A heads up to anyone posting comments to this blog about The Ark of Truth. Yes, I’m aware an unfinished version found its way online and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. No, I will not be allowing any discussion on the contents of Ark of Truth until its official release. So any of you who may be privy to details or heard about details and wish to discuss them, here is not the place to do it. I will not publish your comments.

Now I realize a lot of you are hardcore fans and just dying to get a peek at the movie. The wait for the DVD release has no doubt been unbearable for many. And while I can’t stop you from downloading an illegal copy (hopefully the good people at MGM will see to that), I do wonder why anyone would want to spoil their enjoyment of the finished product by watching an early, incomplete version. It’s sort of like arriving half an hour early to pick up your first date and insisting you head out immediately. Hey, it would be nice to shower, shave, put on a nice suit, some cologne and, in general, look presentable. The hardcore fans will forgive a lot (and I’m probably referring to many of you reading this), but the casual fan and first-time viewer may well have their opinion of the movie (and, unfortunately, any future movies) unfairly tainted by an unfinished version. I remember when work-in-progress copies of Adrift and Lifeline hit the internet earlier this year. A number of fans expressed disappointment with the lack of sound and visual effects. In many cases, they even expressed regret at having watched the early versions as it colored their enjoyment of the episodes when they eventually aired. Again, I can’t stop you – but something to think about.

Also something to think about is the fact that while having an early version available online may seem like a good thing for Stargate fans anxiously awaiting the DVD’s release, it is a very, very bad thing for Stargate and could adversely impact the future of the franchise. I know, I know. You guys are huge fans and most of you will buy the DVD regardless. However, there are many fans and first-time viewers in particular who will not. And, bottom line: if the DVD sales are undermined by this early release, then that could well effect the possibility of future SG-1 movies.

To those of you complaining that this is exactly like the aforementioned Adrift and Lifeline situations or the early release of Doppelganger – No, it isn’t. In the case of Adrift and Lifeline, the version that found its way online could have been one of the hundreds of screeners sent out to critics all over North America. In the case of Doppelganger, iTunes mistakenly released a copy of the episode a week early. In the case of The Ark of Truth, however, it was someone in a position of trust (which is kind of sad). And, unlike, say, the hundreds of North American television critics and their family members, or the countless subscribers to iTunes, that “circle of trust” (apologies to Robert DeNiro’s Jack Byrnes) aint that big. Someone, either out of spite or simple sheer stupidity, stole a copy of the unfinished movie, pirated it, and put it online – essentially putting the future of SG-1 at risk – and there’s a good chance this individual will be caught. And when said jerk/idiot/criminal IS caught, here’s hoping they receive a good legal ass-kicking.

Today’s maibag:

Jake E. writes: “How did you get started in the witting business? What attracted you to the Sci-fi/Stargate universe? Any tips for someone who loves to read/watch/critique and write short stories (thats me)?”

Answer: I got my start in animation. After querying dozens of animation studios, I was invited to forward some writing samples to one studio that was about to start production on a couple of a animated shows. They liked my samples (a Seinfeld spec and a feature), sent me the show bible, and invited me to pitch. They bought one of my pitches and so began my professional writing career. I eventually worked my way up from simply writing for animation to story-editing and development. Then, using my background in animation (where I learned to hone my craft) and armed with those live-action specs, I moved into live-action with my writing partner Paul Mullie, working on a teen comedy called Student Bodies. After work on various shows, some good, some not so good, some not even not so good (Big Wolf on Campus, Lassie, Largo Winch, The Lost World) we were invited to pitch for Stargate SG-1 (after Robert Cooper had read our spec feature – Note how important it is to have a spec script or two if you’re looking to break into the business). We pitched, sold a pitch, and a did a good enough job on our first script (Scorched Earth) to land us on staff.

Crazymom writes: “GeekBoy is working his way through some of Ben Bova’s books. He’s reading The Rock Rats right now. Have you read any of his books?”

Answer: Not yet. I have The Multiple Man sitting on my bookshelf.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “What are you buying your canine kids for Christmas?”

Answer: Fondy is going to pick up some toys and treats.

Thornyrose writes: “When is the last time you’ve read Shakespeare(or seen a play) or other “classics”?”

Answer: Shakespeare? The Complete Works ages ago. Classics? I re-read The Count of Monte Cristo last year.

Susiekew writes: “ Have you ever eaten at Craftsteak in the MGM Grand Las Vegas?”

Answer: I haven’t. What did you have?

Arctic Goddess writes: “Next time I’m in Vancouver, I am definitely going to have to try Fuel. Is it a must to pre-order the Cote de Boeuf?”

Answer: Nope. You can order when you go.

Arctic Goddess also writes: “I believe that at one time you said you visited Alberta.”

Answer: I did? Alas, never been.

Amber Hooker writes: “I wondered if you have a suggestion for a first timer in the scifi/fantasy relm?”

Answer: Check out John Scalzi’s Old Man War for some fun scifi. As a first-timer to fantasy, why not start with something light – Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic.

Scott of the Sahara writes: “For some reason when I watch “Atlantis” it seems like it is all very blue-ish, like someone has slightly tweeked the color settings on my television. I was wondering if 1) that’s actually true or if my eyes need checking and 2) if true, what’s the reasoning behind that?”

Answer: It is true and it’s a stylistic choice. It’s in keeping with whole Atlantis/water theme.

Katie S. writes: “Uh oh, Georgette Heyer didn’t go over well?”

Answer: I’m afraid not. But to her credit, mom is forcing herself to finish Cotillion. She prefers Maeve Binchy, Rosamune Pilcher, Anita Burgh, and, now Elizabeth Chadwick. Mom says she likes stories that involve family and, in her words, “finish nice”. While I was standing in line to pay for her Chadwicks the other day, a copy of a Philippa Gregory book. I thought I would pick it up on a whim and then, remembering my mother’s preference for a nice finish, I skipped ahead to the last page. The book ended on the female protagonist’s last will and testament. I quickly put it back on the shelf. As it stands, mom may not be able to do much reading as she’d like since Lulu got a hold of her glasses.

SusantheTartanTurtle writes: “ Do you find that little furries staring at you whilst you are eating spoils the enjoyment of your food?”

Answer: Oh yeah. If they behave themselves until meal’s end, I usually reward them with a little something. I know, I know.

127 thoughts on “December 23, 2007: Pirating, Pugs, and Postings

  1. *waves*

    Ah Mr M i’ve just been reading the Stargate Mag, and I have to say you wound me! *sniff*

    Mr M was asked this ” Were you caught off guard by the save Carson Beckett campaign?”

    Answer: Not really, because Paul did such a terrific job. beckett was such a charming character. Next to McKay, I can’t see a character we could have killed off that would have elicited such a strong reaction.

    Oh Mr M, did you forget about Shep! How could you?! I had my campaign all set up for such an eventuality. S.o.S Save Our Shep. But reading that, it makes me think that you don’t care. *blows her nose on her sleeve*

    Do you not luff Shep anymore? Can you not see that you’ve mortally wounded all of us by not even thinking that we’d care enough to make a big fuss? I had it all planned out ya know. I was going to order a ferris wheel and have it sent to Bridge Studio’s, I was going to have free Turkey sandwhiches, followed by popcorn for all those that came. That would be the start. Then the music would be by Johnny Cash, blasting out the airwaves. Phase two would be fans sending a tonne of hair gel delivered by them all riding their boards, but now…… say it aint so, Joe. *sniff* Tell us that you still love him, and that you’re going to continue to whump him in an effort to show us you still care about him.


    PS: the pugs and of course Lulu looks adorable, what did you get them for Christmas?

    Oh and i’ll be good this time around and wait for the finished version of The Ark of Truth. With DG I couldn’t wait! Sorry, well in all fairness it was Evil Shep. 😀

    okay i’m going now. 😀

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for the mailbag answer; I’ll have to get a couple of spec scripts started 🙂

    Have you any good classic sci-fi or fantasy book suggestions? I’m starting the Foundation Series this week but wanted to branch to something less mainstream…



  3. Thanks for the heads up on the leaked version of AoT. I’ll make sure to steer clear. Obviously with legal concerns preventing complete evisceration, could you please detail the torturing punishment the guilty party is subjected too. I know the Baron would be proud to hear a delightful holiday story involving torture and retribution most foul.

  4. As usual, the doggie pictures brought a smile to my face. Have you considered posting some video on youtube? admittedly not exactly action filled, but …relaxing. Your dire warnings taken on the prematurely released copy of Ark of Truth. I’d not bother looking for it myself, but I’ll put the word out among fellow SG fans locally. If I do find out someone has downloaded it, they’ll be off the season five premiere party next year. Hope the family is having a good holiday, and perchance can we get a holiday message from the Baron in the next day or so?

  5. I have to say that whoever released AOT early is an idiot! Sure it was a nice early Christmas pressie but let’s all hope that the people who DL’ed it also buys it. I trust that the person responsible is caught soon. I want SG1 to continue for a long, long time and this sort of thing undermines the potential of the franchise. I will buy two copies and do my bit! It always pays to have a spare.

