Shawne and the little terror
Cote de Boeuf
Cooking up the brussel sprouts
Cipolllini onions
Jelly enjoys a strawberry cone
And a splash-guard for frying stuff!
Sis’s new necklace…
And mom’s new walkie-talkies 

Jelly enjoys her Hoggin-Dawgs ice cream cone

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! We fested in grand Mallozzi tradition by pretty much eating our faces off. Now, usually, I prepare a roast for the occasion but, since the gang at Fuel offered, I was more than happy to take a couple of magnificent cote de boeufs off their hands along with some of their buttery whipped potatoes. Mom contributed by making cannelloni and roasted cipollini onions while my sister’s spin on a Nigella Lawson-inspired brussel sprout and pancetta dish proved a rousing success. Three fantastic desserts capped off the meal: a Ganache Patisserie dark chocolate gingerbread mousse – peach ginger compote – white chocolate Szechuan pepper parfait – gingersnap crumble – chocolate pumpkin cake, a chocolate veloute comprised of 70% dark chocolate mousse and dark chocolate crème brulee (also from Ganache Patisserie), and Fondy’s favorite purple yam (ube) cake (from Goldilocks bakery) that I, of course, crowned with pistachio ice cream and a generous drizzle of Advokaat (eggnog liqueur). Suitably stuffed, I worked off dinner by sitting on the couch and reading the first couple of hundred pages of The Princess Bride while Fondy, sis, mom, and Shawne (Fondy’s business partner who brought her two skipperkees along) settled down to an animated game of Scrabble followed by an equally raucous round of Pictionary. Oh yeah, I also found time to get bitten by Lulu who drew blood when I moved in to separate her from Jelly once they started fighting over their Hoggin-Dawgs stuffed ice cream cone toy. She’s turning out to be quite the little bitch, always stealing toys from the other pugs and then getting into scraps with them when they attempt to reclaim the purloined items. I believe some time in bulldog boot camp may be in order. Come midnight – exhausted and ready for bed – we decided to open our presents. My sister distributed them, Fondy handled garbage detail, I snapped photos, and my mother rescued the used wrapping paper, carefully smoothing it out and refolding it for future re-use. I was handed a chocolate assortment with a card that read: To Joe, Love Liz. “Who the heck is Liz?”I wondered aloud. “Sis,”my mother corrected me as, very clearly, she had been the one to give me the gift on my sister’s behalf. “But it says Liz,”I had to point out yet again. “It says Sis,”my mother insisted. I motioned my sister over (whose name is Andria, by the way, and not Liz) and asked her to read the card. “To Joe,”she read. “Love Liz.” “Sis!”my mother persisted. Okay, okay. Sis it is. But I’ve included a pic of the card and will let you decide. I also scored more chocolate, a Pied de Cochon cookbook, even more chocolate, another cookbook (which, my sister pointed out, will join the many other cookbooks sitting forlorn and gathering dust on my downstairs bookshelf), yet more chocolate, cologne, and an impressive array of black socks (as opposed to the Christmas socks I received one year and made the mistake of wearing to work one day only to have them go off and play a little holiday tune – during the board meeting I was attending). A great haul for everyone else. I won’t go into detail (as I’m sure you’ll read all about it on their respective blogs), but the highlights included a wacky framed picture of my wacky wife, some cordless phones for my mother that I told her were walkie talkies in the event she got lost in the woods and needed to contact the local authorities for immediate evac (it was great watching her try to look pleased with the unexpected gift), and a Tiffany necklace and, yes, Christmas socks for Andria. By the way, just a reminder to all of those taking part in the Book Club discussions that we’ll be discussing Peter Straub’s Ghost Story and/or Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and/or William Goldman’s The Princess Bride during the first full week of January, and following the week after with a discussion of Sean Wiliams’ The Crooked Letter (those taking part in the latter have a shot at winning a copy of the second book in the series, compliments of Pyr). I finished off Joe Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings and Philip K. Dick’s Ubik last week and will be weighing in with my thoughts in the coming days. And Happy Birthday to PG15! Damnit!  I included comments with all of the pics but they didn’t show up.  They went something like this – Video: Lulu claims Max’s Christmas collar.  Pics: Shawne and the little terror, cote de boeuf, canelloni, brussel sprouts cooking, cipollini onions, Jelly chows down on her strawberry cone, Liz?, a keeper for my office, Fondy, SOCKS!!!, and one of those splatter guards for when you’re frying something up, Andria and her new necklace, my mother’s new walkie-talkies, Jelly and her Hoggin-Dawgz ice cream cone.  A quickie mailbag – PG15 writes: “ Are you gonna give us another spoiler poem to end the year like last year?” Answer: It really depends on how creative I feel when the time comes. Raina James writes: “The Night Before Christmas: Atlantis Style” Answer: Destined to be a Pegasus holiday classic. Talen writes: “By the way, do you read or write poetry?” Answer: I do not. Siba writes: “Do you speak Italian as well?!” Answer: I do. Dovil writes: “Put this down to too much food and drink…” Answer: This is cause for celebration! Dovil, this is the first comment you’ve sent me that I haven’t had to fish out of my spam folder.

