Well, congratulations are in order.

Congratulations to hotshot Martin Gero whose first feature, Young People F*cking will open the Canada First programme of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Martin co-wrote the script with long-time buddy (and part-time Atlantis character Kanayo) Aaron Abrams, and directed the movie over the course of last year’s hiatus. For those of you interested in checking out the sly sex comedy (which is presumably all of you) and plan to be in the Toronto area in the second week of September (which may be not as many), then check out the film fest schedule when it comes out on July 23rd. Who knows? With the proper timing, you could be in T.O. partying with the up-and-coming director. And if you are, please keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t overdo it. He still has a couple of episodes to produce when he gets back.

Congratulations to Carl Binder for writing and producing truly great episode. We watched the Day 2 Mix of Missing and all thought it was terrific. Funny, scary, shocking, gross, exciting, and ultimately touching. Great job by everyone involved, especially director Andy Mikita and actresses Rachel Luttrell and Jewel Staite.

Congratulations to Alan McCullough who handed in his first draft of Kindred II. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when this one airs.

Also, congratulations to me for finally getting handle on that Caldwell-Sheppard Daedalus scene that will touch on the repercussions from an earlier episode. Now, all I have to do is write it.

Read (actually re-read from way, way back) Richard Matheson’s awesome I Am Legend. I am now finishing up on some of his collected short stories before giving Harry Turtledove’s Ruled Brittania a shot.

Pics: Publicity stills from Marty G.’s YPF, a little peek at the Kindred I Art Department Package.


Jason writes: “Have you or any of the other writers ever considered doing a fantasy/dream episode where you can do extreme and out of character stuff and write it all off as a dream?”

Answer: I personally think it would be useless for an episode to have “all been a dream”. But if you want cool fantasy/dream sequences that delve into the psyche’s of the individual team members, then check out Doppelganger.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Do you consult professionals for advice when you write about medical or psychological issues?”

Answer: If the script requires their expertise, sure.

Rebecca writes: “Can you give any hints about the Flanigan-pitched story?”

Answer: No new details until Monday when we’re scheduled to start breaking it.

Pauline writes: “Visited Fortnum & Mason a very posh shop.”

Answer: Check out Chloe Doutre-Roussel’s The Chocolate Connoisseur, the book that turned me on to the perfection that is chocolate. She was (possibly still is) a buyer for Fortnum & Mason.

Pauline also writes: “I was wondering if you have ever thought of having an episode were there is a murder in Atlantis a sort of Colonel Caldwell in the Gate Room with the Zat gun type thing?”

Answer: While it is a fun arena for an episode, I think it requires a science fiction element.

Lorr54 writes: “I just have to ask if all is well? It feels that your normal tone when answering questions lacks a little of its lively step.”

Answer: Hmm. Maybe I’m burning myself out on my Cookie Monster posts.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Hate to say this, but it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the Federal Bureau of Investigations.”

Answer: Holy crap! That means that email was legit!

Aylana a ecrit: “ Cela pourrait être sympa de voir Sheppard et Teyla manger une “tartiflette” ou un “gratin dauphinois”!! Vous connaissez?”

Reponse: J’ai mangé un tartiflette l’autre jour. C’etait delicieux.

Fran writes: “Will there be any battle scenes in Season 4?”

Answer: Definitely.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Will Dr. Keller appear in the episode Quarantine?”

Answer: She will.

Anonymous #3 writes: “When SGA ends (many years from now, I hope), will there be movies for Atlantis fans to look forward to?”

Answer: Hopefully, yes.

Jenny Robin writes: “Tomorrow morning I begin my 36-hour stretch of work due to the Harry Potter book release.”

Answer: Good luck. Hope the kids behave.

Cara writes: “Where’s the best place to walk a dog in Vancouver?”

Answer: I’d suggest taking a stroll along the seawall.

Jbpiggy writes: “Mole de poblano? like or loath?”

Answer: Actually kind of indifferent.