    I have a question Joe, do you know of any good vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver? We are visiting next year and my husband is a veggie. I have tried for years to turn him to the dark side but to no avail.

    Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year.


  6. No picture of Lulu with your mother’s glasses?

    The leg fell of my glasses and before I got a chance to pick it up and fix them Frankie (evil tom cat) grabbed the leg and raced off. It took me three days to find the leg – and a few other things that I had been looking for.

  7. I know we’re not supposed to comment on the Ark of Truth issue, but i’ll preface this by saying this is a comment about the piracy, not the movie, as i have not, and will not see it until March 11th.

    I personally, as a computer profession, am outraged at the leaking of AOT, as i’m sure you are Joe. I understand the appeal of getting a peak of it, beleive me, i’m not big on patience. But never, in a million years would i ever, ever, risk SG-1’s future in movies by leaking it online. It makes me sick that someone would do that to the franchise. I hope the person respnsible is found swiftly, and is not someone we know and love, i really hope it’s not. But whomever it is, i hope they get a big fat MGM lawsuit served in their face.

    So, i will be waiting for March 11th, 2 days before my birthday, to get my shiny LEGAL copy of AOT, thank you very much! UGH!

    On to happier thoughts! Have a Merry Christmas Joe! And Merry christmas to Brad, Rob, Martin, Marty G., Carl, Andy, Paul M., John, Alan, David, Joe F., Rachel, Jason, Amanda, Paul Mc., Torri, David N., Kavan, Chuck, Jewel, and everyone else in the Atlantis Family i missed (i know there’s quite a few, my memory is horrible)!

    Hope you all have happy holidays! (I know i will… Santa’s bringing me a 46″ LCD TV, W00T!) 😉

  8. I’ll admit to dl’ing ‘Adrift’ preview only AFTER I watched the proper episode. I found it fascinating actually. A bit of an education to see how things lead up to what we the viewers watch.

    I was thrilled yesterday to find that an Avon client of mine has pugs! Yessss… (not many people do here in my part of the world). I had a ball patting and scratching them..watching their fur make a dense fawn cloud above their butt region. They’re so gorgeous!!! One was a pup and so friendly… he loved being scratched 🙂

    I like to save particular pics of your pugs Joe, but find that when I right click to save, the pic will only save as a bmp (big arsed 6 meg file). Your older ones save as jpegs. I have to convert them to jpeg but it’s no hassle. (I hope you don’t mind but I do love saving a couple of the pics of your canine kids )

    I loved the episodes of Atlantis that involved being under water (Submerged, Grace)..anymore coming up? Seeing as it’s a different galaxy, I wonder what the ocean has creature wise ??? Don’t you love sci fi..the sky’s the limit for imagination..

    It’s Christmas Eve here, time to wish you Joe, Fondy, Mama Joe, your sis, Lulu, Maximus, Bubba and Jelly the bestest of Yuletide season. May your Cote de Bouef X 2 be tasty and tender.

  9. Oh, Lulu. Not good to get on Grandma’s bad side by eating her glasses!

    I’m so sorry to hear of the stupid leaking of the pirate version. Honestly. Can no one wait anymore? I just don’t get this intense need to see things before the artist is ready to let you see it. The piracy is bad enough. But the unfinished version? It’s just silly.

    And I do hope that person is sued up one end and out the other. Maybe a bit of jail time for stealing thrown in?

  10. I saw your mention of getting a show’s bible to write for it; are there SG-1 and SGA bibles?

    I was really shocked to hear about the Ark of Truth leaking. I hope it doesn’t hurt SG-1! I’m looking forward to seeing the movie–in its complete form only.

  11. You have such adorable pups!

    Now, I doubt you remember or want to share with the class, but I must ask…do you remember what the storyline was for your Seinfeld spec and feature?


  12. Hi Joe. Not good about your Mum’s glasses! But aren’t “grandparents” great when it comes to forgiving their furry grandkids? Well, eventually, once you have got them a replacement and something chocolatey to go with it (in my parents case, some new fence palings and a new tree).

    With AoT I can’t see why people would want to watch it unfinished. It’s the score, effects and final polishes that MAKE it an experience. Sci Fi is about escape, you become so involved in it that you don’t stop to think “Hey, why is it that no one looks surprised when there is a second consciousness in someone’s head?”, you believe it is happening and is completely plausible.

    I saw an early release of The Phantom Menace (didn’t know it was a pre release version) and suddenly you are snapped out from the experience as you watch this blocky ship flying through a very hazy space sky. I don’t actually know whether the movie was any good when finished, but to me I wasn’t sold by the story purely because I watched an unfinished version and I wasn’t pulled into the story. Each time an effect wasn’t quite finished, I realised I was in my lounge room again and back to reality.

    Enjoy the continued feasting!

  13. “It is true and it’s a stylistic choice. It’s in keeping with whole Atlantis/water theme.”

    I always wondered about that. I love the blue theme. In fact, I was drawn to Atlantis before SG-1 largely by the art design. I absolutely love both shows, but I htink Atlantis has a very impressive and appealing color palette.

    Question: (I think I asked this before I realized your blog moved lol, so sorry if its a repeat for you). I really enjoyed the little philosophical discussion at the end of Avalon about the onotlogy of the universe (I think it was at the end of Avalon!). I was curious, have you ever considered adding a military chaplain, or some such other character to bring htose topics in a little more?

    Thanks much, have a great Christmas Eve,


  14. hi, joe,

    taking into account that i haven’t seen many atlantis eps (like 10 :P), i have read other atlantis fans saying they’d love more exploration of the city itself. so i was wondering if you were thinking about doing anymore exploring of the city? well, as a writer, not you yourself. 😀

    odd question: can ppl get sea sick on atlantis?

    sally 🙂

  15. I can’t wait to buy the Arc of Truth dvd! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

    Did you actually consider killing off MCKAY?? OMG really? That would be worse than killing off Carson to me(just because he and Shep are my favorites)…and killing him off was pretty bad. I really miss his sweetness and caring heart. I’m glad he’ll be coming back. I just wish you’d bring him back for season 5. I hate gratuitous killing of characters I love. I’m sure you don’t consider it gratuitous, but to me, there was no real reason for it other than to shake up the viewers. I’m not really sure why TPTB want to shake us up and upset us…but for some reason they think it’s a good idea. I still love the show…but I hate it when characters are killed off. I know I don’t normally rant about the killings of characters, and I will try not to mention it again…but I just believe that all SGA needs is it’s normally wonderful writing. Not to kill beloved characters off just to shock people. Just my opinion. Ok…rant over.

    Kimberly 😛

  16. Wow, you seem really angry about the leaked movie. Don’t worry, I still plan on buying it and I hope you find the person who leaked it.

  17. Joe said:
    After querying dozens of animation studios, I was invited to forward some writing samples to one studio that was about to start production on a couple of a animated shows. They liked my samples (a Seinfeld spec and a feature), sent me the show bible, and invited me to pitch.

    What made you approach animation studios in particular?

    I plan to approach the BBC in the New Year and ask them to look at a spec.
    I know they don’t like you to send in scripts for established programmes but the one I would like to write for (hopefully as a start) is a soap called Doctors.
    Well they do say write about what you know and being medical I have loads of material.
    I take it that it’s not accepted just to ask for the ‘show bible’ with all the back ground info in it before sending a spec.

    It must be nice to have a writing partner to go through the angst and the good bits with. To pull you up when things don’t go the way you thought they would.

    Wouldn’t it be good if 2008 saw one less midwife and one more writer?
    Please note I’m not delusional and understand that many are called but few are chosen. But writing is what I want to do and what I do best (I think).

    Happy Christmas Eve


  18. I realize a lot of you are hardcore fans and just dying to get a peek at the movie.

    I’m definitely a hardcore fan, but I’ll wait! I don’t shake my Christmas presents, either.

    it was someone in a position of trust (which is kind of sad).

    That’s way worse than sad. It’s pathetic and mean. They should get more than a legal ass-kicking! Just make sure there are no security cameras, and then deny everything. And you didn’t hear that from me.

    Fondy is going to pick up some toys and treats.

    Radar makes Christmas easy. He thinks the best toys in the world are the cardboard tubes from the gift wrap! Also, it’s just too much fun to give him a 3-foot tube and then watch him try to run through the door with it.

  19. Yay! Puppy pictures! If I remember correctly you once mentioned that Jelly had the horizontal stripes on her forehead while Bubba had vertical ones but it is hard to tell when the eyes are closed. Is the first picture of Jelly and the rest are of Bubba? I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

  20. Hi Joe:

    Just for your information and because i haven’t done the promo thing for him in, oh, at least a week, if you do another water episode for Atlantis in season 5, Cliff Simon (Ba’al) is an awesome swimmer. And he’s look wonderful with his shirt off.

    Hint hint.

