While I wouldn’t describe my mother as anti-social, I would argue that she is much, much, MUCH more comfortable socializing with people she knows. Which is why she was of two minds about going to visit her old friend Carla last night. On the one hand, she hadn’t seen Carla in years and, now that she was in Vancouver, here was a rare chance to catch up. On the other hand, Carla had recently married which meant mom would be spending the evening with her friend AND her friend’s new husband. Not a big deal to most but, like I said, my mother can be very particular about certain things. In the end, she decided “What the hey” (not “What the Hell” as she is a former minister in the United Church), figuring she would probably be spending most of the evening talking to Carla anyway.

The dinner invitation was for 6:00 p.m. and, since Fondy was still at work, it fell on my sister and I to drop mom off. We were, I should mention, kindly invited as well and while the thought of sitting down to a vegetarian feast ranks right up there for me alongside playing Santa at the nearest home for wayward youth, joining a roving choir for a boisterous round of caroling, and visiting my local botanical garden for its seasonal Christmas light show (see yesterday’s entry), it was Andria’s last night in town and she really wanted to go out for something extra special (read: non-vegetarian).

So we dropped mom off and, on her insistence, accompanied her to the door so that we could say our hello’s. I rang the bell and, as I waited for someone to answer, I peered in through the window and could make out two couples inside. Then, glancing back up the walk, noticed another woman making her way toward us, wine bottle in tow. “Hey, I didn’t know it was a dinner party!”I remarked. It was clearly a surprise to my mother as well who murmured “Neither did I!” before adopting a not-wholly-convincing grin for the welcoming host and hostess.

We left her amidst the whooping hilarity of strangers and headed over to Vij’s, my sister’s favorite Vancouver restaurant. Unfortunately, Vij’s doesn’t take reservation (legend has it they made Harrison Ford wait the last time he was in town) and neither of us really felt like sitting around for 2 hours for a table to free up, so we headed over to Tojo’s where we met up with Fondy and ran into Stargate Writer-Producer-Director Robert C. Cooper and his wife Hillary who were out with Rob’s parents. After a great sushi dinner, we stopped off at a nearby tea house, Steeps, for some matcha eggnog and carrot cake – which took us to a little after 9:00 p.m. Mom had been there three hours. Surely more than enough time to bond with her new friends. Hopefully, she was ready to go.

As we pulled up in front of Carla’s house, Andria noted: “They’re watching t.v.” I assumed she was mistaken but, as I headed up the walk, I could see that she was right. There they sat, all gathered in the living room, watching t.v. “I wonder what’s on?“I wondered aloud. Turns out the entire dinner party was watching a home video of Carla and her hubby’s recent visit to Wreck Beach, one of Vancouver’s best known nude hang-outs. “Hi, mom!”I waved, drawing her attention away from the naked 50-something fellow. She waved back, wearing the same forced grin she’d been sporting three hours earlier. I assume her jaw was very sore. As the naked people flounced about onscreen, I couldn’t help but think back to that afternoon when mom had asked me to turn off a steamy daytime soap scene she’d pronounced “pornographic”. “Ready to go?” The fact that she was already in the hallway, putting her boots on told me “Yes!”

So we said our goodbyes, politely ignored the fact that the place smelled like at least one of the revelers had apparently paid the price for drinking far too much wine, and left.

Well, that was that. With another day drawing to a close, I was looking forward to catching the news, crawling into bed, and reading a couple of chapters of Hal Clement’s Mission of Gravity before lights out. It wasn’t until we rolled into the garage that my mother cried out: “My purse!”

We turned the car around and went all the way back, parking the car out front so that Andria could hop out and reclaim the purse mom had left behind. She did and, for the second time that night, we were on our way. Once again, I was looking forward to the news, a little reading, and my nice warm bed. Until I heard my mother cry out: “My glasses!”

Today’s pic: Mom.

Today’s mailbag:

Susiekew writes: “I really liked Peter DeLuise’s work on SG1 over the years. Any chance he will direct any SGA in season 5?”

Answer: Alas, Peter will not be directing SGA in season 5.

Vv0472 writes: “1) Who is your favorite Arrested Development character? 2) Who is your favorite Boston Legal character? 3) Who came up with the name Puddle Jumper?”

Answers: 1) Buster. 2) Alan Shore. 3) Brad Wright.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Gilligan’s Island was constantly repeated- you call them reruns and it always left the questions begging in this then 10 yr old..

