Have you ever sat back watching Iron Chef, marveling over the numerous imaginative dishes, and thought: “Damn! I wish I could find a restaurant that actually served food like this!” Well, Marty G. and I are fortunate enough to have found just such a place. Fuel Restaurant is a little over a year old and yet, in that short time, it has established itself as one of Vancouver’s premiere dining destinations. We love the place and, apparently, the feeling is mutual. Owner/Sommelier Tom Doughty and Owner/Chef Rob Belcham apparently look forward to our semi-regular visits as it gives them the opportunity to test out some of their more adventurous culinary creations

Last night, Martin and I decided to set aside the regular menu and place our fate in the skillful hands of Chef Belcham and his team. “Surprise us,”I suggested. We started with the house-cured prosciutto which was, in Martin’s humble opinion, the best prosciutto he’s ever had. And I find it hard to disagree. The prosciutto’s smokiness was beautifully contrasted by its underlying subtle sweetness, the exquisite pink shavings literally melting in our mouths. Soups followed: the German butter potato and rosemary soup for him, and a lovely duck consommé for me. For our next course, I received the Jeruselam Artichoke Risotto with the house smoked duck. The risotto was wonderful, but that house smoked duck was truly intense and outstanding. Although neither Martin nor I are salad-guys, we did enjoy Martin’s heirloom beetroot and butter lettuce salad thanks in no small part, to the accompanying house-made ricotta, fireweed honey, and lime. Next, they brought out the big guns: a pan-fried foie gras for me, and a foie-gras and duck confit terrine for Martin. “This here is dangerous,”Martin noted as we cross-sampled both dishes. While there was no underestimating the artery-clogging potential of the pan-fried foie gras, the richness of the terrine was deliciously deceptive. Although we were nearing our satiation point, we welcomed the next two dishes: a perfectly poached piece of wild salmon for Martin and two plump scallops in a can’t-get-enough-of-the-stuff salsa verde. Well, that did it. We were stuffed. Martin and I sat back in our chairs, fully satisfied. At which point Tom came over and cleared the candles and bread off the table, “making room” he informed us. There was more. Martin and I exchanged concerned looks as Tom set an enormous knife down. Clearly, there was some serious cutting ahead. Tom ducked back to the kitchen and returned seconds later with the piece de resistance: an incredibly tender stuffed lamb neck served with thinly sliced truffled potatoes cooked in garlic confit and clarified butter. Yes, we were full. And, no, we couldn’t help ourselves. We finished all of the lamb. As they whisked our empty plates away, I warned Martin: “If I’m not in the office by ten a.m. tomorrow, assume I’m dead. Please send someone to the house to take care of the dogs.” And then came dessert – a roasted dolce de leche pound cake with pumpkin confit and cinnamon cocoa sorbet for him, and the Manjari dark chocolate mousse with hazelnuts and salted caramel for me.

“This would be a great place to have a special Stargate dinner,”Martin suggested as our meal (and his wine pairings) wound down. “You should just get a bunch of people from your blog to together during the Creation Con.” Tom and especially Chef Belcham (who, it turns out is a fan of the show) loved the idea. Hey, maybe we can convince him to create a foie gras and duck confit Stargate for the occasion.

I’ll say it again. Another fantastic meal at Fuel. We’ll be back next Wednesday.

What follows is a breakdown of the pics from the memorable evening –

#1: Martin presents the house-cured prosciutto. It was so good that I actually felt sorry for Fondy who was missing out.

#2: Martin shows off the German butter potato and rosemary soup.

#3: While I do the honors for the duck consommé.

#4: Martin marvels over his heirloom beetroot and butter lettuce salad.

#5: I show off the Jeruselam artichoke risotto with the house-smoked duck.

#6: Martin is hypnotized by the duck confit and foie gras terrine.

#7: Hot!  Hot!  HOT PLATE of foie gras!   

#8: Hey, check out Martin’s poached salmon.

#9: Ooooh. Scallops!

#10: Martin shoes off his killer knife skills.

#11: The piece de resistance!

#12: Stuffed lamb neck.

#13: Tom Doughty comes back to make sure we’re still alive.

#14: A coy Martin G. and his dolce de leche pound cake.

#15: The Manjari chocolate mousse with hazelnuts, salted caramel, and fake smile.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Shipperahoy’s puppy Spaz who is recovering from surgery.  Get better soon, Spaz!

Mailbag –

Aelfgyu writes: “Greyias and I have been discussing Carson’s return. […] We’ve finally worked it out, however. Prepare to be amazed!”

Answer: Brilliantly incorrect, yet amazing nevertheless!

Promogirl writes: “Did the actors pose in any way for it?”

Answer: Nope. The artist worked off various stills.

Erika writes: “Did you listen to Torri’s interview? […] I am not sure if I want her back now considering how you and the rest of The Powers That Be treated her.“

Answer: Let me be clear. Weir’s role was originally envisioned as a parallel to the Hammond role on SG-1. And so, unlike the team, it wasn’t intended that she head off-world every episode. Like it or not, the character of Weir was intended to play a supporting role to that of the team. Still – while Brad was running Atlantis, he was very supportive and protective of the character, working hard to make sure she got her fair share of stories, and to suggest otherwise is not only disingenuous, but a slap in the face to a guy who was the driving force behind episodes like Before I Sleep, The Real World, and The Long Goodbye. The decision to make the change came at the end of season three simply because that’s when we started making plans for season four. No conspiracy. Just simple logic. Finally, as a point of interest, do you know how many actors find out their role on a show has been diminished or done away with? The season wraps, the actor leaves for hiatus, and then his or her contract isn’t picked up. Their agent does the math for them. To many producers, this a much easier and less confrontational way of handling the situation which, obviously, lacks the professional courtesy and respect of a face to face meeting.

Marielabbott writes: “Any chance Weir might be figuring prominently in the mid-season two-parter?”

Answer: Nope.

Charly Kinder a ecrit: “ Je vous souhaite plein de restaurants !”

Answer: Lulu trouve votre Frenchie tres cute.

