Well, we’re heading into the four day Comic Con break. Carl managed to put out his Final Draft of Midway (Final Draft being a misnomer really since he’ll be revising that sucker between now and about two days after it’s been shot) while Marty G. is finding out that his little Three’s Company episode aint gonna be as little as he thought. Paul and Alan are prepping Kindred II while I think about that final open script slot and, of course, research San Diego restaurants. After a day of shooting Kindred I, we’re shooting the final day of Miller’s Crossing, then will be switching back to Kindred I when we return on Monday. By then, I’ll be well-rested, tanned, and the proud owner of a French bulldog (who we’re hoping to pick up late Sunday afternoon). As it turns out, I’ll be in good company. Turns out Mr. Flanigan owns a Frenchie as well, and has actually had occasion to take it surfing (According to the American Canine Association, Frenchies are a stubborn yet affectionate breed with an affinity for couches, snacks, and, yes, surfing).

Heading to Richmond tonight for dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Sea Harbour Seafood, then back home to pack and make it an early night. I’ll be up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning so I can catch an early flight with director Martin Wood and producer John G. Lenic (and Chris Judge if he managed to swing it) and get in early enough for a corn tamale lunch. Wonder if I’ll be able to finish A Game of Thrones in a day. It’s an awful thick book.

Speaking of reading – I joined a science fiction book club as a way of motivating myself to read. But as it turned out, I didn’t really need the motivation after all. I average fifteen books for ever one my scifi book club covers. And so, feeling up to the challenge, I decided to join a fantasy book club. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of fantasy, preferring the somewhat more grounded science fiction genre, but the few fantasy books I have read (The Lies of Locke Lamorra, The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged) I enjoyed immensely. Of course, they were a far cry from the dragon influenced alternate history of Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon. And so, I picked up this book with some trepidation, intrigued by the premise (the Napoleonic War with dragons) yet not wholly convinced. Lately, I’ve been less inclined to suffer through books in the hopes that they’ll pick up. If I’m not engaged by the time I hit the 100 page mark, I’m moving on. I was wondering how long it would take Novik’s book to hold my interest (if at all). As it turns out, not long at all. Her writing style is delightfully appropriate to the subject matter, sort of Jane Austen meets Anne McCaffrey, and while certain elements of the fantasy world bumped me off the get-go (the fact that the just-hatched dragon speaks perfect English, heck, speaks at all) became minor quibbles as the story developed (Hell, I’m one to talk. Why do all of the aliens on Stargate speak English? Well, the answer to that is simple really. The act of gate travel imparts the travelers with translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood. But this is a subject for a later blog entry). Yes, the premise is intriguing and the writing is enjoyable, but the relationship between the dragon, Temeraire, and his master, Lawurence, is the real draw, a wonderfully realized friendship. A rousing, at times humorous, and, dare I say it, touching novel that I ended up enjoying much more than I expected.

Today’s pics: Rob Cooper waves hiya, get a load of the on-set snack tray, a pensive Marty G., VFX supervisor/wiz Mark Savela, the pug someone sent me and my new office mascot, Martin exhibits some frustration with the design of the Three’s Company set.

Checking the mailbag –

LadyConure writes: “The early legends and lores aside, do you get any feedback worth mentioning from religious groups about the careful line you walk regarding God? There have been some great moments (Vala conceiving w/o …. and other such moments I noticed previous to that one) where it was addressed in a secular reference.”

Answer: Actually, you’re the first person to bring it up.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Will Rob be joining you or is that a typo? I was also curious if you will be sitting in on the Arc of Truth panel?”

Answer: Rob is planning to join us on the Atlantis panel (he is the show’s co-creator after all). And, no, I will not be joining the Ark of Truth panel. But do take assiduous notes so that you can fill me in on everything I miss.

PG15 writes: “1. Are you going to continue to update your blog over Comic Con? 2. Any EVA action/spacewalks (like McKay in “The Siege Part 1”) in the near future for the show?”

Answer: 1. Yup. 2. Possibly. 3. Again, congratulations on winning the flocking. Please remember: do not consume or allow to come into contact with exposed flesh. Enjoy.

Shawna writes: “Interesting to see Jason’s tattoo. Did that cause any issues for you guys, like costuming or anything?”