1- Why did they take all those suitcases for a three hour tour? 2- Seeing as Gilligan and the skipper wore the same clothes all the time, were they naked on wash day? 3- Why didn’t they fix the hole in the boat?”

Answers: 1) I believe the Howell’s had the huge wardrobe (as everyone else wore pretty much the same thing) and only because they were incredibly eccentric. 2. Yes, they were. Don’t you remember the naked laundry episode? 3) The Professor was tech smart, not handyman smart.

PG15 writes: “When are you guys going back to the studio to continue production for Season 5?”

Answer: Production on the show’s fifth season begins in mid-February. We (the producers) will be in about a month earlier to prepare (ie. Clean out the coffee filters and such).

Thornyrose writes: “Are we going to see the Travellers again in season 4, and if so any hints as to which episode/s?”

Answer: Yes and VERY soon.

Morgia writes: “do you ever read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

Answer: Haven’t read it yet but loved Blade Runner.

OregonJenwrites: “Who is older – you or your sister – and do you have other siblings?”

Answer: It’s just my sister and I, and I’m a year older.

AnneTeldy writes: “Could your dislike of the Christmas lights be — in part — because of the location’s connection to “Irresponsible”?”

Answer: I believe you’re confusing The Van Dusen Gardens with the far more garish Fantasy Gardens.

Anais a ecrit: “1) Vous aimez les macarons? a quel parfum? 2) lequel de vos chiens est le plus gourmand?”

Reponses: 1) Oui. Crème de marron. 2) Ils sont tous gourmands?

Sort of translation: I prefer chestnut cream macarons and all of my dogs are gourmands.

shiningwit writes: “Do you or have you ever watched Doctor Who and if so what do you think of David Tennant’s portrayal?”

Answer: I think Tennant is a great Doctor. I’ve watched the first two seasons but have yet to get around to the third.

Claire writes: “Is there any chance of us seeing Ba’al in the Pegasus galaxy?”

Answer: There’s always a chance but, at present, no plans.

Carwyn writes: “I haven’t yet braved any other series (except SG-1) but I plan on doing so soon. Do you have any recommendations for a newbie sci-fi fan?”

Answer: Hmmm. Let’s see. Well, if you enjoyed SG-1 there’s another series you might enjoy called Stargate: Atlantis…

Emily writes: “Your site meter is confusing me…”

Answer: I’ve switched background themes because the one I was using wouldn’t allow me to use site meter. The count is low because it is only counting that first day. The count at my former blog site (when I last checked) was a little over 800 000 visits and over a million page views. I’ll update the numbers when I have time.

70 thoughts on “December 28, 2007: Mom’s surprising night out

  1. Hi Joe,
    Would really love to see Rodney have an off world allergic or hypogylemic reaction and have the team have to help survive the reaction and get him back to Atlantis. It’s been 5 years without him having to deal with something that he is consistently in fear of having happen to him-it’s time.

  2. The Doctor Who Christmas special was excellent as per usual. I would recommend fitting Torchwood in sometime before you get to the end of (or get to the start of, I guess) season 3. Continuity wise, a lot of it happens concurrently, but I feel like it fits mostly between seasons 2 and 3.

  3. Oh I had to respond to this. Your poor mother. LOL. And then dealing with the embarrassment of forgetting her stuff… She has my sympathy. 🙂

    I noticed the question about the Travelers in S4. Will you continue to develop the Travelers through S5 as well? It would be interesting to see more of their culture.

  4. Allo joe!

    Je suis sure que cette questions est stupide ,but mais je voulais savoir qui je dois contacter pour etre un extra pour une journee dans un episode d’Atlantis?


    ps.: I went to Roxy’s and it was so good!!! I got a Montreal poutine!! *i know i should i got something better!!;-) *

  5. Hi Joe –
    Since I live in the greater San Francisco area, I have to ask: how does Ghirardelli chocolate rate on the Mallozzi Choc-O-Meter?

  6. Gah, your poor mum! I do have to ask ..WHY TF would Carla or her hubby show all and sundry their wobbly bits on video? Isn’t that something you do in private? It reminds me of a bad 1960’s Carry On movie… all these wrinkly old men perving on that busty blonde (Joan Simms) saying things like ” ‘Ere Guv, take a gander at ‘er biiig hands *wink wink* Corrrr blimey…nudge nudge!” I can just imagine your mum trying to hide the terror on her face..heck even I’d be trying to surreptitiosly find an exit. I bet that’s why she forgot her glasses and purse when she saw you.. her rescuer..exit…stage left even!

