Well, we had our first notes session of the season with SciFi the other day and I’ll admit to having been a tad nervous going in. There was the typical anxiety that accompanies every notes sessions (Will they love it? Will they hate it? Will they be ambivalent and wander off part-way through the conference call, leaving us to prattle on aimlessly to fill the uncomfortable silence until we realize there is no one on the other end?), and then there was the anxiety that comes with the introduction of a new player. We, at Stargate, were spoiled for many years. We had developed a terrific working relationship with Nora O’Brien, and when we received word at the end of last season that she was moving over to NBC, we were a) incredibly happy for her and, b) incredibly worried for us. But those initial concerns were assuaged with our introduction to SciFi’s new VP of development, Chris Sanagustin. Over the course of my conversations with Chris in the months leading up to start of Atlantis‘s fifth season, I found her to be intelligent, professional, witty and, bottom line, a genuinely nice person. All well and good – but what kind of notes could we expect from her? Would she nitpick the scripts, expressing her disapproval of everything from the episode title to our reckless use of the Times New Roman script font? Would she offer broad, cryptic comments like “Funny?” and “The end of Act Four feels…I don’t know…inorganic.”. Or would she, as a newcomer to the show, require an in-depth crash-course in Stargate 101 that would have us on the phone until the middle of next week?

I’m pleased to report: none of the above. In short, the call went very, very, very well. Sure, there were plenty of notes (it took us a little over two hours to cover all three scripts), some big, some small, but there was never a time during the phone conversation when Paul, Martin or I exchanged the time-honored “WTF?” looks or even came close to breaking down in tears (We all know how sensitive Martin is). Not once! Chris’s input was smart, constructive and, no doubt, will go a long way toward making the episodes that much better. Also in on Wednesday’s call were Deb Curtis from Sony and, on the SciFi side, walking SF encyclopedia Claire Sharood, and executive VP of original programming Mark Stern. Now Mark is a guy who often bears the brunt of much of the fan anger whenever those ubiquitous letter-writing campaigns kicks into high gear. They killed off Beckett! It’s Mark Stern’s fault! They repainted the Atlantis gate room! It’s Mark Stern’s fault! My feet hurt! It’s Mark Stern’s fault! With no way of knowing what goes on behind the scenes, I suppose fans are always inclined to target the network as the bad guy – which is really a little short-sighted and unfair. In truth, Mark has been a big advocate of the show and his input and support have been instrumental in Atlantis’s continuing success, not to mention much-appreciated by the production. Oh, and just so you know, once that press release comes out on Monday – Mark played a big part in ensuring a certain character’s return to the ranks of the recurring.

On the subject of Stargate Atlantis – a lot of you have commented and left questions about Amanda Tapping’s new project: Sanctuary. Were we surprised by the decision? How do we feel about said decision? How will this decision affect Atlantis? Well, we at Stargate have always supported our large, extended family – both on the set of our show and off. We realize that Amanda was faced with a very difficult decision and respect her desire to strike out on her own. A lot of the people involved in the Sanctuary project are Stargate alumni, and we sincerely wish them nothing but the best. As stated in the SciFi press release, Amanda will guest star on Atlantis’s fifth season – but the exact number of appearances by Colonel Carter will be wholly dependant on Amanda’s availability and the types of stories we have in the works. Still, Carter will be one of a number of familiar faces that will be popping up in the Pegasus Galaxy in season 5 – including a new commander. Remember way back, when I said we had considered a handful of possible candidates for the command position at the beginning of season 4? Well this person made that short list then, and we’re VERY excited about his/her/its(?) addition to our cast of regulars. As for who it is and what other little surprises we have in store…head on over to the SciFi site Monday morning and start refreshing.

Finally, at the end of season 4, assistant props master Sean McGee was kind enough to make me a copy of some of the snaps he took of Atlantis’s fourth season finale. Check ’em out and thank Sean the next time you see him.

Mailbag returns tomorrow – along with Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster who will be stopping by with their Superbowl predictions.

163 thoughts on “February 1, 2008: My only note on your script is…What the hell were you thinking?!

  1. Hi, Joe!

    Woo-hoo! Thank you for the photos from “The Last Stand.” REALLY looking forward to this episode.

    Waiting patiently out here on the west coast for 10pm and “Outcast.” (Is it 10 yet? No…2 1/2 hours to go. Darn!)

    Looking forward to season five…and all the surprises in store for us. AND SciFi’s press release Monday! 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Joe! Get plenty of rest, relaxation, and fun with the kids.


  2. Now im all worked up for monday…..over a press release of all things!

    Anyway, every time you post something about fuel, including those pictures of delicious loooking food, i can help but envy, and wonder, how much does a typicl meal there run you?

  3. New commander?!? Again? Oy, pick one! (Just kidding, sounds good 🙂

    Character returning to recurring? Yay, who? (and yeah, I know you won’t answer that 🙂

    Are those pictures from Last Man?

    Hey I have an idea about season five (I know it’s pretty silly and probably entirely incorrect but it’s just an idea). The new leader is Loki! (that little Asgard from season seven) He escaped the big ka-blooey of season ten and got a new job as Atlantis’ leader! And the list of guest stars for season five will include Daniel Jackson, Elizabeth Weir, Carson Beckett, Space Trout, Michael, Todd, Kolya, Omoroca!, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, That skinny guy from The Fifth Man, Rod McKay, Jeanie Miller, the alternate Sam from season three and (my sister’s suggestion) that guy who carries a blanket around from the Hitchhiker’s series (I think she means Ford Prefect).

  4. Hi Joe! Thanks for the behind scenes piccies of the season finale epi. They look great! I am looking forward to monday now for the news! Exciting stuff!

    Take Care & happiness always!

  5. Oh, yes, and the Whangels of Atlantis Home-planet version one will also be guest-starring in season five with the Giant Space Ferrets of the Pegasus Galaxy (sister’s suggestion, not mine)

  6. Some day I’ll make it to Vancouver, and then I’ll take you and Marty G. out to dinner at Fuel. We all three will dazzle each other with our wit and charm and smile at our unique cleverness. Marty will sip his 14 wine selections, you will alphabetize your bottled water by brand name, and l’ll nod in a bemused fashion as you both regale me with stories of intense writer’s room drama involving split infinitives and paper cuts–which can equally be mended by bandages or glue–your choice. So, mark the future date of July xx, 200x…I know, I know…you just can’t wait!

  7. joe said: “Still, Carter will be one of a number of familiar faces that will be popping up in the Pegasus Galaxy in season 5 – including a new commander.”

    me: 🙁

    i guess you can’t depend on when she’d be available, so you have to have another character take the command position.

    i just hope that whatever reason you use that sam’s not commanding anymore, that it’s respectful for the character. please make it respectful.

    can you say what sam will be doing in the show then?


  8. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    In the original idea that Mr. Flanigan pitched out, did he go to Earth alone, or did Ronon or any other members of the team go with him? And which of the writers was responsible for the scene with Shep’s brother? Anyways, just wanted to say that I am enjoying the whole Terminator/Blade Runner feel the episode has going for it.

  9. Nice pics!!!

    I think I might actually watch the superbowl! It’s actually showing here live (Aussies it’s on SBS Monday 10am). I’ll NOT go for the NE Patriots.

    The mind boggles as to who will be the new commander. hmmmm could it be Beckett? hahaha Just kidding! Probably an asgard ;P

  10. oh man oh man I’m sure you just caused a whole lot of people who read this blog to not sleep all weekend!

  11. Joe…

    I confess to feeling gutted about losing Carter as a full time cast member. I was looking forward to seeing her continue in this role that I think fits her like a glove. It hurts; but at the same time I’m thrilled for Amanda and Sanctuary and know it’ll be a huge success.

    I only ask this: however you write Sam out and the new girl in, please let it make sense, not like the fiasco that was season 9.

    I look forward to finding out who the new team mate is and seeing how things play out next year.


  12. Well, now the whole Carter thing just feels really, really flat… why bother even keeping her around? I really liked her too, darn it.
    I hope I like who you get to enter the revolving Atlantis leader door contest next. Maybe this one will stick around for awhile? I hope it won’t be some male fantasy version of a woman, there’s all too many of those already on the show, IMHO, that is. If it isn’t Caldwell or Ellis, I have a feeling I am going to be very very very very very disappointed….
    And I am such a big fan, and am so loving this season, next season just is getting worse and worse from everything you have said.
    Oh, I am just about ready to cry now, or scream, not sure which yet…

  13. You…you use Times New Roman as the font for your scripts? Seriously? Whatever happened to Courier and its various spinoffs that look so every-character-gets-the-same-amount-of-space-on-a-line-so-it-all-lines-up-vertically-ish?

    I am disillusioned. The magic is gone. Game over man, game over. I was looking forward to watching the rest of Season 4 and beyond, but knowing that the scripts that they were shot from were written using Times New Roman? I just…I don’t think I can be as excited as I was before. It’s like finding out that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real…or that that Santa Claus I saw when I was a kid was merely a fat drunk guy from a nearby party that stumbled through one of our opened windows. I mean, I wish I can look past this, I really do…but…Times New Roman…I never thought something like this would happen to Stargate.

    I have to admit, I forgave a lot from you guys over the years. The many pineapples appearances, despite the fact that I was allergic to it, therefore an obvious attempt to mock me? Forgiven. The event horizon puddle, not being green, my favorite color? Forgiven. The fact that we have not yet seen a mud wrestling match between all the female characters, even though that would be so very very hot, and creative? Forgiven (well, almost). And finally, the biggest crime until now, the fact that “sector PG-15” has not yet appeared in Stargate Atlantis, despite the FACT that is a marvelous creative decision? Forgiven. Yes…Forgiven.

    But this…it won’t be forgiven. Oh not at all. I have been wronged too many times by you and your…your…your fellow Fuel-lovers! I demand justice! I…what was this about again? Oh YES! Times New Roman! I demand that you use it more often! It is the only thing that will satisfy my ire! How can you use that Courier crap when TNR is so much more awesome, and looks so…awesome-ish! Yeah…that…that’s what I was talking about, I think. Whatever.

    Ok, so I’m not allergic to pineapples nor have I ever seen a Santa Claus. I think I’ve been watching too much Colbert Report. Still, that was certainly fun to write.

    I can’t wait for Monday!! This is going to be big, BIG I tells ya! So, not only do we get the bare facts of who’s in Season 5, but also storyline hints? WOW…that’s gonna be enough fodder for months of speculation! Thanks!

  14. Now I cannot wait to hear what all the news is. Part of me is thinking, “What? Another new commander?” But hey, if it’s someone we know, then I’m all for it, and terribly curious to see who it is. Hammond, perhaps? He’d definitely cool, but didn’t he retire? I suppose it would be too much to hope that it’s O’Neill. I imagine Landry’s still at the SGC. Daniel, maybe? He’s got the Ancient knowledge, for sure, but he’s never held much of a leadership position. Which doesn’t mean he couldn’t handle it. Maybe Mitchell, but again, I’d figure him to still be at the SGC. Ah, well, we’ll find out soon. I can hardly wait.

  15. Just finished Outcast. Nicely done! I loved the dock stuff – especially at twilight. That was one of the coolest Earth locations I’ve seen in Stargate history. And the effects of the replicator getting shot with pieces of it spraying out were very pretty darn cool.

    As for next week’s episode… “Come on, Schwarzenegger, start swinging.” Jewell’s delievery of that line had me rolling. I can’t wait for Trio!!!