    And, since you haven’t been to Alberta, you definitely must come some
    time. There are some amazing things here, like dinosaur bones in Drumheller, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, The worlds biggest shopping mall in Edmonton, the Frank Slide at Turtle Mountain, Jasper, Banff, the huge tar sands site at Fort McMurray, the huge replica of the Starship Enterprise at Vulcan (yes, really), a giant easter egg at Vegreville, and, of course, the Calgary Stampede. You’d look great in a stetson and cowboy boots. Let me know when you can come. I’ll set up a welcoming committee at the border. Half of them will be Newfoundlanders, though, since Newfoundland is taking over Canada one province at a time. Fair warning, British Columbia is next.

    “Where ye be bye?”


  21. Hi Joe (and blog readers).

    Don’t worry, I am not planning on watching the pirated version of the movie. I was surprised to hear that an entire MOVIE was leaked. That seems like a bit of work to do…I have already ordered mine from Barnes & Noble and I *think* I’ll make it until March. I’m starting a new job in January so I think I’ll be busy enough.

    Question – can you explain if DirectTV (or other satellite) ratings/viewers really don’t count? I’m just wondering with the numbers of people in the US who (like my husband and I) haven’t had cable for almost 10 years… I know DirectTV for one inserts their own commercials into the shows different than what the network has. I also wonder what impact non-US viewers have on Atlantis? Does MGM or SciFi get the $ from the show in other countries?

    I guess what I’m saying is no different than what a lot of people have been saying for years – TV viewers have changed dramatically and the old system doesn’t seem to even attempt to catch up, which really stinks when there’s a great show on like Stargate which is enjoyed WORLD wide but it all hinges on one country, and only people in a certain demographic. And in all fairness, I can honestly say I don’t know when any type of TV commercial has influenced me to buy something… hmm….

    Long winded question over 🙂 thanks for the pics of the furry ones. Hope you are off for a few days this week for the holiday!

  22. Don’t worry Joe, a lot of hardcore Stargate fans like myself will be waiting till March. I know that I am.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Cutest dogs in the world!!!

  23. Thanks for spelling out the situation re: Ark of Truth, and the possible consequences of its piracy. For me, that was a very good exposition of just what’s at stake and how this scenario differs from those of the leaked episodes (although those events were quite bad enough).

    I always wonder about the motivation of people who illegally download unfinished works, whether literary or for the screen. From a few different forums I’ve taken part in or lurked on, it’s usually seemed like “it’s all about the buzz, dude,” and who can scoop everyone else on what they saw or read. As well, a few fanfic writers (not criticizing fanfic here, just pointing out something I’ve dealt with firsthand) want very badly to be among the first to write new canon into their stories, whatever they have to do to get hold of it. As you’ve said, it’s all incredibly shortsighted, not to mention selfish (IMO), no matter what prompts such actions.

  24. Hi Joe,
    Won’t be able to log on for a few days. So I thought i’d wish you, your family and all at SGA a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    (Don’t worry I’m not gonna break into song…….. 2,3,4, Laaaaaaaah……ooops)

    Merry Christmas or seasons greetings to all who post too!

    Alia xx

  25. Hi Joe
    my pledge to you and all my stargate fans: I will not watch the pirated version.
    i hope that the person who did it, reads your blog and feels really bad about it.

  26. Hey Joe,
    I hope you catch the guy who leaked Ark of Truth. Just like with first episodes of season four that were leaked im not going to even think about downloading, especially if its not complete! Why would anyone watch an incomplete movie when the better version is coming.?

    I don’t know when the dvd will be released internationally so i’ll probably be in for a long wait, oh well. Watch Stargate and anime to pass some of the time haha

  27. I’ll never understand why someone would leak a movie. Downloading it for free…yeah, I get that, but taking it and uploading it…nope, I don’t. It’s not like they’d make any money.

    Me…I’ll wait only because I want to watch the thing on my mega-TV and I want all the extras. Plus, I want the Stargate universe to live for as long as possible.

    Will we get any bloopers or deleted scenes on this DVD?

  28. Hi Joe – Have you read any of Jim Butcher’s “Codex Alera” series? Like his Dresden series, the real joy is in the characters, but I’m finding the stories to be fairly compelling as well.

    The dogs are adorable as always – hope you, Fondy and your furry children have a happy and a merry.

  29. I know some folk go out and purposefully try to find advance info on just about anything. I don’t see the point, myself. I’d rather be surprised!

    It’s too much like watching the actual filming take place. No music or effects, shots taken over and over ad naseum, continuity virtally unheard of. I’ll wait for the finished prodcut, thank you. A lot of people worked extremely hard on it, so why belittle their talent?

    Maybe I’m in the minority, though. 🙁

  30. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear about the leak, this is definitely a big problem and hopefully the leak will be plugged up so this won’t happen again in the future.

    I’ve already got my copy on preorder from Amazon, so I’m doing my part =)

    I’m sure SG-1 will live on, and hopefully MGM/Robert can release a statement to the press about this urging people to not watch this version as it is not complete and will ruin the chance of any more future SG-1 projects.

    I’m sure this ruined the holidays for Brad and Robert, but hopefully you and the rest of the cast/crew can still manage to have a happy Christmas.

  31. >Susiekew writes: “ Have you ever eaten at Craftsteak in the MGM Grand Las Vegas?”
    Answer: I haven’t. What did you have?<

    We were four, and it ended up a free-for-all with everyone tasting everyone elses food … the two dishes that really stood out for me were a devine melt in your mouth veal dish a and butternut squash soup that was to die for. I know, I know, not very exotic, but well worth every penny. We also had two very good crab dishes, and some Kobe beef. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but it being my birthday and all, the copious amounts of alcohol consumed after dinner wiped any more specific descriptions from my memory … ;-P

  32. Wams you have a very good question. I don’t have cable here in Western Australia and I’d love more than anything for channel 7 here to show CURRENT shows of SGA. They were showing SGA and SG1 at 11pm (grr) and were way behind in the season (Season 2 just finished here can you believe it?). My friend has cable and tapes it for me. She’s a sweetheart and because of that, she’s turning into a fan herself.

    I wonder if Australia is included in the ratings at all? TV here has changed to the point where finally the stations are realising that people aren’t prepared to be behind the US in the current seasons being shown. They’ve ‘fast tracked’ as they call it and we’ve just seen current seasons of some shows…but the show’s inundated with so many ads and people are complaining, saying they can just download the bloody episode and watch it 1- when they wish to and 2- without bloody ads. It’s ok to have a few ads, but there’s about 12 ads to each ad break. Ridiculous!

    TV still needs to get their act together…the internet has changed everything. Sorry to hear the movie got leaked, I hope he or she is caught and dealt with. You sound a bit down about it Joe and I don’t blame you one bit. All that work……bah. I do not have any intentions to download it, I make this promise to you.

  33. The Man Himself wrote:

    I moved into live-action with my writing partner Paul Mullie, working on a teen comedy called Student Bodies.

    The horror film spoof?????

    Anne Teldy

  34. That’s pretty terrible that someone close to the production would essentially steal the movie to put it online. And it’s not like they get any profit from it, so it does make you wonder what their motives are.

    Too many days until the next Altantis 🙁

  35. Hey Joe, my teacher who is a Canadian ex-change teacher, told me that in Canada “Newfies” are made fun of.
    A) Is that true? B) If it is true, do you have any good “Newfie Jokes”?

  36. If I went to Fuel for a month straight(and wasn’t kicked out), How many times would I run in to you?

  37. Where was that hotel in San Diego again?

    What was is called “W” or “G” or something like that?

  38. Merry HO HO!

    My only comment today is let the “Legal Ass-Kicking” begin!!!


  39. Joe,
    Can you recommend a respectable nanny/pet sitting agency in Vancouver? I’ll be visiting and may want a couple hours vacation on my family vacation.
    Oh, and thanks for the resturant recommendations – ever thought of starting a tourism site??


  40. I keep forgetting to ask … in your video of several days ago, who was playing king (or queen) of the cushion that Lulu was so determined to have?

  41. Hey Joe!

    First of all, let me just say that I am sorry to hear that AoT was leaked, it’s horrible to hear when things like this happen. 🙁 Secondly, I would like to wish you and your family an excellent holiday season.

    On that note, what do you have planned for this holiday season?


    PS – Great pictures of the pugs. 🙂

  42. I was wondering if there’s any scene in the upcoming s4 episodes where we finally see a medal award ceremony in Atlantis. If not, any chance of seeing something like this in s5?

    They have been saving the galaxy for more than 3 years. They deserve some medals! No idea if civilians can get some kind of award from the military, but it’d be great to see at least John and Lorne getting that kind of recognition. Not to mention the chance of seeing them wearing their dress blues *cough*
    *whistles innocently*

  43. Alas, Cotillion is my favorite! (You might mention to her that it “finishes nice.”)

    Cute puppies!

  44. In the case of The Ark of Truth, however, it was someone in a position of trust

    That just adds insult to injury. If there were only a very few people with access surely they would have had to have known that it would be traceable – which makes me wonder if it wasn’t deliberate but carelessness on their part and a third party has been able to get their hands on it. Which doesn’t undo the damage, but at least with it not being malicious means you can call of the hit and just go back to slashing their car tyres and setting their house on fire.

    Hope things work out.

