Interesting reactions to last Friday’s episode. Most went something like this: “I really expected to hate Harmony, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.” “Hey, it didn’t suck!”rave the fans. Thanks for that. And Marty G. thanks you as well. We were both surprised by the volume of positive responses to that painting revealed at episode’s end. While I love the idea of making it available as a print, t-shirt, or poster – I’m not sure Joe F. would be quite as enthused. Some of you suggested we should auction it off and, yes, that would be a great idea – so long as the lucky winner is willing to swing on by the production offices and haul it away in a flatbed truck. The thing is HUGE!

Last night’s broiled filet of sole was good but, I have to admit, tonight’s dinner was better. After several days of fending for myself, I decided to let the gang at Fuel fend for me. And they did not disappoint. The German Butter Potato & Rosemary Soup with a sunken isle of pork confit and touch of paprika proved a hearty winter offering. I followed it up with the decadently smooth foie gras torchon. For my main, I had the roasted ling cod, crisply bronzed yet subtle and tender, served atop a bed of arrow leaf spinach and pork belly, then topped with pickled chanterelles. I truly missed this place. Yes, I’ve been remiss, but I’m sure I’ll rectify that in the coming weeks. Marty G. has already booked us a table for Wednesday night.

For those of you still keeping track of this sort of thing, the early numbers on Harmony show a nice uptick from last week, equaling the ratings for Adrift and Spoils of War.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Tina.

Mailbag –

Tenmongaku writes: “Do you guys have staff meetings or something before starting filming of an episode?”

Answer: Prep week begins with a concept meeting that is attended by the producer, the director, and all of the department heads. Subsequent meetings with the various departments take place in the days leading up to the first day of production.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “ Oh a friend asked me a question of pugs.. can they take some of Australia’s summer heat?”

Answer: No, pugs do not fare well in hot weather. They’re very delicate dogs.

Matt S. writes: “Have you had a chance to pick up Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker yet?”

Answer: I haven’t, although I do like his stuff. Let me know what you think.

Matt S. also writes: “when the episode Harmony was written, was Jodelle Ferland a quick decision to fill the title role?”

Answer: Yes, Jodelle was our first and only choice. We made sure she was onboard before Martin even started work on the script.

Mags writes: “How long did it take to film Harmony? And were the nighttime scenes filmed on location as well or on the set to give you more flexibility with time?”

Answer: Like most of our episodes, Harmony was a 7-day shooting. Most of it was filmed on location with the exception of the scenes in the village, and the cave sequence which were filmed on our standing sets.

Aurora writes: “Was wondering what you thought of the Amazing Race finale this year.”

Answer: Meh. As much as I enjoyed this season and was pleased with the final three, I thought the final task (assembling the various items) was confusing and visually uninteresting. A bit of a disappointment. Still, nice to see the hippies win.

Luis writes: “ When you say that they were looking to Drasticly reduce RDA’s role was this a RDA decision or a manegement decision??”

Answer: As someone already said, this was Rick’s decision borne of a desire to spend more time with his daughter.

Farscapefan writes: “in case you forgot, Vala IS part of the team. Now what you said sounds to me like you’re trying to prove something else, that Carter is the ONLY girl on SG-1 and Vala is entirely a fifth wheel..”

Answer: Sure, sounds to you. What I said, “As for a movie entirely devoted to the Vala character – again, I can’t speak for Brad and Robert but I think that would be highly unlikely. Future movies should focus on the team.”, was in response to your statement that the next SG-1 movie should be entirely devoted to her character – “Vala is too important character to really big part of the audience and deserve a story in the movie as the MAIN character, devoted to her entirely.”

Astrumporta writes: “Joe, if Sci Fi never puts out a press release before S5 starts filming, will you then be allowed to tell us who shows up for work? I think it will be hard to keep it secret for long!”

Answer: I’ll take pictures on the day and let you do the math.

Yasmin writes: “I was wondering, since you guys mentioned previously that the Weir story line would be visited in S5, would that be done sort of behind the scenes way?”

Answer: No, we’ll revisit the story – onscreen – in season 5.

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  1. Joe, I really like the painting! That rocks! Who painted it?? I am glad you are taking care of yourself & eating well!


  2. Joe, I hope the Weir story is dark, devious and amazing opening new possibilities never thought possible before in the Stargate universe!

    What is the typical total budget for a whole season of SGA? Do you use most of the funds, or do you reserve certain funds for say, Weir’s story-line in Season 5 because it should be huge, a.k.a later events?

  3. I’m glad you got a more-then-decent meal while Fondy’s out of town! If I ever make it to Vancouver, will you take me to Fuel? 😛

  4. Who was the one that painted that magnificent portrait that we saw on Harmony? Please send that wonderful and imaginative individual my applause. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in quite a while.

  5. Hi Joe!

    Put me down as expected to like it, but am still not 100% loving Harmony – yet. May take a few more views, but I’m bound and determined to make it a fave (or at least a sometimes rewatched)! There is a lot to love in the show, which is why I’m surprised about my reaction.

    Very happy the ratings for Harmony were so good!

    Thanks for the pics of the painting. It is, indeed, ginormous!

    You definitely win in the Who Ate Better? game tonight! I had a nice ham sandwich and a pickle with red wine. Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t planned, just how things worked out.

    Saw a pic of Nathan Lane’s dog – also a French Bulldog. Not as cute a Lulu, but still had those cute perky ears!

    Going to watch Scorched Earth tomorrow via DVD. 🙂 Been going through my S4 SG-1 set. Good times…Good times.

    Are we going to see more mini-drones in future SGA eps????? I think they were wicked awesome.

    Take care!


  6. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the photos of our favoritest potrait ever. Taking a look at that is a whole lot cheaper and effective than taking an antidepressent(not that I’m on those types of meds, mind). As for permitting the making of prints, perhaps Mr. Flanigan could be induced to sign off on the idea if a certain amount of money from each print goes to him or a charity of his choice? Unless I win the lottery I know I’ll never be able to come up with a competative bid, much less pay for the shipping of the portrait, should it ever go to auction. And truth to tell, if anyone should keep it, it should be Mr. Gero himself. The dinner at Fuel’s sounds terrific. I’m afraid if I ever did make it that far west and north, I’d not be up to handling the menu though. Not that I wouldnt give it a try…meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the offerings vicariously, trying with what imagination I have to savor the tastes and textures. One request. Could you mention again which week we’re reviewing each of the February book club selections? Finally have all three, finished one,and hope to knock out the other two by the weekend. Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to see what Wednesday’s culinary temptations are/were.