  16. Joe said: “As stated in the SciFi press release, Amanda will guest star on Atlantis’s fifth season – but the exact number of appearances by Colonel Carter will be wholly dependant on Amanda’s availability and the types of stories we have in the works. Still, Carter will be one of a number of familiar faces that will be popping up in the Pegasus Galaxy in season 5 – including a new commander. Remember way back, when I said we had considered a handful of possible candidates for the command position at the beginning of season 4? Well this person made that short list then, and we’re VERY excited about his/her/its(?) addition to our cast of regulars. As for who it is and what other little surprises we have in store…head on over to the SciFi site Monday morning and start refreshing.

    Are they using the webisodes already filmed or are they starting from scratch and re-shooting all 13 episodes? If they are using the webisodes already filmed, then I would think Amanda would have a lot more time on her hands as many are already finished. Therefore, she would be able to be in SGA quite a lot I would think. (a dangerous thing for me ;-D)

    I was worried at first about Carter taking command of Atlantis, but the writers and Amanda have done such a marvelous job that my worries were unfounded. I now find that I am quite a bit put out that Carter will not be the leader of Atlantis anymore. I hope, whomever you pick for the role will be in it for a long time, so we can all get used to them and grow to like/love them. If they are a good fit, eventually we will feel a sense of family again with all the characters, including the leader of Atlantis.

    Joe said: “Oh, and just so you know, once that press release comes out on Monday – Mark played a big part in ensuring a certain character’s return to the ranks of the recurring.”

    OMG…OMG…OMG!!! Paul McGillian is coming back to recurring?????? YES!!! Everytime I watch an SGA episode with him in it, I always think, “Aw…Carson…I miss you.” That is great news!

    Please don’t tell me I’m wrong. I used the process of elimination and I think he’s the only one it could be.

    Verra, verra happily,

  17. Well I can honestly say that I won’t be happy that Sam won’t be the commander of Atlantis in S5 but I can understand with Amanda’s work commitments. I do however hope that the reason given on Atlantis will be respectful to the character Sam unlike the woefully sexist garbage that happened in S9 & 10 of SG-1 to both the character and Amanda.

  18. First off, “Outcast” was wonderful. Nice, rich backstory for Sheppard. I think it explains quite a bit about how he approaches life in general and his job in particular. I’d love to know what went on behind closed doors at the end of the episode. I can’t wait for this season to hit DVD for the commentaries. They should be great fun to listen too!!

    With Martin Wood working on “Sanctuary”, does that mean we will not see him direct any Season 5 episodes??

  19. Firstly Outcast was great, I have the image of Ronon watch Blades of Glory stuck in my head, and it’s still giving me the giggles! Which on you is fan of the movie to have put in the episode?

    Also, ahhhhhh, I would rather you hadn’t said that there was going to be a new commander for Atlantis because now I want to know who it NOW. I can’t wait until Monday!!!!!

    Nice to hear that Carter will still be around, I figured Amanda would have to drop back to guest appearances when I heard the fantastic news about Sanctuary.

  20. Joe,

    Outcast was outstanding. I could not be happier with the way this season has progressed. And I’ve even become a big Sam Carter fan, and if you knew how I felt at the beginning of the season, you would know how big a statement that is. A lot of people, including me, had doubts about how successful this season would be and you and Paul and the writers and the actors and crew really, really came through for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  21. I know we’ll get the press release on Monday but could you confirm before Monday that the new commander will NOT be another character from SG-1?
    Personally, my first choice will always be Elizabeth, the second choice either Sam, Caldwell, Ellis or a new character.
    I know my opinion won’t change anything but I rather have an already SGA established character (such as Caldwell or Ellis) as the new commander, or even a completely new character instead of another character of SG-1 (Sam was very nice, but I’ve never been a fan of SG-1, so I’d prefer non SG-1 characters for that position).

    In short, could you confirm whether the new commander is or is not another character from SG-1? Thanks in advance!

  22. Joe Wrote: “This would be a great place to have a special Stargate dinner,” Martin suggested as our meal (and his wine pairings) wound down. “You should just get a bunch of people from your blog to together during the Creation Con.” Tom and especially Chef Belcham (who, it turns out is a fan of the show) loved the idea. Hey, maybe we can convince him to create a foie gras and duck confit Stargate for the occasion.”

    Patricia Said: “I noticed however that they are not open on Sat or Sun. So would you and Marty G. go for a dinner on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 6 ish or 7:00 pm?

    I suspect you’ll have a few takers if you do plan to have a dinner. I notice that they have a private dining room that seats 45. I also think it would be in bad taste for anyone from the blog to expect to be “treated”; we should all pay our own way and be prepared to bring cash in case separate checks are not an option.

    Here’s hoping you’ll want to organize a blog dinner party, with ground rules of course! According to my reading of the posts thus far, that’s at least 4 votes for yes… do we have a quorum?



    I vote a yes to dinner. The only problem with the date would be if some people’s flights were already booked for Thursday. It might be hard for them to fly in, check into their rooms, check in at the CON and get to Fuel that night for dinner. So if anyone has a problem, speak up now!

    I would hope no one would assume Joe would be paying for anyone but himself! That really would be quite tacky and rude. But, I guess it’s better for one of us to just put it out there. 😉 No misunderstandings that way.


  23. Hi Joe!

    Sorry to see Amanda go. 🙁 Intrigued to see who will take her place. Can you at least narrow it down to either he or she????? Give us a few clues before Monday’s announcement, please (on knees, arms extended forward with hands clasped together begging. pan up to sweet face with lower lip out, slight tremble in lip). LOL!! Hope you are having a good weekend!

    Jen 🙂

  24. Arctic Goddess Said: I’m in! Looks like it would be a wonderful time!

    By the way, Joe, I have two Gold Tickets for the convention. Would you mind very much if I borrow your blog to offer them to your readers? They are in row C. And I would ask only what I paid for them.


    How do I contact you for info. about the tickets?

  25. Hi Joe!

    Nice photos with a high ISO rating 😉
    Is that sand or sawdust?

    Oh, I liked the big Tesla coils in the background of tonight’s ep (sorry, I don’t memorize show titles.) If they weren’t props, did y’all ever fire ’em up? And if they were props, have you ever seen large ones like that in action? I was kind of hoping they would be used against the male replicator, in kind of “The Thing From Another World” style… What you came up with was good, too 🙂


  26. I’m presuming you mean Woolsey, given that I know you considered him then, and he’s the only person I can realistically think of returning. Would be interesting but only if you handled it well… but you guys have proved recently that even with situations like Teylas pregnancy that you guys (emphasis on that word) can handle it well. So it should be ok, if it’s not Woolsey, well I’ll be curious as to who would elsewise we’ve seen before. But at least it’s someone with backstory and not someone completely new.

    I’ll drop in my thoughts on Outcast when I see it as well, but it looks like a good episode from the very little I know about it. But that’s how it should be, and I know Alan McCullough can produce a good script so it should be a good episode.

    Will details like which writers and producers will return also be announced in Sci-Fi’s press release or will you just fill us in here?

  27. KUDOS all around for Outcast…WOW. Fantastic episode really.

    and kudos as well to Joe F. for his acting in this. The trying to deal with his father’s death reminded me far too much of my own father’s heart attack and Joe’s very expressive looks and things were just perfect.

    *claps hands* Happy fan-camper here!

  28. i feel so gutted. it’s like losing a member of the family. i should be happy because “sanctuary” is a go, but i feel like crying cuz we’re losing sam. if she does leave atlantis i know that you’ll do right by her. she deserves it. hell, she deserves a hero’s farewell with balloons and confetti and that guy from Washington at her side. Now THAT would make a truly perfect goodbye.
    damn…don’t go sam…please?

  29. New commander? Hmmm. I’d go for our old pal Col. Dixon, or even Caldwell. Please no Daniel, or Woolsey. Neither would fit.

  30. Can someone please tell me what happened in the SciFi ‘Next week on Atlantis’ sneak peek for Trio??? Thanks!

  31. I’m sorry, but three commanders in a matter of five seasons? I completley understand about Tapping’s position, and I know that can’t be helped… but I mean… come on! It should be Weir again.

  32. Loved, loved, *LOVED* that McShep moment towards the beginning!! I wasn’t really expecting to get to see Rodney at all in the ep, so thank you very muchy for that. It was beautiful!

    The John/Ronon stuff was really good too, both the comedy (Blads or Glory, the food) and Ronon’s concern for his friend.

    Yay for Dr Lee!! 😀 And while I’m not a Bates fan, at least he seemed nice here, and welcoming of alien Ronon. 🙂

    Several nice plot twists, too, although I do wish there was a bit more set-up with the Replicator himself — that seemed a little weak. Maybe some explanation as to why he had such a strong sense of self-preservation that he was willing to kill those he should have been programmed to obey and protect? Especially since it sounded like he wasn’t really programed with a while lot of complexity or detail. Poole(sp?) kept saying he’d only kill as a last resort, but the guards had hardly menaced him at all and he killed them without hesitation.

    I liked Eva — she reminded me of Fran! I even liked Nancy, although I didn’t see much in the way of chemistry between her and Sheppard. (And my McSheppy brain has inferred a whole lot of story there that was probably unintended. *Evil grin*)

    Also wished there was s) more “Ronon meets Earth” stuff (but I can understand why there wasn’t, and the food table moment was far beter than nothing at all. “Is this free?” *dies*), and b) more been more backstory and moments with Sheppard’s family …

  33. Just a quick question – will Martin Wood be directing any S5 eps or is he moving over to Sanctuary too?

  34. person Said: Among my male friends, they all seem to prefer Sg-1 and won’t touch Atlantis with a ten-foot pole. Yet most of my women friends love Atlantis. I recognize I don’t have a statistically significant pool from which to poll, so what are the demographics like gender-wise?

    I am a fan of both shows but SGA is the one that sucked me in first. I saw SGA’s Rising and was hooked. I love the witty dialogue, truly interesting characters and the whole premise of going off to another galaxy and being basically stranded there. Plus all the guy eye-candy (hot, cute guys) definately is a draw! My two favorite characters are McKay and Sheppard. Watching the two of them interact always makes me laugh…or go “Awwww” at the sweet moments. I enjoy almost all the characters and am hoping a couple others will get more fleshed out so I can really get into them too.

    Since I love SGA so much, it made me curious about SG-1 so I have been trying to watch all episodes as they air on Sci-Fi (I own season 1). I now also love SG-1 and my favorite character is Samantha Carter. Amanda Tapping is wonderful at portraying her. I bet she is thrilled that she has been given such a wonderful, strong, intelligent, female character to play! I wanna be Samantha when I grow up! LOL ;-P


  35. Vote for Ba’al he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can!

    Ba’al for commander of Atlantis, on his days off the clones can fill in.

    He’s charismatic, cute, intelligent, cute and ruthless oh and of course cute.

    No, there aren’t any subliminal messages in this post and if anyone says there are, I shall disavow all knowledge of what’s his name….oh yes Ba’al.


  36. Phineas and Ferb! It’s a new Disney cartoon TV series and it’s really funny! If anyone wants to watch it, they have the first episode for free on iTunes (hey, it’s free and only around 30 minutes long so it’s worth it).

  37. I cannot express my sadness over Ms.Tapping’s departure, even if she is recurring. I HOPE the change of command on Atlantis for the 2nd consecutive season will not have adverse effects on the show. This would be a BIG mment to listen carefully to fan opinion to not risk HUGE DROPOFF from disappointed fans. Please, plleeease listen. Now, I will watch Atlantis no matter what, so just hope you don’t take fan opinion lightly with this one.

