Well, looks like I’ll be flying solo after tonight. Fondy leaves tomorrow for an intense, month-long course in California meaning I’ll be on my own until her return in March. Well, not totally alone. I will have my dogs and the ever-comforting companionship of prime time television. Also, I will be reading like a madman. A madman who enjoys reading. A lot. Fortunately, Fondy has taken pains to ensure I want for nothing while she‘s gone, stocking up on everything from hydrogen peroxide to toilet paper. I have enough bottled water to last me into next year, and enough canned food to keep me fed until Summer – after which all bets are off and the exquisitely well-marbled Maximus will no doubt cross that fine line between cute and downright tasty-looking. Or I suppose I could just eat the Christmas ornaments like Lulu did today.

Or I could just head over to Tojo’s for sushi like we did last night (this despite Bugguy’s helpful link to that article about the alarmingly high mercury levels in tuna). The uni was unbelievably fresh, the spicy dynamite hand cones crispy, sweet, and downright delicious. Other stellar hand cones included the lobster cone, the Magnum P.I. (for those geoduck sashimi fans), and spicy tuna (but I limited myself to one, Bugguy!). A little saba and tuna tataki nigiri (I limited myself to two!), and a spider roll and inside-out salmon roll rounded out the meal. I’ve dreamt of Tokyo three nights in a row (the fact that we weren’t able to get there this past hiatus I’m sure had a lot to do with it) and this dinner was just what I needed. A little taste of my home away from home.

No mailbag today but, here, have a video instead.

81 thoughts on “January 23, 2008: The Lonely Guy

  1. Great to see Joseph Mallozzi master of food posts back, that food looks awesome

  2. Hi, Joe.

    Somehow, over at your other blog site:


    Today’s entry has a date of January 28!

    Are you in the future, posting in the past?

    Or in the present, posting in the future of an alternate reality?

    Or has a quantum filiment transected the time/space continuum with a dyson sphere and integrated the flux capacitor into hyperdrive?

    Inquiring minds and all that…

    Best wishes, Morjana

  3. Mmmm…that looks really good. (And I don’t even like sushi very much!?
    Thanks for the video.

  4. Oh yum – I adore sushi and that all looks amazingly delish…
    What did you have for dessert?

  5. Hey Joe,
    You can tell Jelly that I do not snore…but I do occasionally chase toys and enjoy a good tug-o-war with my teeth. Does this mean there might me an invite to crash at your pugs pad for the April time frame??? Yeppie! [Envision me jumping for joy and wagging my imaginary tail!]

    Also, Will you be going to GateCon in August? I’m thinking of attending that one too, although I might have to go into debt to do it, but I’d still like to meet more of the behind the scenes folks than the actual actors.


  6. I’m curious, Joe. Do you eat all this by yourself or do you share with friends (or pets, as the case may go)?

    And what do the restauranteurs think of you taking photos of your food before it’s eaten?


  7. Hi Joe!

    Quick comments after catching up on a few things.
    First, belated congrats to Anne Teldy! Can’t wait to see “your character” on SGA. I’ll shed at least two tears upon her imminent demise.

    The food pics today look soooo yummy and beautiful!!! 🙂

    My hub just got back from Atlantis. Really! OK, so he got back last Friday, but he really was on Atlantis. He said to say “Hi” from Col. Carter and she’s still waiting for “that Area 51 thing.” ??Huh??

    Loved Quarantine. Still haven’t gotten it from iTunes, but found it through other means. Great relationship and character building! Radek saves the day! McKay’s password – Shep coulda been Mensa! 🙂

    Gotta go, but take care til next blog! Hope you don’t get too lonely while Fondy’s gone. 🙁


  8. Lulu’s cute, but I’m more of a cat person. Do you have any cats or plan to have any cats in the near future? Ok and now a question regarding Atlantis – this question was asked for season 4 too – Any plans regarding Sam’s love-life in season 5? Since Rodney broke up with Katie he might have another shot at Sam?

