Well, with only days to go before discussion begins on January’s book of the month club selections, I thought I‘d get the ball rolling on next month’s picks. We have two candidates running in each of the three categories. The nominees are…


Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge, edited by Lou Anders

(From Booklist: “An anthology inspired by its editor’s declaration that “science fiction is a tool for making sense of a changing world” contains quite a range of stories, from Elizabeth Bear’s “The Something-Dreaming Game,” in which children play a fainting game (basically autoerotic asphyxiation), and one girl communicates with the possibly last member of an alien species, to Tony Ballantyne’s “Aristotle OS.” In that mind-boggler, a journalist with computer problems upgrades from the familiar, platonic OSs to the titular system; the different systems operate on the theories of the philosophers referenced, causing some very interesting problems when the journalist connects to the Internet with its wealth of contradictory information. […] Other contributions by such familiar and new names as Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper, Mike Resnick and Nancy Kress, Gene Wolfe, and Paul DiFiippo fill out a worthy menu of engrossing forays into wildly, creatively varied futures.”)


Bright of the Sky: Book One of the Entire and the Rose, by Kay Kenyon

(From Publisher’s Weekly: “..a disastrous mishap during interstellar space travel catapults pilot Titus Quinn with his wife, Johanna Arlis, and nine-year-old daughter, Sydney, into a parallel universe called the Entire. Titus makes it back to this dimension, his hair turned white, his memory gone, his family presumed dead and his reputation ruined with the corporation that employed him. The corporation (in search of radical space travel methods) sends Titus (in search of Johanna and Sydney) back through the space-time warp. There, he gradually, painfully regains knowledge of its rulers, the cruel, alien Tarig; its subordinate, Chinese-inspired humanoid population, the Chalin; and his daughter’s enslavement. Titus’s transformative odyssey to reclaim Sydney reveals a Tarig plan whose ramifications will be felt far beyond his immediate family. Kenyon’s deft prose, high-stakes suspense and skilled, thorough world building will have readers anxious for the next installment.”)


The Darkness That Comes Before: Prince of Nothing Book One, by R. Scott Bakker

(From Amazon.com: “Many centuries ago, the world was nearly destroyed by the dark wizards of the Consult, and the High King’s family was wiped out–or so it seemed. Then from the wild, uncharted north comes a mysterious and extraordinarily powerful philosopher-warrior, Anasurimbor Kellhus, descendant of the ancient High Kings. But the return of the king’s bloodline is little cause for rejoicing. For Kellhus’s appearance may signal the overthrow of empires, the destruction of the sorcerous schools, the return of the Consult demons–and the end of the world.”)


Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions, by Neil Gaiman

(From Publisher’s Weekly: “Imaginative twists on old legends and frightening glimpses into the impossible combine to form this impressive collection of 30 stories and poems by the author of Neverwhere and co-creator of The Sandman graphic novels. Each entry skirts the edges of a puncture in reality through which something dark and mysterious peeks. Then it moves on and the apparition is hidden away again, but not forgotten. The narratives follow a dream logic: The angel Raguel, the Vengeance of the Lord, can bum a cigarette off a youth in L.A. and tell him the truth behind Lucifer’s fall (“Murder Mysteries”), and nonchalant assassins can be found in the Yellow Pages under pest control (“We Can Get Them for You Wholesale”). The bizarre and disturbing essence of the stories is highlighted by their background of absolute normalcy. Their prose is simple yet evocative, and Gaiman’s characters are textured with well-defined personalities.”


Children of the Night, by Dan Simmons

(From Library Journal: “While studying diseases of the blood in present-day Romania, hematologist Kate Neuman adopts an orphaned infant with an unusual immune system. Upon her return to the States, the baby is kidnapped and returned to its homeland. Aided by an American priest and a Romanian medical student, each with his own interest in the child, Kate traces it to a mysterious group linked to the legendary Dracula. Her attempts to discover the motive behind the kidnapping and to reclaim the baby form the heart of this thrilling and wonderfully diverting novel.”


Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin

(From the Inside Flap: “…Marsh meant to turn down York’s offer. It was too full of secrets that spelled danger. But the promise of both gold and a grand new boat that could make history crushed his resolve–coupled with the terrible force of York’s mesmerizing gaze. Not until the maiden voyage of his new sidewheeler Fevre Dream would Marsh realize he had joined a mission both more sinister, and perhaps more noble, than his most fantastic nightmare…and mankind’s most impossible dream. Here is the spellbinding tale of a vampire’s quest to unite his race with humanity, of a garrulous riverman’s dream of immortality, and of the undying legends of the steamboat era and a majestic, ancient river.”)

Start voting. Polls close midnight Tuesday.

Today’s pics: Miscellaneous photos from mom and sis’s recent visit.

Today’s blog is dedicated to birthday boy My Name Is Scott and birthday girl Valkyrie.

Today’s mail –

Valkyrie writes: “What’s the difference between a teleplay and a script?”

Answer: When someone is given the written by credit, they are being credited with having coming up with the story idea AND written the actual script. When someone is given the teleplay credited, they are being credited with the writing of a script based on someone else’s story.

Inkiya writes: “Do your dogs do the barking and howling too or do you have tought them to behave?”

Answer: Hell yes they bark. And howl!

Enzo Aquarius writes: “Reading your comment on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, do you have any plans to attend it?”

Answer: Do I! http://josephmallozzi.com/2006/12/19/december-18-2006/

Maggiemayday writes: “Do you mind my self-centered rambling as a substitute for relevant and/or profound questions?”

Answer: Actually, I find your ramblings charmingly relevant and profoundly self-centered. Go figure.

AtlantisQueen writes: “i was wondering if you can tell me how to get a music license?”

Answer: I can’t. Alas, not my area of expertise. However, feel free to ask me any questions about medieval musical instruments, the old Planet of the Apes movies, or gnome lore.

Rscvmiss writes: “I was wondering, as a writer, do you find yourself criticizing/analyzing other people’s work (be it a TV show, movie, etc.)?”

Answer: All the time. Alternately, I’m also more inclined to laud really good work.

Padawan Aneiki writes: “How are episode soundtracks handled with such a tight production schedule? How quickly does Mr. Goldsmith crank out new material, vs. how often to you “recycle” certain music beds that he’s written in the past?”

Answer: Over the course of the franchise’s lengthy run, Joel has amassed a fairly impressive music library that he does make use of. Over the course of a season, there’s usually a 50-50 split between new and established material. As for how Joel does it – he’s extremely talented. And fast.

a. loquita writes: “ I received an advanced copy of your “working titles” for the first half of season 5. […] And of course the highly anticipated mid-season cliffhanger will come at the end of: 10. The Long Anticipated Toilet Episode. Ohhh, I’m just so excited about season 5 already!!! I’m so right, aren’t I?”

Answer: Yes, with the exception of the toilet episode. Carl had a really hard time getting that one out before the strike.

Keirberos writes: “Have you ever had emu or kangaroo?”

Answer: Never had emu but did try a kangaroo burger once. I wasn’t exactly blown away.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Joe do you use any programmes to enhance your pics ?”

Answer: Nope. I just point and snap. Which is why a number of fans use their own software to “fix my pics”.

Sagacious writes: “From where do you purchase your books?”

Answer: Lately – Amazon.com

Anais33 a ecrit: “Combient d’heure d’avion y’a t’il entre Vancouvert et Montréal?”

Reponse: Environs cinq.

Sort of translation: It takes about 5 hours to fly from Vancouver to Montreal

MrsB108 writes: “Are there anymore surprises/reveals that will have fandom on the edge of their seats?”

Answer: Plenty.

135 thoughts on “January 4, 2008: Anders vs. Kenyon, Bakker vs. Gaiman, Martin vs. Simmons.

  1. Do you (or any of the other writers/executive producers) ever do cameos on set like Peter DeLuise used to on SG1 (even if its just something minor like an airman or a resident in a town visited by the team)?

  2. Book votes: Fast Forward 1, Smoke and Mirrors, Children of the Night. I have actually read very little fantasy, horror or science fiction books so I am just voting for it by how the title sounds. Very little = no horror; for fantasy, a couple of Jewish fairy tales, one young adult fantasy series (which was based on fairy tales), Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (same author who wrote the fairy tale based series), and a few King Arthur stories that were partially science fiction (King Arthur legends are pretty good, I’ve only read children’s fiction and adult’s non-fiction on the subject though, The Last Grail Keeper by Pamela Smith Hill was good, Avalon High was so-so); and for science fiction, Tatooine Ghost (Star Wars), a few of the Star Wars children series (Jedi Apprentice was pretty good), Stargate (Fandemonium, some, like Roswell or Relativity, were good, others, so-so), Goners series (again, a children’s series), The Power of Un by Nancy Etchemendy (that’s the only good reason to have an unusual name, everyone will remember it), and The Door In The Lake by Nancy Butts (what is with everyone being named Nancy?).

    Good luck with tonight’s episode. I will not be watching the episode on TV (no cable), but I will be downloading the episode off iTunes.

  3. I don’t have any questions regarding the old Planet of the Apes movies, but I have always wondered:

    Why do most gnomes opt to wear red hats?

    And why do you think the hurdy-gurdy has fallen in popularity?

  4. I am thrilled to see that Sci Fi has announced a new Get in the Gate sweepstakes! Sadly, it’s limited to US residents; even Canadians aren’t allowed! That seems wrong. It does, however, cut down on the competition a little.

    I’m looking forward to winning and meeting you in person. Now you really have to bring Carson Beckett back, so that I can meet Paul McGillion as well! (And of course David Hewlett–that almost goes without saying.)

  5. To The Wise and Esteemed Writer, Martin Gero:

    I asked this question of Joe Mallozzi a few days ago regarding Sunday:

    Second, the “explosive tumor”. When McKay was explaining how the process worked, he said that the radiation emitted from the device started the growth of the tumors, which then gathered the “raw materials” needed to complete the “bomb” from the body itself and, when the tumor reached critical mass, it exploded. So . . . since Carson removed the tumor from Watson’s body before it exploded, it stands to reason that it hadn’t yet reached critical mass, and, once it had been removed, it no longer had access to the raw materials it needed to complete the growth stage. This just begs the question: If the tumor no longer had access to the raw materials needed to complete the process, how could it have reached critical mass and exploded? I don’t buy that the tumor was just on the verge of exploding when Carson removed it because it sat in the organ transplant case for awhile before Carson got impatient and decided to take it and meet the bomb disposal unit “halfway”. I also don’t buy that there was something in the case that allowed the tumor to complete the process as I can’t believe that, given the situation, McKay would neglect to tell Carson that, if he did succeed in removing the tumor, he should ensure that it is not placed in proximity to anything that would allow the process to complete. So, how did the tumor manage to explode?

    and he passed the buck very nicely with the following response:

    Answer: I could argue that when the tumor reaches critical mass, it becomes highly unstable and can be set off by any number of things including sudden movements. But I won’t. I defer all exploding tumor questions to writer Martin Gero who will, coincidentally, be swinging by here to collect his questions after Friday night’s show.

    So now I’m asking the question of you.

    Based upon Joe’s “it becomes highly unstable and can be set off by any number of things”, I rewatched the portion of the episode where McKay is explaining how the tumors are created and when they explode. His explanation was:

    “The device emits millions of irradiated particles that have been genetically programmed to enter into our systems and gather behind the lungs. Now, as they go, they collect trace elements from our body that they need to complete an explosive compound, which, once in place, the tumor reaches critical mass and explodes.”

    He did not say: “. . . which once in place, the tumor reaches critical mass and becomes highly unstable and can be set off by any number of things causing it to eventually explode.”

