15 thoughts on “January 24, 2008: On the set of Harmony II

  1. Hey Joe,

    I was just watching “Sanctuary” on SCI FI. Yup, they are airing SGA’s 1st and 2nd season right behind SG-1 @ 5/4C on a daily rotation! Anyway, do you know if there will be a continuation on this episode or character? Will we see Ascended Ancients and get a better idea of their rules and laws? I have always loved the Ancient/Ascension story arcs!



  2. Aww, she’s adorable! I can’t wait for tomorrow night! And thanks for opening up the videos, I was wondering about all the old ones that were linked in the dates, I figured I’d just have to read through the other blog to catch them all.

  3. I love the way Joe stepped in. I’d landed a kiss on that lovely cheek of his.
    So cute!

  4. Wait, isn’t David’s voice inherently funny? Hey Joe, quick question– Ronon’s lady friend back on Sateda, was that his girlfriend, his wife, what?

  5. Adorable vid =] post more videos if you can.
    Harmony was a great episode
    and thankyou for posting this one

  6. Okay, you see how everyone’s saying Jodelle is really cute? In my opinion, the cutest thing in that video was Joe Flanigan butting in 😛
    Though Jodelle was awesome in Harmony. Lucky, lucky girl…

  7. Well, his voice is real, as someone said 🙂 😉

    When i see Joe’s nose i think pinochio 🙂

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