I was sufficiently recovered from my chocolate overdose by the time we hit Fuel. And good thing too because, going by previous experience, we’d be doing some major feasting on this night. Since I had pre-ordered our main course, we only needed to concern ourselves with the appetizers. However, one of the nice things about being a regular at a place like Fuel is you’re more likely to become privy to some of the off-menu items the chef has been experimenting with. Last night, it was a whole deep-fried duck. Now normally, if I was presented with the opportunity to sample an entire duck dish when I already had an entire cote de boeuf on deck…I would do exactly what I did: I ordered the duck.

We started with an interesting amuse bouche featuring chorizo lardo, then followed that with a nice beet root salad with house made ricotta and fireweed honey. Preliminaries out of the way, the duck was up next. It was presented whole at the table, then whisked back to the kitchen where it was deboned and divided onto four separate plates before being served. Crisp, tender, and incredibly flavorful – it was superb. Fuel has the distinction of preparing the best pork dish I’ve ever had (my last dinner here with Marty G.) and now, thanks to this night‘s surprise addition, the best duck dish I’ve ever had as well. It was so good, in fact, that I even considered the possibility of investing in my own deep-fryer (then suddenly recalled images of horrific deep-fryer accidents from that 20/20 report and quickly quashed the notion). Next came the cote de boeuf (also presented whole at the table before being sent back for carving) which was served family style at the center of the table with a sauce Bearnaise and meaty golden fries. It was an amazing cut of beef, perfectly prepared, and no wonder it has become one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. For dessert, I had the quince doughnuts with cinnamon bun ice cream. I know, I know. As a rule, I don’t mix fruit with dessert. But there are rare exceptions – and this dessert was one.

I went home so full last night that I couldn’t imagine ever eating again and yet, believe it or not, that’s exactly what I did today at lunch.  Despite the inclement weather and foreboding crowds, we braved the downtown area to do some last-minute Christmas shopping and, after perusing the local bookstore in search of some Elizabeth Chadwick (whoever suggested my mother might enjoy Georgette Heyer is in big trouble!), we walked the few blocks down to Prima Taste for some Singaporean fare.  We were halfway through a relatively quiet meal when a waiter at a neighboring table dropped a glass. It exploded on impact, showering fragments down on our table, our food, and, oh yeah, us. Within seconds, the owner was there, checking to make sure we were okay, then ushering over to a glass-fragment-free booth. Our half-finished dishes were taken away and replaced with brand new orders of excellent Hanainese chicken, black pepper short ribs, satays, and a mango salad my mother and sister couldn’t stop talking about (or eating). As if two lunches were enough, we were also presented with a dessert on the house: crispy crepe topped with shaved coconut, palm sugar, and vanilla ice cream. A much-appreciated touch and yet one more reason Prima Taste is our preferred downtown lunch destination.

Questions and comments –

Susiekew writes: “Any chance we’ll see non-humanoid aliens in season 5?”

Answer: It’s possible. Events in the back half of season 4 will open the door to all sorts of possibilities.

Anne Teldy writes: “Will there be any actor-suggested episodes or storylines in Season 5?”

Answer: Not so far.

Elizabeth writes: “What do you think of the Christmas song ‘The Christmas Shoes’?”

Answer: No opinion. Never heard it.

Emily writes: “If I recall correctly, I did out-eat you during the cote de boeuf course.”

Answer: Only because I was busy doing most of the talking.

Thunder writes: “How’s the adorable little Jelly doing?”

Answer: Still limping but appreciating the extra attention.

Voodoolizzy writes: “What do you do while you’re exercising?”

Answer: I usually watch anime. Today, for instance, I started a new series – Gun Sword – but wasn’t all that impressed.

Jumperpilot writes: “As my wife and I have been in the hospital for the delivery of our 3rd child.”

Answer: Congratulations on the birth of your future little gater.

Talen writes: “My sister, who runs after her 6 and 3yr old kids all day/night has surprisingly asked me for a book for Christmas”

Answer: If she enjoys humorous books, I’d suggest anything by David Sedaris.

jme 02067 writes: “ Have you read Vernor Vinge’s “Rainbows End?””