76 thoughts on “December 25, 2007: Feasting, Festing, and Frickin’ Dog Bites!

  1. Merry Christmas right back at you Joe, Fondy, Andria,LSiSz, the pooches and the evil granny gift giver. I wonder if she comes alive while you all sleep……As for the card, it seems to show an L with an S over the top of it, then end with a funny looking z or an s with a comma after it. The Jury’s still out huh? Can we vote. I reckon mama Joe wrote Liz and corrected it…. but don’t quote me on that 😛

    Lulu’s being naughty ? I guess she’s at that ‘toddler’ stage, proving her position (well what she thinks is her position -boss) and doing it well. Stand your ground Bubbaba, Maximus and Jelly!

    Your food looks awesome ..we had nothing like that. Just basic ham, cold meats, salad (yeah sorry), potato crisps and my first attempt at a cheese ball which I swear would be great if used by the defence force as a cannonball. Death by cheese.

    It was 40 Deg C or 104 F yesterday…today, Boxing day, it’s going to be 42, or 108. I checked the world weather and I believe that it was the hottest place on earth yesterday. Gah. Think of me in your 4 deg C weather. Wanna swap?

  2. Oh sorry forgot to mention BOTM. It was cheaper for me to order “Ghost story” from Amazon than in our own Aussie ebay. So I’m waiting for it to come from America. Should be soon as I ordered it a couple of weeks ago!!!

  3. Hey I’m 1st! That’s a first!

    Now I will officially shutup because I have now turned into one of those annoying three comments in a row people who annoy me. Sorry, we can’t edit these posts…..

  4. Merry Christmas Joe and Family! It’s nice to see that other folks stuff themselves on Christmas Day — I’d hate for it to be a Southern tradition only. We had chicken and dressing, sweet potato casserole, pea and asparagus casserole, squash casserole, chicken breasts and gravy, pear salad, and crescent rolls. Yum! Good ole’ country cooking and lots of it 🙂

    Best wishes to you for a VERY happy and successful new year

  5. Thanks Joe! I’m glad you had a good holiday!

    But Lulu…yikes. She needs a good spankin’!

  6. I’m sure I’ll be the 657th person to tell you this, but the titles for the pictures show up on mouse over.

    Anne Teldy (who actually got wondermus gifts this year!)

  7. Yup, definitely says “Liz.” Glad you had a good holiday despite your mother giving you chocolate from strangers. 😀

  8. Hi Joe:

    I just love your mother. She sounds like my kind of lady, trying to do the best she can for her kids and insisting that she knows best. “Sis” it is…

    Thanks so much for taking the time out on you holidays to Blog and let us in on your family fun. It’s almost like being there.

    By the way, I am sending you a small gift that will be waiting for you at Bridge Studios. Sorry it’s a little late for Christmas, but I only received it from the United States on the 24th.

    Happy Christmas.


  9. Kill it, Lulu, kill it!!! Man, the dogs look happy with their icecream cones! Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Mine was very dull – but only as long as I thought of it as Christmas. If I “forgot” that it Christmas and acted like it was any other day, it was fine.