  45. Kellie wrote:

    No one ever celebrates today, but I do. Wishing you a happy Christmas Eve Eve!

    Some 25+ years ago, I read a bit in Readers Digest where a woman told of when she was a child her mother asking rhetorically what you would call Christmas Eve Eve. Her younger brother said “Christmas Adam because Adam came right before Eve.”

    Since that time my family has referred to the 23rd as Christmas Adam. I’ve noticed lately that it’s becoming more common to hear it.



    Anne Teldy

  46. pssst just a quick note to add…if you look under our avvies, it looks like we’re busy pirating.

    Oh gosh nooooo!!! 😀

  47. I just want to say thhat i will most definitely will be buying a copy of thhe DVD when it comes out, however, I just cannot let my other hard core fan friends keep talking in secret without me, its too unbearable.

  48. Thanks so much for the book ideas, I will be looking into that right after the holidays.
    As are many others, I am also sorry to hear about the leaked AoT. I was so excited to hear about it’s release in March, but not to the point of downloading an unfinished, illegal version. Some people have nerve(and no sense of moral ethics). Assholes!!
    Anyway, here’s hoping that you and everyone else in the Stargate franchise can still have happy holidays!!!!

  49. Seasons Greetings from Australia to Joe and your family (especially your fur kids!)

    From your descriptions of your many and varied meals at Fuel (esp the duck dish!! i’m drooling! I looove duck) I am definately going to make sure I include a visit on the Itinerary as a definate must-have when I finally make it to Canada – whenever that will be, hopefully sooner rather than later….. I’m dying to try some of those dishes!

  50. Good luck with the piracy issue – you’re going to need it. I work in the music industry in digital commerce and deliver the albums and tracks for all the products sold by a major studio to iTunes and our other business partners.

    Piracy has been killing the music industry for years. Threatening, educating and prosecuting people have done nothing to stem the mentality of entitlement that folks seem to have on the Internet. And now with the U.S. economy taking a huge dive, folks are even more inclined to get what they can for free.

    As digital product slowly replaces physical product, the problem will become even more acute. And you’re right to be concerned about the franchise. The music industry has yet to find the key in convincing people that stealing is stealing, whether you’re uploading unauthorized copyrighted material, downloading it, or just viewing or listening to it for free.

  51. Pugs!! I don’t visit often, but when I do it’s for the adorable Pug pictures! Isn’t it wonderful being owned by Pugs? I have two that run my house, Pugsley and Tyson. Both are older rescue dogs and totally own me.

    Yours look like puppies. Espcially when asleep. 🙂 They are quite the cuties!

  52. so i was scrolling through my satellite listings today(mostly out of boredom as i dont like watching cheesy christmas movies first run) and discovered an interesting movie: hogfather: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0765458/ my question is would you watch the hogfather movie?(mind you its 4 hours long)

  53. Joe,
    What I meant to say above about S9 is:

    Regardless of moviation the end result is at the very least the *appearance* of sexism. I really hope it’s not the case but in the end what we… end up with… is the only way we can judge the product. And compared to the integrity of the earlier product…

    I apologise for throwing in thte “S” bomb in there without proper reasoning.

    Cranky and tired is not the way to reply. I really admire those who regularly put in 15 hour days. Oy.

  54. 1.) I was wondering if you ever read Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” if not, you definitely should.
    2.) If you could describe one word on how fans might react to Carson’s return and how it’s done, what would it be?
    3.) Is Weir back in any more episodes this season?
    4.) Any plans for another Teal’c guest spot in season 5?

  55. Just wanted to let you know that although I was not going to order the AoT DVD I have just placed my pre-order on Amazon. Just want to support the fanchise.
    Those pugs are sooo cute – my niece got a “pug purse” (basically a stuffed animal made into a purse) and now loves them too.

  56. Paloosahas mada point in fact “what is the key” when a onsumer hears of a store like walmart sued for underselling cd’s by the someone like best buy or that only adollar or 2 go’s to the band for every cd sold. I think thats when they say whos really losing out by getting for free. whats the cost of the cd anyway 2 cents 3 cents when produced in bulk. i cant say i have never found a tune or 2 on the net but for the most part when i find a cd i want i usually buy it i may be able to get the tunes for free but its what comes with it that you can’t get for free. the cd holder has things to read pics on it and that yes can be downloaded as well but its not that same when your reading in the car or on the couch wondering what the band was thinking when they wrote the songs they sing. it just not the same holding a 8 x 11 sheet of printer paper. but i only by maybe 5 cds a year. i just can’t find music anymre that hasnt been twisted and turned over and over by a mixer to sound a certain way or a song that has a few notes from a older song we all loved and thats what got us into it. we even gave up on Mtv now that was a reason to go and by cd your think of the video when you heard the song and off in daydream you went.

  57. Morning Joe,

    Well, I am sorry that The Ark of Truth has been leaked. It’s a real shame. I think your blog tonight says it all, though.

    You’re angry, obviously, and disappointed, and a little worried. This is not something that is good for Stargate. But your blog also reads, to some degree, as a mea culpa. And I appreciate that, too. You know it’s up to you guys–the producers–to make sure this doesn’t happen. I can sympathize with the fact that you and Rob and Brad are all feeling a bit betrayed. But it’s been a long time in the making. I don’t mean the betrayal, I mean the leak.

    I’ve been a long, long fan of your show, from before you and Paul were even on staff. Those were the blissful days, when I knew I could come be a part of fandom online with my “Gate” friends and not have to worry about spoilers. We never knew what was going to happen next week, and it was great. But it hasn’t been that way for a very, very long time.

    Part of the reason is, forgive me, your major online presence. Even as far back as seasons six and seven I can remember you letting little tidbits trickle out about upcoming ideas or scenes or episodes. Gradually, as the Internet has steamrolled, so too have the spoilers. These days you’ve a full-time, daily blog which is read, again forgive me, by Stargate fans hungriliy gobbling up your every word in the hope that one or two of them will feed their Stargate appetite. Then there are the casting sides, which while perhaps necessary, only serve to ruin episodes for most fans and impart unfair expectations in fans’ minds–all before the episode is even make. Add to this the ill-timed publishing of interviews in various magazines with the cast and crew about upcoming plotlines and episodes and you get what is, in the end, a pretty complete picture of what is to come without ever having watched the show.

    It is a problem for Stargate Productions. I understand that you guys hold this notion that spoilers, if used properly, serve to whet the appetite of all your fans and pump life-blood into your hardcore, quantifiable fanbase. But you long ago crossed the line between publicity and hurtful mismanagement of information. Stargate Productions has a long history of “letting the cat our of the bag”, of blowing it spectacularly when it comes to keeping big plot twists under wraps.

    People knew you had offed Janet Frasier long before Heroes aired. People knew about Antactica and the Lost City before those episodes aired. Back before season nine, reports from a “source” were that there was a change in SG-1’s direction, that you had gone down the Arthurian myth path. We also knew beforehand that you were looking at Lou Gossett, Jr. and Beau Bridges and, if memory serves me right, Stacy Keach, too. Carson Beckett’s death was heard about only a couple of days after the episode was shot. Rumors of Torri’s departure popped up before First Strike was shot. You yourself mentioned the problems with Adrift, Lifeline, and Doppleganger. And all of this is just off of the top of my head.

    My point is that while sad, Ark of Truth’s leak is not an abberration or something to be shocked at. It’s just another incident in a long string of failures when it comes to spoiling pretty much most major plot points in Stargate episodes these days.

    It was better before. People were fairer to the show, they were more objective, when they didn’t know everything about it. The day Apophis pulled off Kintac’s helm to reveal himself was magical. It was perfectly done, and had all the meaning and excitement you hoped it would. And it was all because there were no spoilers. If you truly want people to respect and admire your ability to tell a story once again, then stop giving it all away months in advance. If you really want the live ratings to go up again, stop giving it all away in advance. There is little excitemnt left in the Stargate Franchise….only loyalty, from people like me who continue to watch even though we already know what’s going to happen.

    You will of course think that this is our responsibility, not yours. You’re wrong. It’s on you. Don’t say we can just avoid them. They’re too pervasive, too common. To do that, we’d have to forsake our friends, both online and off. And we won’t do that. Stargate will lose to friendships, like it has been for years. And you’re all the worse for it.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

    Old Timer

  58. Very sorry about the pirating. I won’t be downloading nor visiting any forums where people are hinting/spewing about what really happens in the movie. And I can very well imagine casual fans who see the listing on the torrent sites and download it, and then decline to buy the DVD. I see it all the time with friends who get hold of copies of new movies. I’ve heard of some productions going to the trouble of digital fingerprints on every copy. Maybe that’s what’s needed!

    I think maybe you need an FAQ page for some of the newbies’ questions. You can do that in wordpress with the Write -> Write page command. You can orient people with your dogs’ names, favorite super-villains, address to send all chocolatly bribes, etc.

    By the way, John Scalzi’s “Android Dreams” is out in mass-market paperback now if anyone besides me was waiting!

