Hey, have you ever had it where you move into a new place and as you’re settling in you come across a bunch of unexpected little surprises like heated floors and a convection oven and then when you’re down in the basement looking around for more goodies one of the floorboards creaks and gives a little when you step on it and, open closer scrutiny, it turns out it’s loose so you pull it away and discover a vacuum-sealed body part hidden underneath? And the first thing to go through your mind isn’t “Oh my God how did that get there?!” or “Where the hell is the rest of the body?” or even “Wow, that foot is really nicely pedicured!” but “Boy, this has the potential to really make my life hell.” Well, that kind of happened to me. Except instead of a new home, it’s this new blogger site. And instead of the heated floors and the convection oven, it’s the cool background themes and the varied blog statistics. And instead of mysterious vacuum-sealed ears and toes, it’s widgets called Meebo, Meta, and Platial MapKit. The temptation to unearth these seeming treasures and make them public is great, but in doing so would I be opening myself up to all sorts of unforeseen problems? To be brutally honest, I haven’t the faintest idea what the heck these things are. I mean, wasn’t Meebo a shortlived series with that kid from Jerry Maguire? I’m sure there are far more internetically-inclined readers out there who would be able to enlighten me – and, while they’re at it, give me the lowdown on Box.net file sharing, Tag Cloud, and the delightful-sounding Sonific Songspot.

Well, I received an email from the gang at blogger informing me that they’d finally gotten around to unlocking my blog and that I could start posting messages the next time I logged in. I tested it out by posting the following:

“I’m back! But not here.

For the time being, I’m continuing my blogging activities over at –


See you there!”

So now I have to decide: go back to blogger, stick with wordpress, or post on both? Let the voting begin!

My mother got in late last night. So late, in fact, that it was early this morning by the time her plane finally touched down. Originally scheduled to arrive at 8:30 p.m., she arrived at 3:30 a.m. (!) When we got in, Lulu and Bubba were the first to greet her. “This one’s Bubba and this one’s Max,“she guessed. “No, this one’s Lulu,”I corrected her. “Lulu?”she asked, staring down at the strange little dog, and then – “Did Max die?”. I assured her that Maximus was alive and well and ignoring her in the next room. “

Thankfully, she slept in today, allowing me to get in my work-out before we headed out for what turned out to be a surprisingly full day. We started off with lunch at Fuel where we ran into my fellow foodie Ena and her cousin. I had a great foie gras torchon and a garlicky good but tendon-laden pork schnitzel on a Portugese bun. Mom had the beetroot and butter lettuce salad with fireweed honey and home made ricotta, then followed up with the Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto with house smoked Polderside duck. She liked the risotto (although she felt the portion was small) and LOVED the smoked duck. She also really enjoyed her dessert – a Tahitian crème brulee. My dessert, the quince doughnuts, were outstanding!

Since she loved the smoked duck so much, I drove us over to Granville Island where I picked up some of Oyama’s exceptional duck prosciutto (and, since I was there, some beef cheek and prosciutto di Parma as well). Mom bought some ground beef/pork/veal, some short ribs, and a couple of cans of tomato sauce for whatever it is she‘s planning on making. While there, we ran into production manager George Horie just back from his vacation in Hawaii. Like Paul and Marty G., he experienced endless rain and a hurricane that knocked out power for three straight days.

We swung by a bookstore where mom looked for some books from her favorite authors – Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher. Alas, she’d read everything in stock. I suggested she could read some of the books I’d set aside for the holidays – a little Philip K. Dick, some of Asimov’s Foundation series. She picked up some garish-looking romance novel instead.

After dropping in on Fondy and receiving the five-star tour (well, four and a half stars as the complimentary cupcakes I was expecting never materialized), we headed back home where I finally got to blogging.

Which brings me here. I’ll field a few questions and then it’s dinner at Tojo’s. I wonder if I can convince my mother to try uni?

Finally, I’d like to dedicate this blog to Ivanaaa’s friend Doug.

 Today’s mailbag –

Nigel, RAF writes: “Does Dr. Lam appear in Ark of Truth and Continuum? Do any of Earth’s ships feature in Continuum? Is it likely that Richard Dean Anderson will appear in future movies?”

Answers: 2) Er, Continuum does feature certain ships… 3) I will say this – Brad Wright would very much like to have Richard Dean Anderson appear in the future movie he has in mind.

Lizzyshoe writes: “I don’t suppose you’d like to share those elfed links with your fans?”

Answer: I wouldn’t and I’m sure Marty G. and Carl wouldn’t. As for Paul – I very much doubt it.

Thornyrose writes: “Wondering, so far on the season five storylines how many episodes does it look like you may be writing?”

Answer: Like last year, I suspect each of the writers will average about four scripts (give or take).

Elizabeth writes: “1). Is Jack in season five of Stargate Atlantis? 2). Will Janet Frasier be in Stargate Continuum? 3). Will Jacob Carter be in Stargate Continuum? 4) Is this description (cut and pasted below) of what happened in Unending somewhat accurate or not?”

Answers: 1) At present, he is not. 4) Yep.

Sarah L. writes: “Have you finished your christmas shopping? And what are some things you want for christmas?”

Answer: I’ve saved my Christmas shopping for the last minute so that I’d have one more thing to do with my mom when she gets into town. As for what I’d like for Christmas – anything food related.

Emily writes: “So, what did you think about the Survivor finale? Pleased with the results?”

Answer: I was. To be honest, I thought it was Amanda’s to lose but I think she seriously miscalculated by apologizing for past behaviors. Todd was refreshingly straightforward. That’s the way he played the game. Nothing personal and no apologies. In a way though, I was kind of hoping that Courtney would win. Although I found her incredibly annoying at first, she really grew on me near the end.

Jedi writes: “A group of us mailed you a card congratulating you all on S5, we were wondering if you received it yet?”

M4ndy writes: “I think I’ll finish A Clash of Kings…”

Answer: Let me know what you think. I loved it.

Susanthetartanturtle writes: “ When is your mother going home?”

Answer: Right after New Years.

Astrumporta writes: “Joe, you can adjust the times on your blog to reflect your local time…”

Answer: Done!

Kath in Baltimore writes: “Do you prefer the original subtitled versions over dubbed or does it matter to you?”

Answer: I Despise (note the capital D) dubbed movies and always prefer subtitled versions. Re: Jackie Chan. Yeah, I’m a big fan of his older HK stuff like the Police Story series that boasts some incredibly painful-looking outtakes.

Fargate One a ecrit: “ Vendredi soir dernier mon épouse et moi avons eu un accident d’automobile.”

Answer: J’espère que vous allez tous deux bien.

Michelle writes: “Please tell Carl he’d better be on the picket line this Friday morning! At least 2 SCBers will be there to present him with specially designed cookies in honor of Carl, the writers and, of course, Carson.”

Answer: I’ve already given him the heads-up. Are those cookies going to be anything like that month-old cupcake I made him eat last year? If so, then hilarity WILL ensue!

Clark’s Girl writes: “Oh yeah, I finally remembered my question, Teyla going through the gate, how has she not been taken off active duty?”

Answer: As her pregnancy progresses, this will become an issue.

Killdeer writes: “Can we hope for a return to more team mission episodes next year?”