    That’s a great pic of Fondy in the frame. Also, nice try, Mama Mallozzi – it says ‘Liz’. Enjoy Boxing Day (do you guys have Boxing Day?)

  10. Hope everyone has had a very merry christmas. And doggie bootcamp definitely seems in order. Perhaps the Baron has something to do with the disciplinary problem you seem to have aquired? Have to admit I dont quite understand the fascination with opening presents at midnight, but it sounds like it worked well. A reasonable haul of my own, including what seems to be a lifetime supply of cadbury milk chocolates… three hams, assorted side dishes, and 16 hours later, I can hereby swear off cooking for the rest of the year. Looking forward to the upcoming book discussions, not to mention how everyone else who hangs around here has celebrated the day.

  11. PS: Lulu’s mouth is frickin’ HUGE!!! I’m developing dog-phobia just looking at it! (In the picture with Shawne).

  12. Want to borrow our 45kg Ridgeback x Bullmastiff for a bit for Lulu Joe? (see Avatar!)
    Actually, now that I think about it, Ralph was scared of my Gran’s 15 year old Maltese for a while.

  13. The comments show up on the pics when you leave the little arrow thingy that the little mousy thingy controls on top of them for a second.

  14. Hi Joe, Merry Christmas!

    I graduated in April with a Bach of FiTV and have working in three film offices. Is there a way I can shoot my resume over your way, if you’re in need of an assistant or an extra office hand?


  15. Looks like fun was had by all at your get toether!! By the way I couldn’t help but notice (and correct me if I’m wrong) that the women out numbered you 4 to 1!!

    I’m sure you’ll make use of the cook books!!

    Looking forward to the discusion next week.


  16. When I read the card, I totally saw ‘Liz.’ After re-looking at it, I suppose it could say ‘Sis’…but only if for some reason there’s a comma at the end of the name. But never in a million years would I have originally thought it said ‘Sis.’

    I wasn’t planning on reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, but today I found it sitting on my parents’ coffee table. So maybe I’ll pick it up and give it a go. But it sounds a bit too…love story-ish for me.

    I know you’re not a coffee person, but do you enjoy chocolate-covered espresso beans? I got some for Christmas. I have no sense of portion control when it comes to them. Which is bad, as I end up completely wired and skittish and unable to go to sleep.

  17. Your christmas looks a lot more interesting than mine! I have holiday envy now. Hope that you enjoyed it as much as I envy it! And your dogs are adorable!

    PS- I know all about cookbooks and dust gathering.

  18. Liz it is, although I am trying to drink enough booze to make it read “Sis”. I’ll let you know if I succeed.

    Any leftover desserts? Will you FedEx them to me? I suffered through bad homemade mincemeat. I have intense dessert envy at the moment. I would drink enough so the mincemeat tastes good, but I don’t want to spend the New Year in rehab.

    Merry Freakin’ Christmas!

  19. Happy Holidays to all, but I’m glad it’s done for another year. Too much rushing about, too much spending a lot and WAY-y-y too much eating a lot. Really enjoyed time with my 11 month old grand niece though, she’s a keeper! Lovely Juliana turns 1 in Jan ’08.

    Um, couldn’t help noticing that your pups seem to have rather long doggie toenails. If my cat’s nails looked like that, I’d be one shredded human! Time for a salon visit? Hm-m-m…?

  20. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, dog mauling not included.

    Dovil, this is the first comment you’ve sent me that I haven’t had to fish out of my spam folder.

    Even the internet thinks my comments need to be killed off. It doesn’t really bode well. Well if I’m going to end up in the spam folder anyway I’ll just have to start trying to sell you a timeshare. Also my Aunt died recently leaving 50 million dollars in a shoe box under her bed and I need a trust worthy person with a bank account…

  21. Jelly is just too cute with those ice cream toys. Looks like it was a great Christmas.

    I don’t suppose you know where those singing socks came from? Because a) funniest story I’ve heard in a long time, and b) I’d love to torture a good friend of mine with them. Highly amusing.

