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  1. I could see and hear the video easily but I couldn’t find a way to choose full-screen or a larger size. I don’t need to but there might be people who would like that option. Is it something you can do or is it just not possible?

    Anne Teldy

  2. Aww! Poor little dog!

    I’ll admit that I have no idea what the names of any of your dogs are, minus Lulu. Still, very cute.

  3. Oh my God, that was hilarious. And adorable.

    I seriously need to get myself a dog. Especially as I’m planning to remain childless (of the human variety) for the duration of my life…which my mom is also not happy about, amplified by my sister’s adamance on not having children. Hey, my brother has two kids (and counting) and he’s the important one. Family name, and all.

    I also feel badly that I can only point out Lulu. Granted, she is the cutest dog on the planet aside from my “niece,” but still. I know there’s Jelly, Maximus, and Bubba (?), but I don’t know which is which. Which is tan? Are there any telling distinguishing features between your two black pugs? Do you have a favorite “child,” or are they all equally loved? [I refuse to believe that parents don’t have favorites]

  4. Your dogs amuse me. Very cute, indeed. 🙂

    (Side note here: I am jealous of your hardwood flooring. Strange, I know, but there you have it.)

  5. Ok they look like aliens, they move like aliens and they make a noise like aliens… Tell me the truth: are they real ?

    lol ils sont vraiiiiiiiiiiiiiment adorable ces p’tites bêtes là !

  6. I hope you hated that chair, because they’ll do a good job of destroying it. Was Fondy home to see that? (Bet not :P)

    Gorgeous dogs (and strong!)

  7. Hahahaa, they’re so cute. My cousin bought me a cushion for my dog, Pebbles, and we bet money as to whether or not my dog would try to rip it appart. I bet she wouldn’t… how stupid of me.

  8. Great! The video worked – and your dogs are beyond adorable and strong! Seems to me the power struggles work out OK due to their comparable sizes. My Sarah (35 lbs when heavy) has to work a bit harder to dominate my Simon (67 lbs when light).

    Keep the cute puppy vids coming!


  9. Can’t figure out how to save the vid. And some of the clips you post are keepers!

  10. Loved the video, those dogs are priceless and for rderoch download realplayer. A little box appears on the top right corner of the playing vide, it gives you an option of downloading what you are watching.

  11. Does Joe really want us to save clips of his? I dunno…. I mean showing them, yeah.. but keeping them?

  12. Lulu is so determined to get the cushion that nothing is going to stand, or sit, in her way LOL

  13. Lulu sure is something else in that vid Joe LOL.

    “Jedi writes: “A group of us mailed you a card congratulating you all on S5, we were wondering if you received it yet?”

    Answer: I believe Paul opened it today as he was in the office approving VFX shots for Last Man. Thanks.”

    You are most welcome 🙂

  14. Video works wonderfully, much better than PB did for me. PB just took ages to load, and sometimes I just gave up. Lulu is a cheeky little devil, isn’t she? She also must be pretty strong. The vid really made me chuckle, and she seems pretty fearless – I’m amazed she didn’t get a telling off for being so bold. Extremely entertaining. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Ahhh a perfect example of the difference between men and women…

    Dogs start destroying furniture.

    Woman’s reaction: “Oi! Stop that!” *chases dogs away from furniture*

    Man’s reaction: “Heh. That’s cool.” *gets video camera*


  16. The Subversion of Meaning in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

    But what was subversive about it? I mean what was the core reason behind the “subversive” nature. Hey if this is a stupid question I apologize but I’m young yet and don’t know as much as an accomplished man such as: you.

  17. What a crack-up! That was very cute. I wish my cat had decided to be cute today … instead of leaving me a “present” on the carpet. Still, she’s 18 and has kidney disease – I cut her quite a bit of slack.

  18. As adorable as the dogs are, I can’t help feeling sorry for Lulu. If she keeps stealing her siblings’ stuff, she’s bound to get more than an ear nipped.

    Happy holidays to you, your family and your dogs Joe! 🙂

  19. Worked fine for me…

    I loved the “heeeey stop pulling my cushion… oh fine it’s on the ground now, let’s both destroy it” defence! Looks like Lulu has learned to stand her ground anyway 😉

  20. Salut Joseph =)

    sa va bien??? Moi oui, sa peut aller.

    désolé hier je n’ai pas pu venir sur le blog, car comme vous le savais, je suis en période d’éxamin….donc aujourd’hui je prend quelque minute pour vous laisser un message….