Answer: More team episodes upcoming in the back half of season four.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Ever watch Jericho?”

Answer: Fondy and I watched up to the “Library is on Fire” episode.

139 thoughts on “December 17, 2007

  1. Why don’t you just sit your mother down in front of the laptop and let her read your blog – that should keep her entertained for a while.

    Unless she is like my late father who asked if they switched the internet off at night and at Christmas!

    Had you not told her about your new ‘daughter’ Lulu? Or was it merely a ‘senior moment’?

  2. About whether to go back to Blogger or stay at WordPress — I hold a grudge (got it from my dad, who notably gave up our local pizza joint after they messed up our order once too often!). So, I’d say no to Blogger, and leave up your message as it stands. Hopefully, someone there will check back on you to see if you’re still spamming, and see that they drove you away.

    Hmph! (Yep, that was me flouncing — feel free to do the same!)

  3. 0330 and you had to pick her up? Sympathies on the loss of sleep. Certainly sounds like you are being a dutiful son though. But will she care that your efforts to ensure her culinary satisfaction may lead to um, a slight gain in circumference? If not, ask her to enjoy an extra dessert or two for those of us unable to indulge…
    Not a technogeek cant help you out with unlocking all the mysteries of the new blog site. As for where to post, well, I think this site is considerably more user friendly from the view of us readers. I would say post at both sites, but I hate to have to flip back and forth to catch all the comments, or worse, to read a fair number of duplicate responses. So I vote for this site, if you are looking for input.
    Question of the day, what exactly are you working on this week? Are you starting to work on specific episodes, or are you still mapping out season arcs? Any more title hints at this point? Hope you have a fun time balancing out being with your mom and all the other pre-holiday activities going on.

  4. For what it’s worth, the Blogger page still doesn’t register your update. I wondered if it was all Marty G’s doing, as he’s so happy that his pic is still the first thing we all see when we go there!

  5. I think you should stay here. Blogger will probably just mess with you again, and I like the trees. IMHO

  6. “Elizabeth writes: “1). Is Jack in season five of Stargate Atlantis? 2). Will Janet Frasier be in Stargate Continuum? 3). Will Jacob Carter be in Stargate Continuum? 4) Is this description (cut and pasted below) of what happened in Unending somewhat accurate or not?”
    Answers: 1) At present, he is not. 4) Yep.”

    Thanks for answering. Could you please write him into season five? It would be very cool. Ah man, you didn’t answer the second and third questions. I guess this means I’ll have to wait until July (geez, that’s forever) and be surprised. So the description is accurate. Good. That’s how I explained it to someone and it would be kind of embarrassing if I got the description wrong.

    “She picked up some garish-looking romance novel instead.”

    So far season four is really good and I don’t have very many complaints (don’t worry, I won’t waste anyone’s time and post them). My favorite episodes of the first ten episodes are Reunion and Tabula Rasa (tied).

    Please answer this question. What Isaac Asimov books would you suggest (I haven’t read very much sci-fi yet)? Thanks.

  7. Sounds like you have had a tough night. What was the worst thing about waiting at the airport? Were the seats uncomfortable? Did anyone recognize you? What’s the worst situation you have been recognized in.

    (ie. You were in a rush and the guy would shut up. Sorta like Beckett in “The Eye.”)

  8. Hi there Joe!
    I was wondering being the foodie that you are… how do you feel about pizza? Being a native Chicagoan we believe we have the best pizza in the world. Have you ever tied deep dish?

  9. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Pour ce qui est de ton blog, moi franchement j’aimais mieux l’autre. Si tu as à choisir entre les deux, retourne à l’ancien ! Quelle langue vous parlez entre vous dans ta famille ? Anglais, français ou italien ? (J’espère ne pas trop être indiscrète en posant cette question):)

  10. Wow, Mum was late eh? Bet she was partaying until the wee small hours!

    Question: If there were any Aussie foodstuffs you want and can’t get in Vancouver, what would they be?

    (You forgot to answer Jedi’s question )

    Oh and as for voting whether to stay here or go back to Blogger, I’m happy wherever you go, as long as we can read your blogs.:)

    (I want an avatar! How do I get one?)

  11. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,
    Like a lot of the people on your blog, I like this site for it’s easy reading but I miss all of you pictures of Lulu and the gang. Whatever you decide, I’m sure to follow. On another note, how’s the weather at your end of Canada, at my end, in Gatineau, it’s under so much snow, I don’t remember seeing this amount in a long time, and just think, it’s not even winter. I think we’re paying for the green Christmas of last year. And as for family activity, if you did manage to find a Nintendo Wii, might I suggest Carnaval and Mario and Sonic Olympics. Easy and fun.
    Have a great holiday

  12. Since you’re taking votes, I’d stick with WordPress. I can’t believe blogger not only locked you out but made you wait so long to verify you weren’t a spammer!

  13. Hey, Joe, a big thanks for answering my questions. And they were both great answers, too! Just what I wanted to hear on both counts. Jack O’niell–very cool.

  14. Wow, your feeling on Survivor match mine completely. Going into the finale, I really thought Amanda had it in the bag. And at the time, I wouldn’t have minded her winning. But she really annoyed me at the end and I was REALLY hoping she wouldn’t win. Man, did she do terrible at the final question thing. Ugh.

    I’ve always like Todd. I appreciate people who accept the fact that it’s a GAME. Anyone who claims to be on the show for reasons other than winning are either lying or should never have been cast. And if you can’t accept the fact that people will lie to you and stab you in the back, then you really should’ve thought twice about signing up. And after thinking twice about it, decided not to.

    Initially, I hated Courtney as she just seemed like a useless whiny waif. However, I grew to love her humor and “I don’t give a shit” attitude. I almost wanted her to win because I thought it’d just be hilarious.

    How about the format for the next season of Survivor: Faves vs. Fans? Recipe for disaster, or brilliant move to freshen up the series?

  15. Glad you had a good day with your mom, Joe!

    I got a question. Does this blogging site allow you to post videos?

  16. Meebo is basically a multi-chat engine compiler. Basically if you chat for example using you yahoo/skype – you can use Meebo to put it all in one space and chat from there. It’s web based. Personally I like Pidgin or Tillian, but I am guessing that is not available for wordpress.
    On another note, please consider bringing Weir back Joe. The more this season progresses, the more I miss her presence. There is room for both Carter & Weir.

  17. hi, joe,

    regarding you putting in the same sentiments scene you cut from ‘trio’ into an s5 ep; how’s that going?

    your question on which blog to keep; not sure. 😛 really, both have their plusses and minuses. maybe the question to ask yourself is if blogger will do it again? you should be able to post your adventures in spamming land without worrying that blogger will think you’re one of them.

    thanks for your *hopeful* answers regarding rick in s5. you never know… 😉

    sally 😀

  18. Thanks for answering my question – kind of. 🙂 Still hopeful for S5.

    As for the vote – I like WordPress. That’s my vote.

