December 24, 2007: Release The Holiday Hounds!

December 24, 2007: Release The Holiday Hounds!

December 24, 2007: Release The Holiday Hounds!

December 24, 2007: Release The Holiday Hounds!

December 24, 2007: Release The Holiday Hounds!

December 24, 2007: Release The Holiday Hounds!

In my family, we like our Christmas trees like we like our dinners: eclectic, colorful, and of occasional dubious taste. Check out this year’s artistic evergreen – all angels and ice skates and sparkly gold violins, decked out like David Arquette hitting the town. Nothing says Christmas like a brightly festooned pine – with the exception, of course, of a creepy automated gift-giving granny (located right beside it).  We stayed up late last night decorating, then woke up early this morning to keep Lulu from opening all of the presents.

Well, a short entry today as I prepare for tonight’s festivities. Fondy is off running errands, my mother is making cannelloni, and my sister is distracting the dogs while I write this entry.  So…

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you from all of us –

Joe, Aloysius P. Hazzencockle, Percival H. Lintmuffin, Edward Witney, Abigail Wazznucklegrant, Merton Castrati, Doogie Chapadapalapolous, Norman Shuttlecock Jr., Alphonso Rubello, Helena Krumpett-Fullbottom, Margaret Quibble, Fortescu Strickland Von Letterdam Junior, Florence Shezzledap, Melvin’s Kidnappers, Agent Wexler, Cookie Monster, and Baron Destructo.

Cc: Calamitous Jane, Glaxnor the Miscreant, Sinderella Washington, Xxxaptak’qul, Dr. Catastro, Dr. Disastro, Dr. Quinn Meddlesome Woman, Ray Mephistopheles, Archfiend Animus, Brutus Badly, the Plague Zombies, Vorzik the Planet Squisher, the Malevolater, Count Sinister, Kugal Baruth, Death Knell, Star Father Celestio, Shatterdam, Princess Arcana, the Mystifier, the Procrastinator, the Soul Emancipator, Quickstrike, Professor Frosty, Flamer the Flaming Man, the Pummeler, the Purple Lamprey, and John Tesh.

Today’s mailbag –

Jam writes: “Do you know of any good vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver?”

Answer: Hell no. But, just for you, I did a little research and came up with the following: Annapurna (1812 West 4th) and The Naam (2724 West 4th). Let me know how it goes.

Aelfgyu writes: “I saw your mention of getting a show’s bible to write for it; are there SG-1 and SGA bibles?”

Answer: No, there aren’t.

Serendipity writes: “Do you remember what the storyline was for your Seinfeld spec and feature?”

Answer: Something to do with macaroons, a speeding ticket, and a Peruvian soccer team Kramer is billeting.

Boo writes: “is that jelly with lulu?”

Answer: Nope. That’s Bubba (or Bubbuba as my mother calls him).

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Have you ever considered adding a military chaplain, or some such other character to bring htose topics in a little more?”

Answer: To be honest, it is something we have yet to seriously consider.

Majorsal writes: “if you were thinking about doing anymore exploring of the city?”

Answer: It was a topic we discussed back in November.

Kdvb1 writes: “Did you actually consider killing off MCKAY??”

Answer: This is how rumors get started. To answer your question – no.

Pauline writes: “What made you approach animation studios in particular?”

Answer: They’re more receptive to first-time writers and tend to have a bigger production turnover. Also, animation scripting is a great way to hone your craft. Good luck!

Thunder writes: “Is the first picture of Jelly and the rest are of Bubba?”

Answer: Both Jelly and Bubba thank you for correctly identifying them.

Wams352 writes: “Can you explain if DirectTV (or other satellite) ratings/viewers really don’t count?”

Answer: It’s not that they don’t count but SciFi, which pays the licensing fee for our show, is understandably more focused on the numbers pulled in on their network.

Kathleen writes: “Have you read any of Jim Butcher’s “Codex Alera” series?”

Answer: I haven’t.

Susiekew writes: “The two dishes that really stood out for me were a devine melt in your mouth veal dish a and butternut squash soup that was to die for.”

Answer: I love butternut squash soup with a touch of white truffle oil.

Anne Teldy writes: “Student Bodies. The horror film spoof?????”

Answer: No, the teen sitcom.

Georgia writes: “Can you recommend a respectable nanny/pet sitting agency in Vancouver?”

Answer: Unfortunately, our dog nanny went into business with my wife and now works full-time at the pet boutique. I did some research for someone else but don’t have the information handy. I’ll email you.

Susiekew also writes: “In your video of several days ago, who was playing king (or queen) of the cushion that Lulu was so determined to have?”

Answer: That would be Maximus.

Paloosa writes: “As digital product slowly replaces physical product, the problem will become even more acute.”

Answer: Interesting insights and very true. Instead of playing catch-up, all the industries effected need to come up with a better game plan to deal with the constantly evolving technology.

Old Timer writes: “ But it’s been a long time in the making. I don’t mean the betrayal, I mean the leak. I’ve been a long, long fan of your show, from before you and Paul were even on staff. Those were the blissful days, when I knew I could come be a part of fandom online with my “Gate” friends and not have to worry about spoilers. […] You will of course think that this is our responsibility, not yours. You’re wrong. It’s on you. Don’t say we can just avoid them. They’re too pervasive, too common. To do that, we’d have to forsake our friends, both online and off.”