Padawan Aneiki writes: “Just out of curiosity, what’s your process for selecting the nominees for the BOTM?”

Answer: I just scan my bookshelves and pick out whichever titles catch my interest.

Promogirl writes: “Can you give us an inkling as to the number of episodes we’ll see Amanda in?”

Answer: Carter’s presence on Atlantis in season 5 will be dependent on two things: 1) Amanda’s availability, and 2) The stories we come up.

Tess writes: “Will you or any of the Stargate gang be in attendance at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con?”

Answer: No doubt someone will be there representing the Stargate franchise.

Brendan writes: “So when you were deciding about who was to replace Weir…did you guys honestly think of creating a new character???”

Answer: This possibility was considered early on but quickly dismissed. It was decided that we already had a number of terrific established characters to choose from and, in the end, the Carter character got the nod.

Anne Teldy writes: “Will my namesake be eaten by space cows in “Broken Ties” or are you going to torture me by making me wait for it?”

Answer: Nope, not Broken Ties. Whispers maybe.

93 thoughts on “January 31, 2008: Marty G. and I do it up Iron Chef-style.

  1. “Answer: This possibility was considered early on but quickly dismissed. It was decided that we already had a number of terrific established characters to choose from and, in the end, the Carter character got the nod.”
    I sure hope you continue this philosophy into Season 5 and don’t introduce more continuing characters than our tired brains can handle. Again, I LIKE the ones you already have!!!!!

  2. Hi, Joe.

    Wonderful news about Sanctuary being picked up by the SciFi Channel…but of course we’re concerned about how that news will affect Amanda’s appearances in Season Five.

    Thank YOU for all the updates, lovely photos, and fantastic video clips…hi to Lulu!


  3. Hey Joe!! It’s me Tanya!

    Hey Joe!!I just wanted to know if Amanda is available to work this season… do you think you will be writing a Sam episode!! That will be awesome!

    ps.; tomorrow it’s my birthday!! I’ll be 24!! (I’m getting old!! aaawwww!!!)

  4. The artist worked from various stills? Wow. Props to them.

    So, we’re supposed to be getting an official announcement about the cast for next season soon, right? But, supposing there could potentially be a person that might be an unexpected addition, would they still be included in the announcement, thus ruining the surprise? Even if this point is moot for this season, it could potentially be a relevant question in other seasons. Or is this totally a network decision that you guys have no idea about until you see the announcement? If that’s the case, in such cases of new and unexpected characters, would you prefer it be kept under wraps until the new season premieres, or would you rather it be announced in advance, in order to potentially boost ratings?

  5. i’ve just finished drooling over the pictures and food descriptions at Fuel. thanks for sharing.
    back again next wednesday you say?????

  6. Promogirl writes: “Can you give us an inkling as to the number of episodes we’ll see Amanda in?”

    Answer: Carter’s presence on Atlantis in season 5 will be dependent on two things: 1) Amanda’s availability, and 2) The stories we come up.

    my response: would you be allowed to tell us if sam’s still going to be commanding the base?

    sally 🙂

  7. Promogirl writes: “Can you give us an inkling as to the number of episodes we’ll see Amanda in?”

    Answer: Carter’s presence on Atlantis in season 5 will be dependent on two things: 1) Amanda’s availability, and 2) The stories we come up.

    The press release said she was doing 13 episodes of SANCTUARY, so does that mean she’d be out, say, half of season 5?

  8. After reading things on various sites, I’m turning into one of those people concerned that we won’t see much of Amanda and Carter is season 5. But whatever happens and assuming the stories are still good, I’ll still be watching.

  9. Hi Joe,

    I heard a lot of disturbing news about SGA today, and I have to admit that I am concerned about where things are going. Amanda’s new show got picked up and now it looks like she’ll only be guest staring in the new season. So, now, we’ve gone from Weir to Carter to ??? Is Weir coming back? Will Carter remain as boss as a recurring character? Will you bring someone else aboard? If Amanda is out, then in the timeframe of just over a year, we’ll have lost 3 main characters. Heck, from Season 1, only three of the original cast are left. I know Marty G is fond of being the Angel of Death, but Geez! I haven’t seen this much character dropping since Seaquest, and look at how well that turned out!

    I know I’m going on a bit here, but how am I suppose to care about these characters and what happens to them if I know you’ll just keep getting new ones? I pseudo understood getting rid of Ford, and I have come to like Ronan. I do like Carter but seriously miss Weir, and Keller just grates on me. Two out of three ain’t bad, but please don’t intro someone new as the base lead. Three new characters in just over a year is too much.

    To end on a positive note, I do appreciate that you gave a face-to-face send off to Torri. You have stated over and over again that do like her. It must be maddeningly annoying to be accused of being ‘evil producer man who laughed maniacally as you threw her, her dog, and her cat out into the street.’

    So, in conclusion, I look forward to any info you can afford to give about what’s going to happen in the next season and beyond.


  10. I surprised my girl friend on her birthday. She was expecting me tonight after I landed however, I caught an earlier flight. Ever caught an earlier flight for someone special?

  11. as it gives them the opportunity to test out some of their more adventurous culinary creations

    hmmm I hope they never watched the Iron Chef episode where one of the chefs got the idea to make a fish roe icecream?? *gag*..

    “Surprise me” could be Joe’s famous last words!

    Garrh!! Here I am without lunch for now and I have to see all those food pics. I like the pic of you holding up the hot plate. You have lovely teeth !

    Oh yeah, in the near future I plan to eat this at a fancy restaurant. This is on the menu:

    beef carpaccio : grain fed black angus, crumbled persian fetta, roasted mushrooms, horseradish,
    black pepper oil

    Do like beef carpaccio??

