Well, I spent last night catching up on my correspondence with email scammers.

First off, a panicked response from Shalom Global Security to my letter of outrage. They insist there has been some sort of misunderstanding, the 1.2 million is still awaiting me, and I should call them at the number provided. I wrote back:

“To Whom It May Concern,

After receiving instructions to contact your offices to arrange payment of a $95 service fee, I phoned and was informed that the 1.2 million dollars promised me in a recent email had been misplaced. Instead of the cash, I was gifted an incomplete set of outdated foreign encyclopedias. I voiced my displeasure in an email sent to your office yesterday and received a response suggesting I contact you immediately. Well, I phoned the number provided and , after explaining my situation to the receptionist, I was placed on hold for exactly fourteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds before being transferred to a Daria Pizzeria that, through a series of frustrating misunderstandings too complicated to go into, charged my credit card for two orders of zany bread and a foot long pizza sub I never received. This all comes at a very difficult time for me as I spent the previous night in the emergency ward with my father who was the victim of a cruel practical joke when someone at his senior’s residence placed a meerkat in his trousers. The police are of course investigating the incident but the fact that my father left his pants unattended during the church service makes their job all the more difficult.

Regardless, I would like to have this matter of my $1.2 million dollars and your $95 dollars settled before my birding association leaves for its South American excursion later this week. I am greatly looking forward to it as this year’s expedition, being led by none other than Lord Hembley Limpdoole (of the Canterbury Limpdoodles), hopes to sight a Spitoon-Necked Pochard, a Scramble-Eyed Coot, a Prickle-Woodied Finch,
and the rare Squim-Felching Egret that, as you no doubt know, is the only carnivorous Ciconiiforme to not only steal a fellow bird’s nest but sub-let it during the high season.

Please get back to me so that this matter can be immediately resolved.

Furiously yours,

Helena Krumpett-Fullbottom”

The second email was from Mrs. Adline Haack who was contacting me with good news: I’d won some obscure European lottery! Thrilled, I wrote back:

“OH. MY. GOD! I can’t believe this. I’ve never won anything in my life. Aside from that time I won at bingo but then when they checked my card they told me 35 hadn’t been called and I had to sit back down and wait for 35 which never came up because they called 17 instead and Beatrice Shankapple ended up taking home the grand prize rainbow foulard which I subsequently stole from her three weeks later during our book club meeting to discuss Yes I Can: The Sammy Davis Jr. Story. Payback’s a bitch, bitch! Anyway, this is the best thing to happen to me since my husband was kidnapped. Can you believe it’s already been twelve years? I still hear from the kidnappers now and again, nuisance phone calls or letters along the lines of “We still have him!” and “Pay up or else!” that have thankfully petered of late which is a good thing because if they’d kept at it, I just may have ignored their initial warnings and called the police. Of course there’s really no point in pursuing the matter now as I’ve already thrown out most of Melvin’s old clothes and turned his workshop into a walk-in closet. Incidentally, do you know anyone who might be interested in purchasing a slightly used belt sander and three pairs of brown, size 14 penny loafers? Let me know.

On to the more important task at hand – getting me my money. No offense, but with the proliferation of email scams, I’m a little uncertain on how to proceed. Not that I don’t trust you but a woman from my Parcheesi Society replied to a similar email and, two weeks later, discovered that she’d been made the legal guardian of a 57 year old Salvadoran fellow named Agapito who subsequently moved into her basement. When she contacted the authorities to make a formal complaint, he countered by contacting Child Services who paid the house a visit and, after interviewing Agapito, charged Ruthie with child endangerment and had her evicted. Now she lives in a cardboard box outside the local Chili’s. This isn’t to say I suspect you of any impropriety, but I just want to be sure these are the legitimate winnings from an obcure European lottery I don’t remember entering.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Margaret Quibble”

I also received an email from a Mr. Evergreen LaPlant who tells me he is a 36 year old artist living in England “with my two kids, one dog and the love of my life”. Alas, all is not hunky dory for Evergreen who has been receiving US money orders, cheques, and VISA card payments for his wonderful artwork (done in either pencil or airbrush mixed with color pencils […] and creating artwork on the computer) but is having trouble cashing the aforementioned in England. Would I be interested in helping him facilitate these transactions? Would I!