  9. Ooh! Video!

    I missed those. Alas, your pics of sushi made me sad, as the only sushi I can get comes from a supermarket island manned by a little Asian man who looks like he’d rather not be making sushi for Kroger. Not that it’s bad sushi, you understand. Just that it’s mostly rice wrapped in seaweed around pickled palm hearts.

  10. What dishes would you recommend for a person who is trying out Indian cuisine for the first time?

  11. Hi Joe,

    I thought you’d be the person to ask. See I love Sushi, but I’m just always overwhelmed/confused when going to a real sushi restaurant and they give me the menu. There’s like a million things on it and I have no clue how much I should be ordering before I look silly. Any tips for the sushi-newbie trying to figure out a menu?

  12. Hm, if I hadn’t already made curry I’d consider going to the sushi place up the street. I’m afraid sushi isn’t as exciting when you limit yourself to vegetables, though it’s still plenty yummy enough for me.
    You are very much not a vegetarian, but do you have any sushi recommendations for the non-meat-eaters out there? For that matter what’s your absolute favorite sushi item? I have limitations (no sense of smell) that make me a poor judge of food quality; I’m afraid I’m a bit like McKay and enjoy hospital and airline food. :p
    That top picture is uni? I can’t say I’d be thrilled to eat a sea urchin. I did a summer research project on them and how they move and the trauma of ripping off their little feet to look at under the microscope is enough for me to say no, they should be left in peace.
    Thanks for the video, I’m really looking forward to the next episode, though I always do. One of these days I’m just going to start at the beginning of your blog and read through everything to catch all the exciting show tidbits I’ve missed before being a more regular reader.

  13. Speaking of iTunes, are they aware of the change in the episode line up? Wouldn’t want them releasing Outcast instead of Harmony (i.e., shades of Doppelganger).

  14. Sounds like you have some fun ahead of you. I try to look at a change of pace around the homestead as an opportunity to do something different for a change. I hope you and the dogs plan some great activities while Fondy’s out of town.

  15. Man, that sushi looks good! You’re making me crave Japanese food now…

    Speaking of food, have you ever tried Ethiopian food?

  16. School has finally restarted and things are looking really good and really bad. All the classes at the high school are going great but the classes at the college are not doing so well. The Spanish class was full (heck, even the wait list was full), and I still have to get the signatures for the history and computer classes (which are luckily both either in lab or online classes, which means I will not miss any of the class). But I was already signed up for the music classes so that’s good. But other than the facts that registration is taking forever and that it was pouring rain and freezing cold today, things are going okay. I’m just glad that school has restarted. It was really awful being on break for so long.

  17. Dear Joe,

    I was wondering my friend when we will see the new wraith cruiser design, in the sense, what episode….

  18. Poor Maximus for even being considered for dinner. 🙁

    But who knows, maybe a real hot dog is delicious?

    Good night!

  19. Thanks a bunch for the video! And Lulu with a tattoo-I’m sure she doesn’t mind. I’m curious as to why she would need a tattoo and a chip, though.

    So here’s a question I’m hoping the other veteran commenters can help me out with. I’m sure Mr. Mallozzi has no wish to dedicate hours and hours to this blog everyday, so if he doesn’t respond to someone’s question, is it likely because he just has to choose a couple and hence it is perfectly fine to re-post the question again at another entry? Or should one not re-post questions because either 1) that’s not the way it works around here or 2) because its likely Mr. Mallozzi’s lack of response indicates it’s not a question he cares to address?


  20. I have never had sushi and I’m not sure if I’m quite adventurous enough for it. But, wow, those dishes are gorgeous.

    Good luck to you while Fondy’s away!

  21. Paging PG15,

    One lonely guy needing assistance (can you cook 5 star meals??)You must live near by Joe, so can you producer-sit for us?

    Joe, we’ll keep you company here at the blog residence and we’ll know if things go really bad for you (like seeing lifesized cardboard cutouts of humans scattered around your house)..