    Anyway, since I don’t get to see BAMSR until Monday, I’ll be boycotting Joe’s blog over the weekend so that I won’t be reading the play by play before I actually see the episode. I will look forward to your enlightening and erudite explanation of how Carson managed to blow himself up when it doesn’t seem that he should have.

    As Big Jim McBob and Billy Saul Hurok would say:
    He blowed up good!
    Yeah, he blowed up REAL good!

  6. Anders, because I’m iffy about starting another series, Gaiman and Martin, without question! 🙂

    I had a great conversation about Niven and Pournelle with the proprietor of a small second hand bookshop in Pike’s Market, Seattle yesterday! This guy is seriously well read in the sci-fi world, he could probably even compete with you!

    Do you read other blogs/journals? Namely Neil Gaiman’s.. it’s very entertaining.


  7. Hi joe, How many SG-1 members do you plan to have in Season 5 so far??? Do you plan to introduce any of the SG-1 baddies to Atlantis during season 5??? It would be cool if the wraith captured Ford at the end of “The Hive” and experimented on him because the enzyme is part of his DNA and make him their version of Michael!!!

  8. My vote for the books
    SF = Fast Forward
    Fantasy = Smoke and mirrors
    Horror = Children of the Night …shutup!!

    (Sorry that line always reminds me of that vampire movie with George Hamilton – “Love at First bite”.. Renfield, what was that maniac drrriinking?).

    Itching to see BAMSR. Looking forward to the comments after mine, all talking about it and the wowee sfx.

    I do enhance your pics Joe, only when there’s something that piques my curiosity and I can’t see it. Picasa 2 (free from google) is wonderful at lightening those annoying dark pics. Your pugs make it to my desktop too.. they’re so darn gorgeous. Did you look at the “Charles has a licking problem” youtube vid someone linked you to? I did and now can’t get the song out of my head.. (also embarrassing when someone hears you singing it out loud in the supermarket – happened to me yesterday)

    Tell Fondy she’s just beautiful…love her face and hair.

  9. Joe – just caught up on you blog after a week away, you never cease to amuse me!

    My book votes are Scifi-Fast Forward 1; Fantasy-Smoke and Mirrors; Horror-Children of the Night.

    Speaking of reading, have you ever read Jennifer Fallon?

  10. Fast Forward 1, Smoke and Mirrors and Fevre Dream are my votes. (One word of caution: the US edition of Smoke and Mirrors is missing some stories that show up in the British edition. I think, though I could be wrong, that those missing stories were later added to the US edition of Fragile Things).

  11. Hi Joe. I finally think of a question (hope it hasn’t been asked already) and now I have laryngitis. Please forgive the squeaks and rasps: Did you meet Joe F’s guitar playing dog before you got Lulu and, if it was before, did that influence you into looking at adopting a French Bulldog?

  12. Hi Joe

    I’ve just finished that first three books of george r r martins song of ice and I have to say I did not find the characters as interesting as I thought I would.. The books were really depressive and left me feeling a little disappointed.. I did finish the first three because I hate leaving a book unread but they were not quite what I expected.. Maybe I should reread them again.. I liked the Lies of Loch lamara and Joe Abercrombies books much better.. But I guess the boks that really impressed me from 2007 were the Stephen Erikson’s series on the malazan empire.. I love characters with a sense of humor just like you.. any comments/


  13. Oh yeah!

    Hi Martin!!! No question for you because you’re gonna get hounded. 🙂

  14. I vote for Dan Simmons’ “Children of the Night”! (I haven’t read it, but this would give me the “push” to read it.)

  15. iamza said:

    Joe, out of curiosity, are there any stargates which spit people out of both ’sides’ of the event horizon? If not, why not? What makes one side of the event horizon so special?

    It’s been pretty solidly established that gate travel is one way only. I figure it’s probably to avoid collisions between matter streams going in different directions.

    HOWEVER . . . in the Stargate premiere episode, Apophis comes through the gate to Cheyenne Mountain, grabs the soldier/potential wifey host, then he and the Jaffa with him turn around and go back through the gate. At no time did the gate shut down while they were there, thus allowing for two-way travel through the gate!!

    Does Apophis’ and his cronies’ ability to go through the gate in both directions fall into the same category as the translator nanites in that the Goa’uld get special treatment by the gate system? Does it like them better than the rest of us? Do we not measure up to some as-yet-to-be-defined Lantean standard that the Goa’uld not only figured out, but were able to take advantage of?

    Since I just know that you are going to answer this question in the affirmative, I’m going to post my pre-scripted answer, too: Thanks, Joe, I feel really depressed now. I don’t even measure up to a worm in the head. *pouts*

  16. To be honest, the people who wrote the summaries for those books did not do well. Reading strictly them, I’d only be interested in Children of the Night.

    That being said, I vote for:
    Bright of the Sky: Book One of the Entire and the Rose, by Kay Kenyon
    The Darkness That Comes Before: Prince of Nothing Book One, by R. Scott Bakker
    Children of the Night by Dan Simmons.

    As to the Olympics…gee, Joe. You don’t sound too excited. Dare I ask if you have a favorite winter Olympic sport and what it might be?

  17. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Enfin des livres que je peux trouver à ma bibliothèque municipale(qui n’est pas vraiment grande en passant !) J’aime encourager les écrivaines alors je vote pour :
    Bright of the Sky: Book One of the Entire and the Rose, by Kay Kenyon

    Et comme je suis une fan inconditionnelle des romans et des films d’horreur je vote pour Children of the Night, by Dan Simmons. En fait j’adore vraiment avoir peur, mais ho !combien il est difficile de trouver de bons romans d’horreur ou de films réellement terrifiant !!! Espérons que celui là ne sera pas une déception.
    Je me demandais si tu avais déjà lu Frankenstein de Mary Shelley, c’est un livre que je trouve vraiment intéressant (ben en fait c’est pas pour rien que c’est un classique!!)

    Do you ever read American gods by Neil Gaiman ? Someone read this book ? I would like to read it, but Im not sure its is good, so, if someone can tell me some suggestions…

    Bon voilà bonne soirée et comme il ne faut pas oublier nos vieilles habitudes je vais me coiffer de mon chapeau de miss météo (non mais, c’est important d’avoir de la rigueur. Je sais que tu attends avec iiiiiiimpatience et fébrrrrilité de savoir quel temps il fait loin, très loin de chez toi !) : après un froid polaire voilà qu’il va pleuvoir pendant 3 jours… Grrr et ma neige dans tout ça ????????

  18. Okay Mr Mallozzi if that’s your real name, I have a couple of questions for you about Planet of the Apes.

    We all know the iconic scene at the end of the film when Taylor accompanied by Nova makes the discovery that they are on a post apocalyptic Earth.
    Would you as a writer have had Taylor shout…

    Damn you all to hell!
    It’s going to take me hours to dig that up.
    You start digging Nova luv I’m just off to the pub.
    I’ve come all that way for this, now I’m well pissed off!
    Whoa cool!
    I blame Tarzan, he was always on Cheetah’s back!

    Which of the six films did you prefer?
    Planet of the Apes
    Escape from Planet of the Apes
    Beneath the Planet of the Apes
    Conquest of Planet of the Apes
    Battle for Planet of the Apes
    Planet of the Apes (2006)

    Medieval musical instruments okay I was willing to accept this as I think your degree is in Medieval Literature. But I can not take seriously the possibility that you studied and instruments called ‘The Sacbut’ or and I think this may have swung it for me ‘The Shofar’. Ring any medieval bells Mr Mallozzi?

    Gnome lore I’m leaving alone….Gnomes = Scary dudes.


  19. Why are the replicators using the aurora class ships as their main fighting force? Why don’t the replicators have and use the battleships that the ancients had?

    Incredible episode by the way, a great way to start the new half of the season.

  20. Wow, great episode. Nice shock at the end and the planet exploding was amazing!! Loved the interplay between all the factions. Great job!!

  21. Just finished tonight’s episode. Wow. This season just gets better and better. Loved the cameo at the end. Loved Sam taking charge. Loved Ronon’s reaction to Teyla’s pregnancy. Loved it all.

    Two questions. 1) Were there any character developing scenes that you had to cut for time? The episode was jammed with so much stuff I imagine something had to go.
    2) Will we see a resolution (or continuation) to the Weir storyline in season 5? You’ve got to give us something after that kickass ending. 😉

  22. Me, again.

    Ben said: So now that atlantis is on another planet does that mean the next time a solar flare comes around on the other planet that everything will become extinct?

    I kind of doubt it since Atlantis was on the bottom of the ocean for 10,000 years and life on Lantea survived despite that fact.

    (Hey, I have to get in at least three posts today to carry you over until Monday. I know you’ll miss me too much, otherwise.)

  23. I must say bravo on tonight’s episode. I honestly did not see that coming.

    Can we expect this to be our villain in season 5?

  24. Oh wow, I just saw Be All My Sins Remember’d and I have to say it was a stroke of genius the way you handled Weir. Me who have been a long time critic of her character, but this was the PERFECT thing to do with her. Brilliant! I loved this ep.

  25. I Just want to say WOW. Loved the new episode. I like the new weir. She is going places..

  26. Well, BAMSR has aired. The final scene alone was worth the wait. The space battle as promised was fantastic(albiet a bit too short, but isnt that always the case). Good to see McKay finally back in proper form, and protesting he hadnt been out of form recently. Chuckled at the Colonels greetings and McKay’s reaction. Fran was lovely, and just got a kick out of watching Zelinka in the background as McKay was talking to her. Interesting solution to the Replicator problem, and do we get to see someone clue Rodney in to Teyla’s condition? Interesting reactions by Sheppard and Ronan. Sheppard’s actions were technically appropriate but his way of stating it indictes a certain sense of personal betrayal. Ronan stepped in very nicely there. Sam finally seems to be stepping up a bit as a CO, or it could just be that I find Ellis more dislikable than even Kavanaugh. And finally, we get more Caldwell. I am hoping we see more of both commanders. Especially if they go at cross purposes. I would like to see Ellis push Caldwell’s buttons enough to cause him to react..less than diplomatically. It does look like Sheppard is suffering a bit from the Kirk syndrome, and not handling it at all way that Larrin is less than overcome by his charms. And I dont see that the Travellers knowing where Atlantis is is going to be a good thing down the line. Nor that the Wraith have been made aware of the Travellers’ strength or the fact they own an Aurora class ship… outstanding job, and I’m looking forward to watching the rerun later tonight.
    No other questions; I’m sure there will be enough from other sources to cover any points of interest.

  27. May I be your blog’s first to congratulate you Joe, on BAMSR which just aired here in New Jersey. That was an absolutely terrific episode and I do most graciously THANK YOU! Creative, surprising and most eloquently well done sir.

    WOW… wow…wow. I viewed it LIVE, but will attempt to record it to my new DVD recorder on the replay version at midnight. I imagine the assorted forums will be blazing about this episode and rightly so. AMAZING twist at the very end. WOW.
    I anticipate the balance of S4 will be spectacular and now worry how you good folks shall continue to top yourselves…hm-m…

  28. Please pass along the following to Martin Gero for his Q&A:

    Dear Mr. Gero,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer fan questions. I very much enjoyed tonight’s episode there was something extraordinarily fun about finally seeing Carter and McKay getting into talking science for the first time. Plus “I know that’s not a word, Mr. Helpful” was, well, ingenious!