“Holy Macaroni! Do we have a lot in common! I’m an artist as well although, unlike you and your work with pencils, airbrush, and computer design, I dabble in oils (linseed and canola mostly) and the varied sensory potential of salad dressing. When I fashion a sculpture out of congealed Thousand Island or festoon a canvas with the pyrotechnic fusion of a Caesar, Ranch, and Creamy Italian, I invite my audience to engage his/her senses in an optical, olfactory, flavorful and textural experience that, like beauty itself, attracts, amuses, confuses, and offends in its progression from sublime perfection to the nauseating spoiled mayonnaise-scented rubbish my building’s strata council sent me a warning letter about the other day. I follow in the footsteps of the many unappreciated artists of their time – Amedeo Modigliani, Vincent Van Gogh, Tom Arnold – men who suffered at the hands of an ignorant and uncaring public. Who are they to ignore the inventive brilliance of a Still Life with Absinthe or a McHale’s Navy? Who are they to tell me that they won’t pay fifty cents a piece for my Blue Cheese face sculpts of the entire cast of Eight is Enough because they “stink on so many levels”?

Well, I’m sure you can empathize. As I can empathize with you and your inability to cash in on your peripheral dibble-dabbling. We are both trying to make ends meet. You, for your “two kids, one dog, and the love of” your life. Me for my five illegitimate children, three guppies, two crazy uncle Rufus’s, and the love of my life = an incontinent platypus named Swanson.

So, please, tell me how I can help.


Fortescu Strickland Van Letterdam Junior”

Finally, yet another email from James Williams asking me to send him my personal information and, oh yeah, $480. I let Cookie Monster handle this one –

“Okay, Cookie Monster very confused. Go to James Williams house (Grover find by running back-search on IP address from email) and knock on door but nobody answer. Yell “Yoohoo! Is me! Cookie Monster!” But still nobody answer. Me tink maybe you not home and getting ready to scratch message on door when helpful man come by and say was friend of James Williams. Say he deliver cash to James Williams so I give him $480 dollars plus Elmo who need to pee. Cookie Monster wait but not get Elmo or receipt back. Elmo not big deal but Cookie Monster need receipt for tax purposes.


Cookie Monster

P.S. Since hear rumor Elmo mining diamonds in Sierra Leone. So lucky. Me want to go somewhere hot for vacation too.”

Mailbag –

Yet Another Flanigan Fan writes: “Is “Outcast” the Sheppard backstory episode proposed by Joe Flanigan and written by Alan McCullough?”

Answer: Yep.

Yet Another Flannigan Fan also writes: “Have you read Robert Silverberg’s novella “Sailing to Byzantium”?”

Answer:Yep again. Great but would require an enormous budget to pull off on the big screen.

Bugguy writes: “ Any chance of getting a rhyme like the season 2-3 version for season 4?”

Answer: My December 31, 2006 rhyme was mostly about season four.

Teyilia writes: “So….McKay’s the father of Teyla’s baby?… or am I reading that wrong??”

Answer: Yeah, you’re reading it wrong.

PG15 writes: “Is “Finale” the actual name of the Season finale?”

Answer: Nope.

Anonymous #1 writes: “ Uwe Boll has just recently been announced as a guest for the convention, and I was wondering what you felt about his famouse, or rather infamous films.”

Answer: Haven’t seen any of his movies.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I was wondering why the powers that be will not let you release a bloopers reel on the DVDs?”

Answer: We will be releasing a blooper reel with the season four DVD.

Jennifer writes: “Do you like coffee and if so what kind? Also tomorrow is my birthday. Can I get the blog dedicated to me?”

Answer: Don’t drink coffee. Consider this blog entry dedicated to you.

Ruffles writes: “ How far into the writing process of an ep do you begin casting?

Answer: We cast an episode during prep week, a week before it shoots.

Katie writes: “Have Lulu’s ears been docked, or do they just naturally sit up like that?”

Answer: They’re all natural.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “Toute les scénes de stargate Atlantis ont été tournée sur le térritoire Canadian?(ormi le tournage en antarctique) – Dans la saison 4, on reverra des peuples vue dans les saisons précédente? – Il vous reste combient d épisode a tournée pour la saison 4?”

Reponses: Oui, oui, cinq.

Linzi writes: “I was wondering, is the season finale linked to Kindred I and II in any way?”

Answer: Yep.

63 thoughts on “August 14, 2007

  1. Ah, there’s nothing like a good scammer, and it’s always amusing to see your response.

    Have you ever considered adding Bugs Bunny to Cookie Monster, Helena Krumpet-Fullbottom, and the rest of your illustrious names? I’m sure he would make a great addition to a stunning cast of personalities.