Answer: We had to hide it for the first two episodes, then wrote it into the third (Reunion).

Joshua Meyers writes: “The costume changes are starting to worry me a little, Can you guys go back to the original ones for a while, because i miss them?”

Answer: The cast would probably kill me if I asked them to switch back.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Now you’ll get some firefly fans, Amanda freaks like MajorSal and the David Hewlett fanclub. That’s not representative of the fans of the show.”

Answer: Uh, yeah they are. If they’re fans of the show, regardless of what sub-category of fandom they belong to, then they are “representative of the fans of the show”.

PG15 writes: “Has Joel started putting in the music for the episodes?”

Answer: Yes. They Day One Mixes include all of the music for a given episode.

Wolfen writes: “I think she’s gonna try to catch you after a panel.”

Answer: I’ll probably be heading downstairs to walk the convention floor after the panel. I’ll see here then.

Anonymous #3 writes: “There’s a rumor that McKay’s sister dies. Yes or no?”

Answer: No comment.

Rebekah writes: “My best friend and I are going to be going up for a stay in August, and I we both share a love of Thai food. Any recommendations?”

Answer: Check out Montri, 3629 West Broadway.

Uber writes: “Any chance you could bring your camera on stage and take a few pictures from your POV? Not only of the crowd but of the others on the panel?”

Answer: Already planning on it.

SMB BOOKS writes: “So, tell me, why is Goblet of Fire your favorite HP book? And, given the incredible hype and anticipation over the last book in the series, do you think HP and the Deathly Hallows lived up to the hype?”

Answers: I simply found Goblet of Fire a more involving and darker story than the previous entries. As for whether the last book lived up to the hype – well, I’m not really sure that the quality of the book was what was hyped so much as the fact that it was the lat book in the series.

Disgusted Sam-Jack Shipper writes: “So Sam/Teal’c got more in one single episode than Sam/Jack ever would.”

Answer: You mean the so-subtle-everyone-missed-it suggestion of a Sam/Teal’c relationship in Unending which was undone at episode’s end is, in your opinion, more than anything we’ve done in relation to the Sam-Jack ship? Okay, I‘d buy it, if this happened to be the one and only episode of SG-1 you’ve ever watched.

Disgusted Sam-Jack Shipper writes: “BTW Sam has longer hair because Tealc likes it more since she had long hair in Unending too?”

Answer: Yup, from now on all of Carter’s decisions will be based on Teal’c’s likes and dislikes. It’ll be very subtle because we won’t ever make mention of the supposed romance, but it’ll be there. Just so you know.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Ooooh! You guys have pissed off the Sam/Jack shippers again.
Do you write a list of people to piss off at the start of each year and just mark them off as you go?”

Answer: Nah, we find it easier to just take requests.

Anonymous #5 writes: “When do you think you guys will wrap up shooting season 4…..and WHEN you get green lighted for a season 5, how long of a break do you everyone get before you go back to writing? When would the actors report back to the set?”

Answer: We’ll probably wrap season four in early October. As for how long a break we get – that is entirely dependent on when we hear the hopefully positive news about a fifth season pick-up. As for the actors – that will depend on the season five production schedule that is a long way off from being established.

70 thoughts on “July 25, 2007

  1. Are there any panels at the Con you’re hoping to attend (other than your own, of course)? Just wondered if you might poke your head in out of curiosity… or to check out some of the sci-fi competition…

  2. Turns out Mr. Flanigan owns a Frenchie as well, and has actually had occasion to take it surfing (According to the American Canine Association, Frenchies are a stubborn yet affectionate breed with an affinity for couches, snacks, and, yes, surfing).

    Heh. I hope you know what you’re letting yourself in for.. Joe mentioned at the London Expo con that, due to overbreeding, French bulldogs can have a problem with their tongues not fitting in their mouths… and when his Frenchie falls asleep with her tongue hanging out it goes all stiff and dry and he has to push it back into her mouth for her! Mind you, I guess if you’re used to rubbing things into your pugs eyeballs for them you can probably cope with that…

    You see, this is why I prefer cats…. 🙂

    Anyhooo… my question for today:
    So, is Three’s Company the official title for the episode Martin’s writing? Or just a working title? Or just something you’ve made up off the top of your head? 😀 (And am I right in thinking that Three’s Company refers to McKay, Carter and Keller?)

