Okay, this really hasn’t been my week. Not only is my stomach incredibly upset following an ill-advised decision to go with an atypically healthy lunch alternative (The spinach salad! What the hell was I thinking?!), but that swelling of my upper right eyelid continues to plague me despite my best efforts to deal with the condition (ie. ignoring it in the hopes it will go away). I’m particularly bummed because tonight was supposed to be smoked meat night with Carl. Instead, it looks like another quiet evening of a little game I like to call: “What the hell did I do to cause this? I have no recollection of injuring myself or doing anything that could have led to this condition. Seriously. What the hell?”

Now, I can’t boast any formal medical studies outside of three seasons of House I‘ve seen, but given the variety and the timing of the physical ailments that have hit me of late, I can confidently conclude it’s either one of two things: 1) I’ve been cursed. 2) It’s something else. Having thus narrowed it down, I intend to thoroughly investigate both possibilities and report back with my findings in the coming days.

On the bright side, progress continues on the season five front. No actual breaking yet, but plenty of spinning and a grand total of 15 notions ranging from uncertain to promisingly vague. We know where we’ll be going with the first two episodes and it looks like the idea Carl pitched out today will find the third slot. After that, it’s wide open although, there are a couple of ideas that look very promising. If you don’t mind being spoiled, I’m specifically referring to…













Numbers 8, 10, 13, and 14.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. We had close to ten kids drop by our house, nearly doubling last year’s count! Despite the veritable deluge of costumed tots, we managed alright. Fondy had picked up your run-of-the-mill variety packs for distribution, but I really felt we were missing out on a wonderful opportunity to educate these tykes on the nuances of fine chocolate. Honestly, what adolescent wouldn’t thrill to the flavorsome medley of dark chocolate, galingale, and beetroot? What four year old wouldn’t appreciate the intense cocoa rush of a single estate 100% organic dark? Well, thanks to Fondy who proved an incredible spoilsport by nixing my idea and suggesting the kids would probably prefer a razor blade in their apples, the trick-or-treaters got Aeros and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead. And the children of Vancouver are poorer for it.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Keirberos who had to put down her mini-schnauzer Chandler the other day.

Today’s pics: Lulu after a day at daycare.

Today’s mailbag:

Promogirl writes: “Looking forward to Tabla Rasa on Friday, especially after all your praise for the photography on this one. Can’t wait. Is there any scene or location in particular that we should look out for?”

Answer: Love the tease. The Ronon-Sheppard scene near episode’s end is great as well.

Vv0472 writes: “I was watching ‘Citizen Joe’ today on TV and I was wondering how you got Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson) to play Joe.”

Answer: We simply cast him and he ended up doing a terrific job. We had a great time working with him and I think he had an equally good time on the show because, the following year, he wrote a Simpsons episode that featured not only Richard Dean Anderson but Stargate as well.

Teyilia writes: “You guys stuck on S5 story ideas I have a few and was wondering, if I were to send one to you guys how would you prefer me to do so?”

Answer: Sorry. We don’t accept unsolicited submissions.

Connor writes: “I was wondering if Joe F. or any of the other actors have come up to any of you guys yet with some ideas for season five?”

Answer: Noop.

Patricia writes: “And, at the express request of one Elephantomgirl, I am supposed to ask you why you hate me…does that sound paranoid?”

Answer: No, no, not at all. Tell Elephantomgirl that I don’t hate you. I’m very fond of you, in fact. It’s HER I hate because of that annoying thing she always does with her index finger.

Connor also writes: “ It’s been three years (now four with the new season starting up) and I feel like I am no closer to knowing anything about Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, or little else about else on the team.”

Answer: Hopefully season four will go a ways toward changing that.

Xephy writes: “Hey Joe, was just wondering if you or any of the crew or cast reads or has much interest in the numerous Stargate fan fictions circulating the Net at the moment?”

Answer: As good as it may be, we cannot read fan fiction.

LostCityGuardian writes: “Have you considered trying your hand at directing an episode of SGA?”

Answer: No interest.

SMB Books writes: I sent an email to you and Paul M. earlier this week using the bridgestudios@bcpavco.com address. Just curious, did you receive it?

Answer: I didn’t. You’re better of trying to reach me through either Cookie Monster or Baron Destructo.

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