I woke up at 4:30 this morning. And then again at 4:47. And then at 5:05, 5:12, 5:21, 5:27, and, finally, for good at 5:30 a.m. I never sleep well the night before I travel. But since I’d already packed and made the necessary preparations, the morning went smoothly: fed the dogs, had breakfast, showered, dressed, then out the door at 6:45, and at the airport at a little after 7:00, right on time to find out my flight had been delayed. Apparently, there was some sort of mechanical problem (really the last thing you want to hear when you’re about to fly), so they were switching planes. Well, the original plane may have been a deathtrap, but I suspect it was at least a roomy one. As I shifted about in my cramped seat in an attempt to stave off the onset of deep-vein thrombosis, I imagined myself less a television producer jetting off to some big industry event than a sailor aboard the U571. I finally found a comfortable enough position and had just started on my next book when some guy a couple of rows back started doing a really bad Schwarzenegger imitation. And a loud one at that. But it turns out it wasn’t a hilarious phony accent at all. It was director Uwe Boll discussing his next movie. He continued his boisterous R-rated musings throughout the safety briefing, much to the air hostess’s dismay. Finally, we took off, approximately one hour late.

The cabin temperature was as frosty as that air hostess – c-c-c-c-cold. I suspect someone may have had the window open. Nevertheless, I managed to nap, enjoy an alright smoked salmon and cream cheese dish, and get about 250 pages into A Game of Thrones (loving it!) before we touched down in San Diego.

Hoping to save time, I had crammed everything into my carry-on luggage so that I wouldn’t have to do any waiting at the baggage claim. Unfortunately, my fellow travelers did not share my foresight and so, I ended up waiting for Martin Wood, John G. Lenic, and Morris Chapdelaine to get their baggage before climbing into the limo and heading to the W Hotel.

Once there, we checked in. Martin was delayed because, according to the desk clerk, his room was undergoing “final inspection”. In the event it didn’t pass final inspection, they would find him another room. Final inspection? All I could think of was “Okay, the bloodstains are gone and we’ve removed all signs of a struggle so I guess this room is good to go.” No inspection hold-ups on my end, and when I mentioned I was looking forward to the cookies and milk on the room service menu, my welcoming clerk asked me to name my favorite cookie and then jotted down “Chocolate Chip” on a note pad by my name, causing Martin to inform her: “I like chocolate chip too.”

The room is nice and clean, there is wireless internet access, and the bed is comfortable and doesn’t smell like diapers. There is also a chalkboard on one of the walls that I made good use of, jotting down helpful reminders to myself (ie. socks first THEN shoes!). I was a little worried by the lack of complimentary toothpaste and figured I would have to go on a little run but, thankfully, I found some in the mini-bar. When I went to brush my teeth, however, I almost made the foolish mistake of using the night-time toothpaste (clearly marked PM) instead of the daytime toothpaste (clearly marked AM). Imagine how embarrassing that would have been if I’d actually gone out unawares and had people notice and remark on my egregious faux-pas. I checked the back of both products and, while there’s nothing to suggest any difference between the two, both warn that if the toothpaste is accidentally swallowed (in the unlikely event you actually put it in your mouth and, if you do, what the hell are you thinking?!) – “get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately”. Well, maybe I should just brush my teeth with soap instead.

I unpacked, then headed downstairs where I met up with Atlantis fan Marsha and set off on a quest for corn tamales, then a good place to grab a bite, then just anywhere we could eat. Not much in the way of restaurants around this area, but a fairly impressive selection of bail bond companies. We passed the hall of justice, some law offices, a prison, but nothing in the way of restaurants. I have to wonder where all the ex-cons go after they get released? Do they have to catch a cab cross-town to hit a Wendys? Finally, we found the Karl Strauss Brewing Company where we sat snacked on some Portobello mushroom fries, and I had a turkey burger with blue cheese and a brownie sundae. Over our late lunch, Marsha confided that she is a transplanted southerner who misses some of the down home cuisine she used to enjoy growing up. Apparently, Ventura California chicken livers aren’t nearly as good. Still, she seemed to enjoy her lemon chicken.