    Sorry Pauline, I have a nice Mars Bar (with a bite taken out) for you here in my fridge. Glad I’m not the only one who had a ‘huh?’ moment with the snow. It’s a foreign substance to this West Australian.

    Love and wishes for a safe journey to Andria. You’re gorgeous!! Loved reading about you and seeing your photos.

    As for that naked laundry scene on Gilligan’s Island, was Carla in it as an extra? 😛

    Joe, I was watching “The Tower” last night and in a couple of scenes, the curious part in me paused it because I thought I saw fogged out skyscrapers in the background.

    Just curious. Do you CG erase any urban construction that’s not meant to be in the shot ? Or are you really careful when you shoot the scene. Or is it my imagination? (I thought I saw distant skyscrapers in the scene where Rodney’s about to go into the ‘catacombs’ and is told it’s prone to earthquakes)

    Has anyone found a way we can preview our posts yet?

    (Btw anyone wanting an avatar for this blog can go to gravatar.com )

    Hugs to your mum, she’s adorable. I’ll have her over for tea (that’s Aussie for dinner) and promise, I’ll show her “Sound of Music” My family’s the only one in the world who hasn’t seen it yet and didn’t intend to, but I’ll make an exception for your mum (as long as she cooks the canneloni):P

  7. Oh my. A shame you didnt realize what sort of an evening your mother would be having. It might have been worth braving a veggie dinner(you could always order a late pizza later) to get some pics of her fixed smile and the unexpected fellow visitors. Then again,3 hours…2 might have been managable. Still, very funny, and thank you for giving me a chuckle or three. I’m also getting envious. I’m bogged down with more mundane tasks and havent been able to devote enough free time to come near matching your reading level the last couple of weeks. I refuse to conceed the possibility you are just a much faster reader than moi… no questions for the day, and I hope you enjoy the last few days of the holiday season before putting on the harness and gearing up to provide us another season’s worth of entertainment and blood pressure raising suspense.

  8. The prospect of seeing an older couples’ visit to any place full-clothing is required would be enough break Rick James. Your Mom sounds like she’ll be quietly steamed about that for a while. I hope the remainder of your time with your family is great and memorable (in a good way). Happy New Year!

  9. I have a confession to make… I’m not a chocolate eater. Now before I get boo’d off this blog I will say that it is a medical reason and not because I don’t like it.
    Last night I sat down to enjoy a rare occasion of chocolate eating.. sadly it was only M&M’s but for somebody who doesn’t get to eat chocolate often it was sooooo good.
    I’m getting to a point. Reading the back of the wrapper it says may contain traces of peanuts (nothing new there) and treenuts. Treenuts?
    First of all, can the chocolate people out there (and the grand chocolate master himself), who have read the back of many a chocolate box/wrapper, explain what treenuts are and is this just an Australian issue or do others out there receive dire warnings about treenuts?
    Sorry, this isn’t a normal type of question but when I was reading the wrapper at 2am (It was 35 degrees Celsius overnight – yes Celsius) I thought, “Ahuh, there is only one group of people that would know the true answer to this… the Mallozzi-ites”
    I did ask the people around me but at that time of morning they naturally came back with “nuts from trees”.
    I guess I could just Google it…

  10. Bonsoir Joseph (lire avec une voix enjouée)
    Merci d’avoir répondu à ma question, je constate que mon anglais est pas si pire que ça finalement . Est-ce que tu lis un peu en français ? Je me demandais comment on faisait pour mettre sa photo dans les commentaires. Anais, si tu lis ceci répond moi stp je suis certaine que tu sais comment faire (et si je le demande en anglais je suis certaine que je ne comprendrai rien !lol) So when you write a episode, do you have someone who criticize you ? I know you work with writers team, but do you have someone who can tell you sometime: ok, that its not good. Critic its good for the creativity. I mean good critic…

  11. Your Mom was a United Church minister? Being Italian, I would have thought you were Roman Catholic. But, church-wise, I guess nothing is more (arguably) Canadian than the United Church of Canada.

  12. Where is the best place to submit scripts and do you have any tips on writing stage production?

  13. That picture of your mom looks like a Jan Vermeer painting. I love her hat. And I feel for her and her…interesting…evening. I’m meeting up with a few old friends for lunch tomorrow. Let us all hope it doesn’t involve nudity. But being as we’ll be in a restaurant in a public place, I don’t think it will be a problem.