  59. Hi, Joe.

    I had the oddest dream this morning. I dreamt that Todd (the Wraith) — as seen in “The Seer” (and forward)…is actually a Replicator! (And apparently a Replicator that appear can to feed from a human’s life force as in “Miller’s Crossing.”)

    My senior brain is trying to figure out why I would dream about Todd…especially as I’d MUCH rather dream about Sheppard, or O’Neill (cough, or Ronon!) — but I’ve noticed that my SG1 dreams have been slowly taken over by SGA dreams!

    Looking forward to our (SciFi Channel US) SGA marathon on Monday and SG1 marathon on Tuesday!

    Wishing your and your family (hi to your lovely Mom and Sister) a very Merry Christmas!


  60. ya thx for letting me know that you will not be postin info on it, i do not want to hear anything about it. It is comming out on my bday and want to pick it up and watch it with lots of junk food, and with all my freinds.

    P.S. what the chance of getting a signed copy?


  61. Is it standard practice for US networks to send unfinished copies of shows to reviewers? That to me seems pretty unprofessional, and I have to wonder why any producer/network in their right mind would allow an unfinished version of a show to be viewed at all, let alone by reviewers.

    I work in the media in Australia. I’ve seen hundreds of review copies of shows, from the US, the UK, Australia — you name it. All of them have been finished copies of the shows with finished sound, visual, etc.

    The only unfinished versions of anything I’ve ever seen have been the review copies of Adrift and Lifeline. Then again, I’ve never seen review copies of anything else that’s been sent to American reviewers.

    Why is it that you guys do that over there? Surely it’s more damaging should there be a leak if the leaked episode is far from its best possible version.

    On another note, please bring Elizabeth Weir back in season five. Torri has said she’s open to coming back for some episodes but hasn’t been approached. I know you were part of the decision to remove her from the cast, but I really think you’ve underestimated how popular the character and actress are. Why you’d make such a decision if beyond me, unless it was simply to make room for Amanda, and yes, I know you’ve denied that’s the case.

    There’s so much potential for Elizabeth, and I’m amazed that you can’t see it. Torri’s extremely talented, and has an amazing onscreen chemistry with the entire cast, especially Joe F and David H, which isn’t something you can reproduce with another actor.

    I doubt you’ll bring her back, because you’ve made it clear that you’re happy with the decision to dump her, but all I can say is my fingers are crossed. I’ve watched most of the episodes this season, and have found them to be lacking something without her input. Even some of the big Carter fans have said the same thing. Surely you can use both of them if you HAVE to have Carter in the lineup.

  62. I’m with you on the SG1 movie, I don’t want to be spoiled so I don’t read forums about it, and I definitely want to enjoy the full effect (even if I have to wait a couple more years for the DVD to be available in region 2) !
    Call the NID and agent Barrett (although he’s not the more effective agent ;p) to find the culprit ! 🙂

    On another note, I’ve searched for “workout” in your blog, and found only 3 entries mentionning said workout (I do believe it’s actually mentionned more than this, but search engine said so…). I’m curious about the type of workout you are doing. Is there already an entry on this subject ?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas 🙂

  63. When are they going to come out with more soundtracks…like the music from season 9 and 10…the ori music kicks ass…

  64. O forgot to tell you to have a merry christmas…and a happy new year!!!!

  65. I second Susiekew’s endorsement of CraftSteak. I ate there over US Thanksgiving and the food was superb. Incredible Kobe and Waygu beef cooked to perfection, delicious sides that can serve 3 or 4 people. If you go don’t miss the sweet peppers.

    We are going tomorrow night and trying the Chef’s tasting menu.

    I’d also recommend David Burke in the Venetian next time you are in Las Vegas. Lamb rack chops were the best I’ve ever had, served with trufflec potato puree, roasted peppers and an lamb “canneloni” : thin strips of roasted eggplant wrapped around ground lamb meat. I hate eggplant and I ate every bite.

  66. Joe,

    Well if you were unsure about what to get your mom, glasses are practical and can be stylish accessories

    Has Lulu otherwise been charming and entertaining for your Mom ? I loved the video of her tugging on the cushion.

    What kind of person steals The Ark of Truth ?

    I am saving myself for the superior, legal version . It is available for preorder Amazon.com with a discount. If the price drops before the title is available , you can get the lower price.
    Many people say they would view & purchase. I understand that. But if you have already seen something ,there isn’t a great rush to purchase. TPTB are interested in seeing how many people are rushing to buy these immediately. Like movie releases., there is a lot of emphasis on the first days & weeks.

  67. Hi old timer. I’m pretty new to this blog (only one month but have now read all back blogs) and I read Joe’s blog because of its wit and amusing stories (not to mention the book recommendations – thanks Joe!).

    As a long time watcher of Stargate I don’t hope for spoilers or teasers from this blog… I have no interest in what is going to happen, I’ve said it before, I enjoy the journey. There are enough blogs out there making up teasers and spoilers that it’s nice to at least have a “voice of truth” from Joe’s blog for those that want to know. Having read all of his previous blogs now makes Stargate even more amusing for me as I now understand some of the in jokes – such as Joe has mentioned how uncomfortable the uniforms are and in Wormhole XTreme the Teal’c character is pulling his uniform out of his b*&t in the background (tell me if I got that wrong). I enjoy that kind of insight which is really hindsight as I watch and interpret and then I might go off and try to find more explanation as to the plot, the technology, the science or even some of the throw away lines that you can just tell have some further meaning to it.

    Yes, there are a lot of people out there who like to know ahead of time just so they look as though they know something before everyone else… It’s an ego thing. As is the piracy, some people like to be able to say “Hey, guess what, I uploaded the new Stargate movie so you can download it” and feel pretty pleased with themselves. These are what I call “little people” and I don’t mean in height.

    I run an IT company and some things come across my desk that I could easily take advantage of. It’s my choice not to. I know you say it isn’t possible, but honestly if you don’t want to know, ignore it. It’s not really that hard. Maybe it’s because until recently I just haven’t had the time to spend on things such as seeking spoilers on one of my favourite shows, but if you go seeking you must expect to find, whether you like what you find or not. Hell until a month ago I didn’t even know this community existed (some fan I hear people say), but I’m a WATCHER of the show. I think I was the last person to know that Weir wasn’t coming back but I didn’t seek next season’s plots, I waited to see it unfold.
    I just wanted you to see this from a WATCHER’s perspective.

  68. PS: Joe, if you don’t want to approve my previous comment so as to not start a debate I completely understand.

  69. As with the rest of the fans-I’d wait until the SG-1 movie came out legally. Seeing it early is like opening your Christmas presents early. Some people.

    Happy holidays to you and yours too!

  70. ♥♥♥♥
    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★
    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ JoYEUX NOËL ★★★★★★★★★★★★★
    ★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

    Salut JOseph .

    Sa va bien??? moi je suis pas trés contente!! alors que je vous pose des questions sans réponse, et quand un anglais vous pose la même pour lui répondé!!! ….je suis sure que c’est parce que je n’ai pas plus de 30 ans, et que je suis pas anglais…..vous me trouvez trop gamine.???

    Pour en venir au téléchargement illégal…Vous saviez que le france est le pays avec le plus de téléchargement illégal??, moi je télécharge! enfin que des épisode de stargate…car je n’est pas la passiance d’attendre plus d’un ans! mais ne vous inquiété pas je suis la premier a acheter les Dvd et a regader la serie dés qu elle passe a la télé. mais je sais que ce n’est pa bien. Jespert que vous ne m’en voudrez pas…

    Bon ba passer une bonne journée, bon réveillon de Noel. Passer plein de bon moment avec votre famille, a demain =) Kisou, je vous adore!

    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★[Manger bien ce soir^^]★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

  71. Forgive me, Old Timer, but if you don’t want spoilers it might be advantageous to stay away from Joe’s Blog (if you can) and especially Gateworld.

    Certain people thrive on tiny spoilers, and Joes are always cryptic to the extreme.

    Gateworld is far worse, but to their credit they do warn you in advance.

    The bottom line is – for your own enjoyment – police yourself!

    Christmas greetings to all from a hot and humid Cape Town,


  72. Oldtimer,

    I think your post is way off & out of line.
    It has nothing to do with Joe or anyone’s tidbits. The show is intriguing & fans are dying to know what happens. Either we are caught up in a storyline or in love with one or more characters. IOW ,It’s a great show and we are hooked.

  73. Old Timer said…Carson Beckett’s death was heard about only a couple of days after the episode was shot.

    This one at least I know the backstory of – one of the extras on set apparently saw the flag on the coffin, put two and two together, and ran out and told everyone like the professional that they were. After filming had wrapped the studio had wanted to execute all the extras, but apparently the legal department had a tizzy fit over it, so yes, Stargate Productions absolutely to blame for that. Damn them. Damn them to hell.

    As for casting sides, well, they’re kind of needed if you want to get actors to audition for parts, unless they go with the tried and true method of sockpuppets and hiring chimps versed in sign language, so again, Stargate Productions, damn you!

    To do that, we’d have to forsake our friends, both online and off.