    However, I have a general question for you if you don’t mind? It’s something I’ve often wondered about… When you sit down to watch TV at home, do you automatically look at a show much like looking at a Stargate episode you are producing? As in, do you notice little flaws? Or can you just sit back and enjoy as a regular audience member? I wonder if knowing what you know, and doing what you do, sometimes spoils your enjoyment of movies and TV. That would be sad for you 🙁

    Secondly, if you don’t mind me saying, from the pictures that have been posted on this blog you are quite handsome. Maybe not at the same level as Mr. Flanigan or Mr. Hewlett but certainly more so than Mr. Mallozzi. Just thought you might want to know that so you can hold it over his head! Feel free to taunt him with that knowledge from time to time 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work on the show. I love season 4 and think it is by far the best one yet. Congratulations on continually raising the bar and outdoing yourselves.

    a. loquita

  29. Joe!! I was all set to give you big hugs and air kisses when I saw that the Daedalus was going to be on tonight’s episode. I thought: “finally, eye-candy in the form of Kirby Morrow!” Cut to the Daedalus Interior and there’s SAM CARTER SITTING IN KIRBY’S PLACE! NOOO! This is the first time I’ve been actually upset to see Carter on Atlantis! Is this to be Sam’s role everytime the Daedalus stops by? To add injury to this horror, the dreaded Traveller biyatch Larrin had to go and show up too. Pardon me while I cry into my ginger ale.

    Sorry, Joe. No air kisses for you. I must go mourn the loss of my Kirby eye-candy.

  30. Hi Joe, was tonight’s new episode Dr. Weir’s last appearance this season or will she appear in a later episode??? Thanks

  31. Oh, that was just a cool episode! Sheppard’s feelings are a little hurt, I think. My favorite line was Ronan’s “Don’t look at me!” I saw it coming a mile away, but it was still perfect. The whole alliance thing was creepy, not to mention Fran, with all kinds of lines being blurred (and stampeded across), and yet there were so many funny moments tossed in along the way–Zelenka stealing away in the background while Fran talks to Mckay…that little glance of Sheppard’s (you know the one I mean)…Ronan’s reaction to the Travelers’ reaction to the Wraith…

    I’m really glad I managed to NOT know how it was going to end–that was great! I’m still not sure what it means, but I have theories…

  32. Oh my gosh!! I just have to say how GREAT tonight’s episode was! Seriously amazing and the end was totally a shocker!! Can’t wait to see how this all plays out! Definitely the best episode yet!

  33. Fantastic episode. Lots of very daring writing, all very successfully executed. It’s the first episode this season that I enjoyed for its story and not simply because I was a long-time Atlantis fan.

    Couldn’t stop smiling during the Fran scenes. She was a very clever, useful part of the plot–very well written–and she had that familiar Stargate humor that seems to have been otherwise lost this season (“she couldn’t help but notice that Zelinka and I had a name and she wanted one too” / “hello”).

  34. Wow. BAMSR was worth the month wait, hell would have been worth a year wait.

    A question for you though if you will. The spacebattle scene, how long did that take to make? Also, when the vfx guys are doing that, what sort of direction (eg. The Apollo needs to kill 5 replicator ships, a traveler ship needs to die, and in the end the good guys win)?

  35. My first comment about tonights episode:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been the best season ever!!! Who came up with the idea to have the replicators fuse together and then solidify and then to drop to the core of the planet? That was AWESOME!!!! Great special effects! Great dialogue!! I loved the reactions of John and Ronon to Teyla’s announcement. It made sense for both. “Ronon is a great name for both a boy or girl!” Loved the Sam and McKay science/geek talk. Also, Sam defending McKay!!! Loved Zelenka and McKay science/geek talk tonight as well. Their relationship has grown quite a bit. The part at the wraith ship and on the travelers ship were awesome as well. Had to shoot Ronon several times!!! LOL!! Weir at the end was mind blowing though!!! Please pass this along to Martin! Big night to come back for mid season. Keep it coming!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

    Jen 🙂

  36. To Joe, Martin, and co,

    Amazing Job on “BAMSR” The effects were amazing. The character moments were heartfeld, and the battle scene was truly some of the best work I’ve seen. Now the end. WOW! I’m still picking up my jaw from the floor. So is it safe to ask….. Will Weir be in Season 5?



  37. A question for Martin Gero:

    In this episode, we saw McKay argue for a very narrow view of consciousness. He told us not to be concerned about the ethics of sacrificing Fran because she was only “zeros and ones”, a view Carter quickly agreed with. Was much thought put into this?

    I’m mildly surprised McKay doesn’t have a more liberal view of how we can determine whether something is intelligent or conscious or alive. He seems to be saying that anything which resembles a machine can never be an intelligent being worthy of the existential ethical considerations humans merit, by its very nature.

    I don’t know any astrophysicists. Most computer scientists I know, though, take a much more operational view. Of course, later in the episode we do see McKay hesitate a little in his conversation with Fran, but I’m still surprised he would make the argument in the first place.

  38. Rereading my earlier comment, I notice it looks very confrontational! Apologies to both Joe and Martin if I seemed unappreciative – the episode was fantastic and I very much enjoyed it.

  39. I vote for Smoke & Mirrors (Gaiman is a true master of the short story) and Fevre Dream (one of the best vampire novels ever written).

    I still highly recommend any books by Steven Erikson, if you like your fantasies large and tough.

    And…I was completely blown away by tonight’s episode. Everything was excellent, from Funny!Wraith to the great space battle. Kudos to you!

  40. Wooooo! What a ride! I just watched BAMSR and I have to say that I was impressed. Actually, my reaction was more like @_0 “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. As for reactions to specific aspects, I really loved Sam in this episode, from her calling Ellis onto the carpet for speaking to one of her personnel in the manner in which he did to calling Rodney out for creating a sentient being with the intent of killing it. Sam has always been my favorite ‘Gate character and for good reason (though Rodney is still my favorite Atlantis character, clueless as he may be at times). Also, it was great to see Sam and Rodney doing the science thing together. I’ve been waiting for that since Amanda Tapping joined the cast, thank you! As for Elizabeth, again I say !!!!!!!!!!! Nicely done, I wasn’t expecting that after events in TMC. I really love the Weir character and was not happy to see her leave the main cast, but I am looking forward to her appearances as a potential baddy.

    The book selections really look interesting this time out. I’m placing my vote for the two anthologies and the George R.R. Martin. I remember reading his “Sand Kings” as a novella in Omni Magazine and being quite disquieted. Okay, more like completely weirded out, and that rarely happens (most horror fiction just bores me silly).

  41. WHOA! Talk about one wild ride!! It was soooo exciting, seeing everyone fight side-by-side like that! And that space battle!! Worthy of Star Wars, that was! 😀

    Loved Sam dressing down Ellis! Poor Rodney — for all his overconfidence, the fate of the galaxy rested on his shoulders, and all they seemed to do is get mad at him for failing again and again, rather than accept that they would have to just take what they could get. I almost wish he would have thrown up his hands and told them that they could bloody well fix the problem themselves, then ….

    Geez, for all Sheppard’s talk about not just walking into a trap in “The Seer”, he basically willingly walked into potential traps TWICE this ep! (Er, not that he really had much of a choice, I just think it’s funny.) Thank Gaia the Wraith didn’t betray/capture them — I didn’t really think that they would (Patrtially because Todd seems an honorable sort, and partially because the Wraith needed human cooperation for the plan against the replicators to work), but I was afraid I was wrong, ya know? (And really, I could hardly blame Todd for wanting the shoe to be on the other foot if they *had* taken them captive!)

    LOVED how Ronon treated Teyla when she announced she was pregant — he was soooo sweet, with the having noticed before, and the handholding, and “”Ronon’s a good name”! (Also loved his “It wasn’t me!!”) Sheppard’s hurt/angry reaction was also great! Too bad we didn’t get to see Rodney’s — does he even know yet, by the end of the ep? And judging by something I saw on the yahoo TV listing site, I’m guessing that, as much as Teyla wants to believe that it was her Athosian guy’s baby, it isn’t … Well, time will tell, I guess. (How do you spell his name, anyway? Kanaan?)

    I really liked Fran. Not only did she offer some great character development for Rodney, but her character asked some interesting philosophicall discussions as well about purpose/fate, sentience, etc. If you think about it, the military people whould understand her very well, since they too expect to protect their people with their lives …

    Loved Rodney’s “We’re geniuses!” to Sam, and her smile at that. 🙂 Loved Ronon dragging Rodney around by the wrist, too.

    Glad Todd got to go back to his people (What has the poor guy been eating all this time after Wallace??) I was half-afraid that the Wraith would go to the rendezvous and shoot at the other ships — I hope it’s a further testament to Todd’s honour that they did not.

    Hmmm. After all the struggle to keep Atlantis’ new locale a secret, now both the Travellers and the Wraith know. I wonder if they will consider moving the city again, or if they will just say, “Oh well, the Wraith knew where it was before, we’ll just deal” …

    And ZOMG, ELIZABETH!! Love her badass leather version of the new uniform!

  42. By now, many of us have had the opportunity to figure out the “compression, not diffusion” clue. I actually envy those who are still waiting; I think most of them will agree this episode was well-worth the wait.

    I loved “Be All My Sins Remember’d,” would not hesitate to rate it 9.5 out of 10 (nothing’s perfect, and I tend to be less than generous with critical praise), and can’t wait to rewatch it in about 10 minutes.

    I’m impressed by all the little things that were done so well, and by all the awesome things that were done superbly. The VFX and SFX were pitch-perfect, IMO, and the theater-quality battle scenes were awesome times two. Rich atmosphere is a huge selling point for me, and I was in no way disappointed by what I experienced.

    I thought the story very, very good indeed. I always have a hard time following the science, which was such a large part of this episode; but the various alliances were plausible and relatively easily understood – a very good thing given the complexity of all things taken together. Also, I continue to admire the finessing of humor and lighter character interactions into extremely serious situations – a combination that SG: Atlantis does so well.

    To others, this will be a small point; but to me, it’s an important one: Carter was *so* good in establishing herself further as Atlantis’s leader – excellent, pithy and effective use of her onscreen time there – and also had her time to shine as someone who remains the quintessential scientist. However, I felt that some of that positive character development was negated by her sort of laughing or shrugging off the news of Teyla’s pregnancy (an issue I thought Sheppard dealt with effectively and appropriately, given the US military’s standing guidelines for same). I think it would’ve been more suitable for the CO to look a little more concerned about the matter. Sure, Carter and Sheppard are two different people, but they’ve spent a good long while operating under the same guidelines.

    – The ending is ominous and eerie, especially given the episode’s title. I’ll *really* love seeing that again.

  43. Just had to say…BAMSR rocked. I’ve not been overly fond of the Replicators in general, but I have to admit, I found this to be very engaging.

    Kudos to M. Gero and everybody involved. 😀

  44. Mr. Marty G and Joe:

    Great episode. It was truly a layered with an ever changing plot but the pace was perfect. I’m amazed you were able to squeeze in so much. The ‘fleet’ of enemies/allies was cool as it was to getting them all to agree.

    Creative way to destroy the replicators that we know. Loved the Godzilla reference as I was thinking of the same thing.

    Still on the fence about Larrin even though I found the flirting to be fine..its not like Sheppard can do it with anyone on base considering his position.

    I found everyone’s reason to Teyla’s news fitting. Ronon the big brother and there to help. John’s sense of a broken trust..she waited two months to inform them for one thing…as I suspect Sheppard isn’t close to many but most importantly Teyla is his responsibility as is the health of her baby…and being taken off duty was the right call.

    Nice to see Sam defending McKay—and Rodney’s creation of Fran was a moral pickle but not one dragged out. Nice to see for once that the creation enjoyed fulfilling her obligation.

    Repli-Weir was an interesting twist. I’m guess that was the faction of replicators seeking to ascend, who better to clone then that of Elizabeth.