    I also have a belated Christmas gift for you. Recently I visited Roma and I had to take this photo both for myself as a fan, and because I thought you might get a kick of it.

  22. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration, congratulations on a job well done. Hopefully the remainder of 2007 will be restful. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to another spoiler-poem to take us into 2008. Merry Christmas!

  23. Merry Christmas!

    I got my brother “Howl’s Moving Castle” for christmas. Have you seen it and if so what did you think of it?

  24. Your description of the feast reminds of a New Year’s Eve dinner my husband and I attended in 1988 – the hostess (born in the old country Italian) made a great multicourse meal (including a roast and a huge lasagna) and at the end when the TOTAL OF FOUR DINERS were all comatose she complained she “should have made a turkey too”.

    I enjoyed the pics – in the background of the “Socks Appreciation” shot there’s a fairly impressive selection of what we in Alabama call “alky-hal” – what a good host you must be!

    Good luck with teaching Lulu some rules – and Happy Boxing Day!

  25. Hi Joe,

    Question: Any Sheppard fighting to save his life with the Bantos rods or something similar in S5?

  26. Merry Christmas!

    Great description of your holiday celebration and amazing pictures (Gotta love those dogs of your’s :D).

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  27. Merry Christmas Joe, i hope that you and your family have a great one. Too bad you did’t get a Wii, if you ever want to borrow mine, i’ll come up to where you are and let you use it. Or if you are ever in Indianapolis its all yours
    again, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Hey the Mallozzi family!
    We ate like no tomorrow as well- starting with a traditional Jamaican brunch which included Ackee n Saltfish….
    With regards to te card signature – Sorry Angela but I read “Liz”

    Take Care

  29. Merry Christmas to you and your’s!

    (Scanning through the pictures before reading the entry, I would have sworn it said Liz. Hmm…)

  30. Re: the card… It certainly looks like “Liz” to me.

    Perhaps on this day, when the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future walk the Earth, they have guided the ghost of Elizabeth Weir to your door, to haunt your waking world and your dreams until she is restored to her rightful place on Atlantis.

    Merry Christmas, Joe. 🙂

  31. Joe, have you known Fondy since before Stargate and did you marry her before Stargate, came in to your life?(BTW she’s HOT!!)

  32. 1.) Have you guys ever tried to get a guest director for your show? I know a lot of the bigger shows have done it-CSI, ER, Galactica tried to get Kevin Smith and so did Heroes.
    2.) Which do you prefer the first half of season four or the latter half?
    3.) How did Gero’s sex movie do with audiences or is he not done with it yet?
    4.) What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie? What about Scorsese?

  33. Merry Christmas Joe! Thanks for sharing the vid and pics. The kids are adorable!

    Question: Are there ever any major changes made to episodes when they’re put on DVD, besides running music over the act breaks? Do you, and a producer, get a final say on DVD versions?

  34. -zzzzz-

    Bon soir, is this the concierge? Wake-up call for 12 noon, s’il vous plaît. Thank you.

    Thanks for the many enjoyable holiday pics and in a way sharing the hospitality (as well as a bit of your life) through your blogs. The longer I hang around, the more fun it gets to be, and it’s also great to find out what’s up with everyone who comments.

    I love the pics of your mom, sis Andria, and your guest, all smiling and in the spirit of the season. The pic of Fondy is very funny and cute. “Wacky” is good, imo. I mean, between Baron Destructo & Co. and your real-life events that sound a bit like a roller coaster ride at times, it seems fitting (if not vital 😉 ) for your wife to have an equally healthy sense of humor. – Once again, your detailed descriptions of delectable dishes make it almost possible to taste them in the mind. Although I think you ought to replace the dark chocolate crème brulée by bringing back the warm pear beignet. The beignet and the Advokaat have always been meant to be together. It would be okay if the DC crème brulée has a recurring role I guess, as long as it stays out of the pear beignet’s way or risk getting whumped. And the beignet really looks better in the new uniforms.

    I’ll trade you some more chocolate for some socks….