  12. If I end up robbing a bank, it’s going to be your fault. After looking over the Fuel creations, and reading your descriptions of them, I’m actually getting eager to try some of the dishes out. Which is quite a compliment since I’m a nearly-raw meat and maybe some potatoes type of eater. I envy the Creation Con attendees who are able to make it to Fuel. Guess I can plan for next year. And it’s good to see you are eating properly(sort of).
    About the Weir situation. It’s obvious Weir can never return to her previous position. And based on our glimpse in BAMSR(and one of your poetic clues), it seems that the Weir character has no interest in doing so. Which, to me, is great. I’m much more hyped by the possibilities of seeing what Weir has become and how it affects our regular characters. I want to see Torrison play the role, but it would undermine the continuity and credibility of the show to try and bring her back and pretend she’s not been gone. Or that her absense would have no bearing on how the Earth authorities, military, and civilian, look on her. I’m content to see where the writers take this. If someone is not, I suggest fan fiction as an outlet for their dissatisfaction. (end of rant)

  13. Yum! Tell us, which was filled with more tasty delicious goodness: the dolce de leche pound cake, or the Manjari chocolate mousse?

  14. The food at Fuel looks great as always. A possible ge together at Creation Con…that would almost get me to actually go. However, as much as I would love to meet everyone and get a chance to see the sets, ect. (yep, I know those were sold out some time ago – but still, in theory..) I really can’t justify spending that much $$$. But it does sound like a very nice idea.

  15. You know, despite the fact that I don’t actually understand what you are actually eating most of time when you describe food from Fuel (my food vocabulary consists of: meat, vegetable, cake, and ice cream. Anything more elaborate than that, and I just zone out. I mean, risotto? Confit? Terrine? Prosciutto? No clue what those things are. And you don’t have to explain it to me, because I doubt I’ll understand even if you do). However, I’ve always understood that, whatever they are, they are delicious.

    But MAN, those are TINY portions! They’re like…bite-sized (especially if the bite is the size of your mouth in Photo #7). Of course, if they weren’t, you’d probably won’t be able to sample so many dishes, but still…they’re TINY! If I got THAT placed in front of me, I’d probably pronounce it a rip off…if I haven’t read a million of your food reviews from there.

    So TINY!!

    Ok, moving on…man, Joe, it’s a clusterf*** over at Gateworld right now, and things are only going to get worse when the real news arrives. Looks like it’s time to resume my role as “Logic Man” (distant sidekick to Captain Spectacular. Sorry Joe) and cast off my hiatus-personality of “Blunt and Rude Man”.

    It’s gonna be a rough couple of…years. Well, days…but it’ll seem like years.

  16. Thanks for all this pictures, now I’m starving….I very enjoy this season and waiting all friday to watch a new episode is like a torture, you make a great job.
    Take care, and I hope you can understand my english, again the best book is timescape.

  17. Read an article, I believe from the Hollywood Reporter today, that Amanda will be busy, beginning in March, filming Sanctuary which SciFi has picked up for 13 episodes. They indicate in the article that she will appear in “a few” SGA episodes. Now, I’m sure I have to wait until Monday, but have you added another character to the cast to fill the Commander role, or will her availability be adequate to “sell” her as the Atlantis Commander?

  18. Aside from the fact that you and Marty G are instrumental in making my favorite tv show possible, as well as being my kind of crazy Geeks that will one day take over the world when everybody is looking the other direction, I always wish I could enjoy a dinner with you at Fuel after you post about it. You always seem to enjoy the food you have (I am sure the company you have it with helps, even more so because you guys are adventurous when it comes to eating and support each other in trying new food) and try so many different things. Dinner with you guys must be an entertainment event to itself.

    I know this isn’t really your area of expertise, but I’ll ask anyway. Any suggestions/advice for somebody who might, someday in the future, want to be an editor of the film/television variety? It is an area of production that I think is often overlooked and little thought about, but I’ve had an interest in learning more about it for a few years now. (I just started a new job last week with my local news team which involves lots of editing, which I am sure is very different and much more brainless than the editing you guys do for the show, but I find it to be really fun. To the point where I sit around wondering how it is my job because I have such a fun time doing it.)

  19. Dear Joe,

    I love Iron Chef, and I am a food network junkie. Based on your past blog entries I had already decided to go to Fuel for a dinner when I’m in town for the Convention in April. I tried to find a website for Fuel, but goggling only brought up the one in CA. Can you post the link? I’d like to book a reservation so I can be sure to get a table for that Sunday night! If you plan a “Blogger Dinner Party ” Please count me in… Thanks for all the pic’s and the wonderful, delightful description of the delicious food.

    Stuffed just reading about it!!!


  20. hey joe!!
    Just wondering does the “children” (dogs) get the pleasure of human food or is it just puppy food?

  21. “I know I’m going on a bit here, but how am I suppose to care about these characters and what happens to them if I know you’ll just keep getting new ones?”
    – NCC-72452
    I agree completely! I have become afraid to invest myself too heavily in any of the characters lately for fear they will be exploded, enzymed, nanited, ascended, fried, baked or fricasseed!

  22. Wow. I feel like I won the Stargate lottery by getting two questions answered in a week. Thanks for the reply! Maybe I should take this as an indication that my package arrived? Though it was not a bribe, obviously, if you could actually read my likely illegible letter. I realize now, however, that I should have included some Tylenol….

    Thanks again for the information that Weir will be returning next season. I’m very much looking forward to it, and hope we’ll see lots of her. To me, she was always a central character, at the very heart of Atlantis and it’s mission.

    Take care.

  23. Any idea when we’ll know who’s coming to ComicCon 2008?

    Also, I’m always so jealous of your dinners at Fuel…hubby and I would love to know of a similar place in Denver where we could go for a special meal. Any recs?

  24. Well, obviously the big news today was Amanda Tapping’s show was picked up by SciFi and will obviously have affects on how her role is in Atlantis. I’ll wait until Monday to see the cast list before I ask any questions. I just hope Monday’s release have details on how much she’ll be appearing in Season 5 (if possible) :).

    I love how you drop little hints at random places about Season 5 – like tonight: revealing a new Season 5 episode title, ‘Whispers’.

  25. wow YUMM!!! looks like one of your best meals there yet.

    as Sheppard is one of my fave characters I’m *really* looking forward to Outcast, it looks like another home run one two punch episode with both JS backstory and an exciting hunt for the replicator, this time JS paired with Ronon who has really grown on me since Sateda.
    Can’t say enough how pleased I’ve been with season 4.