    A job well done.

  45. Here is one thing I never understood about Bra’tac. He was the First Prime before Teal’c. Why was he no longer First Prime? The Goa’uld don’t seem like the type to offer retirement or offer any way out other than death. Just seems like he would have ended up either dead in combat or dead at the hands of Apophis for making Apophis look bad.

  46. Overall, I loved the episode. I thought it was very well done. Loved the battle scenes and it was awesome to see Caldwell again. Hope to see more of him in the future.

    A couple of things about this episode did bother me, Joe. Please pass this on Martin Gero if you wouldn’t mind.

    I spent four years active duty in the military and several years working as a flight medic in an Air Guard unit. I knew a lot of high-ranking officers…majority of them being helicopter pilots. I have NEVER (and I emphasize the ‘never’) seen one become so derogatory as Ellis was to Rodney. I thought he crossed the line and it was very unbecoming of him. I also felt it was completely out of character for what I know of officers of that ranking. It went too far and I thought it was a bad idea to present him that way. I think there was a better way of handling it. My experience with officers who have seen combat is that the higher the stakes…the more by the book they are. It’s about the job and not about tossing out insults like a high school kid. That’s how I saw Ellis’ behavior and it harmed his character as far as respect goes. I don’t know of any officer who ever behaved in such a way and I did not ring true for me on this episode. The frustration Ellis has…yes, I understand that, but the immature comment was not him, IMO.

    My second complaint is Teyla’s discussion with Sheppard. I understand Sheppard’s anger, but I thought that was handled badly as well. Being pregnant does NOT warrent being taken off duty. It does however call for Teyla not going offword to dangerous missions. She still has duties to perform on Atlantis and I thought Sheppard was out of line by taking her off duty. I hope that was not your intention. Pregnant women on duty is common in the military.

    I do love this episode, but those two moments harmed it, IMO.

  47. For Martin,

    There were a lot of moving parts to this episode: team moments, betrayal, revelation, posturing, collaboration, science, friendship, space battles, globs, ethical dilemma, threat of impending doom, etc.

    How were you able to pack it all into the alloted pages/timeframe without making it dense or hard-to-follow?

    For Joe,

    You missed an opportunity in your mailbag today when you answered someone’s question regarding your ever having eaten kangaroo. You could have said, “It didn’t make me jump for joy.” I would have smiled at that.

  48. Well Joe, you guys have redeemed yourselves. BAMSR was really good. I wasn’t expecting nearly that quality after the not so goodness of TMC. I still ran into a few problems but overall had a great time watching. It’s the first time in over two years I’ve had the urge to rewatch any Stargate episode so something must have been done right. 🙂 Great job (and pats on the back) to all the cast and crew. And especially to Martin Gero, writer extraordinaire.

    Ronon has fast becoming my favorite SGA character. (HeeHee: Ronon can be used for a boy or a girl.) This after being super cautious about him as a replacement for Ford. Yes, he’s just nosed out Sam for that space. For the moment anyway. Though I don’t think anyone else will even come close, as much as I like Teyla, Zelenka and some others.

    And someone needs to stop taking gel to Joe F’s hair. It’s silly. 3.5 years into it and (in my opinion) Shep will never be more than a poor Jack clone, hair included.

    Weir? Replicated Weir? Cloned Weir? WHY????????


  49. (Question for Martin Gero for post Q&A of Miller’s Crossing)

    Dear Danger Beckett,
    1)Have you mourned the loss of your brother?
    2)Do you miss having your brother around?
    3)(If answered yes to # 2) what do you miss most about your brother?
    4)Has your accent improved?

  50. @Cyn ~ Odd … on another forum, a woman I know whose husband is in the military said that a woman is taken off of active duty the moment a pregancy is confirmed … Her husband is currently serving — perhaps things have changed since you were enlisted? Even if the can still serve, I think it totally fits Sheppard’s character to be so very protective, and get angry when he thinks some one he carses about is taking an unnecessary risk. Look at how he refused to let Rodney risk his life to save Jeannie! Not to mention how hurt he must be that he knew nothing about Teyla’s seeing some one. (Interesting that Ronon knew — is that because Teyla bonds with Ronon over not being an Earther, or was Sheppard the one she had the crush on in Sunday?) As for Eliis — while his behavior might not fit with the standard of his rank, a) other ranking military on the show have been less than respectful to John before — Sumner, that guy in The Seige whose name escapes me, even Caldwell to an extent — so it’s not exactly something new to the show, and b) I don’t think we’re exactly *supposed* to be happy with Ellis. We can’t really not be happy with him if he doesn”t do something to *make* us unhappy with him, right?

  51. Here goes my congratulations/questions for Marty G.:

    First off, awesome episode. After reading Alex’s blog about the “most ambitious” effects sequence to date, I was impressed with what that translated to on screen. The dialogue and the drama were top notch too. The moral twangs of guilt when Rodney has thoughts about Fran, perfect. Here’s my question:
    Obviously there was a huge cameo during the conclusion that sets up a new arc (which probably will be paid off near or at season’s end). How much of BAMSR was pure Martin G. and how much of the episode do you credit to the room )or things that you knew “had” to happen)?

    (For instance, the new Weir arc/Teyla’s baby was (maybe?) decided on before you penned the episode)

    Thanks so much for agreeing to comment on the episode during your holiday!

  52. Joe,
    Will a lot of staff members be taking off to attend some of the 2010 sporting events? or will most of you stay away from the crowds and such?

  53. To wolfenm…
    Shep is an experienced career military officer who understands the demands of command. Women in the military who become pregnant are allowed to remain on duty throughout their pregnancy. The only times they are restricted is either if their health deteriorates or if their job is too dangerous. Most of the time pregnant women in these positions are reassigned to less hazardous duty to they can fulfill their commitments. I can assure you…it hasn’t changed.

    Sheppard had every right to be angry. Teyla should have told him the second she found out. She’s a leader and she knows she should have. I don’t blame him for his anger. However, he was wrong to take her off duty like that. He should have restricted her from going offworld instead.

    Caldwell never went to the lengths that Ellis did in this regard. Bates wasn’t of the same rank. He was enlisted and not held to the same standards that officers are. It’s just the way it is in the military. Ellis was way out of line and I won’t change my opinion about this. It was out of character for an experienced combat officer in a position of command. It was high schoolish and immature. I feel the writers made a mistake here and it harmed the character.

    I think they could have let Ellis express his anger at Rodney without resorting to immature insults that belong on a street corner.

    Caldwell was a bit of a jerk, but he was handled quite well in that regard without harming his credibility on the show. He remained a strong character despite the stunts he pulled such as during ‘Conversion’ when John was going Wraith.

    They didn’t do that here with Ellis. Forever will I see that as taking a Colonel who commands the Apollo and turning him into some guy who pulled an immature insult out of his back pocket like it was his wallet. Sorry, but this harmed a good character and it’s one fo the few times I can’t agree with the writers on this. 🙂

  54. The science and tech stuff was much more comprehensible for me upon the second watching.

    More plusses: Occasionally I’ve had issues with dialog + acting, acting + directing, and directing + editing – though admittedly it can be very hard for a layman to sort those elements. IMO, in BAMSR all these were very well done (with the exception I already mentioned, re: Carter’s response to the news of Teyla’s pregnancy). For instance, (1) Larrin was much more of a two-dimensional character. Also, Joe F. did a great job of taking split-seconds to show Sheppard’s ongoing (and comic) interest in Larrin’s bod, even while he continued to work on the more serious matter at hand. – (2) Teyla and Ronon’s scene made maximum use of dialog and acting to show that they’ve grown to be good friends. Ronon’s lines, I felt, played to Jason M.’s strengths as an actor. That’s been a problematic issue from my POV. (3) Something else that stands out for me in this area are the brief statements or conversations that help put perspective on everything that’s happening in this episode. (For instance, Caldwell’s reflection about Cold War events, plus various characters’ afterthoughts.)

    I thought BAMSR was going to feature a different kind of moral ambiguity until we met “Fran.” Of course the theme she represents is just about as old as sci-fi itself; but again, it gets a fresh and thought-provoking spin on SGA. And, this time the ambiguity didn’t feel at all forced: the situation developed very naturally from the circumstances. Characterization was strong here as those present displayed their varying reactions. McKay’s obviously developing thoughts/feelings about Fran were very touching, subtly conveyed as they were. – The need for Fran to become part of the story is where I had to suspend disbelief; but that leap of faith is something one never (or rarely?) escapes with sci-fi, and I thought the moment was handled very well in this ep.

    A negative, small though it may be: Todd’s makeup looked pretty superficial compared to Wraiths of episodes past. That does tend to lessen credibility, when you’ve been used to a much more alien appearance. Also, as undoubtedly has been asked 20,000 times, how were our heroes keeping Todd going? How long had it been since he fed on Wallace?

    Kudos to one and all for a story that was not only strong on plot but also delivered wonderfully in every other regard, and thanks much to Joe M. for setting up a Q&A with Martin Gero.

    One question for Marty G: I know this issue isn’t unique to SG: Atlantis, but how could a beaming device be strong enough to bring McKay et al. back up from the Replicator home world, which by that time must have had a truly incredible gravitational force?

  55. ‘be all my sins remembered’ was great! top story telling and top everything else! LOVED seeing sam again and how wonderfully she was in the story. we saw leadersam and scientistsam and… *sighs happy sam fan sigh*

    i’ll save the full review for gateworld… that is, if all the ppl flooding the site doesn’t continue to knock it off it’s server. it’s down. 😛

    but man, now wonderful it is to be this jazzed about stargate again. thank you!! 😀

    sally 😀

  56. Holy Crap! The last minute of that episode was awesome but please tell me that wasn’t her 4th and final episode of the season. There’s just so many places to take her character now. I’ve always liked Sam as well but never really felt she fit in here until tonight, way to stick up for Rodney, you go girl. Well Done!

  57. I have been trying to think of something clever to say about BAMSR, instead of just my normal “bravo”, WooHoo”, “very cool”, or some such thing. I’m at a loss, however, so I will just say “bravo”, “WooHoo”, and “very cool”! I can’t wait to see where we’re going next.

    I would have loved a little more of the space battle, but I know time and money are limited. What we got was eye-poppingly gorgeous. Many thanks for another great episode!

  58. Livin’ in the UK as many of us do we haven’t caught BAMSR as yet and so can’t comment, feels a bit like bein the poor relative on this side of the pond but no matter, Sky are showing SGA so it should be on tuesday so I am not reading todays blog comments (-spoilers-nasty critters!)
    Anyway, its my birthday tomorrow(sunday )and I ain’t gettin’ any younger so could I have tomorrows blog dedication please before the alzheimers sets in ?

    The plot!! What a plot!!!
    Congrats to Martin for this awesome-tastic piece of art.

    I think this was the best episode ever. It included everything fans love. A great plot. Mortal enemies as allies. A big space battle. A new scientific crazy approach. Hot aliens/robots women. Romance and suspence (Well, I’m talking about the Teyla/Kanan storyline. And on a less romantic level Rodney realising that Fran was going to die. The look on Rodney’s face made me want to cry. Now I’m waiting for Rodney to create another repli-Fran.) And a killer cliffhanger of course…. repli-Weir is alive and kicking. What is she up to?