    Just came back from celebrating my son’s 7th birthday in the sweltering heat. Steven loves your pugs Joe and keeps asking me to show him the vid (from last October) of you feeding the dogs (No! Not your food!!). He laughs and laughs. I hope it’s not the accent.

  22. The sushi looks fantastic.

    Good luck to Fondy on her course and for the love of god don’t lose the tin opener.

  23. Oh, I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all.

    I can just imagine you, Joe, going more and more insane as the days crawl by. When someone is alone at one’s home, they tend to loose track of reality. Their minds drift to a place so far removed from what’s real that they get stuck there. I believe it will happen to you, Joe.

    It’ll be like Cast Away, except you’ll be clean shaven, and instead of Wilson, you’ll have Max, Jelly, Lulu, and Bubba. Instead of a deserted island full of mountains and forests, you’ll be in a deserted house filled with mountainous piles of books and forests of empty water bottles and cans! By the end of the month, I’m confident that you’ll start imagining the dogs to have human voices, and they’ll talk to you about how your plans for Season 5 are not going to work, only to face your wrath because obviously they don’t know what they’re talking about…I mean, come on, they haven’t even sold their first script yet!

    And then, there will come a day when the books will start talking to you. Instead of you reading them, they’ll start reading themselves, out loud, for you to hear. Days will go by, where you just have the book open on the table, while you nod your head along with its silent, imaginary reading of their own contents. Then, when a plot point doesn’t please you, you will argue with it. It will then argue back in what you think are the voices of their authors, which, strangely enough, all sound like William Shatner speaking in an English accent. Soon, you’ll start confusing the books with the dogs, and one day, you’ll find yourself reading Lulu’s belly and laughing accordingly, because it was a comic book. Then, you’ll read her ears and be intrigued for hours on end, because it was a spy book.

    The books themselves will soon be buried under mountains of Fuel leftovers as you attempt to feed them. Their spines will be damaged severely as you attempt to go walkies with them. They won’t talk anymore, what with them being buried in food, and you’ll mourn their deaths. You will then bury them, and cry over a sad, romance novel that is, in actuality, Max’s face.

    Your blog would quickly reveal this problem, as you will start constantly refering to your new writing partner Bubba as “not getting the characters’ voices right” and “breaking stories at a 5th grade level”. You will regale us with the time you totally pranked Lulu into eating a cherry TimTam, but how her episode will blow the fans away.

    You will actually start writing the Stick fighting/Atlantis Toilet 3-parter.

    You will start taking pictures of your ceiling, only to leave descriptions in your write up as “Alex Levine brings the goods” and/or “Joe Abercrombie giving me what I deserve”.

    There will be constant updates on the upcoming Lulu/Jelly wedding.

    Worst of all…you’ll start loving the Patriots. In fact, it’ll get so bad that, during one blog entry, you will basically write “Patriots, f*** yeah!” 132 times in a row with no explanation. The day after, when the fans ask, you tell them that “it was Fuel’s fault”.

    The situation will continue to spiral into oblivion. Food and book reviews will be replaced by detailed episode reviews of unseen or unmade Season 5 episodes. You will answer every fan question with the phrases “Oh yeah?! I do too have a turnip!”, “42”, and “I’ll ask Lulu. Hmm…she disagrees.” It will be very funny, but for us loyal blog readers…it will be even funnier.

    As for the videos…they will feature you staring at the camera for minutes-on-end, only-wait, sorry, that’s Mike Gravel.

    By the end, you will have believed that you had ascended into another plane of existence, when really, you’re just a few centimeters off of the ground, lying on a pile of scammers emails that you had printed out with the intention of mailing them off to your relatives as Christmas cards.

    And how do I know that this will come to pass? Let’s just say…I was home alone once…

    *dun dun duuuuunnn…..*

  24. “Fortunately, Fondy has taken pains to ensure I want for nothing while she‘s gone, stocking up on everything from hydrogen peroxide to toilet paper.”