    Just a thought.

  2. I still think you should release a collection book for all these scammer replies. You’ll make millions!! So, in order to help you get started, I will need your banking information with which I will collect from your bank account $100 as collateral. Please send the necessary info soon. Thank you.

    Oh, and what made you guys change your mind on the inclusion of blooper reels? I mean, I looking forward to Season 4 even more now, but how come all the previous seasons didn’t have this?

  3. I knew I was reading something wrong…

    anyhow, question, is Teyla gonna be in the season finale? It is NOT Atlantis without her! think of all us Teyla fans!(I know you guys shot Rachels scenes out of order my I have a theory on this….)

    did you by chance film the finale first? that way Teyla is in it?…. *mind is now in gear labeled “please use when playing American Football ONLY, not when writing”* 🙂

    getting to the blooper reel though, is that going to have bloopers from the last three seasons as well or just season 4?

    Teyla’s kitty, stuck in this reality(darnit)

  4. Okay, the meerkat had me giggling into my coffee but Swanson the platypus now has me rolling around on the floor laughing my head off. Thank you so much for brightening my day, you’re the best!

    And could you please send Jason my congrats on the birth of baby Lola? Thanks!

  5. gate lady said:
    That ole fade to black thing means “they done it” in movie/TV land, sorry to say.>>>>>

    Actually that ole fade to black thing in movie/TV land means you can interpret it in any way that floats your boat… or doesn’t get your dander up so you stop watching.

  6. Hi, Joe.

    Again, thank you for your blog, and taking the time to post photos and answer questions.

    I was noodling on the web tonight, and ran across Jorge Correa’s site (the artist for the SGA Avatar Press Comic books), and he has some of the original (non-inked) copies of his drawings available…

    Here’s the link:


    Thought it might be interesting for the cast to download and print, and make available to all the children (or child at heart) to color.



  7. Instead of Bugs Bunny to add to your list of scammer reply personalities might I suggest Foghorn Leghorn? I’d love to see you answer Mr. Williams with – “Now, son, I say, son…” 😉

    So I was wondering… what have you found most challenging about being the show runner of Atlantis? Has it made it easier or harder for you to continue to write for the show in that role?

  8. I’ve finally decided to stop lurking and actually post something! (I can feel the excitement in the room, haha)

    Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I love your responses to the e-mail scammers…they leave me chuckling for hours.

    Can’t wait for season 4 and the blooper reel (always been a favorite of mine)!

  9. Joe-

    As I watch my Baltimore Orioles spank the Evil Empire (NY Yankees) in tonight’s game, I gotta ask, you a baseball fan? If so, got a favorite team?

  10. ok i got a good question for you…do you know how stargate worlds is comming along? Do you have anysay in how the game is going to be run?

  11. I think you handle your handling of the scammers is superior. Ever thought of running for office? Political that is….. 😉

  12. I wish I received more interesting e-mail spam. All I ever get anymore is advertisements for weenis enlargement pills and I don’t even have a wang =(.

  13. Thanks for your answers to both my questions (I won’t mention the spelling mistake – oh, damn, I just did).
    I see what you mean about “Sailing to Byzantium”, though even a low-budget version of it would be better than yet another pointless remake of a bad film, such as – hmm, let me try to think of an example – “Shattered”. However, I’m not in the business, and it’s not up to fans to tell film- or programme-makers what they should or shouldn’t do, so I’ll stop there. Thanks again, and best wishes to all at Stargate Atlantis.

  14. ok, so my grammar was interestingly confused and discombobulated because I was talking on the phone the same time I asked if you were going to run for office! Smiles!

  15. Hey JM, I have a question.

    Will one, if not all of, Teyla’s many arcs play a significant role in the season finale?

  16. Hey Joe,
    Seeing as The finale is linked to The Kindred I&II, does this mean We will be seeing some more of Carson in the finale?

  17. Now you’re just being silly. Any serious birder knows the Squim-Felching Egret is extinct. 😉

  18. Joe- Anony7of9 here – I just posted on August 13 by mistake – can you post that here on August 14 instead or does it have to be written on the blog for today in order for it to be posted today? Thanks./

  19. Your brilliant scamming of the scammers would make a wonderful book someday. Please dedicate it to “anonymous.” I’ll know who I am.