    In any case, thought that ‘Outcast’ was a bad-ass episode! I’m longing for more details on Sheppard’s backstory and definitely bring back Sheppard’s ex-wife! She would be a nice tie-in to a future SG-1 movie with her role at the government 🙂

    Waiting for Monday.

  38. Loved “Outcast”!! It was great to finally get some backstory on Shep. Enjoyed having Shep and Ronon teamed-up together, and I thought that Joe F. and Jason did a really great job. Nice to see Dr. Lee again too. Excellent episode.

    I will definitely miss having Sam as commander of Atlantis. At least she will still be doing guest appearances. Since some fans are guessing on who the new commander will be, I’ll add my 2 cents with either Hammond, Daniel, or Woolsey. Guess will find out Monday.


  39. Just saw Outcast…Another excellent episode. The Earth locations gave it a different feel – almost seemed like a regular detective show – but I loved it; great action. And Flanigan did a great acting job. I think it’s one of his best episodes, acting wise. VERY nice back story for Sheppard. And I loved the Sheppard/McKay friendship scene in the beginning – and how the writers explained McKay not coming to Earth with him. Great use of Dr. Lee…Okay, can you tell I really liked this episode?

  40. Oh – and a question: Was the actor playing Dr. Lee really sunburnt or was that just makeup – because that looked…painful.

  41. Quick OUTCAST question. There was a marvelous MGM promo photo of Joe Flanigan with a horse. Was there a scene filmed with Sheppard and the horse? If so, what did we miss?


  42. Another home-run episode tonight. And once again I’ve been guilty of underestimating the abilities of both writers, producers, and in this case a certain Mr. Flanigan. Outcast is presently in my top three favorite episodes for the season, against very heavy competion. The McShep early on, with a good explanation why McKay wasnt there for Sheppard. Ronon stepping up and quietly supporting his friend. More glimpses into Sheppard’s background, with more questions than answers. Lee and Bates. I am very glad to see another side of Bates, and teh fact that both he and Sheppard seemed genuinely glad to see one another. Ronon and Sheppard running around doing the macho heroic thing… The weak point for me was the ability of someone on earth to go from the medical nanites to full blown human-form Replicators. Still, there was enough ambiguity to leave a plausible explanation. We still dont know who was the presumed buyer of the male replicator. And I realy enjoyed the solution the the Eva “problem”. Bringing back technology we’ve seen demonstrated before.
    Thanks to your teasing on the announcement on Monday, I’ve now cancelled any and all plans. I will be stuck staring at my computer screen, hitting the refresh button until the promised treat is delivered.
    Thank you for suffering the two hour conference calls, and for all the other work you do in bringing us the best produced show on television. Season five looks to be a wild ride, but a lot of us will be here as long as you’re willing to share your stories with us.

  43. All I can say is more Caldwell. PLEASE!!!
    Go the ‘NOT the Patriots.’
    Love the videos of Lulu in the snow.
    *wishes it would snow here*


  44. Sorry for posting twice…
    I just wanted to clarify that when I asked about an SG-1 character being or not being the new commander, I was thinking about the main SG-1 cast (Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, etc). I never watched SG-1, but from what I’ve read in fandom I know some characters that appear in SGA were originally from SG-1, such as Woolsey, the general from Home played by Don Davis and others.

    So, if I may rephrase my previous question: could you confirm that the new commander will not be someone from the SG-1 main cast (i.e., neither Michael Shanks nor Ben Browder nor Claudia Black nor C. Judge)? Can you say if he/she’ll be civilian or military? Thanks again in advance.

  45. Question on Harmony: Did JoeF and David see the portrait prior to the filming of the scene or was it their first time at the ‘reveal’? What did they think of the portrait? Did either offer to take it home? Haha.

    Great job on Outcast, by the way.

    Anxiously waiting for Monday now. My first thought was Ellis for the commander job but then I thought …hmm… Caldwell would be more interesting… with his history with Atlantis command… I vote for Caldwell but Ellis will be a fine 2nd for me.

  46. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the teaser on Carson. I look forward to the press release on Monday! I hope Carson is planned for a nice amount of eps. Do you have a set plan for the Weir story arc? Do you know how many episodes you plan to approach Torri with for next season? I like the direction of Weir, and just hope she will be in a decent amount of episodes to continue this very creative story arc.

    Finally, just wanted to say “Outcast” was a great episode. I loved how it opened up with some nice drama and then went into an action thriller. I am looking forward to “Trio” next week.

    Enjoy the SuperBowl tommorrow! Go Giants!!!



  47. Hello Mr. M.,

    After the high I felt at the beginning of the week with your announcement that Torri will indeed be back in S5, and her story would be revisited; I am feeling incredibly low at the moment.

    I know as the show runner, it’s your decision & opinion that matter and the only ones that bring about any changes. When you mentioned that you never saw Weir as anything other than a Hammond character, I must respectfully disagree. I loved Don Davis and his portrayal of Hammond, but Torri brought such a human factor to her character. It was her expedition. At least that’s how this fan took it to mean.

    Now with AT’s role going to recurring, my hope had returned that you would consider bringing back TH in her regular role.

    If PM’s character Dr. Beckett can be blown up, sent through the Stargate for a burial, and is now being returned as recurring, I am sure there are ways to bring Weir back.

    I don’t think I can truly convey to you the sadness I felt when you announced that Weir won’t be returning as recurring.

    I would like to request that if at all possible you consider bringing TH back in more than just 2/3 episodes.

    Have a great night Mr. M.

  48. Today’s episode was great. I really liked the 1 second shot of the Earth shown right after or before Dr. Lee say’s he’s cracked the key.
    What is the most expensive thing that has been broken on set? There have been many scene with people being tossed around and things being blown up, that something must have been broken by accident.

  49. Oh, Joe! I really, really loved tonight’s episode. This show just keeps getting better and better.

    There was back story! I love back story!

    I think the explanation for why Ronon was on Earth with John instead of Rodney (who seems like the logical choice since, you know, he’s actually from Earth) was brilliant. It gets Ronon where he is needed (both for the fighting later on and for his presence as a friend) but doesn’t make Rodney look like a cad.

    I definitely did not see the twist with the girl coming. At the end, you know? That was ingenious.

    Joe, if you could just pass along my effusive thanks to the costuming department, I’d be grateful. Because the Earth attire for the boys? Um, wow.

  50. “Mark played a big part in ensuring a certain character’s return to the ranks of the recurring.”

    wow, that’s probably the best birthday present I’ll have today… thanx ;D

  51. Thank you Joe and Allan for “Outcast”!

    I’m happy that there was at least one little scene with Rodney at the beginning. He so wanted to go and really wanted to be there for Sheppard you could tell. That being said I think it was a perfect choice for Ronon to go—and how he did it, just showing up was perfect.

    Yes, Rodney and John are great friends but sometimes I think Ronon and Sheppard can relate better and during an emotional trying event you need the more silent, stoic friend to be there with you.

    Loved the back story we got plenty of glimpses of things without too much leaving a lot to our imaginations. He came from a wealthy background, a controlling father and a brother who seemed to be only interested in the company. I did like in the end that John seemed to want to reconcile possible with him at the end. Really nice to finally get confirmation that Sheppard was involved in a lot of top secret missions and all his inability to tell the truth to his wife, ending their marriage. North Korea eh?

    I liked Nancy, after joining Homeland security she gets a taste of the cloak and dagger that John had to do with her. I enjoyed the replicator storyline, there were a few plot holes, but enjoyed the twists and turns.

    I liked Bates! Holy crap! He was indeed a nice addition and I liked seeing the mutual respect that they had for each other despite butting heads when they were on base together.

    Got nothing but pure love for this episode. It had back story, drama, and angst and a whole new side of John Sheppard. Give Joe Flanigan mad props for his performance, everything from his expressions to just an overall nice job.

    One of my favs!


  52. Another great job with tonight’s episode, I didn’t see a lot of the major twists coming! I always love when you guys use back story (McKay mentioning the planet with the kids- very impressive, bringing in Bates, the technology from SG1’s the Gamekeeper). I would’ve liked to see more of John’s immediate family or hear some more history, but at the same time I was happy to get anything at all. And I can definitely see Sheppard as a “grown up Richie Rich” as you had previously mentioned. It’s fitting with many little personality traits I’ve noticed in him over the series.

    I really can’t wait for next week’s episode. So far, I haven’t been disappointed yet 🙂

  53. I loved the episode tonight…awesome!!

    but, those pictures today on your blog… you are going to make us cry aren’t you? it’s going to be tragic I can see it! why do you want to make us cry? *tears many tears*

    I am AWFUL at waiting, I can’t wait! I many times skip season finales to avoid the anxiety of waiting months and months! and I have a feeling I might need to be under some kind of prescription for the anxiety attack after this season’s end.

    but I must say: Joe I love this season!, it has been great! funny, moving, and thrilling! There is only one show I remember to watch each week, and it’s House, but if I ever remember another one…Ah! just joking, I only remember to watch Atlantis, I don’t watch much tv, but stargate is very close to my heart, Thank you and all the wonderful people behind it, your work is very, very much appreciated and loved.


  54. hey joe, so i just got done watching outcast and i must say a huge, resounding THANK YOU! or i’ll do it this way:


    for tonights’ wonderful guest star. i LOVE LOVE LOVE dylan neal(sheppards brother). The episode was really, really good. I have to rewatch it again but I just wanted to say ‘thanks’

  55. Hi Joe,

    Great job on Outcast loved the whole Sheppard back story, tons of angust.

    Question where did the VR pod come from? The Aurora and Orion were blown up so it could not have come from them.

  56. pg15 Said: You…you use Times New Roman as the font for your scripts? Seriously? Whatever happened to Courier and its various spinoffs that look so very-character-gets-the-same-amount-of-space-on-a-line-so-it-all-lines-up-vertically-ish?
    I am disillusioned.

    pg15, don’t lose heart! Following in the finest Gatefan traditions, we can start, gather the troops, and surely TPTB will hear our cries and restore our beloved Courier to its original glory!

    Who’s with us??

  57. Wow, I haven’t been so excited for news about a show in a long time. I’m glad it was AT’s choice and am eager to know who’s coming..

    Because I absolutely can’t wait to Monday, can you give us a clue to the new commander: is he/she/it bald?

  58. So apparently Ark of truth occurs between seasons 3 and 4. Okay. But seeing as we haven’t seen any Baal stories so far in the series and I don’t expect to, when exactly does Continuum occur?


    (Also,isn’t “continuum” a weird word? Two U’s. I think the English language would be a lot more colorful if we used “yew” more often)

  59. Well, Outcast was Wonderful!! Loved the story, the acting, the action, the scenery -everything!
    I adore Season 4! So that being said, I am going to quit angsting about Season 5, it’s just too stressful, and just sit back and enjoy the rest of this season. Thanks again for a great episode!

  60. Hi Joe,

    It’s funny how short people’s memories are. When S4 had changes in the cast people got all worried that the show wasn’t going to succeed. Now that S4 is almost over (5 episodes left) people have seen how wonderful a job you (collectively the writers, producers, and anyone else who had a part in the direction the show was going) have done in crafting great stories and characters. Lots of people have expressed that this season is the best ever.