    Okay I understand stocking up on food, toilet paper, water but hydrogen peroxide? Are you planning on needing it to cleanse cuts? Going to color your hair? 🙂

    Hope you get a lot of reading done. Out of curiousity are you watching any of the new shows that seem to be cropping up on Canadian TV lately? Any that stand out?


  25. Hi Joe,

    Food shots are back! The sushi looks great! Now you have me craving Dragon and Rainbow rolls. What is geoduck sashimi like texture wise? I’ve only had it cooked.

    Please wish Fondy a safe trip and stay in California. Oh and you are welcome to come over and eat at my place if the canned goods or Christmas ornaments ever become tiresome. I’m sure my mom could whip up some of her amazing dishes like steamed pork dumplings, homemade shui mai or savory fried pork and kohlrabi dumplings.

    Thanks for the video.


  26. Thanks much for posting the fun video as well as the excellent pics of the elegantly presented sushi. My mouth is watering now. – To paraphrase the line attributed to Patrick Henry, “If this be torture, make the most of it,” and may I say you do that very well. (Although I’m not tortured/tempted by the gooey ducks. But it doesn’t appear that would be a problem. Not that anyone asked.)

    “The exquisitely well-marbled Maximus” – interesting how such an … unorthodox … concept can be so lovingly phrased. (Very, very funny – conjures up images of tiny steaks or chops in your pupils when he walks by, like in cartoons.) Good thing Fondy will be back before your food stores run out; but she might’ve already sized up the situation, and hired someone to make sure you don’t start feeding the pooches like so many French geese.

    Aw, man, a month sounds like a long time to be on your own. Good thing you’ve got plenty to do, with a ton of reading and all. *wonders if Joe picked up a copy of L’Histoire du chien dans haute cuisine on some obscure internet site – reminds self to send confirmation email*

  27. Have you ever made your own Tuna Bake? I did the other day and if I could eat nothing else but that for the rest of my life, i’d be happy. It’s brilliant and tastes absolutely fantastic.

  28. Wish Fondy good luck and safe journey from us and tell her we’ll keep an eye on you for her^^
    So what course is she doing in California?
    Cheers for the vid, nice to see some behind the scenes action again.
    Questions: How come Elizabeth’s character was played by two actresses? and was Torri your second choice for Atlantis? Will we be seeing more of repli-weir in season 5?

  29. Oh wow… Tojo’s in on the top of my list of restaurants around the word that I just have to get to. I’m going to email those photos to my mother so she gets all homesick for Tokyo. Can you get homesick for a place you weren’t born in? I guess if you can, she can. It’s her second home too.

    Well… yesterday was the last day of training for my new job (I still have 2 weeks of coaching) and we had a shared lunch. Usually shared lunches end up being mostly packets of chippies, crackers and hummus but this was awesome! Everything was gorgeous… the huge platter of unusual fruit, the best home made curry I have ever tasted, a delicious fresh and zesty tasting risoni salad, cajun seasoned smoked salmon, a huge selection of posh cheeses, an amazing baked cheesecake… And of course the platter of unusual but delicious chocolates and truffles that I took along (dark chocolate, chilli and lime truffle for the win!).

    Just something to think about while you are eating your spaghetti out of the tin and eying up Maximus. I know I will be remembering it when I’m back on my usual student rations…

  30. Yay! Video!

    How on earth did LuLu get hold of the Christmas Decorations? 1. She has a bucket on her head (yesterdays photos very cute by the way) and 2. they were supposed to to be put away over 2weeks ago!

    Big Grin!

  31. Like it when you add video’s , always interesting to see these little snippets of backstage activity

    I know you’ve worked hard to get to where you are but do you feel lucky to be working on Stargate? Are you able to be dispassionate about it and not get angry with criticism (constructive or otherwise)? You do seem to be very in control 🙂

    As fans of course we dream to work on our favourite shows (even though the reality must be very different)

    Sushi looks very pretty, but I like my food cooked hehe

  32. Hi Joe,
    Loved the video and can’t wait to watch the episode.

    Any chance to see different weather other then sun or rain on Atlantis? Like can’t they go to a planet that has snow or something? I can hear Rodney complaining about the cold and the snow gear they have to wear.


