour passer en court martiale (en espérant que ça se termine bien)?
    2. Elle quitte le commandement d’Atlantis pour des raisons personnelles ?
    3. Elle part pour diriger le SGC ?
    4. Aucune des 3 raisons citées ci-dessus sont correctes?
    5. L’une des 3 raisons est correcte mais vous ne pouvez pas (ou ne voulez pas…suspens, suspens lol) nous le dire ?

    J’espère que la raison (quelle qu’elle soit) sera à la hauteur de ce qu’aura été le personnage de Sam Carter durant ces 11 années de bons et loyaux services. Elle mérite une grande « sortie » … enfin ce n’est que mon opinion bien sûr mais j’ai tellement aimé ce personnage ( et la façon donc Amanda l’a interprété était formidable) depuis le tout premier épisode de Stargate que j’aimerais que son départ sont réaliste, logique et respectueux…voire même héroïque (oui là j’en demande peut-être beaucoup lol).

    Même si vous ne répondez pas, merci de m’avoir lu Joe. Bonne journée.

  78. Not looking, not looking.

    But I just thought I’d congratulate you on a great supervillian feat. Obviously the Patriots found out you were supporting the opposition and given your campaign of negative thinking against them caused them to fail.

    Baron Destructo will be very proud of you. Maybe

    Well done.

  79. **maddie Said:
    Oh, Alli Snow.

    I just have to say, I loved your Sam/Jack fic back in the old days**

    She had quite the way with poison pen letters, too. 😉

  80. kdvb1 asked:
    **Just out of curiosity to all those shippers/slashers/non-shippers that don’t like it when someone ships and they disagree with that ship:
    Why do you care if anyone else ships or not? Why would it bother you if I shipped Sheyla or McCarter or Beckett/Weir? Why are there even arguments about this? Isn’t everyone entitled to their opinion?**

    While the Sam and Jack shippers continue to demand that they get incontrovertible “proof” that they are together and thereby (or so they believe) stop anyone, anywhere, any time “shipping” Jack or Carter with anyone else, I guess you’re going to get that.

  81. So does this mean Jack and Sam have absolutely no chance of ever getting together? sniff.

  82. Joe,

    As I type this after the game I could be accused at being a Monday morning quarterback, but if you watched the season finale between the two teams, it foreshadowed anything but a boring rematch. The Giants where still an underdog, but they did show if they were on their game they could hang with the Patriots. No matter which way it ended there was going to be history made, either an undeafeated 19-0 team, or brothers quarterbacking Superbowl winners in back to back years. When is that ever going to happen again?

    I’m sure you watched the game and weren’t disappointed. It was exciting no matter which way it came down, but for my money, the underdog winning is always the better story.

  83. Slian Martreb wrote:

    PPS: What IS the story of Androcles and the Lion?

    One translation of “Androcles and the Lion”, one of Aesop’s Fables, can be found online here.

    Gracey wrote:

    …is Cavanaugh gonna pop up too??

    Kavanaugh, sans ponytail, will be in “Midway”.

    silkie wrote:

    One more thing – could you please tell me if Sam is still in the AirForce after she leaves Atlantis.

    If she’s going to be popping up once in a while, I would assume she’s still going to be Air Force. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

    Anne Teldy

  84. She had quite the way with poison pen letters, too. 😉

    Surely you’re confusing me with someone else.

  85. Reading the comments it occurs to me that for fans to have such ownership in characters proves that Stargate, both flavors, is indeed a superior product. It also occurs to me that I’m very happy I’ve had my rabies inoculations.


  86. I noticed when John and Ronan went through the stargate to Earth, you didn’t use the SGC set. Has it been torn down or was it going to be too expensive to revive it for what would be a quick shot?

  87. Just wanted to add my love for Outcast. Excellent episode. Great score, fantastic acting, great writing with a few twists I didn’t see coming. Kudos to Joe Flanigan and all the crew/writers/producers involved.