  14. *catches snowflakes on her tongue, then makes a snowball and throws it at PG-15* Tag, you’re it!!! 😀 *runs around like the Hewlett-Squirrel nut she is*

  15. Have you ever gone to Wreck Beach youself? (as opposed to living vicariously through your mom’s friends.)

  16. Are you pumped (or even aware?) that SciFi is really promoting Atlantis heavily this holiday break? Was it expected? Also, should we expect SciFi to carry the Ark of Truth post release?


  17. Annie from FrEmantle Says:
    “Sorry Pauline, I have a nice Mars Bar (with a bite taken out) for you here in my fridge. ”

    LOL…that SO reminds me of my husband and what he did years ago, when we were dating. He brought some kind of candy bar home and was putting it in the freezer because he likes them frozen. His mother was following him and sniffing at his candy bar as she wanted it. He knew his candy bar was not safe in the freezer so he says, “Hey Mom….look!” and proceeds to open the wrapper and lick the candy bar, before he puts it in the freezer! She was totally grossed out and his candy bar was safe!!! LOLOL


  18. Something that has bugged me. How did you manage to get David Ogden Stiers to do the short bit of Oberoth in First Strike? It’s not like he’s an extra who could just be included for a single scene. I would have thought that a higher profile actor would not be happy to do such a short piece when it would only be worth a short amount to him (I assume).

  19. Hey Joe,

    Well someone asked you if you had seen/liked Doctor Who, so i thought i’d ask a similar question. Have you ever seen Babylon 5 (created by J. Michael Straczynski)? And if you have, what did you think of the show?

    Does any of the SciFi material you’ve read or watched ever influence your writing or story ideas, consciously i mean? There’s bound to be some unconscious bleed through no?

  20. narellefromaus – tree nuts are nuts that come from trees – like almonds and walnuts. Peanuts are from the ground (vines? not sure). But at least in the U.S. people who are allergic to peanuts are not necessarily allergic to TREE nuts and vice versa… I am sure that holds true for humans all over 🙂 that didn’t come out quite right as written…

    Can’t wait to get back home to my own TV. Have missed all the marathons and whatnot !!!

  21. The whole account of the nudie-senior home videos was very funny. But then I started to wonder if somewhere a trend is getting started.

    *looks like Macaulay Culkin on the cover of Home Alone*

    Your descriptions of your mom are a bit like how I’ve pictured Rodney McKay as a mother. (Lest that be misinterpreted, I’m a big fan of Rodney.) Best wishes for your mom’s full emotional recovery from her evening with an old friend.

    In contrast, for better or for worse, my mom, and especially my grandma, would doubtless be passing ’round more wine, and organizing a summer group trip to the nearest nude beach. Although on Lake Champlain, they might find themselves mingling with UVM summer students and the Annual Vermont State Trooper Beach Bash. Could make for some interesting media coverage.

  22. At first i thought i was seeing things but its actually snowing on your blog! Great! haha….Ive never seen real snow 🙁

  23. Your mom is probably just fine, shiny happy naked people can’t possibly freak her out that much can they? Or have I been hanging out at Burning Man far too long? If she is freaked, she has my every sympathy. It could have been worse, at least she didn’t wake you up from a deep, warm sleep with “My underwear!”

    I take exception to some of the comments insinuating that not every person is profoundly beautiful when unclothed. We are. Nekkid old folks, gotta love us! I’ve just never gotten on video, although I do know where the pics of my wobbly bits are posted. Have I scared all the young’uns yet? Advice for the newly naked: Naturalists, like Galactic Hitchhikers, should always carry a towel.

    Hey, a vegetarian meal is better than vegan fare. It has to be, on principle. Roadkill is better than vegan fare.

    And wow, I just noticed I can still read French! At least, I can read anything having to do with food and dogs in French!

  24. maggiemayday wrote:

    Hey, a vegetarian meal is better than vegan fare. It has to be, on principle. Roadkill is better than vegan fare.

    Whoa. I’m gettin’ this bad vibe that you don’t much like roadkill. I tend to take that personal.

    (LMAO at your post.)

  25. *boof*

    Ow! That hurt! I think there was a pine cone in it.

    Now then…SNOWBALL FIGHT!!