Answer: Not yet. But I did read and enjoy A Fire Upon the Deep.

42zine writes: “Will you be eating in or going out for Christmas dinner?”

Answer: Going out to pick up two cote de boeufs I ordered from Fuel, then bringing them home and eating in.

Danielforever writes: “When you get a chance, could you please give us a few spoilers/tidbits involving Daniel in season 5?”

Answer: At this point, there are none.

Farscapefan writes: “Is there a ray of hope for Cam/Sam shippers?”

Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?

84 thoughts on “December 22, 2007:

  1. Joe,

    How did you get started in the witting business? What attracted you to the Sci-fi/Stargate universe? Any tips for someone who loves to read/watch/critique and write short stories (thats me)?


  2. As great as a free lunch and dessert sound, I really feel sorry for that waiter. I can imagine the look of horror as all your heads turn in their direction after the impact. It’s good that nobody was permanently injured (hopefully the chef didn’t beat the waiter afterwards).

    Being that you like to eat out a lot, do you plan to do the traditional Christmas dinner out somewhere, or will you be preparing something the old-fashioned way?

  3. “At this point, there are none.”

    This comment really bothers me. Are you now saying that Daniel will not be in season 5? I thought you said that you talked to Michael and were working on a story idea because having Daniel in season 5 was a priority. Could you please explain what you mean because I’m really confused.

  4. Hey Joe,
    Don’t be such a wimp. I have deep fried my last 3 Thanksgiving dinners, I mean the jello salad was a little iffy but the turkey and this year a duck are fantastic. Just think of the evil villainry you could come up with while using boiling oil. I always tell the neighbors if they see flames coming from my backyard they should call the fire department and bring a fire extinguisher. The thought of potential destruction during dinner is such a rush though.

  5. Re: Sam/Cam – amen on the no incest comment. Ew. Just… ew. And it says a lot for the acting abilities of both Ben and Claudia that I can’t imagine Cam with Vala either, despite the smoking hotness that was John Crichton/Aeryn Soong on Farscape. Will Sam have any romantic possibilities in the Pegasus Galaxy in season 5? Or will her bad luck continue?

  6. GeekBoy is working his way through some of Ben Bova’s books. He’s reading The Rock Rats right now. Have you read any of his books? Since he’s been grounded from video games for the next few weeks, he’s going to be a little disappointed when he sees the game we got him for Christmas (pre-grounding), so we got him a gift card at Borders so he can catch up with Terry Pratchett or Ben Bova while he’s grounded.

    When is a laptop not a laptop anymore?

  7. “….Our half-finished dishes were taken away …”

    AAaaaaaaagh, I can’t stand seeing that. Guess I come from a ‘waste not want not’ background. I certainly hope you got doggy bags! (unless it’s something they’d turn their pug noses up at).

    Will you be blogging over the Xmas break? I can imagine you’d take a nice long relaxing hiatus and get back to blogging on the 27th ;).

    “….that I even considered the possibility of investing in my own deep-fryer (then suddenly recalled images of horrific deep-fryer accidents from that 20/20 report and quickly quashed the notion…”

    Chicken!!!!! (pun intended).

    Do you have a pressure cooker? They’re awesome. Meals that would normally take ages to cook have their times halved. One day I’ll save up for a big stainless steel mother, but will have to do with a teflone p.o.s for now.

    What are you buying your canine kids for Christmas?

  8. This is beginning to resemble torture, looking at the pictures and reading your descriptions of the menus of your recent outings, all the while eyeballing the leftovers to find the ones not yet mold-encrusted. Ah well. Better your waistline than mine anyways.
    Congratulations to Jumperpilot and wife. Another generation coming forth to ensure the show’s survival. My thanks to those who mentioned the mgm preview of BAMSR. I was doing well on controlling my SGA addiction until I watched it, what with the marathon coming up. Now I’m back to glancing at the calender and figuring out how many more days I have to suffer…at least there is consolation in knowing others must suffer with me.
    One (multipart)question for the day. You’ve covered most of your reading habits. When is the last time you’ve read Shakespeare(or seen a play) or other “classics”? Do you feel that these give you inspiration when you do read them, or do you find some of them overated? And of all genres, would you care to list an overall top ten? Ok, its multiple questions, not multipart. My apologies, but the questions stand…

  9. On the anime manga front, my husband recommends reading Chobits but warns to stay away from the the DVD’s. He applauds your choice in Full Metal Alchemist.