  7. Hey Joe,

    Great Pictures of Martin and the “Painting” of the century!

    Hey can someone please tell me what the heck
    “Meh” stands for… I suppose its blog short hand for something and I must admit I keep hoping I’d be able to figure it out based on contexts, but alas I am still stumped! Anyone care to answer to save Joe a few key strokes? Thanks so much!


  8. I’m not sure where this came from (Sci Fi, based on the overlay), but there’s a long scene from Outcast up here. (Thanks to the sg1_spoilme list)

    First, what a sad scene, on many levels! Oh my, poor John. Second, I seem to remember reading that Joe Flanigan thought Sheppard would not be from a rich family. Do you know why, or why the writers decided he is? I could see it either way, and I find it fascinating to contemplate. A rich Sheppard family makes for a lovely location, certainly. 🙂

  9. Interesting reactions to last Friday’s episode. Most went something like this: “I really expected to hate Harmony, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.” “Hey, it didn’t suck!”

    Yeah, I was wondering about that … why were people so sure they’d hate Harmony???

    Wow, that picture really is big.

  10. Ok Joe, please clarify something for me. I know Carl Binder is in LA protesting, and I know you’ve recently seen Rob Cooper and Brad Wright around the studios (they were scooter buddies!), but I’ve also heard that they were WGA members.

    So my question is: ARE they WGA members? If so, are they protesting? If they are not protesting but ARE WGA members, then are they allowed to contribute ideas (but not write) for Season 5?

    Thanks a bunch. Oh, and no Insanity update today, since you seem fairly sane…today.

  11. Well, how do you expect us to react to such a great parody painting? lol! 😀 I can guess what Joe F. thinks of the painting, but what about David H? Did he happen to ask for the painting after it was done with? 😉

    Eric F.
    (not the same ‘F’ as Joe’s)

  12. I’ll have to add in my delight at the painting. A friend and i were watching at the time, and we both burst out in explosive laughter at the reveal of the painting. Which was made even more amusing per the fact we were eating at the time.

    My friend is not really a fan of the quieter “forest” episodes (their words, not mine), but gave the surprising, “that didn’t suck” review as well! High praise!

    And i want my cowering Sheppard t-shirt! Who cares what joe thinks! 😉

  13. Dear Anne Teldy,

    Please post instructions on how you get those “bolds” “italics” and “indents” to work so well. Being blogger challenged, as I am, I can’t seem to figure that out either! Ahem! I hate to ask and show my ignorance, but I gotta learn some how! Yes?

    Thanks so much *bows in a low curtsey to the goddess of the blog post*


  14. When you mention that you will be revisiting Weir’s story onscreen–will we be seeing Torri? There is debate about whether the storyline may be revisited without her. That would be a very disappointing option, in my mind. I very much miss Dr. Weir.

    I sent a small package to Bridge for you; it should arrive this week if the U.S. postal service lives up to its reputation. I apologize in advance for the semi-incoherent letter and the non-gourmet foodstuff.

    Take care.

  15. While “Harmony” is still fresh in all our minds, I wanted to chime in that, as cool as the painting was, I thought that the stone monolith in the shape of the central tower of Atlantis would make an excellent patio decoration or fountain. Also, the cinematography was notably gorgeous. I’m not sure if you were just shooting on especially lovely days, or if you were trying to hone in on National Geographic’s “Beautiful Nature Footage” territory, but a couple of those sweeping vistas in the establishing shots were just breathtaking.

    And thanks for the big photos of the painting.

  16. You can put the auction and virtually anyone can buy it, as with any good painting, you can remove the canvass from the frame, roll it in a tube and take it away, as well as either breaking down the frame, or leaving it behind and going to a local frameshop and have it reframed, so I hope you keep that in mind should you guys put it toward a charity auction. It could also be mailed rolled too 😉

    Have you thought of making an SGA episode in the snow?

  17. I just watched the EXTRA! SGA bit piece, nice mention for the show- I’m trying to extract a screenshot for my desktop of Joe F & DH laughing at the 1st acting effort of that guy Jerry (the shot just before Flan tells him he falls like a girl) because if I’m not mistaken it also clearly shows you Joe M on the left, standing just behind Joe F. A very nice picture of all 3 of youse.

  18. Thanks for that flashback to my art history days — the first thing that popped into my head when looking at one of the painting close-ups was “Harmony has ectoplasm!!!!!” 😀 I remember being rather shocked when I first learned that the halo-glow on religious icons was indeed called ectoplasm, rather than it just being a term made up for the movie Ghostbusters! XD And here I thought I couldn’t remember anything from my school days (daze?) … So who did the painting? Do they have a gallery site we can visit?

  19. My God, that painting IS large. Then again, maybe Gero is really a midget and hides it well. For a short guy, Martin sure can spin those tall tales.

  20. The painting at the end of ‘Harmony’ is hilarious! I was just wondering who painted it?

  21. Recently, I caught a repeat of “Reunion”. During that episode, there is a scene with Sheppard and Carter on the balcony. Sheppard tries to convince Carter to allow him to go on a mission to rescue Weir. I couldn’t help but notice that this scene was somewhat similar to the season one episode (The Rising) where Sheppard wants to rescue Col. Sumner. Was this intentional or coincidental? I think it showed how Carter and Weir are similar in some ways, but different in others. It also showed how much Sheppard has grown since first arriving on Atlantis. Or, maybe I’m just completely overanalyzing it? 😉

    Also,since this is my first comment (long-time lurker), I must say that (1) I love your blog and (2) thanks for taking the time to share your world with us and answer our mailbag questions.

    Finally, I vote for an auction of the painting. Bumper stickers could be popular also..hehe.

  22. Thankyou SO much for the pic of the painting. You’re right. It is huge and I see that even backed against the wall trying to take a shot wasn’t easy and you couldn’t get the entire painting in the viewfinder.