  3. I know that season 4 won’t really be witness to any major Sg-1 arcs, however Atlantis has already established that the Goa’uld infested Trust wants to destroy Atlantis to prevent the Wraith from encroching on the Milkyway. If this subplot isn’t covered in season 4, are there any plans to persue it in the possible 5th season? Or would you know if, pending on how the first two Sg-1 films are recieved, there are plans to wrap up “The Trust” story in any way?

  4. Joe,

    I’ve been watching the season 10 DVDs and listening to the commentaries, they are quite good this year so far. Just finished Memento Mori, and wanted to say, THANKS FOR GETTING THE DELETED SCENES IN!!! Have fun at Comic Con, I wish I could join you all there but hope to catch some on YOUTUBE a few days after the panel. You did pretty good with your trifecta over your Christmas break. My question- will there be deleted scenes on the Atlantis Season 3 DVD’s?


  5. I hope you have fun at Comic Con! How’s JF’s sprained wrist doing? (And how’s Fondy’s new business venture going?)

  6. Thanks for the congrats! No contact with exposed flesh though?

    I’m a dead man.

    Anyway…5:30 AM?! There’s a 5:30 in the morning now? When did that happen? Why wasn’t I told about this?! Yikes Joe, you’ll never make me get up that early, but then, them’s the breaks when it comes to the airlines. I’m willing to bet the plane will be an hour late anyway.

    Oh, and no snake soup at the airport this time!

    Well, since Joel has worked his magic over the Day One Mixed episodes, do you mind revealing to us some of your favorite pieces so far?


  7. Have fun at comic-con! And tell Marty G. I really like his brown owl shirt. 🙂


  8. Anonymous #3 writes: “There’s a rumor that McKay’s sister dies. Yes or no?”

    Answer: No comment.

    You know most people are going to take that as an implied yes…

  9. Okay, I can accept that Gate travel imparts nanites that allow travellers to understand each other. Cool! but… if this is true, then Rodney would be able to understand Radek when he starts swearing in Czech, wouldn’t he? Wouldn’t it naturally follow that Gate Travellers from different nations on Earth would all be able to understand other Earth languages?

    I’m just sayin’….

  10. Hiya Joe,

    For some reason I had this idea that you were getting another pug.

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed something – did you end up getting one of those cute baby pugs?

    Dogs love the sea and water, most of the time, so I would imagine it’d be fun to take yours to the beach! I imagine this is little Leila or was it Leilo that you mentioned a while back and posted pics of ?

    Well according to what I’ve read, French Bulldogs used to be owned by rich Americans who were taken by them in the 19th century. Truly a dog of class and style!

    Whilst I cannot attend Comic Con, I hope you guys have a great time! It sounds like a big event and I hope you grab some delightful food while there.

    Take care,

  11. As Atlantis goes on the whole international aspect seems to be being forgotten. I don’t suppose Season 4 is going to turn the tide on that by any chance?
    If not at leats tell me there’s some Genii or Woolsey in there.
    I’ll be very dissapointed otherwise…!

  12. Regarding the religious fine-line, I always said (albeit not to your face) that I liked how SG-1 was surprisingly sensitive on the issue for a show where guys go around ripping apart sham religions. Going back to the first episode, where Daniel clearly said that Ra “assumed the persona” of a preexisting Egyptian god (while the movie had him creating the entire religion from scratch), SG-1 had a nuanced view of the subject. Having the main characters be mostly silent on the issue one way or the other certainly helped (except for rare instances like Teal’c and Bra’tac’s Jaffa spiritualism, Carter’s awkward “It doesn’t matter if I’m religious” statement in “Threshold,” the fact that she was implied to be the only person to think “Jesus” first when hearing of Vala’s pregnancy, and her deathbed confession in season 10, Mitchell and Landry’s “grandma Christianity,” and Jack’s so-vague-and-circumstantial-it-has-to-be-a-coincidence-but-I’ll-add-it-anyway implied Catholicism in “Reckoning”).

    Anyway, a show with SG-1’s premise could easily have been an “All religion is evil! Boo, hiss!” vehicle for someone like Richard Dawkins or a later-years Gene Roddenberry, and I appreciate that the show had a more level-headed, ecumenical, and blessedly vague and noncommittal position on the God issue.

