Over the course of a given season, I may do anywhere from 30 to 50 interviews. Given the choice, I always prefer a face to face with the interviewer as it allows for an amiable, relaxed, and fairly straight-forward conversation. Steve Eramo is a guy who has interviewed me countless times and it’s always a pleasure to talk to him because he knows the show, he does his homework, and he always comes prepared. While we talk, he’ll have his digital recorder on, recording the conversation for later reference. His Stargate articles make for interesting, informative and, above all else, comprehensible reading. If I’m unable to meet with an interviewer, I prefer to go the email route. They can send me the questions, give me about a week, and I’ll send them back my answers. This is the process I tend to prefer when doing interviews for fan sites as it’s quick and simple, and I can ensure my answers are hopefully enlightening, occasionally humorous and, most important of all, intelligible. Although I’m usually not a fan of live interviews, I have done more than a few over the years and, as time has gone on, I’ve grown more comfortable with them. The radio interview I did for HiSciFi last year is a great example. It was fun, relaxed, and – here’s the key – coherent. Which brings us to my least favored means of conducting an interview: the dreaded phoner. The problem with phoners is that they put you at the mercy of the potentially crappy call quality and the potentially crappy recording of that potentially crappy call quality. Words are dropped and misinterpreted, leading to confusion and, every so often, quotes that are the exact opposite of their original intent. This, in turn, leads to all sorts of problems – like the that time I was credited with a controversial quote that actually belonged to my writing partner Paul, or the recent interview I did for SliceOfSciFi, a transcribed phoner in which I sound alternately imbecilic, inebriated, and outright insane. I’m sure the gang at SoSF did their best trying to make sense of what was said, but I contacted them after the initial interview was posted and asked them to double-check a couple of the more egregious errors (Like the quote that made it sound like Weir was coming back full-time. A nice sentiment but not what I had said). Still, even the revised version is problematic in some respects (Like that truly terrible pic of me. But I suppose I should consider myself fortunate. Do a search of Martin Gero and you’ll see the pic used for him was actually a cropped gag photo he took a last Christmas of him and his girlfriend in matching holiday sweaters sitting on Santa’s lap) so I’d like to clarify a few points for those who have read the interview and assume I’ve somehow lost it. Without even touching the meandering run-on-sentences and sentence fragments that don’t make a whole lots of sense…

“When he pushed out the idea…”

– Should read “when he pitched out the idea…”

“All that has obviously soured certain fans towards Joe and when certain fans are unhappy they will be very vocal.”

– That’s “the show” and not “Joe”. I’m assuming fans don’t hold Joe F. responsible for the cast changes. On the other hand, the Joe in question could be me which would make sense given that I can be held responsible for the cast changes, but I usually don’t refer to myself in the third person.

“when you factor in DVR and such and the lead off viewers across the board…”

– That’s “bleed-off” and not “lead off”.

“…it worked great for us in the beginning especially in the ranks of the Wraith…”

– No idea. Sorry.

“…vengeance I declare! A reign of fiery destruction on the heads of all those who would doubt or oppose my creative vision! The unbelievers shall be punished and made to regret their ways!”

– Silly. That should read “rain” and not “reign”.

Hey, I took my mom out for spam the other night. Well, not exactly spam but pretty damn close. We went out for hotpot at HKYK in Richmond and, while perusing the menu of dunkable items, I came across “luncheon meat”. How interesting, I thought. I wondered what satay-simmered luncheon meat would taste like? As it turned out, exactly like luncheon meat. We also ordered watercress, sliced pumpkin, lotus root, chives, hand-cut fatty beef, pork neck, pork dumplings, and chive dumplings. Surprisingly, the near-spam was the only thing that appealed to mom. Well, the near-spam and the yang chow fried rice I ordered for her when it looked like she wasn’t going to eat much of anything.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that with today’s win by the Cleveland Browns win (coupled with a Tampa Bay loss – sorry, Paul), I am the official winner of our office dark horse pool. I will probably blow the $100 on books, dvd’s, or a pricey appetizer.

Today’s pics: Mom pretends she’s enjoying herself, mmmm luncheon meat.

Let’s catch up on the mailbag –

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Do you CG erase any urban construction that’s not meant to be in the shot ?”

Answer: Yes, if need be we will have our visual effects department effect any necessary cosmetic changes.

Morgia a ecrit: “Est-ce que tu lis un peu en français ?”

Answer: Oui, j’ai lu Asterix et La Serpe D’Or le mois derniere.