  10. (ok ok doggy bags are out of the question seeing as my stupid eyes didn’t read how your plates had a garnish of soda glass…fair enough!). My apologies.

  11. “Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?”

    Thank you, Joe! That would be something I DO NOT want to see. I am still holding out for your promise of the Sam/Jack ship confirmation in s5. Please don’t forget! 🙂

  12. Hey Joe,

    Have you ever eaten at Craftsteak in the MGM Grand Las Vegas? It was started by chef Tom Colicchio (of Top Chef fame). I had the pleasure last year in honor of my 50th birthday – I swear I died and went to heaven ….

  13. 1.) What’s the fourth episode Weir’s in this season?
    2.) Supposedly The Ark of Truth has been leaked to torrent websites already, how do you feel about that?
    3.) Do you plan on giving Gateworld an early copy of The Ark of Truth to give fans an early review, or will everyone review it at the same time?
    4.) Any plans for another Teal’c guest-spot in season 5?

  14. You probably get this ridiculously often, will we have any real shippy moments other the Rodney/Katie in seasons four and five?

  15. Ark of Truth was leaked online. I haven’t watched it…don’t plan too i’m waiting for the DVD. It’s been a bad year for the Stargate Franchise with leakages, Adrift, Lifeline, Doppelganger and not Ark of Truth.

  16. Hi Joe:

    Next time I’m in Vancouver, I am definitely going to have to try Fuel. Is it a must to pre-order the Cote de Boeuf?

    I believe that at one time you said you visited Alberta. Where did you visit, and what did you do while here?


  17. Fried chicken, turkey, and duck is well worth the risk!!! You just need to make sure the frier is in the middle of the driveway, far away from the house. You can infuse them with whole garnishments that make it to die for. I know you can do that anyways, but this is just different. Mouth-watering, tender and done in no time.
    I have a question…I have never really read scifi or fantasy (more of a murder mystery girl) but I’m looking for a new genre and I wondered if you have a suggestion for a first timer in the scifi/fantasy relm?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

  18. Hi Joe. Since reading your recent posts on all the food you have been eating I’ve been feeling strangely full..

    Anyhow, I’ve now been in bed for almost 2 days with the usual “work has finished for the year, excuse me while I go and have a breakdown” flu and I want to say THANK YOU so much for Atlantis. I’ve loaded it up on my laptop and have been watching it in bed to keep me sane. Seems to be doing the trick.

    Watching Season 2 again and I’m picking up a lot of little things I’ve missed previously, it made me wonder whether you expect people to pick up on some comments (and things happening in the background) the first time round, or if you purposefully know that it may not be noticed until the 2nd or 3rd watch?

    All the best to your family, the furry kids (and to everyone else reading this site) for a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

  19. So nice to have finally found your blog again! I was fearing you’d had a less than fortunate run-in with sasquatch.

    Also, I have a question. For some reason when I watch “Atlantis” it seems like it is all very blue-ish, like someone has slightly tweeked the color settings on my television. I was wondering if 1) that’s actually true or if my eyes need checking and 2) if true, what’s the reasoning behind that?

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  20. Since season 4 has been a pretty emotional season so far, I have a question.
    Will we see any of the main characters cry this season? If so, who and when?

  21. Any chance Major Lorne will get a promotion? It seems like he’s been a Major for a while and since he seems to have done some excellent work, Isn’t he in like for a promotion?

  22. The only shipping I’d tolerate well would be Jack/Sam and Daniel/Vala. I’m with you on Cam/Sam. Big EEEWWW!

    SciFi channel is doing a SG1 marathon on Xmas day. Do you have any episode favorites? Wormhole Xtreme and Window of Opportunity are my personal faves.

  23. I’m glad I found you again! I missed your humor…and the mail bag. People are funny, aren’t they??

  24. No joke, I was at a party once and one boy had bought a deep-fryer that day at a garage sale. We proceeded to deep-fry everything in sight in his backyard. Including a sock. And patato chips, which was strange, since they’re already fried.