  13. hi, joe,

    we/shippers were going to invite you to ‘ship day’ (the 28th) at gateworld’s s/j shipper thread, but you’ll be at comic-con. but just so you know, you’re invited. 😀

    just thanks.

    sally 🙂

  14. It’s nice that you were able to just write the tattoo in. What would you do if an actor got a tattoo that was totally out of character for their character, on a spot that couldn’t be easily hidden without looking suspicious (like if Jason had gotten like Tweety Bird on his arm or something)?

  15. Thanks for the recommendation. Laura and I will check that out! Always looking for good Thai – and it’s so hard to find.

    A writing question. Are there particular types of scenes you find more difficult to write? A typical SGA episode is chock full of action, humor and interpersonal relationships. Which is the most difficult to write?

    Oh, by the way, have a ball at Comic-Con.

  16. Greetings!

    Speaking of Vala and the ‘virgin birth’…with all of the episodes revolving around primative cultures and making gods out of Ancients, etc. would you consider Stargate to be atheist or anti-religious?

    Oh! And some fun things to do in San Diego… there’s always Sea World, the Wild Animal Park (which is better the best “zoo” I’ve ever been to) and the SD Zoo. You could try the beach and I’m pretty sure there are some dog parks around if you’re bringing the pugs.

    See you at Comic Con!

    -Lauren M.

  17. Answer: You mean the so-subtle-everyone-missed-it suggestion of a Sam/Teal’c relationship in Unending…

    Seriously? There was a Teal’c/Sam moment? Well, I guess if there actually IS one and I missed it, I shouldn’t feel bad because apparently EVERYONE did. If this isn’t tongue in cheek, where is it?

    Oh, by the way… somewhere on the net today, I saw comic con referred to as “nerd prom” and it made me laugh until my iced tea came out my nose. Have fun at “nerd prom”!

  18. Is there any way to stop major spoilers from leaking to the public for next season? (ie. The rumor of Beckett dying in Season 3 hitting the web months before it was aired.)A hint here and there is fun, but that really was a mega ‘spoiler’ for the rest of the season and just plain sucked.

  19. Hi Joe,

    Aw! You’re not going to sit in on the Arc of Truth panel? Not even in the audience? You could sneak in and ask some embarassing questions. I’m sure Rob would love you for it. All kidding aside, I hope you have a very safe trip.

    P.S. I forgot to mention that I’m glad Rob is joining you on the Atlantis panel. Also, Joe, I’m not much of a note taker. I’ve always found that all of the fun stuff happens while I’m busy writing. Sorry.

  20. Being an extreme fan of all things (and series) Scifi, I have wondered what it would be like for Mulder and Scully (being rogue former agents on the run) to wind up at NORAD (which as you know already happened at least once) and bump heads with SG personnel. Twisted, but provocative, yes? Of course, I don’t take into consideration the red tape involved – just the premise.

  21. I just realized I’ve only commented about books on here so far. But anyway, if you’re starting to read some fantasy, have you checked out any of Sharon Shinn’s books yet? I enjoy her writing for many reasons. On another note, I’m so wishing I could afford to go to Comic Con, it sounds like it will be a good time. Hope you all enjoy it.

  22. Doesn’t the whole “implied” Teal’c/Carter thing just imply that Teal’c is going to die in the near future…? Or does setting back the clock negate the whole Carter, “Bringer of Death,” theory?

  23. I’m going to add my thoughts as a disgusted at Disgusted Sam-Jack Shipper Sam/Jack Shipper. Heeee! See what I did there? Sorry.

    My point was… oh, I would like to point out again that a lot of negative comments come from a very vocal minority. I know you know that, just getting in my support. We love your snarky, snerky ways.

    Have fun at Comicon! I can’t imagine what it would be like to be stuck on a plane with Chris Judge…

  24. I’m so glad you liked His Majesty’s Dragon! I love the friendship between Laurence and Temeraire as well, which grows in the sequels. Funny, I would have thought it was a “chick thing” to appreciate that aspect so much. 😉

  25. Just to prove the first Anonymous right…

    “Anonymous #3 writes: “There’s a rumor that McKay’s sister dies. Yes or no?”

    Answer: No comment.”