    *saves for desktop*

    So back at Fuel eh? You’d majorly suck on Survivor LOL. Don’t forget to take pics of your “survival” rations at Fuel on Wednesday night with Martin.

    Who actually did that painting???

    No, pugs do not fare well in hot weather. They’re very delicate dogs

    Neither do I. Hate the hot weather in fact. 33 C is ok but 43 C? You can keep it. Thank God I have freezing cold airconditioning. My pug will remain indoors for sure. With me! 😉

    Thanks for answering. Hope you’re not missing Fondy too much. Look after yourself. 🙂


  23. Oh to have a flatbed truck… 😀

    Question will we very see any different weather on the series other then sunshine, rain and big storms in S5 or beyond? I mean their must be a planet some where near by that is covered in snow (like Canada).

  24. I love that your power bar had an exact time on it. Who knew?

    I personally loved Harmony. Thought it looked cute, turned out to be so. And yes, the painting is the crowning achievement. The ending scene was priceless.

    Your dinner at Fuel sounds fabulous! In fact, I think it’s the first thing you’ve written about enjoying there that my rather sensitive (read: suburban American) palate would like.

    Quick question for you: have you tried Thornton’s chocolate at all?

  25. Well, I saw Harmony, and I loved it. The interactions between Sheppard, McKay, and Harmony were hilarious. The first scene where they get roped into taking Harmony on her trek had me thinking they must have the word “SUCKER” tattooed on their foreheads. It was also interesting to see how Harmony was, at first, smitten with Sheppard but changed her allegience after McKay saved her.

    Very well done!

  26. thanks for the pictures! Why would Harmony have sucked?!? I LOVED IT!
    Thanks again,

  27. Have you in all you’r reading,writting or immagining come upon a utopian idea that was your favorite or that you thought would actualy work in real life and benifit mankind. excluding the one were actors can never be executive producers of course. but seriously have you?

  28. astrumporta Said:

    I’m not sure where this came from (Sci Fi, based on the overlay), but there’s a long scene from Outcast up

    Oh, Dylan Neal. Saw him in Blood Ties. Veeeery nice!! Definitely works as Sheppard’s brother.

  29. Can I just say thank you for posting those pictures? Because, really, I was having a bad day and those just made me laugh so hard that I almost choked on my ‘Americone Dream’ Ice Cream. I especially loved the one with Martin.

  30. The humor of that painting is that it’s so very very wrong!!! I’d make a bid for it, although the shipping and handling would be killer…

  31. Patricia, “meh” basically means “not impressed”. It’s the sound you make when someone says something like: “So, what did you think of that new show that started on tv last night?” If you didn’t think much of it, you would shrug your shoulders and say, “meh”.

  32. Sounds like another coup for Fuel. I’m glad you had a great dinner, and thanks for the detailed description – those often prod me into being more creative in the kitchen.

    I’m puzzled about people thinking that Harmony would suck, but glad that apparently most changed their minds after watching. I wonder if that’s an effect of people being exposed to some pre-airing (? – sorry, don’t know the correct term) negativity on the forums, or if they see the ads and base their expectations on those.

  33. PS: Love the pics. – Somehow I would’ve thought that Joe F. would be amused by the painting … a nice change from the Shep “squee factor,” after all.

  34. Joe,

    Since no one else who comments on this blog will ask any real questions, I’ll do it again. It seems that things are being kept very quiet regarding the season five cast, and not necessarily because of a character returning. Is it true that Amanda Tapping won’t be coming back for many episodes in season five? Stringing fans along does no good except to engender hate for the production. And apparently Martin Gero couldn’t handle that.

  35. I love the painting. Another Stargate instant classic! Did you mention who actually painted/designed it?

    Thanks again for the pictures, the painting makes an excellent desktop screensaver.

  36. I was actually really looking forward to Harmony. (Banter! What’s not to like?) It was even better than I’d hoped, so I don’t know if that makes me easily pleased or what.

    Last week I composed haiku for a silly little contest on a librarian blog I follow. The topic was favorite gadget-filled book/movie/tv show. I didn’t win (alas), but the haiku was fun! Here’s mine:

    Glowy Ancient tech
    Makes Rodney obsess, John grin.
    Atlantis: Nerd love.

    Obviously, the blogger is not an SGA fan (gasp!) or I would have won, no contest!

  37. Oh my God, that painting is pure comedy gold. It made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes when I watched Harmony the first time, and it still makes me crack up every time I see it. Even just thinking about it while I was getting my hair done on Saturday made me giggle.

    I think it’s the look on Sheppard’s face. And his hands! Oh, God, the hands are hilarious. I don’t think that thing will ever stop being funny. Thank you so much for the pictures, and to Marty G (that big ham!) for writing it in the first place.

    With regard to food, a friend on LJ posted yesterday about Restaurant Week in Philadelphia, and which restaurant she would be visiting. I lost about a half hour drooling over all the menus on the website. Alas, Phoenix has no restaurant week. Is there anything like this in Vancouver? And if so, do you participate?

  38. Hmmmm, my hubby drives a flatbed truck … heavy haul for over-sized loads. Coincidence? I think not!

    Darling Patricia, as I understand it, “meh” was popularized by Lisa Simpson. If I were a true geek, I’d know the episode, but I don’t. Not an acronym or any type of shorthand as far as I can recall. Simply implies an enormously underwhelmed reaction, uttered with complete indifference. I could be very, very wrong. But I’m not.

  39. Oh! I forgot to ask something about the painting. Did Jodelle, David, and Joe pose for the portrait, or was it totally painted from the artist’s imagination?

  40. You know what would be a great name for a ship? “The Shawshank Redemption”. Doesn’t have to even be a spaceship. Think about it.

  41. So Weir (Torri) is going to be back some time during season 5? That is great news! I would have found it very strange to follow up on Weir’s storyline without Weir. A good two-parter in the middle of the season and a nice appearances for the 100th episode would be great. (Well 20 episodes would be even better, but somehow that seems doubtful :-p)

  42. Yasmin writes: “I was wondering, since you guys mentioned previously that the Weir story line would be visited in S5, would that be done sort of behind the scenes way?”

