Hey! Look at what arrived in the mail today! A top-of-the-line hyperspace-ready SciFi scooter with laser capabilities and shield generator in official network colors. Unfortunately, the wormhole-drive was a factory add-on not included in this model. Nevertheless, Marty G. took it out for a preliminary spin, putting it through its paces, accidentally incinerating Stage 1, part of Post, and an unlucky teamster along the way. Not exactly the smoothest of launches but, all in all, not bad for a maiden voyage. Brad and Robert were the lucky recipients of a matching pair (There is no cuter sight than seeing those two roll off the lot together). Paul and I, meanwhile, received equally awesome SciFi multimedia players that are not only portable and iPod friendly, but actually allow one to view the future. I watched next week’s episode of Lost tonight. This thing is amazing!

Yesterday’s entry broke my traffic record here at wordpress, besting the previous high of 7 710 views with an impressive 10 928, and landing it in the WordPress Top Ten (at the #8 spot). I can only assume many of you were so shocked by my account of last night’s dinner that you sent friends and co-workers over to read it for themselves. Well, I’m happy to report that tonight’s meal was somewhat better: roast chicken, broccoli, and a side salad of English cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes. And, yes, I did eat at home.

By the way, Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster are presently screening the Oscar contenders in preparation for their post-Awards predictions spectacular. Boy, if you thought these two didn’t know a thing about football, just you wait until Oscar night! Cookie Monster is renting a tux for the occasion.

Today’s pics: Scooter, player, Lawren back in the office and ready for business.

A quick mailbag –

AMZ writes: “I don’t if this has been asked/answered before (shame on me), but how did you and Paul become writing partners?”

Answer: We met in a creative writing class in college, co-wrote a feature together, then partnered up to work on a teen sitcom called Student Bodies.

Wheresmyfroggy writes: “Also, why didn’t you get them micro-chipped rather than tattooed?”

Answer: I did both.

PG15 writes: “Also, has the title been changed to Search and Destroy now?”

Answer: Woops. I meant Search and Rescue. Although I suppose Search and Destroy is also applicable. It’s just not the title.

Jon K. writes: “I was wondering, if you had a chance to write an episode for any tv show throughout all time what show would you write the episode for?”

Answer: No contest. The Flintstones.

Shipperahoy writes: “I was just wondering if it was your idea to include the 42 reference in Quarantine.”

Answer: Nope. That was pure Carl Binder.

128 thoughts on “January 25, 2008: A Space Scooter, a Prophetic Player, and an Avid Assistant.

  1. Just out of curiosity, does Search and Rescue have anything to do with Weir? (She seems like the most likely one that needs searching and rescuing at the moment…provided they change their minds on believing she’s dead.)

  2. heirloom tomatoes

    Are they 100 yr old tomatoes your great grandmother left you in her will??

    I notice there’s wording on the box actual and dim. I’d send the company a strictly worded letter informing them that you don’t like to have your intelligence insulted!

    Good to hear you ate well. I was wondering if you’d resorted to standing outside Bridge studios with a sign saying Will blog for food. Glad you didn’t have to resort to that 😉

  3. PS Glad I got to comment and didn’t have to go through a whole bunch of prior comments about tonight’s show (haven’t seen it yet!! )It’s Harmony tonight (for me today) isn’t it? Ok ok so I don’t pay too much attention to show previews.

  4. I was looking on the BC Film Commission website and noticed two new names under the SGA S5 casting. Are Stuart and Sean still around?

    Has the writers strike increased the chances of a network picking up Stargate: Universe? I am assuming it would be a Canadian production similar to SGA with Canadian writers/producers for the most part.

    What motivates you to workout every day?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Harmony was pure fun – enjoyed it! I’m still smiling about the painting at the end.

  6. OMG, I was totally cracking up after seeing the “great painting” that Harmony presented during her coronation at the end. Pure gold. Were you writers making fun of all the fans that say Sheppard is always too much the hero adored by countless women? 🙂

  7. Hay Joe….
    Whose idea was it for the painting at the end of Harmony? That has got to rate up there as one of the funniest things you all have done thus far in the stargate universe!

  8. Oh my goodness, I really liked Harmony


    Excellent interactions… loved both of the boys’ reactions to the girl and that painting… I was howling with laughtfer and that’s says a lot coming from me as I rarely laugh out loud.

    I would cut out my foot for that painting. And if I don’t get it, JoeF should hang it in his room!

    Absolutely hilarious!

    Really looking forward to Outcast though. Any possibilities for some Shep whump?

  9. Hi, Joe.

    Love the scooter. I need to get me one of those. I could hook my portal oxygen carrier on the handlebars, and whee!, I’m off!

    Thank you for the video clip from Harmony yesterday! That was very enjoyable.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  10. Ok – so who has the Harmony, McKay & Sheppard painting above their bed now? LOL

    That was sooo funny.

  11. ‘Harmony’ is officially one of my favorite episodes of the season! Who did the portrait for the ending? Prints should totally be sold as official merchandise. I’m glad I remembered to set up the DVR so I can watch it again tomorrow!

  12. Good to finally see Harmony – nice episode. I would recommend to the team that Sam and Teyla conduct any future business with The Royal Pain. They’ll be less apt to put up with her crap!

  13. I’ve seen Student Bodies! On YTV, right? Now I can say I’ve been a fan of yours for years and years!

  14. Harmony was amazing, in my opinion. The end scene was priceless. My roommate actually thought I was going to die laughing.

    It sucks that Marty G. incinerated a teamster. He might not be around to write for season five. They’re quite a nasty bunch.

    Was the episode of Lost any good?

  15. Hey Joe!

    Just wanted to drop by and say I loved Harmony. It had my mom and I smiling the entire time. Who’s idea was it for the painting at the end? (I didn’t catch who wrote the episode.) Thanks for another great episode!