    Nuuuuuoooooooooooooo… you’re messing with us aren’t you? That’s just mean.

  26. Joe, re: that 5:30am ride to the airport I promised you – best that you cab it over to my house and wait around outside until I come out. Don’t knock if the lights are off… I’ll be out soon enough.

  27. McKay’s sister might die? As great at Kate Hewlett is, I’d rather her die character than Torri’s. If it’s one character who’s going to go, that’s fine by me, though I’d much rather it was that annoying as hell Carter.

  28. Anonymous #4 writes:
    Do you write a list of people to piss off at the start of each year and just mark them off as you go?”

    Answer: Nah, we find it easier to just take requests.

    Oooh, ooh, if you’re taking requests, how about messing with the Carson fans again? Because that was hugely entertaining. *eg*

  29. I realized that although Peter DeLuise directed many episodes for season 10 of SG-1, he was not featured in ANY of the commentaries let alone his own episodes. Was he not available or simply because of the way he commentates they did not allow him to do it.

  30. I don’t want to be spoiled with any specifics or know anything else about her part in the season. Are you going to physically kill Elizabeth like you did Carson?

  31. I’ve found where O’Neill has gone. He’s running a campground on the way to San Diego. Yes, traffic was so slow that I got to stare at the sign for O’Neill’s Park. It’s near Laguna Hills where I think a lot of people from LA retire.

  32. Well I hope you have a great time Joe, I’m off on my yearly pilgrimage rather like a salmon but without the spawning to visit my dad 400 miles up country through flooded countryside so I’ve packed my marine boy oxygum and an emergency set of snorkel and flippers. The books I’m taking are David Gemmell’s Legend and Stephen King’s Dark Tower for the 8 hour train ride. Ho hum.

  33. So I’m watching Fraggle Rock (while I’m waiting to go get my train) and I had this wild idea. why not do an Atlantis episode where the command team gets turned into muppets? like the episode of Angel “Smile Time”
    OH look, here come the men in white coats…..with restraints….and a nice padded room waiting for me.

  34. I heard a rumor awhile ago from people who toured the SGA set that Sam, having taken over Weir’s office, had some pictures on her desk of Jack, Daniel, and Teal’c (uh-oh, looks like another subtle hint at a Sam/Teal’c romance?!)…but why no Cam or Vala? I actually found those two friendships to be the most compelling of season 10. It’s admittedly a small quibble, but it’s still a little disappointing.

    Speaking of Sam/Vala, can I just thank you for finally writing a scene with the two of them hanging out in “Family Ties?” I only wish that deleted scene from “Morpheus” had been in there as well, it was too cute.

    It’s often hard for me to find strong female friendships in sf, so I’m glad to see that you made a conscious effort to establish one. I can’t wait to see some of the interactions between Carter/Keller/Teyla/(Weir??)

  35. I somehow always pictured Joe Flanigan as a retriever kinda guy. Ya just never know. (And before I get flamed, I know very little about the man’s personal life.)

    And I must compliment you on your prodigious reading. I don’t think I could ever manage to read that much in such a short period of time.

    All of Novik’s books are a great read. And there are, thankfully, quite a few fantasties out there that do not involve the stereotypical aspects you despise.

  36. I hope that you all enjoy Comic Con 🙂

    City of Pearl arrived on my doormat this morning… your recommendation of it several entries previously made me curious, coupled with the fact that the novelty of aquiring a brand new book (postage included) for 4 euro was too alluring to pass up! I’ll let you know what I think…

    The book club sounds great!

    Turns out I did survive the Harry Potter rush in London… it was quite fun bumping into people in full Hogwarts robes just wandering around Leicester Square!

    The book itself was a little anticlimactic… I found the change in Rowling’s writing style very pronounced…


  37. On behalf of penguins everywhere, I add my voice to those who were appalled by Disgusted Sam-Jack shipper,‘s* comments. I’ve run into several dozen Sam/Jack shippers over the past couple of hours who balked at what was said.

    I hope you know Joe that majority of us shippers *are* sane, if not slightly desperate for a resolution. We don’t all carry pitchforks.

    I would also advise disgusted Sam-Jack Shipper to consider *watching* some of the episode commentaries *cough* Ex Deus Machina *cough* from seasons gone by instead of basing their entire philosophy on something so subtle that the vast majority of people missed.