    Does everyone who eats out with you exercise too? Or do they not have to worry about it?

  25. merry christmas, joe! 😀

    we shippers are celebrating Shipmas on the s/j thread and just wanted to pass along the cheer and happiness. 🙂

    tell fondy and mama and sis and the doggie gang merry christmas too!

    sally :mrgreen:

  26. I’m itching for Universe info…

    Will it be earth based?

    Will the Daedalus class ships be involved?

    Anything you can tell us!


  27. “Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?”

    Huh, I’d wondered if I was the only one who thought of them that way— sibling-like, I mean. It seemed pretty clear to me at least, but then, there’s quite a few ‘shippers out there so I couldn’t be sure…

  28. Please send me some food. It’s only fair since your pictures make me drool like a newborn.

  29. Some people have been asking about having an avatar so that on your blog, Joe, people can see a piccie next to their name under ‘recent comments’ on the left hand side of this page.

    Go here :


    Look top right of the page and click on ‘sign up’. Once you’ve done so, you’re required to give a genuine email address…. then you can upload a piccie and then voila!!!

  30. Joe, since I was submit happy with my last entry… my real question was, any possibility of us Shep/Weir pairing fans to get another glimpse at their bond, or are we done for S4? Are we likely to get any confirmation?

  31. Answer: Only because I was busy doing most of the talking.


    Funny story regarding the whole “presenting the whole duck/cote de boeuf” etc…

    My sister, brother-in-law, and I had dinner at The French Laundry. Because my brother-in-law was a chef there (at the time) they paid “special attention” to us/gave us lots of extra goodies. Anyway, although my brother-in-law is a chef, my sister and I know next to nothing about high cuisine. So anyway, at one point the waiter comes out with a plate and says, “Chef would like to present the foie gras.” He then shows us a plate with a big ol’ thing of foie gras on it. He then walks away with it. My sister and I both say to my brother-in-law, “What the hell? We only get to look at it?” We’re truly confused about the whole ordeal. My brother-in-law couldn’t believe how idiotic we were and had to explain that they brought it back to the kitchen for carving, or whatever. “You will never again see a thing of foie gras prepared like that in your life,” he tells us. Whatever. I was personally more impressed with watching Tom Brady make-out with Giselle across the restaurant. But the food did taste quite good.

  32. I could see Cam and Sam far more than Sam and Jack, who are definitely in the boss-subordinate relationship with “sir this” and “sir that” 99% of the time.

    But then that saves Cam from her ‘black widow’ curse 😉

  33. I forgot to add to my earlier post that I also don’t want to see Sam and Cam shipped on the show AT ALL. Jack/Sam and Daniel/Vala I enjoy, but Cam/Sam? That would be a Hell No! Sorry Joe, but I don’t even see them as siblings. IMO Daniel and Sam have a great brother/sister relationship that has been explored for the past 10 years. With Cam and Sam I don’t get the same brother/sister vibe like we have enjoyed with Daniel and Sam, and Sam bringing cookies to Mitchell like she did for Daniel in FIAD – uhm no.

    PS: I’m still really worried about your response to my question Joe. I just hope that I’m reading too much into your answer, however, I have a strange feeling that I won’t be getting much sleep tonight. *sigh*

  34. Just so you can sleep tonight – the reason I can’t offer details is because, while we have a very general idea for the story, we don’t have any details at this point.

  35. So I’m not the most adventurous eater myself and, despite an obsessive love of Iron Chef America, I rarely know what you’re talking about when you write about your food eating excursions. But, oh my gosh, that dessert looks so good. In fact, the dessert pictures you post always make me insanely hungry. Thanks for that, Joe! I’ll just be over here eating my Hershey’s Bells. Sigh…

    I’m not sure exactly how to take the Georgette Heyer comment, but as I only seconded the recommendation I can let it slide. If my pride were injured each time a patron refused my book recommendations, I’d be in a sad, sad state!