  33. Awwwww.. don’t worry Joe, we’ll be here to keep you company! 😀



  34. Hey Sparklegem dont feel bad he never answers my Questions either. Im thinking my Questions are probably boring anyway.

  35. oooh how i wish i could hear the video… i still dont have sound on my computer and it is driving me nuts….
    Lulu is the cutest thing…. hope she handles it well, better than my dog anyway… she ended up becoming dehydrated, and throwing up all over the place, and when we took her back to the vet, she had to be given fluids with a needle…
    good luck while Fondy is away, dont have too many parties!!!!
    p.s. today (jan 24) is my birthday. im 22!!! almost older than dirt!!!! :p hehehehehe

  36. I love sushi !

    *I’am only one sushi on a fruits basket* [Ok, I shut up ! lol]

    Sushiiiiii *_*

  37. Nooo, don’t turn Maximus into kagogi! Go back for more sushi instead! Yeah, that’s the ticket. That sushi looks really good.

    Drat it, now I’m craving sushi and will have to break down and try the sushi bar they just put into the local casino. I hope it’s even half as good as the sushi at Tojo’s looks.

  38. This talk of sushi, and the recent conversations I’ve had with various people about mercury (being the sushi-eater in my friend circles) hasn’t deterred me from fish, particularly tuna which I really like. And don’t worry, apparently all the bigger fish have high levels of mercury, so you’re no less doomed if you substitute tuna for, say, salmon. That’s a comforting thought, isn’t it?

    Do you have a favourite fish dish Joe?

  39. Poor Joe. No Fondy for an entire month?! What class is she taking?

    Somehow, though, I think you’ll survive. I forsee many outings for you with co-conspirators in foody crime.

  40. Mighty tasty lookin’ sushi ya got there, son, mighty tasty. A little too foo-foo for me, I adore cheap 7-11 sushi, which you can’t get here. Even with twelve years of Japan under my belt, I still don’t care for raw fish, even the tastiest morsels. I like kampo and tamago and ebi and ika and tako, and that’s about it. Avocado in sushi is unnatural and an abomination. Unnatural, I say!

    Odd, I was dreaming about Yokohama and the New Century Park on the ocean. I’m awake at zero-dark-thirty drinking black coffee because the ice in the rain gutters above my bed is having a loud, slow conversation with the arctic night air. Noisy, and I have visions of the roof collapsing and the resulting media frenzy. Local woman saved by Goth iron canopy bed! Eclectic taste in decorating actually a survival skill!!

    Food pictures, now I’m really hungry and I’m on clear liquids today. Yes, coffee is a clear liquid. Tomorrow, well, what I’ll be doing tomorrow is indelicate and far too much information to share in detail. Suffice to say, it will be yucky, embarrassing, inconvenient, but life-saving in the end. There’s a joke in there.

    Sounds like Fondy left you enough supplies to survive even Burning Man! The first two years I was married, me and mylarry saw each other a total of 28 days, courtesy Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club. A month without your S.O. is tough, but hang in there! If you must dine on dog, make dog soup, that way you get the most nutrients and don’t waste any fat.

  41. One more thought –

    Did Fondy leave you with enough clean clothes/linens/towels etc (or arrange for laundry service) or are you going to have to do battle with the WASHER?

  42. Hi Joe, since Lulu’s tattoo is 007 does this make her an official Bond girl? Even the name seems to fit. She’s really cute. I am glad you had her done first so I could see what not to do with my Scottie girl. Her ears stick up also, so I will put the tatt somewhere else.

  43. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the pics. Not a sushi person, but boy do they know how to plate food at Tojo’s! Looks too good to eat.

    Great video. Can’t wait to see Harmony tomorrow night.