    Loved the chemistry between Nancy and John. Any chance we see more of her in s5?

    Nancy’s current boyfriend/husband seems to be a lawyer, and you said some time ago something about a court room in s5. Is that court room plot related to this lawyer by any chance?

    Is Dave Sheppard older or younger than John?

    It was great to see finally some backstory for John and one of the nice things about this is that it left so many questions unanswered, so many possible future plots. Any chance of revisiting any of this in s5? Will we learn about John’s mother? More backstory would be nice…

    Loved Harmony too. Excellent chemistry between John, Rodney and Harmony. The kid was great. Any plans for bringing her back in s5? It’d be great to have her back, in my opinion.

  88. Yikes! I forgot to say: it was SO great to see Bates back. Please please please, bring him back in s5. It’d be great to have him back as recurring.

  89. First, hurray for the Giants and Eli Manning! What a game! And how nice of New England’s coach to leave the game before it was officially over.

    Loved Outcast. Relished the angsty Sheppard scenes and the final scene with his brother. I’m glad someone (Nancy) gave him a hug, too. The action and stunts were wonderful. Is Jason built like a Greek statue or what? lol It was nice to see Bates back. Hope we see him again in Season 5.

  90. THE GIANTS WON!!!!

    tell cookie monster he was off by 10 for each score

  91. Hey Joe

    first time I leave a comment at your blog. I`m a regular reader for nearly 1 1/2 years now and I have to say it`s great how you`re able to write such interesting stuff on a daily basis.

    My questions:

    1. Who has the final word on casting decisions regarding one single ep? The writer of the episode, the producers or some kind of casting director.

    2. Have there ever been roles you had to recast because your first choice had to drop out of the role after casting for some reasons?

    About this weeks ep: Very enjoyable. Liked the twists and the Sheppard-backstory. A huge uptick from last weeks episode.

    3. I hope Allan (McCullough) will be part of the team next season, is he? If yes is he writing one of the first four, already named, installements for season 5?

    I hope you will be able to answer at least one of my questions.


  92. Outcast.
    Not my favorite episode, but quite good to see a little of John’s background.

    I think with there being such great episodes before, this one was a little weaker than the rest.
    Where were the SGC teams? And poor Ava! Stuck in her own little world, I wonder if she will pop up again, angry and bitter at her treatment!!

    One thing that annoyed me was when McKay came in to see John. I mean, they are meant to be friends, and working close in a dangerous environment would bring a team very close.
    The friendship has grown in the last few years, and yet they remain so distant with each other. Odd. Especially at such a sad time. I know each character has their own issues, but if you can’t talk to your friends, who in the Pegasus galaxy will you talk too!

    Looking forward to Trio, and yes, I AM still loving the show! Very much!!!!
    Fraggle D.

  93. AND!! I can not believe that season 4 is nearly ended!!!!
    I only realized today that we only have a few more episodes to go!! What am I going to do!?!?!?

    *lifts her seasons 1-3 SGA boxsets…my precious…..*

    Season 5 on the horizon and looking forward to it!

  94. Hello Joe.

    Sorry for my poor English, but it’s not my first language.

    Have the writers decided what the future holds to Sam Carter? Maybe she leaves Atlantis to be the new commanding officer of the SGC? Or does she go to Homeworld Security in Washington to be close to a certain general?

    And… have you ever eaten one of the most typical catalan foods: “caragols a la llauna” with “all-i-oli”? How to translate it … snails “a la llauna” with garlic and oil sauce, or something like that. It’s not as disgusting as it sounds, I promise 😀

    Thank you.