    Thanks for a great blog Joe, and enjoy Comic Con. Wish I could be there but there’s an ocean in my way 🙂

  38. Wonder if I’ll be able to finish A Game of Thrones in a day. It’s an awful thick book.

    Good luck with that! It is a great book and a fantastic series. It is not an easy read only because it is a bit convoluted. The only comment I can make is there is no such thing to him as a “sacred” character. Everyone is in harm’s way.

    Did you hear that HBO has picked up the rights to make it a series? I think that info is on GRRM’s website.

    If you happen to run into him again, maybe you could gently prod him with a Staff weapon to finish the series.

    If you start to read some Fantasy stuff and enjoy great Dialogue, head for David Eddings’ series the Belgariad. It is the typical pre-fated group of people going on a quest to save the universe, but the dialogue is fantastic. Sometimes it reminds me very much of the banter between the Stargate characters.

    Have fun at this weekend!

  39. Hi, just came by to say that I love what you’re doing with the show, can’t wait for the new episodes and that I appreciate how gracious you are to the fans. More producers should be like you, you take fans into consideration and it’s rare. Thank you. Oops, wrong blog. Meant to write this on the blog of the producer of my new favorite show. SGA is no longer that. Sorry again!

  40. ARGH! I lost my leg in a skirmish with that cursed Moby Dick! Why didn’t you tell me to avoid the water, Joe? Why?

    How do you feel about Alfred Bester? I just bought a couple of his books (Demolished Man and The Stars My Destination) and was wondering what your opinion was…

    ps. Can I call you Joe? Doesn’t seem like i’m showing proper respect…

  41. Hi Joe

    Thanks for the review of His Majesty’s Dragon.. will have to put that on my ‘to read list’. It’s terrible but I love your snarky blog bits.. Keeps me coming back for more.. Wish I was in San Diego with you guys.. I’m not a connisseur of fine foods as you are but I did like MIMI’s in San Diego. It’s a French restaurant and the food was really tastey.

    Rob looks very happy..

    Take Care and enjoy the Con


    P.S. No way you could put a spelling checker on your blog is there? My spelling can be atrouious (see!!)

  42. Joe, Since you’ve shot a few episodes of S4 by now can you tell us if there are ANY scenes in which Sam is talking to, mentioning, or in other way recognizing Jack, Daniel, Vala, Teal’c, or Cam? Not the cameos of Teal’c or anyone else you plan, but in the course of a normal episode?

  43. At least Jason didn’t get something like the cover of Dark Side of the Moon. That would have been near impossible to explain without the phrase “I was drunk” or “Sheppard made me do it”.

    Enjoy Comic Con!

  44. Hiya Mr. Joe,

    I hope you’ll have tons of fun in San Diego.
    Spoilery S4 Question: Will there be sandwichs?

  45. Teal’c vs Wraith. Hand to hand combat.

    Any chance of that? Is it a possibility in the early season 4 episode with Chris Judge?

  46. Alipeeps a dit… to FargateOne
    about Mitchell saying “…when the time comes, cut the green one”:

    “”That question comes under the category of “already been answered”. Try reading through some of the previous blog entries (well, all of them really cos I can’t recall exactly which one answered it.. but I know it was answered). 😀 “”

    Hallowed is Alipeeps.

    Because I found the answer , and for the same price, get to sleep after countless nights of sleep deprivation.
    There it is:
    NowIWillDestroyAbydos writes:”Will we finally see the “when the time comes, cut the green wire” thing Black Cam mentioned at the end of “Ripple Effect,” in the back half of Season 10? If not, what about the movies?”

    Answer by Joe Malozzi at 5:40 PM 13 January 2007: Not in season 10 but maybe in the movies.

    Also Hallowed are all the myselves; We found one the answer, grâce à la seule puissance de notre cerveau, without any clues…smak, smak, smak to me!!

    NOW DEAR JOE a question for you (!): aviez-vous oublié avoir déjà répondu à ma question ou est-ce que vous n’avez pas répondu pour le motif 6 (Questions that may seem innocuous enough but, if answered, will require me to divulge spoilers.) ?

    And an other one:

    There is no “maybe” time now but only two possibilities: Ark or Continuum ?