  26. Hi Joe:

    You said: “This would be a great place to have a special Stargate dinner,”Martin suggested as our meal (and his wine pairings) wound down. “You should just get a bunch of people from your blog to together during the Creation Con.”

    I’m in! Looks like it would be a wonderful time!

    By the way, Joe, I have two Gold Tickets for the convention. Would you mind very much if I borrow your blog to offer them to your readers? They are in row C. And I would ask only what I paid for them.

    Thanks so much.


  27. Don’t you get sick of all the negative comments about what will or will not happen on the show? I for one, love the show, and while the characters are great, I am mostly a fan because of the writing. I think the writing is what makes the Stargate franchise amazing. You could kill off all the characters, and I would still watch if the writing was good. Not to say I like every show, but thats the nature of television. I usually don’t go for sci-fi shows, but the writing of Stargate pulled me in. I have been a fan from the beginning and will continue to be a fan as long as the writers continue to write good stories.

  28. Iron Chef Mallozzi sounds like a cool name for a cooking episode of atlantis, you should try =]
    or maybe the 200th episode

  29. I honestly can’t stop laughing at those pictures you guys took at Fuel. Hilarious, yet incredibly dorky. Just my style. 😀

    What kind of menu does Fuel have? Like, is it a set menu with a fixed price or do you order everything a la carte? Not including wine, how much can one expect to drop at Fuel? Realizing, of course, that extras like foie will up the price.

    Have you been to any of the Top Restaurants in the world?–El Bulli (Spain), The Fat Duck (UK), Pierre Gagnaire (France), The French Laundry (CA), Tetsuya’s (Aus), etc? From what I’ve heard, El Bulli has some…interesting…creations that you’d probably like to experience. I bet my brother-in-law would love to cook for you! He’s worked at The French Laundry and is currently at Tetsuya’s, yet he’s married to a woman whose favorite food is leftover club sandwiches. Let’s just say that she seriously doesn’t understand his “craft”.

    This possible blog get-together at Fuel opportunity is making me even more disappointed that I’m not attending the Con. I suppose I can try to get over it.

    Still reading Bright of the Sky. Haven’t had any time to read recently, so not making much progress. But when I finish it I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on it. I’m sure you’ll be waiting with bated breath, eh?


    (I hope my link worked…I think I may have messed around with it too much)

  30. Just wanted to say that even though I like to bitch and complain ’bout things, as long as I get my fix of Shep and McKay, despite whatever else goes on, I’ll be a happy camper and keep watching. Just REALLY love those two.

  31. I shall ask again 😀

    Do you read webcomics? If so, which ones do you recommend, and if not? Boy do I have some links I think you will like.

  32. howdy joe!

    Now i must say that I knew ya’ll were quite the talented group of people up there at bridge I just never realized how talented.

    “#10: Martin shoes off his killer knife skills.”

    I’d love to learn to shoe off my knife skills is martin available for lessons? 😉

  33. Oh! Cruel, cruel man who would ensnared my fev’rish brain keep hold,
    While (sweet torment!) he speaketh on, till his foodish tale be told.

    The prosciutto’s smokiness was beautifully contrasted by its underlying subtle sweetness, the exquisite pink shavings literally melting in our mouths.

    If Anaïs Nin had written for foodies, that’s how her prose would have sounded. (And, yes, I know there’s food-oriented erotica out there – in fact, I own several such books. I savor them a little at a time, since any more would make me either hyper- or hypoventilate. And I think I’ll stop there.)

    What an utterly delightful diary entry! (“Blog” just sounds too clunky next to terms like foie gras, terrine, confit, consommé, dolce de leche, Manjari dark-chocolate mousse, etc. The words practically caress the taste buds of the mind. – Oops, must remember to breathe.) Your narrative was great fun. Not too many people could introduce plot and suspense into an account of how they dined, absent something that went awry – which, in this case, most clearly did not.

    Lovely pics of the food, and really, really fun pics of you and Martin (love the one where you’re holding the hot dish!) and of the justly proud and happy Tom Doughty. It sounds like he and Chef Belcham derive ultimate inspiration from having you and Martin as guests, with you saying “Surprise us.” The apotheosis of cuisine. (Scallops with salsa verde – oh, how I’d love to sample Fuel’s version of salsa verde. I could go on and on, but evidently I already have….)

    What a great idea to get a bunch of fans together at Fuel. I hope the idea wasn’t just the result of Martin’s wine pairings and your having a little fun related to his mellowed-out state. You could have all available fans on the show as red-shirt extras, so they could not only have their 15 minutes but earn their dinner at the same time. 😉

    I’m siding with those who trust you guys to do what you’re already committed to doing with SGA – producing an excellent show. I couldn’t do it, so why should I presume to tell you what to do?

  34. Ahh, the Fuel idea sounds like wonderful fun, but alas, the con in April is beyond our budget. Good to see that your excursion with Marty G. didn’t result in your untimely demise. 😉

    No brilliant (or otherwise) question for today… Just a hello and Happy Friday!

  35. Well I’m chuffed to bits for Amanda and the Sanctuary team and I know you guys will make a cracking job of season 5 no matter who can make it or not, you’ve done a wonderful job so far and I see no reason to stop trusting that you know what you’re doing with your own creation.
    Excellent pics BTW, just what I felt like having for breakfast this morning!

  36. So I love Stargate. I really do. I think this season has been exceptional. That’s not to say I don’t have a qualm or two. For one, I’m really tired of all the woman looking fake beautiful. I guess that’s just the nature of scifi, but as more and more women enjoy the genre, maybe it is time for that to change. Among my male friends, they all seem to prefer Sg-1 and won’t touch Atlantis with a ten-foot pole. Yet most of my women friends love Atlantis. I recognize I don’t have a statistically significant pool from which to poll, so what are the demographics like gender-wise?

    Also, I do honestly have to wonder why it is there are no woman writers/producers/directors in Stargate. I would think having a woman writer would add perspective to the women character’s that are in Stargate. Although I am very much impressed with how you handled Teyla’s pregnancy, there are definitely situations where I feel the writing could benefit from a woman’s view.