    Ohhh mince cette video ne veux pas marcher**.

    Vous avez mis des petites photos de votre maman^^! c’est super! elle a l’aire trés gentil!

    …sinon bah moi ce matin j’ai eu un éxamin d’économie et droit….2 matiére que j’affectionne particuliérement, mais malheuresement c’est dur de constaté que les liberté recule dans son pays, et que la crise économique ne fait que s’accroitre! =(

    ..je ne pense pas que vous voulez que je vous raconte toute ma leçon lol.

    Demain c’est comptabilité, communication et mathématique (journée d’horreur!!)

    Donc, je vais vous dire bonne journée, a …?? hum Vendredi je pense, Kisou Kisou, je vous adore!!!! vous êtes le meilleur <3lol http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=3q0LaFtP15w

  21. Now I am conflicted, I like the video better here, without having to link to it like at blogspot, but I like the photos better on blogspot. Whats a girl to do?

  22. Lulu is getting so big, and she’s so fiesty.

    Your most dasdardly weapons really are your dogs.

  23. Wow, I hope that was a doggie seat she was ripping her teeth into and not a people seat, LOL.

    She is one strong pup, wait until she’s full grown. Yowza!


  24. I like how the video works on this blog site better. It nice that it doesn’t route you to another page to open. Looks like you have a very spirited little Lulu. She reminds me of my Cat Zoë who likes to attack your feet with every step you take, very feisty. It’s great to see you up and bloging again. I was so used to reading you blog on my lunch breaks a few days a week that when you were “gone” I felt like I missing something. ;o) Oh, ya how dose one become a member of L.A.M.E? Financial obligation or essay?

  25. I’m thinking you slipped a little “kitty cocaine” (catnip) into the cushion. If my sister’s beagle is any indication, dogs love the stuff too. I’m just saying…

    Great vid; dogs and hardwood floors, a party waiting to happen.

  26. I’m guessing here and may be wrong. I know Lulu, of course. But the other dogs were Jelly (black pug) and (here is where I might have it wrong) Bubba (fawn pug). I am pretty sure on Lulu and Jelly but what are your other dogs names?

  27. That was really, really fun to watch. 🙂

    alipeeps Says:

    Ahhh a perfect example of the difference between men and women…

    Dogs start destroying furniture.

    Woman’s reaction: “Oi! Stop that!” *chases dogs away from furniture*

    Man’s reaction: “Heh. That’s cool.” *gets video camera*

    LOL! So true. 😀

  28. That was excellent. I, too, loved the dog (don’t know which one is which) who at first was protecting territory, then said, ‘ah, what the heck, let’s rip it apart!’. Very cute, and working in Firefox. Thanks for posting!

  29. Leslie.. one dog’s name is Maximus.. that’s a male name so I’m guessing it’s the fawn pug who tried to get in on the act but kinda got scared off and did a nice nail-skate on the floor..

  30. Hey Joe

    what’s on the menu for Christmas dinner? do you cook yourself or go out?

    Like the new blog btw

  31. This makes me miss having two dogs. They would mess around with a fuzzy bed they had like that. I wonder if they think it’s an animal.

  32. I can’t believe you weren’t laughing like crazy recording that. Your camera held pretty steady the whole time so I’m guessing this is not a rare event around your home.

    What did you put in/on that pillow? Did you spray it with meat sauce or something? 🙂

  33. “It was as if I’d eaten an entrée of tainted clams, or been forced to sit through Moulin Rouge for the second time.”

    I read the above comment with mounting horror. I fear you are not the only one to have endured such torture. Having two daughters I have been endlessly subjected to this so much so that I now walk with a pronounced limp, drool constantly and have a tendency to shout profanities when people break into unsolicited song or commit Karaoke, whoever would have thought of using Nicole Kidman as a WMD?

  34. bugger!! millenium hand and shrimp I went too damn far too damn fast and NOW look where we are…surrounded by alligators on one side and a rising tide on the other….well not actually I just got too enthusiastic and put my comment in the wrong bit, its supposed to go with the NEXT days but I’ve saved you the bother of doing anything other than deleting this comment and the one above by reposting in the right bit. sorry.

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