    Also, the pictures of weapons in your August 13 post are quite intriguing. More intriguing for me, as an EMT, is the hydraulic cot and backboard on which the props are lying. What’s up with that?

  20. So the finale is related to Kindred, huh? Does that mean we’ll see or hear from Beckett again in the finale? Or Michael (assuming that Kindred I and II are the episodes that include Michael). Or should I stop guessing and let you answer “wait and see” or something equally clever?

    And is the dog ever going to grow into those adorably extra big ears?

  21. Well, I spent last night catching up on my correspondence with email scammers.

    Joseph, you have WAY too much free time on your hands. Must be nice!!! 😉

  22. Knowing that you’re a fan of “Farscape,” what are some of your favorite episodes or moments from the series? Do you prefer the more dramatic moments or the more comedic ones?

  23. “Will one, if not all of, Teyla’s many arcs play a significant role in the season finale? “

    Teyla has many story arcs? Where? I haven’t seen one in three years. Oh, maybe they are ALL popping up in season 4, including the one (you want) where she and Sheppard get married and have miracle babies, right?

  24. Vaberella, Teyla’s only getting ‘character development’ because Rachel’s pregnant. If not, she’d be in the background as usual, and Princess Sam would be the leading lady without a doubt.

  25. I had a chance to take a peek at the new Flash Gordon show last week in moderate hopes. I was thinking that this might be allright and if it was the next show that I could watch as much as Stargate, then so be it. I was utterly appauled at the terrible show I was watching. It was absolutely horrible, no action, no humor, crappy storyline. Terrible everything. I remember in interviews the head of Scifi channel, I forgot his name, mentioned that it was just like Stargate in how fun it is. I actually think that is an insult to Stargate and after seeing the show, it made it sound like he was saying that Stargate’s bad. Terrible, terrible show.

  26. Thank you for dedicating today’s blog to me. Your responses to the scammers always make me laugh. Especially the Cookie Monster responses.

  27. Totally random question…are you allergic to anything like, oh, say pecans or walnuts or the like? Do you have any dislikes? Yes thee is a reason I’m asking but no I’m not telling you yet. I’m working on a surprise for our favorite producer/blogger and you KNOW how good I am about getting surprises across the border. Hehehehe…

    And just so this is a somewhat on-topic comment, if you could have anyone famous as a guest star on an Atlantis episode, who would it be and would they be a hero or a villain?

  28. Joe, you are far more patient than I! I just hit delete, LOL…but you have me in stitches.

  29. Hi Joe, first comment here but I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now.
    I was just wondering, is it me or are the French questions asked over here more and more butchering the French language? It’s as though the posters are not even French. (Or maybe just a teenage that doesn’t know how to spell properly.) Les messages comme ça me font tellement mal aux yeux. Cela ne vous dérange pas, vous?

    On a side note… There aren’t any French character on the show, yet, I think. Is there any way our little bleu blanc rouge flag could be worn by an extra ? 🙂
    I remember Peter DeLuise making the promise of a French character on Atlantis, during convention Chevron One in Paris. By the way, has he definitely quit working on Stargate?

    Cordialement vôtre,

  30. The police are of course investigating the incident but the fact that my father left his pants unattended during the church service makes their job all the more difficult.

    Oh my !! LOL !! I’m wondering if you have any limits when you write !! LOL but I’m so totally loving every line of it !! don’t change a thing !!! LOL

  31. Salut Joseph!!

    =}Ah encors une super journée!
    =}A bon vous ne gagner jamais rien?
    en tout cas vous avez gagnez mon amitier depuis lomgtemp! …bon je sais,ce n est pas de l argent, mais c est mieu que rien.^^!
    =}Merci d avoir répondu a mes question! vous êtes adorable!
    =}Encore 5 épisodes! Bah c est cool! Ohlala sa approche de la fin.
    =}Humm je ne sais pas trop quoi acheter pour mon anniversaire! ..Je sais qu il est passer depuis lomgtemp…mais j hésite….Mais je pensse que je vais m acheter un disque dur extérne pour mon ordinateur, un logiciel de montage photo pour mon blog, une figurine de sheppard et le calandrier 2008 de Stargate atlantis…et enfin gardé de l argent pour votre anniversair et vous envoyer des cartes postal…

    =}Donc voila ma question..il est trés important que vous me répondiez..
    A quel adresse je peux vous écrire?

    Car je ne sais pas du tout…

    Ah oui aussi…s il vous plait consacrer moi votre blog demain..

