So I was checking out Site Meter this morning and noticed that the total visits to this blog is creeping up to 665 000. As some of you many know, for the monumental 250 000th visit, I gave away a boxful of one-of-a-kind not-overly-toxic flocking (which PG-15 is no doubt treasuring as I write this entry). For the historic 500 000th visit, I gave away a tube of bonafide Ark of Truth/Last Man sand (which, I assume, is now safely tucked away under Pauline’s pillow for safekeeping and pleasant Atlantis-themed dreams). Now I wasn’t planning on giving anything away for the 750 000th visit, preferring to come up with something extra extra-special for my one millionth visitor – but I had an idea for a fun prize. It wouldn’t be as extra extra-special as the millionth visit prize, but more special than both the flocking and the sand. So extra special. Simply not extra extra-special.

I’ve decided that the special 750 000th visitor will win…

A virtual dinner with me! Yes, a glorious event that will allow me to combine to of my favorite things: eating and talking about myself. This is how it’ll work. 1) I announce the lucky winner. 2) The lucky winner and I agree on the date and time. I defer to the winner’s choice of food. 3) On the date and time in question, we meet here on my blog and have a wonderful virtual meal (complete with play-by-play pics of the dishes we’ll be virtually enjoying as the evening progresses) and an hour-long dinner conversation (essentially comprised of a real-time back-and-forth in the comments section). During this hour, I will not be approving anyone else’s comments but yours, you lucky extra special winner. 4) After the hour is up, I’ll pick up the tab, call you a cab, and then allow general comments.

Given the traffic, I estimate it’ll take a little over a month to hit the 750 000 mark, so start working on that scintillating dinner chat now!

Today’s blog entry was a little late as I was off having dinner with Carl for what could be the last time in a long while. He has finished up his producer duties on Atlantis’s fourth season and now heads back to L.A. where he will man the picket lines alongside his fellow WGA members. I certainly hope Carl lends some much-needed creative inspiration to those surprisingly uninspired placard slogans (“No Moolah, No Ha Ha”. Really? Is that the best you could do?). Alan suggested Carl’s placard should read “Broke-a-hontas “ and (according to Paul) include the addendum: “By the way, I was the writer of the Disney movie Pocahontas”).

In any case, here’s hoping the strike is settled soon for everyone’s sake and, in particular, all those viewers who will ultimately end up with nothing better to do with their evenings than read or talk to their loved ones.

Today’s pics: Tonight’s dinner. Carl enjoys some crispy squid while I savor my antibiotic.

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