  19. I vote for wordpress, but lets face it, all of us will go wherever you go.

    Hope you have a good time with your mum! (tell her to try some Georgette Heyer novels)

  20. I’m very glad to hear that Blogger finally restored you! As for whether to stay or go, my only vote would be against posting at both places, for the simple reason that I’d prefer, personally, to not have to follow discussions in two different places. I do find the layout here a bit easier to read (although that may have less to do with the layout and more to do with the new glasses that aren’t held together with cellophane tape), but since I also mostly read the posts through a feed aggregator that’s not a big issue.

  21. Glad to hear your mother got in safely, even if the lane was late. Happy Holidays to all of you. May the weather be mild, the food great and spirits high!

    A for the site. Hm, I like the backgrounds on this one, but agree the pictures are not the best here. I guess it doesn’t matter much really, as far as I am concerned. Choices, choices….

  22. I’m not sure what the answer is to the blog situation – as well all know change is both strange and frightening, and yet at least in these new digs you haven’t yet had the internet police out knocking at your html door, besmirching your character and smashing the headlights out of your clip art car. This is at least a positive, even if your blog may end up with the odour of rotting feet.

    It sounds like you had a lovely day out with your Mum!

  23. I don’t know, Joe. I find this blog site a bit confusing. But then, I’m a bit like you and not all that internet savvy. So, I’d vote for your previous blog place.

    When you write the characters, is there a way that you remember specifics about each? For example, if McKay once said he would easily beat Sheppard at ping pong, and that came up in an episode 4 years later, would you have someone research it for you, or is that the way plot holes develop?


  24. Hi Joe,

    I like the new digs here. Can you post vids on it like you did on the old blog?

    And you posted but did not answer my question.

    A group of us mailed you a card congratulating you all on S5, we were wondering if you received it yet?

  25. I vote for


    Anne Teldy (Sorry, Col. Sheppard. Mallozzi’s still missing and I… uhm… we, I meant to say we need you to stay here. Would you like a massage? 😆 )

  26. I vote for wordpress. I hope Mom is enjoying her stay.

    When we see the return of Carson in The Kindred, will we realize which third season episode contained the hint?

  27. Are you still watching Friday Nights Lights? If Yes what do you think of the season soo far? Have you watched any of Dirty Sexy Money it is so my guilty pleasure show. I am quite mad at NBC they didn’t give Journeyman a full season did you watch any of it.

  28. I like the format and print on this site much better, easier on the eyes. But I like the pictures on Blogger. I’d be happy either way. As long as you keep blogging, I’ll be here/there.
    A devoted fan.

  29. While I enjoy wordpress, I vote to go back to blogger. Why? Any website that calls an obviously Christmas theme “vermilion” isn’t cool in my book.


  30. The cookies will be good, I promise. Fresh and lacking any hot peppers, nor any even slightly illegal herb.

    As for the widgets… click away from the page while you can! They’re all someone’s idea of how to get you to perform all normal social functions on the computer, so that you never have to talk in person to another human again. Well, Meebo might be good to have when you’re doing another dinner chat. And you might like the blog stats… See, it’s like crack!

    Honestly, things like Recent Posts and Recent Comments just let you control that part of your theme. Meta is information about your blog, probably not relevant. Etc.

    I can’t decide if you should stay here or move back. No doubt blogger has themes to choose from too, right? So it’s not just a matter of the color schemes. I guess I vote you stay here but leave the old blog up so all the links to it don’t break!

  31. I hear there is a possible green light for Jericho to continue. But I think that was just some rumor I read somewhere on IGN.

  32. HOORAY! I found you at last *happy sigh*. I have been having serious Joe withdrawal symptoms that even copious amounts of chocolate couldn’t assuage…No SGA and no Joe? HORRORS!! Hope you have a good visit with your mum, and hoping too that you will find time to post for all us Joe Junkies between all the exciting activities you have planned (I bet she is really looking forward to the couples spa trip …)

  33. Hi Joe,
    Sounds like you’re having fun with your mom. No corn soup for either of you at Fuel? (or am i thinking of the wrong restaurant?) I do enjoy the wordpress blog as well as the background theme. As for the features, your guess is as good as mine I’m afraid. I do hope they won’t make your blog life hell. I do find the pop up things on the pics a bit annoying though. But (at least for now), I’ll give my vote to wordpress.
    p.s. – what’s uni?

  34. I forgot – I’d like to join the other people too asking if you can put up videos like at Blogspot? (I suppose if you can’t, you could always insert the website URL thing and we could copy and paste it to watch videos).

  35. Hmmmm, I used to date a guy named Pork Schnitzel.

    I was pleased with Survivor, loved it when the Mo-Boi won. Like a hometown hero, and our local reporter got to hit the red carpet and ask the tough questions about potty trails and digging sticks. I love Utah, we’re so odd. (Mo is Utah slang for Mormon.)

    Your mom’s visit sounds grand. I’m going to get all weepy, ’cause I miss my mom. Hug yours a lot, you hear?

    Oh a happy note, my weird off-tangent comments will diminish in a day or so, as I am headed to Las Vegas for Santa Rampage. We are very excited. Google Santarchy or Santacon, although this is not work recommended. Yay! Nothing can stop a hundred Santas! And I get to visit with Pirate Ron, Captain of the Pyro Porno Pirates. Yes, the very same Pirate Ron of Porno Karaoke fame! In a Pirate Santa suit! And I get to over-exuberantly use exclamation marks!! Wheeee!!! I’ll let you know if his parrot wore antlers.

    Eh, blog in two places, that’s what cut n’ paste is for.

  36. I am now inclined to ask you to stay here, don’t change or atleast don’t axe this one. Hav both if you want and have the constant pain in the butt of uploading two entires. Hmm. Stay here but leave a polite note letting them know of the change or do it here all the same. Which ever way decide to go.

    Aren’t there polling options on this thing like on the blogger one?

  37. I vote for wordpress. I like the background and I figure blogger lost out for blocking you site.

    Question: If the writers strike does not end soon will Carl not be writing any episodes next season, or would there still be a chance that he would write one for the back half of the season…supposing the strike is over by then.

  38. hi joe! as for the voting goes i like wordpress but thats just me! FYI i was delightfully enjoying the season 4 ep. doppleganger on itunes a little bit ago and i came up with 2 questions about that ep. ok 1) when Keller walks into Heightmyre’s room did anyone inform her to bring the lifesigns detector with her or just a hunch to carry it around just then? and 2) Who was cast for the clown in the McKay and John in the boat sequence? thanks for listening! signed the “boonie”

  39. Ahhhh Granville Island!! Cypress Honey Lager, arty pharty markets, where I left a piece of my left knee (after the ACL reconstruction I got from busting it while snowboarding up at Whistler in 2000….)

    Mehhhhh- mor-eeeeeeeeessss….

    Talking of Van and surrounds, got any new locations sorted for Season 5?

  40. I really need to quit reading your particularly food-oriented entries when I’m hungry. Tonight, every sentence, even every phrase, made me start to drool – and that was just from reading about the vacuum-sealed ears and toes. By the time I’d read “foie gras torchon,” “smoked duck,” and “quince doughnuts,” I’d had to hang a sugaring bucket under my chin to collect the steadily dripping saliva. (Note to self: Add “three gallons dark-amber maple syrup” to spouse’s holiday shopping list, then cross that out and substitute “heavy-duty hairshirt and/or flagellant’s whip.”)