    I too tried not clicking on the links marked WARNING: SPOILERS or frequenting places were vague hints might be given, and also asked my friends to stop chasing me down the street, holding me up at gunpoint while they shouted television spoilers at me, but it was too much to ask, and again I blame Stargate Productions, for this and my terrible drinking problem and crippling phobia of midgets.

    Tonight, in the spirit of Christmas, let us drive to the houses of all the executives, santa hats jauntily perched on our heads, as we shake our fists at them all, blaming them for all and sundry.

    Damn you, damn you and Merry Christmas!

  74. Speaking of icky ship pairings, as you were on your previous entry, I have to say, I feel that Shep/Teyla is the supreme icky.

    It’s also one of the worst possible cliches. Hot alien chick with hot earth guy. Booooooring.

    I’m so glad Teyla’s up the duff to an Athosian. Stick a fork in Sheyla. It’s done.

  75. While I do agree that the leak was terrible, i did get a copy from my friend john (christmas gift… cheap, but amazing. ) and I will say right here and right now, im buying the DVD and probably whatever HD format it comes in, it was amazing, and i think you for it. Please don’t eat my soul, we all know you can. 😀

    Been reading the blog since… august? first comment though. Keep working on stargate and giving us something amazing to look forward to 20 fridays a year and ill keep reading 😀 The food looks pretty amazing too. *drools*

  76. Merry Christmas Joe! (and family :))
    Hope you have a lovely day with your family.

  77. Dear Jo’,

    Thank you to have reacted to my comment concerning The Ark of Truth.
    I’m totaly okay with you ! You’re right concerning the pleasure to watch a complete version of the film. I’ve not seen the film and I wait the DVD like the others. I’m very sorry if I irritated you, it was not what I wanted. I would just to have your reaction, and you do that in the today’s article. So, Thank you !

    Goodbye ! 🙂

  78. Bonjour 🙂

    J’aimerai savoir si vous saviez la date concernant la sortie en DVD de ” the Ark of the Truth ” en France, ou dans les autres pays que l’Amérique du Nord ?

    Les ventes mondial seront prix en considération sur le renouvellement des téléfilms ?

    Auriez vous la bonté de nous délivré une information concernant ” Continuum ” ?

    Je vous souhaite de très bonne fête !
    Merry Christmas Mister Mallozzi

  79. So you pre-ordered 2 cote de boeufs for Christmas dinner, but what will Fondy, Mama Mallozzi, and Sis be eating?

  80. Good morning mr. Mallozzi.

    I was wondering, will we ever see 3 304s fighting side-by-side? It’s not that I’m ungrateful for the fight that Be All My Sins Remember’d will hopefully give us, that’s looks intense btw, but it would be nice to see everything Earth has got since SG-1 started, all in the same fight, going all in.

    Also, will we ever see any of the Al’kesk or Wraith Darts that both SG-1 and Sheppard’s team have obtained over the last few years that disappeared?

    I’m deeply disappointed to hear that there is a copy of Ark of Truth out there, there’s always some bell’end it seems who wants to spoil everyone’s surprise. Well not me, I’m not watching it til I buy it.


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  81. I am really, really sorry that the movie leaked. You kindly explained how this time the source or circumstances were different, still it happened too often by now. It’s like you’re jinxed by pre-official-release-leak fairy.

    How did you find out about AOT being leaked? By fans or did someone from your colleagues figured it out first? Who did you first call? I mean, what can you do, it must have been/is frustrating for you all.

    Anyways. Thank you for so frequently updating your blog, Joe. I am enjoying all the menues and have huge admiration for your consuming abilites. Wish you, Fondly and your pugs happy holidays and all the best in 2008.

  82. Aww, i like Largo Winch. 😉 I loved Kerensky as a character, great fun. Then again, i quite enjoy the type of show that doesn’t connect me too much – i don’t get upset that way when bad things happen to characters. So i would probably agree with your assessment of it as a show. 😛 Never realised you worked on it! Was interesting to hear how you made it to where you are now, glad that question was asked.

    And my sympathies on the security leak, hope that all gets sorted. 🙁

  83. Hi Joe:

    I just wanted to wish you are your family Happy Holidays! I’m really looking forward to the second half of Stargate Atlantis Season 4 and of course the Stargate SG-1 movies on DVD! Thank you for your wonderful blog and all the best to you in the upcoming New Year.

    Sabina 🙂

  84. Hey, What’s up Joe?
    Who’s your favourite character(s) to write and why?
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing you, Fondy and your pack of crazy, cute dogs all the best!
    Cheers from Australia,

  85. Mr Mallozzi,

    it reminds me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!This bad news makes me sick! Not only those guys say everything about what they think and spoil but they waste the waiting of the other fans! Honestly, I’m scared because if the 2 first movie dvd don’t work, everything will be very bad for SG-1 (as you said). And I can’t and refuse to accept this fact. Because I love SG-1, I grow up with this show, I’ve changed thanks to that show, I met friends. I love Ben, I love Amanda, I love Claudia, I love Chris and Richard.

  86. Ah, a movie? Perhaps I should learn alittle more about Stargate. I do know that it comes on SciFi…..I watched a commercial last year with some man in a falling elevator (?) who fixed it quickly.

    Christmas Eve dinner here: Smoked turkey, cornbread dressing, honey stewed carrots, new potatoes, and green bean casserole.

  87. Hey Joe, I’ve so missed your blog (been away, and still am). The recitation of your witty anecdotes has been an almost daily occurrence for me for the past few months (mostly to make sure my sister is aware that I read your blog and she doesn’t – she being the first stargate fan). Sadly, lately I’ve missed it (although she still knows I read your blog, so that says something, doesn’t it?).
    Anyway, I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas, and new year. Any special plans?

  88. I’m 5 pages into Consider Phlebas and, well; YAY!

    Am really sorry to hear about the movie being pirated, that’s so incredibly disappointing. 🙁 I’m pre-ordering and hoping that everyone else that actually wants to see more movies will do the same.

    Hope that you and your family (pugs and French Bulldog included!) have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

  89. I wont watch this i dont want to spoil one of the few sg1 moments in 2008 with a pirate version and i will be one of the many people in the UK heading to the shops the day it comes out to get the DVD and to support the franchise

  90. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering. Since you got your start in animation, is it easier or more difficult to script for animation as opposed to the live action of a TV show? Is there a different approach you have to take and if so how do you go about doing it?

    Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!


  91. While Old Timer has some good points, it is still possible to stay relatively ignorant of plots and happenings if you want to. All I know about Continuum is it’s about time. I don’t know anything about Ark of Truth. I’m avoiding anything mentioning Carson Beckett’s return, so I don’t really know anything about that. I prefer to stay as unspoiled as possible, and even though I hang out here, it’s not that hard to do.

    I hope everyone has a totally boring Christmas Eve and doesn’t have to talk to a single police officer! Unless, of course, you have an officer in the family.

  92. Hi!

    I live in the UK, and have recently started buying the DVDs from America Amazon rather than waiting for them to come out in the UK. Plus they are cheeper in the US even with the shipping cost(!)

    When they count the sails for Ark of Truth, will they be counting the US sales only, or globably do you think? Is it worth me buying it from America, or does it make no difference ….. this is assuming they ever release it in the UK(!)

    I know its not your fault, but it would realy help the pirating thing if you could download the episodedes leagaliy on UK itunes……. i want to pay for eppisodes, they just don’t make it easy!



  93. A. said: “I really think you’ve underestimated how popular the character and actress are.”
    I really like both Elizabeth and Torri herself, so this is NOT a comment against neither the character nor the actress, but… How popular the character and actress are? Before This Mortal Coil aired, we had lots of posts here (well, at the old blogspot version) from fans telling Mr. Mallozzi “with all the promotion of Elizabeth back in This Mortal Coil, the ratings are going to rock. When are you going to admit this and see how really popular Weir is? She’s what you need to improve the ratings…” Blah blah blah”. The list goes on…
    Well, guess what? This Mortal Coil got a 1.1 rating. Just like many episodes without Elizabeth (and/or Sam) this season.

    So how popular the Elizabeth character is? According to the ratings, the general viewership doesn’t seem to care about whether she’s on the show or not. And considering that other episodes without Sam have had similar ratings, I guess the general viewership doesn’t care whether Sam is or not in the show either.

    A also said: “I doubt you’ll bring her back, because you’ve made it clear that you’re happy with the decision to dump her, but all I can say is my fingers are crossed.”
    Could you provide a link to where you saw this info? Because so far many pro weir/anti sam/anti s4 people seem to be repeating this like parrots but every time someone asks them for proof, nobody provides a link to where exactly Mallozzi said this (blog entry, interview, etc, etc). If nobody can provide a link, one has to think that it was originally made up by a fan and the rest of the followers repeat it as parrots.

    A also said: “I’ve watched most of the episodes this season, and have found them to be lacking something without her input.”
    Well, according to Gateworld’s poll in the main page (“What do you think of Atlantis’s fourth season so far?”), 2915 people have voted so far. 30% voted “Best. Season. EVER.” And 45% voted “It’s good!”. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but there’re others who enjoy the show and don’t find it lacking at all. To whom TPTB should listen? In the end, they’ll go with what THEY like and think it’s the best for the show. Some fans will like it, some fans won’t.