    And I’m really hoping that the ending of BAMSR is actually going somewhere. It’s such a cruel tease if there are no plans to bring Weir back for at least another episode. It would really irk me. It’s great to throw in teasers like that if they will come to fruition, but there’s really nothing more annoying than a teaser with no meaning. Does that make sense?

    So yeah, I normally have only good things to say, but I felt I needed to speak my mind this time. I love your blog. I love the show. There are just a few things that bother me every now and then. The food looks good. It’s making me hungry.

  37. Patricia – The website for Fuel is


    I’m planning on eating there during Creation Con or my little BC vacation immediately after. It would be great if we could actually do a blog dinner.

    Joe — If you are able to come out and greet the location bus tour before Creation Con, any chance we could meet Lulu, too?

  38. Joe, Joe, Joe. I want to reach into my computer scren and steal those desserts. They look gorgeous and delcious and other -ous words.

    I am kinda, sorta addicted to Iron Chef America. Personally, I’m a Bobby Flay girl (meat! the Breakfast challenge! the Chocolate challenge!) but Mario Batali makes some darn good food.

    Did you by chance catch any of the reality show The Next Iron Chef? If so, Michael Symon. Your thoughts, please? (Personally, I was torn between Symon and John Besh.)

  39. To be fair to ALL your blog readers I think that you should arrange to send out Fuel food parcels to us blog readers.

    Then we can read the blog whilst dining on the brilliant food. 🙂

  40. Hey Joe, that food looks amazing.

    This time last week I was setting off for Pegasus 3 to spend the weekend with Torri, Kavan, Paul McG, Dean Marshall and Andee Frizzell (and Jonathan Woodward of Buffy, Angel and Firefly). I have to say they are all absolutely amazing and I am an even bigger fan of Paul and Kavan than I was before.

    I was hoping that you could reassure me that we’ll be seeing plenty more of Kavan in season 5…?
    Also, any chance of a Jonathan Woodward guest-role? 😉

  41. WOW, that meal sounds delicious, although there’s no way I could eat that much in one night. I’m glad you two had fun. And the idea of having a meal for Creation Con, even thought I’d be lamenting living in Australia if you did (heh).

  42. Having just read Torri’s convention comments about Atlantis being a bit of a “boys club” and that she kept asking why there are no women writers/producers for the show, I thought it was a little off.

    So I was wondering, how many people (on average) apply for jobs high up on Atlantis and what percentage of these are women?

  43. Hm. If you were asked to be a contestant on Iron Chef, who would you battle? I think you could take Bobby Flay (that weenie) down, IMO. To be fair, though, I did have a fantastic spicy pork loin chop at Mesa Grill. It was the first time I ever had pork served medium rare, but it was delicious.

  44. Those pictures alone are enough to make me wish I was going to Creation Con, just for the dinner get together…

  45. Stuffed lamb’s neck? I didn’t even know that was possible!
    And everytime you go to Fuel and talk about, so makes me want hop on plane and fly up there-just for that! Someday.

  46. Is one episode in season 5 probably the maximum that Weir will appear in or is there a small possibility it might be more than one episode?

  47. Hello Joe!
    I think the best solution would be a complete spoiler stop from the staff. No poems, no hidden clues, no story news, no guest star actors hints, so every episode will be a surprise for the fans. It worked by Star Wars or BSG, so maybe the SG team should change communication strategy and they should release pictures and short infos only in the premier’s week. What do you think about this? Is it too radical solution?

  48. OK, this photo is brilliant.


    I’m going to put it up at work so people think you’re my boyfriend, since I have been lagging in the weirdness rankings lately (they think my twin sister is odder than me, this just won’t do). I’m sure my own boyfriend won’t mind.

    Also… when this one is small, it looks like he has a lizard on his plate.


    I want my delicious lizard!

    Hmmm. Maybe posting things on the internets when I’m on pain medication isn’t such a good idea.

  49. Bonjour !

    A voir le plaisir et la curiosité qui vous anime quand vous entrez dans un restaurant, n’auriez-vous pas envie d’écrire un guide gastronomique pour tous les amateurs de sensations gustatives ?
    Un guide du genre “Les meilleures tables de Vancouver selon Joseph Mallozzi” !

  50. I honestly aspire to visit Vancouver again only in order to visit Fuel. I have to say that some of the restaurant meals you’ve enjoyed in other places has not always appealed, but everything you describe at Fuel makes me drool. Clearly, this is my kind of place!

    Maybe it is time to organize something.

    And on a Stargate note, clearly I need to stay away from fandom gathering spots for the next few days. The anxiety level is insane! If you guys keep putting out the great stories like you’ve done this season? I’m still with you.

    Best of luck ducking the assassins surely heading your way from the various factions.

  51. Hi Mr M
    Greetings again From Tipperary!! Hey…Mr M….Stop pinching my idea!!! ….I emailed Susan at Fuel last week!!! I booked a table for Tuesday 1st April and mentioned I was over for the Stargate Con, and that YOU had recommended the place!!!
    For any other blogees who are interested, I’ll be there on the Tuesday 1st at 6pm, I booked the table for two….but obviously if there are more available to attend?!? I booked early so that we could ( I’m meeting a buddy over in Vancouver)dine early (I’ll be flying in from Ireland the day before, hence possible jet-lag/and time zone zapp out)…So if anyone is interested??

    Look me up at Gate World (in the Vancouver 2008 thread)

    Great minds think alike Mr M.!!!


    AKA Paul

    PS Sincerely hope Baron Destructo, Agent Wexler or indeed Melvin’s Kidnapper may make an appearance?

  52. As I look out the window on this cold and pouring-rain day, your meal at Fuel inspires me to make butternut squash risotto with feta for dinner tonight.

    How much is a typical meal at Fuel? I would like to have dinner there when I’m visiting Vancouver next summer and wonder how much it will set me back.