Sort of translation: Yes, I read in French. Just the other wake, I read Asterix and the Golden Sickle.

DeeinSouthAfrica writes: “ doesn’t your mom have a cellphone? Surely she could have ducked into the bathroom and called you?”

Answer: She does but either never carries it with her or doesn’t bother to answer it.

Padawan Aneiki writes: “When you’re shooting an episode, how do you decide to block each scene?”

Answer: That is the director’s job. He envisions how the scene will play out and then, on the day, takes the actors and crew through the blocking scheme he has in mind.

Josh Hancock writes: “1) do you think there might be a possibility that series 5 of SGA might have to have some extra episodes to help fill in the slots where programmes will be missing due to the writer’s strike? 2) Will there be more Lanteans in the new series?”

Answers: 1) No. We will be producing the usual 20 episodes this season. 2) No idea.

Morgia a ecrit: “Ce que je me demande c’est si une personne de votre équipe (ou extérieur) est capable de vous critiquer (toi et les autres scénaristes) lorsque vous écrivez vos épisodes.”

Reponse: Quand un scenario est ecrit, il est critiqué par les autres scenaristes, puis récrit avant que le studio, SciFi, le directeur, et les acteurs offrent leurs avis.

Sort of translation: After a script is written, it is critiqued by the other writers before being re-written – at which point the studio, SciFi, the director, and the actors weigh in with their comments.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Now that you are using a new blog location, what happens regarding the millionth poster? Is that now finished?”

Answer: Nope. I’ll simply take the combined stats of both blogs into account. 812 152 and counting…

Shiningwit writes: “With The Ark of Truth having been prematurely leaked do you know who it was that leaked it and what course of action has been taken?”

Answer: That is currently being investigated.

Promogirl writes: “So are there any of the new mid-season shows you’re looking forward to? Maybe like The Sarah Connor Chronicles?”

Answer: None I’m actually looking forward to, but a few I’ll definitely be checking out.

Sulien writes: “Heya Joe, just dropping in to ask if you got my email with the link to the South Pole Winterover blog.”

Answer: Sorry about that. I did check it out and was meaning to comment, but got distracted. Awesome air drop pics.

M4ndy writes: I think Tyrion is the best character in the Song of Ice and Fire series.”

Answer: Yep, he’s my favorite.

Chelledb writes: “We would like to know if it is at all possible that either Major’s Lorne, Marks and Davis could be promoted in the near future.”

Answer: It’s possible. Stay tuned.

Poundpuppy29 writes: “I have a question about Continuum do Daniel & Vala have any emotional moments with each other?”

Answer: If you mean emotional in the way I think you mean, then no

Poundpuppy29 also writes: “ Are you doing any commentaries for season 4?”

Answer: If I have time, I certainly will. But then again, I think I’ve pretty much covered everything in my post-episode write-ups

Sherry writes: “So far, I’m at the point where I’m getting a little annoyed at Jezal (such a self-absorbed ass…T_T) and am liking Gloktaa lot depsite him being not so very nice… All in all, I’m liking the characterization and the story is definitely an enjoyable read.”

Answer: They’re flawed characters alight. Glokta is my favorite.

Fsmn36 writes: “I was wondering, have you read any part of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series?”

Answer: Not yet.

bex chaplin writes: “anyway i was wondering in you knew of anwhere to get english chocolate thats not gonna cost a bomb. the galaxy chocolate cos me $6!!!! back home its £1.20 or $2.40 can you help a fellow chocaholic????”

Answer: English chocolates? Hmmm. Well, there is a place on the corner of West4th and Arbutus, the Candy Aisle I believe, that sells all sorts of imported candy including Lion bars and the like.

Gate Strider writes: “I loved, loved, loved “The Lies of Locke Lamorra” and would re-read it in a heartbeat…”

Answer: I agree. It was a lot of fun. And, apparently, Scott is a fan of the show (provided he’s still watching and not writing 24/7 now). Check out the second book in the series: Red Seas Under Red Skies.

80 thoughts on “December 30, 2007: Misquotes, luncheon meat, and my darkhorse wins!

  1. Go Browns!!! Now we just need Tennessee to lose to Indy to get us into the playoffs.

  2. Would you believe that right now I’m in the middle of reading THAT interview and thought I’d open another browser window to see if you’d updated your blog? Hmmm it’s a long interview….I’ll take note of your corrections.

    Gerrrrhh what is that? It sure looks like Spam. I think even your babies would turn their little noses up at that one. Not exactly gourmet huh?

  3. I read this entry title too quickly and was very confused as to why you would be blogging about mosquitoes at the tail end of December.