    Bon bah moi je vais y aller!
    Gros Grso bisou,Merci beaucoup,a demain! Vous êtes génial!
    (((((((Bonne journée)))))))))))))

  32. Hi Joe,

    Have you read books from J.M.Auel?
    ( The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Mammoths Hunters, The Plains of Passage and the Shelters of Stone )

  33. Hi Joe,

    I’m referring to the blooper reel. Do you only use scenes from season 4 or from 1 to 3 as well? The Beckshep you spoke about, is it by any chance from Irresponsible?

    Have a nice day

  34. Hey Joe..ah..I was wondering if the device discovered in Tao of Rodney will be mentioned or used in season 4 ? or was it just a 1 story thing.. thanks and high five —-][—-

  35. Joe Do u play any computer games if so what? if not when was the last time u did? thx

  36. 1)Will the extreme opposites of Sheppard and Teyla’s bloodlines come into play this season?

    2)Will Ronon display any defiance to the military, Sheppard, or their tactics?

  37. Every year, SciFi has done a special that airs before Stargate appears. Will we get one for season 4 of SGA, or has that allotment been used up with the Mythology of SG1 special shown back before season 10 SG1 aired?

    I figure you’d know as you no doubt would be involved in right, er, right?


  38. *waves*

    I’m attempting to be on my best behaviour today. Let’s see how long it lasts. 😉

    A couple of quick questions for you. The email scammers are persistant little beggars aren’t they. 😉 Do they ever question your replies and the inflection in your responses?

    Could we please have another body part pic akin to yesterdays? Please. And can I be exceptionally cheeky and ask if you take one of the person’s ears? hehehe.

    Thanking you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man.


  39. Joe – Flash Gordon is absolutely appalling. Are you guys worried about SGA following it on Friday nights? Hammer and Stern sure aren’t giving you much help.

  40. oh lalala mes oreilles siffle la!!

    J entend des choses qui me concerne…

    hum hum …pour réponde à Jeremy DC …je ne fait pas du tout de la “boucherie” du francais (d ayieur ce mot n est pas trés joli)

    Simplement que le matin je doit me dépêcher pour écrire et je fais plus de fautes que je ne devrais…c est tout! et aprés tout on me comprend je pensse? et c est l essentiel.

    Donc je m escuse joseph si sa vous dérange!

    aller bisou, a bientot!

  41. ” Anonymous said…

    Vaberella, Teyla’s only getting ‘character development’ because Rachel’s pregnant. If not, she’d be in the background as usual, and Princess Sam would be the leading lady without a doubt. “

    And the fact they had a Teyla arc set before Rachel’s good news means nothing…

    Jacob was a prince? Really? Wow! I not getting my memos!


  42. Hello, how are you ?

    Dans l’épisode « TAO OF RODNEY – 314 »
    “Dr Weir : I see you’ve been busy.
    Dr Mckay : Yeah, I invented a new math.
    Dr Weir : Really ?!
    Dr Mckay : It’s gonna change the human understanding of the universe as we know it.”

    Allons-nous savoir pourquoi voulait-il inventé une nouvelle théorie dans la saison 4 ou Peut-être dans la saison 5 s’il y en a ? Est-elle liée au projet Acturus ? si oui cela voudrait–il dire qu’il n’a pas perdu espoir de faire fonctionner le projet Acturus ?

  43. Hello Joe!

    I was wondering…

    1. Will Carter be going off world at all in s4 this year?
    2. If so, will it be with Sheppards team?
    3. How many episodes are the Wraith in this year, as they didn’t make many appearances in s3?


  44. I got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday. With the help of some painkillers, the recovery process hasn’t been all that terrible. But it’s still not pleasant.

    With your dislike of the dentist, I can only imagine that if you needed yours removed, it was an *extremely* unpleasant experience for you. Am I right?

  45. If season 5 came about would you still take up the storyline of McKay as a father or is that unlikely now?

  46. In second half of season 4 (13 to 17), there are epsiodes stand alones (like season 3), or episodes with continuity? (like season 1)

  47. I put this on the wrong day’s blog:

    Anonymous unknown says: “I still blame Amanda for the Pete storyline.. afterall, she’s the one who said she wanted her character to have a boyfriend!)”

    Sorry but I blame the people who conceived the character pete, the people who wrote it, the people who produced and directed it and the showrunner. Absolute drivel that has had a major damaging impact on the Carter character.