    Now, more changes to the cast are here in S5. Again the same themes of worry and lack of faith in TPTB to make desicions for the good of the show are being expressed. Come on folks! How many times do TPTB have to be put on trial when changes occur? Why can’t we just trust them to make a great TV show? Remember the old saying, “Art imitates life”? Well, that is what this show is doing. Change is a part of life. We all have to get used to it. Why wouldn’t the characters in Atlantis have to do so as well?

    Thanks for reading this little rant of mine. Once again, Joe, thanks for a great season, with great expectations for the next one.

    Nathan C. aka Jumperpilot

  61. There was a promo picture of Sheppard and a horse that was circulating around before Outcast aired. Is it from a scene that was cut or just a random shot of the stables at the shoot site? Some of us are big horse fans and would love to see them in an episode!
    Stablegate Atlantis

  62. Hi Joe

    I guess the success of Sanctuary is a kind of good news/bad news item: good news for Sanctuary and the team behind it, as well as its fans, though not such good news for Atlantis and its fans! As I count myself in both camps, I must admit to mixed feelings …

    Does this mean that Steven Caldwell will be taking over as new base commander? (No, I don’t expect a straight answer before Monday, but I can ask! And he would get my vote.)

    Two other candidates, I suppose, are Teyla and Daniel Jackson. Teyla would be good, but I can’t see her being chosen because, in today’s society, a mother of a baby would not be promoted to such a position of responsibility.

    And Daniel may want the job, but this may not be a good idea for Atlantis, as one of the charms of the character is his ability to make totally wrong decisions for the right (and ethical) reasons …

    I expect the details of how Sam Carter will move on in her life are highly confidential, but does the answer come from one of the following (note I’m not asking which one): (a) professional development (ie a career opportunity in the science field); (b) personal development (ie choices relating to Cassandra, Jack or any other member of SG-1); (c) an interesting and unique storyline (such as were given to Aiden Ford and Elizabeth Weir).

    All the best and good luck with Season 5


  63. After a miserable near migraine all day, I had a stellar evening. Hillary Clinton and Outcast!! Bless her heart, Hillary finished her speech with perfect timing. I got home just in time to see the start of the episode. And, what an episode it is! I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To all involved, thank you!

    Oops, the midnight airing just started…gotta go.

  64. Thanks for the photos and the insight into SciFi’s role in what you guys do. It’s great to hear that they are a help, and hopefully those people blaming Stern for sore feet will lay off him for a while.

    Was a new commander on the cards before Sanctuary’s great success?

  65. It’s good to read that you guys really like Ms. Sanagustin, and that she made an excellent contribution to your first notes session. It’s miserable to have a boss who micromanages, or on the other hand leaves you wondering about just what she might prefer re: what changes and what stays the same. And, of course, working with someone who has no objection to Times New Roman is just icing on the Viennese torte. (Getting someone who likes the Chicago Manual of Style would be right up there with Manjari dark-chocolate salted-caramel [etc.] mousse.)

  66. Hello Joseph =) sa va? vous avez bien dormie, moi oui, comme un bébé^^!!

    Merci pour ces photos de tournage, c’est super.
    Mark Stern’s ?? bah non, moi je ne lui en pas du tout.., je suis sure qu’il fait trés bien son travail!

    Je ne connait pas trop les heure de diffusion de Stargate sga sur scifi..mais hier j’ai l’impréssion que l’épisode outcast n’a pas été diffuser car personnes n’en parlent??

    Ah oui..pour les audition de la saison 5 n’oublier pas un francais..!!

    Franchement je ne vous énérve pas avec mon francais?

    Bon eller Kisou; a plus, je vous adore♥

  67. PS: Bye, will look forward to catching up on your blog 6-7 days from now.

  68. Non!!!! Je ne veux pas qu’Amanda Parte!!! J’en est marre de changer de commandant d’Atlantis, Maintenant vous avez perdu tout les Fan de Lizzi et de Sam …!

  69. “Outcast” was great, Joe! I really enjoyed seeing a bit of Sheppard’s back story and Joe Flanigan really knocked my socks off. All of the action sequences were good, as usual, but the character moments are what really made this episode for me.

    Also, it was good to see that some compassion was shown to Ava and I loved the solution of putting her personality matrix into a virtual construct of Earth using one of the stasis units. I have to admit, it surprised me, what with the way things have usually gone down with AI’s previously in both SG-1 and Atlantis.

    I have a question for you along that line. You’ve given a wink and a nod to several sci-fi/fantasy tales, will we ever see a reference to the Three Laws of Robotics in regards to the programming of the Replicators that human scientists are now tinkering with? I couldn’t help but think that Poole (sp?) should have read and heeded Asimov. Or did he, and just incorporated something similar into Ava’s programming and not the male Replicator?

    Please convey my thanks and kudos to everyone for “Outcast”, especially Joe Flanigan and Allan McCullough. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes.

  70. Ack! A another new commander? I was just getting useto Amanda. It wasn’t that I disliked her at all, I love her on SG1, I just didn’t want her overshadowing the Atlantis crew – and taking over. And you all did a very good job on NOT having her do that. Kudos!

    I was curious on who/what the ‘other options’ were for the command change when Carter was brought in. Will you tell us them now that two have ‘come to light’?

    And, crosses fingers, Civilian I hope, because I really liked Sheppard being the Military Commander. He’s the star, he’s our boy, he needs to be the Commander!! (and thank you for having him display some good tactical, military decisions this season).

  71. Hi again Mr M.
    Greetings from Tipperary!

    Delighted for Ms Tapping re: Sanctuary! It’s a pity for Carter, but hey that’s the duck and weave of the business we call show.
    Intrigued with all the speculation re: new Commander….Mmmmm…..Step forth: WALTER HARRIMAN!….no?….Mmmmm…..SGT. SILER!….Ok I give up!!!

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the announcement on Monday…I do recall yonkers back hearing that Mr Browder was originally envisioned for the SGA Team Leader,but I suspect with all the various committments that’s not a runner.


    Still Reading FF1 (it’s great!)


  72. Outcast was excellent. Thank you for doing some back story for Sheppard. Why, why, why, why, why couldn’t Rodney go too?!? Zelenka could have gone to the kid planet, really. Other than thinking Rodney should have really been allowed to go/been in the episode more, I really liked the idea and how it was done. Thank you very much for AT LEAST having Rodney talk to John before he left. And really, Rodney would have cracked that code and fixed things much faster than Dr. Lee. Bates was enjoyable – good to see him again.

  73. A oui, je voulais vous posez une question:

    A cause de la gréve des scénaristes , va t’on voir Jason et Joe.F dans moin d’épisode de la saison 5?

    Ps; je sais qu’amanda a voulu, partir car elle voulais se consacré plus a Sanctuary, mais il ne faut pas la lasser partir snif ;_;

  74. Hee, well, I’m hoping Monday’s announcement states that Vala is the new commander, because just imagining the fandom implosion this news would generate is enough to make me laugh and laugh. 🙂

    Count me as amongst those sorry to see Amanda Tapping go. Like Rose, before the season started, I had misgivings upon hearing that Carter was to take command, but–all kudos to both cast and writers–watching the show quickly laid those misgivings to rest.

  75. Hey Joe,
    Thanks to you and Sean McGee for the pictures and can’t wait till monday!
    I wish all the best to Amanda and all involved in Sanctuary.

    I was wondering if you ever have part-time writers that just come in every now and again to do the little writting things or is all the writing done by you and Martin,Paul etc(The main writers)?

  76. Sorry to be losing Sam as commander but I hope the next one will be civilian not military, not that Sam was coming all out military anyway which was good because that’s John’s job, which is why I hope we get a civilian, new or established.

  77. So, I watched Outcast…

    I love Ronon. Really, he’s just…swell. I love him in that “he reminds me so much of my big brother” way.

    I also love Dr. Lee. “The fires from whence he came”? Win.

    Nice solution to the problem of what to do with the girl. Reminds me of the solution the TNG crew came up with for Dr. Moriarty. Then he came back and wreaked havok. Of course, he was evil. She’s just…inconvenient. Though I have to wonder how she might feel if she ever did find out what was really happening to her.

    It was nice to see Bates again. He was never high on my list of favorites, but it was nice to see him again all the same. Good to see that not all characters who leave Atlantis die horribly.

    Oh, I do have one question, though. I’m a bit confused as to how the girl found them. She was scanning the planet for Sheppard’s DNA, then the computer found the announcement of his dad’s death? Can you explain that? Right after I saw that, it made me think that she had somehow found Sheppard’s dad, then killed him, making it look like a heart attack, in order to get him to come out where she could find him. I’m really confused as to how, if she was scanning for similar DNA, it A) didn’t pick up on any of his other relatives, especially his brother, and B) found it at the exact time that his dad died. Unless it was only scanning coroner’s records or something, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  78. Mark Stern made me miss Atlantis AND stay up all night at the computer! *chuckle…yawn*

    As for the S5 changes, I can wait until Monday.


  79. Outcast = John finally understands people really do care about him! KILLER ep, no disappointments whatsoever. This was supposed to be a Shep-ep but it was Jason’s Ronon that stole the scenes!! He & the writers have certainly stepped up this season to giving Ronon much needed depth. His going with John to Earth was perfect. Kari Wuhrer sliding in as Shep’s ex Nancy was great, she fit the JS love-interest profile built over the last 4yrs perfectly. Hope we see her again (she works in Homeland, DC/Jack O, after all) Joe F nailed Sheppard’s response to everything, and the scene with Sheppard & McKay was PERFECT, I think you guys finally get the depth of the friendship there!! don’t lose it. I liked Dave Sheppard and I’d like to think that he & John reconciled at the end. No burned bridges, and all that. So thanks guys for all the Sheppard backstory it was sorely needed & reusing previous backstory. PS I was even happy to see Bates again.

    I will absolutely miss Carter as Atlantis’ commander, she was the perfect fit and now I’m spinning everyone else’s character ahead of Monday, looking for the less-than-perfect… god please don’t choose Caldwell or Sheppard will be forced to resign his commission which of course would lead to a new series, Stargate: The Sheppard Chronicles (oh wait, thats already been pitched) Don’t choose Ellis or McKay will be forced to leave (Stargate: Renegade) I know! its gonna be
    Teal’c! 😉 whoever it is I’m sure all of SG fandom will be taking sides and this blog will be bursting.
    GO Giants!!! DD

  80. Hello, hope your well!

    I was reading around online and people are curious as to who the new base commander is.
    I know you can’t give names, but will the atlantis leader be someone we have seen before or someone completely new?

  81. majorsal Said:
    i just hope that whatever reason you use that sam’s not commanding anymore, that it’s respectful for the character. please make it respectful.

    can you say what sam will be doing in the show then?


    Bonjour Joe,

    Je suis très déçue que Sam ne soit plus un personnage régulier dans la saison 5.

    Je suis très contente pour Amanda et Sanctuary (je suis d’ailleurs très excitée par cette nouvelle série). Je comprends la décision d’Amanda, ça n’a pas du être facile mais je ne peux pas m’empêcher d’être un peu…”triste” de savoir qu’elle ne fera qu’une ou deux apparitions la saison prochaine. Après 11 années de bons et loyaux services, c’est difficile de se dire qu’on ne la verra plus beaucoup.

    Comme Majorsal, j’espère simplement que vous allez (ou que vos avez déjà) trouver un moyen de lui enlever le commandement d’Atlantis de façon “respectueuse”, je pense que le personnage de sam le mérite. J’espère aussi que quand Sam sera dans un épisode, ce ne sera pas pour un rôle d’arrière-plan (backgroud) mais quelque chose de concret et de fort.