    My favorite parts:
    -The intergalactic cooperation Wraith/Travelers/ Earth = huge kick ass space battle that make me wish I had a HD screen TV.
    -Rodney creating his own replicator. Can we have more Fran??Please!!
    -Compressing the replicators to make them implode. Sheer genius! Where do you get those crazy ideas??
    -Teyla revealing her pregnancy and Sheppard taking her off the team. Oh!!!
    -Ronon knowing about Kanan (I was speechless.) Ronon is acting so sweet. That’s a nice touch to his his character.
    -Ellis saying “Son of a bitch, he actually did it” about Rodney. ( I am so proud of Rodney!)
    -Rodney/Radek banter. (More scenes please… those two are gold!)
    -Sam/Rodney sharing smiles of technobabble. (That’s the Carter/McKay I love!) Sam was awesome! She finally gets more air time and interacts as a scientist with Rodney ( Finally!) I had been waiting for Sam to interact with Rodney. Those two are scientists, Sam should be more involved or excited about the science aspect. I loved when Sam told Ellis off after his harsh words to McKay. Thumbs up!

    My questions:
    -Are we going to see the replicators again in season four or do we have to wait for season five?
    -Was this Torri’s last episode of the season?
    -Will we see Fran again?
    -Why the leather on Elizabeth? That didn’t look very replicatorish…
    Congrats again!

  60. Wow! That was one fantastic episode. Have to say my jaw hit the floor at the ending, didn’t see that one coming at all. This season just continues to get better and better.

  61. @ cyn & wolfenm – Women in the US Military are not taken off of active duty when a pregnancy is confirmed, but they are prevented from performing any duties that are considered hazardous. If a woman works in a military specialty that may be considered hazardous, such as Military Police (law enforcement and combat support), they are pulled from the duty roster and are usually placed to work in some capacity in one of the headquarters sections. Any woman who is deployed to a combat zone at the time she discovers she is pregnant is pulled out of the theater of operations immediately, usually back to whatever military installation from which her unit has been deployed.

    As for the chewing out Teyla received from Sheppard, that definitely fits. Sheppard is responsible for the well being of those under his command and Teyla withheld information vital to her wellbeing and that of her child, as well as that of the other members of her team. Also, in reality, Dr. Keller would have been duty bound to report Teyla’s condition to Sheppard as Teyla’s commander, since Teyla serves on a gate team in a military capacity. The same would also be true if McKay or Ronon were diagnosed with any condition that could adversely affect their duty performance as a member of a gate team. McKay is a civilian working in a scientific capacity, but he also carries a weapon and performs duties in a military capacity whenever the team encounters a dangerous situation.

    *looks at post* Er…sorry that got so long winded, but hopefully it cleared up any confusion.

    Sulien (US Army, Retired)

  62. Does Carter have any flaws? Other than going by the book (for now)?

    Do we have to anticipate major character deaths in the future?

    Do you face problems when writing poetry or do they just come out of your mind instinctively? Because the poem you wrote is superb. I want to learn to write like you.

  63. i loved sam yelling at ellis, and i liked fran and the bit of elizabeth at the end, but wow, i thought teyla should have handed john his head on a platter!

    i think he forgot that she’s a leader, and not us military, not american, not even from earth. she’s a pegasus native, of people who have lived under the threat of the wraith for millenia, and probably has a pretty good idea what is worth the risk to her.

    if she was us military, sure she would have to follow us military rules. but since ronan doesn’t have a military haircut yet, it sure doesn’t look like either of them have signed up to be all they can be…. so afaik they’re pegaus natives who are working together with the earth people against a common enemy.

    unless john has sat down both of them in the past and told them that if they become parents to be they’re off the team, he sure has no business acting all pissy and betrayed because teyla didn’t tell him when she’s only 3 months along. even on earth there are cultures where pregnancy is NOT something you tell non-family, especially that early!! you wait until the child is born and healthy and THEN you tell everyone. and yes, everyone can see a big belly full of baby, but talking or aksing about it is rude/bad luck/intrusive/etc.

    so that is long and rambly, but i really do want to know why teyla did not beat some sense into john for forgetting exactly who teyla is…and who she is not.

    thank goodness ronan has more sense, that’s what i say. (and boy do i hope that rodney does too!)

  64. I already gave my review of “BAMSR” but this is for Marty G.
    Since you will be reading Joe’s blog I justed wanted you to know that I enjoy your screenplays. You really have a great sense of pace, nothing ever drags and the amount of action and exposition intersperses with slices of character moments is excellent.

    My favorites include “Conversion” because you took what could have been a hokey idea and really developed a juicy, interesting episode. We got a peek at what happens when accidentally our team’s own research comes back to bite them which plays into one of the show’s over all arcs. This epiodes allowed for meatier more dramatic scenes between the actors which is tough in sci-fi. We also got to see sides of Sheppard we normally don’t because of the limitations of his ‘hero’ archtype.

    I’m also a fan of “The Tao of Rodney” it was a wonderful exploration of McKay’s growth and development. It had loads of great team interactions as well and a more detailed look at how each of them mean to Rodney and it was an excellent platform for McKay to ‘atone’ for his past flaws and treatment. One of my favorite Rodney and Ronon moments was when McKay removed Ronon’s scars.

    To keep things balanced, I wasn’t a fan of “Sunday’ not for killing Carson since that wasn’t your idea, but how he was killed. Exploding tumor? Really? What a horrible way to kill him, any other way would have made his death a little more noble. On the plus side it has one of my favorite Ronon and Sheppard scenes.


    In “Miller’s Crossing” was there a lot of arguments in the writer’s room about that those last ten minutes? What were your thoughts/intentions concerning Sheppard’s decision at the end?

    You write the most interesting screenplays with a Rodney focus..why do you think you gravitate to his character so much?

    You seem to write the majority of the scenes in episodes exploring Sheppard’s not darker side per say, but a more layered one. Ever think you might do something that explores that aspect of him more in a heavier way like you did Rodney’s flaws/redemptions in “Tao”?

    Again not to be picky, but how did a tumor create such force and explosion as we saw in “Sunday”?

    Thank you.

  65. Overall a very good episode except I wished Larrin was on the Travelers ship that was destroyed. A poorly conceived and executed character that did not improve in this episode, from an otherwise intriguing race that we know only a little more about. Her cold and unfeeling reaction to Sheppard’s condolences for loosing a ship was the final nail in the coffin for me. I hope we never see her again, nor the eye-candy only “actress” who tried to portray her.

  66. Hello Joseph =) Sa va bien aujourd’hui??

    Merci de m’avoir répondu. Vous êtes adorable! 5 heure d’avion..humm sa peut aller. Trés joli les photos, et votre soeur ressemblaient beaucoup à votre mére.

    Lire, lire, lire..oh je n’ai jaimais eu vraiment l’envie de lire. Et en plus de sa je n’ai pas trop le temp.

    héhé ce soir a etait diffusé “Be all my sins remenber’d” Jespert que ce qui ont regardaient ont bien aimaient. Je suis sure que oui!!!

    Bon j’y vais je repasserais plus tard KISsssssss!!!

  67. Hi, Joe!

    Wow, oh wow! BAMSR was a fantastic episode for a mid-season preview! Wonderful story, and the ending…totally unexpected. Excellent.



  68. W



    I wouldn’t have thought you could top Lost City pt II (at least in terms of space battle whumpage) but evidently I was wrong. Fantastic episode, kind of like The Battle of Endor meets Akira.

  69. Loved BAMSR! The visuals were incredible — both the multiple hyperspace jumps and the replicator mass were incredible. (During the space battle, it was hard for me to tell who was who, so I just figured I’d find out from dialogue soon enough, and that worked!) Another outstanding ep from Mr. Gero (and team)!

    And now for my Gero questions:

    Will we ever see Rodney’s reaction to Teyla’s announcement of her pregnancy? (I imagine John practically RAN to the labs to tell him!)

    I have been loving Chris H’s wraith “Todd” — any chance we’ll see Chris in some other role this season? 😉

    And enough of the off-topic questions, let’s get down to the real Mallozzi blog material: What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten, and would you have it again if you had the chance?

  70. Hi Joe & Martin,

    Loved BAMSR – best ever SG episode!!!
    A couple of questions if i may:

    Could you please tell me whether the Weir at episodes end was Atlantis’ Weir or is she a clone?
    After seeing this episode im even more excited for Atlantis to be available in HD/Blu-ray. Do you know of any plans?


  71. The only question that I can think of at this point is one that I think you already answered, but, I’m not sure where you answered it – this blog or the other.

    So, here it is again: What is the significance of the title?

    As to the the episode: I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I was also pretty frustrated by it. I’m beginning to get (later season) X-Files frustrated by it. I REALLY hope the future “Shepherd backstory” episode answers some questions about the character.

    Right now, he is a weird combination of Faust and Peter Pan. He’s been presented with some pretty hard choices over the seasons thus far and been willing to shoulder the responsibility for those choices. His interactions with the Wraith have come across a deals with the devil – but with the added kick that he has always been ready to doublecross them as well for the safety of Atlantis. If his character worries about such things – and some comments he has made at various time indicates that he does at least time to time – then he has had a few sleepless nights wondering about his eternal soul.

    Then, we have his personal relationships – where, as demonstrated last night – he can be a real &*#(). Not only did he treat Teyla like crap, but he made his farewell to Larren cringeworthy. After the earlier scene with Teyla, it came across as if he was thinking that “the potential failback relationship just went bust so I better find someone else that I can pretty much ignore until it suits my purposes”.

    Now, we could speculate why he acted like a such a jackass with Teyla, but it would be purely speculation. We don’t have enough of a backstory about the character to get a real idea as to why he does what he does in his personal relationships. What little we have been given – the story about his disobeying orders in Afghanistan – has not been consistently presented the same way each time. Minor variations – or hallucination induced versions of it – have made the story somewhat fuzzy.

    Now, Shepherd isn’t alone in being a jackass in personal relationships – O’Neill was a master at it. However, from the beginning we knew that the man had lost a son in horrific circumstances and lost his marriage in the fallout from the death of his son. You could understand why the man could be such a jackass. Still speculation, but somewhat informed speculation. We don’t have that – yet – with Shepherd despite it being Season 4.

    One more question – although not related to the episode:

    Who is in the picture on the table by Shepherd’s bed in his room? First, in reality, who is it? Second, will be ever find out the relationship between that person and Shepherd?

    Again, I loved the episode. Great – GREAT space battle. Loved Ronon’s response to Teyla’s news. Thought the magic ancient machine being presented at that moment was a little too convenient, but it worked very well. (Actress played it perfectly. She – and the writing – were so good that Rodney may have his own soul questioning moments in the future.) Loved Sam dressing down Ellis for his comments AND loved Ellis’s comments. The conflict there was not neatly wrapped up in 10 seconds but simmered throughout. I liked that. And, of course, the twist at the end was brilliant.

  72. Wow! Did you spend half your FX budget on this episode?! It was stunning. Simply stunning. Even my father who hates sci-fi and has never seen an ep of SGA in his life made a comment about how nice it looked. (Considering I’m visiting his home, I think he was good-natured about it.)

    And thank goodness for avoiding spoilers. I completely loved that last scene. It would’ve been no fun had I known.

    As promised, the scene when Teyla reveals her pregnancy was well-acted. A very interesting dynamic forming there. I’m looking forward to see where this goes.

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  73. ○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥○♥
    a oui j’allais oublier :

    JOyeux anniversaire JOE FLANIGAN
    JOyeux anniversaire PAUL MCGILLION


  74. I vote for Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors. Joe, since Carl has been a writer for Disney, and is in the WGA, does that mean he cannot work for you guys too? Or because ya’ll are in Canada, it is different?

  75. Hi ya Joe! Thanks for the blog dedication yesterday. That was très cool!

    I have a question for both you and Martin. Have any of you guys had writer’s block and how have you dealt with it?