    AT asking for a boyfriend for Carter did not have to result in the immature idiot that was served up by the creative minds in charge who ultimately decided the boyfriend idea would be included. THAT was one of the first of many problems facing SG-1 in seasons 7-10. Its almost as if the people who made the show for seasons 1-6 disappeared and some strangers appeared to take charge in seasons 7-10 – God what a disaster.


  48. “Teyla has many story arcs? Where? I haven’t seen one in three years. Oh, maybe they are ALL popping up in season 4, including the one (you want) where she and Sheppard get married and have miracle babies, right?”

    “Vaberella, Teyla’s only getting ‘character development’ because Rachel’s pregnant. If not, she’d be in the background as usual, and Princess Sam would be the leading lady without a doubt.”

    Aren’t you guys tired of being angry at the rest of fandom because you’re not getting your way? Being petty, angry and immature has to be exhausting and depressing. Well I guess it’s true what they say about misery loving company.

  49. “Teyla’s only getting ‘character development’ because Rachel’s pregnant. If not, she’d be in the background as usual, and Princess Sam would be the leading lady without a doubt.”

    Who are you trying to convince of this, the rest of fandom or yourself? Does it make you feel better being hateful to another fan? Is this who you are? Does lashing out at fans of Carter and Teyla help you deal with whatever it is thats making you so angry? Do you handle all disappointments this way?

  50. I adore reading your emails with the spammers! What a very clever man you are! Inspiring! I also agree with pg15! You really should think about putting together a collection for a book! In your spare time of course! Thank you for the laugh!!

  51. OH my goodness… Joe I don’t know how you come up with some of these awesome ideas… but your creative and funny 🙂

    Question that I asked already sorry for re-asking but it was on a day that the mailbag wasn’t visited…

    When was the last time you visited “The How Come Room”?

    🙂 HUGS 🙂

  52. les fez said:
    How many episodes are the Wraith in this year, as they didn’t make many appearances in s3?

    Huh? Watch s3 again. The Wraith were in Sateda and Common Ground…

  53. A question everybody wants the answer to (at least in the US). Scifi posted today: “The fourth season of Stargate Atlantis debuts on Sept. 28 and will air Fridays at 10 p.m. Atlantis will have a midseason finale on Dec. 7…”

    Any idea when the second half of the season will return? Thanks.

  54. Joe…

    Can you confirm whether or not there will only be a short hiatus between the first and second half of the season?

    Usually I dismiss rumors as so much dren but I’ve seen this one pop up a few times that I have to wonder if there’s any truth to it.

    Mary Beth 🙂

  55. the first Lily 🙂 said:

    les fez said:
    How many episodes are the Wraith in this year, as they didn’t make many appearances in s3?

    Huh? Watch s3 again. The Wraith were in Sateda and Common Ground…

    It’s sad when I have to reply to myself *Ahem* Sorry, I misread your question. You said “many”, not “any”. I need a pair of glasses.

  56. If Kindred is luinked in some way to the season finale will Doc Beckett be invloved in any way?

    If not, will he be back in his rightful place as the head doc in Atlantis come S5?

  57. Joe, Just saw that “Painkiller Jane” has been cancelled. While I’m not surprised, I was curious if you had any thoughts about it?

  58. “Teyla’s only getting ‘character development’ because Rachel’s pregnant. If not, she’d be in the background as usual, and Princess Sam would be the leading lady without a doubt.”

    Lol, honestly besides Rodney I don’t think many of the rest of the cat has gotten any “character development”. We’ve seen real changes in Rodney (which is great) and even Ronon.

    Heck the big guy has gone from the typical non-emotional ‘fighting guy’ to giving hugs on two occasions.

    What development have we seen from Sheppard, the ‘lead’? And from what I can tell from Season 4 he gets to lead the Team and finally get some back story after 4 years, but where’s his arc?

    I’m glad Teyla gets some type of storyline, I just hope the others do too.

  59. First, let me applaud the great work you do on the show!

    Second, although amusing, who has time to respond to spammers?!

  60. Hi,

    I am not sure if my comment is getting through – I posted the same comment yesterday and did not see it. I listened to the Stargate Atlantis panel at comic-con on Scifi and heard the Scifi representative say to watch live because it would help the ratings. I thought that only was true for Neilsen households and not for the general viewing public. So my question is if I am not a Neilsen household does live viewing matter? What about tivo replay within 7 days (I thought that was being counted)? Also do itunes or dvd sales help? What else can we do for a 5th season boost?


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