    Re. WordPress vs. Blogger: I set up an account here just to check out the setup (since the page designs are so shiny), and became aware fairly quickly that I’d have to spend an inordinate amount of time just getting a clue about what all the features are, let alone learning how to use them. With regard to the basics, I almost feel a need for a sitemap just to manage my own account – and that’s even with embarrasingly frequent references to the FAQ’s pages. – Honestly, I’m not totally incompetent: when I blogged on LiveJournal a few years back, I figured out all the necessary functions on my own, and didn’t need the FAQ’s until I decided I wanted my blog to do some party tricks. All went smoothly.

    [cue ghost of Henry David Thoreau whispering, Simplify, simplify.]

    It’s clear that many people are very happy with this site for their own blogs, and maybe they’ll give you so much excellent advice that widgets and box.net files and trackbacks will become as familiar to you as tarte aux pommes normande and questions about how Season 5 is going to end, from people who’ve already decided how they want you to end S4. If the tech advice isn’t as abundant as you might want … well, some people apparently have had to go through the Blogger Inquisition more than once. That sorta sounds like the proverbial rock/hard place dilemma. But, it’s always nice to know that floorboards aren’t going to randomly pop up and smack your backside when all you did was open a cabinet door.

    Bonne chance.

  41. Stick with WordPress.

    It’s 9:35 pm here in CA, and Blogger still isn’t showing that entry you wrote today.

  42. Hmmm…..I guess you aren’t going to take me up on my offer to show your mom around town? 😉

    That’s ok….it was mostly made in response to finding out how much Creation Con rips you….um I mean charges for their convention in April. I would really love to get a tour of the main set, secondary set (wraith ship), and see the outside locations as well as meeting Jason M., Michael S. and others…but I just can’t stomach or afford paying $1017.00 for that on top of travel costs. And then I find out you aren’t supposed to ask if you can have a friend snap a pic of you and the actors….bad etiquette I was told. *big sigh* Boy…Creation has a wonderful thing going there…being the only Convention allowed to do tours. 🙁

    I also couldn’t find the $23,000 needed to top the highest bid for the walk on part and lunch with Amanda and Joe F.!

    I am just going to have to be content with visiting Vancouver and seeing the sights I guess. Maybe I will stalk…erm…visit Fuel every night when we go. Do you charge for photos with the fans? What a business! (LOL)


  43. Thanks for posting the piccies Joe.

    You definitely have mum’s eyes. Wow she looks like a woman to be reckoned with…

  44. Great pictures! It looks like your guest is having a great time so far. Isn’t it always the luck you have that delays your vacation arrivals till the most inconvenient and uncomfortable time possible. Did you come to a decision on any of your previously mentioned activities for your Mom’s visit?

    As for your poll on the new vs. old blog site, personally I’m a fan of the minimalist backgrounds of the Blogger.com site. However, given that there seems to be a lot of other features on this site, it is a good alternative. Obviously everyone’s viewership isn’t going to change just because the place you post changes, but I’d only stay at the NEW site if there’s really something of value to be gained (something that will fundamentaly increase your ability to express yourself). Best of luck in making your choice. I’ll be reading.

  45. My “where should you post” vote : I’m voting for Blogger (despite their obvious crazy computers and their laziness to answer you). I liked the black background with clear writing, the thumbs pics where a better quality and the archive system was somehow easier to access.

    This said, I will read your blog wherever you’ll post and I also realise that this one could, in time, become as good as on Blogger 😉

  46. aah, joe’s mama! 😀

    *loves mamas*

    thanks for sharing, joe. 😉

    *waves at joe’s mama*

    sally 😀

  47. Answers: 2) Er, Continuum does feature certain ships…

    You’re just trying to mess with us shippers aren’t ya?

  48. Hi!
    Even though I rarely comment in your blog, I am a regular reader, and I like the new place, it’s friendlier here. Of course, it might be just me… or the required email address. Anyway, you know, that no matter where you’re going to blog, we’ll follow you 🙂

  49. J.M. wrote:
    So now I have to decide: go back to blogger, stick with wordpress, or post on both? Let the voting begin!

    Posting on both blogs would drive you crazy, I fear. 😉 I prefer wordpress, but in the end it’s your decision: stay where you feel more comfortable.

  50. I vote wordpress! Blogger and I…we don’t get along.

    (Also, I second Katie S, who advised your mother to read some Georgette Heyer. I had a friend who was obsessed with Heyer’s novels and the love spread. Very romance-y in a non-romance-y sort of way, if that makes any sense at all. My dad, who v. much likes it when all the characters die at the end of movies, even read one. Go figure.)

  51. Hi Joe

    I like this blog better. Easier for me to post a comment. I have a quick question that has been bugging me for TMC. If Repshep and co stole a ship with Hyperspace capacity-was the jumper they took at the end the real SGA jumper?. Then what happens to the Asuran ship left on the planet?. Or does the jumper the Rep team tried to escape in have hyperspace capablities.

  52. I’d forgotten about the anonymous-comments issue; it is nice for them to be gone. But Blogger gives the option of disallowing them, right? – Anyway, like everyone else is saying, I’ll be delighted to read your blog wherever it is. Maybe WordPress won’t turn out to be as complicated as parts of it sound.

  53. Love the new blogsite Joe. I hope you stay here. And I also hope you and your lovely wife have a very happy Christmas.

    You’ve totally made my night with the third movie news. I hadn’t heard about one yet, and now to find out that Jack is gonna be a part of it….well, I’m over the moon. Thanks so much!

    This is my first post, and I’m usually very shy, but I promised I’d ask. My husband is a Major stationed in Iraq currently, but I recently got a chance to talk to him thanks to a video link online. After the kids, family, and general goings on, guess what he wanted to ask about….Stargate! He and I used to watch SG-1 together, and he says it’s one of the things he misses the most. I told him the movies come out soon, but promised to wait for him to get home so we could watch them together. Sappy, I know. Anyway, he really likes Sam (who wouldn’t?) and wanted to know if on Atlantis you guys had said whether she got together with Jack. I told him no, not exactly, I didn’t think so. Still, he made me promise to ask you if she was with Jack or not or what. So that’s what this post is for. What’s up with Sam and Jack, and is there anything in the movies or Atlantis regarding their relationship?

    Before fading back to lurkerdom, I want to say thanks for a great show. Oh, and sorry for such a long post. It’s been a pretty great day around here, and I’m probably still a little loopy.

    Always a fan,
    Ronnie Inden

  54. Awww, you look like your ma!
    Great foodie photos again – despite the lack of quality of the thumbnails, they still open up fine.
    I don’t mind whether you go back or stay here … as long as you keep blogging!

  55. Welcome Mrs Mallozzi. You certainly have a look of your mum Joe.

    I vote you stay with wordpress, blogger still isn’t showing your update so I say **** ’em.

    Have you thought of taking your mum to the Sword Swallowing and Fire Eating Workshop?
    or how about Fold Your Own Parachute Origami-style classes?
    I’m taking my mum potholing and base jumping now she’s updated her will.

  56. Your mother seems very nice Joe.
    She must really have been worth the seven hour+ wait.

    And what was the burger thing?