    The “Sanctuary” news was great. Amanda’s doing very well with that, as are M. Wood and the rest, which makes me happy for the future of sci-fi as a television genre and for the future of the individuals who work so hard to put good stuff out there.

    I am eagerly awaiting whatever BIG CASTING NEWS you have in store for us on Monday!

  53. Ok, I’ve been trying to figure out how Carson is coming back since it was annouced that he was. You didn’t make it easy, lol.

    My best idea (yes, it really is my best idea for this, kinda sad really) is that in Sunday Carson actually did go on his fishing trip. There he was captured by Micheal and replaced by, um….a clone or something. So then the fake Carson gets blown up and Micheal has the real Carson as a prisoner.

    Once again, that really is my best idea. The biggest hole to this theory is the whole replacement Carson problem. We’ll see what happened tonight though.

  54. In response to Patricia, the website for Fuel is
    And having looked at the prices, i thought, after calculating in £ Sterling that it’s not too bad for a high end quality meal. I have known pricer restaurants. My boyfriend and I once spent £78/CAD$155 on sushi in London (UK).

    If I ever get to Vancover and it’s still there, I’d go.

    Well this is me signing off until after Outcast is broadcast on Tuesday in the UK. I can’t take the spoilers!! Nooo.

  55. At the very least, you seem to always enjoy youself at Fuel. Not that it’s anything I would ever eat at (high cost, non-vegetarian, et cetera) but enjoying yourself and what you are eating is important.

    That said, what are the inexpensive or hole-in-the-wall or ethnic places you like to eat at? It’s great being a regular at places like that, too, as you can start to get things off the menu as well inspiring the cooks to be creative other than just the same thing day in and day out. Any particular bakeries you like, too? 🙂

  56. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone quite so excited over food as you appear to be in the foie gras picture. Sounds like a great time! And frankly, I’m thinking Iron Chef America should have you on as a judge.

  57. I’m a vegetarian and you’ve got me thinking some of those things look good…

  58. Bonjour cher Joseph (J’ai pensé que puisqu’il y a déjà quelques mois qui se sont écoulés depuis notre première rencontre sur le net, je pouvais utiliser un vocabulaire plus familier)

    «J’ai toujours fait confiance à la bonté des étrangers…» Un tramway nommé désir

    Pour remettre dans notre contexte je dirai: «J’ai toujours fait confiance au bon goût des étrangers…»
    Alors pour ce qui est des choix de lectures pour le club j’ai une confiance aveugle dans les décisions de tes lecteurs….

  59. Salut Joseph, sa va good? Moi oui, enfin le week end.

    Snif hier je n’est pas pu passer sur votre blog…mais bon je pense que vous ne l’avez même pas remarquer.

    Ahh voici le mois de Janvier qui se termine. Jesper que votre mois de février sera remplit de bonheur.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (**je bave devant mon rodinateur la!!**) Quel Photo!!!!! Je me lasserais jamais de vous voir en photo!♥♥ Trop beau =)!!

    créer un foie gras et confit de canard Stargate ?? Quel est la différence avec un foie gras et confit de canard normal? Mon oncle en fait, il a tuer au moin 100 canards, mais aprés miaame!!!!! Trop bon♥

    Lulu a bien raison d’aimer les Frenchis! c’estles meilleur!! (hum hum XD)

    Comic Con San Diego 2008, c’est noté ;D

    Bon aller gros Kisou, a demain, je vous adore♥Merci

  60. Hey Joe!

    Amazing imagery of the food there! With your suggestion a few weeks back to visit Fuel if I ever come by the Vancouver area, this restaurant will definitely be on the top of the list. Thanks!

    Looking forward to Outcast! 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  61. Something popped up in conversation last night regarding McKay’s proposal to Katie Brown. Considering that there don’t seem to be any chaplains in Atlantis, who would have performed the marriage ceremony? Does Carter, as head of the expedition, have the authority? Or would Rodney and Katie have had to return to Earth to marry?

  62. A very impressive meal Joe, I don’t think I could have been capable of walking out of the establishment after eating all of that!

    Are you excited about Sci-Fi Channel picking up Amanda Tapping’s sanctuary? What do you think about Sci Fi picking up Passions Soap show?

    What are your views on NBC’s new version of knight rider, I my self was slightly disappointed I expected like a camaro not a SUV for KITT

  63. Hey, do you mind dedicating your blog today to my friend Nicole? It was her birthday yesterday and I didn’t get her anything (whoops), but she loves listening to the blog tidbits and the food makes her really hungry! =)

    (Also, thanks for the perspective on the Weir question…The industry has a reputation to confuzzle me…)

  64. correction in the preview the car looks like an SUV but upon further investigation its a sports car. It just doesnt feel KITTish maybe once it is shown on air in a full episode I will get into it.

  65. Answer: “Carter’s presence on Atlantis in season 5 will be dependent on two things: 1) Amanda’s availability and 2) The stories we come up.”

    Thanks, for giving us as much information as you can about Amanda/Sam in season 5. There’s so much speculating and concern right now, and Monday seems so far away. *Hugs* for saying what you can. Appreciate it.

    Looks like you and Martin had a fantastic meal. Too bad Fuel doesn’t deliver to the U.S.; I’d love to try it. Maybe someday….

    Well, Lulu would love our backyard today. We got dumped on last night (and it’s still coming down) with tons of that gorgeous white stuff. Suppose I should go out and start snow blowing so I can get out of the garage. Yup, fun times, fun times!

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode.


  66. Hi Joe,

    Was the Daniel character ever considered for season 4 on a re-occuring basis?
    Are the plans for Daniel to visit Atlantis for just one episode in season 5 or could there be more?



  67. Joe,

    Got this in my email, and naturally thought of you. It’s a pug.