  95. Gah! SCIFI much slow on release news season 5 cast!

    I liked outcast, if it was a little ‘eh’ at times. The shep history was nice, but i’ll echo the rodney/shep sentiments, you’d think there would have been a little more between them at that kind of time. A hug, a “i’m here for ya”, a “let me know if you need something”, etc…

    In fact i was surprised rodney wouldn’t have gone back with him (obviously it was a toss to get bill in, and give david some time off), but i would think the character would have gone with him, even if he did was busy. Just my 2 cents. Still an interesting episode, looking forward to Trio! 🙂

  96. Just saying I loved Outcast again. Still moping though that you all didn’t have Rodney go back to Earth with John and Ronon. ::sigh:: Yea, I get it, he’s heavy in the next episode, but from a character standpoint, we’d have really, really, really rather have seen Rodney rather than Dr. Lee.

    Looks like Cookie Monster was right in the Superbowl. I watched for the ads, but nothing really interesting this year.

  97. (Logic Sequence, Elf-ears)
    Yeah I agree, Rodney should have been the one to return to earth with John.
    I am not a slasher by any means (not dissing any slashers, I am just not one! So please don’t pounce on me!!)
    I just think the friendship is stronger than whats being shown, and feel that sometimes it should be shown.

    Okay, nuff said! I do not think I have ever wrote as many comments in one go!!!!

    *still holding the SGA series 1-3 boxsets…..my precious……*

    Fraggle D

  98. I agree and don’t agree that the friendship is stronger than what’s being shown. I think Rodney’s face during the conversation wherein he stated he couldn’t go (the concern, the not knowing what to say, the hurt when John didn’t want to talk, the double look away when it got too intense, the walking away so slowly it made me cry a little) showed more of how much he cares than if he was actually with him the whole time.

    Basically, I think it was as well executed within the parameters of the scheduling issues as possibly could be done with the character’s relationship.

    Well done on all accounts in my opinion. Though I was looking for the last scene to be between them and not Dave. Maybe a hug? Maybe Rodney is the only person who John would hug right? So far, he doesn’t seem to know how. Make him hug Rodney, Joe! I’ll give you a dollar.

  99. Je vais au lit, a demain♥ je vous adore fort.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Joseph♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥You are the best ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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  100. Well… THAT was the greatest footbal game ever! I hope you saw the whole thing…pretty awesome ending.

    Oh and…the press release?
    We are all “patiently” awaiting…

  101. On February 3, 2008 at 8:55 pm talula Said:

    By the way: loved Outcast. Though my theory on why Sheppard had a falling out with his family is not agreed upon by my friends. Also relates to why my friends must always answer my comments with “They’re just friends!” What-ever. Love the show. Keep it up.

    I’m with you totally. McShep rules ha ha

  102. Well, Outcast was enjoyable and had many of the hallmarks of a good Stargate episode. Character interaction, continuity, a well crafted build-up of tension, humor, and plenty of action. Well done!

  103. sq2830 Said: Is Dave Sheppard older or younger than John?
    Will we learn about John’s mother?

    Great questions!

    A lot of people I know are trying to figure out who is older, John or Dave. Everyone gave great reasons why they thought the one or the other was older. I know Dylan Neal is younger by almost 3 years, but they are close enough in age that it doesn’t really matter for the characters.

    I think John is the older brother, because his behavior on Atlantis has been that of an older brother. He makes sure everyone is ok on missions(I know that’s his job too). He’s always there for his friends. He takes responsibility for everything…even sometimes when it’s not his fault. He just seems like the older brother you would love to have.

    So Joe, who is the older brother, John or Dave? (or haven’t you guys even decided that? lol)

    And, what happened to John and Dave’s mom? No mention of her at all? Kinda odd.


  104. Well, sorry to sound impatient, but I guess I really am… I’m still waiting for the birthday gift… what is taking SciFi and their press release so long to appear? It is now 4pm EST!

    Will you discuss the info here in your Feb 4th blog entry Joe?