    If, like I think, you will not answer to this one too, I’ll give later you my reasons to guess on Continuum .


    P.S. Blog is a game and is funny until it remains a game. So when it is a war between pro-Amanda anti-Amanda, pro-MS anti-MS etc, it is boring. It’s like to scream at weather; there’s nothing we can do to change it. Like there is nothing to change my love for my beloved Vala!!

  47. As Teal’c makes a cameo and Amanda is a regular character in season 4 of SGA, what about Ben Browder guest starring? He did a great job in SG-1!

    -What about a deeper relationship between Mc Kay and Sam? (Mc Kay/Katie:uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t like this couple)?

    -Why Torri Higginson appears in only 4 episodes in season 4, I like her!

    Thanks for your anwsers

  48. Has Rachel Luttrell finished filming because of the baby or is she still going to be in more episodes?

  49. The show is such a totally awesome show from the stories, to the actors, the FX are so cool right down to those that work behind the scenes. I am a new fan to the show been a fan for 4 1/2 months. Keep up the awesome work you do.

  50. Hi Joe,

    I know you’re probably not going to answer this, but I’d like to ask you to take a look at this version of season 10 DVD-2 cover, made by one of truly talented fans – http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c201/Farscapefan/SG-1%20Season%2010/DVD-Cover2.jpg
    and tell me why it was too difficult for MGM/Fox people creating the covers to include Vala in them? BTW, I’m curious why Claudia Black’s agent didn’t protest about Claudia was completely ignored in season 10 DVD covers.

  51. Hey Joe,

    I’d just like to apologise on behalf of every Sam/Jack shipper for what ‘Disgusted Sam/Jack Shipper’ said on your blog previously and would like to stress that this is not how the majority of the Sam/Jack shippers feel. We have been very happy with what we’ve received in the first eight seasons, if a little disappointed with seasons 9&10.

    I would also like to let you know that we are still anxious for a confirmed happy resolution for these two wonderful characters, who have obviously been in love for years. Their relationship was so wonderfully written, directed and acted that we can’t imagine any except a ‘happily ever after’ for them…now that they are free to pursue a relationship. Any news on Sam/Jack ship in the upcoming movie ‘Continuum’ would be great and would help cheer us up.

    Sam/Jack shippers.

  52. Hi Joe,
    I’ve been a long time reader, and have posted a few questions before. Do you think it is possible (though unlikely) we could ever see a (tongue in cheek) episode of wormhole x-treme?
    Enjoy comic con!

  53. Good ratings for the start of the 10th season of SG-1 in Germany =)
    What have you read of Margaret Atwood? I really did enjoy her “alias Grace”

    Have a great time in San Diego! Wish could be there.

  54. Hmmm, perhaps an actual question is in order.

    How often do you find yourself drawing inspiration for an episode from a book you are reading? I don’t mean reading about an alien civilisation destroyed by a deadly plague and thinking “hey, I should write an episode about an alien civilisation destroyed by a deadly plague!”, since I’m fairly certain that no decent/successful writer could keep that up… but just connecting with an aspect of the story in a way that sets a little spark off somewhere in your mind, which eventually evolves into something completely new and different. At least, that’s how I’ve always found it to be when I write…


  55. Novik explains how he can speak English – it’s right about page 217, when he starts speaking French all of a sudden.
    Apparently Novik’s dragons learn languages in the egg, if said language is spoken in close proximity to the egg.

  56. Hey, man. Enjoying Comic-Con so far? What are the most interesting things you’ve seen so far?

    Just wanted to say… I know what most people’s opinions are, and I’m not totally sure what your opinion is… but I thought Lucius Luvin was a riot. I was kind of hoping he’d show up for comedic relief every now and then, but there’s at handful at the Gateworld forums that herald him as a rapist (which, in essence is true). Regardless… Richard Kind was hilarious. If you brought him back, I wouldn’t complain!

  57. So now we know why Teal’c is the only SG1 character to visit Sam in Atlantis. After spending 50 years with her I guess this is a conjugal vist, eh? 😉 It’s not like he doesn’t remember.

  58. FargateOne said…
    Hallowed is Alipeeps.

    Thy wisdom is great. I judge thee worthy. 🙂

  59. If you decided to get into any other Fantasty books, I would recommend “The Wayfarer Redemption” series. Not your standard fantasty (dragons, dwarves, elves, etc.) but interesting none the less.