  68. Like it or not, the character of Weir was intended to play a supporting role to that of the team. Still – while Brad was running Atlantis, he was very supportive and protective of the character…

    Kudos to Brad Wright – he did a great job with the character of Weir. I never felt that Weir was a supporting character along the same lines as Hammond, even if she wasn’t as fully involved in the episodes as the main team were. We got to see a lot of development for her, got to know a bit about her backstory, got to see her settle into her role as leader alongside Sheppard, McKay et al. where Hammond was already estanblished, so to speak. Atlantis always struck me as more of an ensemble show than SG-1, which is one of the things I enjoyed about it. (I enjoyed SG-1 just as much, but in a different way. :)) Maybe that had something to do with the characters living in close quarters as well as working together – Carson and Weir just seemed to be around more, and more involved with the ‘main’ characters. I was pretty disappointed to hear that she was being reduced to recurring last year, but more so that she only ended up in a small number of episodes (I hoped she’d be reccuring in the same way that, say, Zelenka or the other ‘supporting’ characters are, and pop up more frequently.)

    As much as I like Sam, I’ve really found myself missing Weir a lot this season, so I was happy at the news that she’ll appear again in season five, just waiting anxiously to hear how many episodes she’ll be in. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get to see a lot of her again as the show goes on – she’s a great character, and she has a lot of fans who miss her. I really hope you’ll consider giving her a strong role again in some capacity, somewhere along the road. 😉

  69. My BOTM votes:

    The Empire of Ice Cream and Timescape for starters… I’m a little stuck on the horror selection, as I have read Heart Shaped Box and found the ending a little anticlimactic. But I’ll vote for it anyway; it’s a little quirky, which is fun.

    I’m starting to wish that I had visited Fuel while I was in Vancouver, but it may have been a little outside our budgetary constraints. We mainly existed on mashed potato and hockey :p

    On the bright side, my boxes of books arrived from the US today!!! Have you ever read R.R Martin’s The Armageddon Rag? I found it in a used book store and thought I’d give it a shot…


  70. Just a quick “shout out” to Nick for his post. He summed up some of my feelings about the character of Elizabeth Weir well….

    “I never felt that Weir was a supporting character along the same lines as Hammond….”

    Me either. And, it’s not that I expected her to go on all the off world missions, but I never saw her character as a supporting role only. Not once. I identified with her far too much for that.

    “Atlantis always struck me as more of an ensemble show than SG-1, which is one of the things I enjoyed about it”

    This is my opinion as well. For me, I saw the focus as the expedition, not just the off world team.

    “I was pretty disappointed to hear that she was being reduced to recurring last year”

    Amen to that.

    “I’ve really found myself missing Weir a lot this season…..(snip for length)…..”I really hope you’ll consider giving her a strong role again in some capacity, somewhere along the road”

    I’ve got fingers, toes, legs, etc. crossed with you. Elizabeth IS a great character with so much potential. And, in my opinion, Torri is wonderful in the role.

    Joe – will the big announcement on Monday include casting news for just the regular cast or recurring and guest cast as well?

    SEW Crew Member

  71. Hey Joe,

    I just wanted to say, I know some decisions can be hard but you have to look at it as a business and creative point of view. Like with what happened with Torri and her character. You might feel bad to do it, but it’s nothing personal. I think a lot of fans are angrily pointing fingers at you for Weir’s fate in so many wrong ways.

    Anyway, I think the show has been great this season. I do hope Weir will return in a nice amount of eps next season. I think the direction has been clever and very creative and I hope there is a lot of story to be told with this new story arc. I also think we’ve learned that the leader of the Atlantis expedition does not need to be in every single episode.



  72. You know that “one thing” you cryptically referred to that was delaying the annoucement on Season 5 until Monday? Were you referring to the SciFi “Sanctuary” announcement? If so, may I assume that will have an affect on AT’s appearance(s) in Season 5?

  73. 1)Will Michael finally get his day of reckoning against Atlantis?

    2)Can we expect Teyla to gain any new abilities with the aid of her unborn child?

  74. Mmmm, scallops … Utah is not precisely the fresh seafood capitol of the lower 48! In our neighborhood, Red Lobster is about as good as it gets.

    So, was the salsa verde made properly with tomatillos and not green tomatoes? This is important, tomatillos are gooseberry-related and I can eat them, while green tomatoes are evil nightshades. I don’t recommend food allergies to anyone.

    Dulce de leche pound cake or chocolate mousse? Why not both? I would! Real salted caramel? Honest? Oooh … and here I was proud that today was baking day, dark whole wheat bread and butterscotch-cinnamon cookies. Sssh, the cookies are for hubby and they’re the reduced sugar whole wheat version. So tasty you can’t tell they’re practically health food. I mean, what else am I going to do with eight fresh inches of powder piled in front of the house? Yes, it snowed once again last night. I surrender. The snow has won. I’m gonna watch TV tonight! Oh yeah, Friday, I was gong to watch TV tonight regardless! Watch TV and eat fresh bread and honey! Yeah!

  75. Good evening from the Axis of Evil! Its another snow day today, 12 inches of snow at final count. The arabs are getting restless, so more cars out on the roads, but also more cars getting stuck in snow drifts.

    My friend and I have a mini “book club” and we just finished Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. I saw that it was one of your favorites!

    She and I really believed that this book must have been the inspiration for the Goa’uld. Is this true?

    We are thinking of trying to turn it into a screenplay. Ya interested?

  76. Me revoila, voici un commentaire que quelqu’un ma laisser sur mon blog:

    “je me suis toujours (enfin façon de parler) posé une question ! est-ce que je peut te la poser ?
    pourquoi Joe M. ? tout les autre fan de stargate sont fan de david H, de rachel L. …. mais toi nn ! alors si tu le sait j’aimerai bien que tu me reponde ! ”

    Alors, sa c’est une éxélente question, pourquoi la fille qui ne fait rien comme personne(moi) aime Joseph Mallozzi…..?

    A vrai dire je ne sais pas trop, mon fanatisme est arriver au fure et a mesure que je visiter votre blog, j’ai appris a vous connaitre, et là, coup de foudre! waou! …je ne sais pas sa ne s’explique pas. En tout cas, ce dont je suis sur, c’est que je suis Fan de vous a 100% et je le resterais tout ma vive ♥

    LOveLoveLOve Forever!