    It does sound like time for boot camp for Ms. Lulu. The troops must understand that the commanding officer is under no circumstances to be bitten. Cursing under one’s breath is one thing; maiming the hand that feeds you is something else.

  35. Glad you had a good Christmas! I kicked mine off by reading The Princess Bride for 2 hours until my family woke up… my body is still unfortunately attuned to working a 6am shift.

    Thought you might find this interesting; what have pugs and copyright theft got in common you ask? Well….

    I’m heading Stateside tomorrow (heading on to Vancouver 10 days afterwards) so I’m looking forward to 10 hours of uninterrupted reading time on the plane… plus I believe I heard mention of schnitzel when I was last on the phone to the people I’m staying with, so there’s some motivation to get through the holiday rush at the airport! 😉

    Lulu does seem to have some destructive tendancies… have you had to discipline any of the dogs before? We used a little squirt gun when we were training our dog; nothing says “behave!” like a zap of water in the eye!


  36. hello joseph, sa va bien??

    •Waou! merci pour toute ces photos!!! elles sont superbes!
    Vous avez passer de bon moment! et tout le monde a eux de jolie cadeaux^^!

    •Par contre, je ne peux pas voir la video sur votre blog, vous n’auriez pas une adresse a me donner pour pouvoir la voir?? s’il vous plait.

    •Oula depuis 3 jours j’ai trois doight qui gonfle et qui me font trés mal, je ne sais pas ce que ces, piqure, allergie, mauvaise sirculation du sang…je vais vite prendre rendez vous au docteur…!

    • Bon gros kisou, merci pour tout ==> je repasserais dans la journée =)

  37. It takes an exceptional man to spend Christmas outnumbered by oestrogen, *doffs cap* Fantastic vid of Lulu feegling, reminds me of my own feegle-hound who feegled off with my PJs christmas eve and had me looking high and low for ’em til I spotted her sitting in her crate looking mighty guilty and lo and behold there they were along with all the OTHER stuff she’d feegled including one slightly soggy christmas present which turned out to be fluffy sox, half a mince pie, a teaspoon, two teabags(!?) and a catnip filled cat toy- no wonder the cat was pissed! Her crate resembles a teenagers bedroom minus the cat toy.
    Boxing day beckons-where’s me gloves?

  38. Well, since mom’s are always correct, that card says “Sis.”

    (But I do have to admit, it looks like Liz to me!)

    My compliments to your sister on the brussel sprouts. That even looks good to me and I don’t like brussel sprouts!

  39. Hey Joe

    Happy Boxing Day! Hope you got totally stuffed yesterday, I know I did. Just catching up on your posts and was intrigued about your start in the biz. When you said you wrote a feature, as well as a Seinfeld spec, did you mean that you wrote a movie script?

    If it was a movie script, did you do a full 90 minutes (or thereabouts) or because it was a sample just did an extract?

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!


  40. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering something. Will the Atlantis crew bring the warship Tria back to Atlantis. It was damaged but the Daedalus had brought its crew back to Atlantis in season 3 – The return. We have now the Daedalus, the Appolo and the Oddysee. Why not bring the Ancient warship back to Atlantis. McKay can fix the hyperdrive since he was able to create one for the puddle jumper. Also I heard something about a new ship called The Phoenix? Is it a rumor or could you perhaps confirm this?

    Greets and merry christmas. By the way your french bulldogs look cool. I got also a boxer (Mazzel (means Lucky in Dutch) and a french bulldog (Kira) . 🙂

  41. Yea i thought the card said liz when i saw it. Sorry Joe’s Mum.
    Merry Christmas to you and family.

    By the way, speaking anime here, have you watched any Bleach and are you a fan of Studio Ghibli? And if so, what is your favourite movie?

    All the best

  42. Yup, definitely “Liz.” And the picture descriptions do show, when you mouse over them.

  43. Merry Christmas! ‘Twas a nice celebration, it seems. 🙂 I’m glad you all were able to enjoy it. 🙂

    I’d have voted ‘Liz,’ too…*chuckles* Your Mom’s gonna just *love* all the ‘Liz’ readers out here in fandom-land.