    So you’re taking requests for the next group to anger? How about the Teyla/shepperd shippers, can they be next?

  60. sorry for the double commment, i made the mistake of not reading other comments first.

    shawna said…
    “It’s nice that you were able to just write the tattoo in. What would you do if an actor got a tattoo that was totally out of character for their character, on a spot that couldn’t be easily hidden without looking suspicious (like if Jason had gotten like Tweety Bird on his arm or something)? “

    1) Do you think Jason would get a Tweety Bird tattoo if the show wrote the story for it?
    2) Will you write it into a story?

  61. get a load of the on-set snack tray,

    *sigh* No fruit, even of the dried variety, I see. Well, at least there’s Twizzlers…

    *says she who hopes to win Get in the Gate*

    And a heads up for all: Joe is quoted in this week’s TV Guide special sci-fi edition.

    Joe, I picked up a copy to donate to the TLG charity auction. Hope you’ll autograph it before it’s offered for sale.

    I pack tomorrow, fly Saturday. Need to decide whether to pack corduroys and a turtleneck. What Vancouverites call summer is more like winter to San Antonians.

  62. One of my favorite ways to express the same idea:


    Fargateone and Joe are now challenged to translate the above to French. *heeheehee* or *jijiji /Spanish*

    P.S. Blog is a game and is funny [as long as] it remains a game. (…) It’s like to scream at weather; there’s nothing we can do to change it. Like there is nothing to change my love for my beloved Vala!!

  63. hello joe
    je voulais vous dire que je suis une grande fan de sg1 et atlantis, et j’ai trouvée la saison 10 de sg1 super génial, j’aurais aimée une onzième saison, et puis pour atlantis, j’attend avec impentience la saison 4. Je voulais vous félicitez et vous dire de continuer comme ça. Merci encore une fois.

  64. Bonjour,

    Je tiens juste à vous remercier grandement pour ce que vous faîtes, la qualité de la série et tout le reste 🙂 J’adore cette série depuis quelle joue à la TV et je vous dis un gros Merci et un énorme Bravo 😀

    Contiunez et lachez pas, je suis fidèle à Stargate jusqu’a la mort 🙂

  65. Hey, how’s the Comic Con going? Wish I could be there, but hey when you’re stuck in Florida. lol

    How do the SGA episodes usually get ordered? I remember somewhere, it being said that you don’t know for sure the order in which the episodes will be aired. I think some eps in season 3, like “Sunday” for example, were moved around. When is it “final”, so to speak?

  66. Hi Joe,
    Nice pictures, but could you tell Rob Copper that’s not the way to do a Vulcan greeting. The middle two fingers have to be further apart. But nice try. 😀


  67. Apologies to Rob whose surname is of course spelt Cooper not Copper.
    Wouldn’t you think with two degrees I would be able to spell!!!


  68. You probably won’t want to put this on the web. However, my intention in asking whether you had any comments from religious groups was not to open a can of worms. What expressions are made in the shows are part of their beauty and success. It really isn’t about leaning one way or the other – it is after all, science fiction.

    My apologies for any difficulty.

  69. Gilder chalenged FargateOne and Joe.
    Allez, je me lance!
    By the way, merci pour la correction [as long as ] instead of [until].

    Memento Mori, motel room scene, Vala eating a donut of sorts:
    – “Disodium guanylate. That would make a great alien name, don’t you think?”

    Each time, I roar with laughter ( I’ve always knew that Glutamate Monosodique was also the patriarch of a great alien dynasty ) And the scenes in that motel room are absolutly delightful.

    But the top one ( sorry it’s not yours ) is in Camelot when Teal’c answer to Vala:
    – “Darth Vader”.
    It’s awfully funny and tactful to Christendom.

  70. I’m just catching up on your blog because I have been away for a few days in Stonehaven. I was at the birthplace of the world famous deep fried mars bar (atleast thats what the sign said – I took a picture of it but since I can’t post a picture in your blog you’re just going to have to trust me). The Carron, formerly The Haven, in Stonehaven. The deep fried mars bars are only £0.80.

    …….I can’t believe Hemriod isn’t going to be in season 4. Did Joe kill the puppet??

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