  36. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much Joe. You’re the best. *hugs*

    PS: My husband thanks you too. *ahem*

  37. I’m glad you also find Sam/Cam to be quite uneasy of a thought.

    I’m guessing I’m not that type of fan, but I really don’t understand how some people can sit and watch these episodes over and over again to try to pick up on little indications of ships that obviously aren’t happening. The only ship I would not object to is Sam/Jack, because it’s been hinted several times, I actually like them together, and honestly, I’d like some happy resolution for both romantically (whether it be together or separate).

    That being said, I guess you guys don’t mind it as much as long as people are watching the show over and over again, right? 😉


  38. 1. When “Common Ground” was written and filmed did you already know you were going to bring that Wraith back?

    2. Why don’t the puddle jumpers cloak before they go through the Stargate? Is there some rationale that hasn’t been explained to the viewers?

    Anne Teldy

  39. so i was getting caught up today on the blog while baking christmas cookies(that have now all mysteriously dissapeared) and am sorry to hear that jelly hasn’t been feeling well.

    my qotd is have you considered getting her looked at by a chiropractor? i know that my dog was having a hard time getting around and we got her adjusted(by a good chiropractor) and it has done wonders she’s never acted younger..

  40. Deep-fried duck?

    Oh, my taste buds are tap dancing in my mouth right now…ack!

    Some of those buds have industrial taps on their tap shoes.


    I’ll have to call Frank Fats in Old Town (Sacramento) and see if they’ll deep fry a duck.


    If you ever visit Sacramento, Joe (Memorial Day weekend would be terrific for the Jazz Festival in Old Town, plus it’s usually not TOO hot in May), Frank Fats is a superb restaurant chain here in Sacramento, and offers a variety of dining pleasures, including excellent dim sum.


  41. So…Why is Fondy going without her much anticipated Nintendo Wii?
    I know you had a few psychotic “sales associates”, however I would imagine she would love you all the more for it.

    As I love those who got me my Nintendo Wii…ME!!

  42. I finally found your relocated blog yesterday!!! I’ve been worried for days!

    How did you develop your adventurous appetite? Have you always been into trying such interesting foods, or did your tastebuds mature over time?

    I hope you and your family have a happy holiday 🙂

    (btw, the Christmas Shoes song is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard)

  43. while i’m a HUGE sam/jack shipper, i don’t find the sam-mitchell chemistry lacking at all. i mean, mitchell/ben is a HOTTIE and droolworthy and… yeah, the man is hot stuff. but sam’s got a guy of her own. so that’s all there is to it. 😉

    to shippers of all pairings, merry shipmas! 🙂

    sally 😀

  44. It is 0615 hrs GMT and I am eating my breakfast. Do you find that little furries staring at you whilst you are eating spoils the enjoyment of your food?

    Or have you trained your dogs not to beg? My cats don’t ‘do’ training unless it involves me being trained.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope that Santa Doggie is good to your little ones. My cats got dried Whitebait from my brother, they were not appreciated by either of the little furrballs.

  45. By Season 3 I had felt there was a wonderful rhythm that had been established between all the characters, and was consistent throughout the season’s episodes scripted by various writers.

    With the cast changes in Season 4, so far for me, that rhythm is still missing, except for “Tabula Rasa”. I loved that episode because of the intricately threaded storyline. But having had some time now to view it again, I realize it also worked for me because all of the characters had a clean slate. The relationships were being created without any baggage, which I totally bought into.

    I know it takes time for relationships between the old and new characters to grow, but I was wondering if you think in the last half of Season 4, and also now that you’re breaking Season 5, if there is some sense of a rhythm character-wise developing within the writing staff, or if you feel that this hasn’t been an issue for you.

  46. Sillyscipia Says:
    “You probably get this ridiculously often, will we have any real shippy moments other the Rodney/Katie in seasons four and five?”

    I believe David Hewlett mentioned in an interview (can’t remember which one) that McKay screws up that relationship. And I’m not sorry to say that I’m personally glad about it! ;-D I don’t see them as a long-term couple. Actually at this point, McKay needs to grow some more to have a long-term relationship. He’s still my favorite character, quirks and all…but to have as a steady boyfriend??? I don’t think so! Although he was really sweet when Katie was sick….but I kept waiting for him to don a hazmat suit in the infirmary. LOL

    And to the naysayers that call SGA the Sheppard and McKay show…I LOVE the bantering. That is the main reason I watch the show…to see the characters banter….the best/funniest lines are during banter! To each her own.