    We weren’t too fancy with dinner here; a spiral-cut smoked ham and Mom’s home-made scalloped potatoes, butternut squash and a corn casserole dish, and dessert was a choice between cheesecake and homemade apple pie. 🙂 But the ham was really good, lovely glaze…and oh yeah, I have some baklava here too. 😉

    Your Mom seems pretty cool…your sister too. Glad your holidays were nice. 🙂

  44. Hi Joe!!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas! We had a very relaxed one. I watched some of the Stargate Atlantis marathon on eve morning while my hubby & kids were doing some last minute shopping. That afternoon had homemade chicken noodle soup with sandwiches for lunch with my folks. Kids then went for the mad dash of opening presents! Later in the evening, we went to my husband’s brother’s house and had a very good time. Christmas Day was relaxing. Disney Parade, more Stargate marathon, National Treasure: Book of Secrets (excellent movie), and leftovers. I saw that you got some cookbooks. My daughter received Alton Brown’s “I’m Just Here for the Food Version 2.0” for a gift. Have you seen it? Quite funny and useful. He’s our favorite on Food Network. What are some of your favorite cookbooks?? The whole crew here is looking forward to our sci-fi Fridays returning on January 4th!!!! 🙂 Have a great day!!! Jen 🙂

  45. Looks like you received lots of chocolate goodness in celebration of the holidays. Good for you. And that chocolate pumpkin cake sounded simply scrumptious.

    Speaking of chocolate, I am happy to follow up with a further report on the Luxury Tea Collection set from Christopher Norman that was gifted by my husband. The mango was a nice surprise. I like fruit flavored teas so long as the fruit doesn’t overpower. This mix was just right, with the mango exploding after you’d been allowed a moment to savor the chocolate flavor. The green tea was about what I expected – subtle and mild. But I very much enjoyed the flavor combined with the white chocolate. And the hoped-to-be-favorite lapsang did not disappoint! Wonderful mix of the smoky flavor and dark chocolate. The hint of slightly burnt cocoa was a delightful addition.

    So thanks again for the heads up about this chocolate treat. And yes, the husband is definitely a keeper. Seventeen years and counting.

    Now I think I’ll go make myself a cup of tea. ; )

  46. Great Odin’s Beard! That’s quite a haul of booze behind you and Liz, er, I mean, Sis. Can I come over? Ain’t no party like a Mallozzi party, cuz a Mallozzi party don’t stop…

  47. 1)Will any of Atlantis’ crew have a change of heart concerning Michael this year?

    2)Will the Bolo Kai make a reappearance?

  48. I gotta question for your mail bag, but first happy holidays and congrats on the possible new blog. I hope blogger clears you of any wrong doings.

    so my question: I just saw the teaser for the end of season four and I have to ask…Michael looks like he is now more, if not all, human and he was even wraith in the end of season 3. Did you guys decide to let the laws of biology run a muck on his DNA? Meaning that the virus may not take hold at first but will eventally, with time, turn wraiths all human or has someone been tweaking with his own gentics along with that of his bug army?

  49. Your mum reminds me in one point of my mum. She likes Rosamunde Pilcher too!
    Andria? What a beautiful name!!
    Liz?! I read Sis on the card.
    Looks like you had a great day! 🙂

    Take care,


  50. Happy Boxing Day Joe!

    I hope you weren’t too hard on LuLu. She has to keep those boys in line.

    Well is it only 9 days until the return of Atlantis! I am very excited. I have really enjoyed the first half of season 4.

  51. Kdvb1 writes: “Did you actually consider killing off MCKAY??”

    Answer: This is how rumors get started. To answer your question – no.

    Ah, good now we won’t have to start a rumor about your demise. LOL

    Love the pics of your holiday. The dogs are adorable in their get-ups. Hope you enjoy the non-musical socks. I’m snickering at the image of your socks suddenly making music in the board meeting. I can assume I’m more amused than you were.