Marsha also informed me that I am scheduled to sign autographs tomorrow after the panel. I am? First I’ve heard about it. Well, all I can say is get there early to beat the thousands of who’ll be camping out for their personalized Joseph Mallozzi autographs. You know, now that I think about it, I really wish we’d secured a bigger venue.

Well, I’m going to try to squeeze in a work-out, then it’s dinner and an early night for me as tomorrow is the big day.

The mailbag will return…hmmm…not sure when, but eventually.

Today’s pics: special guest star Damian Kindler on his way to a Sanctuary-related signing, John and Morris riding in style, Martin and I enroute, my bed at the W (the beach ball is a nice touch), gentle reminders, the AM/PM poison toothpaste, portobello fries, the brownie sundae.

31 thoughts on “July 26, 2007

  1. Hey Joe~

    If you haven’t already decided where to eat when in San Diego, or just want to escape a little, I suggest getting a crab sandwich from Point Loma Seafoods.

    It was definately one of the highlights of growing up there and every time I’m in town I stop by if I can.


  2. Holy crap, my prediction came true; the flight WAS delayed. Is it because I have prophetic powers…or does the airlines simply suck? Probably the latter.

    No question today (since you’ll probably won’t have time to answer it anyway), so I’ll just say this: have fun tomorrow, and behave yourself! 😉

  3. Brilliant. Just what I needed… I have copied down your reminders and have made a poster for my own room, because they are just the sort of things I have a habit of forgetting.

    Oh, and I want to ride in a limo.

  4. Well instead of soap, there’s always listerine. But then again there probably warnings about swallowing that stuff too. Maybe you should give up on brushing your teeth forever!

    Sorry for the random comment, but was compelled to post.(Silly sarcasm)

    I have a dumb question as well: because you are a busy guy and all, but any chance we could get Atlantis Theme Song Lyrics? The SG1 ones crack me up, anyway sorry to bug you about that.

    Love the blog!

  5. Enjoy your stay in San Diego Mr. M. Hope you find some good restaurants soon. Have a great con, sign loads of autographs (make sure to do finger exercises before). Perhaps, you can mail me one too, seeing as this poor unfortunate soul could not make it there. 😉
    By the way, enjoyed all the set pictures the other day. Thanks for sharing them. Jason’s tattoo looks fierce.

  6. Hello

    Just looking through the Emmy nominations list; and no Stargate: Atlantis!

    I was expecting at least a nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series, but not even for Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series!

    Are you angry at this? Upset? I am!

  7. You’ll find some lovely buses to take, well, somewhere, from the con. I saw ads for Continuum, Ark of Truth, and SGA on the big shuttle buses outside the convention center this afternoon.

    There’s also Stargate Atlantis bottled water at the concessions inside, but there are Limited Quantities, so you’d better hurry!

  8. A.m and P.m Toothpaste….. interestingly, that exists?. Huh, wait a minuet, what in the world am I using to brush MY teeth with then!!?? Sounds like you had a busy day, makes you wonder what tomorrow, well today for me, will be like! “Marsha also informed me that I am scheduled to sign autographs tomorrow after the panel. I am? First I’ve heard about it” lol What happened to keeping people in the loop? Good luck tomorrow! Have fun with the thousands of campers!

  9. Did the Ancients have a single-person fighter-craft, like the Wraith Darts and the Goa’uld Death Gliders? If so, are we going to see them any time soon?

  10. Ah Joe, I was teasing you about how much you’d charge for autographs the other day — how are you the last to know? We’ll be in line promptly a 9 am for the drawing for a chance to get your autograph (well, and some of those actor folks too). It’s a roll of the dice, and I’m sure I won’t get any sleep tonight.

    As far as food, yeah, everything was crowded, but you’re only a couple blocks from the Gaslamp District. You could practically throw a rock at Hooters! 🙂

  11. Have fun at the con and remember to rest plenty between the autograph signings so your hand wont cramp up. ;0)

  12. Hi Joe

    Glad you made it to San Diego safely.. not comfortably but safely.. Willlll you slow down with the books .. I can’t keep up with you , you’re a reading speed demon..

    There’s not a blog of yours that does not give me a chuckle or deep throated laugh.. deep vein thrombosis!!! You are something else.
    Hope you find some great restaurants..