  47. I know you haven’t commented on it yet, and may not, but I just wanted to express my disgust and disappointment about the AoT being leaked online *scowl* I for one will be waiting to buy it instead – if there was ever a time that we have a chance to show that direct to DVD movies can work as a future for SG1 then this is obviously it.
    Of course, being in New Zealand makes it a bit harder, it takes ages to get things shipped from the US!
    Oh, and Happy Holidays 😀 I’m looking forward to a nice warm sunny Xmas day *feels slightly smug about Xmas being in the middle of summer* 😀

  48. Just wondering. In SG1 and Atlantis we have been all over our galxay, the Pegasus galaxy and the space in between. Why have we not been to say Mars or Titan?

  49. Did Beckett’s name come from Thomas Becket.
    You know that fuddy duddy Church guy, and long life friend of King Henry II. No?

  50. WOW! what culinary delights to be tormented with. On the other hand I’ve successfully operated a Deep Fryer for years without incident (touches wood) just remember that before doing deep fried confectionary a) freeze the confectionary first or you’ll get a gloopy mess and b) make it the last thing you cook before changing the oil.
    Now as its sunday and I don’t have to be anywhere, and as I had a lousy nights sleep due to a trapped nerve in the shoulder that makes my arm go numb but hurts like toothache I’m going back to bed with a cup of cocoa and my book.

  51. Hello Joseph.
    First of all, I’m sorry if don’t speak very good English but I’m french.

    I’ve just watched again the episode “the storm” dans I’ve a question: What did Sora (the genii) become ?

    Merry Christmas,

    El Floruso.

  52. Salut Joseph=)

    Sa va bien?? Olalal Miamiame tout sa!!!
    Hier c’etais l’anniversaire de mon pére, et pour fêtes sa il a cheter je ne sais pas combient de Kilos d’huitre (mais beaucoup)…donc ce soir c’est huitre a volonté. J’aime bien sa, mais j’ai peur que si j’en mange trop j’oublie dans tué une, et qu’elle se mêtte a danser le disco dans mon estomac

    (hé oui, si on ne croque pas les huitres aprés elle s’acroche a l’esctomac car on ne les a pas tué!…glurp oO)

    hier j’ai passer tout mon aprés midi dans les magasins il y’avais plein de monde impossible de trouver une place de parking!!graaa!

    Je suis trop préssé d’êtrs a Noel! voici se que j’ai commander au pêre Noel^^:

    -La saison 3 de SGA en dvd
    -La saison 10 sa SG1 en dvd
    -Harry POtter 5 en dvd
    -Des vêtements
    -Un portables
    – Un produit d’érivé de sga.

    Mais je mis suis prit trop tard pour les acheter, donc je les aurais aprés les fêtes. Ah! mais peut importe je passerais la nuit entiére de noêl a jouer a la playstation 3 avec mon cousin 😀

    Tient je me posais un question? suis-je la plus jeune de ce blog??? peut être……

    1)Quel cadeaux de noël vont avoir vos chiens?
    2) Vous préférez fêté Noël ou le jour de l’an?

    Voila, Merci, Gros Kisou, je vous adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rien que pour le plaisir, un mcshep version Noël!


  53. Yay, found the new blog site! (I’m blond and therefore allowed to be a little slow on the uptake – what else can I say in my defence?)

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours, Joe – hope you all have a fantastic time!

    As for a little Christmas question…. do the Sam/Jack shippers have anything to look forward to in 2008? Either in Continuum or Atlantis…? Or in your blog…?

  54. Whew…Joe I though you were dead….I was truely worried, I even said to my daughter after a few days of no blogging that something had happened to you, so I googled you and couldn’t find any information about your demise. I certainly didn’t find your alternative blog…I even went back through your archives to see if you had any previous unannounced absences..meanwhile my puzzlement continued. Hooray today when I did the obligatory log onto your old blog you were there if not in spirit, your words were. I now feel I can have a great Christmas, and believe you me us Aussies know how to have great summer Christmases but you have to feel sorry for the poor Santas in the hot costumes, why they can’t wear red shorts and white flip flops is beyond me.

