Paul first pitched out the idea late in season 3: “We go to the planet, but the Athosians aren‘t there. They‘re missing.” I was intrigued: “Where’d they go?”. “I don’t know,”he shrugged. “What happened to them?”I pressed. “I don’t know,”he repeated. A year and a half later, we finally know and by WE I mean those involved in the production of Atlantis’s fourth season. WE know, but WE ain’t telling because the revelation is the key to a major arc we kick off in Missing. It was to be, at the time we got together to brainstorm the idea, the impetus for Teyla’s dark turn – an exploration of her character that we were poised to follow through on – until we learned that Rachel was pregnant. Congratulations were in order! Congratulations and a quick reconsideration of the game plan. On the one hand, this curveball forced us to rethink the arc we had envisioned. On the other hand, it afforded us the opportunity to develop a different aspect of the character – and throw our own curveball into a hitherto comfortable friendship. But more on that interesting little development in the coming weeks. Yeah, again, WE know, but WE ain’t telling.

So, what is everyone reading? I assume the answer is: “The White Plague and Book One of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series of course” as these are the books we’ll be discussing in two weeks as part of Joe’s Books of the Month Club. I will, of course, be getting around to reading them – but at the moment, I’ve just started on this month’s BOTM runners-up: Lord Valentine’s Castle and The Doomsday Book. So far so great. Here’s hoping the winning books prove just as engaging. I look forward to hearing feedback from all of you – and also look forward to hearing what occasional contributors to this blog Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster have to say as they have expressed interest in joining this month’s discussion. They have also expressed interest in co-hosting a weekly special feature for this blog, a sort of point/counter-point in which they will discuss and debate the hard-hitting news of the week covering everything from celebrity scandals to t.v high/low-lights. How could I refuse?

143 comments and counting! Carl is going to have a busy Sunday. Well, allow me to tackle the non-Carl-directed queries…

LostCityGuardian writes: “If you’re not going to be a showrunner, would you be roped in as a SGU writer then, in the same way that RCC is not an SGA executive producer but writes for you guys?”

Answer: Roped in? We don’t rope anyone in. We usually just lock the doors and don’t let people leave until they’ve written at least one script. As for who will be writing on SGU – way too early to tell.

Jenny R. writes: “Have any other episodes ever made the writers/producers cry while watching?”

Answer: Yeah. Irresponsible had me in tears, but for completely different reasons.

Fingolfin high king writes: “Is it true that at one point the Wraith Scout Ship was to be featured in a shot (As hinted by the ship design pics)?”

Answer: Nope. Wrong episode.

Lauren writes: “Joe, why are you sometimes so curt to people who express their dislike of Carter (or Weir leaving, etc.)? I’m not talking about the people who are rude first–I’ve seen more than a few people who’ve left comments that made me cringe with embarrassment–but I’ve also seen some polite, well thought out questions and comments that you’ve responded to in the same tone as the horrible ones.”

Answer: Clearly we disagree on what is considered impolite or disrespectful. There are plenty of regular visitors to this blog who have made it very clear that they disagree with some of the creative decisions that have been made, and they have done so in a pointed yet respectful manner. I have neither rejected their posts nor have I belittled their opinions.

Anonymous #1 writes: “So got in touch with Michael so is a proboble turning back into priority again?”

Answer: I’m not sure what you mean. Even if something is of the highest priority, unless it’s a confirmed done deal, nothing is definite.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Keller must go. I’ve never seen such a spineless character.”

Answer: You mean besides fan-favorite Rodney McKay, don’t you?

Sparky writes: “ I was wondering if a fan from Belgium (myself ;)) would ask you for a signature, would you sent it to her?”

Answer: Sure.

Anonymous #3 writes: “We are honeymooning in Montreal, any romantic dinner suggestions?”

Answer: Head down to Old Montreal for a romantic dinner and stroll.

Katherine19 a ecrit: “1°)lisez vous des fanfictions ? 2) supportez vous un couple sur atlantis ?”

Reponses: Non et non.

Anonymous #4 writes: “If this guy is supossed to be her crush, mentioned in Sunday, then you have made a big mistake, I’m afraid.”

Answer: Or the individual she mentioned in Sunday is not “this guy”.

Semisweet writes: “She’s a doctor, for crying out loud! How could she EVER be capable of doing surgery if she’s as spineless as this?”

Answer: I’d say there’s a big difference between keeping your cool performing surgery and keeping your cool while on the run from a band of savage cannibals.

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