    Answer: No, we’ll revisit the story – onscreen – in season 5.


    riley Said:
    Interesting reactions to last Friday’s episode. Most went something like this: “I really expected to hate Harmony, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.” “Hey, it didn’t suck!”

    Yeah, I was wondering about that … why were people so sure they’d hate Harmony???

    Speaking for myself I find very often the addition of a precocious child somewhat nauseating, however in this instance both the writing and the actress were superb and so it worked. I think I must subscribe to the W.C Fields school of thought, didn’t he once say “Anyone who hates children and animals can’t be all bad”? LOL
    Question: Which of the dogs misses Fondy the most?

  43. Hey Joe, I’m trying to get started as a film/television writer and I’m in some dire need of advice. I’m 19 right now and I’m attending university full time, but I want to get some more experience in television writing, and hopefully even make some money on the side. What I’d like to know is if studios, specifically animation studios would hire someone like me, at this age, attending school, and with no experience to speak of. Do studios have any internships or part-time positions for writers?

    You’re probably swamped with so many other questions, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S Awesome work you guys did on Harmony, loved the painting at the end.

  44. wow!! Great painting it is huge. Being that I am a U.S.Civillian working in the Kingdom of Bahrain (middle east) I have yet to watch a S-4 episode Out here the Sat company shows s-2 s-3 and keeps repeating them.They also show SG-1 repeats. To view S-4 I would have to wait till it comes on DVD..Thats why I have not commented on any S-4 episodes. By the time I get to look at S-4 episodes and comment on them you guys will be on S-6…..I feel left out.

  45. Forgive me for the non-sequitur comment… but I was scrolling through your recent past and someone asked, “Have you seen UFO?” You gave an answer about literal UFOs. I’m not sure if the original question meant that, or if you were being facetious, but I thought the person might really have been referring to the Gerry Anderson show “UFO”, which only lasted one season. It was the first live action show by the folks who had made “Thunderbirds” and “Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons” and it was really good. The shows were well shot, the scripts were often thought provoking and tight, the acting was… ok, sometimes a bit of scenery got chewed, but except for a bit of now-dated (it was 1970!) spfx, the episodes have lasted. There’s some of silliness, most noticably all the women on the moonbase wearing purple wigs, but it also had some eerie forethought, like using gull-wing cars and SSTs (which, of course, later came.. and then went!).

    When UFO was cancelled Anderson went on to do “Space:1999”, which was far more campy… but that’s another disaster. Anyway, if you’ve never seen it, MooseBob says, “Check out ‘UFO’,” you’ll be surprised by how good it is.

    (I now return you to your usual fannish squealings, puppy howlings and food yumyums.)

  46. WOW you dont realize how big the painting is until you see mr G standing next to it, it IS huge!

  47. @Patricia Meh just means meh, that sound you make when things are OKish, not good though, just meh.

    Loved the episode – and the painting.

  48. Yo JM!
    A suggestion from fans

    For the the ending episode of the whole sga chapter you should maybe have Atlantis return home, back to earth…

    PS: Love the twist you guys put at the end of Harmony

  49. Thank you for the photos of that painting, Joe! I really do hope that Joe F signs off on whatever marketing you guys might decide to use that painting for, because I would buy a t-shirt of that in a heartbeat.

  50. Joe, I had to tell you how much I enjoyed Harmony! New episodes don’t air here until Monday night so I’m late weighing in. It was a nice treat to have one of those fun stand-alone episodes that make you laugh out loud. I was wondering who came up with the scene where Sheppard is talking into the radio pretending to be the Genii solider? I laughed so hard that my sides were stomach started to ache. Great little bit!

    Sabina 🙂

  51. Hello, Mr. Mallozzi:
    Congrats for BAMSR, a fabulous episode. The battle scene is, without a doubt, of the best things than has been see in CGI in a TV-series. Frankly impressive.
    Said this, a little complaint… I always have the impression that Carter was a transition character in Atlantis, and Weir would be missing in the fourth season and would return to Atlantis in the next season, like regular or recurrent. But now, since you have not contacted with the actress, seems that Weir is going to follow be missing for longtime, in No Man’s Land.
    I believe that you (TPTB, all of you) know that Weir is popular and also the actress is. Nevertheless, seems that you want to use she the less possible. In fact, even gives the impression that you are going to revisit Weir history-line without the actress Torri Higginson (hard to believe, but possible, of course). And, seeing what’s going on the present season, on where Carter speaks and behaves more like Weir than like Carter, I am beginning to think if the fact that all of you have send off Weir is due to a personal problems with the actress more that a problem with the character herself?
    Well, I know that this is a rhetorical question, since there’s no way that you could respond affirmatively openly. I only want to say that, from an outside like me, gives the impression that you have dismissed the actress for behind the scenes problems, IMO. Honestly, I hope that this one is not the case…
    Thanks for your time…

  52. Is Sheppards brother the guy that played Pacey’s brother in Dawsons Creek?

  53. Hi Joe I know you said recently that you began your career writing for animation, so I wonder if you could steer me in the right direction.

    The British Short Screenplay Competition has introduced a category for animation this year and I would like to have a go at writing an animation script.

    I made it through the first cut with the BSSC last year with a screen play, and would like to try something different this time.

    What are the main differences if any between writing for live action as opposed to writing for animation?

    Are there any books that would give me an insight into how animation scripts work?

    I have started to watch more animation even managed to catch Paddington Bear at 4am it was so funny he was going to the dentist.

    I plan to watch Anime for the first time ever to broaden my knowledge and if I can bring myself to do it I’ll watch Bambi, but it always makes me cry!


  54. Wow, that meal at Fuel sounded amazing. How much does a meal like that cost at such an establishment?

    Cudos on Harmony. Very great episode. I can’t believe that anyone would have expected an episode would be bad. There is no such thing as a bad episode of Atlantis.

  55. Thank you so much for posting pics of the painting!!
    It is the most awesome thing of the episode.
    When the episode ended I was laughing/crying because of it. I guess like most people I was not very enthusiastic about Harmony at the beginning, but Jodelle was so great! The episode turned out to be the funniest thing ever. You need to have her back in another episode. Please tell Martin Gero he is the best! Oh, and I too would like to know who is the painting artist?