Answer: You’re comparing your t.v.-viewing experience of today to that of ten years ago and, in all fairness, a lot has changed. For starters, the role of the internet has grown considerably in the decade since the show premiered. There are many, many more fans online now with many, many more resources to choose from, official and fan-driven sites dedicated to the multitude of fans clamoring for information about the show. The popularity of the Stargate franchise has also grown considerably in ten years and, as a result, so have the marketing prospects open to it. The ever-increasing number of genre magazines, newspapers, and E.T.-style shows looking for a new story, a different angle, a scoop, force us to walk a very fine line between balancing opportunities to promote the show and maintaining the show’s integrity. To that end, we’ve always strived to make the distinction between teasers (tidbits concerning upcoming episodes designed to whet a fan’s appetite without spoiling the episode for them) and spoilers (which, essentially, ruin the surprises in store). Furthermore, while you may think it’s only a simple matter of keeping spoilers under wraps, that’s easier said than done. We can ask fan sites not to reveal upcoming storylines, request that the network not give away major plot twists in their promos, try our best to hide casting and script developments from prying eyes, but let’s just say it doesn’t always work out the way we’d like it to.

I do, however, take exception to your equating the information revealed in promos and interviews (and even this blog) to the theft and illegal uploading of an unfinished movie. The former involves teasers, and certainly in some cases spoilers, that have either been released by the production to help promote the show, or acquired through public resources. The latter involves someone breaking the law. There’s a huge difference.

Finally, while I find your defeatest attitude regarding your experience somewhat puzzling. You say you don’t like to be spoiled, yet are clearly unwilling to avoid the potential for being spoiled by frequenting forums where said spoilers are being discussed. Granted, you don’t want to cut yourself off from your online friends but most every Stargate forum I’ve visited offers plenty of spoiler-free threads for discussion. It’s just a matter of exercising self-control and not wading into threads where you know spoilers will be discussed.

A. writes: “Is it standard practice for US networks to send unfinished copies of shows to reviewers?”

Answer: No, it isn’t. Finished copies were supposed to go out but somebody screwed up and sent out the wrong version. This was quickly rectified when the mistake was discovered and new versions sent out – but, by that time, the unfinished versions had already found their way online.

Lysambre writes: “I’ve searched for “workout” in your blog, and found only 3 entries mentionning said workout”

Answer: Also try searching for “work-out” and “work out”. I wake up every morning and work out for about an hour. I alternate, one day weights, the next day cardio. My weights program is now comprised of a full body circuit training work-out (I complete work out all the muscle groups, completing one uninterrupted circuit [one set of each exercise] – then rest a couple of minutes and repeat. Twice.). My cardio is comprised of about fifteen minutes each of a light treadmill run, a brisk treadmill walk with varied elevations, the traditional elliptical, a reverse elliptical. If I’ve done weights, I’ll usually have a protein shake immediately after my work-out. If I’ve done cardio, I’ll usually wait an hour before having a well-balanced breakfast.

Anais a ecrit: “ alors que je vous pose des questions sans réponse, et quand un anglais vous pose la même pour lui répondé!!!”

Reponse: Si c’est la même question, je répondrai à celui en anglais alors que tout le monde puisse comprendre.

The more of less translation – If I’m asked the same question in both French and English, I’ll answer to the question in English so that most of the other fans will be able to understand.

Valkyrie writes: “Is it easier or more difficult to script for animation as opposed to the live action of a TV show?”

Answer: It really has more to do with the writer and the show you’re writing for.

Gennifer wrote: “ SQ2839, learn to do your research. If you did, you might find this comment: “Raoul: In retrospect, how do you feel about the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character? JM: Personally, I feel good because I was in on the decision-making process there….”

Answer: Hey, here’s an idea: instead of reprimanding someone else on doing proper research, maybe you should take your own advice and be a little more thorough in interpreting my words. The question I was asked was: “In retrospect, how do you feel about the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character?” It wasn’t “Are you happy that you got rid of Weir?” or “Are you glad you replaced Weir?”. It was, very clearly, a response to a question about the creative direction of her character. So, in the future, either be a little more honest in your interpretation. Or, failing that, do a much better job of taking my words out of context.

Jennie in Oregon writes: “I also want to thank you again for the great restaurant recommendation that made my birthday dinner in Vancouver in July very fun and special!”

Answer: Where’d you go while you were in town?

A writes: “Oh, look, here’s a link to the article where JM says he feels good about the decision to remove Weir […] Now how about you stop accusing people of lying to suit their own agendas?”

Answer: That’s kind of hard to do when individuals such as yourself are doing just that. “Joe says he’s happy he got rid of Torri!”is the one I hear repeated which, pretty clearly (and thanks for the link that helps me prove this point) misrepresents what I actually said – that I felt good about the creative direction we were going with her character.

95 thoughts on “December 24, 2007: Release the Holiday Hounds!

  1. Bonsoir Joe!

    Je voulais vous souhaiter un Joyeux Noël à vous et à toute votre famille!
    J’espère que le père noël va vous gater!

    Passez un excellent réveillon! Encore Joyeux Noël!
    Enormes bisous du sud de la France!

  2. Hey Joe, I just want to wish you a very merry Christmas! I hope you have a great time with your family and that Santa Claus is good to you 😉

  3. I’m liking the potential creative direction for the actress (Weir) and not just strictly the character. It lets me see a different side, not necessarily to Weir but seeing Torri do different things. Her voice never gets boring, and she brings a kind of fire to the leadership role that Carter is too polished to achieve (hint: Carter needs less polish, rough her up a bit!).

    Comparatively, i feel the creative direction for Ford (and Rainbow, as a result) really lacked. Looking back on his eps in S2/3 the first thing i think is he is acting like a spoilt teenager. He’s charged-up! I can prove it to you! His plan then didn’t work? Blame Shephard.
    It all sounds very teenager-ish to me. Looking back would you re-write any of that to approach it differently?