    *throws one at the next poster*

  26. Hello Joseph =)

    Bonne nouvelle!! Notre miss France restera miss france!!! Mais elle ne pourra ce présenter a aucun concour international!

    Merci de m’avoir répondu ^^! Je ne vous caherez pas que dans ma vie je n’est pas beaucoup eu la chance de gouter de marcaron différent malgré que mon pére soit patissier. Lol oui j’avoue tout les chiens son gourmands^^! Le mien aussi^^!!

    Vous commencez la production en février!! Yaouuu c’est super!

    Aujourd’hui je doit aller chercher mon cherie a 14:40.
    Je serais de retour sur votre blog certainement pas avant le Vendredi 4 Janvier. Mais j’esayerais de passer avant.

    Gros Bisou, je vous adore, merci, vous allez me manquer, a bientot jespert et Bonne année si on ne se voit pas avant.

  27. Oh dear, naked wobbly bits *shudders* sorry naturists but cover up already, I’m not even nekkid under my clothes! thats what underwear is for LOL. Your mum must have been mortified, I know I would be and I totally understand how she feels about socialising, I’m pretty much that way myself. *stumbles off to find some BLAND breakfast*

  28. quote: ..”Roadkill is better than vegan fare..”

    Not when yer spittin’ out bitsa gravel from yer possum stoo!

  29. Your mom sounds like my mom. We always do the BGGC test before she goes home – “Mom, do you have your bag, glasses, other glasses and cell phone?”

    This BGGC test is critical!

    Regarding the dangly wobbly scenes – doesn’t your mom have a cellphone? Surely she could have ducked into the bathroom and called you?

    If she doesn’t, she should, for your own peace of mind if not hers.

  30. Re hello

    alors tout d’abord pour répondre a Morgia:
    1 aller sur le lien en bas a gauche”WordPress.com”
    2 aprés clik sur sigin now
    3 va Dans “my account” (en haut a gauche)
    4 puis aller dans “global dashlboard”
    5 aller dans “profil”
    6 Choisi une photo
    Et voila..:D (jespert que tu aura compris mes explication^^)

    Merci beaucoup de m’avoir répondu!!! vive les macaron et les toutou gourmand….désoler je ne peut pas rester beaucoup. je serais de retour le Vendredi 4 janvier.
    Je vais essayer de passer avant.

    Donc gros gros bisou, vous allez ma manquer, Merci, a bientot, et bonne année si je ne vous revoit pas avant.

    Petite video éxclusif tournée sur le plateaus de la saison 3:


  31. Ohhhh je suis dépiter, defoix mes commentaire s’affiche, defois non….jespert que les autre on marcher car il etait asser lomg.

  32. j’ai découvert se qu”il n’aller pas !! quand je me connécte
    avec mon profil webpress ….seul mes commentaire mis avec mon profil s’affiche mais si je mais un commentaire avec l’adresse de mon blog…le commentaire mis avec mon profil disparer ……hummmmm c’est compliquer tout sa.

    Vous voyez tout mes commentaire? (il en a 3 ou4)

  33. Joe, long time lurker. First time to post. I feel so bad for your Mom. I hate getting ambushed like that.

    narellefromaus – Peanuts are not really nuts. They are legumes. They are in the same family as beans. My daughter is highly allergic to peanuts but not tree nuts. She can eat walnuts, pecans and almonds. So the differentiation helps her choose her chocolate wisely. The package warnings have been a useful tool in keeping her safe.

  34. I too kind of had to laugh at what happened to your mom but, at the sametime thought what if it was my mom. So a bit sad. But, funny! Cool blog!

  35. Oh your poor Mom! I definitely sympathize and don’t blame her a bit but kudos to her fortitude. Mama Mallozzi certainly sounds like a wonderful lady. I hope the family visiting has been really good for all of you 🙂

    Today’s curiosity: When you’re shooting an episode, how do you decide to block each scene? Is that done in advance, before you even get to the scene, or is it done “on the fly,” when you’re ready to shoot right that moment? I guess I’m just curious how “prepared” some of the smaller things like that are.

  36. Ah, sweet Good Nurse, I adore roadkill. Tender armadillos in East Texas in the spring, Nevada free-range jackrabbits in the summer, fat whistle pig in Appalachia in the fall. Venison jerky all year! Although ever since the Fish n’ Game boys confiscamated the hubber’s pick’em-up truck for spotlight deer huntin’ from the rest area, we don’t have no manifold to grill on no more. Might hafta make us a smoker from a fiddy-fiver, there’s lots of them barrels over in the landfill, I guess we kin jus’ scrape off the funny-lookin’ warning labels.