    Voilà, juste encore vous dire que la saison 4 est une très belle saison, bravo à vous.

  82. Just out of curiosity, when Sheppard was at the wake for his father, how come he was in “civies” instead of his dress uniform?

  83. Just watched “Outcast”. Joe did a brilliant job as a grieving man who had to put those feelings on the backburner and get on with the job. I loved the touch of Ronan just joining his buddy for support.

    I just wanted to hug Sheppard when he was talking to McKay.

    So…. what was wrong with Dr Lee? A bad case of sunburn?? He looked red!

  84. Mark played a big part in ensuring a certain character’s return to the ranks of the recurring.
    Does that mean we’re getting Carson back? I’m trying to save the victory dance for the official announcement on Monday, but oh, it’s hard! (Well, actually, at the moment, with my special reverse-tilt keyboard tray covering part of my lap, it’s not too hard; doing my victory dance right at the moment could be a little uncomfortable.)

    I do like Sam and found myself wishing she’d show up a little more this season, but Sanctuary‘s Amanda’s baby, right? (I mean, in addition to the flesh-and-blood baby, who must be a toddler by now!) I’m very happy that her show got picked up, and I hope it does well!

    I can’t say I was entirely thrilled by “Outcast”; as we sat watching the Replicators duke it out, I said, “I’ve seen this already–” and my husband interrupted with, “Yeah, Sarah Connor Chronicles.” “Oh,” I said. “I was going to say Bionic Woman.”

    What I do like: that Sheppard went back to see his brother at the end (man, these folks make the McKay family look fully functional!), and especially–Doctor Bill Lee! I don’t like seeing Bill simply as the brunt of jokes; if he weren’t competent, surely the SGC wouldn’t keep him on! Last night, we got to see Bill do his stuff, tracking the Replicator and cracking the encryption, sunburn and all. (John’s right. That man needs some serious sunscreen. SPF 45 or 50 ought to do.)

    A cheer for Bill, and a hugely hopeful cheer for Carson!

    Oh, and Greyias and I do understand you have to keep denying our “brilliantly incorrect” surmises until “The Kindred” actually airs. I suppose that’s why you misspelled my name again–to throw us off the scent!

  85. another comment – just throwing it out there but uh, ever since McKay messed with the kid-planet machine in season 1, I don’t think it’s been working right, because that’s at least 2x that Atlantis has had to go back and fix it. And how do the kids know it’s not working? When the wraith come??

    Other than that nitpick, I really liked the episode. As others said, a lot of things I didn’t see coming. Although, at one point, I thought Shep’s brother was reading WAY more into the Ronan thing (making some slash fans happy?) than was intended? And no, I’m not one of those slash fans!

    And if you’re taking a fan poll – please don’t bring Weir back a lot in S5, but I’d love to see Carson full time (hey a doctor as leader of Atlantis!!!)

    🙂 wams352

  86. It has been quite awhile since I have been this excited about Monday. I am hoping the news will include the fate of a certain Scottish Doctor. ; )

    I so happy for Amanda and this new awesome opportunity she has with Sanctuary. I have really been enjoying her stay on Atlantis. I will be sad to see her go but life goes on. I am intriqued by who you could find to feel this position.


  87. Outcast was great – it actually made me sympathetic towards Sheppard (evil Wraith-killer that he is… ). Not sure it was the ‘family’ parts of the story, or if it was Flanigan’s sad puppy dog eyes – or a combo of the two – but it really worked for me. Good job, all the way around.

    Oh, and yeah – hubby and I are going through Todd-withdrawal…if he survives this season, any chance he’ll be back for season 5?!!


  88. First of all thank you for the pics! They’re great.
    Now, it’s sad to hear that Amanda won’t be a regular anymore. I really enjoyed and loved her as Sam and as the leader of Atlantis. You guys did a phenomenal job this year!!
    Season 4 just rocks! 🙂 Amanda was a great addition to Atlantis and I will miss her. I respect her decision and wish her only the best. Sanctuary is also a great show!
    I’m excited about Season 5 already. Many changes and that’s just fine. Change is good. Can’t wait 😀

    Thank you!!


  89. Ok thoughts on Outcast now, can I just firstly say what a fantastic music score I thought the episode was. The Replicator scenes it really added something too them, I was really impressed by it.
    Also what was the location for the shoot on the first Replicator fight/chase scene? It’s good to see new locations lol.

    But Sheppards backstory, GOOD to go into, his past has always been a bit ‘where is it’, it seems as the leader of the team that was his main role and he wouldn’t develop as much, so it’s good to see him in this.
    I must say I was surprised to see he came from a rich upper class background, I just always imagined he came from a poorer family. But I was glad to see his past developed in acknowledging that he never went with it which is why he’s the way he is now, I wouldn’t have bought that he was happy in that sort of life, it just doesn’t seem him. The wife, while good to see and was hoping as much since Sunday, that relationship was left a little less clear imo from her perspective. We never really learned what her perspective of the relationship was, the divorce, the marriage or even her thoughts to him now. It would have been better to see, does she still care for him, feel bad about the relationship? We don’t know.
    But it was good to see Sheppards back-story and hope to see more personal stuff from him in the future.

    Bates, again nice I always liked him. He always presented a genuine point whenever he was in conflict with the characters, he always said what the others didn’t want to say and I’m glad we got an update of him and to see him again. That goes for Dr. Lee too, I was going to ask soon if we’d see him again.

    The ongoing themes with the Replicators about what it means to be alive being explored is good as well, the issue of treating the Replicator female differently because of a programmed consious comparred with the male Replicator is interesting. Carrying from the points of the Replicators in This Mortal Coil/Progeny of what makes a person a person, does programmed feelings make them any different to normal Replicators? Does it make them ‘life’ and have just as many rights as anyone else. It’s good to see these issues being continued here and taken in new directions, with the parallels between the two Replicators here making a clear distinction between each one.

    Overall though, a good episode, took Sheppard down a direction we needed to see him in imo. So learning about the character was necessary. The replicator storyline being kept alive as well while not distracting from the story of Sheppards father and family. We knew there would have to be some storyline other then that of the family ties to last the forty minutes but it’s good to see neither story forgotten. A good episode though in my opinion 8/10.

  90. “On February 1, 2008 at 9:31 pm Thornyrose Said:

    Another home-run episode tonight. And once again I’ve been guilty of underestimating the abilities of both writers, producers, and in this case a certain Mr. Flanigan. Outcast is presently in my top three favorite episodes for the season, against very heavy competition. The McShep early on, with a good explanation why McKay wasn’t there for Sheppard. Ronon stepping up and quietly supporting his friend. More glimpses into Sheppard’s background, with more questions than answers. Lee and Bates. I am very glad to see another side of Bates, and the fact that both he and Sheppard seemed genuinely glad to see one another. Ronon and Sheppard running around doing the macho heroic thing…
    Thanks to your teasing on the announcement on Monday, I’ve now canceled any and all plans. I will be stuck staring at my computer screen, hitting the refresh button until the promised treat is delivered.
    Thank you for suffering the two hour conference calls, and for all the other work you do in bringing us the best produced show on television. Season 5 looks to be a wild ride, but a lot of us will be here as long as you’re willing to share your stories with us.”

    Well said Thornyrose, I AGREE.

    Despite the sometimes bombastic comments that some here chose to drop, you are a voice of reason and grace.

    Outcast was touchingly sweet in some scenes and wonderfully action-packed in others. Kudos to Allan M, Joe F and Andy M for bringing us another terrific ep.

    My birthday is Monday, Feb. 4th and a good gift will be that SciFi presser. I anxiously await the news and trust that you Joe and everyone else at SGA’s helm will steer a true and honorable course.
    Thank you in advance!

    Carol Z

    “Using power, using power, using power…” Dr. Rodney McKay

  91. I’m going to have to watch this one again as my mind was more focused on seeing more of the emotional back story stuff with John than the replicator stuff. I guess I’m in the minority on being disappointed?

    I thought we would be getting more back info. on John’s family and the reason he was totally cut-off from them. I was so disappointed at the end when we saw him go into the house with his brother and then the show abrubtly ended. After watching the show for more than three and a half years, I was thinking, “Finally, we get to see John’s family and find out why he doesn’t talk to them.”

    Here’s what I got out of the show:
    1. John’s always been a bit of the rebel. (we already knew that)

    2. He had a falling out with his father over “something” because he didn’t live his life the way his dad wanted him to. (we had guessed that already,too)

    3. No mom around and no explanation.(something new..but a lot of non-info. again)

    4.His brother Dave appears to be cold, arrogant, stuck up, money-hungry and doesn’t seem to respect or care for John at all. (That is how he came off on the show…but it could be that he is really mad/hurt at John as John cut off Dave as well as the dad, and Dave said those cruel things about John only being there for money because he was so hurt. I did not see it in Dave’s demeaner though. He really came off as an arrogant, cold jerk.)This was a total surprise as I was expecting John to have a sweet younger brother that looked kinda like him. I thought they would really get along and would have really missed each other. (wow…my bad there…totally

    5.John & Nancy divorced around 4 yrs ago….about 6mths before he went off to Atlantis. Before that he went on missions so secret that he couldn’t tell his wife anything about them. This seems to be the main reason for their divorce.(?) I’m going to make an assumption here that either they didn’t really love each other that much or there were other problems because if John really loved her, he seems the type to do something about it. As in, request to change his position in the military so he could be home more or not be SO secretive (this is how I perceive John would be if he was really in love)Maybe he originally married her as he liked her and it would make his dad happy? Maybe part of the big blow out with his dad was that John and Nancy divorced? Did John losing those men he tried to rescue in Afghanistan, have something to do with his divorce and total detachment from his family?

    So I’m left with more questions, rather than less. If his dad missed John and wanted a reconciliation, why didn’t he contact John? I’m sure a message could have gotten through. The brother implied that the will would leave John with nothing. If his dad wanted to reconcile, would he really leave John nothing in the will? What happened to John’s mom? Why weren’t there any relatives at the funeral that came up and talked to John? Seemed like only business associates were there.

    On a good note,{yeah there actually is one :-)} I loved John and Rodney’s scene…it was really touching and I could see the emotion John was holding back. Excellent acting on Joe F’s part and he was great with the emotion throughout the whole episode. David was great too, as I could see all the things on Rodney’s face that he wanted to say but didn’t.

    Ronon just showing up to go was perfect. You knew he wasn’t asking, he was going to be there for his friend, whether his friend wanted it or Loved Dr. Lee and Bates being in this episode. It’s always great to see them! I really liked the replicator girl Eva, and if I wasn’t spoiled about her, I wouldn’t have guessed she was a replicator. I was glad they saved her conciousness. I could see a further episode on this, if she realizes where she is and wants out. If that machine is connected in anyway to other computers…she could wreak havoc!

    I was surprised that there wasn’t a short Teyla moment. He is always there for her, it would be nice to see her there for him. I assume it happened off screen.

    Sorry this is such a downer of a post, I was just really disappointed to be left with so many questions. After watching Atlantis for so many years, I would like to know more about the main characters. Rodney is another example. What is up with his parents? I assume they were both totally selfish and made him the neurotic mess he can be at times…but I would like to know for sure. Maybe some dialogue between John and Rodney about their past histories and families could happen. Enough to fill in the holes?

    Like I said, I will watch it again, this time knowing I won’t learn much about John. I’m sure I will enjoy it more a second time.