  76. Hey Joe!
    Just have to say BAMSR rocked!!!!!! I loved it -got great satisfaction seeing the planet blown to pieces I have to say. I think my favourite bit has to be that lovely Ronan and Teyla scene when she tells them she is pregnant!! It was just perfect and I love seeing that side to Ronans character!!!! Also loved the very last scene and I am VERY interested to see were you guys are going with it!!

    I guess thats the “compress not diffuse” part of the poem fufilled?

  77. Hi Joe realy enjoyed BAMSR, just a couple of questions for Martin Gero

    I was very surprised to see Sam giving in to the argument that Fran was not a sentient being, as all she consisted of was zeros and ones as in binary language.

    On the other hand the team’s reaction to Teyla’s foetus as being twelve week gestation was completely different. Would she have been taken off active duty if she would have told them before? We take twelve weeks as being the time when the foetus is fully formed and therefore ‘looks’ human. Human life seems to dominate over any other form of life, as far as the right to exist.

    Humans after all come down to a code of their own using DNA’s four base pairs which replicates as the base code bound together by hydrogen bonds. We are more like the replicators than we want to admit even to ourselves.

    Where you trying to put forward an ethical debate into what would constitute sentiences and the right to live plus choices we would have to make in the same situation?

    Sorry if I’m rambling but it is something that has interested me for a long time.

    Did you consider making BAMSR into a two episode feature?
    The cultural interactions of the three races coming together would have lent its self to so much back story and of course fun.

    Thank you so much for writing such a great episode.


  78. BAMSR was brilliant! I loved all the little things in it as well as the bigger things – I loved Rodney’s ‘dry spell’ that he doesn’t admit to (!), Ronon’s reaction to Teyla’s pregnancy (I hope we see John more understanding later on, I guess right then was a bad time, being in the middle of a situation etc. I’m also looking forward to Rodney’s reaction, hope we see that soon!)

    Sam was great – as leader and scientist – capable and loyal to her people. The ball of replicator nanites sinking into the planet was a brilliant idea, and the explosion was…wow! The best planet explosion I can ever remember seeing!!

    The battle scenes were very impressive, and as for that last scene – oh wow, that was great! So glad you didn’t give into the Weir fans and let us know which was her fourth episode, it would have spoiled things too much. Hopefully you have plans to explore this in season five; it certainly has the look of something you’ll come back to at some point.

    I’m sure I’ve missed lots of things that I loved in this episode! And I wish I could think of a question for Martin… Oh well, if one comes to me later, I’ll have to post another comment!!

    Great, great episode and looking forward to Martin’s Q&A.

  79. Be all my sins remembered, great episode, loved the action and the alliance of so many. I was just baffled when all those ships came together, wonderful special effects, they made me feel like I was actually there ! 🙂

    I also want to applaud one of my favorite scene of season 4 : Ellis belitting Rodney, Rodney not backing down, John trying to keep Rodney cool and finally the best, Sam defending her people and her command. Beautiful 🙂

    On another note, while re-watching This Mortal Coil, a question came to mind : If a wraith were to feed on the re-created team+weir how would it go ?
    Would the wraith be able to feed for a much longer time as the nanites “repair” the damage done ? Would the nanites infect the wraith ?
    Because if the repli-humans heal at the same speed they are fed on, then it’s just endless food supply for the wraith….

  80. Oh, and I forgot to add, concerning BAMSR, once again great musical score ! 😀

  81. A warning: Prince of Nothing is not for wimps.

    Are there plans to bring Weir back next season?

  82. Great episode last night. I suppose it would have been too convenient to have the team steal some ZPMs while in the process of destroying the replicators. I know the original plan was to use 12 or so to cause the implosion, but i feel like there could have been some way to get a few with some quick beam in and outs before the end. Again i realize it probably would have been too convenient, but it would have been nice to have a fully powered city that could possibly lead to some new discoveries albeit by doing so you take away the storylines where we drain the zpms or need to search for them or whatnot.
    Anyway otherwise great episode! Can’t wait to see what Weir is up to!

  83. . . . oh wow. I absolutely loved it! The end was completely awesome! I still would’ve loved it, even if you hadn’t shown Weir at the end. Now, I know you probably can’t answer it, but is that the human Weir, replicator Weir, or something completely different? Oh well, I’ll just have to think about it in my head. You’re sooooo cruel, leaving it like that! (not really) Was that her last appearance for the season???? I hope not!!!! I loved Carter in this episode! I liked the fact that she was more involved in this episode. McKay and Carter were wonderful! I was glad to see Carter showing her leadership. The battles were great too. Everything was awesome! Fantastic job!!!! Thank you very much.

  84. BAMSR, what else can you say other than it was a true masterpiece

    The battle scene alone was rocking, and i loved the whole scene where all the ships jumped into hyperspace, reminded me of how i felt at the end of season 3’s mid season finale.

    If this is what we can expect from the rest of season 4 and season 5, then we are being spoiled rotten.

    P.S. loved the ending, woohoo Weir in command of a replicator ship, although, i will say that i feel like shes not necesarily an allie of sorts, but shes now the leader of the faction of the replicators that wants to reach ascension{by any means possible}

  85. Man, I’ve got to say MAMSR is probably the best episode of the season. A VERY good episode and one I would give 10/10, something I don’t often give much. All the parts came together very well, the tone pace and tension was kept up the whole episode and everything worked in it very well imo. The twist at the end I didn’t see coming, even when they were panning around hiding who it was in the chair for a moment it being Elizabeth didn’t come to my mind. That worked well. I’m still hoping we see more of the Wraith who helped them out though in future episodes. But a very good job, give Martin Gero full kudos on this one.

  86. BAMSR = Most Excellent! I would do the These are a Few of My Favorite things list, but everyone else has touched on them. Evil Weir, though, love her, I loves me the baddies. I always preferred Methos to Duncan, or as the professor said in Animal House, “Is bad more interesting than good?” (to paraphrase, I sucketh at quotes.)

    Ah, comments. Which is why I’ll have to go back and see what Shep said to Teyla precisely. When I was in the military, women could ask to be placed on Light Duty after 28 weeks. Never taken off active duty completely yes, but their duties were modified as needed. Honestly though, Teyla IS NOT military, so the whole thing may be moot. Maybe Shep was concerned for her and jumped the gun emotionally, professional soldier or not, that happens. Insert long, rambling TMI story here about my chief and … well. TMI.

    Oh, come on about Ellis. He’s a jerk, there are unprofessional jerk officers out there. Short precise of long, rambling story: Navy pilots are the worst of the lot, such as the one who kept addressing me as “honey” while I was hip-deep in broken crypto gear in the middle of the freakin’ night. Oh, and yay Sam! That’s leadership!

    Man, and here I wanted to discuss the horses of the new POA, I mean, sure the space station was chockful of primates, but where did the horses come from? And gnomes! I do an art installation of Bad Yard Art and good clearance gnomes are hard to come by. I have a pirate, a santa and a mushroom peddler and need so many more! Anti M’s Municipal Ordinance Violation is the name of the piece, a burner piece which never travels to Burning Man as my overabundance of flamingos and Easter bunnies and gnomes would end up traveling home with the Wrong Sort of People.

    I hate it when I get distracted and almost get on topic.

    Bravo! Good job everyone, thank you!

  87. Wanted to add my compliments on an excellent episode. And the ending was terrific. I think I’m going to love evil Weir. Great to see TH get a chance to flex her acting muscles. Actors always look like they are having much more fun when playing a baddie than a hero.

    Question for Martin Gero: I rewatched Miller’s Crossing during the marathon on SciFi here in the US. Both times I saw the ep. I thought that JF’s performance in the final scenes conveyed some ambiguity about whether Wallace really volunteered to be wraith fodder. Am I just nuts or did Shepard maybe feed him to the wraith?

  88. Joe,

    So, Torri’s 4th episode had a 10 second shot of her at the very end of the show. Granted, considering her appearance is supposed to be a WTF? moment, I can understand that.

    But, please tell me all the press about Torri only having 4 episodes in Season 4 has been a deliberate diversion and that she really does have more than 4.

    Because, I cannot believe you (you referring to show runners and writers) would set this character up at such a pivotal point halfway through the season, never to see her again this season. It just doesn’t make sense.

    SO, does Torri really have more than 4 eps in Season 4?

    And, please Joe, don’t let the 10 second vision of Elizabeth last night foreshadow an Elizabeth in Season 5 who has become a permanent enemy of Atlantis. There are many other ways Elizabeth can return in Season 5 without having it be as the evil villain route. To turn one of the biggest supporters of Atlantis, the Ancients and the SGA team into their new enemy would be a huge betrayal of this character. Some might call that drama, I would call it disappointing to say the least.

    The moments I enjoyed in BAMSR all related to character moments:
    Ronon & Teyla after the big announcement.
    Rodney & Zelenka’s interaction.
    John & Rodney at the end.
    The vision of Elizabeth, strong and confident again.

    Don’t get me wrong, the battle was well done. Strong character moments and developments impress me more.

    Will we see Elizabeth again in Season 4?

    SEW Crew Member

  89. Question for Marty G:

    BAMSR was great, but what I really want to know is:

    What’s Joe’s most annoying personality trait? Any other embarrassing stories you’d care to share about him would be great, as well. (You should see what he’s said about you!!)


  90. *waves to Mr M and Mr G*

    Finally we got to see BAMSR, and I absolutely loved it! Was there really any doubt? See this is why I always love the second parts as everything comes together. Great humour (loved the Colonel’s bit at the beginning). McKay is finally back to his snarky ways, i’ve kinda missed the way he flies off the handle and he’s been very unMcKay like recently. Now I know why. 😉 Glad to see him back on top form, and for Sam to have his back… although not literally. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed all the continuity aspects and the alliance coming together. I think what tickled me the most was when they boarded Larrin’s ship, and when her men went to shoot the CG Wraith (you know although I try, I just can’t call him Todd), because chances are when he gets named, Shep will no doubt kill him and we can’t have that! Because i’d cry, and then my eyes would get blotchy and i’d get a snotty nose. It really wouldn’t be pretty. I’m starting to ramble now aren’t I? I get that way when i’m excited, sorry. Where was I? Oh yes, when Larrin’s men goes to shoot him, Shep steps up to protect him and ronon leaves him wide open. Hehehe. Loved that, classic Ronon. I adored the Shep getting whumped, hehehe Thankyou Mr G *hugs* and I can’t tell you how much I adore the interaction with the wraith and Shep, you can really see how much trust is being built up between them. *loves that*

    I’m sorry, i’m on a tangent today, well it has been a few days since i’ve said anything, so i’m making up for lost time. 🙂

    The battle, blow the ships out of the sky was great and Teyla finally telling Shep and Ronon she’s pregnant! Oh and you were right Mr M, Shep really wasn’t a happy camper, and then there’s Ronon acting like her big brother. Lots of changes ahead and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. And oh my great twists, and turns with the replicators and building one to act like a magnet. FRAN, great acronym. 🙂

    And the final ending with Weir! Fab stuff, I didn’t see that coming at all. Great job all round. Loved it from start to finish. So, a couple of questions if you don’t mind to Marty G, that is of course if you haven’t fallen asleep. Sorry.

    With Larrin, what is with her tying Shep up? That bit felt a bit odd, and considering Larrin was getting trigger happy with the Wraith nearby, how the heck did Shep end up getting tied up, and why did she want him tied up! it just seemed a bit odd. Though it has to be said, I love seeing Shep tied up *cough* Just curious, has she got a bit of a fetish? 😛

    Moving swiftly onto question number two. There was something different about the CG wraith, and I can’t put my finger on it. Was the makeup applied differently, or something? I love CH playing him, he brings so much to the character, but there was just something slightly different about him and I have no clue what it was. Could you enlighten me? Or maybe not?