  57. I’m not vastly attached to either one, but my favour is swinging slightly in the direction of WordPress at the moment.

    It’s 1.18am Tuesday Vancouver time and your blogger entry still hasn’t popped up.

    Ah, a Maeve Binchy fan eh? She should visit Ireland 😉 Whitethorn Woods is her newest title if you want to be on the lookout, and This Year it Will Be Different has been re-released for Christmas, but I don’t know whether there is any new content, as I haven’t read any of her books.

    How is Fondy’s shop doing by the way? Christmas rush?

    Mary (still bleakly trudging though Time Traveler’s Wife)

  58. I like WordPress. I think it has some nifty widgets, and I find the new layout easier on the eyes than the old Blogger one, so I vote for staying with WordPress.

    Do you ever reread books? If so, which book have you reread most over the years?

    I finally got finished with Alas Babylon, and wanted to thank whoever it was who brough tthe book to your attention, and thus, indirectly, to mine. I loved it! I really liked the idea that having civilization end suddenly one day doesn’t mean an automatic return to the Dark Ages or beyond, that people can and will work together and help one another in the worst of times. This novel has a much more positive view of humanity than most post-apocalyptic novels espouse.

    And you know, I loved being able to look back at the world of the fifties; racism sexism, elitism, and all. The lead character is a good guy, and probably fairly liberal in his outlook for the fifties; put him in today’s world, though, and he’d meet some stiff opposition for some of his views…

    Anyway, I think this book is one that I might want to pull off the shelves again in the future.

  59. Hi again Mr M.,
    Greetings from Tipperary! And greetings to Mrs M. (the original, aside from the lovely Fondy of course!)
    Love the new blog and I vote for you to stay here!
    Two questions:
    (1) Will your mother be cooking while staying? If so, what dishes?
    (2) Having watched Mortal Coil only once, I am open to correction, but was Rodney wearing the “old” uniform at the very end of the ep., where he talks to Zelenka saying…”It’s like Carson all over again”….Conspiracy theorists might suggest that the RepliRodney had returned rather than the original!!!…Again I’m open to correction, as I only got to see it once

    Welcome again to your new home!!


  60. I like both here and blogger but ive settled into wordpress now…so…id have to say….vote one WORDPRESS!

  61. Hi Joe
    You said
    So now I have to decide: go back to blogger, stick with wordpress, or post on both? Let the voting begin!
    Do you watch “Dead Zone”?

  62. Please bring back Elizabeth for season five.

    You know you want to. Go and look at some of the wonderful eps she’s featured prominently in.

    She rocks.

    And you would rock if you brought her back.

    Though I’m not expecting you do that…… so that means …. yeah, you get the idea.

  63. Joe I will follow your blog wherever you decide to go but WordPress seems pretty cool, my vote is for this site.


  64. So I’m looking forward to Sheppard’s reactions in Midway; because of the Atlantis fight scene image on GW Sheppard looks to be there.
    Why are the guys(scientists) using old Uniforms in that scene?
    Why doesn’t the other base Uniforms for the military look like SGC style Sheppard. I know this has been asked but I still haven’t found an answer.

    I would assume it is a fashion choice, but I could be wrong. And or the lower echelon scientists have been refused the upgrades. No? I would also assume that the security personal where the old uniforms.

  65. I too vote for staying here. WordPress kicks Blogger’s ass; I’ve blogged on both platforms, and far prefer this one.


  66. I say stick with wordpress, but only if you can post videos (or at least links to videos).

    A question harking back to SG-1 S10…

    1) How many episodes was the Prior Daniel arc originally supposed to span, and
    2) was it ever considered to somehow make the ending of The Shroud the ending of the season finale. I think that would’ve made a perfect lead in to AoT.
    Having said that, I still loved Unending.

    3) And finally, what does the magic 8 ball say about the possibilities of having Carson make some more return appearances in S5?

  67. Joe,

    My vote is for Blogger. The imbedded pictures just look better.

    Tell Mom “hi!” And “try the uni.”

  68. What does Todd the wraith do in last man?
    Any Sheppard Todd fight scene?

    So the Wraith find out MIDWAYS ADDESS?? When they work together?
    Is that how Spoils of war ends?
    How do they know our language???

    It’s not like we have given them a direct trnslation booklet…right??

  69. I would think that a person of your, um, temperament (meaning: Italian) would hold grudges for a long time, so while I don’t have an opinion between the blogging sites, blogger still disrespected you…

    I’m just saying.

    But if you can’t use that nifty link to videos here like you could at blogger, I say go back! 🙂

    Oh, also: have you ever been to Salumi, the salumeria run by Mario Batali’s dad? I think it’s in Seattle. If so, what did you think?

  70. I vote for WordPress, too.
    You never know when teh guys (or robots 😉 ) at blogger start to mark you a spammer again!

  71. 1)Will anyone’s priorities change drastically during the remainder of the season?

    2)Is deception a major theme later on in the season?

    3)Will any team members hold grudges or feel slighted by another this season?

    4)Will anyone on Atlantis be forced to make a choice that goes against all they believe in or desire for the greater good of both worlds?

  72. I vote for WordPress. I’ve worked on about 6 or so blogs on the platform and love it; I’ve met the guys behind it a few times and they’re cool.

  73. What is it with mothers and Maeve Binchey/Rosamunde Pilcher? Based on the fact your mum likes them has she ever read anything by Alexander McCall Smith? I think she might like his books (or it could just be a Scottish thing) My mum along with just about every other mother I know like these 3 authors.

    PS – I like this blog site better esp all the Christmassyness – but how the heck are you going to know who your 1,000,000th visitor is?

  74. Hi Joe,
    I was wondering if in season 5 of SGA you could maybe have Rodney have a hypoglycaemic or allergic reaction while off world? He’s always so worried about both it would be fun to see it really happen to him. Love to see Rodney getting whumped!

  75. Dear Joe,

    thanks for your concern. Among all car crashes scenarios, we have picked up the best one : car crashed but nobody has been hurted neither us nor the young boy shoveling the snow in front of his home with his mom.

    As a matter of fact, changing the blogger could be an excellent exercise for SGA fans who might have problems with changes in the arc and the characters ( Weir, Carson Carter, etc. ) of the show. So, stay here and let us exercise to change an habit a little !

  76. Hey Joe,

    You should probably know that some of the details of upcoming episodes have been made public.

    All I can say is that what I’ve read about Elizabeth makes me sad all over again, especially knowing it’s probably a blink and you’ll miss it appearance. Torri’s said her four episodes are more like two.

    Is there any chance of having her in season five? There’s room for Carter and Weir. The character is wonderful, Torri is amazing, and her rejoining the cast, even if it was just in 8-12 recurring episodes would be a huge boost.

  77. Hey Joe,

    I vote for going back to the old website, I like it more than this one.
    And hopefully it won’t happen again…
    But in the end it depends on what you like more and I will keep reading whereever you decide to post 🙂

  78. Stay here or go back to Blogger? Whichever is easier for you, so long as you can post vids here, that is. Talking of which, I’m having vid clip withdrawal here … Surely you have some clips of the dogs?