    Thank you, it is my goal to make everyone’s ass fall off with laughter at least once in 2008. I’m just getting a headstart.

  37. LOl, your mum sounds so much like my mum, it must be the latin genes.
    Now a simple question but it’s been driving me crazy, how can I save your blog so that it comes up on the last entry?
    At the moment it always comes up on the 14 of december, the day I first found out about it. Thanks

  38. PG15 said:

    Ow! That hurt! I think there was a pine cone in it.

    Now then…SNOWBALL FIGHT!!

    Wow, that brought back memories of neighborhood snowball fights in my childhood days. We used to make snowballs, dip them in water, and let them re-freeze…turning them into iceballs. We then proceeded to throw these at each other. What was wrong with us??

    On the other hand, turning a snowhill into an icehill was great for sledding.

  39. What’s better than an evening with strangers watching a close friend of yours and her husband romp naked in the sand and surf? I’d kill for your mother’s evening.

  40. Joe, 1) do you think there might be a possibility that series 5 of SGA might have to have some extra episodes to help fill in the slots where programmes will be missing due to the writer’s strike? 2) Will there be more Lanteans in the new series? P.S. I’m loving SGA!

  41. Anaïs,
    T’es vraiment la meilleure !!! Merci, merci. Je n’ai pas encore essayé ton truc pour la photo (ça va me prendre tellement de temps que vaut mieux me reserver un laps de temps dans mon horaire) mais si je réussi je vais vraiment être contente. Merci encore et bon temps avec ton chérie !

  42. While I do enjoy the new background, I must admit that after a very late night, it took me a few minutes to realize I wasn’t have a stroke when little parts of the text were disappearing.

    Nice work on the snowing theme. 😀


  43. You should have bought your mother a digital camera for her Christmas – she could have taken photographs all evening. Or, the very least, you could have sent her in to the party with her walkie talkies.

    Any news on the future of poor Wee Carson in Atlantis?

  44. I just re-read todays blog and on closer inspection the open invite and vegetarianism could have been a CLUE although in my brief stints of vegetarianism I never once felt the urge to take off my clothes, not even for a shower, maybe thats why it didn’t take.

  45. Enjoy your Mom while you have her… mine passed 5 yrs ago and I miss her every day. Especially now as I have flu and am whining miserably like Rodney, sniff-sniff. Sure would like Mom’s warm snuggles and comfort right now.
    Pass the hot tea and saltine crackers please!

    Thankfully I can view DVDs of SG-1 and SGA to cheer me, oh, and of course visit here with all of my fellow Mallozzi-ites. Don’t worry, flu isn’t contagious thru a blog… sniffle-cough-groan…
    Courage girl! What would Sheppard do?

  46. Hi Joe! I really enjoyed “McKay and Mrs. Miller”, and I was wondering are there were any plans to bring back Rod McKay (or any of the other characters from the parallel universe) in season five?


  47. Bon après-midi Joseph,
    Je voulais juste préciser ma pensée en ce qui concerne ma question sur les critiques. Puisque je ne suis pas certaine de vraiment bien exprimer ma pensée en anglais, je vais la clarifier en français. Ce que je me demande c’est si une personne de votre équipe (ou extérieur) est capable de vous critiquer (toi et les autres scénaristes) lorsque vous écrivez vos épisodes. En fait, des fois on écrit quelque chose, mais c’est pas vraiment bon, ou on est passé à côté.
    Je me pose cette question parce que moi j’ai besoin de temps en temps d’une bonne critique constructive sur mes écrits (l’autre jour ma critique attitrée m’a dit: bon, c’est bon ton histoire, mais tu t’es perdu un peu. Ton personnage a perdu du mordant, normalement il aurait pas réagit comme ça ! Et elle avait raison) Voilà, je ne voulais pas insinuer que ton travail pouvait être parfois mauvais. C’est juste que je m’intéresse au processus de création puisque je suis moi-même les deux pieds dedans.
    Bonne journée 🙂

  48. Hey Joe.

    This is your qoute about Chris Judge from the Jan/Feb 2008 edition of the Stargate Magazine.

    ” With Stargate SG1 coming to and end, you miss certain family members – like Chris Judge, who is the crazy cousin who always gets drunk at family functions. For me, it’s mainly the people, but I miss writing for the characters.