  4. That sofa looks invitingly comfortable, the sort of sofa I could spend a weekend in.

    It is one hour until Christmas here in Scotland and the evil cats are awaiting Santa Kittie eagerly.

    I hope the Mallozzi pack (including humans) have a peaceful time at Christmas.

    Susan, (Frankie and Princess Merlin both send their love and hisses)

  5. Hey Joe! juts wishing you a very merry Christmas from Australia! (it being 9am xmas day ;))

  6. After watching most of the SGA mini-marathon today, I finally get my “present” from Sci Fi in the form or a split second clip of none other than Beckett/McGillion in a teaser shot. Fortunately no one was in the house; I do believe I might have let out a rather loud exclamation. The pictures today are almost too sweet. It does make me regret my job doesnt permit me to keep a dog. Hope the holidays find everyone well. With luck I’ll post a quick Merry Christmas tomorrow, but in case, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Sublime Solstice, Festive Yuletide, and especially a safe and warm December 25th to all…

  7. Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas, we celebrate the night of the 24 too, so:
    Merry Chrirstmas Mallozzi Family!

    PS:The doggies look adorable.

  8. Wow, that was a long Question Period.

    Have a happy and safe holidays Joe! We don’t do much in our house since we don’t celebrate Christmas (we’re Asian…and we’re apathetic), but there is something we raise a bit of a ruckus about: my birthday. Yep, I’m a Christmas baby. Tomorrow I’m turning the big 2-O!

    So, my question to you, if you have the time tomorrow:

    1. How did you spend your 20th birthday?

    And on a completely unrelated note:

    2. Are you gonna give us another spoiler poem to end the year like last year?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hey Joe!

    Again, have a Merry Christmas and have an excellent Christmas Eve. Enjoy the season and have a great time with your family and dogs!

    – Enzo Aquarius, your fellow Canadian, and Ontario, fan

  10. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I am really looking forward to what you and the rest of the cast and crew has to offer in 2008! Be safe and have fun! 🙂



  11. Merry HO HO!!

    Cut pics and NICE COUCH!!

    Have a fun, safe, and laugh filled christmas…. don’t over stuff yourself, wait what am I saying… Go Ahead stuff yourself 🙂 Eat drink and be merry.


  12. Hi Joe,

    Merry Christmas! And two questions, one about MGM’s plans or lack of them to release The Ark of Truth for Central-Eastern Europe countries with Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungrian, Bulgarian, Roumanian, Serbian subtitles.
    And the second question: is Rob Cooper planning a “Director’s Cut” of The Ark of Truth?

  13. Gennifer Says:
    SQ2839, learn to do your research. If you did, you might find this comment:

    Raoul: In retrospect, how do you feel about the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character?

    JM: Personally, I feel good because I was in on the decision-making process there. I understand certain fans are upset. It’s understandable. After three years, there’s a certain familiarity with certain characters. Unfortunately, I can’t go into the reasons why the decision was made. But to answer a lot of fan questions, we didn’t get rid of the character to make room for anyone else. That decision, the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character was made prior to any discussion on who would come in to replace her. And at the end of the day, I think we’ve set up something very cool with the Weir character as well. So it’s something we can explore further on down the line.

    from this article:!DB9D137CC0F754C9!22076.entry

    All I can say is that in the link you provided and paragraph you quoted Joe Mallozzi didn’t say what some fans are claiming he said. They are twisting his words to feet their own agenda. Thanks so much for proving my point!

    Gennifer also says:
    On the subject of ratings — come on, this whole season has been a joke.And don’t go quoting DVR+365 at me. Whatever the ratings, introducing Sam Carter hasn’t been the big ratings puller TPTB expected it to be.
    If they hadn’t pissed off so many Beckett and Weir fans, things might be different, but Carter on her own isn’t enough. Hell, she as well as the entire cast of SG1 plus some ’stunt casting’ in Browder and Black couldn’t keep SG1 alive without RDA.

    True. But ratings aren’t worse either (compared to the second half of s3, where we had Elizabeth and Carson). They remained stable. So, at most, the number of people who left because of the cast changes equals the number of people who came because of the cast changes. From a network/studio/company’s point of view, I’d think that as long as the number of viewers are about the same, it doesn’t matter whether the viewers (persons) are the same or different.
    Can’t comment on SG-1 because I’ve never watched it so I don’t know about what happened or didn’t happen in that show.

  14. Thanks for the tip on “work-out”, “work out” and “workout”, I didn’t even checked to see if there was more than one way to write it !

    And thanks for writting the detail so I won’t have to search for it anyway (although I probably will, just for the sake of… information ? :p )

    And while my english is probably not the best, but I wanted to apologize in the name of all my fellow frenchies, it takes courage and patience for you to read and answer when even I sometimes have trouble understanding what is being written. I do hope that you do get to read some proper french outside of those comments, which as nice as they are in what they say, are perfectly horrendous in the way they are written 😉
    (Je vous aime quand même les petits frenchies, c’est juste votre ortographe qui est tellement désatreuse que j’en ai les yeux qui saignent :p).

  15. Happy Holidays, Joe, to you and your family. I’m on my way to my father’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. Before you enter the diningroom, you have to endure a long hall of singing Santas, dancing reindeer, quacking Santa ducks and a frog that croaks out the 12 Days of Christmas. I find your tree and gift giving granny somehow… comforting.

    Do my eyes deceive me, or is that sunlight reflecting off the backs of your pups in the last picture?