    Hope your mother is having a great time – I wonder what she would think of all these crazy Joe M/SGA/SG1 fans on your blog(s)?! Probably that we’re all certifiably insane – and she might just be right at that!

  79. JM said: She picked up some garish-looking romance novel instead

    Gosh I hope you were just commenting on an overly bright bit of cover art or something, and not dissing an entire genre! I’d be so disappointed in finding out you’re not as open-minded and creatively accepting of different choices as I’ve believed you to be from reading your blog.

    Besides, you should know better than to criticize your mom’s reading preferences. Mamas are never wrong! In this case, lots of moma’s aren’t wrong. Did you know that romance novels accounted for $1.37 billion (yes, that’s ‘b’ billion) in sales in 2006, while Sci-fi generated a mere $495 million?

    I know you’ve read or are reading at least one romance novel — regardless of where it is shelved in the store, Princess Bride is a romance novel — but if you haven’t read widely in the genre, you should try a few. Long gone are the “bodice ripper” days (shudders at the term). By definition a romance novel is simply a book where there is a central love story and an “emotionally satisfying or optimistic” ending. This leaves a pretty wide range of plots. There are paranormals, futuristics, time travels, and of course, the ever-popular romantic suspense/mystery/thriller. You’ll find romance lurking in every section of the bookstore. Let me know if you want some suggestions.

    And by the way, if you ever find time to write that Sci-fi novel you’ve been planning, look me up. The agency that represents me is big in the Sci-Fi business and lists several of the major scif-fi authors as clients.

    But then again, these days they prefer to represent romance…it’s more profitable.

    WB (Atlantis fan, JM BOTM club member, and proudly published author of 15 romance novels)

    Oh yeah…I’m looking forward to this month’s BOTM discussion, as with the holidays, I think I’m actually going to have time to finish all three books!

  80. Ah, a foodie! There don’t seem to be many of us out there. I’m constantly trying new foods. I live on the Gulf Coast where fish is most prevalent.

    I haven’t read back in your blogs (I understand you moved over from Blogger?), but do you enjoy King Mackrel or Grouper? At the time I cannot eat my favorite meals due to mercury.

  81. LOL, Rosamunde Pilcher? Some things are the same wherever you go on this planet, probably even on others, too. Rosamund Pilcher is big over here in Germany. They usually make TV movies out of the books. Whether they are good or not? I have no clue, I am not into romantic novels. Neither in book form nor in movie form. The last book I read was Jonathan Strange’s Mr. Norell which is Fantasy. So was my last movie. 😉

    Funny thing about the Rosamunde Pilcher films is they are all shot at Cornwall (England) and when I travelled there a couple of years back everyone asked me why so many Germans would come to spend their holidays there. See, television influences a lot of people’s lives. I went for the celtic ruins…..

    Why don’t you offer trips through the Stargate? I would certainly make my reservations at Stargate Travel, Inc…. oh it’s not real? What??? really??? What a shame!

    Hope you’re having a great time with your mum and thanks for publishing the pictures!

  82. I now feel compelled to third the suggestion for the reading of Georgette Heyer books (for your mom, anyway…as good as they are, not sure they’d be your cup o’ tea). They’re Regency romances–romances more in line with Jane Austen than bodice rippers.

    Speaking of books and Philip K. Dick, which of his books have you lined up for holiday reading? I really enjoyed his Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and I’ve had his Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said on my bookshelf for a while now, but have yet to read it. Read either of them? Enjoyed either of them?

  83. Hi Joe

    I like this Blog over here. So one vote for this place.

    Question. Will Season 5 have darker team story lines? I really like seeing the darker side of the Team and more focus on the whole Team

  84. I vote for WordPress. It was super easy to register as just a poster and I still get the RSS reminder so I don’t miss your posts. (I was going through serious withdrawal there for a while, until I got caught up in the kidnapping theory.)

    Have a great visit with Mama Mazzolli. And Oooo… food pictures. I missed that! I swear (but not that often…) even viewing your pictures puts the pounds on.

  85. It doesn’t really matter to me which blogging site you use; I’ll read it regardless! I do think Blogger’s look is classier somehow (I never had a problem with white on black, kind of liked it). No big deal, either way.

    Re: Clash of Kings – I love huge epics with a large cast of characters. George R. R. Martin is great! I must admit, though, that this is my second time to try this book. The first time, I had waited too long since reading A Game of Thrones, and was completely lost. I decided to re-read AGoT first, and I’m glad I did.

  86. I wanted to ask What differences do you find in SciFi vs. The Movie Network in the areas of support for Atlantis?

    Now that we are suffering through the mid season break my 11 year old wants to go on a hunger strike! I had to let him down gently that it would not really change anything but soon enough new shows will be back.

    Keep up the good work! Love the show love the changes love going along for the ride!

  87. Joe,

    Why don’t you have two blogs…one for everyone and one for the VIPs. I thought that if everyone who wanted to become a vip fan must give to you 5 bucks to go in a charity collection jar of your choosing….. tis the time of giving back don’t you agree. The advantages of being a vip well for one you are sure to get your questions answered everytime by the JOE and you’ll be noticed for being generous. What do you think my friend?

  88. You are the spitting image (almost) of your mom. As for wordpress/blogger – it’s your blog, and ultimately it’s your choice; personally I found blogger to have cleaner lines.
    I will be reading regardless where you post, as long as I can find it. I do like how wordpress #s the comments though. Easier to keep track of, where I last left off.

  89. Thanks for the pictures Joe. Sounds like you and your Mom are having an awesome time so far. Tell your Mom thanks for letting you post her pic.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the 3rd movie. I really hope that Brad is also planning on Daniel, Sam and Teal’c being in the movie too. IMO it just wouldn’t be a Stargate movie without them.

    Quick question if it’s not too spoilery. Do you know yet if we will be seeing Daniel more towards the begining of season 5 or will it be later in the season?

    Thanks Joe.

  90. Your mum might enjoy Sheelagh Kelly’s books. Sheelagh writes historical romance and I’ve never read ’em in spite of the fact that she is my cousin. I’m also pleased to report I’ve never read Mills and Boon either but I suspect there is a room in hell reserved for me absolutely full of historical romances.

  91. Hi Joe,

    I hope that you are having a great time with your mom. Looks like you are off to good start; minus, the 3:30am arrival that is. The thing I hate the most about flying are the departure delays and delays for repairs; the delays for repairs scare me the most. On my way back from Chicago this summer we were delayed for 2 hours because the door handle broke off and some fluid leaking from an unknown source. I saw the repair guy walking around with a roll of duct tape… Yeah! I felt safe flying 4 hours back home on that plane.

    As for the poll, I say, go with the site that gives you less headaches. Choose the site that has more functionality and features you like. I’m sure the readers will follow. (Post it and they will come…. :p)

    -Katie (who is finally free of final exams!!)

  92. firefly827347 Says:

    Enough sucking up? Good. Now I’d like to ask for Kavan Smith in season 5 please, and lots of him. Clothes optional. Ass-kicking preferable. Up to you whether he’s doing the ass kicking or having it done (Seriously though, it would be great to have a “Lorne Saves The Day” episode in the future to go with the “Lorne helps Sheppard and McKay save the day” episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I love those too, but everyone needs a little variety ;))

    Sheppard, Ronon, McKay, Lorne, Zelenka and the cute leader of the Genii (I can’t remember his name off the top of my head) – An All Male Revue episode!