  4. Alright! Congrats on winning the office pool!

    Speaking of blocking (which I assume is how the shot is positioned and at what angle the camera is pointing; please correct me if I’m wrong), do you ever talk to the directors about what you envisioned the shot to be, or do you just let them do their own thing?

  5. No link to the interviews? I guess we can google for it. A local paper is infamous for mangling interviews and quotes, and that’s when they do it live. It would be interesting just to see how badly you were misquoted or taken out of context. And “reign” sounds right to me. It validates the impression of omnipotence fans have of your powers in connection to the show, after all. Just a couple of “wonder if” questions for the day. Are there any ideas or plans being tossed about about doing an AU episode next season?(not including the season opener if the finale ends up going in that direction). And are we going to see any major changes in the relationship between the Atlantis expidition and Earth? More specifically are we going to see any Earth/US politics affect the mission’s status? You’ve teased enough about BAMSR that I can barely wait for Friday night, and this is my way of trying to keep my mind off the clock…Hope you enjoy the rest of your mom’s visit, and may you be delivered from any further Spam encounters of the food kind.

  6. Ok, that whole interview thing was hilarious to me. Although I imagine it sucks hardcore to have what you say misquoted and taken out of context.

    It’s also not fun to transcribe talks. I transcribed a talk/Q&A that Michael Shanks did at a con and worried way too much about the hard-to-understand parts. “Oh my God, what if that’s not exactly what he said?!?!?” And wished there was an easier way to input intent instead of actually having to type the words (“said sarcastically,” etc). Oh well.

    Ugh. I’d hate to do a phone interview. I have a hard enough time having a friendly normal conversation over the phone–“What was that?” “Sorry?” “Huh?” Friggin’ cell phones. And I have a bad habit of just giving a little laugh and a sort of non-committal “yeah” when I have no idea what’s going on…Shit, I hope I didn’t just agree to go to Best Buy and help buy/deliver a big screen HDTV for my friend’s brother…

  7. Joe,

    Do you like theater at all?

    I just saw Aaron Sorkin’s “The Farnsworth Invention” on Broadway and got to say that he is still amazing.

    Also, due to your insistence, I just picked up “The Blade Itself,” so you can tell Joe Abercrombie that you deserve some royalties (or you can strike if he doesn’t deliver).


  8. Congratulations on winning the pool! You’ve done better than I. I’m looking to finish 5th in the pool I run (it’s not an office pool, but it just happens to consist solely of people at work). Though, as Maintainer and Keeper of the Money… no, it would be bad to accidentally lose the money. However, I’m looking to beat my boss in our fantasy football league’s “super bowl”, and triumph over all.

  9. Bonsoir Joseph (lire avec une voix un peu fatigué après une grosse journée en plein air )
    Merci d’avoir répondu à mes interrogations. Les réponses furent sincèrement très intéressantes. Demain c’est le party du jour de l’an alors je vais te souhaiter tout de suite une bonne année à toi et à toute ta famille (et à tous ceux que tu aimes) Comme le veut la tradition je te souhaite la santé, le gros bonheur, le succès et l’épanouissement dans ta vie de tous les jours !!!

    Happy new year all of youuuuu !!!!!!!

  10. Joe,

    From all I’ve heard, the Discworld series does not need to be read in publishing order — do you have any suggestions of books to start with?

  11. Hi Joe,

    Can I have a blog dedicated to me, I have the flu due to unexpected contact with the family carrier monkey (Andrew 5 yr old nephew!) Did fondy get a wii, If so is she enjoying it? Tell her Zelda twilight princess is really good.


  12. Hey Joe,
    Your interviews are always good and interesting. So keep it up.
    Oh and I thought you might like to check out an anime show called Death Note if you havnt seen it already. Its really good.

  13. I have done a lot of live transcription work in the past – it sucks for the hardcore. There’s a lot of uneasy responsibility attached to it as well.

    I just hope I’ve never mangled anything too badly. 😀

  14. The Brownies, hmm? *chuckles* Okay, so what’s the Mallozzi Super Bowl prediction? Who’s gonna end up in the big game and point spread? 😉

    *watching the Colts/Titans*

  15. Maybe you’ve just had bad luck with phoners? I’ve done tons of interviews over the phone and none of them turned out that bad! At least, I don’t think so… none of the people I’ve interviewed have written about a horrible phoner with me on their blog!

  16. Pleased about the Browns, and pleased that you won money on them.

    Since John Sheppard likes football, would it be kosher for him to mention a favorite team or two in Season 5? (Hint: Browns).