  92. I’m looking into going back to school for screenwriting; do you know of/can you recommend any schools in the Vancouver area?

  93. Hehehe, great pics. Although they scream, “Get a Slip ‘n Slide in here, stat!”

    Enjoyed Outcast, nice to see Dr. Lee. He’s so darn cute! Miles of bikinis, indeed.

    So, what’s on the menu for snacks during the Big Game? My money is on Not little sausages in BBQ sauce, Not jalepeno poppers, and I’m fifty-fifty on the NOT Hot Wings.

  94. Mr. Mallozi:

    I say with all due respect that Dr. Weir’s removal from the show was mistaken.

    I also say that Colonel Carter’s integration into the show is incomplete at best. Carter duplicates the skill sets of the existing characters, whereas Weir had a bond with the rest of the cast and complemented their strengths. Daniel Jackson strikes me as a more logical crossover from SG-1 since he’s a former Ascended human, speaks Ancient, is an Ancient expert, and has Weir’s kind of empathy. Carter on Atlantis comes across to me as a watered down version of Weir. And now Amanda Tapping is reduced to a recurring character because of her Sanctuary commitment, forcing the introduction of another new Atlantis commander. Whether Sheppard likes it or not, he’s the best person for the job now. Team Atlantis has fared well without the presence–or even mention–of Carter in several episodes.

    Additionally, I find Season 4 to be the weakest of all so far from the constant tinkering and the premature demise of the hostile Replicators (notwithstanding the benevolent? faction led by the Weir duplicate/original featured at the tail end of “Be All My Sins Remembered.”

    My confidence in the creative direction of Atlantis has been eroded.

  95. Salut Joe
    Pas mal l’épisode d’hier, on en apprend plus sur la vie de Sheppard.
    Je suis content d’avoir eu des nouvelles de Bates car depuis le final de la saison 1 on ne savais ce qu’il était devenu.
    J’était plié en deux quand j’ai vu Ronon se servir dans le buffet, surtout quand il demande si c’est gratuit.
    Je suis impatient de voir Trio la semaine prochaine, pour voir McKay coincé avec Carter et Keller, je suis sur que ça va etre marrant.

    Bon, quelques questions:
    1)Teyla est-elle déja venue sur Terre a pard dans l’allucination de la saison 1?
    2)Est-ce que le nouveau chef d’atlantis est déja apparu dans la série ou c’est un nouvel acteur?
    3)Quelle age a Lulu?

  96. While my husband and I will be sad to see Amanda go, we think that your veiled attempts to hide the new commander of Atlantis is all for naught. The clues are everywhere. We can say with 100% certainty that we agree, your new addtion is smart, loyal, and will bring a sense of fun to the Pegasus Galaxy. Mars Hewlitt IS the perfect person…er dog…for the job. We’re so excited to see his acting range after loving him in “A Dog’s Breakfast”. And the tension between Mars and McKay should spell some interesting drama for season 5. Will Mars be sympathetic to the scientists? Will he stand up to overbearing colonels? Will he ease all tention on Atlantis by truly being EVERYONE’S best friend. All we can say is well done, Joe, well done.

  97. I’ll probably get booed, but I’m looking forward to a new commander.

    Dr. Weir can’t come back as leader. At the very least, she’s been compromised and would be a security threat. Besides been there, done that.

    Carter was kind of boring in this season. To borrow a word, meh. I loved her in SG1 but she hasn’t really added anything to Atlantis.

    Let the booing begin.

  98. On February 1, 2008 at 8:37 pm sad Said:

    i feel so gutted. it’s like losing a member of the family. i should be happy because “sanctuary” is a go, but i feel like crying cuz we’re losing sam. if she does leave atlantis i know that you’ll do right by her. she deserves it. hell, she deserves a hero’s farewell with balloons and confetti and that guy from Washington at her side. Now THAT would make a truly perfect goodbye.
    damn…don’t go sam…please?

    I’ve just realized how selfish and rather pathetic I’ve been. sorry. This was probably one of the most difficult decisions that Amanda Tapping has had to make and I’m here sulking about it. how bad am i? I know she loves Stargate and loves Sam and she has said this on numerous occasions, but I also know that “Sanctuary” is her baby and that it’s new and challenging and exciting. And after reading your interview on Gateworld, I know that you love her too and that you are a family and would never close the door on her. Wouldn’t it be great to do a crossover episode where Sam Carter meets Helen Magnus? Imagine if “Sanctuary” were the lead in to “Atlantis” instead of “Flash Gordon”…You guys would dominate Friday nights! Wow…I’m excited now!

  99. *waves*

    Ah Mr M you’re spoiling us, first with Outcast, now with the Last pics. *hugs* I know i’ve not bee around a lot 🙁 RL is not playing nice at the moment. Boo!!

    So let’s talk Outcast, specifically chestage in Outcast, can I just shower you, the wardrobe department and Mr F with oodles of huggles for the peakageyou know it was highlight for me along with the whumpy stuff. And guess what? No squee overload!! Wow, didn’t I do well! So, given that, can you tell Mr C that I think i’m ready for the shirtless Shep ep now that i’m fully acclimatised. 😛

    I absolutely loved the episode, great story very emotional, I nearly reached for the tissues on at least 3 occasions. 😀 Always a good sign. The continuity with Miller’s crossing, and Aurora pod was a lovely touch. Surprisingly I really liked Shep’s ex-wife, after all my osterich hand in the sand type of feelings about her, I actually liked their interaction. It wasn’t cheesy or corny or full of fluff it was believable and sweet and very endearing. I really loved the fact that their marriage broke up because of his secret work and that she’s now in that same boat and understands him a bit more. Great touch.

    So let’s talk about touchy feely (if you haven’t given up on reading this yet. 🙂 ) I absolutely love hurt/comfort caring scenes and emotional ones that are played down just makes me want to hug everyone. So for me the best bits were between Shep/Ronon and Shep/Rodney, everything between them was just perfect. You know I loved the part where Shep’s at his Dad’s coffin and Ronon comes to talk to him and decides against it. There was just so much emotion in that one lil bit that made my heart melt, and Rodney asking if Shep was ok, when he knew he wasn’t. *blows nose* Fabulous! All of it just calm together, and not everything was tied up with his backstory which gives us that leeway to fill in the gaps. The replicator idea was well thought out, and I only realised about Ava because I got spoiled! Oh well, nevermind, but I thought she was really sweet and I loved she got to live out her life.. so to speak. As for Shep’s brother, he reminds me of my sister only nicer! LOL. I really enjoyed their interaction and snarkyness.

    As for Shep, oh bless his little cotton socks. I know i’m a Joe/Shep fan, and am probably a bit biased. 😉 But one of the things I loved about this is that we don’t often get to see emtional/vulnerable/strategist/pissed off Shep all in one go. So thank you for that and please pass on my thanks to everyone’s contribution to this, I loved it.

    *looks up at post*

    Hmmm so unlike me to talk this much, just one quick question before I go. 😀 Can I be really cheeky and ask about Trio, and the lollipop that Shep’s eating, did he steal it from Keller’s supply, or did Keller give it him for being brave. 😉 How was that for subtlety? 😀

    *oodles of hugs*

  100. Wasn’t Bates a Marine?? Why did the episode say he was discharged from the Air Force?? Still and all…terrific episode.

    Loved seeing the back story, and loved seeing what happened to Bates.

  101. By the way: as soon as we got word that Sci Fi had renewed Atlantis, my husband and I wrote a friendly, polite letter to Mark Stern telling him how glad we were about the renewal–and why having Carson back for season 5 would make the show even better.

    So Mr. Stern doesn’t just get abuse (and I’m sure the Save Carson Beckett people have been as polite and lovely to him as they seem to have been to everyone). If the announcement Monday indeed includes Carson’s return as a recurring character, my husband and I will claim a small share of the credit.

  102. Well, If Weir isn’t going to be back as leader of Atlantis, here’s to Woolsey! 😉 That would be fun!

    What I hope for Weir: Small snippets of her during 5 or 6 episodes during season 5. Like small 3 or 4 minute scenes, seeing what she’s up to, only from the viewers point of view. And then a big conclusion during the 100th episode when the SGA crew finally finds out what Weir was planning… Something like that.

    Will Weir appear in more than 2 episodes or is 1 or 2 the maximum?

  103. Outcast rocked!!! We got some of Sheppard’s backstory, but not enough to take away some of the mystery – hopefully a revisit later on.

    You guys have just rocked like rocking things this season!!! This season is awesome!!

  104. OMG I can’t wait for the Press Release! I never wanted a Monday to come so fast!

  105. Thoroughly enjoyed Outcast – kudos all around! Nice integration of the repli-story and John’s backstory (e.g. through the plot, conversations, etc).

    1) Can we form a Bring Nancy Back petition? Kari Wuhrer was great. If Jeannie can be brought into SGA-land, surely there’s gotta be a way for a homeland security director.

    2) What did John and Dave talk about at the end?! Come on, you can’t leave us all hanging like this!

    3) Where did those virtual reality pods come from – Aurora or some other SG1 / Area 51 leftover?

  106. Hello 🙂

    I know you’re a food buff, so here goes a question you might be interested in…

    A friend of mine had a bag of sweets from Canada the other day, called KC Candies. Not being a native I have no idea where they’re from – any idea? They were really nice! They were kinda of flat chunks of toffee with a thin layer of chocolate spread on the top sprinkled with almonds – very nice indeed!!

    Many thanks, Muffin xx

  107. That McShep scene at the beginning of Outcast was AWESOME. Flanigan and Hewlett ROCK!! Those two can convey sooooo much with just a few words or facial expressions. I love the usual McShep banter, but the angsty scenes they have together are just as good–if not better. Kudos for the writers for showing a deeper side to their friendship—there is one—we just don’t get to see it all the time.

    CALDWELL IN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Okay, Joe. The gig is up!!! I’ve heard this before ( ) but I never before realized that you, Paul, and Peter were the ones behind it!

    Now the question is… what are the lyrics for the Atlantis theme, hmm?? And when *laugh* do we get to hear you guy sing them?!

  109. Okay so Atlantis needs a new CO, I’m submitting my CV!
    Just tell me it isn’t going to be that Lucius guy.

  110. Here is AMAC’s Super Bowl Prediction:

    AMAC will NOT be watching the Super Bowl. AMAC’s Torchwood Boxed DVD set awaits her.

    Have you seen any of Torchwood yet? If so, do you like it?

  111. not so sad said: “…she deserves a hero’s farewell with balloons and confetti and that guy from Washington at her side. Now THAT would make a truly perfect goodbye.”

    Sounds good to me! As long as you don’t kill off Sam or change her character (e.g., turn her evil), I’m happy. Also, as I’ve mentioned previously, since there are very few opportunities left to wrap up the decade-long Sam/Jack ship story arc with a happy, shippy ending, I hope you find a way to do so in s5. I’m not asking for anything that will detract from the storyline, but for something brief and that leaves no doubt that Sam and Jack are a couple.

    And, given that a 3rd movie is not a sure thing, and since AT is no longer a regular cast member, it would be great if you could finally wrap up this arc in the little bit of time that AT has left on SGA.
    Thanks 🙂

  112. Marsha_R Said:
    pg15, don’t lose heart! Following in the finest Gatefan traditions, we can start, gather the troops, and surely TPTB will hear our cries and restore our beloved Courier to its original glory!

    Who’s with us??

    Yes. YES.