  16. Hey! I enjoyed Harmony tonight. I have one question though. How could the testing center for the Ancient drones be in the Pegasus Galaxy, when they were present in the Milky Way as well? Is this a hint that the Milky Way and Pegasus eras of Ancient history overlapped a little bit, or was it just a continuity flub (they happen, so I’m not criticizing)?

  17. Wahoo Joe,
    [Cookie Monster is renting a tux for the occasion.]

    Wonderful, what color? Will it be double breasted? Will it have little cookie shaped buttons? Will he have tails and top hat??? Cookie Monster fans want to know… please send pictures!!!


  18. “Harmony” was fun and very cute! 😀

    I do lament the lack of any covo between John & Rodney about the whole Katie Brown debacle, but I assume this was a “can go annywhere in the season” sort of ep, so it’s understandable. Maybe later in the season?

    I did really like the “I don’t not like you” moment betweem Rodney and Her Royal Bratiness. And Shep and McKay’s convo as they looked for her.

    Did the last scene, with the boys standing before the Queen on her dais, remind anyone of Luke and Han waiting for their reward from Leia in “A New Hope”?

  19. Hi Joe!!!

    Excellent episode!!! I think this is the best season yet of Atlantis! Who did the painting of Harmony, McKay, and Sheppard?? Can we get a copy??? Enjoy your weekend!!!

    Jen 🙂

  20. Joe Spirals Into Insanity: Day 2

    I can explain why your blog traffic went up last night, Joe. I personally emailed all the Psychiatrists I know (about a dozen; I had…problems, when I was younger), and told them to email all of their cohorts, and to tell them that I have for them an excellent example of a man slowly going insane. Well, suffice it to say, those Psychiatrists are a tightly-knit (and fast-emailing) group. From the messages I got, it seems they will be watching this blog for quite some time to come.

    Who knows, Joe; you’re condition may prove to be the focus of quite a few Psychiatry papers.

    Also, eating alone? Again? You’re becoming an Isolationist.

    Welcome to the club! Yep, being an Isolationist is fun, and lonely, which is fun. Club meetings (of this chapter) take place on a deserted island about 12 kilometers offshore from Port Hardy, and, well, we don’t actually *meet*. What we do is, we will stand on a specific spot, say what has happened to us, then leave. Our hopes are that the local wildlife will tell the other members what the previous member said.

    We haven’t quite worked out the bugs yet. Get it? Hahaha. Because people bug us. Yes.

    Anyway, those gifts look great! Still…do you not see a slight…imbalance between a scooter (a purple one, but a scooter nonetheless) vs. a multimedia player? Seems kind of…well, strange. It’s like your sister getting a multimedia player, and you getting a scooter. It’s kind of not fair, you know?

    Oh well, as long as you guys enjoy ’em, it’s all good.

    Thanks for answering my question! Here’s another:

    A few months ago, you told us that Paul Mullie (I think) came up with a notion that could serve as a season-long arc for Season 5. Has that notion been developed? If I’m completely off base here and none of that has actually happened in reality, then do you guys have an arc for Season 5? If so, any hints? Is it an expansion of one of the arcs of Season 4?

    Thanks in advance!

  21. Thank you for the access to Baron Destructo videos. Watched all of them. It was nice. Hope to see some more new one soon,

  22. “Harmony” was a blast! And the painting…who’s office is that hanging in???? Great fun and it looked like all those involved enjoyed themselves in the process. Looking forward to next weeks “Outcast!”

  23. I just finished watching “Harmony” and was very entertained. The banter between Harmony, John and Rodney was priceless. By the way, who painted the memorable painting showing Rodney at his bravest and John cringing in the background? It made me laugh out loud!

  24. Oh my god. Harmony was great on its own, but the portrait had me almost peeing in my pants with laughter.

    I’m not kidding. Just had a baby, remember? 🙂

    Speaking of which, thank you so much for the blog dedication last week! And as to your speculation, “Joseph” is actually a family name (father-in-law and brother-in-law are Joe and Joey, respectively) so my husband said “No way” when I suggested continuing the name with our son. Sorry!

  25. Harmony was just what I needed … funny! Thanks and thanks to all involved. Tons o’ fun. The painting was a riot!

    Ah, food. I get to eat again, and I don’t have to undergo that particularly embarrassing procedure I went through this morning again for two years … four years cancer free, I’m a happy camper. Woohoo! These pipes are CLEAN! Sorry, TMI, but obliviously I’m excited.

  26. Since Sheppard and crew crashed that hive ship into the Wraith facility in Spoils of War, does that mean we will never see grandma-hair Wraith again?

  27. Hi Joe,

    You mentioned that both you and Fondy have seen every episode of Farscape. What is your favorite episode and character?

  28. I think you should still write an episode of the Flintstones. I think everybody here would love to read it. And Cookie Monster looks quite nice in a tux, though not as distinguished as his Alistair Cookie look.

  29. Okay, I won’t feel guilty about sending such piddly gifts as TimTams since you’re receiving such largesse from other quarters! 🙂

  30. I know that the only American writer you have is Carl Binder, and because of the WGA strike he hasn’t been involved in Season 5. Are you planning on keeping some episode slots open for him in the back half or have you hired a new writer to replace him?

  31. After the relatively bad week I have had, I just need to thank you (and everyone else at the studio) for tonight’s episode (Harmony). I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and really needed this.

    BTW, what does a fan have to do to get that lovely (*refuses to name item until all time zones have seen the episode*) thing unveiled at the end of the episode?

  32. harmony was lots of fun!

    what is the lake that was about 45 minutes in? it is very pretty.

  33. WolfenM – I, too, was waiting for Chewie to roar at the end! I thought she’d give them medals at the least. Very reminiscent of Star Wars!

    What a great episode. I really loved it – her survival skills, her tiny penknife…

    But I don’t “get” why the Genii would be interested in ousting Harmony – what was the sister promising them in return – just money? Were they real Genii? Are these questions that you can’t answer?