  17. Hey Joe!

    Wow, luncheon meat while eating out? I have never seen that on any menu, talk about a change of pace. 🙂

    Congrats on winning the office pool! Spend that money well, or heck, invest it!

  18. Okay, the flu has progressed into my eardrums, lending all incoming sound a quaint, thudding, high-pitched twang. Hard to describe… just annoying.
    Hey Alia UK fan, I too am a victim of a small, germ-ridden, but awfully cute child-ling, my grand niece. Visited at Christmas and promptly came down with flu-strain #64.
    At last check the fever was subsiding, thanks to copious doses of SGA & SG-1 DVD viewing. But due to the aforementioned eardrum issues, I couldn’t hear all of Sheppard’s dialogs. Is he a soft-speaker or is it just me?

    Anyway, try transcribing a technical seminar about software development life cycle and UNIX directory structures. Then, write a comprehensive, yet gripping white paper. Welcome to my world…
    Cough, sniffle, sneeze… groan

  19. Ah, then you fully understand how happy I was that you were wiling to give me an email interview instead of making me call you!

    George RR Martin made me call him. It was the first interview I’d ever done, and I was nervous as hell. It went well, but as I have a phobia about talking on the phone, it wasn’t an experience I was eager to repeat.

    Alas, Jason Marsden (Haku in Spirited Away) insisted on a phone interview too. It took me three hours to transcript. I decided at that point that I was never going to do a phone interview again.

    One potential interviewee got testy over that fact — he insisted that his time was money, and besides, he was (he felt) doing me a favour by letting me interview him. I politely pointed out that a) an interview was free advertising for him (and it really was no skin off my nose if he didn’t want to do one), b) Tart (which he is well familiar with, being in comics) does not pay, it’s a volunteer organisation, so I would be giving up much of my own valuable time to transcript it with *no* compensation as well as actually having to pay for the phone call (Wasn’t it lovley of him to insinuate that his time was so much more valuable than mine?), and d) an email interview would ensure that there were no mistakes of exactly the type you described. He *still* insisted on it being conducted over the phone, so I told him never mind.

    I really wish more of the potential interviewees out there thought like you, Joe!

  20. I remember my dad frying slices of Spam and then melting some Velveeta on top of them to eat with fried eggs. I’m pretty sure that couldn’t be good for your arteries. I wonder how long it would take to digest that?

    We didn’t get to travel to see our extended family for Christmas this year, but the 211 photosmy sister-in-law emailed me made it almost feel like we were there. I think maybe she got a little carried away with the camera! I put a couple of cute ones of Emma on my site, because she’s fun and it’s Christmas after all, but 211 photos?? I hope you haven’t taken that many photos of your mother and sister while they’re there.

  21. Hi, Joe.

    Just a short note to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

    Joe, apparently I’m not getting all my memos! (I hate when that happens.) I co-moderate the Yahoo discussion group, SG1-Spoilergate (along with Denise and Arnise), and we asked the members of our group to please NOT discuss the pirated version of AoT.

    Well…today one of our group members intimated that the reason we asked our members not to discuss the pirated version of AoT — is because we have a “special” relationship with the studio!

    Wow! Who knew? Obviously not us, because it was news to Denise, Arnise and myself (but then, we’re not not getting all our memos).

    So, some “fans” are trying to identify PG15 as you, and apparently other “fans” have determined that the moderators have SG1-Spoilergate have a “special” relationship with the studio.

    I wonder where these “fans” get their facts from? A box of Cracker Jacks? LOL!

    Gung hay fat choy!


  22. Want to know something ironic? I’ll tell you anyway!

    I clicked over here to see if you’d posted and tada! You had! Scanning through the title of post I read “Mosquitos, Luncheon Meat…” and then spent the entire post wondering where the mosquitos came into play. It is, after all, far too cold for them even down here in Texas.

    It wasn’t until several hours later that, upon reflection, I realized you had actually written “Misquotes” and not “Mosquitos” and got quite the laugh out of my mistake.

    Kind of ironic, eh?

  23. Since it’s almost the end of the year, Happy New Year!

    Here’s a really short review of the episodes of season four that I’ve seen so far (yeah, I know I haven’t seen very many but I don’t have cable or the money to buy the whole season off of iTunes):

    Adrift: Good, a 9 or 8 out of 10. The special effects were really good, but it needed more jokes. My favorite scene was the one where Ronon was thanking Elizabeth for letting him stay in Atlantis. One question though, what is with the upside-down chair 25:51 minutes into the show (iTunes version)?