40 thoughts on “July 19, 2007

  1. hi, joe,

    joe/Answer: “I personally think it would be useless for an episode to have “all been a dream”. But if you want cool fantasy/dream sequences that delve into the psyche’s of the individual team members, then check out Doppelganger.”

    does this include sam, even though she’s not ‘on’ the team?

    sally 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Martin Gero!! With any luck, maybe he’ll lend his directorial talents to Atlantis one day?

    Anyway Joe, two questions: 1). How many scenes does a typical episode usually have? 2). That Caldwell-Shep scene; it’s in Kindred Part 1, yes?

    Thank you!!

  3. Hello there…

    I work in a small pub in a small town in the small country known as England. A guy came in a few days back and told the best Chinese restaurant in the world in actually in Vancouver. Apparently its know world wide! Was he exagerating or is there really a world wide famous Chinese restaurant in Vancouver?

  4. Right…you are sitting down to eat dinner. You have in front of you a 10oz Sirloin steak…what sauce do you put on it, if any?

  5. Hey Joe,

    I wonder if you could give me a little advice. What would be a good show to write a spec script for if I’m in LA and trying to find an agent? My main focus is (obviously) sci-fi/fantasy, but there aren’t a lot of shows of that genre that film down here, so I’m worried that if I write a spec for one, it won’t be as relevant.

  6. “Farscapefan writes: “Could you tell me whether Claudia Black’s fans are going to find at least short VIDEO interview at either The Ark of Truth or Continuum DVDs? 2 YEARS now and we’ve got NOTHING at all so far. It’s simply NOT FAIR and I really hate MGM for doing this to us.”

    Answer: This has nothing to do with MGM. Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok has made it a point to try to spotlight all of the actors. If a certain actor has not appeared in a DVD extra, it is because either they have chosen not to participate or didn’t make themselves available.”

    See Kalliope? She’s just avoiding *you*.

    It’s not “Those damn Americans who who got the show cancelled” conspiring to reduce Claudia’s screen time after all. 🙂

  7. I was wanting to get your thoughts on something:

    Do you feel that the introduction and proliferation of Spaceship and “beaming” technology throughout the Stargate universe has hurt or helped the shows?

    I feel that it has done both personally, and also feel that their introduction was an inevitable outcome due to the “standing orders” of the teams. The hurt is felt, but I argue that that hurt was necessary for the long term survival of the franchise. Anyway, that’s just how I feel about it…what do you think?

  8. Is there an opportunity for Torri to appear in any eps in the second half of the season?

  9. Antoher Matheson lover…woohoo!! We wouldn’t have all the great zombie movies or even Twilight Zone with that man. He is my horror/scifi god…

    Question are you going to see Will Smith’s version of Omega Man? What do you think about it?

    Apparently much like the original film it’s going to diverge from the book and basically be a remake of the the original Omega Man film. Plus, I’ve been hereing flack of WS playing the lead.

    What’s your thoughts?

  10. I realize finally that perhaps I’m getting my comments in too late. (I rather enjoy taking breaks at work to read your blog… I mean, no I would never surf the internet at work, I’m a great PA!)

    Actually, something that I was hoping to find searching through a backlog of your blog, but alas, could not.

    Is there a possibility you have any diagrams of the Atlantis infirmary? I can’t figure out where it is in relation to everything else, or for that matter, how it’s really set up. If you’ve got any coming up, could you help a whumper out?

  11. When the new stargate movies come out on DVD, any chance of directors cuts(deleted scenes, scenes added in etc_, commentary, bloopers, you know the fun stuff?

  12. Excuse me for being unhealthily obsessed with details :-), but what is the deal with the two different episode numbers (410, 414) on the two set design photos you provided for “The Kindred P1”? I was always under the impression that those numbers represent your in-house production episode numbers as a placeholder until the episode gets its correct schedule spot. Was I mistaken for all this time, or is this a non-noteworthy typo?

    Have a nice day.

  13. Hey, you mentioned a while back that McKay’s allergies would be interesting to explore in an offworld crisis scenario. Any chance of seeing anything like this in season 4?

  14. In all probability you will ignore this question. You may consider it insignificant but to me it is a crucial question.