    Saying it again – I really enjoyed this episode! Didn’t even miss the other characters (incidentally, do the “regulars” get paid even if they aren’t in the episode? morbid curiousity).

    Happy weekend to you all. wams352

  34. Ok, finished Harmony. This is not one of the strongest episodes of the season, in my not humble but doesnt matter opinion. I really missed not having even a glimpse of other characters. Can’t complain too much though; I’ve approved of other episodes that were heavily focussed on few characters (Missing, for ex.). And the whole thing felt just a bit contrived.Harmony is sent off with an escort who weren’t given sufficient information? Only a minor complaint though.
    BUT. We had some banter, McKay uncomfortable with a child, Sheppard’s Kirk gene as operational as his ATA gene, and Sheppard giving us another glimpse on his darker, natural killer side. And the punchline portrait caught me off guard. I burst out laughing, and couldnt stop for at least 5 minutes. Just thinking on it brings on a chuckle even now. PLEASE tell us that someone will produce that portrait in a print form that fans can buy. I can only imagine what would happen if McKay managed to get a copy(or the original) back to Atlantis and put it up in his room or lab. Mysterious fires and explosions no doubt.
    Looking forward to The Baron’s and Cookie Monster’s predictions. Only question of the day. Will we see Apollo and/or Daedalus any more this season? If so, will we see their commanding officers?

  35. “Harmony” was so much fun, loved every minute. Part medieval-type fantasy (great costuming!), part spoof (Shep and McKay had a bunch of funny, funny lines, but the Princess was a real scene-stealer), and still enough sci to be sci-fi. (Mini-drones – nifty! And the pendant-console connection was a classic touch; I enjoyed that.) The wicked sister, nice updated character; and now I’m wondering just what happened between the Genii and Harmony’s people during her mother’s reign. – Thanks to everyone involved for another exceptionally entertaining episode.

    Like wolfenm, I thought I saw a couple of touches of homage to Star Wars, and enjoyed that thoroughly whether or not it was intended as such. “Painting of Shep cowering behind Rodney and the future Queen: priceless.”

    Your blog entry is a major bonus, and of course would totally score as a stand-alone if it weren’t SGA night. It’s such a relief to know that you were able to eat well at home. (Roast chicken and broccoli, yummm, and the cucumber/tomato salad sounds quite good.) I’ll notify the Foodie Bureau of Investigation troops that they can stand down…for now. – Some appealing swag, there. I’m picturing the awesomely cute twosome of Robert Cooper and Brad Wright propelling themselves into the sunset, with completely synchronized movements. *grabs hankie*

    Can’t wait to see Cookie in a tux again. What will the Baron be wearin’? (If only the title were “barong,” and we could hope for a sarong….)

  36. Just gotta say that I used to love Student Bodies, I miss the days when YTV was good…

  37. I second the question by SqueakieP about that painting. Who got it? Who’s got it hanging in their home or office right now? lol! 🙂

    Great writing and acting, by the way. It’s great seeing even more nuances to their characters.

    Eric F.

  38. If you don’t like it… don’t read it and please do us all a favor and don’t bother posting…

    I love your blog and I am thankful for the tidbits we get in the videos and behind the scene hits. Thanks for taking the time. And with over 10K hits in one night I think Jenny is not only in the minority, but the only one to post such a comment in a long, long time!

    Don’t listen to her Joe!

    Question: Please let us know if that painting will become a poster! Tell the powers that be, that the fans want it.

  39. {9:12 pm Jenny Robin Said: I just wanted you to know that I don’t not like your blog}

    If you don’t like it… don’t read it and please do us all a favor and don’t bother posting…

    I love your blog and I am thankful for the tidbits we get in the videos and behind the scene hits. Thanks for taking the time. And with over 10K hits in one night I think Jenny is not only in the minority, but the only one to post such a comment in a long, long time!

    Don’t listen to her Joe!

    Question: Please let us know if that painting will become a poster! Tell the powers that be, that the fans want it.

  40. Watched “Harmony” , I’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations for this eppy, call it my quirk about kids in shows, but I really enjoyed this. It was really fun, I adored a more focused plot on John and Rodney, allowing them to shine. Great banter and although the plot was pretty predictable, it was still very entertaining.

    I hope that –however thats the last we of red carpets and medieval cheesy sets, they really are getting a little old.

    I liked Harmony, she was a grown up-smart ass. She was arrogant and obnoxious but I liked it. I thought it was cute how she crushed on Sheppard and then ultimate fell for Rodney. Those two really had a lot in common. I always love to see Sheppard play solider, him shooting all three Genii with a single shot was awesome.

    This was a nice pick-me-up after a pretty depressing week. I like the ‘funny’ episodes as long as we only get one or two a season so this was perfect. I thought the painting was funny, but felt bad for Sheppard, he’s always over looked. By the way shouldn’t he and Rodney be legends among the Genii? I would think they’d run as soon as they heard they were dealing with the colonel.

    Really look forward to “Outcast” next week and some deeper insight into Sheppard. I like it when Joe Flanigan really get some meaty scenes for him to sink his teeth into.

  41. You’re joking about the Lost episode right?

    If you aren’t mind sharing some tidbits with us 😉

  42. I thought Amanda Tapping was joining this show? She doesn’t look to be in next week’s either. What gives?

  43. LOL okay, along with everybody else I have to say the painting is hilarious. I can just imagine McKay givin’ Sheppard grief over that for *weeks*. LOL

    I’m watching the late showing and must say that the episode is growing on me with a second viewing.

    Hmm…also makes me wonder if this is going to complicate things with the Genii again…

  44. “Harmony” was great. Loved Jodelle Ferland. REALLY LOVED the painting at the end. I bet David has a copy of that. Great ending of the ep.

