18 thoughts on “January 29, 2008: Snow bunny

  1. There’s something so childlike and full of wonder with dogs and snow isn’t there? Your puppy was so cute. 🙂

  2. Those dogs are beyond adorable. I hear windchimes… goody! There’s snow around AND it’s windy. Crikey…(here it’s hot and I’ve got the aircon on lol)

  3. Love the videos of your doggies in the snow this year. Why did it never snow like this when I was a kid?

    I bet Fondy loves being able to see what les petit chiens are up to!

  4. I love the end, when they’re all standing on the top of the stairs saying (via telepathy, of course), “Come on, Dad. Hurry up!!! We want to go in now! It’s cold! Put down the damn camera and open the door already!!!”


  5. So cute! And it would seem that she might enjoy being on camera a bit, too!

    Thanks for sharing, Joe!

  6. Lulu’s a natural in snow. I think you could let her move up from the bunny slope to a low-intermediate hill on sheer athletic ability and determination. – That was SO much fun to watch, and I love how all four pooches get together on the porch after the frolic. (Enjoyed the house exterior shots, too.)

  7. haha that was the cutest thing ive seen all day. Love it. Lulu would make a great snow bunny!
    The end was great as well, all congregrate back to the front porch. So cute.
    Thanks for the video Joe

  8. Love the video! I was just wondering, what kind of dog is Lulu? Is she a mixed breed? I ask because, having a mixed breed myself (he’s a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix named Jinto), I seem to notice that moreso than I did before he was born. Just curious.

    Rachel 🙂

  9. That’s all kinds of adorable. My dog – a 75 pound black lab – does the same thing in the snow. Are the other pups not snow bunnies, or were they just amused?

  10. I’ve read in numerous places that theres a clue on how you’s are bringing back Paul McGillion at the end of season 3. I took a guess that seeing as Connor Trinneer is in the episode Carson returns that it might be in the 2nd last episode of season 3 ‘Vengeance’, but couldn’t find any clues =[.
    Am i close or just completely off the mark?

  11. Hi Joe, I had a quick question about Harmony, which I liked far more than I was expecting to. Was the regency intentionally matriarchal, or were there simply no guys in the royal family? And if it was intentional, whose idea was it? Also, Lulu is adorable. Enjoy the snow!

  12. She’s such a snow lover! Cool dog (sorry, pun wasn’t intended) and absolutely adorable! The other three seem much more unimpressed by the snow – perhaps their paws were getting cold?

    Just wondering, do any of your dogs do what some cats do – ie get their owner to open the back door, see that it is raining/snowing and then go to the front door and insist on checking if it’s raining/snowing out there as well?! Always makes me laugh when someone tells me about thier cat doing that!!!

  13. Oh my, Lulu looks to be just a tad smaller than the pugs. She’s growing fast. How much bigger is she going to grow? Will she be bigger than the pugs? Maximus does not look at all pleased with all the snow.

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