    Lastly, you’ll be pleased to hear. Was that DupliWeir or was it our Weir, and will we find out what happened to the others and to her?

    So, you’ll be pleased to hear i’m signing off. Thanks so much for a great ep. Next time i’ll try and be more succinct. *tries not to snort at the absurdity*

    *lots of hugs*

  91. Hey Joe,

    Carter was amazing in “BAMSR” she stuck up for her fellow team, and she acted as a team leader. She also had that classic SG-1 Carter with coming up with ideas with Mckay, loved that. I hope you have plans to bring back both Carter and Weir next season. It is proof this season they don’t need to be in every single episode but need to be in the key ones.



  92. I vote for Fast Forward 1 and Smoke and Mirrors.

    Congrats on last night’s episode; it was fantastic! It had almost all of my favorite villians/allies in it! I can’t wait to see more!

  93. One more thing. Can the 100th episode of Atlantis (due in season 5 I believe) be a musical? Pleeeeeeeeease? If Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scrubs can come up with excuses to have the whole cast singing and dancing then surely Atlantis’ genius writers can too… Like, maybe Wormhole X-Treme! could have a musically-themed spinoff movie or something.

  94. For Martin:

    I don’t have any questions for you but just wanted to say that BAMSR was excellent. I thought all of the character interactions were very well done. I especially enjoyed Ronon in this episode. And the ending – all I can say is WOW!! I also wanted to take this opportunity to say that I have enjoyed so many of your episodes (not just for Atlantis but also for SG1). Thank you so much.

    For Joe:

    Thank you for passing along our questions and/or comments to Martin. Very much appreciated. Your entire list for January’s book of the month club looks great IMO. I wish I could join in, unfortunately headaches the last few years have kept me from reading as much as I’d like.

    PS: When I first read the word ‘Illusions’ my mind went straight to Richard Bach. IMO great author. Great book.

  95. More about BAMSR: I see a HUGE dramatic event between Teyla and John brewing. He was perhaps too dismissive with her plight, (but this is a good set-up). John will realize that she is still integral to his team and get over the hurt. Is everyone sure the baby’s daddy is Kanaan? Could it be someone else? Teyla seemed slightly hesitant. Ooh–h can’t wait for the coming eps!

    Also agree that this was a wonderful opportunity for Carter to establish herself on base & among fellows. Very funny moment, “Welcome Colonel – Colonel – Colonels…” and Rodney, “Seriously?” Ha-ha-ha…

    Martin Gero, this was a GEM of an episode! Hardy congratulations to you! and Thanks!

  96. BOOK Votes: Fast Forward, Smoke & Mirrors, Fevre Dream (old fave wins again)
    Be All My Sins Remember’d = Trip down memory lane! Great job Martin.

    – Carter saying stuff O’Neill would say & her decisiveness, brilliance & rapport with Sheppard & McKay
    – Ronon as Mr. Sensitive
    – Fran the Replicator
    – Zelenka as always
    – Daedalus & Odyssey together – Sam & John on each
    – The Space Battle (real good for a TV show)
    – The Wraith scientist whom I’m now calling Ace (as in Ace Frehley)
    – McKay’s rapport with Ace & Fran
    – references to previous missions (Inferno, Trinity etc)
    – new Jumper & city shots, two moons over Atlantis looks fab!
    – Weir ain’t dead yet you go girl!

    – The Blob
    – The Ancient air hockey table
    – Larrin, Sheppard pseudo-bondage scene, their scenes in general (if we see her again, needs to be better chemistry than that)
    – Sheppard’s reaction to Teyla’s pregnancy (although I know why he acted like that)
    – McKay’s android bomb (shades of Carson) & technoBabelonian lameness
    – Caldwell’s “Cold War” comment, the war with the Wraith ain’t over yet! however I did like the look on Sam’s face when he said that, remembering all the comments O’Neill made when working with the Russians

    Lots to chew on! It’s too bad that there couldn’t have been teams standing by to retrieve some of the Ancient warships after the Replicators were sucked off of them, seems a waste that they were all blown up with the planet.
    Next episode it looks like Teyla is back on active duty- does she persuade Sheppard (or Carter) that dangerous missions are okay for pregnant women?

  97. Great episode Joe and happy new year may 2008 bring you all the success and happiness in this world…many thanks for the outstanding entertainment…please pass my thanks to Mr. Gero for this brilliant piece of work.

    your truly


  98. Another great episode! This season has been stellar and I commend everyone on making that possible. I’ve been pondering some questions for the great Martin Gero 😉 and I think I’ve come up with a few–

    1. Great twist at the end! Since (I think) this was the last of her four episodes that she filmed this season will her presence at least be felt in the coming episodes?

    2. Did you feel that the ethical implications of Fran should have been touched on more? OR would have been had there been more time (say having this as a two-part episode)?

    3. Was the image of Fran (as opposed to Rodney’s “The Game” dream-girl being a Sam tribute) meant to be an homage to Elizabeth in some way?

    4. This would be a question for both Joe and Martin since you both wrote episodes with the Larrin character. Was it a conscious decision to create her as the female counterpart to Sheppard because alot of fans have noticed that she’s virtually the equivalent of Girl!John in alot of ways.

    5. Was the decision to not have Teyla’s announcement of her pregnancy to the entire team (Rodney included) done so that Rodney’s reaction could be shown later or will we not get to see how McKay reacts to the news?

    And that’s it from me! Thanks for making such a great season of SGA!!

  99. Mr. Gero—
    Did you know that the McKay action figure looks just like you? What’s up with that?

    Congratulations on BAMSR! Awesome episode! I love how Carter b*tchslapped Ellis for his behavior toward McKay. I loved all the Sam/McKay technobabble and the McKay/Zelenka scenes. As always, the Shep/McKay banter never gets old—those two are such fun to watch! Thank you for a great episode!

  100. for horror books i prefer classics like R. L. Stevenson and for fantasy books i chose Lord Dunsany. Do you read classic authors like Conan Doyle? i enjoy his books much more than books from his modern counterparts. (please excuse me for my bad english)

  101. Hi Joe, nice new blog!

    Here are some thoughts about BAMSR and the whole Replicator storyline.

    Well, it felt kind of forced to me.
    I have never been a huge fan of the Pegasus Replicators, not since the character of Niam has gone. I think that they were not “good” bad guys, if you see what I mean. Maybe because since the beginning, they were introduced as very powerful, maybe too powerful to be destroyed easily. As a consequence, every episode that dealt with them felt artificial if not forced, if I may.
    Every time Rodney had to bring out a crazier, wackier plan, and their decisions lost coherence and logic.

    That’s just my opinion, but I thought that Lifeline was a complete disaster that kind of made me lose interest in the characters, in the show.
    I was so surprised (and disappointed) to see them jeopardize the whole mission, Elizabeth, AND Atlantis, just for one of McKay’s crazy ideas.
    I admit that it had to be done to go forward, but it felt so illogical to see them act like that…
    Later, in The Seer, we hear McKay say : “We had the ZPM, we had Elizabeth, all we had to do was leave and I had to open my big mouth”. I was like “HA!” when I heard this because this sentence pretty much sums up my feelings towards Lifeline.

    The characters have made such mistakes, such stupid decisions, and things could and maybe should have ended very badly for them, because the Replicators were huge enemies…
    But it would mean the end of the show, so again, Rodney opens “his big mouth” and everything is fine… Each time Rodney solves the problem with a “science-fiction” science solution… There’s no suspense anymore, we know what’s going to happen, we just wait for Rodney to tell the plan and the nice visual effects that go with it.

    BAMSR felt so artificial, so “fake”… The team had to face a great enemy but the storyline was based on Rodney’s crazy ideas. The genius, again.
    I really hope that the end (?) of the Replicators would end this unfortunate trend of “Rodney is a genius and he saves the day, by the way, the FX were great weren’t they?”

    I really hope to see some good stories that don’t rely that much on science. Back in season one, the “The storm, The eye” two-parter is an excellent example of what can be done without ships blowing each other. I mean, even if Rodney saved the city with his idea that time, the story was much more about Sheppard trying to free McKay and Weir, fighting on the radio with Kolya : it was more… character driven and much more powerful. We don’t get to see this anymore.

    Oh, just one thing about Elizabeth : YAY! She’s NOT DEAD !!! =D I really hope you bring her back in season 5, because there is no way it ends here! Right? Please? **Puss in Boots look**

    Wow, that was long. I hope it wasn’t too boring. I’m a moderator on a French forum, and a lot of us (the members) feel that SGA has “lost its soul” since the beginning of season 4. That was my attempt at explaining why… Hope it was constructive. 😉

  102. I loved all the sequential plot twists and turns, that nothing went precisely as planned. That made for a very interesting episode. I’m not sure I bought the super-density, fall to the center-of-the-planet thing, but it was a very interesting twist to Rodney’s plans.

    My question for Martin or whoever: did Todd the Wraith’s makeup change? It looked more smooth and molded than in S3, and his mouth looked sort of bulgy. Also, did he get a bite to eat while he was with his buddies? He must be getting low on energy again by now. 🙂

  103. Joe, how many episodes do you think you would have in the can before June 30th when potentially Joe and Jason would go on strike

  104. Fast Forward, Smoke and Mirrors and Children of the Night would be my votes.

    BAMSR was wonderful throughout and the final scene had me shouting at the screen (the joys of not being spoiled). More like this please.

  105. Hey Joe-

    BAMSR…a story very well told. Props to all involved, really. It was great to finally see the Sam I’ve grown to know and love and thanks for adding a new dimension to her…”momma bear” Sam. Note to all, don’t mess with Sam’s cubs!

    Question: On an episode such as this that has so many actors and moving parts involved, who does the scheduling that keeps it all running and when is scheduling done? Is it at the beginning of the episode or is it done nightly (or daily)?

  106. I vote for Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge, and Smoke and Mirrors. I really don’t care about the horror genre.

    And may I say, the final scene in BAMSR gave me that perfect “Uh-Oh” moment. I even said it out loud. Masterful.

    I also laughed at the beginning: “Colonel.” “Colonel.” “Colonels.” “Seriously?”

    I know that the last half is going to rock, and that my only disappointment will be that it’s over for another season. May nothing impede Season Five’s arrival!

  107. Hi Joe (& Marty G)
    BAMSR was AMAZING!! I loved everything from the vis effects to Teyla revealing her pregnancy as well the surprise ending. So much was packed into one hour. I thought it was great to have techno-babble Sam back too. I have to say that I’m warming up to the Larrin character now, after seeing her through round two. I think this episode was one of the best of the whole series!
    Question about Wier though (For Joe or Marty)- do you have a definite plan of what her ongoing role is going to be, or does this just leave the door open for if the right opportunity presents itself?
    Joe – My book vote goes for “Bright of the Sky”

  108. There are at least 99 comments before mine, so I don’t know if my question been asked yet.

    Hi Martin!

    We got to see the reactions to Teyla pregnancy from Sheppard, Ronon and Carter in BAMSR and we got Keller’s reaction in a previous show. Since it looks like McKay will find out offscreen, what would that scene read like? Feel free to answer with dialog, facial expressions and stage directions.

  109. Just popping in to say how much I enjoyed BAMSR. A heck of a lot packed into one episode and yet it all fitted and made sense and was a great story. Some lovely character moments too – favourites include Sheppard & McKay’s (and subsequently Carter’s) responses to Carter’s comment that they’d never needed both ships at the same time before, Radek and McKay’s bickering over “the dry spell”, Carter’s smack-down of Ellis for the way he spoke to McKay and the diverse reactions to Teyla’s announcement.