  56. Ooo, that sounds like a good dinner.

    I’ve always been a fan of Vancouver, but reading about all these great places to eat there has now made me feel like I never visited the city at all – for I’ve missed all of these places!

  57. Hey Joe,
    Enjoyed Harmony very much. Could the “secret sacred ceremony” to determine the next queen have been a test to see which of the sisters had the strongest ATA gene??

  58. Demon Hunter Said:
    Is Sheppards brother the guy that played Pacey’s brother in Dawsons Creek?

    I’ve never seen Dawson’s Creek, but the guy playing Sheppard’s brother is Dylan Neal.

  59. Dear Joseph,

    your first answer to Farscapefan was perfectly clear and despite the fact that Claudia deserves to play a MAIN character, I think that neither SG1 nor SGA are the good place for it…BUT Stargate Universe should,why not!
    I understand that we will continue to see our beloved Vala as a member of the team if others direct to dvd films will be produced.

    Votre réponse était très claire à mon avis. On aurait pu imaginé un épisode centré sur Vala si SG1 ni dans SGA. Mais pourquoi pas dans la future série Stargate universe, je pense que Claudia a un tel talent qu’elle mériterait de tenir un rôle principal; je lui souhaite même de faire le saut au grand écran. Si d’autres fims-dvd sont faits, nous devrions revoir notre Vala bien-aimée (avec sans nul doute Ben Browder) comme membre de l’équipe.

  60. Harmony cracked me up. Kudos to everyone involved with the episode. Ah, the fickle affections of 13-year-old girls… Especially the almost-marriage proposal to Sheppard… I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you!

    I went poking through your video clip archive, too. Your puppies are just so darn cute, I want to cuddle them! Poor Maximus, being all harrassed by Lulu. Hopefully the chair cushion survived that incident? The two clips that are marked as being edited in Adobe Premiere don’t work, by the way. (The giant oak bug attack and Joe F. playing guitar, I think.) I’m really curious to see what the bug attack involved!


  61. Oh “drldeboer”, I gather from your post about the EXTRA! SGA segment that you have it recorded.
    Could you please post it on YouTube or Flickr or PhotoBucket or elsewhere so I can view it too?

    Or, Joe if you have it handy, could you put it here on your Blog?

    May I again ask you reveal (if allowable) the artist of the Harmony painting and what medium was used?

    Thanks and Happy Tuesday to all!

    Carol Z
    New Jersey, USA, Earth

  62. Loved Harmony…actually I don’t think there has been a Season 4 episode that I disliked. I am really looking forward to Outcast and learning more about Sheppard’s family & past.

    I shared Baron Destructo’s photo site with a friend and she finds it scarey that I know so much about the Executive Producer of a TV show. She found it exceptionally frightening that I knew the names of all your dogs and had a favorite (LuLu of course!). I don’t think that is scarey…do you?

    Tell LuLu hello for me.. 😉


  63. “Yasmin writes: “I was wondering, since you guys mentioned previously that the Weir story line would be visited in S5, would that be done sort of behind the scenes way?”

    Answer: No, we’ll revisit the story – onscreen – in season 5.”

    Thank you for taking the time to answer this question. I, too, am very glad to hear this and I, too, hope “revisiting the story” means we’ll be seeing Torri again in Season 5. I’m one of those folks who was really wishing it would be on a regular basis (lots of eps). And, considering there’s only a few episodes hashed out at this point, perhaps we WILL see Torri much more in Season 5 than we did in Season 4.

    A girl can hope, can’t she?

    SEW Crew Member

  64. I’ve asked this twice, so I hope that I don’t sound like a whiny girlfriend BUT…….
    Any chance of a angst-ridden scene between Shep and McKay in Season 5 similar to Jack and Daniel in “Need”?
    These two characters are awkward with others when it comes to dealing with emotions, but I think they’d be comfortable with each other……and Flanigan and Hewlett would knock it out of the ballpark for sure.

  65. I have a question that just popped into my head. Though you have adamently (sp?) said that you are not going to attend the Creation con in Vancouver, is there a chance that you will make an appearance at a picnic some of the fans are having outside the studio? The reason that I ask is because there is something that I would like to give to you if you would be kind enough to grace us with an appearance. Not saying anymore as I want to show my evil side!


  66. Hi Joe,

    I read one interesting review of Harmony where the reviewer noticed that this episode was basically a Star Wars homage, so to speak. I didn’t really catch that at first (I’m a “go-with-the-flow and don’t over analyze” kind of tv viewer) but after watching the episode again, it really IS a Star Wars homage! (Or The Hidden Forest, to take it back even further) —

    1. Heroes escort a princess on a dangerous journey.

    2. Feisty princess bickers with her escorts.

    3. Sheppard grabs the Genii communication device. I thought he would say, “We’re fine… we’re all fine here. How are you?” but that might’ve been a little TOO much of an homage!

    4. Our heroes stand in front of the princess to get their reward at the end.

    Was that what the writers (or just Martin Gero perhaps) had in mind, or was it one of those classic theme/leitmotif moments?

    Poor Rodney, doomed to always be the C3-PO of Atlantis…

  67. (oups, j’avais pas écrit mon commentaire dans la bonne journée. La fille elle a besoin d’un autre expresso je crois … lol)
    Prise 2
    Bonjour Joseph,

    «I followed it up with the decadently smooth foie gras torchon.»

    Heu, par chez nous le mot torchon est rarement employé pour un met, sinon pour dire que c’est pas très bon… Est-ce une expression réel du resto ou de toi ?

    Passes une très belle journée !

  68. Harmony was excellent. I really enjoyed it. What I want to know is who did that painting? It’s hilariously wonderful. Did the actors have to pose for it or did the artist use a picture reference or what?

  69. I never doubted for a moment that “Harmony” would be a great episode. Sticking McKay with a kid for an entire episode, even with Sheppard there to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble, is pure genius. The portrait was just the awesome icing on an already amazing cake.

    I don’t think it’s fair for fans to expect any of the films to be centred on any single character; I haven’t read any of the novels, but it’s my understanding that they work like that, each novel centred around one character, but including the whole team (generally.) I’m not holding my breath for a Daniel-centric movie, and he’s been a member of the team since before there was a team to be a member of, so why should there be a Vala-centric movie?

