On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that tests on yoga-wear maker’s Lululemon VitaSea garment line revealed no traces of seaweed in the clothing. I assumed this was a good thing but apparently not. Today, Lululemon released the results of its own tests that seem to back-up its claim that its product does, in fact, contain 24% seaweed (which, incidentally, is still 12% less than a McDonald’s shake). According to Lululemon, the seaweed helps provide “anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, stress reducing, hydrating and detoxifying features”, thereby also confirming suspicions that their product is, in fact, made up of 24% seaweed, 25% cotton, and 51% bullshit.

Tonight’s episode of Stargate Atlantis is The Seer. What can I say about this one? Well, there’s the fact that I really hated the idea when it was first pitched. Although, in all fairness, this story went through a bunch of incarnations in its early stages (involving everything from wonky machines to even wonkier Ancients) before finally blossoming into the fine episode you’ll see tonight. Key among the developments that really make this episode memorable for me were Robert Cooper’s suggestion to throw Woolsey into the mix (Bob Picardo has some truly priceless moments in this one), the incorporation of the wraith angle into the story (making this one the best individual wraith episode since Common Ground thanks in no small part to Chris Heyerdahl’s portrayal of the unlikely ally we will come to know as Todd), and, chiefest of all, Paul Mullie’s contribution to the script that not only tightened it structurally but offered up some brilliant (and humorous) character moments.

We were in the office today and watched a mix of that episode – the one with the marriage proposal. You know the one I’m talking about. Another one with some truly terrific character moments – and a most unlikely hero.

Last month, in addition to reading our book of the month club selections, The Legacy of Heorot and Lord Foul’s Bane, I read the runners-up as well – Legion of the Damned and Perdido Street Station. While I preferred Legacy over Legion, Perdido Street Station blew away Lord Foul’s Bane. Well, I had some free time so I read the runners-up to this months BOTM selections and, I have to say, Herbert’s The White Plague better be good because Connie Willis’s The Doomsday Book was truly awesome. And incredibly depressing. Yet brilliant nevertheless. I wasn’t as enamored of Lord Valentine’s Castle. As much as I loved the colorful characters, I felt Valentine’s use of his Jedi mind trick-like ability undermined much of the drama. Let’s see how King’s The Gunslinger compares.

This blog entry is dedicated to the woefully uncoordinated Jen K. who seems to be having a worse week than I did.

Less than 55 000 visits to go…

Today’s video: Click on the date to witness a horrific giant pine beetle attack.

On to the mailbag:

Satine a ecrit: “Et à votre avis, est-ce plus difficile d’apprendre l’anglais pour un français, ou le français pour un anglais?”

Reponse: Je dirais qu’il est beaucoup plus difficile d’apprendre l’anglais.

Anonymous #1 writes: “With regard to the future Season 4 DVD, I would like to request more actor commentary.”

Answer: From what I hear, David Hewlett will be heading in next week to provide commentary on a couple of early season four episodes.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I loved Shepperd and McKay’s scene centered around guessing the Batman villains and the actors who played them. I was literally yelling the answers at the TV. Were you a fan of show?”

Answer: Batman and Get Smart – two of my favorite shows of all time. And lest you think I’m too young, check out my May 2, 2007 post for my top ten list of the shows that had the biggest influence on me growing up.

Teknikal writes: “Its my birthday today!!!!…any suggestions for a cake??????”

Answer: Happy Birthday! And Malted Milk Chocolate and Chestnut Cream Cake. Save me a piece.

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