To all those of you wondering whether I’ll be continuing this blog after production on the show ends, the short answer is “Yes.” The long answer is “Yes, I will.” After all, I wouldn’t want to disappoint the many readers that check in here on a regular basis who may not necessarily be Stargate fans. I did a little research and was surprised by the results. The 4000 or so visitors who drop by this site consistently break down as follows:

5%: Foodies.
7%: Obsessed chocolate fans.
9%: Minions of Baron Destructo.
10%: People I know checking in to make sure I’m writing/not writing about them.
12%: Stargate fans
13%: Fans of Cookie Monster.
14%: Varied interests.
30%: Individuals who have come across my blog by accidentally following a link (ie. A browser search for “Young People F**king” or any variation thereof).

So there you have it. I’ll continue to provide you all with entertaining blog entries. Starting tomorrow as I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days and haven’t really been in an entertaining mood. It may just be, as Marty G. suggests, nothing more than the “end of season collapse”, my mind telling my body “Finally, it’s over! It’s okay to be sick!”. Maybe. And depending on how long this lasts, I may call in some help in the coming days. Both Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster have expressed interest in assuming blogger duties for a day or two. We’ll see how it goes.

To all those of you asking – we didn’t receive the +3 ratings on Friday as I assumed we would. For some reason no one is able to explain to me, we won’t receive said numbers until Monday or Tuesday. So, stay tuned.

Today’s pics: Our last day of shooting.

Today’s video: Click on the date to see Joe F. skateboard off into the sunset on our last day of shooting.

Today’s mailbag:

Charles Schneider writes: “Can you tell us anything about the pilot scripts you’d be working on, or are they top secrect?”

Answer: For now, they are hush-hush.

Cat writes: “Are you looking forward to the West Coast Chocolate Festival?”

Answer: Ooooh. Thanks for the tip.

Morgia a ecrit: “As-tu déjà visité le Québec?”

Answer: Je suis né à Montréal.

Herbert writes: “Joe, I have to admit that though I knew Carl Binder as soon as I saw him, I cannot remember the name of the other man to whom you introduce d me.”

Answer: I believe that was Alan McCullough.

Herbert also writes: “Let’s say I have a detailed idea for a sci-fi/fantasy story. What medium would make me the most money?”

Answer: That’s a tough question to answer. It really depends as certain properties lend themselves better to specific mediums.

Joe and the Crew’s fan writes: “What if we want to send a “Wooohooo Stargate’s Ratings are an all time high” giftbasket? will it still get to you before expiration date at Bridge Studios?”

Answer: Yup. The production offices will be open for a while.

Kath in Baltimore writes: “I’m a huge Hong Kong movie fan! I cut my teeth on the Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung/Yuen Biao comedies, but love all those others you mentioned too. Do you prefer the comedies, the far out fantasy style, or the dramatic shoot ’em ups?”

Answer: I liked ‘em all, from the Steven Chow comedies like Shaolin Soccer and From Beijing with Love to the Tsui Hark fantasies like A Chinese Ghost Story and Dragon Inn to John Woo and Ringo Lam’s dramatic shoot ‘em ups.

ARF writes: “McKay can rewrite the Replicator basecode, but conveniently he can’t find the schematics or research materials on how to make ZPMs?”

Answer: You find it convenient that McKay can rewrite the replicator base code (something he, and Earth’s scientists, have been studying since we first encountered the replicator) but hasn’t stumbled across everything he needs to help him manufacture his own ZPM? Seriously? How about the fact that he hasn’t found enough personal shields to outfit the entire Atlantis expedition?

ARF also writes: “Suspend disbelief for one action, but not another because that would get rid of a lot of the problems the characters face every episode.”

Answer: Well, in the original version of the Atlantis pilot, Sheppard and co. learn everything they need to know to defeat the wraith. But it turned out that made the ensuing episodes surprisingly less dramatic.

Tepring writes: “In your opinion, as an industry insider, do you think the producers will go different routes to find financial resources and new venues for their shows, sidestepping distributers like SciFi, NBC, etc. altogether? Or will the distributers/networks absorb the new ways audiences are behaving and drive the innovation to monetize those differently?”

Answer: Producers are already actively seeking out new venues for their shows (ie. the internet, on demand programming, direct-to-dvd options) and they will continue to do so. As for the networks – they are looking at ways to adjust to changing face of technology as well.

Anonymous #1 writes: “To hell with leaving things open to everyone’s interpretation.”

Answer: I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to. I’m guessing the ending to The Sopranos?

Smiley Face06 writes: “According to Alex Levine’s blog on, you’ll be going to Chris Judge’s Halloween party as Heart Burn. Is that true?”{

Answer: That’s the plan. Heartburn’s signature move (the fisted chest pound) is simple enough to master. Ivon Bartok may have a harder time with Diarrhea’s more complicated maneuver.

Libsechumanist writes: “Joe – I’m a bit at a loss with some of your blog posters, the anti-Season 4 folks – I assume they are “SaveCarsonBeckett” folks…”

Answer: Given all of my past dealings with the SaveCarsonBeckett folk, I would assume that just the opposite. They may not be happy with certain changes to the show and have made that perfectly clear, but I have never heard of one actively campaigning against the show’s future.

Anonymous #2 writes: “So, what’s your favorite Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean film?”

Answer: My favorite is a Japanese movie called Fudoh: The New Generation. Wild.

Charles Schneider writes: “I’ve heard Marty G. reference your advice during almost all of his DVD commentaries. Would you say that as his long-time boss (of sorts) you are also like a big brother or mentor to him in the production office?”

Answer: Big brother or mentor? Nah. I think all of the producers respect one another as equals.

AMZ writes: “Do you ever find it hard to give criticism to friends?”

Answer: Quite the opposite actually. It’s much easier and, at times, a lot of fun. Take that, Binder!

Anonymous #3 writes: “Personally, if I see anything I want to see Teyla/Ronon getting closer. I just don’t see it with Teyla/Sheppard. & from what I understand they were meant to go on from the beginning. Now, I know you always say…WE HAVE NO SHIP. But come one Joe. lol. I just want to know..WHY you picked the two of them to be the love interest. && why not settle for the other pairing?”

Answer: Feel free to ask me this question again once you’ve actually seen season four. My guess is you won’t bother.

Steven Goldman writes: “ Joe, out of curiosity, would you read comics if they were mailed to you c/o Bridge during the hiatus, or would they not get to you?”

Answer: So long as they are not Stargate-related, sure I’d read ‘em.

Kdvb1 writes: “I can’t believe you gave away Zelenka and McKay! (The goldfish)”

Answer: I can’t leave them at the office because I won’t be there and I can’ bring them home because Bubba has a knock for exploring new things about the house, so Krista and the visual effects department has kindly adopted them. Trust me. Zelenka and McKay are in far better hands.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I’ve noticed that quite a few fans are very down on McKay and the banter between Shep and McKay. Could you please touch on this?”

Answer: I’m not sure what, exactly, the criticism is with regard to the banter.

Dovil writes: “Does the network hold things like research groups and then use this to nudge the writers, or do they actually allow you to tell the stories that you want to tell?”

Answer: The network has always allowed us to tell the stories we want to tell, but has weighed in with input to ensure said stories are told as clearly and effectively as possible.

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