    Reunion: Really good, a 9.5 or 10 out of 10. So far it’s one of the best episodes of the season. Almost all the Ronon episodes have been some of the best episodes of the series.

    Doppelganger: Not so good, a 4 or 5 put of 10. The opening scene with the flower was pretty good though.

    Tabula Rasa: Good, a 9 out of 10. Who would have thought that Zelenka would be the one who wouldn’t cooperate? And didn’t they ever play Hide and Seek when they were kids?

    Please answer my question. Did the deleted scenes from Trio make it onto the deleted scenes special feature on the season four DVD? Thanks.

  24. Just thought you might find it entertaining that apparently Windows Parental Controls seems to think that I and my family should be protected from pictures of your mother and your meal. Seriously, it blocked them out. I had to administrator-override.

    (I have the WPC turned on due to the sheer volume of soft-porn banner ads littering the net that I just don’t care to see. I *am* an adult. ha ha!)


  25. Aside from the mis-quotes, the SliceofSciFi “writers” should be ashamed of the grammatically-challenged netspeak they tried to pass off as English. I think most of us know you didn’t speak in such a stream on consciousness manner, unless you’d eaten a bad portobello or something. No wonder you’d rather do email interviews!

    Happy New Year!

  26. Hey, Joe, were your ears burning Saturday? I saw a handsome gent in the Baltimore airport who could have been your brother.

    Home now from visiting with extended family in DC area.

    Snowflakes in a blog? That’s just a little scary to my old and astigmatic eyes…

  27. PS–Thanks for the paraphrased translations. Fluency in Spanish does not qualify me to understand French!


  28. My condolences to Paul M. for Tampa Bay’s loss. I’m not familiar with that other team you mentioned, except for a vague memory of rooting for them sometimes back when Bernie Kosar was QB. In fact, I thought Ontario had acquired the city of Cleveland quite some time ago in exchange for returning Warren Moon from the CFL.

    I’ve never had Spam, and your pic confirms that avoiding it is a wise choice, at least for me. But as long as your mom was satisfied, all’s well, eh?

    Re: phoners, my sympathies lie with those (like Lis) who have to transcribe the interview, especially if they also have to answer to impatient editors not only for possibly critical typos, but also for suspicious-looking statements.

    “…Vengeance I declare! A reign of fiery destruction on the heads of all those who would doubt or oppose my creative vision! The unbelievers shall be punished and made to regret their ways!” (lol) – Yes, very silly to mistake “rain” for “reign” or even “rein,” although a “fiery rein” piques the interest as a possible means of persuasion. Hmm.

    I’ll be starting The Blade Itself either Thursday or Friday, yay! I’ll have to get Zach to keep the TV volume down a bit when he watches Stargate: Atlantis. (hehe, I’m not missing an episode for anything.)

  29. I have a zat question: Let’s say you’re shot with a zat (if it makes you feel more comfortable, imagine it’s me, not you). How much time must pass before it’s safe to be zatted again without being killed by it? I’ve always wondered this. This may have been answered somewhere in the series, but if so, I don’t recollect the answer. 5 minutes? 10 minutes? A day? 2.37 months?

    And upon first glance, I also thought that you were writing about mosquitoes. But I gave it a second glance since it’s, you know, the middle of winter and all. God I hate mosquitoes. As a helpful tip, mosquitoes are attracted to people who’re exerting energy/sweating. So there’s a good excuse for laying around and doing nothing in the summer months. When you’re outside. And there’re mosquitoes.

  30. I just read Emily’s comment and thought “Oh no! I misspelled mosquitos!”

    So I quickly checked dictionary.com (because I am generally a horrible speller and have this bookmarked) to figure things out. Apparently, mosquito in the plural can be spelled either -tos or -toes. We were both right! Hurrah!

    And that is your random devil insect fact of the day.

  31. My Titans won!!!! My Titans won!!!! My Titans won!!!!

    I’m sorry for you and your darkhorse Joe….but my Titans won!!!!


    Mary Beth of TENNESSEE

  32. Joe-

    Congrats on your win in the football pool. My beloved Redskins declared victory over the evil Cowboys, so all is well on my end of the football universe. I’m not expecting a Super Bowl visit (it would be nice for old Joe, er, my Joe, Joe Gibbs), but as long as the Axis of Evil fail in the end (Tennessee, Dallas and Indy) then all will be right with the world.

    Please have a very Happy New Year and don’t do anything I would do!