  70. Loved Harmony! McKay and Harmony were like peas in a pod. *snicker* at McKay’s promise not to interfere with her and John. I am absolutely hoping the picture ends up on McKays laptop as a Background pic so he can rub it in for weeks.

    I’ve been bad and am catching up on many days entries. *hangs head* I will do better.

    Caught the mention of Rodney and a bathtub. You tease! Now I’ve the image repeating in my head! For those who have seen A Dog’s Breakfast Movie the image is quite detailed. Just don’t forget to have a rubber duck in the scene.

    I don’t know why the previous comment triggered this thought, but when do we get to see Carson’s turtles? I could have sworn we were to see them S4.

  71. Bonjour Joe.

    1. Is it possible that in the season 5, we would see a new civilisation living under the ocean of a planet, with the magnificient and gigantic city? 2. this civilisation have more ship space and water?
    Other question: 3. Is it possible to see a race other one than human beings, a differently race, they never see befor, a race not humain but socialbe and advanced?

    Cordially Lantien

  72. Yeah! You posted pictures of the painting. It still makes me laugh when I look at it. I can’t believe how HUGE it is. You’ll definitely need a flatbed truck to haul it – not to mention a large tarp (tarpaulin) to protect it while moving.

    I think I just gained a few pounds reading about what you had for dinner last night. Yes, I’m totally jealous. It sure puts what I made for dinner last night to shame.

    Glad to hear that the ratings for “Harmony” went up.


  73. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to say that I love the way Carter is being depicted in Atlantis – she’s really come into her own and grown as a character and as a leader. I was just wondering if that was a conscious decision made by the writing staff or if it’s a naturally occuring progression?

    Either way, a huge thank you to the writers and to the lovely Amanda Tapping for her potrayal – it’s been so nice to see my favourite SG1 character transfer to Atlantis without losing any of what made her so fantastic. Regardless of whether or not there’s another movie or Sam comes back for Atlantis S5, I’m thankful we got at least one more year of Sam Carter out of this franchise!

  74. Joe,

    I was recently invited to tv/entertainment workshop at my school where things eventually got around to franchising. One of the guests mentioned Stargate. He said the third leg of the franchise will actually be Stargate Worlds, not another series. Is this the way you guys look at things as well, or do you view Universe as part three of the Stargate Franchise?

    Also, the panel seemed to agree that Atlantis had pretty much gathered it’s own fanbase, rather than keep a giant chunk of old SG-1 fans. Is that true? I would have thought that most SG-1 fans would stick with the franchise, but I guess I could be wrong.

    Lastly, and I’m sorry for asking so many questions, no one had any information on DVD sales. The question was about whether DVD sales got stronger or weaker the longer a franchise operates, and no one had any data to make a claim. So, are Atlantis’ DVD sales better than SG-1? Worse? More consistent, less?

    I found the whole day fascinating, and I appreciate what you all do so much more now. Thanks, and have a great season five.

  75. Salut Joseph =DDDD

    Sa va bien??? Moi oui =) super!

    Vous avez passer une bonne journée, on dirait, moi sa va, la routine =)

    Yéé!!! j’adore cette peinture lol, la premiére foix que je les vue j’ai été super étonné^^!
    Je suis contente que l’audience d’harmony” continue sur cette bonne lancée =).


    Quel métier réviez vous d’éxércer enfant?

    Voila =D Merci a demain. Gros Kisou, je vous adore ♥

  76. I’m glad for all the positive comments on Harmony. I find it a bit bewildering that people think they are going to hate an episode that they have not yet seen.

    How are the pooches doing? Are they missing Fondy? Are the pugs frightened of Lulu’s collar this time?

  77. You got me at the soup… That sounds totally YUMMY!!

    Another fun-filled blog entry, great food, great pics…

    When is the first day of production for season 5?? How many more epsiodes have been planed out besides the first 3?

  78. Yasmin writes: “I was wondering, since you guys mentioned previously that the Weir story line would be visited in S5, would that be done sort of behind the scenes way?”
    Answer: No, we’ll revisit the story – onscreen – in season 5.


    The picture’s a bit odd. I think maybe it wasn’t drawn proportionally correct? My sister draws better than that. She’s actually really good at drawing. Me, not so much. I can’t even draw a stick figure.

  79. astrumporta Said:
    I’m not sure where this came from (Sci Fi, based on the overlay), but there’s a long scene from Outcast up here. (Thanks to the sg1_spoilme list)

    Sheppard’s a rich kid! What?!? That’s weird. My dad works at houses like that and I’ve helped him with jobs and people with houses like that are definitely rich. (Landscaping business, not something I would suggest to anyone, except maybe my worst enemy)

  80. Hi Jo’ !

    Nice painting ! Did the Wraith have a important place in 5th season ?

    Thank you !

  81. I was reading the BBC on Firefox yesterday and they were talking about QTrax.

    Curious I went to have a look. Apparently this is a legal music download site.

    Dunno how long they’re gonna be on the internet (are they really, really, legal?)- but at least it’s far better than intentionally downloading songs illegally.

    Download qtrax 0.02. Once it’s up and running immediately download Songbird 0.04 as the first version doesn’t work.

  82. Asking on behalf of someone else, apologies if this has already been asked:

    The paintings of Rodney in The Game (especially that big one of ‘saint’ Rodney) – are they by the same artist or by different artists? Also, did any of the artists for The Game do the painting in Harmony?

    My friend is also wondering where The Game photos are living – and I’m wondering if one/more of them could be released as postcard/poster (whatever) – I suspect David might not be too worried about that, unlike Joe F for the Harmony painting might be…with good reason!

    Leesa Perrie

    PS Thanks for the close ups of the Harmony painting – Rambo Rodney just gets funnier and funnier the more I look at him!!

  83. My friend is also wondering where The Game photos are living

    Um, I meant paintings not photos!!

    Leesa Perrie – banging her head on her desk!

  84. Back from the con in London (which was FANTASTIC!!!) and managed to see Harmony tonight!!!

    OH Sweet Stargates!!! It was BRILLIANT!! I laughed and laughed at the painting! Who came up with that!? Who painted it?!