    Joe, all joking aside, I was worried and am so relieved you are ok, I wish you, Fondy, your Mum and the doggies an absolutely wonderful Christmas lots of lovely yummy goodies and peace and happiness, and thank you for the entertaining, amusing (tautology?) daily ritual I call “just going to listen to Joe” (my Sicilian man’s name is Joe, so it is an amusing in joke). I understand and appreciate the effort you put into your blogging. Thank you and be safe. LOL…

  55. now its time for warm mince pies and cornish clotted cream, while the home made steak and ale pie bakes in the oven with the roast rosemary potatoes…should maybe book my coronary bypass surgery now huh?

  56. Thank you so much for posting the sign over to this new site. I was not only going into serious withdrawal, but I was actually getting a little worried about you. 🙂

    Glad that no one was hurt by the flying glass. And a smart move on the owner’s part to treat you so well.

    Please extend my Christmas wishes to the fam. Sounds like you’re having a great time!

  57. Hey Joe. Just wanted to pop in and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I off to visit my bro and his family and might not be able to check in for a couple of days.

    My sister is cooking Turkey dinner christmas eve and 14 of us will be enjoying that. On Christmas Day my bro is cooking with only 6 of us for dinner. He is a great cook but with him you never know what you are going to get.

    Well I have to go pack. Thanks for sharing your time and life with us. ((((((HUGS))))))

  58. Oh I wish I could edit my previous entry. I forgot to tell you My christmas wish for 2008. It would me to see you at Dragon*con. I am sure they would love to hear from you. : ) : )

    I know you said you would probably be busy but can’t Paul and the rest of the gang hold down the fort for a few days while you are in Atlanta trying out all those tasty Southern BBQ places just waiting for you. : )

  59. salut joe!!
    joyeux noel!
    avec un peu d’avance mais bon!!
    c’est un peu noel tout les jours avec moi!

    j’aurais voulu savoir combien d’heures vous travailliez par jour quand vous êtes en periode de tournage?
    ça doit quand même être pas mal fatiguant!

  60. Elizabeth writes: “What do you think of the Christmas song ‘The Christmas Shoes’?”
    Answer: No opinion. Never heard it.

    Really? Well thanks for answering anyways.

    Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?

    I entirely agree. They always reminded me of siblings, actually, so did Sam and Daniel.

    Did Ark of Truth really get leaked to the internet?

  61. Hey Joe,

    I completely agree Sam and Cam together would just be incestuous! Jack’s the only guy for Sam! Sam/Jack = 😀

    Love the blog! 🙂


  62. Similar to your dining experience at lunch with a shattered glass, I was showered with coffee last night at work. I was helping a gentleman with the books he selected when his large coffee cup slipped, the contents sloshing out through the lid and all over my hair, face, down my front, and onto my clothes. Fortunately, it did not burn me.

  63. Joe, the only way to describe The Christmas Shoes would be (to be kind) to call it the most shameless maudlin crap that was ever spawned from a holiday or (honest) dumping a mix of Clorox Bleach and salt in your ear would be more pleasant.

    On the other hand, it has to be listened to at least once just so you can say you’ve done it…and like my spouse, you can make your own lyrics about the boy’s mama’s real occupation everytime it gets air play on the “It’s the day after Halloween! All Christmas music until we hurl!” radio station.

  64. Can any one tell me why when you put Christmas lights away on twelfth night and you get them out again the next year they don’t bloody work.
    And I’ve lost my fairy; I don’t think that a Bratz doll with a surprised look on her face qualifies as festive ornament when impaled on the top of my tree. But needs must and with thanks to my niece ‘Mirabel’ now sits resplendent a top my tree!

    I found this Scientist version of A Night Before Christmas and it amused me, hope it does you…its not in its entirety as that would have gone on for ages. A bit like me I suppose.