    Best of luck during your month on your own. One may be the loneliest number, but two can be as bad as one! But that’s ok, you’ll have 5, including the pups. I would kill for a month to sit and read, and read, and read… on a beach… in the summer… *shakes head and wake’s up from daydream*

    Thanks for your post, pg15. You’re “almost” as much fun to read as Joe!

    Love ya, Joe!
    Patty O

  44. Good Food, Good Video, what more can we ask for??

    Yeah you alone for a month… At least if you get lonely and the puppies start hiding from you there is always us!!

  45. A MONTH? A WHOLE, ENTIRE MONTH? When my hubby is gone for only a week, by the second day, I’m in total withdrawal. I can’t even imagine what I’d be like if he was gone an entire month. Well, yes I can; but it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Hopefully you and Fondy can see each other on weekends. Your dogs, however, will be great company for you. They’ll probably miss Fondy just as much as you do.

    Hope Fondy has a very safe trip.

    The sushi looks scrumptious! Thanks for posting the pictures.


  46. I’m no sushi expert but that is the most beautiful sushi I’ve ever seen. I like sushi, generally, but am not very adventurous about trying what I consider to be “advanced sushi”. That is, sushi for experienced sushi eaters. That grouping looks good, though.

    So you’ll be alone for a month. Without Fondy. I hope you are able to stay busy enough NOT to get too lonely. A whole month! Wow. You may hear things in the house you haven’t noticed before. Enjoy!

  47. Your webblog always makes me hungry! You mentioned awhile back that alot of people tivo or tape SGA and watch it at a later time. Well I just wanted you to know that my sister and I make a big deal out of Friday evenings and ALWAYS watch SGA live! Quarantine was awesome although Teyla scared me to death when she stepped out the window! I have a fear of heights,even the fake but very realistic ones!

  48. Yesterday, LLB wrote:

    I can’t tell if Anne or Joe is the one pulling our leg with the info for next season.

    There was no attachment, of course. 😛 I just wanted to put the pun and RSI scenario out there, so I pretended Mr. M sent them. I do think that would be the perfect title for an episode that includes Ronon cutting his hair.

    If he had accidentally sent me secret information, I honestly don’t think I’d share it. I like knowing something someone else doesn’t. And I’m not above torturing them with the fact I know what they don’t. 😈
    Anne Teldy

  49. “okay sparklegem …I get it….


    Oh, no, Patricia, don’t read anything into my comment! I wasn’t pinpointing anyone, in fact I’ve only skimmed a few of others’ comments. I was honestly just considering if it would be impolite or not to re-post a question that hadn’t been answered before, and wondering whether that was done around here. Honestly. I just wouldn’t want to bother Mr. Mallozzi with the same question multiple times if he overlooked it purposely the first time.

  50. Though may I take it by your response, Patricia, that you do re-post questions and that it is therefore acceptable?

  51. Bleh, I hate enforced fasting. Clear liquids my shiny heinie!

    I’m so hungry I was licking the screen. Nom nom nom nom.

    Nice pics Horse N. Buggy, made me homesick.

  52. Strange things happen when family leave you on your own!

    First sign of madness.
    Silence over takes your mind and you end up humming show tunes to yourself, usually from Oklahoma. NB it’s a bad sign when the dogs start singing along.

    Second sign of madness.
    Food from you childhood becomes appealing again as your mind searches for a happy place. So be prepared to eat jello for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    Third sign of madness.
    Striking up conversations with complete strangers in an attempt to compensate for lack of human contact. Please note this can seriously freak out postman.

    Forth and most disturbing of them all.
    The overriding urge to contact long lost friends as a source of companionship.
    The little Jimmy McCree you knew in Kindergarden might not relish your enthusiasm for a night on the tiles for old time’s sake.
    Stalking and renewing an old friendship run a very fine line at times!

    But through all this Joe remember a month isn’t that long it’s just:
    4 weeks
    28 days
    672 hours
    40320 minutes
    2419200 SECONDS!!!!!!

    Not long really you could always talk to us, but we may just be a figment of your over worked imagination!

    Pauline or am I?