  16. hum re-reading myself…

    Actually my english is more than “not the best”, in this previous message it’s almost as bad as the french ones I was criticizing ! Way to go me ! “How to be taken seriously 101”, blah :p

  17. Hey Joe,

    Wanted to wish you, your wife, mom and everyone a Merry Christmas!!Hope all the puppies and humans have a wonderful holiday.

  18. While watching the SGA marathon today, I caught a promo for the second half of season 4 – which included a few seconds of the much anticipated Teal’c/Ronon set-to. I must say, Joe, that it looks as good as you have been promising us …I can hardly wait!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours …

  19. A Says:
    Oh, look, here’s a link to the article where JM says he feels good about the decision to remove Weir…C9!22076.entry

    Sorry. but I can’t see how someone can infer that “JM says he feels good about the decision to remove Weir” based on what he said in that link. Shrugs

    A also says:
    Wait until your favourite character — either Sheppard or McKay — is shafted and then tell me how much you like it.

    First, I watch the show because I like it as a whole. I like both the character interaction and the stories. I don’t watch it just because character x or y is there. I’ve loved episodes where my fave character was barely in it. I love team-centric episodes, I love episodes focused on ANY character (I absolutely loved Missing and neither Teyla nor Keller are my fave characters, for example). I don’t need my fave character in the show to watch/like Atlantis. I realize others watch the show only because the character/actor they like is there. That’s not my case.

    A also says: Then add your least favourite character from SG1 to the equation, say Mitchell, and I’d really love to know how you feel.
    I have no least/most favorite characters in SG-1 for a very simple reason: I’ve never watched SG-1. Not interested in that show. All I can say is that, from what I’ve seen in Atlantis so far, I like Sam as much as I like Elizabeth. Mitchell? I only know that it’s the character played by Ben Browder, but nothing else. I can’t comment on him or any other SG-1 character, unless it’s been in Atlantis episodes.

  20. Merry Christmas to you and your family! This is my first Christmas day alone – quite odd, actually. Doesn’t feel like Christmas (not really a problem for me, as I’m not that fond of it anyway). My family will be coming into town at the end of the week (with presents), so maybe it’ll feel like Christmas then. I must admit, though – I did do a santa stocking for my cat … she gets to break her Kidney diet for a couple of days. She was one excited kitty. No decorated collars for her, though – I prefer to not have my skin flayed from my body. Have a great day.

  21. MERRRRRY CHRIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAS (no my keyboard letters aren’t stuck with egg nog :P)

    Hope your day is wonderful. It’s 9.30 am here and I’ve got some food to prepare after opening some pressies.

    Your lovely Pugs are gonna get revenge… know that don’t you!? LOL (show us the pics when they’ll be both messy and pungent)

    Thanks for brightening my days with your blog.. you’re awesome!

  22. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks so much for the blog, Joe. It’s a lot of fun. And thanks to your family for giving you the time to write it and to you for letting us pelt you with questions 🙂

    Note to anyone who cares (if this is ok to put?) but the Joe F “FBI Guy” episode of Women’s Murder Club runs Jan 4th, at 9:02 pm (WTF? it will end late then and overlap the beginning of atlantis – why do they do such stupid things???) I think it’s ABC (I don’t watch the networks so I get confused with the alphabet soup). Looks like I’ll be doing some creative taping so I can have the entire atlantis marathon AND the WMC episode…

    Again, Merry Christmas to all – including the supervillians. Hope they get a day off as well.

  23. Okay, this is probably a dumb question, but one that’s been bugging me for a while. What is the difference between an executive producer and a producer?

    Hope you and the family, doggies included, have a great holiday!

  24. I’m curious if you did a ‘creative thesis’ for your masters? Or if you know anyone who did?

  25. I have a food related question. I’ve been reading the archives…I’m new and wanted the backstory, and forgive me if this has been asked and answered, as I am only up to Feb., but what the heck is veal cheek? Is it what it sounds like? Or is it a different body part? Just curious.

  26. Thanks for the response, Joe. I wouldn’t say that I’m defeatist, just accepting. And I disagree with your notion that it’s as simple as limiting myself to certain threads. You simply can’t participate in an online forum about Stargate without running into spoilers. It can’t happen. Someone will put them in the title of a new thread, someone will go off topic, someone will think they’re being clever while using inuendo when instead they’re just giving away what they know. You say that you keeping spoilers in is harder than it sounds. I’m sure it is. However, so is avoiding them. It’s not as easy as you say.

    As to your exception, I’m afraid we’ll just have to disagree. The line you’re talking about between “teasers” and “spoilers” is very fine. What you consider a teaser might be a huge spoiler for someone else. I wouldn’t say that Daniel being a Prior was a “teaser”, yet I’m pretty sure that nugget came from you guys. And while I agree that the Ark of Truth leak is especially heinous, it doesn’t answer what I said yesterday, which was that this “leak” is another in a long string of major plot points being spoiled.

    Maybe we could both try to do a little better in the new year? I’ll make a concerted effort to steer clear of unwanted info, and maybe you’ll crack down a little harder on letting things slip out?

    But my main issue is with how it gets decided just what should be let out. For example, there is a poster on GateWorld who has been releasing spoiler pics and dialogue for Ark of Truth since October. He also claims to have the same for Continuum. Isn’t it too early for this? Isn’t six months ahead of the release date just going to build people’s expectations too high? Who is in control of these spoilers? Is it you guys, MGM, someone else entirely? My problem with it is that these pictures and dialogue excerpts make their way into folk’s signatures. This makes every thread, every forum off limits.

    C’est la vie. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Joe, and the same to all the folks at Stargate.