    ‘Twas the nocturnal segment of the diurnal period preceding the annual
    Yuletide celebration and throughout our place of residence, kinetic activity
    was not in evidence among the possessors of this potential, including that
    species of diminutive rodent known as Mus musculus. Hosiery was
    meticulously suspended from the forward edge of the wood-burning caloric
    apparatus, pursuant to our anticipatory pleasure regarding an imminent
    visitation from an eccentric philanthropist among whose folkloric
    appellations is the honorific title of St. Nick.


  65. Will you ever do a Christmas episode Atlantis style at all?

    Will we see this Kanan guy this season,if so will it be as a flashback or for real?

  66. Just stopping in to tell everyone I turned 51 today…and better than ever…!


  67. ♣♣♣

    Bon je vais aller regardé un épisode d astérix et Obélix a la télé
    ==========> DOnc gros bisou bisou======>je vous adore fort!!! ====>Bonne nuit ================>A demain

    ps: snif j’ai mis un commentaire il ‘y a 5 heure et sa na pas marcher=(


  68. Is it possible to have sub-titles for the non-English portions of the episodes? Last night I re-viewed Duet again and would love to have understood whatever-the-heck Zelenka was saying as he stormed away from a frazzled McKay (frazzled due to skull-sharing with Cadman’s mind).
    Is any of Zelenka’s Czech scripted or ad-lib?
    Has it ever been explained why there are different written languages sprinkled throughout, Ancient, Jaffa, Goa’uld, etc. yet all aliens seem to speak English?
    Sorry to be a nudge, but these things bother me.

  69. Hi Joe

    Just wanted to drop by and Wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Enjoy the Beef!


    ps. I wish I could eat all the chocolate you eat 🙁 if I did they’d have to put me in a medically induced coma or give me a major does of morphine. Glad your eating enough for the two of us.


  70. Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?

    The State of Missouri and some of your more opulant robe wearing cults.

    The more people talk about the reality of working in the entertainment industry the more it sounds like stitching Nike shoes in a sweatbox might be the preferable career choice. Actors go from sleeping on their friends couch and eating baked beans from a can because they’re too poor for any thing else, to living in a trailer on set eating baked beans from a can because they haven’t got time for any thing else. Which is apparently even more time than what you have and you get to spend the holidays locked in an office pressing your nose against the window watching the kids play outside, which now that I’ve written this down comes off a lot more creepy than what I intended.

    At any rate I hope you get to put work aside at least for a few days and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Jolly Day of Presents/Insert Way of Celebrating Day Here.

  71. Amuses bouche, mmm. At some restaurants with not much more than pretensions to gourmet status, you might choose nothing but a plateful of such tidbits, and still eat better than if you had five courses. – It’s so annoying when the fare doesn’t live up to its billing. It sounds like Vancouverites are very fortunate when it comes to gastronomy.

  72. “Answer: Cam and Sam? That would be like siblings dating! Who’d want to see that?”

    Well, then as disturbing as this sounds, I guess that I would! I think Cam and Sam are adorable together. While I usually see “just friends” there, I can see some romantic leanings. They’ll never be in the leagues of Sam/Jack or even Daniel/Vala, but I think that they’re great together.

    So…you’re not going to be writing any of these SG-1 movies any time soon, now are you? 😉

  73. Well hey now, if Sam/Cam is an incestuous pairing…bring it on! That makes four in total for me now 🙂 I think it just says a lot about YOUR mindset if you can see the wonderful chemistry between Ben and Amanda as in a sibling way….they have as much, if not more chemistry as what Rick and Amanda had in the early seasons. So if Sam/Cam are siblings, I can only think what Jack/Sam are (father/daughter, anyone????)

  74. Can we be PC and have a slash of Jack and Daniel.

    As a writer of slash I vote for that one!

    Any one else any more aberrant pairings?

    Or shall we leave it at that???


  75. Cam/Sam : yes! I want more Cam/Sam, hey, Jack got his chance! It’s up to Cam now! and there’s something showing that they’re more than partners in the episode Line in the sand! Jack/Sam : Heavy, Cam/Sam :they’re so sweet!

    Mr Mallozzi, do you know if The Ark Of Truth will be released in France? USA, Canada and UK are glad but the rest of the world is still waiting!

    Merry Christmas Mr Mallozzi to all the SG-1 cast and crew and Paul Mc Gillion!

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