  45. Psst, Patricia ~ did you misread Jenny’s post, or were you joking? (Jenny was quoting the show and using a double-negative, which means she *does* like the blog. But maybe you knew that, and if you did, and were just being sarcastic, never mind! LOL Sometimes “kidding” is hard to read in just text …)

  46. Harmony,was a good show. It was very funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. The painting made me cry, the look on Joe’s face was great. Where is the painting. It even made my 3 year daughter laugh. Thanks

  47. I loved “Harmony” so much that it would be impossible for me to detail the reasons why. So I won’t try.

    Suffice it to say, the episode was awesome and lovely and everything that is right with the world.

    Great work, guys!

  48. Ooooh neat gagets! All the writers can glide around the sets once production starts XD
    I also recieved a new gaget today, though not as glamorous, I bought a ice blue nintendo ds, tis pwetty ^^
    LOVED Harmony!! And the painting, one of my top favourite moments of all time.

  49. Patricia, I believe Jenny was quoting McKay and Harmony from “Harmony”, as in “I don’t not like you”, and her comment was “I don’t not like your blog”. I beleive it was a play on words from the show, not a disparaging comment.

  50. Harmony is Brilliant..beginning to end. Yes, if one analyzes one can find things to relate to – Star Wars, Klingon sisters in Star Trek, etc.
    BUT – who cares?
    I loved it and yes, bring on more!
    And, enquiring minds will want to know about the portrait. Another priceless aspect of the Brilliant episode. Did I mention Brilliant?
    Many thanks for all that you do for us.

  51. Just a guess, but either that post by Jenny Robin wasn’t really by her or else she’s channeling Harmony. 😉 I’m going with the latter.

  52. It seems it’s all been said, so I will just add – ROFLMAO! I was laughing so hard, I think my neighbors are ready to have me committed. Harmony really worked. Many thanks.

  53. Thanks for answering my question about you and Paul.

    What became of the feature you two wrote? I couldn’t find anything about it…

    Hey, congratulations on the increase in traffic here. I had to read that twice, the first time I only saw “928” and thought “is he being sarcastic?”. Guess not.


  54. Joe-

    Greetings from the Middle East! Can’t help but feel sorry for your lack of good quality food now that Fondy is gone for the month. Do you like Indian food? Last night, I made a really good Butter Chicken that only took like 20 minutes to make and it tasted REALLY good. I could send along a recipe…..

    Do you try to eat healthy? Or are you like me and enjoy food for its flavors, no matter how many carbs (etc.) it has in it?

    Its really hard to find good quality vegetables here because the sewage system isn’t developed and so vegetables/fruits here grow in sewage-laced dirt. If ever you felt the good nature to send me some fresh grown BC veggies, I wouldn’t refuse them 🙂 But it also makes me come up with recipes, healthy and non-healthy, that don’t rely too heavily on special vegetables or fruits.

    BTW, I haven’t started watching SGA, because we just discoverd SG1 and we are watching them in order, and are only on season 5…….but the friends that are lending us the DVDs are big fans and say that this season of SGA is the best. So keep up the good work! This show is the only thing that is keeping us sane out here in the Middle East!


  55. Thoughts on Harmony, yeah I liked it, I found it a funny episode. At the begining I was not sure what type of episode it was, but when the banter started I found it really funny and was hoping it would continue on. But I enjoyed seeing the banter, and that held up through the episode quite well therefore I enjoyed seeing the episode.

    The drones being invented in Pegasus though, ooh…. I think the ball was dropped there… I suppose it’s theoretically possible that they were developed in Pegasus and then data was sent back to the Milkyway so tech could be developed at both. But still given we don’t know if any Ancients were still in the MW then it was a bit of a questionable plot point to throw in. Especially since the episode could have gotten away with the fact dropped and not suffered at all. We would have just seen ‘smaller drones’.

    Harmony was well acted though, just as she was with Adria 😀 But she’s a very talented actress so I won’t complain too much at the re-use, but it’s something I’m generally against…

    Quite a good episode though, 7-8/10.

  56. Hey Joe,
    Based on the previous comments, it appears the painting was the hit of the episode. Personally, I cracked up and laughed out loud when I saw it, it was so unexpected, yet brilliant.

  57. Hello Joseph =)

    Sa va bien? bien dormie? Moi super!!!

    Waou, vous recevez de trés belle chose pas la poste^^!
    je suis sur que votre Facteur doit être un extraterrestre ^^!

    Je suis impatiente de voir “harmony” =)

    Héhéhé demin c’est SUPERBOWL!! Sa va êtes génial! =) allez les New York Giants !!! =D

    Bon je vais méttre mon blog a jour..a plus tard =)

  58. Absolutely loved Harmony. Definitely some of the best John and Rodney dialog ever. “I don’t not like you.” Jodelle was very well cast. Wonderful episode.

    Tara K.

  59. Heya Joe,

    Just a quick note to say thank you for “Harmony” before the muscle relaxers kick in completely. I chuckled and giggled all the way through this episode, then laughed my fool head off there at the end with the unveiling. Priceless! I would love to get my hands on a print of that.

    Also, I love all of the shout outs to “Hidden Fortress” and “Star Wars”, if that’s what they were. Since I much enjoyed those two films, I may have been seeing things that weren’t intentionally there, but “Harmony” was a win on its own, quite without winks and references. *snicker* I wonder if Rodney will ever call dibbs on someone (or something) again, sight unseen? *grin*

    My thanks to Martin Gero and all of the rest of you guys, you rock the world!

  60. Ach! Have you never heard the axiom of never performing with children and animals? Ok so you don’t PERFORM per se but holy cow some of us watch this stuff to get AWAY from kids not be reminded of how truly horrific they can be. next thing you know there’ll be a whole collection of saccharrin sweet kids and adorably puppies turning up needing rescuing…..mind you I haven’t SEEN the episode yet so I could just be talking out my ears, but seriously the mere thought of it makes me shudder.
    *goes away muttering but hopes to be pleasantly surprised*

  61. Don’t mind me (as if ) I’m just a little cranky today, trying to make my mind up about moving house.

  62. Happy Saturday, Joe.

    Enjoyed Harmony very much. Very good comedic episode.