  53. Salut. Vous avez passez une bonne journée??, MOi NON::>> c’etait affreux, horrible, nul!! j’aurais mieux fait de rester dans mon lit =(

    Pourrais’je avoir un lien vers la video? car je ne peut pas la lire sur ce blog.

    Merci =)

    Bon je doit deja y aller, je suis vraiment morte de fatigue! Bisou Bisou ♥♥ Je vous adore, a demain!

  54. Ooo, you’re showing a dark side, Anne. I think I may have to cheer now when your character dies. 😉

  55. Bon après-midi Joseph,
    Alors comme ça on est seul pendant 1 long mois ? Ouais, j’imagine déjà le tableau: bouffe au resto, soirée entre gars, la maison à l’envers… C’est quoi cette orgie de sushi ? Je bavais comme Homer Simpson devant tes photos (je sais, je sais, c’est une très belle image de moi-même que je t’envoie ! ) Puisque tu as beaucoup de temps pour toi, est-ce que tu pourrais faire une présentation prise 2 de tes chiens ? À part Lulu, je ne suis pas certaine de 1: combien tu as de chiens, de 2: quels sont les noms des chiens et de 3: Maximus est-ce que c’est le gros beige mignon comme tout ?

    Allez, un mois ça passe vite, surtout avec tes fidèles et adorables lecteurs qui enrichissent pleinement ta vie !
    Morgia (y fait tellement froid ici, que c’est presque inquiétant…)

  56. Fondy gone until March?? That’s terrible! I’d like to bet the over/under on how many meals you’ll make from the pantry versus dining out. I’d bet the under on 5 made-by-you dinners.

    You know, California is a short strip search and flight away. You could fly on down for a weekend. If it’s near San Fran, I’d be happy to scout the restaurants.

    Oh, by the way, some friends and I want to come to Vancouver this summer. Can we sleep in your wok kitchen? 😛

  57. Hi, Joe, thanks for the video. And man, that sushi looks good, I love sushi :q There’s a place in my neighbourhood that me and my friend go to all the time, and they have the best spicy white tuna rolls I’ve ever had.

  58. sparklegem Said:
    “I was honestly just considering if it would be impolite or not to re-post a question that hadn’t been answered before, and wondering whether that was done around here. Honestly. I just wouldn’t want to bother Mr. Mallozzi with the same question multiple times if he overlooked it purposely the first time.”

    Oh, definately bother him! We all love to do that..hehehe! ;-D

    Many of us…and by us I specifically mean me among others…have reposted questions. After a few times of reposting and being ignored, you might want to give it up or wait awhile before reposting again…lol. But, many have reposted and reposted frequently.

    Quite impishly,

  59. Hey Joe. All the best to Fondy during her time away. I hope it all goes well.

    Just keep sane as we don’t want Fondy to come back to you standing at the front door (where you have been for days) in your pyjamas with tissue boxes on your feet, ala Mr Burns – “I call it the Spruse Moose”. The dogs will be dressed up in their own special outfits being made to wait at the front door with you. Bubba will be dressed up as a clown – nose and all, Maximus dressed up as a knight – with full metal suit and helmet, Lulu in a leather number much like Olivia Newton John in Grease to go with the new tatt (includes ONJ curly wig) and Jelly wearing a Superman costume with a nice red J on the front… all hand made by you.

    Aaaanyway, I’ve asked before and sorry to ask again. Not sure if the question wasn’t answered because it’s covered soon in the show or if you think “If I ignore her she will go away”. “Damn!” I hear you say, “she’s onto me”.
    How did the Wraith develop their hyperdrive technology? Was it taken/stolen from another race or as they evolved did they develop the technology themselves?

    Hope everyone is well!

  60. Hi, Joe!

    I guess you heard too that the world has lost Heath Ledger, a great man and a brilliant actor. Please, could you say some words about this in your next blog entry? How familiar were you with him or his movies, some toughts…

    It would make me feel a little better, as I’m hugely affected by his death and I’m still in shock, eventough I wasn’t a fan of his. But it’s so sad that he died so young and unexpected, leaving behind family, friends, a daughter, great works and a promising future.