    Old Timer

  27. The ‘hounds’ look adorable all gussied up for the holiday! My kitties wish your puppies a happy holiday and lots of goodies from Sandy Claws. (I had to Photoshop them into the same picture, and I’m fairly sure the little one with the antlers is now plotting my untimely demise, but the sentiment is there!)

  28. Awww… love the pics!!!

    Here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

    Enjoy your family, take care, and be safe.

  29. Merry Christmas Joe, to you, your family and everyone at Stargate!

    Here’s hoping for a prosperous time for everybody!!!

    Keep the gat open for us!

    22, Oxford – England, UK

  30. joe, i love your pics! i wondered if you were going to torture, i mean dress up your doggies in christmas gear. great tree, too. (hope that isn’t your mom in that pic too… frighteningly short i’d say)

    my fave pic, though, is of sis surrounded by the doggie gang. true love! 😀

    sally 🙂

  31. Hey, I thought you might like a little bedtime story to enjoy during this festive time. So here goes.

    The Night Before Christmas: Atlantis Style

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city,
    Nothing was moving, no matter how itty bitty.
    The hallways were empty and standing in silence,
    In hopes to avoid usual danger and violence.
    The team members were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of aliens danced in their heads.
    And Chuck in the chair that he sat in the most,
    Had just settled down for a long evening’s post.
    When down in the gateroom arose such a clatter,
    He rose from his seat to see what was the matter.
    The vortex kawooshed behind the raised shield,
    And for now Chuck was glad that the doorway was sealed.
    When, on the computer there came a transmission,
    Chuck knew calling Carter was the wisest decision.
    She arrived in her pj’s a few minutes later,
    To see if she could make things a little bit straighter.
    The message was brief but encrypted in static,
    She would probably need to get Rodney and Radek.
    They came in a hurry, though not very happy,
    Rodney’s hair stuck straight up and looked rather crappy.
    The rest of the team wandered in sleepy eyed,
    To offer ideas that had not yet been tried.
    “Could it be Todd the Wraith or perhaps something worse?
    I hope it’s not Lucious,” Sheppard said with a curse.
    “If you want to help out,” Rodney snapped to his fellow,
    “Why don’t you go and get me some blue jello.”
    “Rodney, stop whining.” Radek shot him a smirk,
    Then he mumbled in Czech as he went back to work
    Teyla and Ronan stood idly by,
    Waiting for something to do with a sigh.
    “I think that I’ve got it.” Carter pushed a few keys,
    The message came up and they read it with ease.
    Then they looked at each other with wondering faces,
    It wasn’t from earth or any other known places.
    The transmission was alien, they knew this was true,
    But where it could have come from they hadn’t a clue.
    They’d seen stranger, but this just could not be right,
    It said, “Merry Christmas, and to all a good night.”

    Hope you like it, and have a wonderful Christmas yourself!

  32. Merry Christmas to you Joe and your family (including the canines)!!
    And of course Merry Christmas to Everyone reading your blog!!!!!

    Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!!!


  33. Merry Christmas Joe. BTW, I think that you should set the comments to include addresses and IP address’s so we can get the address’s to the annoying and disrespectful people we have to put up with on this blog.
    Then we may forward them to L.A.M.E and B.Destructo for some old fashion servo-bitchslappin’, an Christmas tree’s up side the head.

    Quite frankly, I’m a little annoyed that I have to keep putting up with these types. Is there anyway, you can setup a interview with GW and totally “Express your views.” once and for all? Or any other fully supported and committed organization to Stargate.??

  34. I know you shouldn’t have to defend yourself or have you words taken out of proportion and context. So how about it? Clear the air, because the dust hasn’t settled yet.

  35. Merry Christmas, Joe! And I have to say, I love the tree; it’s very stylish. I actually own the skate ornament myself, though in hot pink. Also, the dogs in their Christmas gear are just adorable, and your sister looks very comfy snuggled up to them all. Looks like a great day!

  36. Merry Christmas Joe and family. The dogs don’t look any happier in their Christmas duds than they did in their Halloween costumes.

  37. Merry Christmas, everyone! The photo of the dogs enjoying the sofa with their aunt reminds me of every morning I wake up–with a cat and two dogs trying to share my half of the bed with me. Why don’t they ever trying lying on my husband instead of me??

    For Christmas, I arranged for the station office to get a new digital camera. That is to say, I broke the one we had. It was almost worth it, but unfortunately, the old 2 pound, 2 megapixel camera left a huge bruise on my ankle where it landed. At least we won’t need those floppy disks anymore.

  38. It’s 02.45hrs on Christmas day here so Merry Christmas.

    And to PG15 a Happy Birthday.

    Just seen a large jovial white bearded man come sneaking into my house…wait a minute isn’t Santa supposed to bring stuff, not take away things like your plasma screen tv??

    Oh s**t I think I’ve been burgled!!



  39. Merry Christmas to you, and to all your family and friends. 🙂 (Oh, and to all your multiple personalities as well. It’d be a shame if they started acting up because they felt neglected, especially with them having highly colorful names that make me grin every time I read through the list.)

    I really love all your pics of your dogs. They’re clearly very, very lovable, even when indulging in couch-cushion destruction, lol. Thanks for sharing.

    Your Christmas tree is … shiny! Festive, and fun. “Decked out like David Arquette hitting the town” – he shoots, he scores! I’m stealing that line.

    Great workout, that. Benefits like being able to pull all-nighters when needed, and to eat like a gastronomically inclined lumberjack when desired (a slight exaggeration in my case), are powerful motivators. For me, anyway…. And it’s always nice to see a doctor impressed by something positive.

    – Man, I’m gonna miss your blog when I go on vacation. The Complete Calvin & Hobbes will have to do instead. (Vacation Rule #1 for me is no laptops.) – Anyway, not to overstate things, but I seem to have this unusual new addiction….