  33. I also thought you were writing about mosquitoes! How bizarre. Then again it’s 06.29 am, and I’m a little hungover after entertaining the in-laws last night for a late Christmas celebration. Oh yes, that snow falling on the screen here on your blog makes my head hurt even more, and keeps making me think I’m having a stroke or something!

    I didn’t think for one minute you’d said half those things on that Slice of Scifi interview I read yesterday, certainly not the way it’d been written up on the site. Even now, large portions don’t quite make sense to me, and actually sound like me when I’m having an incoherent ramble, which happens frequently, sadly for those around me. Then again, I’m always sceptical when reading actors/producers spoken thoughts and opinions written up by people, be it by fans or interviewers, as to whether the reports I’m reading are accurate, and aren’t either misinterpreted or misquoted. It’s amazing and a little disconcerting how just one word being altered or omitted can entirely change the meaning of a sentence…

    I keep expecting to hear announcements soon about season 5, and nothing has happened as yet. Any idea when we might get some casting news? I was also wondering if Joe F. is going to direct in season 5, and if so, how many episodes in front of the camera he’ll have to miss, and how would Sheppard’s absence be explained? Not that I would ever begrudge a lack of Sheppard on the screen, oh ok, honestly, yes I would, but I’d understand why it was happening, as I realise how important it is to Joe for him to direct.

    I won’t be online much before the New Year, as I’m hosting a party tonight, so a very Happy New Year to all! I can’t wait to see BAMSR at the end of this week. It’s says a lot about my addiction to SGA that the thing I’m most looking forward to in the new year is brand new Atlantis episodes!

    Right, incoherent ramble over. I’m going now. Sorry if I’ve made lots of spelling goofs, my brain isn’t happy this morning, and there’s no preview option here…:)

  34. LOL I have to giggle at the number of misreads of the word misquotes, the first mention of mosquitos/toes had me hurtling back to the title just to check.

    I was telling my kids just the other day how different fandom is now compared with 30 years ago (well it would be wouldn’t it d’uh!) how little information we had and how difficult contact with other fans was not to mention the prospect of EVER being able to interact with one of the deities behind a show like yourself. I was a second generation Trekkie, didn’t really get into it until the 70s, my mum was first gen. I remember writing to the studio in the vain hope of a reply hell an empty envelope with a postmark on it would have been sufficient to satisfy my pathetic fannish tendencies so blogs such as yours allowing us peeks into the processes behind the premise and letting us know a little about your life are a fantastic change and I for one truly appreciate it.
    I remember my very first Trek convention in 1981, I was 18 and it was held in Newcastle upon Tyne with guests Theodore Sturgeon and his wife Jayne with whom I was fortunate enough to be invited to breakfast with by virtue of the fact that I was in the queue behind them! a memory to truly treasure

  35. I have a question about Continuum do Jack & Sam have any emotional moments with each other?

  36. Are you sure you are real? Could this entire Joe persona be a promotional constuct to promote controversy and interest in SGA? And the supposed deaths of Carson and Wier also publicity stunts to bring people to the emotional brink? Have you hired actors and actresses to play your “mother” and “Fondy” for your photos? And hired others to play your pups? Come clean please, enquiring minds want to know!

  37. Joe,
    you think maybe there is a RAT at the studio who leaked out the Ark of Thruth?

  38. A bit early but have a happy new year! And the same to Fondy, your mom and may the dogs have one too!

    And a dark horse pool? Wish my job would have thought of that-I would have played in one.

  39. Hey, I saw a few posts back that you mentioned writing for animation. I was just wondering, what’s the script format like for that? Is it the same for dramas, sitcoms, or is it something different?

    So, I’m back home visiting my parents, and my aunt and her pug, Millie, were staying with us for a few days, too. One night, my cousin stopped by with his Great Dane. I tried to take a pick of the two of them, but the darn girls just wouldn’t hold still long enough. Millie likes to pick fights with large dogs. She was actually okay with the Great Dane, but really seemed to take issue with my dad’s 100 lb. German Shepherd. …I think I may have managed to get a cute pic or two of Millie, though, anyway.

  40. Mother? Fondy?Hired actresses???

    Check the eyes suspicious …they’re family alright .

    You’re joking aren’t you?

  41. Tell Paul, I feel his pain! The Tampa Bucs were supposed to win!!! Ok…I really didn’t care all that much….I am a bad fan…lol. But, my dad went to the game and had to watch them lose, so I’m sure he was bummed! Also, my husband sat and watched the Bucs lose on TV after a long hard day of fixing our sprinkler system.