  52. Hi Joe, well my weirdest Christmas ever (it promises to get more normal today) did result in a possible author rec for your mom, Jan Karon. He/she wrote a long series about the life of a small-town pastor that is apparently addictive for those who like small-town family type stories. First book is here. Just a thought so please don’t blame me if it’s a disaster. 🙂

    Mom’s dog didn’t bit me, but she did chew up the rubber ear pieces on my headphones, severely impairing my ability to listen to Howard Stern in private. 😉

  53. Forgot to mention my vote on the “Liz” vs. “Sis” debate. At first glance I saw ?is, looked again saw Liz looked again saw something that resmbles an “S” so I say everyones right… But since your mom did write it I’d have to side with her… I don’t want to look like I’m playing favours with you…. You understand!!…

    Happy Boxing Day.

  54. It does look like the card is signed “Liz”. Also a short comment about all the “spoiler” comments from the last few days. I’m on line in many SGA areas, and I am able to remain spoiler free. Scrolling down quickly in areas, or simply not going into any area with the words “spoilers” helps not to be spoiled. I’ve also found that spoilers in certain sites can be or do get twisted around, so even if I’ve accidently read part of one, it doesn’t always pan out when you actually watch the show! Love the pictures of Bubba (great southern name) and Lulu!! So cute!!

  55. Yeah Christmas tends to make you yawn. On the other hand, for me, a PS3 tends to keep you awake 😉

  56. Hello,

    I just watched the first and (sadly) only season of “Invasion”, and I find it very entertaining and more and more interesting by the end of the season.

    Have you watched this show ? if yes, what did you think of it ?

  57. OPS!!! Forgot Jelly!! How could I forget to include Jelly with Bubba and Lulu…..sorry Jelly!

  58. Hi Joe,

    who was that woman that replicator keller changed into for a few seconds while showing weir that they can take any form they like now. Is she just a hired extra or someone working on the series just filling in?

  59. After many years trying to decipher almost unintelligible writing mainly by Doctors who should know better, I think the gift tag says ‘Liz’.

    Sorry Mrs Mallozzi but that’s what it looks like really.


  60. Bon je vais au lit, mes doight vont toujour aussi mal et je vient d’apprendre que j’avais la maladie de raynaud, ne vous inquiéte pas, ce n’est pas trés grave. En fait quand il fait froid certain de mes doight deviennent blanc car le sang ne passe plus, mais il n’ya aucun danger, au pire des cas on peut perdre son doight mais n’imaginons pas le pire. Sa fait bizzard de dire que c’est une maladie, sa me paraisser normal.

    Bon aller plein de gros bisou, je vous adore!!! vous êtes le meilleur!=D

  61. Joe have you ever thought about having SG-1 available online? Is it just not an option to have it available on scifi’s website or someother place, or do the producers not want to have Stargate episodes legally available in anyway other then DVD and syndication?

  62. hi, joe,

    well, seeing as i don’t want to upset your mom, it says ‘sis’. butitreallysayslizbutdonttellherisaidthat.

    i’m glad you told what the mom present was, because it looked like a trash can lid. wondered why you’d give that to your mom, ya know. 😛

    lulu is getting a bit too big for her britches.

    anon, good nurse said: “The troops must understand that the commanding officer is under no circumstances to be bitten.”

    sam once bit jack, but he understood, and even endorsed doing it again. 😛

    sally 🙂

  63. Can we please, please, please, please have a hug between Sheppard and McKay in season 5? Pretty please?

  64. Can we please, please, please, please have a hug between Sheppard and McKay in season 5? Pretty please?

    Can we please, please, please, please NOT have a hug between these two? ‘Cos I just can’t see that happening, ever! Not unless they have complete personality changes…

    However, another hug from Ronon to Rodney (to Rodney’s consternation) would be LOL!!

  65. Actualy, Leesa, i could see a Mckay/Sheoppard hug happening under incredibly happy “OMGs, we didn’t die!!” circumstances, or under absolutely horrific, “McKay’s on the verge of a mental collapse” circumstances for sure, and maybe under less emotonal ones as well (although that would be more like a fraindly pat on the back, I would think). Certainly a hug between them isn’t any more unlikely than Ronon hugging Mckay, or vice versa, and they’ve done that! 🙂

    Of course, I’m a bit biased ;P

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