    That would be absolutely drool worthy….I mean stunning.

  93. Er, it occurs to me that I possibly sounded ungrateful for your answer to my question. I apologize – I did not mean it to come across that way. In fact, I was quite excited – it was the first time I’d had a question answered on your blog! 🙂 So thank you. I will be watching hopefully for team episodes in both the back half of S4 and in S5. Truthfully, judging from the spoilers currently available, the rest of the schedule for S4 had looked rather light on team, so that’s why I had asked about S5. But perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised-I’m hopeful. The more team the better. 🙂

  94. 1. LogicSequence Says:
    cat4444 Said:
    “Leila said
    Boy Kimberly you ask a lot. I’ll take his mom off his hands just for dinner with David Hewlett and I have no husband to institute a 10 foot rule.

    Yes, but David has someone to institute that rule.”

    Oh, but wouldn’t we all like to have dinner with David Hewlett?
    Hmmm, prize for the 100,000th visit on the new Blog? Dinner with David Hewlett! Sounds great!

    I’d take dinner (and not a virtual one either!) with David over just about any prize. I may have to waffle a little if the other prize was like a million dollars, but otherwise David wins. I’m sure Jane would let us within 10 feet as long as we promised to keep our hands to ourselves. Sure we would….

    Now I just need to get my passport.

  95. As long as you continue blogging-I’m fine with either (though slightly leaning towards blogger but that just because I like the black background). And I’d say one or the other too. Hi to your Mom also!

  96. Joe, while WordPress doesn’t seem as easy on the eyes as blogger was, given that your post directing us here hasn’t shown up yet, I’d vote for staying here.

    Also, I have no idea what most of those widgets are, but I find tag clouds induce irrational rage on my end of things. I have no idea why. You won’t start using it, will you?

  97. I just noticed that your newer photos (starting with the Ark of Truth screening) appear to be “widescreen” proportioned. Is this how your camera takes them, or have you been cropping/resizing them?

  98. You WIN for being a Jackie Chan fan. I am gradually collecting all his stuff – the very first films he did in America were awesome! And man, yes, those outtakes are painful looking. I mean my god, he breaks bones and just get plastered up and keeps on going! But if i ever get to participate in a martial arts movie, that’s the way i’d want to do it. There’s something heroic about putting everything into your art, making it raw and effortful and risky.
    I wish his move to Hollywood hadn’t meant the loss of all those risky involved stunts and focus on fighting technique… but that’s the way it goes i guess.

    Have you watched his earlier films, like The Drunken Master? I don’t prefer them over his early American films, because i love everything Americana, but they’re pretty cool from an entirely different perspective and the fighting techniques get a lot more exposure. Watching Chan’s character beat his opponent by mastering the art of drunken Kung Fu is awesome!

  99. Joe,

    thank you very much!!
    Oooh, your mum, she looks great! Tell her that! 🙂
    As for the blog space, whatever you choose, I’ll be here to read your posts!

    Have a great day and take care!


  100. *waves to Joe and Joe’s mom*

    I’m back!! *takes a look around* Hmmm not too bad. So, should you go back to blogger? I say definately. You know what us ‘gaters are like with drastic change, there’ll be tears, tantrums, it won’t be pretty. 😉

    So how have you been Mr M? Did I miss the Shep getting beat up in a Japanese bath house?!! *iz dead* Nekkid Shep AND whumped to oblivion, what more can a girl ask for? It’s certainly more than I ever dreamed of *luffs ya Mr M* So, is that season 5’s line up then? And where te heck are the pix. 😉

    Block your ears Mr M, i’m ready to let rip… well it has been a while, and I know you’ve missed it. So this one’s just for you. :o)



    You’re a very wise and kind man. :o)

  101. I vote blogger.

    WordPress doesn’t have that homely lived in feel.

    I don’t get the sense that I can pull up a comfy chair, kick off my shoes and grab a glass of wine.

    Oh well they do say change is good for the soul.

    Where so ever you lead I shall follow.

    Do you ever try cooking some of the food that you love so much, I’m thinking of something like the potentially fatal borscht?


  102. Greetings again Joseph!

    I got a little concerned about the lack of updates on your Blogger blog, luckily I noticed the address to this location. I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you went through with Blogger (there’s ALWAYS an error whenever you have to correct something over the internet).

    I am curious, and not just for me, but for others curious as well, if travelling to Vancouver-area, do you have any hotel or restaurant ‘must-haves’?


  103. You might not want to post this or the link, but were you aware this video clip was out there? I swear I was just looking for Burbank convention videos when I came across it. I didn’t watch it — honest!


    Spoilers are one thing, but if this is real, someone needs to be fired!

    Anne Teldy

  104. Wow, I was arriving at work on the right coast at the same time your mother was arriving in Vancouver. You’ve really got to love the rotation of the earth thing. Hi Joe’s mom!

    Business law question: When you film on location, is the location site considered the cast and crew’s place of employment for that particular day for liability and insurance purposes, or do they all have to report to the studio and then be driven to the location? In the states, when the government sends me temporary duty (TDY), the government covers me from the time I get in my truck until the time I get home. On a regular work day, I’m covered when I walk into the office, but not the drive to and from the office. Thanks!

  105. You know what I like about this site – no huge anonymous vs. anonymous cat fights.
    It’s refreshing, and that, along with the easier to read font makes me vote for WordPress.

  106. Just a guess here, but…

    At the end of “Vengeance” Teyla remarks that it is remarkable how fast Michael has incorporated their science into his own. Weir also states that Michael had labs on 3 other worlds. Is it possibly possible, maybe, that Carson is in the employ, forced or otherwise, of Michael? Perhaps in one of the other labs? It seems to fit with Michael’s return in Kindred. Carson was in Michael’s custody during “Misbegotten.” Could they have rescued a different Carson? Though I doubt they had time to clone him or anything…

    Again, it’s just a guess that happens to fit the facts.


  107. As much as I appreciate wanting to “stick it to Blogger” I thought that the pictures turned up much better on it. How is this chef supposed to get inspiration on how to plate up her specials if I can’t sleep what Fuel is up to 😉

  108. I opt for Blogger – its black, dark oppressive feel better fits your evil persona. This light colored, cheery stuff is just too fluffy for you.

  109. “…George Horie just back from his vacation in Hawaii. Like Paul and Marty G., he experienced endless rain and a hurricane that knocked out power for three straight days.”
    Sorry to hear that the guys all got hit by our recent inclement weather, though to be accurate it was not a hurricane, just a tropical storm with near gale force winds, and a Lot of rain. It did get pretty messy though and I hope the experience will not have scared them, or hopefully yourself, from visiting again someday. Normal weather patterns seem to have returned though it looks to be a somewhat wetter winter this year than normal.
    I did want to ask, are you planning on catching the Sugar Bowl over New Years? Hawaii (12-0) against Georgia? Should be Good!
    Good luck with your Mom’s visit over the holidays, thanks for what has so far turned out to be a great season 4, and best of luck with the new season, and New Year!