    I loved Harmony. It was great to see an episode where McKay and Sheppard more or less on their own, trying each others patience and such. The girl who played Harmony was so sweet and such a great little actress!!

    Once again, the series just gets better and better and it already started on a high!
    Still Doppelganger and Tabula Rasa for my favorites, lets see how long they are!

    Just brilliant.
    Fraggle D

  85. Question: In Harmony, did McKay trip and accidentaly cover Harmony when he fell or did he purposefully shield her? Just wondering as I’ve read two different interpretations now and it makes the picture even funnier if he really just tripped.

  86. I’m a bit of a slow reader here, but can I comment on the White Plague book? BOTM for December I think!

    The Madman was being led across Ireland by Herity because the powers that be (Kevin O’Donnell) knew that he was responsible for killing the Madman’s family and as a form of punishment and stir up the Madman he was sent to investigate if it really was O’Neill – plus you have to be a madman to know a madman. Hence that’s why Kevin O’Donnell poisoned him towards the end because he saw him as being partly responsible. Even though Kevin O’Donnell was probably involved in a lot of the atrocities he had to blame someone else.

    There was a lot of tangents spun off in this book. I thought a twist was going to be that Herity was Kate’s father – she always thought her father was dead. He would have probably known about her and her name. Plus they both talked about faeries. I wanted him to hear that Kevin O’Donnell was going to have his daughter and for him to go protect her, stand up to him and rid Ireland of this second plague.

    I also find it quite funny that Frank Herbert brushed over the cure of the plague in one sentence. Her blood was spread across the world. That’s it. World saved. Nothing about a panic from the American’s to secure the “cargo” nor a world war breaking out. Also O’Neill becoming an urban myth in Ireland was bizarre and people leaving milk out for him – eeeek, I hope it was poisoned!

    The text was so darn small! This time I’ve gone for a lot lighter book – already three chapters through after a day – I am Legend.

  87. Hey Joe

    Add another to the plesantly surprised column for Harmony. I really enjoyed it, but I’m glad that it wasn’t a typical episode.

    I keep hearing that Amanda Tapping isn’t in all the episodes because she onyl signed on for 14(?) episodes during the year. My question, why only 14? Was it Amanda’s choice, or yours, or were there clashes in scheduling?

  88. I second the request for snow! *grins*

    Thanks for showing us the painting. Even after being alerted about its reveal by reading the comments on your blog (not complaining – I should have waited until after watching the episode), I still laughed right out loud. Well done.

    In having such a young guest lead, did you have to curtail filming days or anything like that to comply with child labor laws?


  89. To Ant:

    That’s an interesting idea about why O’Donnell poisoned Herity. I didn’t understand that part at all, but your take on that sorta makes sense… Thanks.


  90. Hi Joe. Mind if I have a quick chat with Annie? Sorry.

    Annie from Fremantle. If you do consider a pug, one of my clients takes in pugs from people who cannot look after their special needs anymore.

    I know everyone loves getting a dog from a puppy, but if you are up for adopting then let me know and you might want to speak to this gentleman. He is based in Melbourne but I’m sure he’d be more than willing to help you in WA (or even put you onto someone locally that performs the same service as him).

    Back to you Joe. (slinks back into the black)

  91. While watching Harmony, I said to my husband, “I feel like I’m watching a ‘Road’ picture!” and he said, “Pretty obvious which one’s Bing and which one is Bob Hope!” I think Dorothy Lamour needs a few more years on her before buying that sarong, though.

  92. Thanks to Martin Gero and Will Waring and all the actors including Jodelle Ferland and everyone else on set and off for Harmony! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while watching an SGA episode. It’s so great to see the lighter side of life in the Pegasus galaxy every once in a while!

    Please say Will Waring directs a whole bunch more episodes this year!

  93. Hi! Thank you for the pictures of the painting, I love it! I also liked all the pictures of David Hewlett/Rodney in S3’s episode, The Game. And I’ve been wondering, do the actors pose for these pictures? Or do the artist draw them from looking at the actors’ pictures/videos?

  94. marielabbott said: I sent a small package to Bridge for you; it should arrive this week if the U.S. postal service lives up to its reputation.

    I hope it’s better than Australia Post. My brother sent me a video card for my computer last Thursday by Express Post (overnight delivery). They finally tracked it down yesterday (Tuesday) – the people at the Post Office he’d sent it from had forgotten to add it to the collection of packages to be sent. It was still sitting there, two states away from me. Champion!

    Also, may I say how glad I am that we have Tim here to ask the “real” questions for us. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

    And where’s Anne Teldy??? Hope you’re okay, Anne.

  95. The humour is definitely a large part of what hooked me into the programme and Harmony was a great example of this. There were some brilliant lines but the painting was the icing on the very funny cake.

    Who ever came up with that deserves a pat on the head and a cookie.

  96. Namiko said

    Poor Rodney, doomed to always be the C3-PO of Atlantis…

    Yeah, but he’s Luke too, especially in this ep! In fact, I would say Radek is an amalgam of Threepio and Artoo. Or maybe he’s just Threepio and Ford is Artoo. Of course Sheppard is Han, Ronon is Chewie, and Teyla is Leia … Maybe Sora is Darth Vader, manipulated by Kolya-Palpatine? Elizabeth is Mon Mothma. Larrin is Lando Calrissian. Lucian is Jabba (as in everyone fawns over him). And the Wraith Drones are Stormtrooopers.

    Leila said

    Caught the mention of Rodney and a bathtub. You tease! Now I’ve the image repeating in my head! For those who have seen A Dog’s Breakfast Movie the image is quite detailed. Just don’t forget to have a rubber duck in the scene.

    Oooooh, yes. Gotta love that scene. But why would you want the rubber ducky this time?? *Evil grin*

  97. I third the motion for a snow episode!!! Think of the possibilities…Rodney could complain…Ronon could become annoyed with him…Rodney would complain some more…Ronon would trip him into a big snow bank…and on and on…
    Any chance of a snow episode?!?! =]

  98. Hi Joe

    I heard that members of several departments who work on shows affected by the writers strike, such as BSG, have joined the Stargate team for the time being. Is this true?