  77. As much as I enjoy reading about your gastronomic exploits I still maintain that the best meal I’ve ever had in my life was one camping trip (35 years ago *ouch!*) to one of the beaches surrounding my home town of Barrow-in-Furness way back when it was still Lancashire, we would camp in the sandhills mere yards away from the beach and one particular morning my dad and I had got up with the larks and gone crabbing, we got two monsters and also “picked” up some cockles, mussels and a handful of clams as well, cooked them up and had a plate of fresh picked assorted mushrooms to accompany, washing it down with milk fresh from the dairy farm and straight from the cow. A very simple brunch that tasted heavenly, enhanced by the sea air. I tell you you couldn’t buy that kind of experience or meal!

  78. Hey Joe!

    It’s been a busy week for me, so I haven’t been able to let you know how much my roommate and I enjoyed Harmony last week! It was excellent! I can’t quite pinpoint my favourite highlights of the episode… although the painting at the end was great! Definitely looking forward to Outcast! And the two little clips of Lulu playing about in the snow… I’m not sure who laughed harder – me or my roommate! Definitely excited about the remaining episodes of this season, and looking forward to Season 5! I don’t have access to the Super Bowl fun this weekend… but I will definitely be thinking about you and your team on Sunday! Enjoy your weekend with the ‘kids’!

    Kristy-Ann 🙂

  79. Joe Wrote:
    “This would be a great place to have a special Stargate dinner,” Martin suggested as our meal (and his wine pairings) wound down. “You should just get a bunch of people from your blog to together during the Creation Con.” Tom and especially Chef Belcham (who, it turns out is a fan of the show) loved the idea. Hey, maybe we can convince him to create a foie gras and duck confit Stargate for the occasion.
    Wow Joe,

    I just checked out Fuel’s website, not only it is designed beautifully (love the music), it makes me drool!

    I think a dinner with the 5 courses is the way to go with the Chef’s individually designed menu:
    four courses $59 with wine add $39
    five courses $69 with wine add $45
    six courses $79 with wine add $51

    I noticed however that they are not open on Sat or Sun. So would you and Marty G. go for a dinner on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 6 ish or 700 pm?

    I suspect you’ll have a few takers if you do plan to have a dinner. I notice that they have a private dining room that seats 45. I also think it would be in bad taste for anyone from the blog to expect to be “treated”; we should all pay our own way and be prepared to bring cash in case separate checks are not an option.

    I know will go for a dinner while in town, even if you chose not organizes a gathering. But it would be so cool if you did. I can’t wait to taste Tom’s wine selections for the meal. Gathering organized by you or not, all who are even considering going, should know that a meal like this is to be savored with good company and delightful conversation about cute little puppies and memories conquered up from childhood by the wafting smells and tastes that emerge from the kitchen.

    Here’s hoping you’ll want to organize a blog dinner party, with ground rules of course! According to my reading of the posts thus far, that’s at least 4 votes for yes… do we have a quorum?



  80. I’ll ask. Can’t hurt. With Amanda’s increased responsibilities on SANCTUARY, is she still a regular on SGA? As in, will she still be in the front credits?


  81. anon, good nurse wrote:

    Anne Teldy said:

    Thank you so much! I knew he’d given the gate tech’s name, but my Swiss Cheese Memory just couldn’t come up with it and I wasn’t able to find it myself.

    Aha, another fan of Quantum Leap – or not?

    I’ve never seen an episode of Quantum Leap as I’m not a fan of Scott Bakula. What did I say to make you think I had?

    Rebecca H wrote:

    Something popped up in conversation last night regarding McKay’s proposal to Katie Brown. Considering that there don’t seem to be any chaplains in Atlantis, who would have performed the marriage ceremony? Does Carter, as head of the expedition, have the authority? Or would Rodney and Katie have had to return to Earth to marry?

    I think they would’ve had Sheppard take them into space in Jumper 3 — his usual ship — and had him, as Ship’s Captain, perform the ceremony. 😀

    Anne Teldy

  82. Libkat said:
    The website for Fuel is http://fuelrestaurant.ca/

    Thanks so much for the link!

    *pause to wipe drool from chin*

    Everything on the menu looks wonderful.

    *pause to mop drool from keyboard*

    I can see why Joe is so addicted to this restaurant!

    *pause for extremly loud growling sound coming from stomach to die down*

    Guess I’ll go see what boring stuff I have in the cupboard for dinner ….

  83. Hey Joe, are you going to make Daniel the new leader of SGA or are you going to split it 50/50 with Carter? 😛 Now that would have the forums going nuts!

    I am right; you are planning on at least one “Jackson on Atlantis” ep in season 5? If so can it be McKay and Jackson, I don’t think we have ever really seen the two interact, not for more then a brief second.

  84. What kind of hotel doesn’t have SciFi?! Now I’m going to have to avoid this blog and the internet in general for the next week until Outcast in rerun so I can enjoy it without people spoiling everything. Sigh, I’m tempted to go bar hopping in search of a place with SciFi on, though I don’t know how likely that would be. If anyone near the Radisson in downtown Baltimore wants to let me come over to watch the ep… *hopeful puppy dog eyes*

  85. in an interview Russell T. Davies said:
    “….he deliberately keeps organized fandom at arm’s length: “I think we’re an unusual science-fiction franchise in taking a very big step back from fandom and having nothing to do with them. . . . Every program on the BBC has a message board on the website. I forbid it to happen on ‘Doctor Who.’ I’m sorry to say this, all the science fiction producers making stuff in America, they are way too engaged with their fandom. They all need to step back.”

    some say that you’re guilty of this. thoughts?

  86. Anne Teldy said:

    I’ve never seen an episode of Quantum Leap as I’m not a fan of Scott Bakula. What did I say to make you think I had?

    The phrase “Swiss-cheese memory” was used frequently on Quantum Leap. I hadn’t heard it anywhere else, so assumed it originated with that show. I suppose I assumed too much, eh? (I can easily imagine Peter Davison saying it as the Doctor, but, in any case, I guess it’s a common expression now.)

  87. Deldeboer, thanks for the Stargate novels recommendation. Will try and procure a few.

    Really looking forward to the big announcement Monday!!!

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