  110. I personally prefer this site to Blogger. With the black background and white lettering, it was much harder to read. Also, the font was smaller, which could be a problem for some people. I agree that the pictures are nicer on Blogger, but they aren’t that bad here. I’ll follow wherever, but I definitely like this site better overall.

  111. Joe-

    Too weird you mentioned Jackie Chan, I’ve been on a kick lately watching alot of his films. I’m a big fan (also a fan of Stephen Chow). I just ordered the other day one of Jackie’s films from 1975! Real old skool.

    So you a Jackie fan, or a fan of martial arts movies in general? Do you have a preference, say Chan or Lee?

  112. WordPress feels like the holiday home, while blogger feels like home… despite the protests from my eyes. I haven’t been with your blog for very long so my input doesn’t really rate.

    I say go with your instinct.. or go back to the magic 8 ball for advice.

    I just set up a blog here (something I said I would never do!) for my travelling friends but happy to move again.

    It’s 8.28am Melbourne, Aus time and the blog update on blogger hasn’t shown. That FYI was for the “have blogger really fixed the problem?” thread.

    48 hours was on Sci Fi last night. I cracked up when McKay came out. He looks so young! And it made me remember why I didn’t like him at first. Congrats on the amazing character you have made him into.

  113. Ok now that I’ve caught up, I vote you stay here!! I really like this set up! Very nice and user friendly! Sorry to hear Jelly is having troubles, hope it’s not a lasting thing.

  114. So, I’ve got a question…do you watch much television? Since finals ended and survivor ended I’ve been watching my SG-1 dvd’s again and last night, as I came up for air and sustinance, this new show called duel caught my eye. Even though it took over the time slot for another show I’ve been watching it was actually kind of interesting. Kind of a who wants to be a millionare feel with two battling over money rather than one. Although the extent of my useless knowledge base is limited I still found myself attempting to beat my husband to the punch, with little success. He did say that he was happy to see me…since my head has been burried in Stargate he’s kind of been left out in the cold. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll survive.
    As for which blog site…I like this one, but which ever you choose I will follow.

  115. @ anneteldy

    that video is definitely fake, its from one of Joe’s movies that he shot like 5-6 years ago, that and the pictures of the wraith are a dead giveaway.

    new blog looks good Joe, shame about blogger taking the piss what with their accusing you of spam antics.

    Stick with this blog definitely{over blogger}, even at the sacrifice of the pictures, this is much better{at the moment}.

  116. So, for the last few years my husband has been making fun of me for watching stargate….
    Today I’m watching in my little world, minding my own buisness and I pause and what do I find? My husband, in the other room, watching an episode of stargate! Ha- what is his excuse? It’s a good episode he says. I have created a monster! Yeah for me…no more snide remarks about my addiction-I’ve drawn him in. Now, if I can convince him to watch SGA my work will be done. I already have my son watching with me how hard can it be?

  117. Forgot to weigh in on the blogger debate; I like this location. Now, I don’t have to put on my glasses to read your blog. Sad but true.


  118. I like your new location at WordPress! Hopefully this one doesn’t accuse you of spamming.

  119. kirkeastment said to me:

    that video is definitely fake, its from one of Joe’s movies that he shot like 5-6 years ago, that and the pictures of the wraith are a dead giveaway.

    Which movie is it from?

    As I didn’t watch the video, I didn’t know there were pictures of Wraith. The person who posted it just said it was an in-production shot not a final.

    Mr. M., can you confirm kirkeastment’s statement that this isn’t from Stargate Atlantis? Or do you still need to fire somebody?

    Anne Teldy

  120. Definately stay here, your Blogger one hasn’t even posted your update!
    Hope you’re having a good time with your mum, I’m hope for Christmas now and I’m loving it. You look a lot (but not enough as to insult either you or her) like your mum! 😉

  121. Lol, I was quite surprised to see the humble papo-seco (portuguese bun) on your blog and further down you mentioned quince, if you haven’t tried, a sanduich made with papo-seco and marmelada ( quince cheese) is divine.
    I’m sorry if you have already answered this but do the events in Continuum leave repercursions on/ change the present time line? ( I’m assuming sga s4 is after?) Is AT in how many episodes of s5?
    Hope you have a great time with your mum.

  122. Hi!

    Well, i like both of your blog sites, although the colour scheme on the old one was a bit more classy. However you say that this new one has way more snazy features….. so in conclusion, i don’t know which one you should stick with!

    If possible could you chose just 1 rather than both…. otherewise i will have to read both of them and both sets of comments just in case i miss something.



  123. The move over here seems to have weeded out a lot of the people who like to attack other posters anonymouslyy for their views on the cast changes.

    I wonder if that’s because they’re scared to include their email addresses, or if they genuinely haven’t found the blog yet.

  124. Greatly enjoyed your fanvid (100% JOSEPH MALLOZZI). I like WordPress: it’s easy to play with (and kind of addictive).

    So: did your mom go for the uni? We have unagi ice cream over here — don’t know if you’re that culinarily daring? By airmail it *might* make it there for Christmas *g*

  125. I only discovered your blog a short while ago. [Where was I? Another galaxy? *hums innocently*] But I’m appreciating WordPress for its organization and clarity. Plus, not having Anonymous36 being catty with Anonymous17 is a relief – I’m sure you would agree, even though you seem to be a genial host. And numbered comments are very good. Hee – I’m so into being organized.

    Beside the insider Stargate stuff, your culinary escapades make me envious. I used to do all that stuff a lifetime ago (mainly Toronto, but also Montreal, Vancouver and NYC). I hope your Mom will definitely go for the uni (as sashimi it’s ethereal; so, ditch the rice). I’d also recommend raw scallops WITH the raw muscle piece. I had it as a part of an Omakaze dinner in TO.

    P.S. Remember Blogger did not treat you respectfully. *razzes them*

  126. Regarding voting for which blog — I really liked your old blog. (I must clarify this by adding I hate change.) Please go back to your old blog. That one was comfortable; kind of like putting on a comfortable pair of jeans and a favorite sweatshirt, if you know what I mean.

  127. Anonymous littlesis said…

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures from the Ark of Truth screening. If I may jump of topic, I have a suggestion for Mr. Malozzi and the producers of Stargate Atlantis. First, my whole family are Stargate fanatics, (in the nicest way). We love both shows and can’t wait for the movies.
    I just read an interview with Jason Momoa (Ronan Dex). He talks about cutting his dreadlocks because of the discomfort he dealt with in wearing them (holy cow- 6 1/2 lbs- who wouldn’t be in pain). I think the writer/writers should write an incident that would cause Ronan to have to cut his hair or have to have it cut, instead of sewing the dreads on for shooting. Something like a fire where he goes in to save someone like Sam Carter, or Teyla, and suffers burns and loses his hair in the fire. He can grow them back if he wants, but it would give him a break and give the fans a chance to see him without them and get used to seeing the handsome Jason without being overshadowed by the dreadlocks. I hope the right powers that be get a chance to read this. This is the first time I have ever written or even answered a blog, but I felt strongly that the fans of the show should have a chance to make a comment or suggestion. No matter what happens, I will still watch and be a strong supporter of the Stargate franchise.

    December 26, 2007 3:30:39 AM PST

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