    LOVED the painting. Whoever came up with that concept — deserves a bonus!

    Best wishes, Morjana

  63. Harmony = NOT!! as you know Sheppard & McKay are my fave Atlantis characters and this episode of dialog/interaction between them did not disappoint!!! I ADORED it, HUGE kudos to Jodelle she did a great job!!! I love her anyway she’s reminded me of a young Kirsten Dunst (who KILLED her role in Interview w/a Vampire its one of my fave child performances) Again lousy plot but I was fully expecting it, a “Solo-Skywalker-Princess minus the walking carpet” thing (although I did appreciate John mentioning Ronon & Rodney agreeing) highlights of the story were The Dubious Duo scoping women again, John’s royalty discourse, Harmony yelling “Usurper” at John (didn’t he get asked to be king on another planet? the one where that blond woman threw herself at him and I hoped “Kirk” had condoms with him- yeah ok now I remember it was The Tower) Harmony teasing McKay & McKay grabbing the kid when the Genii started shooting (that gave me a Riggs “grab the cat” moment) and the god-awful painting at the end who did that?? hilarious!!

  64. Patricia:

    Jenny said : I just wanted you to know that I don’t notlike your blog.

    i.e she was quoting part of Harmony… it’s a joke. “Don’t not” means “do”. Both Harmony and McKay said it.

    As we all are saying Joe, loved the painting!! Yeah, could it please be made available somehow on a tshirt or hat or something..Classic! I’d love it as my desktop.

    I also saw some Star War Elements there… Two men, a girl and an awkward moment on a radio (Han Solo in the control room?? – “I’m fine how are you..was never one for conversation anyway “*shoots console*)Thoroughly enjoyable seeing those elements.

    Plus the ending. I agree, shoulda had Chewie (Ronon) growling there. 🙂

    Oh one liiittle biddy nitpick. The castle. Looked awfully fake in the night shots and ok in the day.

  65. OMG, Joe! I laughed soooo much watching Harmony last night, my sides hurt! Brilliantly funny episode!

    Hey, here’s an idea. You should raffle off the painting at the end of the episode for your next blog give away. 😉

    I was just curious, who’s idea was it to bump Harmony up in the line up to air it early. Was it you guys at the studio or SciFi? And what was the reson behind that descission?

  66. Cant seem to get enough of SGA so I picked up the SGA book series. I understand the book series draws off the television show. Do the plots and content of the book series have to be approved by you? One could argue there is more character development in the book series, with that being said, do you reference the book series for fluidity to carry over to the tv show?

  67. great show Friday! I loved the videos you shared with us.

    Since a MGM owned hotel had over 300 million done in damage will this affect future movies for Stargate or the budget for the Stargate Atlantis Series?

  68. Does the count for your blog record only unique visits, or did the four times I said to myself “he must have made a new entry by now!” count as four separate visits? (If the later, clearly you can boost your readership figures by posting later than usual, but that will only work so many times!)

    I thought the premise of “Harmony” sounded, well, dumb, but I really enjoyed the episode. I loved watching Sheppard and Rodney play off each other. (Of course, I especially love Carson and Rodney playing off each other, so please bring Carson back. Ronon and Rodney together aren’t bad either. Then there’s Sam and Rodney, Radek and Rodney–you get the picture.)

    I’m still wondering how the kid killed a chicken with a Swiss army knife, but I guess some mysteries aren’t meant to be resolved.

  69. Hi Joe,

    I loved Harmony…it was a nice light piece in the midst of a season filled with some heavy (though wonderful!) themes…it was a pleasure to have a nice chuckle last night!

    Could you shed some light on a question I have about military personnel stationed in Atlantis…are they required to wear dogtags? The reason I ask is that given the new uniforms, I’m sure I’d be able to see Sam’s tags…especially in Quarantine…and none were evident. Them not wearing them would also explain why no one knew who they were in Tabula Rasa. So I was just wondering if there was a different protocol in effect in the Pegasus Galaxy.

    Also…the third part of the AT interview released on Scifi.com yesterdy made reference to the lines from Trio…I assume that interview was done before those lines hit the cutting room floor (*sigh*). Do you think you could be so kind, once Trio airs, to share with us that little tidbit that was lost…a lot of people would love to know what was said.


  70. I must echo the comments thus far… “Harmony” was another gem Joe. Kudos to Marty G and Will and Joe F and David and Jodelle for a priceless, hilarious, good romp! It was well done that I actually didn’t miss the other principal actors.

    Was McKay’s snide “kiss ass” comment scripted or improvised? LOVED IT!!

    The little lady certainly had a fistful of lines and delivered all with professionalism, guile and amazing nuance. The chemistry between the 3 was wonderful and appeared effortless, though we know they were all working hard… good, good actors.

    The more I see of the glorious B. C. environs, the more I’m tempted to pack up, leave New Jersey and venture northwest. Harmony had outstanding scenic photography. Looks fabulous in HD!

    I suggest that production prints be made of that painting and offered for sale. Believe me Joe, it would be a shrewd move and quite revenue enhancing. Please disclose the artist and medium used? I’m betting either acrylics or water-based oils.

    I predict that the audiophiles among us will have a bonanza of one-liners and quips to record for posterity. This means I will have to reprogram my laptop with new events sounds!

    Again, thank you Joe for maintaining this blog so well and fearlessly.

    With grateful appreciation,
    Carol Z
    New Jersey, USA, Earth

  71. Hi Joe
    Love your blog, first time asking a question. Regarding Ark of Truth – because a copy was leaked onto the internet this may affect sales of the DVD when it’s released in March. If that’s the case will the sales of this DVD affect MGM’s decision to do a third movie or will they wait until Continuum is released to make a decision like that?