    I’ve seen a coupla comments on here already about Sheppard’s reaction and just thought I’d add my 2 cents, that I thought it very realistic. One of the main things we know about Sheppard is his attachment to his team, his sense of responsibility, his determination to protect everyone to the best of his ability – especially his immediate team. The thought of having been repeatedly putting Teyla at risk for 2 months because he hadn’t known about her condition would be horrifying to him and I’m not at all surprised he reacted the way he did. The difference in his and Ronon’s reactions is also an indicator of their different backgrounds and mindsets – Sheppard is, after all, military and the military is pretty strict that pregnant women are immediately taken off any kind of front-line duty. Whereas Ronon, from a Pegasus galaxy perspective, where people live in constant danger from the Wraith and also live at often a more subsistence level of existence, would be far more accustomed to women remaining very active throughout pregnancy and also more accepting of the dangers of every day existence, pregnant or not.

    Coupla questions then for Marty G’s Q&A:

    We finally had both ship captains in the same episode and both have very differing personalities – which is your favourite to write for, Ellis or Caldwell?

    Is there any scene that was a) cut for time or b) had to be trimmed down that you wish you’d been able to keep in or had been able to expand on more/do more with?

    How long did it take you to come up with McKay’s solution for getting rid of the replicators – in other words, just how much of a hole did JM write you into with This Mortal Coil? 😀

  110. Sagacious Says:
    BAMSR…a story very well told. Props to all involved, really. It was great to finally see the Sam I’ve grown to know and love and thanks for adding a new dimension to her…”momma bear” Sam. Note to all, don’t mess with Sam’s cubs!

    Ooo oooo Oooo… I second this …
    Also, loved the old Sam and Rodney banter. Hope to see more.

  111. No book vote, sorry! Just popping in to say that BAMSR was fantastic, just the kind of second part that we’ve come to expect after shows like The Return 2. Complex yet completely comprehensible–and the interplays between McKay and the wraith, Zelenka, and Fran were all fabulous–well scripted, well acted, well edited. The Sheppard/Larrin scenes were also great–love his reticence! And the Wraith’s shady dealings left me very intrigued. Finally, the end was both an excellent setup (nearly as good as TMC’s FABULOUS ending) and wonderfully unexpected (for me, at least!).

    All in all? Great job!

    Also (and feel free to not answer, of course), do you think Fran is definitely gone? It seems unlikely that she’d have been able to maintain integrity under the weight of the replicator cells, but she did have access to McKay’s work and might have done something. The score seemed a bit foreshadow-y; I know that’s not really your department (except insofar as everything is), but perhaps you have a thought?

  112. BAMSR – loved Carter, but not as much as seeing Shep stunned (awesome waking up scenes) and later tied up by Larrin!
    Lots of Shep whumpidoodlesquee for me so far in s4 🙂

  113. Fantastic episode…….

    1)Was watching the planet be deleted from the database significant for future storyline?

    2)Was the vast difference in Sheppard and Ronon’s reaction to Teyla’s news a portent for things to come?

    3)Will Rodney have similar humbling moments later in the season when the solution he seeks eludes him at the most crucial of times?

  114. Another question for Martin…why the title? I know it’s the last line of Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy, but the relevance sort of went over my head. Was it because Fran chose to die?

  115. “I also want to applaud one of my favorite scene of season 4 : Ellis belitting Rodney, Rodney not backing down, John trying to keep Rodney cool and finally the best, Sam defending her people and her command. Beautiful ”

    Perhaps it’s just me, Joe and Martin, but I heard a false note in that scene. Carter got in the middle of McKay and Ellis’ bickering and -lost control-. Sheppard, her subordinate, keeps his cool. This makes Carter look like the “hysterical female”.

    Having grown up with the feminist movement, I heard a dissonance here (keeping the musical reference). Also does not ring true to the Carter who learned from her father, Hammond and O’Neill.

    I have to admit, though, Shep’s intervention with McKay gives Carter time to think and prepare to dress Ellis down.

    ‘Nuff said, looking forward to the rest of the season.


  116. My two cents, for what that’s actually worth: I doubt that it occurred to Teyla that she was supposed to tell Sheppard she was pregnant. She’s not military, and given the risk the Athosians have always lived with, it wouldn’t have seemed like more than a personal issue to her just yet. Sheppard, already Mr. Guilt, what with waking up the Wraith, leading the team that set the Replicators on their current course, etc., finds out he was unknowingly putting Teyla’s baby in jeopardy, too? Sure he’d be mad at her! Teyla didn’t hand him his head, as someone (quite reasonably) suggested, because she was just too tired. My kiddo is 16, and I still remember how exhausting it is to be 3 months pregnant. She didn’t even have the energy to properly raise an eyebrow at him. She’ll get him later, after she’s had a nap. Seriously. As for Carter’s reaction, Teyla’s situation was hardly at the top of the list of concerns just then. I’m pretty sure that came under the heading of “Things To Deal With If We Survive This.”

    And just because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe Ellis has spent too much time on board his ship and has forgotten how to deal with civilians. He acted like a jerk, yes, but Rodney does like to give theoretical physics lessons in briefings, and Ellis isn’t used to that. Now that Carter let him have it, and Rodney did indeed come through, maybe Ellis will get a clue. Time will tell.

  117. Ok, so, I’m really, really thrilled with BAMSR. I’ve already watched it 3 times! Enough said…

    If I tell you everything I loved here, you won’t authorise my post, because it’ll be so rambling, long-winded, over the top with joy and yet ultimately boring, that you’d fall asleep and the other blog readers would want to gag me – if they don’t already!

    So, I’ll give you the link to my GW one, and if you’re daft or bored enough to read it, you’ll see how thrilled I am. I obviously understand if you wouldn’t want to, so please ignore the link, if that’s the case.


    I’d just like to congratulate everyone involved in making such a wonderful episode, including Martin Gero, who really outdid himself this time. Thanks so much!

  118. I loved BAMSR. The battle scenes had me wishing I had a large screen TV. They still looked cool on my small TV. Zelenka and Sheppard teasing McKay about having a dry spell was funny. I like seeing that Rodney doesn’t always have all the answers. Ronan reaction to Teyla’s news that she was pregnant had me teary eyed. That was so sweet. That twist with the replicators at the end was perfect.

    I always been of the opinion that the Atlantis mission has and will continue to exact a terrible, even tragic toll (as in the case of Weir), on those who lead it. To see their enemy take on the persona of someone they trust and love is heartbreaking. I am anxiously waiting the fall out from of this. : ) Excellent writing!!!

    MY QUESTION – I would love for Marty to explain why he choose that title. I believe it is a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet but I just don’t get the context of it for this ep. It is some sort of prayer for forgiveness of past sins?

    Maybe I should go back and watch it again. : )

  119. I absolutely loved this episode! It had me looking up halfway through expecting it to be over because of the jam-packed goodness of it all and was surprised at the time. It was like a two for the price of one with everything that went into this episode. I do have one question for Martin Gero if I’m still in time to post and that is about a section midway through the episode.

    Why did you choose to write in the excuse for Zelenka to leave? Does his purpose in fixing that particular piece of equipment hold some significance because with such a chock-full-of-good-stuff episode like this one where I’m sure every second was counted during editing I didn’t get why the time was spent elaborating on a technical/un-important topic like a malfunction in the infirmary.

    Maybe I’m just being nitpicky but since you’re graciously answering questions I though I would add my 2 cents. Great job with a great episode and I can’t wait for the next ones!

  120. Awsome episode!!! Thank you guys for making it so exciting and full of action. And of course VFX was great! BAMSR ir definately one of my favourites in the whole show.

    As for the question to M.Gero about this episode….I think that every question I can think of have been asked already… 🙁 …so I have one question about another Martin’s episode “The First Strike”…. I was curious what happened to those people who stayed at underwater drilling station after Atlantis took off from planet? There wasn’t enough time for them to make it back to Atlantis before it took off and since the only stargate on the planet was within Atlantis how did they get to new Atlantis homeworld… or are they still there? I assume that till now it was too dangerous for Apollo or Daedalus to pick them of because of the replicator beam.

    Thanks Joe for answering my previous questions and in advance thanks for answering this one! 🙂

  121. To: Rose (formerly OhioAnne)

    I have an answer to one of your questions that you posted. You asked who/what the picture was of on Sheppard’s table and what relation that person is to Sheppard.

    Answer: In the commentary for I think it was ‘conversion’
    Joe F mentions that he got to wear his own clothes on set for the first time, that it was his skateboard in the foreground of the shot of his bedroom, and that the picture is actually of himself and Evil Knievel when Joe F was a kid.

    I just want to know what that guitar pick thing is on his dresser and who picked out his very sparkly curtains.

  122. BAMSR was the best episode of the season by far! Well, at least it was in my opinion! Are the Replicators that were with Dr Weir the same group that Niam was with? I was so happy to see Weir again, but is she the real Weir? Hmmmm!

    Great episode, oh, great. I must have seen it 7 or 8 times already, thank goodness for iTunes!

  123. I usually just lurk here but today I remembered that you had said there would be a scene between Teyla and Rodney in Be All My Sin’s Remembered – but it wasn’t in the actual episode. (After doing a search of your blog I found the comment in question in the June 27th entry) – did the scene end up being cut or is it actually in a different episode? – (Spoils of War maybe?)

  124. OH! I also meant to say that the episode was AWESOME! But then I always think the episodes are awesome! :O)

  125. @ crazymom:

    “As for Carter’s reaction, Teyla’s situation was hardly at the top of the list of concerns just then. I’m pretty sure that came under the heading of ‘Things To Deal With If We Survive This.’ ”

    Agreed. I was just hoping for five words or one facial expression that would indicate Carter registered Teyla’s pregnancy as something that could require serious consideration, assuming there would be a status quo at some point beyond the battle. But it was good that her confidence in Sheppard as her exec was apparent, and that the matter wasn’t overplayed at that point.

  126. i thought this was another well done episode and have to say i have especially enjoyed those penned by martin geron he seems to capture the personal interactions between the team members the best.

    i love ronon/teyla their relationship gets better each season and i understand the bond being that they are the only two natives in atlantis. the hand holding and the words of comfort after sheppard’s harsh ranting.

    what i want to know is when is rodney going to find out and i hope he has a similar reaction as ronon did.

  127. Hi *waving*,

    There were 10 things I loved about “Be All My Sins Remembered.”

    1. Col. Ellis calling McKay out on the nonexistence anti-replicator program experiment.

    2. McKay building replicator Fran to fuse the replicators into one fantastic blob. McKay rocks!

    3. The final showdown between the allies and the replicators.

    4. Weir reappearing as a leader of a renegade replicator ship as the final surprise twist.

    5. The line where the Wraith said, “it was necessary to shoot him several times?” when he glanced at Ronon on the floor.

    6. Teyla finally admitting that she’s pregnant.

    7. And Ronon’s response, “well, don’t look at me!”

    8. Learning that there weren’t enough queens to replenish Wraith soldiers should a hive be destroyed.

    9. Col. Ellis coming back with “it’s been 10 hours and a week, and you still don’t have anti-replicator program.”

    10. I especially loved the part where I never wanted this episode to end. You guys did a fantastic job. Thank you for a great show.

    By the way, I’ve got an idea. Is it possible that the cloned Teyla survived the crash in “This Mortal Coil,” and managed to escape through the stargate (even seperated from the rest of her crew)? Would this Teyla be different from the original, and more importantly, would there be a chance that she’d somehow run into Michael?

    Yeah, I know this won’t get an answer but there’s no harm in trying. Anyhue, the show kicked major patootie. Congratulations, Joey my boy. Your team finally created a masterpiece. 🙂

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