    Have fun


  13. Probably a massive backlog of posts you haven’t approved, but hope you’ll post photos of the cast from the SGA panel, particularly Joe and David (especially would like to see him since he Twittered “Just got a whole load of clothes from Atlantis wardrobe for Comicon.”! 🙂

  14. Hey joseph!

    Fancy nicking that beach ball thing for me?! Hahaha!!

    from Kady (from the wirral, England)

  15. Hi!

    Hope you have fun at Comic-Con. Did the AM toothpaste have a different flavor from the PM toothpaste? The beach ball on the bed is cracking me up–I mean why? California can be so seriously weird sometimes. Last time I was in Orange County for wedding five or so years ago I thought I had entered a foreign land. You looked very sharp and GQ in the limo, unfortunately, Martin, not so much.

    Have a good weekend.


  16. Are you one of those people who always pays attention to the safety briefing… just in case? 😉

    Hmm… mechanical trouble, poison toothpaste *and* not many restaurants nearby? I think someone has it in for you Joe… might want to stay alert…

    Well enjoy your surprise autograph session! Here’s hoping you don’t get ambushed by any angry fan factions… thank the gods they’re all too busy sniping at each other to form a coalition!


  17. Hey, take a picture of that SGA bottled water! 🙂

    And hmm, did that flocking give PG15 psychic abilities? Should he be auditioning for Stan Lee now??

    I wish I could remember the place, but it was in San Diego a decade ago, and they made the BEST cream of mushroom soup I’d ever tasted in my life.

  18. Love the photo of you and Martin Wood. You look like some really cool mob boss who is taking an unsuspecting Martin to sleep with the fishes. ; )

    P.S. Do you ever wear anything beside suits like maybe shorts and a T-shirt? I would love to have your autograph. : )

  19. Hey Joe,

    Have a good time in San Diego! Good luck finding tasty places to eat!

  20. I was so disturbed by the idea of complicated toothpaste that I went to look it up to see if the website offered a mildly sane explanation (or I may have been avoiding running errands). To my dismay, the only explanation I found was: “With the GoSMILE AM/PM Toothpaste Combo, you get both benefits of the specially formulated AM and PM toothpaste.
    But that’s not all. GoSMILE AM and PM toothpastes are carefully formulated with essential oils that bring you a sensory experience like no other toothpaste can . . .” And it goes on. Creepy.

  21. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Portobello Mushroom Fries. I recognize all the words, and enjoy them mightily by themselves, but the three powers combined…I just don’t know.

    Have fun at the con; wish I could be there.

  22. Hi Joe ! Mes amis et moi nous posions une question… Vous êtes vous déjà inspirés du film “Spaceballs” de Mel Brooks pour certains épisodes de la franchise Stargate ? Parce que nous avons vu quelques similitudes…

    Enjoy ! 🙂

  23. Hi Joe,
    Does Damian Kindler look like Danny Bonaducci in real life or is it just the picture?
    Hope your having fun!

  24. In the “cut the green one saga” there is a big spoiler !!

    Dear Joe,
    sorry to bother you twice today but you broke my heart. I found this at 18 March 2007 at:

    Anonymous #2 writes: “In SG-1 movies, will there be continuation to what “Dark Mitchel” said concerning the green wire in “Ripple Effect”?”

    Answer: Nope.

    snif snif snif.

    I will forgive you only if you give us the solution in a SGA ep season 4!

  25. One more reminder for your chalkboard don’t forget to…
    Breath in…..Breath out….Breath in…..Breath out….and repeat ad nauseam.
    No complicated SGA questions for you today, but I’m working on one. Have a great time eat lots and take loads of pictures for us sad people who couldn’t go…god it feels good to live vicariously and it costs nothing.


  26. I SO want to eat that brownie sundae!!! The Comicon and a brownie sundae? You are so lucky! Have fun in your spare time!

  27. “We passed the hall of justice…”

    Did you meet the Superfriends? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  28. I love GoSmile! Did you buy that yourself or did someone buy that for you? Levine has a great line of teeth-whitening products. Hope you like them!


    Also, thank you very much for answering my question a couple weeks ago about your gorgeous suits! 😀

  29. Joe, I hope you post some of the footage you took today at Comic Con, we could hardly see your lovely face behind the camera!

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