  99. Carol asked Oh “drldeboer”, I gather from your post about the EXTRA! SGA segment that you have it recorded.
    Could you please post it on YouTube or Flickr or PhotoBucket or elsewhere so I can view it too?

    Hope my hard coding works. Not sure about WordPress. Anyway, I’ve got a copy of it up on my LJ here, along with several screencaps, and yup, Joe M is standing behind Joe F in one shot. I loved the EXTRA segment; I hope they do another one for season five!

  100. You may already have seen this/been directed to it, but: US researchers are developing Replicators! 😀


    Also, very much looking forward to the next SGA episode! I have been avoiding spoilers for the most part, but the previews and the bits of spoileryness I’ve not managed to avoid make it sound really fantastic!

  101. Hi Joe!

    1. Do you think has WGA strike any effect on well-known or popular actors to get a guest role in the season 5 of Atlantis?

    2. How many Atlantis-SG-1 cross-over episode do you plan in season 5? Have you ever thought or planned an other series-Stargate cross-over? Which series can work as a part of the SG universe?

    3. Are you surprised by the good rating results? Did you expect better or worse for the second half?

  102. Patricia wrote:

    Dear Anne Teldy,

    Please post instructions on how you get those “bolds” “italics” and “indents” to work so well. Being blogger challenged, as I am, I can’t seem to figure that out either! Ahem! I hate to ask and show my ignorance, but I gotta learn some how! Yes?

    Thanks so much *bows in a low curtsey to the goddess of the blog post*

    At the request of my adoring worshiper Patricia 😀 , I am again including instructions for HTML coding:

    1. Remember to change square brackets [] to angle brackets >< when using these tags.

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    The tags may be used in combination. Here is how I coded your comment at the top of this message:

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    [blockquote][em]Dear Anne Teldy,

    Please post instructions on how you get those “bolds” “italics” and “indents” to work so well. Being blogger challenged, as I am, I can’t seem to figure that out either! Ahem! I hate to ask and show my ignorance, but I gotta learn some how! Yes?

    Thanks so much *bows in a low curtsey to the goddess of the blog post*[/em][/blockquote]

    At this time, I don’t think we are able to put images in our comments.

    Anne Teldy

  103. I know everyone loves getting a dog from a puppy, but if you are up for adopting then let me know and you might want to speak to this gentleman. He is based in Melbourne but I’m sure he’d be more than willing to help you in WA (or even put you onto someone locally that performs the same service as him).

    I don’t mind if the pug’s a pup or adult Narelle! I was going to go to our pound here to look for an adult dog but they don’t offer much suitable (unless you like dangerous dogs) One of a few of my webmail addies is this – anniedre@gmail.com so please email some details. Thankyou!
    Oh yeah and when I do bold or italic, I use b for bold and i for italics in those brackets. Works both ways.

    Wonders what Joe had for dinner tonight… One of PG15’s ‘homemade’ MacDonald’s burgers?? O_o

  104. Not to turn this into a chat room 😉 but you can link to an image, but not insert one (that could get messy due to size restrictions).

  105. Mr. M,

    Which is proper: Lantean or Lantian? I’ve seen both in “official” things.

    riley wrote:

    And where’s Anne Teldy??? Hope you’re okay, Anne.

    Here I am! I’ve been feeling a bit rundown lately and haven’t spent much time online. I have, of course, kept up with this blog and I always read every comment. I just haven’t really had anything much to add.

    Anne Teldy

  106. Uh, the photo of Marty grinnning by the masterpiece, I see a sign around the corner on a small fridge that says “the original fridge.” What’s that about?

  107. Annie from Fremantle AKA Kylie wrote:

    Oh yeah and when I do bold or italic, I use b for bold and i for italics in those brackets. Works both ways

    The HTML ‘b’ and ‘i’ tags are deprecated and, in the next update or two of browsers, soon won’t work any more. Since she didn’t know any tags at all, I thought it prudent to start her with the tags that will be around for a while.

    HTML Goodies explains:

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    Obsolete tags have been removed from the HTML specification. While browsers may still support obsolete tags, there is no guarantee that this support will continue.

    Anne Teldy

  108. So Torri claims she hasn’t been approached as yet for season 5. Let me ask you this… Was she already contracted to do a certain number of episodes for that season? Saying she hasn’t been contacted, yet, could simply mean she doesn’t know when her episodes shoot. Sounds like a way for the actress to be both honest and cleverly sneaky about her potential role in season 5.

    Of course, I’m just wildly speculating for the hell of it…

  109. Thanks for answering my question!

    I also just wanted to say I do like the layout you settled on for your blog. Though I do admit to getting a small thrill at seeing that your blog was *snowing* earlier in January.

  110. Like everyone else, I thought the painting at the end of ‘Harmony” was hilarious. But I’m rather surprised to see not one comment about my favorite part …

    When Rodney is recounting all of Harmony’s numerous faults to John, and mid-sentence realizes that everything he is saying is applicable to HIM!

    The expression on David’s face … Priceless!!

  111. Joe – hope you don’t mind a personal note to Annie …

    Annie from Freemantle said: I don’t mind if the pug’s a pup or adult …

    Annie – After agonizing over the pros and cons of puppy vs. adult, I ended up adopting a young adult dog(1 1/2 yrs old). After 10 years, I can say this is the best decision I ever made. He was already housebroken, past the teething and tearing-everything-up puppy stage, but still young enough that I had 8 wonderful years competing with him.

    The U.S. has many breed specific rescue groups that do wonderfull work re-homing dogs – I’m sure that Australia does too.

    (and I’m trying Anne Teldy’s instructions for italic – hope it works!)

  112. Anne Teldy – Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. It’s good to see you posting.

    Thanks for the updates on tech stuff related to posting comments. I wouldn’t have known a thing about deprecated tags, and of course am severely put out about how at some point I’ll have to go to infintely more trouble in using “strong” instead of “b” (and “em” instead of “i” is a real corker. “Blockquote” isn’t even in it.) But, forewarned is forearmed. The caps lock is always just one touch away. 😀 – Take care.

    anon, good nurse

  113. I’ve emailed you Annie. Thanks Joe for being a conduit for dogs being adopted 🙂

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