    We’ll make banners, and sigs (all in courier fonts, natch), and hammer Mark Stern with complaints and emails and hand-written, courier font letters until he gives in and return courier font to the ranks of the recurring!!

    And our moto will be: Couriers deliver, Times New Romans conquer: which would you prefer?


  113. Hi Joe,

    You’re a generous guy –
    How about fronting me $2300 (US) to go have dinner and get a photo with Bill Clinton? (One of our neighbors is having a fundraiser but it’s tonight so I gotta get the money fast.) If you throw in an extra $1000 my husband can tag along.

    I really liked Outcast and am getting ready to watch it again on my iPod whilst doing cardio. I am saddened by the downsizing of Carter’s role (but so understandable and exciting for Amanda) – it really helps that she’ll be a recurring character.

  114. Damn you Joe, you tease! I’m in college till late on Monday – that’s going to be torture!!
    It can’t get here fast enough – I need to know what campaign I’ll be supporting this year! 😉

  115. Hi Joe!
    Im am enjoying this season very much and am sad to see Amanda leaving command. 🙁 But i understand why. But thats not what i want to ask you about. In last night epiosode, the pod where they store the replicators conscience at, where did they get it? I ask this because in the episode Aurora the ship with the pods is blown up. Did they rebuild it with some scamatics? Or did they some other way get it? Looking foward to more of great season and season 5!

    Marianne 🙂

  116. bonjour joe!!
    comment ça va?
    je me demandais si parfois des fans vous envoyait des scénarios et si vous les lisiez voire vous en inspiriez??
    gros bisous!!!

  117. I think that George Clooney would be great as the leader of the expidicition. More eye candy for us girls. 🙂

    Failing this I would like the job – pure heaven! I would allow dogs on Atlantis – and maybe cats (I could take along my two) and skateboard racing would be allowed in the city, the producers could join in with their scooters.

    Roll on Monday – which will be Tuesday here in Scotland/CarsonBeckettLand.

    Susan…….Princess Merlin and Frankie say meow.

  118. Bonjour Joseph,

    Jespère que tout va bien pour toi et tes chiens dans l’Ouest. Ici, dans l’Est, il a fait une de ces belles tempêtes de neige, magnifique ! Je prends la fin de semaine pour relaxer, pas de sport de plein pour moi cette fin de semaine, je lis et j’écris. Merci énormément de partager avec nous tous les aléas de ton travail, c’est passionnant et très instructif.

    Anaïs, cesses de penser que tu déranges avec ton français (là ici je parle de la langue), si Joseph était ennuyé il le ferait savoir, et même si il l’était ben je crois que pour son bien c’est mieux de continuer de l’harceler gentiment avec notre belle langue ! Une des belles choses qu’une personne peut posséder c’est de pouvoir communiquer avec le plus de monde possible dans leur langue. Moi je serais bien contente qu’on me force à lire le plus souvent possible en espagnol (je me débrouille juste assez bien dans cette langue !).
    Voilà, je crois que c’est pour son bien qu’on doit continuer à lui écrire en français !

    A bon entendeur salut !
    (P.S j’espère que tu comprends que c’est seulement une taquinerie que je te fais :))


  119. Just wanted to drop by and say how much I enjoyed both “Outcast” and “Harmony.” As much as I miss seeing all of the regulars together, it’s been nice to have some episodes focusing on two or three characters. It was great to see McKay get to be lauded as the hero for once! Also a nice glimspe into Sheppard’s background. I admit that now I’m dying of curiosity to know what happened between him and his family, but at the same time it did fit with Sheppard’s character that even during what is usually a very emotional time, he still played his own emotions close to the chest.

    Only five episodes left! Where did the season go? But the pain is considerably eased knowing that there will be a season 5 to follow.

  120. Thanks for the pics! And the heads up on the press release on Monday – awaiting it with baited breath! Sorry to hear Sam won’t be in charge anymore (I’m trusting the reason won’t be something bad for her character) but understand it can’t be helped. Fingers crossed on who the replacement will be (that it’s someone good – I’m sure it will be).

    Loved Outcast – and this is from a Rodney-fan who isn’t always so wowed by low-Rodney content episodes (but am also perfectly happy that you have these; it can’t ALL be about my fav character, that wouldn’t be fair!).

    I loved the action and the twist near the end there (well, two twists if you add in the VR bit!). I also loved the look into John’s past (more please!). I like that HE walked away from his family, though it sounds like his family were to blame as well. It makes more sense than ‘poor-orphaned-or-rejected-John’ that sometimes crops up in fic (including one of my own, before people start saying I’m dissing their fics!). Much more true to how life generally is. Nice that he goes to see his brother at the end – maybe there will be reconciliation? After all, if Rodney can do it…!

    And talking of him (Rodney, of course!), I’m so glad it was explained why he couldn’t go back to Earth with John. I love that it’s the kiddie planet, ‘cos there’s NO WAY Radek would go back, and obviously Rodney doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job! I also loved the attempt to comfort John, and John’s attempt to persuade Rodney that he’s fine.

    As for Ronon – no way he was letting John face this alone, and no way was he letting John argue him out of it…the way he just turns up and goes through the gate is just so him: No nonsense and matter of fact! Of course, at the wake with the food is funny (and he complains that Rodney eats a lot!).

    Very good episode, looking forward to the press release and definitely looking forward to Trio. The clips I’ve seen look great! Sam, Jennifer and Rodney, alone and trapped … Oh, yeah, that’s going to be so much fun!!

    Um, sorry it’s such a long comment.

    Leesa Perrie

  121. Dear Joseph,
    I have a question : Does your production company take interns ? If yes, in which domains, and how to apply ?

  122. Oh wise and wonderful Mr M, fountain of all knowledge!! I bow to your wisdom. 😀 How’s my sucking up coming along? Quick question since i’m in a talkative mood tonight. The bit in Outcast with Ava looking at the information on Shep’s Dad, is it possible that you could tell us what it says, or if you have a clear enough picture of it so we can read it, could you post it for us. Some of us will need glasses by trying to decypher it. And for all we know it could just be gobbledygook.

    As for the waging in on who will be the new Atlantis leader/joint leader how ever it’ll be announced. My money is on Caldwell. I’ll be sorry to see Amanda go though. 🙁

    As for other predictions. I’ll say PM will be in 4 eps and be reocurring. TH in 2. JS will become a regular, and AT will be in 3 eps. That’s what my spideysense is saying at the moment. But, in all fairness it has been a bit wonky lately. :S

  123. I had thought Bates (excellent bringing him back for an episode btw, it was really nice to see him again) was a Marine.

  124. Good evening!

    Well, let me start with Outcast.

    I loved it. It was everything I had hoped for in so many ways – okay, so the physical Shep whump wasn’t quite there, but I’m hard to please on that front! I’m hoping season 5 gives me that big old whumpy Shep episode I crave. 🙂

    I loved seeing Sheppard all vulnerable. I never really saw him as someone from a privileged background, but it worked very well here, I’m pleased to say.

    Joe F. was as wonderful as ever. I felt Sheppard’s very repressed pain and hurt. Sigh…

    I enjoyed the replicator on Earth story very much. What a great idea! I didn’t see the end coming. The replicator burning up in Earth’s atmosphere and Ava ‘living’ her life in a virtual environment. Those were brilliant touches.

    I adored Ronon and the way he discreetly watched over his friend. The massive plate of food was so funny!

    The scene between Sheppard and McKay was wonderful. I love these two together and the scene between them didn’t disappoint – they really are great friends.

    I have so many questions about Sheppard left unanswered though. Where did he go to college, what did he major in? Why did he fall out with his father and brother? Why exactly did his marriage end. There were clues, but it was very much up to the viewer to fill in the blanks. Hopefully these questions may be answered in the future? Please!?

    Okay, so thanks to everyone involed in Outcast. Especially to Alan M and this guy called, er… oh yeah, Joe Flanigan. He never disappoints me.

    Okay, so on to the casting news.

    I’m saddened about Amanda’s reduced role in season 5, but I understand and wish her the very best. I really, really liked Carter as leader, but think a new leader is appropriate considering Amanda’s lack of availability.

    So, I’m rooting away here for Caldwell to be new commander. Don’t know if that’s the way you’ve gone, but please, no more SG1 characters as commander – especially not Daniel – please. We have some great SGA one’s who’d do a great job.

    Whatever you do, even if I’m not initially happy, I’ll get used to it. I support the show and love it, and I’m sure I’ll come to terms with and adapt to whatever you do. Hopefully whatever casting decisions have been made will be as good as the season 4 one’s were. 🙂

    SheppyD and I totted up our scores for all four seasons of SGA. Interestingly the season with the highest overall score was season 4, and it hasn’t even finished airing yet. Though seasons 1 and 3 had episodes we couldn’t do without, we found that season 4 had the highest overall consisitent quality. I’m sure season 5 can top that.

  125. Hi Joe

    Any predictions on tomorrow’s Superbowl? Do the Giants have any chance at all?

    Also, loved Outcast. It was nice to FINALLY see some backstory on Sheppard.

    oh and I have the same question as wraithfodder – what happened with that scene of Sheppard and the horse?


  126. awww man….No Teyla for 2 weeks in a row….Please tell me we at least see Teyla in next weeks ep,Trio i think it is…..I know you were probably restricted how much you could have Teyla with Rachel’s pregnancy an all but i really miss Teyla *sniffles*..

    I hope we see more of her in S5 and she doesn’t miss any eps 😀

    About Quarantine,i found Rodney extremely annoying in this ep,i mean all he did was whine practically the whole way through,i not a fan of the Rodney/Katie relationship,i jus don’t see any Chemistry there whatsoever,but i really wanted her to just give him a good whack and tell him to get a grip….Was it intentional to make Rodney so annoying?

    Spoils of War and Missing are my 2 favourite eps of the Season so far…They rocked!

  127. I re-read my post, and realized I should have added that I wish Amanda all the best. I think she made the right decision for herself. Hopefully, she will appear in any and all future SG movies. Looking forward to Sanctuary….

  128. ‘Outcast’, honestly I liked it a lot better than I thought I would, which is great :).

    I like that you gave an explanation as to why Rodney cannot come (the planet Kid Kill is a classic :p) and it was a very nice scene between him and Sheppard.

    I loved Ronon’s silent support, no questions asked, to me this is a perfect example of male friendship.

    I liked Sheppard’s ex-wife, nice without being soappy.

    I liked how the girl-replicator was not destructed like a simple machine and was quite surprised with the ending but happy about it, great solution :).

    All in all I really liked it, well done ! 🙂

  129. Oh and I forgot : I liked that you brought Bates back just to club him in the head once again 😉

    No really it was great to see a 1st season character come back after so many fans wondered what had happened to him 🙂

  130. What the heck was with Sheppards clothes in Outcast?? Apparantly he likes to wear that same siut coat…hello?! Air Force uniform would have fit much better as would have a t-shirt or even a polo for the not so formal moments! Poor wardrobe choices for Earth clothes.

  131. Very good episode with lots of good moments.

    My favorite, though, was a quiet one. I may be reading more into it than was intended, but … well, it wouldn’t be the first time.

    When Shepherd was waiting for stargate to connect, he waited alone with no one there to even wave goodby originally. I assumed that it was to highlight his tendency to not share his emotions. (Not to mention not requiring more principals to be in the scene.) And then, of course, to show that Ronon wasn’t going to let him be alone in this … and there was no discussion about it.

    But what I really loved about the scene ….

