“Have you ever had your eyelid flipped?”the doctor asked as he fished an impossibly long Q-tips out of a big glass jar. I searched my mind before finally answering: “Not intentionally,”. “Well, I’m going to have to flip it in order to examine you,”he said. “It may feel uncomfortable or even a little painful. Let me know.” Oh, I vowed, I’ll let you know alright. I lay back and tried to feign casual indifference as he tugged the bottom of my hyper-sensitive upper lip and gave it a twist. My body tensed. If pressed to describe the sensation, I’d definitely err on the side of “a little painful”. The doctor hovered over me, giant Q-tip in hand, and hmmmm’d thoughtfully. He straightened and informed me: “You have an infection of your upper lid.”. Yeah, that was my third guess. He sent me on my way with some meds, a prescription for more meds, and a warning to steer clear of fiberglass for the foreseeable future.

I rolled into work ten minutes later and immediately headed into the bathroom where I tried to apply the eye drops I’d been given. The last time I needed eye drops was in elementary school and, back then, mom was kind enough to do the honors for me. Well, mom lives in Montreal now so I was on my own. I leaned way back and, pulled down on the lower lid of my right eye, and kept my left eye on the mirror so I could see what I was doing as I attempted to line up the stopper. My first attempt was too high, landing just above my eyebrow. My second attempt was too low, getting my cheek instead. My third attempt hit the side of my nose but I was able to shimmy like a limbo champion and managed to direct most of it back into my eye. Is there some trick to this I should know about? Short of getting someone else to do it for you?

Well, we actually started spinning today. Yep, Monkey in the Control Room is coming along nicely. We’ve got the general story, the tease, and all four act breaks although, if you ask me, act three is a little skimpy. Of course Monkey in the Control Room is just a working title and could eventually change to something entirely different like, say, Monkey in the Puddle Jumper or Monkey in the Conference Room or, if we’re feeling particularly creative, Dingo in the Mess Hall. Next week, we start breaking what we know will be the first three episodes of Atlantis’s fifth season: S&R, B&B, and KGS BGT BSK KSB.

Today’s pics: Our fantastic meal at my favorite Japanese tapas restaurant, Yuji’s, including Taka-san’s creation of the day: The Okinawa Roll (Pssst. The secret ingredient is spam!).

Today’s video: Click on the date and discover a whole new quick and easy way of cooking.

Today’s mailbag:

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “It looks like doggy daycare is exhausting poor Lulu. […]Where is she in the pack hierarchy at home?”

Answer: Jelly is still the pack leader, but Lulu is challenging Bubba for the title of little-hell raiser.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Are those numbers supposed to mean anything to us yet?”

Answer: They should…if your name is either Martin Gero, Carl Binder, or Paul Mullie. Even then, probably not.

Keirberos writes: “Any talk yet on general directions S5 may go?”

Answer: Yep. Marty G. pitched out a great idea with big-arc implications.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Hi Joe any chance of seeing the Joe Flanigan pitched angsty Sheppard episode that was shelved in season 5?”

Answer: Unfortunately, the stories we have done (and continue to do) make that particular story an impossibility.

Indy-D writes: “If you were to weigh all of your infirmities, would they equal, in the opposite, the elation you would experience from a New England Patriots loss?”

Answer: Maybe. A Pats loss certainly would be sweet. Well, we’ll see Sunday afternoon when we all gather at Rob’s for the big game.

Squall78 writes: “Would you ever consider posting on the official Sci-fi.com SGA forum?”

Answer: To be honest, it’s challenging enough blogging every day and answering your questions here.

Gilder writes: “Tell Fondy I’ll have to try her beets recipe. I grew up eating them Southern style–sweetened. How do you feel about turnips, both greens and root?”

Answer: Love ‘em. Got any good recipes?

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