    Also, loved Harmony last night, very funny.

  72. Loved Harmony! It was such a cute episode! I am curious, though- who made the painting, and what inspiring you guys to use that as part of the finale?

  73. Hey Joe,

    Ratings question for you. Do you have a final Live + 7 number for “BAMSR”? People were saying it could have the best numbers(Viewers) since Season 2!



  74. Wahoo! Why didn’t I think of that!?

    Annie from Fremantle said:
    “As we all are saying Joe, loved the painting!! Yeah, could it please be made available somehow on a tshirt or hat or something..Classic! I’d love it as my desktop.”

    A desktop wallpaper! YES-yes-yes-yes!

    Carol Z

  75. 1) Did Paul and you go to John Abbott College and McGill together?
    2)Do you watch the office?

  76. Hey Joe, first time poster! Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how great Harmony was, and ask a quick question. The whole mini drone idea was interesting (and visually, pretty darn cool). Any chance it’ll come up again in a future episode?

  77. Hey Joe!

    Congrats on reaching a new personal best in terms of blog views! You’re a great guy and you deserve it, and thank you for writing in your blog day-after-day amongst your presumably busy schedule. 🙂

    So, did you give you and your staff gives the scooters names to correspond with the Earth BC-304 fleet? 😛

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – Great job with “Harmony”! I loved that picture at the end! Who’s idea was that and what’s going to happen with the painting in the real life sense?

  78. There were definitely some cute and funny moments in Harmony, but overall, I didn’t particularly care for last night’s episode. I know Harmony was supposed to be annoying and a brat, but I still didn’t care for her. However, the last scene with the painting did help leave a more favorable impression. 🙂

    I may have missed it in the episode, but why didn’t Ronon come to the planet as well?

  79. Where’s our Marty G visit? I would like to thank him for a great episode. He has, once again, made me snort. And, quite frankly, that would be kinda embarassing if I were watching with anyone else but my dog.

    Your dinner sounded much better than your first attempt. Here’s to ongoing improvement!

  80. Joe,
    Just adding my kudos for “Harmony.” Any time you can get McKay and Sheppard together for that much time, it’s always going to be a winner. Plus, McKay proved, yet again, that when the chips are down, he’s braver than he would like to admit.

    I also want to add my request for a copy of the painting. I haven’t laughed that long in quite a while.


  81. Yeah! You ate a good dinner last night. Our oldest two kids came in from college for the weekend (can’t miss the auto show) so I’m preparing a huge mexican spread. They love mexican food – especially rancheros. And ,of course, the spicier the better.

    Loved “Harmony”. I thought that Jodelle did an excellent job. Loved all of the scenes between Harmony and McKay. And like others have said ,the painting at the end was great.

    I can’t wait to see who Baron and Cookies’ picks are for the Oscars. If possible, please post a picture of Cookie Monster wearing a tux. Would love to see it.

    lol and thanks for the ‘visual’ of Marty, Rob, and Brad on their scooters. Too funny!


  82. coucou Joseph,
    Vous avez déjà vu un des films Astérix et Obélix?
    En tout cas, Harmony était super bien, félicitation.
    bye, laura

  83. Joe,

    In Harmony, rodney said that the ancients were testing the Ancient drone weapons in the Pegasus Galaxy, when they were present before the Ancients even left the Milky Way? We had them on Earth. Was this a mistake?



  84. Hi Joe,
    Harmony was FANTASTIC!! I’ve never laughed so much!!
    Everyone was superb but Jodelle’s acting was perfect!
    Loved it.

  85. I LOVED Harmony! I’m still chortling at some of the lines … and THAT painting! Rambo-Rodney! Snerk!!! (Poor John! I hope Rodney gets a photo to show around back on Atlantis! He’s not going to let John live this down, me thinks!!)

    I loved the banter between all three of them – Jodelle did an excellent job as the bratty 13 year old soon to be queen. Joe F and David H cracked me up with some of their facial expressions!! Poor John, when she asks him to be her king! Poor Rodney too at the end there when she turns her crush onto him!!

    This was a fun filled episode – I wouldn’t want *all* the episodes to be like this, but this was great and a nice release of tension after all the other darker ones this season (which I have also enjoyed).

    And it’s nice to see Rodney using John’s first name more often…

    But why oh why did anyone on Atlantis think it was a good idea to send *those* two, and *alone* at that! Okay, long standing trading partners, but come on, pretty girls!! I’m sure Teyla wouldn’t have gotten backed into taking Harmony on the walk so easily! Ah, but then we wouldn’t have had such a brilliant episode!

    Any chance of Marty G doing a Q & A on this one? We’d all be very, very grateful to him (and you) if he could be persuaded…

    Got any embarrassing photos to threaten him with on our behalf?!! (Hmm, actually, post the embarrassing photos anyway … after he’s done a Q & A, of course!) LOL!

  86. Hi Jo’ !

    Cool mailbag for you today ! Did it go in hyperspace ?^^
    Congrats for your record of visits.

    Today’s question : Do you live in a house or an appartement ?

  87. In one of your September blog entries you posted something that looked like McKay and Keller were back on earth. Can you tell me what episode that was from? Is it going to be in Outcast as a sub plot or is Outcast purely a Ronon/Sheppard episode?

  88. I got the feeling from your blog there were bumps along the way, but the end result of “Harmony” was terrific! Beautiful scenery and lighting, it moved along very well, and best of all great character interactions all around. Jodelle did a wonderful job showing some moments of vulnerability around the bluster, and both Shep and McKay interacted very in-character with her and of course with each other.

    Didn’t you mention Joe F. had some issues with Sheppard’s interaction with Harmony? Whatever they were, it came out “right” to my view of the character.