    Before this poll, certain people was saying that every online poll proved that fans were very disappointed, that most of the people hated s4, etc, etc. Now the same people are saying that everybody can vote in that poll again and again to their hearts content so that poll isn’t valid. People can’t have it both ways. If you (not you, a general you) think previous polls that agreed with your point of view were valid, then admit that this poll is as valid as the others. And if you think this poll isn’t valid, then none of the previous polls some people claimed they reflected fandom’s opinion are valid either. Or only the ones that don’t agree with someone’s personal opinion are invalid?

  94. |•••••> Ce soir la terre s’arrêtra de tournée, chacun faisant de son monde sa maison. Plein de gens vont se retrouver devant un dinner digne des dieux. Ils vont parler, rire ou même pleurer. Plein de cadeaux pour tout le monde, le plaisir d’offrir et de recevoir sera au rendez vous. C’est sa la magie de cette fête, je souhaite a trés bon Noël a tout le monde. <•••••|


    Anglais : Merry Christmas
    Allemand : Fröhliche Weihnachten
    Chinois : 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè)
    Cornique : Nedelek lowen
    Espagnol : Feliz Navidad
    Espéranto : Ĝojan Kristnaskon
    Finnois : Hyvää Joulua
    Hawaien : Mele Kalikimaka
    Hongrois : Boldog karàcsonyt
    Italien : Buon Natale
    Japonais : メリークリスマース merī kurisumāsu (importé de l’anglais merry christmas) (les ー peuvent être totalement ou partiellement supprimé)
    Liban : Milad majid wa aam said !(Noël Béni et Joyeuse année)
    Luxembourg : Schéi Chrëstdeeg
    Māori : Meri Kirihimete
    Monégasque : Festusu Natale
    Portugais : Feliz Natal
    Islandais : Gledileg Jol
    Norvégien : Gledelig Jul
    Danois : Glædelig Jul
    Suédois : God Jul
    Néerlandais : Vrolijk Kerstfeest
    Roumain : Crăciun Fericit
    Gaélique : Nollaig Shona Dhuit
    Bulgare : Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo
    Slovaque : Veselé Vianoce
    Slovène : Srecen Bozie
    Tahitien : Ia ora’na no te noere
    Tchèque : Veselé vánoce (mais sur les cartes de vœux, on utilise une formule de politesse française sans doute en usage en France au XVIIIe siècle « Pour Féliciter »)
    Polonais : Wesolych Świąt
    Russe : Рождеством (rojd yèsst vom)

  95. This is a bit late, but someone yesterday mentioned wanting to know what Radek is saying when he spouts Czech. The following site has transcripts with it translated for you (as well as Asgard etc where they can):


    This takes you straight to Season 3, but it’s easy to find the other season transcripts.

    I haven’t read ALL of them, so can’t say if they do this all the time, but certainly they have in the few I’ve read.

    And just in case I don’t have time to pop in for a couple of days, may I wish everyone here, especially Joe and his family;

    A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  96. I can only imagine how betrayed you feel with the pirated unfinished copy. Obviously, if and when you find out who it is/was, they will have a hard time finding employment in the future. No matter what you do for a living, stealing from the “company” is definitely frowned upon.

    I pre-ordered my copy the day the officail release date was announced. And yeah, I ordered from Amazon, so it’s half the price of the suggested retail. I don’t mind spoilers, sometimes it’s what keeps mean sane, sort of. But I mean photo’s and some plot details. It doesn’t ruin it for me personally, but I have to admit , I tend to be lawful good. And I abhore stealing. It’s right up there with murder to me. I’ve had breakins numerous times. And as I’ve aged, I find myself changing. Where it used to be “just things”, it totally pisses me off now. I work hard for every little thing I have, which is a lot compared to some and quite pitiful to others. I hate it when lazy people try to take the things I’ve worked my ass of to get. I hope you find this person or persons quickly, and throw away the book!

    I love the pug pictures and the food. Although it took me forever to find you again. I was worried something had happened to you or your family. I’m very relieved.

    Have a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

  97. Hey Joe,
    As I will no doubt be so stuffed I’ll barely be able to get out of bed on Christmas day, let alone make it to a computer, I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa’s good to you all!! =)


  98. The second my mom found out about the Ark Of Truth leak, she downloaded it. She can watch it all she wants, but I’m gonna be a good little gater, and wait for the DVD release.

    Question: Will we see any more John/Teyla moments this season, and will there be any next season?

  99. Since the deaths of many innocents in the Pegasus Galaxy weighs heavy on the shoulders of Atlantis, can we expect some surviving natives to be less than eager to take refuge with the expedition or even possibly take up arms against them?

  100. omg! I’m watching the SGA marathon, and have SG1 set to be tivo’ed. I have the dvd’s, I’m just trying to show support. Right now Before I Sleep is on {{ sniffle}}. A really really good ep. I can’t wait for the release date on Continuum so I can preorder it. Any word on that?

    I love the background commentaries you make, about filming and the pics. Doesn’t matter if you write it after the fact. Maybe write it on a current basis, so we get the play by play, and then post it after the ep has aired? Either way, I love reading about it. Makes me feel like part of the family. As do your pics of the “kids”, family and friends. Love it.

  101. Thank you Old Timer, for voicing what many of us have been averse to say, yet also believed, lo these many years. Your comments about the leaks, spoilers and the voracious SG fan appetites ring true. As Joe shared his disappointment and sense of betrayal, I also feel betrayed. May ALL fans of SGA stand true and faithful, do not download or view AOT videos.

    And yes, it IS the responsibility of the producers to safeguard the show. I do hope the pirate is found and subjected to the full extent of anti-piracy laws and fines. Make it HURT!!

    I discovered SG-1 only after it moved off Showtime onto more open cable access. I was totally naive about blogs, forums, SG-based fansites for the longest time. I eagerly awaited each and every new weekly episode and was content. Now, I find myself slipping into complacency, knowing that while a 1.1 rating for an episode is decent, it isn’t fabulous, yet the show continues. I never doubted there would be a season 5 because of the HUGE fan outcry (i.e., SG-1 cancellation) such action would bring. Nor would Sci-Fi sink the spin-off so soon after canceling the “mother” show.

    But now is not forever and all things do come to an end. So let us support, cheer on and enjoy a gem of a science fiction show, Stargate Atlantis – LONG May You Live!!

  102. Happy Holidays!

    The AoT leak … grrrr. Double grrrrr. I will be pre-ordering the DVD as soon as I find my purse with the plastic! I hate spoilers, there’s a reason I never visit sites like Gateworld. Spoiler central! Here’s my dirty little secret: Imagine my waffling when a friend showed up with the reviewer’s copy of Adrift/Lifeline he’d “borrowed” off the reviewer’s desk. Adrift had already aired; I set the copy on my desk and waited. I did cave and watched Lifeline a full day before it aired. Yes, the finished product is really far, far better. I was dying though, I couldn’t in good conscious say anything to anyone. Interesting how sound and music are so powerful.

    You can take me to the Museum of Anthropology and an art gallery. I’d be as happy as a pig in mud!

    Oh yes, Santa Rampage in Las Vegas. Wow. Mrs. Santa was Very Naughty, closing down Coyote Ugly at 3 a.m. dancing on the bar. Mrs. Santa seems to have lost some vivid red undergarments into the rafters. My hubby, Larry Santa, indeed knows the names of all the Coyote Girls. Naughty Larry Santa! Oh yes, it will be blogged. I’m too old for this stuff, I’m half-dead. Happy, but nearly zombified.

  103. SQ2839, learn to do your research. If you did, you might find this comment:

    Raoul: In retrospect, how do you feel about the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character?

    JM: Personally, I feel good because I was in on the decision-making process there. I understand certain fans are upset. It’s understandable. After three years, there’s a certain familiarity with certain characters. Unfortunately, I can’t go into the reasons why the decision was made. But to answer a lot of fan questions, we didn’t get rid of the character to make room for anyone else. That decision, the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character was made prior to any discussion on who would come in to replace her. And at the end of the day, I think we’ve set up something very cool with the Weir character as well. So it’s something we can explore further on down the line.

    from this article: http://tvfilter.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!DB9D137CC0F754C9!22076.entry

    Hopefully JM will unscreen this so you can actually see his words in print. If he doesn’t, it’s probably because he knows that saying he’s happy someone’s out of work makes him look like a first class ass.

    On the subject of ratings — come on, this whole season has been a joke.And don’t go quoting DVR+365 at me. Whatever the ratings, introducing Sam Carter hasn’t been the big ratings puller TPTB expected it to be. If they hadn’t pissed off so many Beckett and Weir fans, things might be different, but Carter on her own isn’t enough. Hell, she as well as the entire cast of SG1 plus some ‘stunt casting’ in Browder and Black couldn’t keep SG1 alive without RDA.