    Tapping foot, humming to self and nail-biting…

    Carol Z

    “I cannot sit here waiting for you to have an epiphany! I’m losing the will to live! Dr. Zelenka, This Mortal Coil, M. Gero

  105. FraggleDragon Said: And poor Ava! Stuck in her own little world, I wonder if she will pop up again, angry and bitter at her treatment!!
    Ooooh! I can see her finding out she’s in a virtual reality game and getting VERY bitter. Then she finds a way out into the computers and wreaks havoc on Earth, getting into anything mechanical! mwahahaha

    FraggleDragon Said: One thing that annoyed me was when McKay came in to see John. I mean, they are meant to be friends, and working close in a dangerous environment would bring a team very close.
    The friendship has grown in the last few years, and yet they remain so distant with each other. Odd. Especially at such a sad time.

    It really would be nice to see more friendship moments with John and Rodney. I think Rodney would never admit it…but he looks up to John. John is this cool guy who’s also a geek like Rodney. I actually was surprised when Carson died and Rodney said he was his best friend. I always saw it that John was Rodney’s best friend…I guess you can have more than one though. I see it that John has three best friends Rodney, Teyla and Ronon.

    At least the short time on screen was used to it’s fullest. Both actors did such a terrific job with the little they had there. You could just see that Rodney wanted to say so much more, but didn’t know exactly what to say. You know how guys are! They don’t usually talk about the touchy feely things…especially if they think it might make them cry. And, John looked like he could cry if Rodney pressed him on it.

    Maybe if we are lucky, they will explore this more in a future episode. I could definately see John and Rodney stuck somewhere and this subject coming up. Especially since Rodney has major daddy issues too. John could even suggest that Rodney may want to try to make peace with his parents as you never know when someone could die. I’m sure after this episode that John is wishing he had tried to talk with his dad. I could see Rodney being really nervous about it and John offering to go with him for moral support. Well, it probably won’t happen, but it’s a nice thought anyway!


  106. OOPS, quote used in my last post was from Miller’s Crossing, (so sorry…) Yes, I know full well that “This Mortal Coil” was written by Joe M, Paul & Brad. Again, sorry.

    Carol Z

  107. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Outcast!

    Will we find out whether Dave has the gene too or are you just leaving it that it’s obvious he has because he’s John’s brother?



  108. Now, I don’t know much about the game you call football (in which the foot infact very rarely comes in contact with the ball being used to play, although I get the feeling that other balls may hav been kicked) the nice people on the BBC last night seemed to be quite excited about the game.

    And I think you owe cookie monster an apology, after all he as right…

  109. RE: What kdvb1 said.

    It is possible that both McKay’s parents are dead, neither Jeannie or Rodney mention their mother *odd* and the times they mentioned their father it was in both the past (as in dead) and the present (as in Martin Gero needs to read his scripts more closely 😛 )

    The line was something like “this is not what dad would have wanted” I and many fans take that to mean their father is dead.

    Joe any thoughts? Dead or just resting?


  110. Eglaviel wrote:

    Oh and…the press release? We are all “patiently” awaiting…

    Speak for yourself! I am not waiting patiently. I am ticked off and spouting very not-nice language at my computer (since it can hear me and SciFi Channel can’t) every time I refresh the page and nothing is there.

    kdvb1 wrote:

    I actually was surprised when Carson died and Rodney said he was his best friend. I always saw it that John was Rodney’s best friend…

    Carson was very non-confrontational and accepted Rodney for what he is. Sheppard pushes McKay, questions him, forces him to see his own faults, and makes him try to better himself. Rodney may not realize that that qualifies as ‘best friend behavior’

    Anne Teldy

  111. RE: what Anneteldy said.

    Hmm, what show were you watching Carson was relentless in his teasing and pushing of McKay, just watch season one again and you see a less then nice Carson towards Rodney.

    Personally I think Rodney saw Carson as his best friend not John because John is so much more then his best friend *lets you fill in the blanks* 😉

    *runs away*

    Joe if SciFi doesn’t make the announcements on cast changes today will you do it for them? *please*

  112. Mr. Mallozzi,

    will we ever find out anything more about the Nox, especially their flying city; either in Atlantis (probably unlikely I’ll admit) or in another SG-1 movie.