    Does Sci Fi really expect Rob and Brad to ride scooters?? 🙂 Maybe they should stop with the presents and get on with announcing what’s going on for Season 5 cast-wise. 😉

  89. Hi Joe,

    I truly enjoyed “Harmony” last night. Definitely one of the top three episodes this season, IMO! I do have to second the question asked by “My Name Is Scott.” The first episode of Atlantis clearly shows Atlantis lifting off from the Antarctic Outpost on its way to the Pegasus Galaxy. “Lost City” also shows that the outpost has drones, as does the first episode of Atlantis. Therefore, they would have had drones before entering Pegasus, so the drones couldn’t have been developed on that world. Maybe the mini-drones were developed there???


  90. Great, great, episode!!! The Star Wars references were fantastic. I really thought Han and Luke…um.. I mean John and Rodney were going to get medals at the end! ;-D But, the painting was priceless! I thank God I have a dvr, because I had to play the last scene over a few times and really pause on the painting! Poor John…lol. But, he always gets the girl and the kudos, so it was great to see Rodney get both…even if it was only in a platonic, sweet way!

    Please, please, please put that painting out in print somehow! It totally rocks!


  91. I have to be honest, Joe, and say that i felt Harmony was possibly the weakest episode of what has been a very strong season so far. However, the unveiling of the painting at the end saved the episode, in my opinion, and Harmony gains a respectable 6.5/10.

    Absolute genius with the painting. Whose idea was that?

  92. Shep and McKay for the win!!!!
    Those two never disappoint!
    I believe JoeF has described them as Hope and Crosby.
    He is correct.

    McKay to Shepard: “Kiss Ass!” Bwahahahahahahahaha

  93. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Bonne nuit Joseph ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Faite de beaux rêve♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Je vous adore fort!♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥a demain.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  94. Um, didn’t Jenny say that she didn’t not like his blog? Meaning that she does like his blog? Or am I the one confused?

  95. A question about costume/set design choices:

    Why does the clothing and architecture/home decor of some people of the Pegasus galaxy mirror period Earth clothing/etc. so closely? Last night’s ep revisited Merrie Olde England, and wow, Harmony’s people had the Camelot thing nailed, right down to the gray stone castle with turrets and stuff.

    I got why that would happen in SG-1, since the Goa’uld would yoink people out of specific times and places on Earth, and those people would take their styles and culture with them. But, you know, billions of light years and tens of thousands of temporal years between Earth and Pegasus cultures, and somehow they all independently come up with the exact same decorative styles?

    I just wondered if you guys had a sort of internal Pegasus galaxy backstory of some sort that explains that?

  96. Harmony = heaps of fun! Rodney’s interactions with Harmony were awesome, and I liked the fact that Sheppard was not particularly any better at handling a kid than Rodney. The pig latin was great, and the painting was priceless! I join the chorus of people calling for at least a good electronic version of it for fans to download. I was odd, though, to hear Rodney call Sheppard ‘John’ three times in a row, considering how long it took him to ever call him that (on air, at least!)

    I’m looking forward to Cookie & The Baron’s take on the Oscars. Probaly way more entertaining than the real thing (which I hope won’t be going ahead if the strike is still on-going).

  97. Just curious — is there a connection of some kind between the minidrones, the little glow-things in “The Defiant One”, and the little glow-things in SG-1’s “Prodigy”? I mean, were the latter two some sort of minidrone/nanite hybrid, or are all three unrelated, or what?

  98. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Harmony!
    It was probably one of the most enjoyable eps I’ve seen of either of the Stargates – loved the Shep and McKay banter, and thought Jodelle was just perfect as the smart-alec teen. (she is just like my 14 year old niece – lucy us!!!). I’m happy to have these lighter episodes once in a while, and see the characters interact so very very well.

  99. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’m working on being a film producer / director and I don’t like being the bearer of bad news but I do hope you read this message.

    I’ve weighed the options and have spoken with several people before posting a message to you. Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news but since I am working on becoming a producer / director and dream of an opportunity with the SciFi Channel, I would want someone to tell me if my work is being pirated on the internet. Don’t kill the messenger.

    Several websites have copies of Stargate: Ark of Truth, in its full version. I’ve watched the film and it appears to have the television feel to the film, not a movie feel. It has no commercials and end credits but see the places that commercials can be placed.

    Thought you should know and hope you have a legal remedy to handle this matter.

    Feel free to e-mail me.

  100. Just want to say thank you from an 11 month old and his grateful parents…my little boy is very active but as soon as the SG1 or SGA themes come on he’s glued to them and dances to both of them with glee…we adults actually get to watch some TV…and we are more than happy to let him watch it with us.

    Please keep them coming

  101. Mr. M himself wrote:

    I can’t possibly answer all of the questions asked on this blog. I’ll usually pick the questions that interest me at that particular sitting, generally skipping…questions that have already been answered by knowledgeable fans (Why did the wraith use the term “darts”),

    Can I assume from this you don’t mind when fans who think they know jump in to answer other people’s queries? I hope my assumption is right because I’m about to do it again. 🙂

    Drone Continuity:

    There is no one more picky about continuity errors than I am and I don’t see a problem here.

    1. The “proving ground” could be where they were testing variations/updates of drone technology, not necessarily the original.


    2. Atlantis might not have had drone technology when originally on Earth — Who would they have needed to defend against? — and only developed it once they reached Pegasus. After they returned to Earth, they built the Outpost — Why would they have needed the Outpost when the whole City was there before? — and then armed it, having learned their lesson with the Wraith.

    Anne Teldy

  102. Great, fun episode. I think that painting at the end is one of my top favorite moments ever in Atlantis. Fabulous!

    A big thanks to everyone who works so hard on the show.

  103. I haven’t seen Harmony yet but judging from reactions around my neck of the internet woods it seems to be a firm fan favourite.

    What I did just recently see was the behind the scenes segment that you did for that episode which was very amusing even though those chairs always look hideously uncomfortable. Personally I’d go for the lounger option with a drinks holder.