  40. Feliz Natal Joe, to you and your family. We too celebrate christmas eve so it’s mid-night feast and present opening for us. Is there anything tradicional from your childwood you still eat on Christmas eve/ day? Love your sister’s picture on the sofa with the dogs, thats the right way to enjoy christmas preparations 😉

  41. Merry Christmas! :] I send you an e-tiramisu & e-dark chocolates!

    I guess your dogs don’t mind the things around their necks? They’re soooo cute. You’re so lucky you have FOUR dogs.
    So I hope you’ll tell us what you got for Christmas tomorrow. I predict lots of chocolate & books.
    Joe, have you been to New York City & if you did what’d you do?

  42. Hi joe and the lovely readers of your blog! I just wanted to let everyone know that they need to have a happy ChrismaKwanzaHannak… how ever you say it now! But for us boonies in the south, Merry Christmas and “Ya’ll come back now ya here” LOL seriously everyone stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

  43. Awwwww, the pups look so cute, all festive like that! 😀

    Tonight I was helping mum make some treats for her work, and thought of you:

    @Kathleen ~ I just picked up the third Codex Alera the other day! 😀

    @RainaJames ~ Nice one! Loved the line about the blue jello!

    Happy Holidays, everyone! ^^

    PS, @Joe ~ If we’re getting the rest of season 4 so soon, will we get season 5 sooner, too? Or will that wait until the end of September to start? 🙁

  44. Merry Christmas Joe, Fondy, Joe’s mom and sister and the fur kids.

    Question: Any Sheppard fighting to save his life with the Bantos rods or something similar in S5?

  45. Where’s our present?
    The Joe Mallozzi complete workout guide will do. 🙂

  46. Joe,

    What did you think of the Harry Maybourne character in SG-1? and also will we ever see Vala or Cam on Atlantis in Season 5?

  47. Merry Christmas Joe! Hope you have a good one. Have you ever read any of Kathy Reichs’ novels? They’re brilliant but they’re of the crime genre, one I’m not sure your into. Do you listen to Matchbox 20?!

  48. Merry Christmas Joe!
    From the pictures, it appears that you and your sister have your mother’s eyes.
    Happy Holidays!
    PS)You need a tree skirt for your christmas tree. =)

  49. Merry Chirstmas Joe,

    I love the pictures of the festive doggies!

    Eat lots and enjoy! Happy Hoildays!


  50. Hiya Joe, 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you, your family and your 4 adorable kids…

    Here is my queston(I finally remembered), I know you said you guys probably wont make an funny ep like “Wormhole X-Treme” of SGA’s 100 ep since its the season finale of S5. So I was wondering will we get something like that at some point of S5. You know just to make up for the missing celebration of Atlantis 100 ep?!

    Thanks 🙂

  51. Pauline Says:
    And to PG15 a Happy Birthday.

    Thank you!!

    wolfenm Says:
    *gasp* It’s PG-15’s birthday?? Omedetou Tanjoubi!!!

    I don’t know what that means, but I assume it’s good, so Thank you as well!! 😀

  52. Merry Christmas Joe, Fondy, Joe’s mum. Joe’s sister, Lulu, Jelly, Bubba and Maximus!

  53. Kdvb1 writes: “Did you actually consider killing off MCKAY??”

    Answer: This is how rumors get started. To answer your question – no.

    LOL…sorry…didn’t mean to start any rumors! 😉

    Joe and fellow Joe followers,

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May God bless you and yours, and keep you all healthy and safe!

    Kimberly 😀

  54. Merry Christmas and to many more Stargates! 🙂 What utterly cute doggie pics. They look so festive and happy. My cats are giving me glares of ‘you wouldn’t dare’, so I guess no cute kitty pics from me.

  55. Bonjour Joe , Merry Christmas and best wishes for you and your family;
    vos chiens sont adorables et votre blog est genial.
    Hve a good day and thanks.

  56. Merry Christmas Joe, hope you, your family, the dogs, and all your…er…internet companions have a great holiday! We celebrated tonight as well, had a great time, hope you did as well!

  57. It’s all very well to say a character has a ‘direction’, but when that direction includes her no longer being onscreen, I think it’s understandable that people annoyed. No true fan of the Weir character can be happy with what you’ve done with her — apparently killing the character three times over now, and basically having Torri in only one more episode of season four, and from what she’s said, none of season five.

    You may be happy, but a lot of people aren’t.

  58. Merry Christmas Joe, Fondy, mum and sis and pugs. Have a great day and best wishes for the new year!
    By the way, do you read or write poetry?

  59. Hello Joseph sa va bien??? =D

    Moi super!!!

    ••••Joyeux Noel••••

    Jespert que vous avez passer un trés bon réveillon de Noël^^!

    Moi c’etais génial!!!

    On a super bien manger et mon a beaucoup rigoler, surtout quand mon cousin a essayé de rentrsé dans la cheminé, mais qu’il est résté coincé car il a trop rembouré son costume au niveau des fesses lol XD c’etait trop drole !!! on a mangé : des coquille saint Jacque, du saumon et des crevette, du foie gras fait par mon oncle, un dinde aux marron, du fromage et des buches fait pas mon pére!! =) Nous avons finit de manger a 1h00 du matin.

    Merci de m’avoir répondu, voila pourquoi c’est triste de ne parler que francais =( je vais peut étre essayé de faire des questions en anglais, mais il risque d’y avoir plein de faute d’horthographe


    have you already disguise in Santa close??

    euh….vous avez compris?