  104. Hi Joe,

    This is a bit behind-the-times, I suppose, but thanks for posting the upate on Blogger indicating your move over here. I’d been checking on and off for the past few days and thought perhaps you were simply out of town or taking a break for the holidays. I’m glad to find your new blog here and have now caught up on the posts from the past couple of weeks. Whew! 😉

    Mainly, I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas celebration and to thank you for all the fun and joy you provide to us – not only through the wonderful Stargate shows, but also with your blog. I also want to thank you again for the great restaurant recommendation that made my birthday dinner in Vancouver in July very fun and special! 🙂

    All the best to you and yours, Joe.
    Jennie in Oregon 🙂

  105. Sorry to say this, to the person who questioned me on the comment about JM saying he’s happy about the Weir decision, but he did say it in an interview. If you look around, you’ll find it. Possibly on Gateworld.

    You really should stop assuming that people are making things up to suit their agenda.

  106. I’m surprised the dogs were not dressed for Christmas. Is that coming today? Happy holidays!

  107. Hi Joe,

    have you been to Amazon.com recently? Go and check The Ark of Truth, it looks like the leak actually HELPED a lot, it’s now at #23 in SciFi category and #110 in DVDs general. Pretty good, don’t you think? MGM has nothing to worry about when it comes to the sales next year, definitely 🙂

  108. Hi Joe,

    are there plans to release The Ark of Truth in Central-Eastern Europe with Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Roumanian, Serbian subtitles? Is this part of Europe on MGM’s DVD release map at all?

  109. Oh, look, here’s a link to the article where JM says he feels good about the decision to remove Weir


    Now how about you stop accusing people of lying to suit their own agendas?

    Personally, I’m really sick of certain ‘pro’ people (not all of them, some of them) attacking anyone who has anything other than a glowing review of season four. Wait until your favourite character — either Sheppard or McKay — is shafted and then tell me how much you like it. Then add your least favourite character from SG1 to the equation, say Mitchell, and I’d really love to know how you feel.

  110. One thing more: 5 of the countries I mentioned are part of European Union, so MGM really should take our part of Europe into consideration.

  111. I have the SGA marathon on today in the background as I finish Christmas stuff…such a great season. It makes me miss Weir even more, however. It’d be great to have her back on Atlantis by next Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family, and everyone else at SGA!

  112. Aargh! I hope that Baron Destructo gets a hold of the person who leaked AOT. Seriously name and shame them.

    That someone in a position of trust would do something that is detrimental to the ongoing of the show is totally out of order. I hope that there are some very large legal books you can throw at them.

    I for one will not be downloading it and that’s not just because I’m not sure how to do it. Honestly, I don’t like spoilers, (yet I visit your blog), but your’s are more cryptic and I usually don’t get them until after the episode has shown.

    Well I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year.

    Seasons Greetings to everyone on the cast and crew and to all who visit Joe’s blog.

  113. At First to all of Stargate Atlantis People a MERRY CHRISTMAS from GERMANY!!!

    Mr. Mallozzie you show always Todd and the fight again the replicators.
    Are the replicators the new bad guys? Wraith are out now or now the “friend” of the humans? I mean sombody say on the DVD Specials that are the Wraith the bad guys???
    See we more of the Wraith culture now?? Or how they live??…
    Your momy look cute… A Very nice woman…

  114. It’s nearly Christmas in the land of Dickens, no sign of the ghosts though, and not much keeping the spirit of Christmas while stuck in a traffic jam.

    In my last minute scramble around the supermarket I forgot to get one item… pickled walnuts.
    Why pickled walnuts I hear you say? I haven’t a clue, what the hell are they for anyway?

    Presents wrapped and stacked, turkey plucked and f….well you get the idea.

    Can I wish you and your family and every one else a peaceful Christmas and always remember a dog isn’t just for Christmas… with a little careful carving there’ll be some left over for boxing day!
    Or is it only the UK that has Boxing Day in which case that sorry joke just lost its punch line.

    Oh last thing. Right hand over heart, standing up of course.
    “I do hear by swear that I will not look, peek, down load or in any way partake of the tantalizing movie that is The Arch of Truth.
    Honestly…no really I won’t”.


  115. *waves*

    I know twice in one day, that’s so unlike me. But if I may be so bold. 😉

    Gennifer Says a heck more than i’ve been saying lately, and I feel she’s not feeling festive so says :

    SQ2839, learn to do your research. If you did, you might find this comment:

    Raoul: In retrospect, how do you feel about the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character?

    JM: Personally, I feel good because I was in on the decision-making process there. I understand certain fans are upset. It’s understandable. After three years, there’s a certain familiarity with certain characters. Unfortunately, I can’t go into the reasons why the decision was made. But to answer a lot of fan questions, we didn’t get rid of the character to make room for anyone else. That decision, the decision to go in a different direction with the Weir character was made prior to any discussion on who would come in to replace her. And at the end of the day, I think we’ve set up something very cool with the Weir character as well. So it’s something we can explore further on down the line.

    from this article: http://tvfilter.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!DB9D137CC0F754C9!22076.entry

    Hopefully JM will unscreen this so you can actually see his words in print. If he doesn’t, it’s probably because he knows that saying he’s happy someone’s out of work makes him look like a first class ass.

    On the subject of ratings — come on, this whole season has been a joke.And don’t go quoting DVR+365 at me. Whatever the ratings, introducing Sam Carter hasn’t been the big ratings puller TPTB expected it to be. If they hadn’t pissed off so many Beckett and Weir fans, things might be different, but Carter on her own isn’t enough. Hell, she as well as the entire cast of SG1 plus some ’stunt casting’ in Browder and Black couldn’t keep SG1 alive without RDA.

    You know what I always find amazing that you can take a passage of words and put varying spins on it depending on your viewpoint. Your spin is that Joe was pleased he got rid of Weir based on that snippet, and i’m assume you were there in the discussion room as this was all taking place, and of course you had the office bugged just to make certain that every little detail about all of this was heard. Then of course you decided to spread this lil gem around cyberspace. Well you know what hon? Did you actually read the comment and the question?

    Different direction has so many connotations doesn’t it? You obviously see it as ‘getting rid of the character’, where as I see it as developing the character. So often Weir was bland (sorry my opinion) with the new and interesting storyline she has had, it made her more interesting. So, isn’t it feasible that’s what Joe meant when he said he was pleased that the character was going in a different direction, and not necessarily he’s pleased that the they let go of Torri? Need me to top up that old glass for you? I’ve got alcohol tonight, it may not change anything, but after a few glasses of what i’ve got it might make you forget for a few hours. 😉

    As for the ratings thing, have you seen all the figures, both what’s released and the demographics etc? No, they’re not what they were, but times they are a changing, and now people are having to play catch up and learn different ways of capturing information. Not everything is black and white, except maybe in your world.

    Anyway, only 2 hours to go until Christmas Day, so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 🙂

  116. Merry Christmas everyone! We (my husband and furry kids) hope you all have a great day today (or tomorrow for those a little behind on the date line) and all the best for a happy new year. I hope the weather is clearing up a bit for all of you caught in blizzards etc. You can always come and visit here if you need some warmth over the holidays 🙂

  117. A said…
    Gennifer said…

    Not even going to bother to reply…enough said!!


  118. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of the movie as have many of my friends. I can’t wait for it to be released. All the very best with the rest of them too.

  119. Your suggestions for new SF readers: “Check out John Scalzi’s Old Man War for some fun scifi. As a first-timer to fantasy, why not start with something light – Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic.”

    For SF, I strongly recommend Lois McMaster Bujold. Start with any of these:
    SHARDS OF HONOR (also available as the first half of omnibus edition CORDELIA’S HONOR).
    THE WARRIOR’S APPRENTICE (also part 1 of omnibus YOUNG MILES).
    FALLING FREE (which has *also* been released in an omnibus with a later title… but I forget the omnibus name).
    ETHAN OF ATHOS, which turns the old sci-fi
    cliche’ of the “Amazon planet” (female-only society) on its head.

    As a bookseller, I’ve frequently offered “If you don’t like it, I’ll buy it back” guarantees on Lois’ books. I’ve *never* had to buy one back (and I’ve been selling books for 20+ years now), and usually the customers come back for more. When I was working for minimum wage, eligible for food-stamps, and selling plasma for my book-buying money, Bujold was one of about 6 authors whose works I bought in hardcover instead of waiting for used or paperback editions.

    For fantasy, COLOR OF MAGIC isn’t Pratchett’s best, and you don’t have to start with that one when reading the Discworld series. My partner suggests SMALL GODS. For non-Discworld, try Pratchett’s “Bromeliad trilogy” (TRUCKERS, DIGGERS, and WINGS).

    In “serious” fantasy, look for Charles DeLint… Another of my “buy in hardcover” favorites.

    Oh, and if you want something a bit different (but still “nice endings”) for your mom, try Dorothy Gilman’s “Mrs. Pollifax” novels (#1: THE UNEXPECTED MRS. POLLIFAX). My mom loved ’em, especially the ones set in locales which she’d visited. Mrs. Pollifax is an older lady, widowed, who’s finding herself at loose ends… so she decides to fulfil a childhood ambition, to become a spy for the CIA… 🙂

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