  104. Hey Joe, I enjoyed most of Harmony and like many others I also want a copy of that painting!

    Most of what I didn’t enjoy about Harmony was the lack of any real interaction between McKay and Sheppard… I know fans have complained in the past about too much interaction and that taking away moments and scenes from other characters so I have been sitting back and waiting for one or two episodes that were just McKay & Sheppard. Now I liked most of what I got in Harmony but I am hoping at least one more episode this season will have them together and by together I mean without Ronon or Teyla dropping in or standing two feet away… I guess I miss their banter and the chemistry David and Joe have on screen. Honestly that kind of chemistry doesn’t come around very often in TV so when I see it I want to see a lot of it!

    I think only David Tennant (Doctor Who) and John Barrowman (Torchwood/Doctor Who) come close to that on screen chemistry in acting today 🙂

    Again loved the painting! Payback is a bitch!

  105. hello, joe,

    in the latest amanda interview (on scifi.com), amanda mentions the cut line in ‘trio’ and makes it sound like it’s still there and not cut. is the not-so-subtle hint still in ‘trio’ or is it truly on the cutting room floor?

    if you don’t answer, i won’t be asking again.

    sally 🙂

  106. http://forum.gateworld.net/showthread.php?t=49998

    Found this thread while surfing.

    Most of the my group of friends are pretty much on this page as far as Carter too. I know Amanda has been saying that she is playing a different character and now I guess people have begun to notice. She also sounded not so happy with her involvment in her new interview at the Scifi channel site. She said she looks to weak. Any really kickass Carter episodes in season five to tease us with Joe? And by kickass I mean like Exodus,Foothold, and Road Not Taken.


  107. Hi Joe…I was wondering if you have read any of Laura Lippman’s crime novels?? She’s a local author from Baltimore,Maryland whose done really well..I’ve read all of them…they are awesome! They are set in the Baltimore area..check out her website: lauralippman.com…she also has a series of books about an amateur detective, Tess Monaghan

  108. Hey Joe.

    Enjoyed Harmony quite a bit. LOVED all of the interactions and it was great to see just McKay and Sheppard by themselves, even though I did miss Ronon and Teyla. 🙂 As always, Jodelle Ferland was wonderful. First saw her in Silent Hill. I thought the mini-drones concept was a cool revelation, and I wonder what Ladon is REALLY up to, Thanks again all for another wonderful episode.

    Oh, have you heard about the XBOX 360/PC game Mass Effect? The main default character is called Commander John Shepherd, and there’s quite a bit that reminds me of early SG1 – ancient revered races dying out, civilization evolving because of the left-over tech, races using ‘gates in space’ to conquer all… Might make a good film in the right hands.

    Not sure if all that has been done before SG1 (haven’t read a lot of books and stuff) but I thought it was kinda cool. They seem like classic ideas. I love the game by the way. Story’s good.

    Looking forward to Outcast. 🙂

  109. “Harmony” offered some very humerous moments, but vastly prefer the more serious filler episodes like ‘Tabula Rasa’ and ‘Doppelganger’. There were some classic humor moments in last night’s episode though.

    How is work progressing on the Season 5 mid-season 2-parter? Any hints?

  110. Dasha Torosivic Said:
    “[…]I know Amanda has been saying that she is playing a different character and now I guess people have begun to notice. She also sounded not so happy with her involvment in her new interview at the Scifi channel site. She said she looks to weak.[…]”

    i watched all three parts of amanda’s interview and i did not hear her say anything like this. 😕

    sally 🙂

  111. so you like lost then well in that case i wonted to ask have you have you ever watched a show and started thinking to yourself god i could have writen this better? (which i no you could looking at some of the shows out there) and are you ever suprised with what other writers come upwith?

  112. Dear Joe:

    I am postponing watching Harmony until after I’ve commented on your blog. You see … I had originally begun to comment in order to share in some good fortune (winning the contest, as I recall) but, alas, it was not to be.

    However, if I assume correctly that I have been contacted merely because of a thousands of miles apart association with you, I am about to become a very rich person.

    Yes, it’s true. I received this incredible e-mail message today and I was stunned. Stunned, I tell you. This person had prayed and even fasted before contacting me. And, soon, I should be in possesion of $6 million (or was it $9 million) if I reply giving all particulars.

    Now, I’m not averse to being the beneficiary of cold, hard cash but unfortunately I can’t take the person up on the offer. Why not? Well, because not only am I to provide all the normal personal information, I also need to provide my RELIGION!!!!!

    However, as I am a very private person, I cannot reveal this information. So, sadly, I won’t be able to share any of my wealth with you or the Baron or the Cookie Monster. Please extend my apologies to them.

    ::takes a big breath to control silly giggles::

    Okay, now back to your post. Have you sprinked basil on your sliced tomatoes? Or, even more yummy, sliced fresh basil in the summertime. And don’t forget to grate some fresh parmigiano reggiano on it. Add a glass of wine and you’re set. And, if you’re reheating roast chicken, just add sprigs of rosemary to it. I can’t imagine what food would be like without herbs and spices.

    Anyway, I hope you get through your Fondy-less dinners relatively easily – and then you’ll be so happy upon her return.

    And, now, I’m going to watch Harmony.
    Best wishes from Helenka.

  113. Hi Joe:

    I am really looking forward to seeing this episode (Harmony)after reading all of the positive comments. It sounds like you guys have “hit one out of the park” with this one.

    Joe, since you’ve worked in more than one type of television genre, do you believe that there is such a thing as a completely genderless program? We all know that most males are fond of action and females like character driven programs. Even so, programs like Stargate, with the action and copious explosions, still seems to attract a larger female audience than a male audience. Just looking at the number of posts on your blog by female fans is a good indicator of the ratio of males to females who enjoy Atlantis. What do you think would amount to genderless television – besides, perhaps, the nightly news? Or, am I completely wrong about this?


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