    The utter normal reaction of all the other crew in the scene. The stargate goes on and off… people come and go …. When “business as usual” means travelling to other planets like they are just other airports for typical business travelers, it is cool.

    It would be a sci-fi fans dream. Thanks.

  132. What happened on the ‘Next Week on Stargate Atlantis’ commercial for Trio? Can someone please tell me?

  133. Damn!

    I forgot to say how wonderful I thought Nancy was in Outcast. Kari Wuhrer was excellent. I really liked her. Nancy was a great character and I could really see how her and Sheppard had clicked in the past. Sorry I forgot to mention her!

  134. Can we have Michael Beach please, great actor and his interactions with McKay would be priceless

  135. Only me again, my goodness 3 times in one day! What’s wrong with me? No, don’t answer that. Hope you don’t mind if I respond, I don’t know how to do the quote thingy, so bear with me. 😀


    [b]”On February 2, 2008 at 2:42 pm ms. carol Said:
    What the heck was with Sheppards clothes in Outcast?? Apparantly he likes to wear that same siut coat…hello?! Air Force uniform would have fit much better as would have a t-shirt or even a polo for the not so formal moments! Poor wardrobe choices for Earth clothes.”[/b]

    Personally I thought the clothes were just right. Shep dressed up in civvies may have something to do that his Dad wasn’t happy with his choice of going in the USAF, and he didn’t want to disrespect his Dad on the day he was burying him. And what was wrong with the suit? Was there not not enough peakage for you hon? See, i’m with you on this, Shep needs to look at Ronon’s style of dress and have those buttons undone a bit more, or even better, NO shirt! 😛 I think that would have been better for funeral attire, it may have even made Shep feel better! I know it would have for me. 😉 Don’t forget as well, there wasn’t really much time to change inbetween the funeral and meeting up with the replicator, so was he supposed to go home and change ergo wasting time, just so he could wear the black t=shirt of yum with his jeans? While i’m all for that btw, I think he had other things on his mind as opposed to wondering what to wear, but then that’s just me. 😀

  136. hi, joe,

    i’ve fretted on this since the announcement came out, and picked up my broken heart when you said there’d be a new commander… but i just read amanda’s second part of her gateworld interview and am coming to terms with things better. (also feeling better because of your GW interview too)

    i will miss my weekly doses of sam carter. i knew just how lucky i was as a sam fan to have sam be the one brought over to atlantis. the sam carter adventures continued, for me to *see*. this is what i’ll miss the most, being with sam and seeing her life’s adventures. but i know the journey’s not over and i’ll just see less. but i’m still sad.

    i want to thank you for saying you’ll continue to write sam into the atlantis world. as a sam fan and amanda fan, that’s a wonderful thing to look forward to.

    so while my heart is still breaking, i understand and thank you for trying so hard to work with amanda. thank you, joe.

    sally (((sam carter)))

  137. Loved Outcast. So did Shep really go to Stanford, or was that juse an “example” of rebellion? We still don’t know what made him join the Air Force. I’ll imagine it was love of flying. 🙂

    Where was the estate where those scenes were filmed? Quite beautiful.

  138. Please don’t bring Woolsey over to SGA. We have enough whining with Keller (who I hope is severely reduced next year). I would like to see a stronger person leading Atlantis, like Caldwell or Ellis. Not Daniel though. Carter was ruined as an administrator, and Daniel doesn’t fit the bill either.

  139. As someone without a dvr wanting to watch last night’s show, are the episodes downloadable from iTunes legit, licensed, etc.?

  140. Just popping in to say how much I enjoyed Outcast. Really good mix of interesting backstory for Sheppard (though still leaving a lot of questions intriguingly unanswered) and action with the replicator storyline. Thought Joe did a fantastic job in this and the guest cast were excellent too, particularly Kari Wuhrer – and it was lovely to see Bates again! I met Dean at P3 last weekend and he was telling us how much he’d enjoyed working on the show again.

    I do have one quick question you may be able to answer for us, that’s been a subject of much discussion; is Dave Sheppard’s older or younger brother?

  141. Heya joe…Will the Writers strike affect the Shooting of the start of Season 5?

  142. Perhaps the Powers That Be have ordered Sheppard to command the base and the new person takes over his team?

  143. I’m very glad that the first notes session went well! I suppose it would have been a bad omen for season 5 if it didn’t.

    I’m sad that Amanda won’t be a regular in season 5, but I respect her decision completely. That’ll just make her guest appearances even better!

    Goodness, I’ve never been excited to read a press release…ever. Here’s to Monday! (Hopefully Monday will also bring memories of the Patriots losing.)

    No comments on Outcast today. I missed it last night (not on purpose!), and now I’m going to have to wait a whole week to watch it as a re-run. I’m considering downloading it. Hmm…

  144. Carol said:

    What the heck was with Sheppards clothes in Outcast?? Apparantly he likes to wear that same siut coat…hello?! Air Force uniform would have fit much better as would have a t-shirt or even a polo for the not so formal moments! Poor wardrobe choices for Earth clothes.

    Hmm, looked fine to me, except the tie was turning red and blue on the tv (I believe the term is rastors or something. make note for future episodes to avoid ties like that!)

    Kristina asked

    As someone without a dvr wanting to watch last night’s show, are the episodes downloadable from iTunes legit, licensed, etc.

    Yes, iTunes is legit. Download away, of course, after paying the $1.99 🙂

    Question: If Bates was a Marine, why did the Air Force discharge him??

    The horse! Where was the horse!? Sorry, just nagging about it (bad pun).

    Best scenes in OUTCAST: Rodney talking to Sheppard in his quarters, and Ronon just silently showing up to accompany Sheppard back to Earth 🙂

  145. Hi Joe,

    Just watched Outcast and really enjoyed the episode! I went in thinking that I wouldn’t like John’s ex-wife but came away surprised. Will we be seeing Nancy or John’s brother again? I really liked the look into John’s back story and would like to see more of it in the future. Also, where was that house located? It was absolutely beautiful.



    PS please have more hot men in well tailored suits in the future!

  146. I really enjoyed this episode. (Yet again.) Although you guys sure know how to torment people by starting backstory and then moving on to other things!

    Still, things I didn’t expect about John in this episode. Very well done. Incredible acting job by Joe in this one. He was all over the place.

    I also thought Jason played the comedic bits very well. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at a party spread quite the same way again. “Is this free?”

    Where were the Shepherd Estate scenes filmed again? That is some gorgeous property!

    And it was so nice to see Seargent “Chuck Cunningham” Bates back again. I actually liked him in this episode. (As opposed to when I’d get annoyed with him in the first season.) 🙂

  147. Sorry me again. Just wanted to add that I loved the scene were John is waiting by himself for the gate to dial and Ronon comes and tells John that he’s going with him. LOVED that scene. And planet “Kid Kill” (yes, I watch the commentaries too often) sure has many problems with their ancient device doesn’t it? If memory serves right this would be the 2nd time they needed assistance? Is it because of the now growing population as a result of ending the sacrifices?

  148. Outcast was fantastic! I was so surprised to see Bates, what a great idea to stick him in so we know what he’s been up to. I hope we see him again.

    The guest stars were all fantastic, Joe F and Jason also fantastic. Of course, my favourite moment was right at the beginning with Rodney and John!

    I’m sad that Sam won’t be a regular next year, but I hope she’ll be in a few episodes. Every year I love SGA more than the last, but this year every episode keeps blowing me away. It’s definitely the best season so far.

  149. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the great pics from Last Man! Good to hear the new boss at SciFi is so good to work with. All the best to everyone for S5!

    A new commander for S5, eh? Hmmmm…makes sense. I’ll miss Carter, but wish Amanda only the best – plus I have another great show to watch! (Love the Sanctuary webisodes!)

    Outcast was a very good ep! The acting, writing, plot, effects, etc. were all top-notch! 🙂 Can’t wait til next week for more SGA goodness! Great to see Bates!!!

    Here are my guesses for who/what will be the commander next season:

    Hermiod! (I miss the Asgard)
    Caldwell (Right rank, awesome actor)
    Ellis (ditto)
    Whangel “Sam” (he’s young, but very, very big)
    Michael! (in a very weird twist)
    Cam (though I doubt it)
    Daniel (ditto)
    Teal’c (ditto)
    Woolsey (which I wouldn’t prefer, though I like Picardo a lot)
    Landry (probably not)
    Invisible!Carter (in a very, very weird twist)
    Morgan Le Fay (why not)
    Laydon (oooooh)
    Koooooolya! (just had to say it)
    Teyla (mother and commander)
    Halling (when the actor isn’t playing Todd)

    Weir, IMHO, shouldn’t be the commander. As much as I like Torri and am excited to see this new direction her Repli/Dupli character may go, she’s been compromised, and can’t be trusted to run Atlantis.

    I’m still not 100% how you guys may/will bring back Beckett. I’m eager to find out!

    Also eager for info on Monday!

    OK, done for now – enjoy your evening!

    Til next time, I’ll keep the Gate open for you!


  150. Oh, and just so you know, once that press release comes out on Monday – Mark played a big part in ensuring a certain character’s return to the ranks of the recurring.,/i>

    If this turns out to be Dr Carson Beckett, then Mark will have a huge fan following starting Monday morning!!!!

  151. Wow, so many of today’s comments just hit a chord with me. Every few hours I return here to read the new posts and find myself alternately laughing, crying and grinding my jaw. Good posts guys!

    I also found many of Outcast’s gentler moments such as described by Rose (formerly OhioAnne) below, to be truly WELL DONE, (acting, directing, writing-wise).

    “But what I really loved about the scene ….

    The utter normal reaction of all the other crew in the scene. The stargate goes on and off… people come and go …. When “business as usual” means traveling to other planets like they are just other airports for typical business travelers, it is cool.”

    Yes, SGA is one of those rare programs that truly transports you into another reality. It does so partly because you allow it to, and partly because it is masterfully rendered. It IS a believable construct. All that’s required is a bit of suspension of disbelief and you are there, standing on the command center balcony, gazing out across an alien ocean, wind in your face as you turn to smile at a dashing, lanky Lt. Col. striding towards you.

    Um-m… gee, reading Fast Forward 1 is having an effect on me. Enjoying it though!

    Carol Z
    SHEPPARD: Well, space battles are always a lot more exciting on TV than they are in real life. (First Strike) M. Gero

  152. I thing haveing Sam leave Atantis was the best possible outcome. I just hope you have chosen General Hammond to replace her. If we cannot have Weir than he would be the perfect choise. Sheppard is a lot alike Jack Oneill. Sam never fit in and the way General Hammond’s charcater has develoed over the years he would make a perfect addition. I still hope the dr will have a story that he asended before his body died and will be brought back for good. John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronan, Carson, Weir make a well blended cast. Having weir remain as a permenant cast but not as the comander would still be ok. They could make a favorable connection to the replicators she is with and Atlantis. The perfect replacement for sam would be Hammond.

  153. Oops, I forgot to say yay for Brad Wright writing episodes in season five! I’m really looking forward to that. 😀

  154. Hey Joe,

    Great blog and always a good resource for information. I’ve searched through your entire blog today to try and find some reference regarding the new base commander in season 5 but nothing really. And Sci-Fi did definately not publish anything, as in the uk its now 10:30 and, 4:30 in the us. So it was killing me to know.

    On another note, i think you would make an excellent food critic. I’ve never in my life seen so many pictures of food, why are you not fat? Whats are your secrets, please do tell.

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