6 thoughts on “January 27, 2008: Sheppard lays down cover fire.

  1. Cool Video Joe, Thanks so much! Not only are you a great writer and Producer, you’re great at filming these little snipets!!!


    Thanks Again.

  2. Wow they would be loud. Note at 19 seconds, Joe grazes the ‘boulder’ with his left elbow, moving it a bit.


  3. Any chance of seeing Ladon Radim next season? He’s kind of just….dropped off the radar.

  4. Hey Joe.
    Has it been thought of to bring the whole replicator collective back??

    Because unlike most alien races in SG-1 where it took about 2-3-4-5 season to finally destroy them you have killed them in less than two.

    I mean the replicators were only finally destroyed in season 8.

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