    Congrats to you Joe…at least YOU won!


  42. Oh just went to Joe Abercrombie’s blog and he’s given you kudos… check it out.

  43. Wow. That “luncheon meat” looks…um, interesting.

    Your mother is a good actress! You should hire her for an episode. 🙂

    And very funny misquotes. Changes things a bit.

  44. Dear Mr Mallozzi

    I am the mither o’ Carson Beckett and I was wondering if he is going to get his joab back in 2008?

    He has been biding here with me and he is eating me oot of house and home and he is always on the ruddy computer emailing his pal Rodney. Gosh – that Rodney is some lad, he never shuts up and I dinnae ken what is he on about half the time.

    Anyway have those heid yins made up their mind about the future of ma wee boy?

    Mrs Beckett

  45. Hi! I’m a huge Atlantis fan. I LOVE that show, I think its awesome, and I thought you should know. That said, I have a question: in the first season episode, Sanctuary, does the name Chaya Sar have any religious significance? Because it sounds a lot like “Chayei Sarah” which has tremendous Jewish significance. Just curious. Either way, great show!

  46. Happy New Year from the bottom of the world, where it’s still 32 degrees Celcius at 12 past midnight. Summer, you suck.

  47. Hello Joe, thanks for providing the French to English translations for us non-mulitlinguist.
    Have you read any of Arthur C Clark’s “Rama” series of books?
    Also, in what episode will Teyla reveal that she is pregnant?Just throught I would throw that in there.

  48. *waves*

    I won’t bore you today with needless rambling, I see Linz has taken care of that for me. 😉

    So, hopefully today, you’re feeling quite creative. *hint hint* Was that subtle enough? 😉 How’s the writing coming on, any interesting tidbits coming out of your muse? 🙂

    See short and sweet today, just like me. 🙂 Try not to fall off your chair Mr M, we wouldn’t want you to whump yourself, you need to save that for Shep. 😉

    Have a great New Year if I don’t speak to you before then.


  49. “When he pushed out the idea…”

    Actually, this makes a lot of sense when you consider that writing is sort of like giving birth.

  50. Happy New Year, Joe! All the best to you and your family in 2008! Looking forward to tidbits about SGA Season 5 and eager to see the SG1 movies and add them to my Stargate DVD collection. 🙂

    Jennie 🙂

  51. suspicious Says:
    December 31, 2007 at 12:25 am
    Are you sure you are real?

    yeah Joe is a figment of his own fevered imagination which means so are we!

  52. Joe,

    “(Like the quote that made it sound like Weir was coming back full-time. A nice sentiment but not what I had said).”

    Joe, you are too modest. Weir coming back full-time is an amazing and wonderful sentiment. =)

    That exact quote may not have been what you said, but this fan would sure love to see it.

    Here’s hoping the mysterious 4th episode for Weir is revealed soon and good news toward her fate for Season 5 is on the horizon…..

    By the way, looks like TMC did well in the ratings. Quite well, compared to the rest of the season. I realize there is more than one factor that contributed to the ratings for TMC……however,

    For me, seeing Torri on screen again and seeing Elizabeth (albeit a copy) back with the team was the reason I tuned in. I know a few others (okay, maybe more than a few) who tuned in specifically for that reason. I’m glad those of us who watched TMC (who are Torri/Elizabeth fans) were able to help contribute positively to the ratings for SGA. Perhaps this will help to show the support this character has.

    Happy New Year!

    SEW Crew Member

  53. Dear Joe, I wish you a very happy New Year, may it bring joy and another 20 successful Atlantis episodes into your life 🙂
    Thank you for blogging throughout the year *sends you Hungarian food in exchange*


  54. You want a mosquito or two I could always stuff a couple into a matchbox and post them to you…

    If you wish to re-post on to those Slice guys you have a choice of Malaria Mozzies, Dengue Fever Mozzies, or my personal favourite – the Bubonic Plague Mozzie!

    *Grabs pen and paper* Your order sir?


  55. Mr. Mallozzi,

    A question, good sir! In seeing a trailer for the return of SGA this Friday, I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of Michael. Did I actually see him, or should I schedule that CAT scan? Thank you!

  56. I’ve just been last minute grocery shopping at my local supermarket.
    As I was vacantly pushing my trolley around, a voice came on the PA system “Would the owner of a red Porsche parked in the car park, please come to customer services.”
    ‘Oh damn!’ I thought ‘Someone’s bumped the Porsche’.

    I was just about to run outside and check when I remembered… I don’t own a Porsche.