  113. On February 4, 2008 at 2:16 pm tardishart Said:
    Personally I think Rodney saw Carson as his best friend not John because John is so much more then his best friend *lets you fill in the blanks*

    *runs away*

    *runs with you* Hey, let’s hide over here. No one can see us overanalyzing everything!

  114. “Anne Teldy said:

    Speak for yourself! I am not waiting patiently. I am ticked off and spouting very not-nice language at my computer (since it can hear me and SciFi Channel can’t) every time I refresh the page and nothing is there.”

    Me neither. I’ve waited all day, and I’m starting to swear at my computer now…and at Skiffy. 😉 I’m not patient at the best of times, and now I’ve got steam coming out of my ears! It’s not pretty, believe me…

    “Anne also said:

    Carson was very non-confrontational and accepted Rodney for what he is. Sheppard pushes McKay, questions him, forces him to see his own faults, and makes him try to better himself. Rodney may not realize that that qualifies as ‘best friend behavior’

    Anne Teldy”

    Oh that is so sweet! Sniff…

  115. Just finished watching Outcast. Great to see some of Sheppard’s backstory.

    Poor Joe F….seems like everyone had some down time during season 4 filming, except him! I do hope ya’ll are treating him nice for just that reason. ;-D

  116. I’m probably joining the hundreds of ‘spam’ messages wondering about the cast list.

    I’m sure you’ll explian what happened in your blog tonight. Till then, I’m still refreshing the news pages! GAH!

    Other than that, any suggestions for dinner on a college budget in NYC?

  117. erm um you did say Monday right but no press release what gives the network excecutives too busy partying after Superbowl?

  118. Well, NBC/Universal did put out a pretty big press release today on their site. However, it was for DOCTOR WHO… But it was good news for WHO fans (and I do like the show) but I was hoping for that press release you sorta promised…

  119. Joe,

    Is Rachel leaving in Season 5 or will she be a recurring cast?

    And you know, Scifi still hasn’t broadcast Atlantis in HD like you had mentioned earlier for the season.

    Any reasons why?

    Can you clarify for me what was Teyla thinking or trying to do in Quarantine when she climbed out the window and onto the ledge. Was she trying to go up the tower?????

  120. You said my namesake would not be killed in “Broken Ties” but possibly in “Whispers”. Right now, most websites are listing “Whispers” as coming immediately after “Broken Ties”. You also said you yourself were going to write the “memorable death scene” for Anne Teldy.

    So I’ve come to the conclusion that
    A) Carl Binder’s absence is forcing you to write two episodes in a row.
    B) you’ve decided to give someone else the pleasure of killing me off.
    C)”Whispers” is not really the 4th episode of the season.

    Can you clarify?

    Anne Teldy

  121. Just saw the news at Gateworld. I’m very happy!

    To be honest, I was afraid the new commander would be another actor from the main SG-1 cast. No offense to the actors. I’m sure they’re all wonderful people. But after having a main character from SG-1 in s4, I think having another one as the replacement would’ve been too much.

    Woolsey wasn’t my first choice, but I like the character and I think it’ll be fun to see his interaction with the rest of the characters.

    Glad to see Keller is back. I would’ve liked Carson to be in more than 5 episodes, but I’m glad that he’s at least in those. Any chance we see him in more than 5 or it’s all already set in stone? I’m asking because I remember that Jewel was supposed to be in 8 episodes when the news about s4 casting came in, and then she said she ended up being in 11 episodes…

  122. Hmmm… You know, I’d have to say Woolsey is an interesting choice for expedition leader, and I have to say, I wasn’t expecting it. Although it does seem like a logical move, saying that the IOA would most likely elect one of their own to run Atlantis. I’m interested in whether or not Woolsey will strike out on his own, or listen to the IOA, being the middleman between Atlantis and Earth. Either way, I can see some very interesting interactions ahead.

    And one question: According to the SciFi release, there was no mention of Weir returning. Will she be appearing?

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