    Bon aller gros bisou bisou, encors joyeux noël! Merci! je vous adore <3

  60. Merry Christmas Joe and the rest of the familly.
    I wanted to share my weirdest Christmas diner ever… I hate a goa’uld like creature last night! No kidding! It’s called Lamproie in french (Go look there: Did you ever try it?
    Let me tell you, it tastes weird!!
    Happy Holidays.

  61. Merry Christmas! =)

    I’m glad to hear that Weir is going to have a new twist because personally I loved change…gradual ones. I only saw SG-1 after I saw Atlantis because I was wondering who Sam Carter was after Mckay’s sea accident. And then I heard that she’s going to take command over Atlantis. It doesn’t feel right, because I see her as part of an ‘egyptian-like’ excavation team (with Ra and Anubis) more than the fairy-tale/technology-like scenes of Stargate Atlantis. And other than Rodney she’s not known to having much interaction with Sheppard’s team. I was wondering what made you think of adding her as a “main” character in SGA? I was wondering how she could cope in Elizabeth’s place when Dr. Weir clearly has the leader job burden weighing on her. It was a wonder that she could miraculously adjust to leading and commanding Atlantis.

  62. Merry Christmas!

    So was it that instead of a deliberate attempt to hijack the new DVD-movie, it was a “simple” error where someone sent the wrong version out? Still sucks, and someone is obviously going to have to pay the consequences for this, but at least it wasn’t malicious, right?

  63. Merry Christmas from the UK to you and yours Mr M. My regards to the dogs too. I tip my hat in their general direction.

    In the spirit of sharing, there was just mass panic (of the calm, British kind of course) at mine when our oven exploded. I was about to say that it all worked out and we had a celebratory cup of tea but apparently it’s just gone off again so we may be having Quality Streets and an old packet of Ryvita for Christmas dinner. Score.

    A question I just randomly thought of: You ever heard of Charlie Brooker? And if not, why not??

    I would definitely recommend him for pure scathing sarcasm.
    Have a great day,

  64. Merry Christmas Joe to you, Fondy, all the dogs, your mother, your sister and all your friends and other family members. May you have a wonderful day.

  65. Merry Christmas Joe! Enjoy your “free time”! 😉
    and a late question, but it’s also untypical to ask someone who speaks English…but you speak French, do you speak Italian as well?!

    PG15 have a nice party! Happy Birthday!

  66. Merry Christmas to you, Fondy, and your family.

    Thanks also for taking the time to blog — I have read it for most of this year, and thoroughly enjoy it. I appreciate the insight to the show, and the daily entertainment you provide. Enjoy your holiday!

  67. Merry Christmas to all. ours is nearly over and I’m about to climb out of the bunker to raid the christmas cake, I can smell the rum from here,better not drive after a chunk.

  68. Merry Christmas Joe!

    Mine’s been quite Atlantis-y. Season 1 and A Dog’s Breakfast! Woohooo!

  69. hey Joe!

    The release of the Ark of Truth is comming closer from time to time, and always i have had a special question:

    In Stargate SG-1, there is a Milkyway-Stargate. In Stargate Atlantis, there is a Pegasus-Stargate. Do we have the chance to see an Ori-Stargate ?

    I tried to imagine one on my own, and thought of some kind of white Stargate with ori-signs like the Ori-rings.

    Will there be an Origate in the movie?

    I hope you understand my question, because of my bad english.

    Thanks, and “Froehliche Weihnachten” from Germany

  70. Huh – I just realised there is another Philly on here (shucks). For a second I was worried I’d some kind of Jekyl-like blackout. On the plus side, at least this time I hadn’t woken up surrounded by maimed scientists. On closer inspection, it turns out my name is not, in fact, unique. I’m shocked, appalled and more than a little devastated. This is the kind of revelation sociopaths/middling quality villains are made of.

    From here on out I’ll have to call myself something else, like Phil or PhilBob or Philba the Incredible Transforming Monkey.

    (That’s me above by the way. Suggestions on the name welcome…)

  71. Mince mon commentaire na pas encors marcher!!!!!

    Bon je vous fait de gros bisou, passer une bonne journée; moi je vais au dodo. a demain

    Je vous adore fort

  72. Cant they trace it back to the person who realeased the unfininshed produt on the internet and fire the jerk??? someone had to have had possesion of it unless there were more than one copy sent.

  73. “Merry Christmas” to all who aren’t offended by it and “Great weather we’re having” to everyone else. 🙂

    I just thought of a great contest for you to run here but it’s probably too late for season 5. Maybe before you ‘break’ the 6th season?

    Anyway, the winner would get to submit up to 5 Atlantis ideas to you and you have to say what’s good, what’s bad, what’s been done before, and what — if any — is good enough for you to mention in the writers’ room. (No guarantees to the submitter of idea/s being used, of course). The ideas could be single scenes; A or B plots; new technology, alien races, etc. for the series in general; or just a funny line/character moment. Ideas could be public or private, as you see fit.

    So this idea: good , bad, ridiculous, just not do-able?

    Anne Teldy

  74. Merry Christmas, Joe!

    Any chance you’ll spread a little holiday cheer and let us in on a hint or two about the news for “this character”?

    …whatever character that may be?

  75. to Philly and Philly the Second:

    You could rename yourself Cheese Steak. 😀 But maybe you Brits don’t have those. (I’d happily trade you any number of Philly cheese steak subs for an equal amount of curry.) – I don’t recall having seen the name Brave Sir Robin on here… just a thought. But PhilBob is good, especially if accompanied by cowboy boots, a Stetson, and a big silver star on your waistcoat. Nice plumage, it would be, and the world would be spared from yet another sociopath and/or “middling quality villain” (lol).