    Maybe this is the real reason you have been avoiding his poker games. ; )

  49. I’ve noticed that I cannot access vid. on old blog pages like we could on the old site by clicking on the date, did you not transfer them with the rest of the blog or can you not use photobucket on this site.

  50. Did I miss you ragging on vegans? My very vegan brother just arrived yesterday… we may have to spam you with recipes. (The best chocolate cake in the world is vegan… as is the best apple-coconut-sweet potato bouche noel). *smiles*

    If you could set a Stargate:Atlantis episode in any city on Earth, where would you choose? (let us assume that Vancouver was out of the running)

    Oh, and give my condolences to your mum. That she managed to keep the polite smile up is really amazing! I hope you are papering her today….

  51. Your poor mom! I wouldn’t think someone with a video camera would be very welcome at a nude beach. I really would prefer never to see my friends nude, and certainly not on video as group entertainment!

    We got AT&T’s Uverse this weekend, and GeekBoy has discovered the wonders of DVR. He is awed by the concept of pausing live TV. He considers space travel mundane, but hitting that 7-second “replay” button has him nearly in tears of wonder. Right now he’s trying to help his techno-helpless father hook up the new sound system so we can watch “The Siege” with a sound system that will do those rail guns and darts justice.

  52. Joe,

    do you know who’s idea it was that Walter is a little like Radar?



  53. I’m torn between hysterical laughter and feeling incredibly sorry for your mother. I don’t think Miss Manners has a section of what the appropriate way to conduct yourself is when your friends sit you in front of the tv with a cup of tea to watch them leaping about with more bits leaping than ever seen before.

    Thank god you pulled her out of there before they brought out the twister mat.

  54. I just have to say my deepest sympathies to your poor mother. Thank God she didn’t drive herself over – having to leave when the ride appears is the best escape route, as you know it’s coming and your host can’t argue with it. 🙂 I’m somewhat anti-social in the way you describe your mom – uncomfortable in groups of people I don’t know, forced to make chit-chat – and I totally sympathized.

    A quick question: Not counting pyrogies/varenkye, borscht, or cabbage rolls, what is your favourite kind of Ukrainian food? I’m supposed to show up with something Ukrainian for a potluck, and, as my ancestry’s primarily Irish with some French/German thrown in, my knowledge doesn’t go far beyond pyrogies. Thoughts??? What’s really good Ukrainian food?

  55. Hi Joe:

    Your mom is a real trooper. I bet her relationship with her old friend has not improved. I agree with Carol Z. Enjoy your mom while she is here. Both of my parents are gone and I miss the opportunity I had to talk to them and learn from them.

    Speaking of memories, I had a most horrible thought. Now that you are using a new blog location, what happens regarding the millionth poster? Is that now finished? Do you start again from scratch? Or will you use my personal favorite of adding both blog sites together and give out the prize ASAP?


  56. Thank you to the treenut responders. It’s recent appearance on the back of our wrappers must mean those allergic to treenuts have finally won their battle for nut recognition.
    ssssbar – all the best to your daughter.

  57. With The Ark of Truth having been prematurely leaked do you know who it was that leaked it and what course of action has been taken?

  58. maggiemayday wrote:

    Ah, sweet Good Nurse, I adore roadkill. Tender armadillos in East Texas in the spring… .Thank you, it is my goal to make everyone’s ass fall off with laughter at least once in 2008. I’m just getting a headstart.

    *wipes away tears of laughter* Oh man. I’m gonna have to look online for a chair that holds your posterior in place when you read something that’s so funny, both your upper and lower cheeks quiver with hilarity. (I’d ask hubs to make The Unique “Batten Down the Buns” Ass-Grabbing Chair, but he’d insist that’s his job.)

    East Texas Armadillo, yummm. Especially tasty when boiled in the shell (if there’s any left), and served with a Creole-style dipping sauce, or else on a bed of shredded beef jerky and Five-Alarm Chili Fixin’s from Bubba’s Bluebonnet Convenience Store.

    Joe’s blog clearly has a salutary effect on our palates. *grins*

  59. Hi Joe,

    Happy New Year !!!

    A little question : A chance to see ( again ) Anubis in SG1 ? And replicators ( SG1 replicators not from Pegasus ) ? And General Hammond ?

    I’m actually watching the 6th season…waw which memories ! Is Daniel will ascending -again- in SG1 ?

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