    Please. Thank you in advance.

  61. You may be pleased to know that I have finally discovered the wonder of schnitzel and learned how to make it, all at once!

    I thought I had at last won a victory by being able to find the book club books while I was in America, but I ended up having to ship them back to myself anyway (I bought too many books.. heh.. go figure..), so here I am waiting as usual…

    Look at your newly acquired food stores this way; you’re all set for the zombie apocalypse!


  62. Hi Joe,
    I finally got to download “Quarantine” from ITunes. And it was a fun episode. I like these light-hearted episodes, granted the self-destruct was activated and the city was on the verge of blowing up, but still it was funny. lol! I especially enjoyed the transporter scenes between Zelenka and Carter. They do make an interesting pair. I loved how they took turns playing the “straight man” to the other’s “fool.” It just made the scenes that much funnier to watch. Radek’s face when he gets a good look at his boss’ assets while she has no idea what she’s doing to him. The look that Carter gives when Radek totally misses what she meant by needing a homing pigeon was priceless. I still laugh when I think about it.

    Now all we need is some Sam whumpage and all will be well. And maybe some Sam romance…why should Sheppard get all the fun? Please tell me it’s in the cards?

  63. Thanks a lot. You’ve got me craving sushi now. And all I have is twice-baked hamburger and potatoes! *cries*

  64. I doubt that one can of food will even be opened up.
    It’ll be a restaurant every night (but he won’t post ALL the pics) because Fondy will come home and know what he’s been up to. Ha!! gotta think ahead.

    Fondy: “Joe, why are all the cans still in the cupboard?”

    Gotta hide them Joe..

  65. Well I love the season so far and just want to give you your kudos. lol Tomorrows episode will be a great Birthday present! (Meh birthday is tomorrow) Sad to hear Fondy’s leaving for a while, hope to read more about how her shop is going! Plus loved the pups video. XD

  66. Annie from Fremantle AKA Kylie Said:
    Paging PG15,

    One lonely guy needing assistance (can you cook 5 star meals??)You must live near by Joe, so can you producer-sit for us?

    It’ll be my pleasure. I would love to whip up my patented Big Macs and Pizza Hut Pizzas for Joe. They’re the best that money can buy. Literally.

    I never said I was the one who patented them.

    PattyO Said:
    Thanks for your post, pg15. You’re “almost” as much fun to read as Joe!

    Thank you for the high praise! 😀

  67. Hey Joe, thanks for the video. It was great! I’m sure you will be fine for that month. Your dogs are great company I’m sure.

    Anyway, I’m kind of stuck in a reading rut. Quite often I visit Barnes & Noble to look for a book that catches my attention. I haven’t found any for several weeks now, and I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions. I looked through your blog for books, but there were a lot. Too many. Could you narrow it down to (in your opinion) the best?


  68. Ok, I originally came here for Joe’s blogbits on Stargate and his writing hilarity but I have to say – the comments from the rest of you guys are just a RIOT (well, I don’t usually understand most of the French…sorry to confess).

    So thanks, all you other commentators! Collectively you, are just a funny with it bunch 🙂

    I still love you too, Joe. Just in case you were worried… thanks for the video.

  69. I would love to whip up my patented Big Macs and Pizza Hut Pizzas for Joe: PG15

    Uh oh… please nooo! We all know the ‘Joe’s Big Mac incident of 2007″ don’t we?

    Wasn’t pretty.

    (However, it did inspire the funky Wraith hive sets and moist sound fx for S.O.W…)

    Where’s the new blog Lonely Guy? It’s not like you’ve got anything important to do 😉 hehehe

  70. How much trouble can Joe get into?/?? I’m sure it’s immeasurable! I too have to say that all the bloger’s comments make me laugh too! Thanks everyone!

    Is Fondy also in the diamond business? Just wondering!


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