    Very sorry to hear about the exploding oven. Still, it’s gratifying for many Yanks to hear about Brits who carry on in the time-honored manner despite this type of setback. I hope all was successfully sorted.

    Happy Boxing Day.

  76. Put this down to too much food and drink.

    I dreamed that Fondy and David Hewlett’s partner had teamed up as Executive Producers on a new show that I was reviewing and that I was really impressed with it, especially after seeing that they’d decided to dress up the interviewer in a giant rabbit costume who nodded solemnly throughout and scribbled notes on his clipboard. I went back to tell you and David the good news but apparently you’d decided to hitchike to Fuel and David was busy sitting by a house with a giant hole in the side of it while his kid played around in the insulation. I did wonder if that was wise for a newborn, but then I had to go leap on top of a two-story bus and wrestle a sniper for his gun.

    In conclusion: dream wrestling snipers is a great way of working up an appetite to demolish Christmas leftovers, and even my subconcious would agree that I spend way too much time on the internet.

  77. Hi Joe,

    Your Pugs are adorable, must say my sisters German Shepperd did not look so happy when wearing a santa hat!

    Have a Very Merry Christmas.

  78. Wow! I made Joe’s blog mailbag! 😉

    Jennie in Oregon writes: “I also want to thank you again for the great restaurant recommendation that made my birthday dinner in Vancouver in July very fun and special!”

    Answer: Where’d you go while you were in town?

    Jennie says: My sister and I enjoyed a great meal at Don Francesco. I chose the Rigatoni (at this moment, I’ve forgotten what my sister had but I know she enjoyed it). The sausage was spicy, but the meal was delicious. At some point near the end of our meal, the waiter asked how we were doing and my sister informed him it was my birthday. He wished me “Happy Birthday” and then asked my name – I knew something was up. Although we didn’t order dessert, a few moments later our waiter appeared from behind me and presented a plate with a serving of Tiramisu complete with a lit sparkler! He then sang “Happy Birthday” to me and the whole restaurant applauded!! (*blush*) It certainly made for a very fun and special evening.

    Thanks again, Joe! 🙂

  79. Santa Kittie has been to town and now things can get back to normal – until next week when Hogmanay descends upon us.

    After this I will be starting my diet 🙁 I am actually looking forward to it in a weird sort of way. What about having a virtual diet club?


  80. Hi Joe hope you got lots of nice Christmas presents.

    My family now know of my writing ambitions so my presents consisted of a tome of a dictionary.
    As my daughter said when she gave it to me “Now you can stop asking me how to spell things.”
    Ah…family always there for support when you need them.

    My next gift also from my daughter, ‘Screenwriting for Dummies’, well everyone has to have a place to start…right?

    As your Christmas day isn’t over yet enjoy.


  81. To Old Timer: You said in your comment (And I admit I only read what was posted and responded to in JM’s post, I didn’t go see if there was more in the comments) that you felt you couldn’t be part of the online community and avoid spoilers. I beg to differ. I have a lot of online friends I chat with in this community, I read blogs and interviews, (I don’t go to forums, but I don’t for anything in general), etc. And I don’t get spoiled. I prefer to be surprised completely when the episodes come out, so other than the vague hints JM will tease us with (I don’t even watch the Sci-Fi promos in case they have spoilers) I don’t see anything about the upcoming eps. This community is very good, in general (not always, but it’s usually a mistake when it happens) about warning for spoilers, so they’re not that hard to avoid I’ve found. I’m not sure what online areas you frequent, but it isn’t much harder today to avoid spoilers if you really want to than it was ten years ago. It just requires you to pay attention to the warnings before you read something, instead of diving straight in.

    Sorry Joe. I just didn’t want you to think all fans felt that way, so I wanted to respond to her. I’m one of those people who won’t download or watch the unauthorized/mistake/accidental versions that have been posted, since I know seeing it the way you intended in the order you intended will have a bigger payoff and will be more fun in the long run.

  82. Gennifer also says:
    On the subject of ratings — come on, this whole season has been a joke.And don’t go quoting DVR+365 at me. Whatever the ratings, introducing Sam Carter hasn’t been the big ratings puller TPTB expected it to be.
    If they hadn’t pissed off so many Beckett and Weir fans, things might be different, but Carter on her own isn’t enough. Hell, she as well as the entire cast of SG1 plus some ’stunt casting’ in Browder and Black couldn’t keep SG1 alive without RDA.

    To Gennifer,

    Now that’s pretty funny, but Atlantis only needs the first 3 days of DVR playback for a significant difference. That is when most of the DVR playback takes place. The best part is people are watching the commercials so SGA is fairing very well in the C3 reports, which makes these DVR numbers more important to the network and it’s advertisers. When you compare the first half of S3 and the first half of S4, the viewer difference is around 200,000. Which is likely the loss of casual viewers since SG-1 ended. SGA fed off of eps like “200” and “Unending”. So please don’t blame character departures as a reason why the ratings dipped a little. Why would the next episode after Sunday uptick if Carson was killed off? You have no proof as much as other people have proof for other reasons. Yes, I loved Weir’s character and upset she may be gone for good, but the overall show quality is still great. I feel people watch blinded when their favorite character has been killed off or M.I.A. Seriously, Weir could be in every episode this season and the same story-lines be told and yet people will say oh this is the best season EVER, where before they say this season is awful! The show is not Stargate- Weir or Stargate – Carson, it’s Stargate Atlantis. As per the ratings again, the only evidence is that the show is being heavily effected by DVR, and the network has been very keen on those numbers since SCI FI is one of the top DVR’d networks.

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