    Because I never got the one that I put on the top of my wish list for Christmas.

    But I did get the huge feckin dictionary with which I looked up how to spell Porsche.

    C’est la vie!

    Emily your question on the Zat gun has been one that has intrigued me for ages, I look forward to the answer.

    Happy 2008 to one and all.


  57. *Hugs Joe’s blog*
    Just got back from yet another holiday celebration out of state – lots of family, lots and lots of little ones running around, and two brand new little babies to hold and love. Had a great time, but I’m worn out!!

    I just wanted to pop in real quick and wish you and Fondy a very Happy New Year. Have fun and be safe.

  58. What are your plans for new year celebrations? we’re having supper with friends then first-footing around the village, should be about midnight where you are by the time we finish LOL *note to self-remember alka seltzers*
    Happy Hogmanay Joe and family

  59. Wow. I didn’t realize you granted that many interviews. Important meetings done via phone conference or even teleconference are not fun at all. I’ve read that body language accounts for the majority of communication. When you lose that, it makes things so much harder. Escpecially when they’re important or unpleasant.

    When you notice errors after the articles have gone to print, are news sources good about correcting mistakes you notice?

  60. “Mother? Fondy?Hired actresses???
    Check the eyes suspicious …they’re family alright .
    You’re joking aren’t you?”


  61. Is it just me or do others see the little white sparkly lights through out the pages?? I’ve rubbed my eyes a few times, gently of course, not wanting to pop the ole contacts out, but they are there, right? And no I haven’t been drinking lol! Happy New Year to you and your family and all who post here!

  62. Boomer Goodheart, you did indeed see Michael. Fascinating, no?


    Morjana Coffman Says:
    So, some “fans” are trying to identify PG15 as you, and apparently other “fans” have determined that the moderators have SG1-Spoilergate have a “special” relationship with the studio.

    Ah, so that’s where the allegations have come up, on Spoilergate? I gotta take a look around there. And for cryin’ out loud, this little rumor landed me in jail for a bit last time, remember? I gotta track this down…

  63. Joe – methinks that your mother is actually you dressed-up. Have you been cashing the pension payments for a non-existant mother?

    I hope that you all have a great Hogmanay and have peace within your furry bairns.

  64. As happy as I am to see a new year come, I am left feeling a little down at watching yet another year pass. Is this what happens as age creeps up on you?
    Anyhoo… I CANNOT WAIT for Friday!!!! Woohoo, SGA returns!!!
    To all that read this and of course to Joe and family… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May this one be as good as the last.

  65. pg15 typed:
    December 31, 2007 at 11:57 am

    “Ah, so that’s where the allegations have come up, on Spoilergate?”

    Oh, no, NOT at Spoilergate, PG15! You’re luvvved there!



  66. Just over an hour to go here in the UK, so:

    !!Wishing You All a Happy New Year!!

  67. Happy New Year to one and all!

    Joe, raising a champagne glass to you and yours, your blog and all fellow fans, and to SGA, its cast and crew. Thanks for all the fun! (and everything else) – and best wishes for 2008.

  68. Morjana Coffman Says:

    Oh, no, NOT at Spoilergate, PG15! You’re luvvved there!

    Hooray!! 😀

  69. Interesting find, SG1-Spoilergate. I participated in a discussion about AoT and spoilers on SG1-Spoilme. Spoilme is not moderated, however. But hearing about how somebody on the list didn’t want to hear about the (minor) spoilers, left a visible track, and that was what was said publicly. Considering what I heard privately, ugh, poor Michelle.

    Wonder if I should go looking for the SGA-Spoil* groups. 🙂

    I find it interesting that in Pegasus, the Ancients are referred to as Lanteans (no At — possibly because they are no longer from Earth, and Earth is At?) but now in the Milky Way they are referenced as Alterrans (I’m presupposing the spelling) a combination of Atlantis and Terra (Earth)? Or despite having at least some communication with the Ancients, we still don’t have a clue as to what they called themselves? Or have I missed something altogether on that?

  70. @ Bytehead ~ They’re called Lanteans because the planet Atlantis was on for so long was called Lantea. 🙂 It would be accurate, I think, to call them Atlanteans as well, at least when reffering to those who lived in the city. But would think that, if an Ancient never lived in Atlantis or on Lantea, they would not be called by either name. The Alterrans are not from the Milky Way originally — they are from the same galaxy as the Ori, so perhaps there is a world there called Alterra.

  71. A quick question. WHere is the People’s Choice Award statute going to reside, and will it ever make a guest appearance in an episode?

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