    Why no toilet facilities on the Puddlejumpers? Or is that where the ‘puddle’ really comes from?

    Star Trek was the same with their shuttle crafts.

    “Live Long and Prosper”


  15. Hey Joe! 1.) Any other interesting Teyla news you can share with us? 2.) I read in an interview with Rachel Luttrel that there was plans for a little romance for Teyla this season – are there still plans for that and if so, what episode(s) will it be in? 3.) What’s your favorite Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book? 🙂

  16. What is the strangest thing you have willingly ordered from a restaurant and if given the chance would you order it again?

  17. salut joseph!!
    =}Harry potter est sorti!!!génial!
    =}Le film de Martin a l aire vraiment coool!
    =}Outch pourquoi vous parler de tartifléte dans une de vos réponsse?
    ma question:
    On verra beaucoup d ancien dans la saison 4??

    Bon bah bonne journée, bisou, je vous adore a demain!!!!

  18. YAY! I read Richard Matheson’s book AFTER seeing Moses playing the part in the Omega Man which was extremely disappointing.Have been looking forward to the new one i hope it doesn’t disappoint

  19. Hey Joe,

    Hate to burst the bubble, but the “Australian contingent” that sends you Tim Tams consists of me, myself, and I.

    I’d love it if there were more Aussies I knew who loved Stargate as much, but most of them are on the casual side of fandom, not the Tim-Tam sending side of fandom. 🙂

    …and bugger me. I’ve turned up on your blog after all! Eek!

    ps. Quite looking forward to S4 and lots more Teyla (and team)!

  20. llaWhy no toilet facilities on the Puddlejumpers? Or is that where the ‘puddle’ really comes from?

    I used to ask the above questions until I watched MST3K (for those who don’t know Mystery Science Threatre 3000) they said it best:
    If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes
    and other science facts (la-la-la),
    Just repeat to yourself, “It’s just a show,
    I should really just relax…”
    for Mystery Science Theater 3000!”

    Great song verse advice…I say take it to heart. ^_^

  21. Checking your blog today due to those pictures you posted I thought I was totally on the wrong site.
    OK I am sure that Martin Gero made a good job on his feature, but that just sounded like a bad porno movie title.

  22. Well those first few photos were qite the food for thought especially the guy with the yellow cup in his hand.

    Ok I admit to being a bit confused there for a moment as to exactly which Atlantis cast members these were and exactly what kind of episode the Scifi Execs had talked you guys into writing…glad to have the explanation.(not that I wouldn’t mind Sheppard in a Sheet;) )


  23. Hi,
    i am a german fan of Stargate. Unfortunately the third season of Atlantis was not aired in our TV.
    I have some questions regarding the stargate network and the city of atlantis (if you can answer them):
    1) If someone wants to dial say Athos from earth, he would use an eight-chevron-address. Could you tell me which of the first seven chevrons determines for the pegasus galaxy (first, second etc) and which glyph would that be (name as pegasus, orion etc)?
    2) will we learn the names of the atlantis glyphs (except of the individual points of origin) in the fourth season?
    3) The lanteans built atlantis thousands of years ago. They also could build zpms. Shoulden’t be there somewhere in the city’s computers instructions, how to create zpms? And if not when will the team learn how to build them and where?
    4) Does the database found in Atlantis contain the same (amount) and the same knowledge found in the information archive the Asgard have been studying and of which the anti-replicator-weapons were build from?
    5) Are the events of unending mentioned in the fourth season and what are the consequences of this episode for Atlantis?
    6) Where can the information be found how to build a stargate?
    7) What happens on earth after unending; will there be any use of the asgard knowledge in either the movies for SG-1 or atlantis?
    I’d like to get some answers to this questions.
    PS: hope, its correctly uploaded and its not dubble in here.

  24. Just out of curiosity, how do select the posts to which you respond. It seems like, you almost avoid some people, while responding regularly to others. Is it because those people have offended you in some way? Some of the questions seem perfectly valid. While

  25. Hi Joe!

    When I first glanced at the pictures in your blog I thought “What they are doing Atlantis Nights episode” but realized I only recognized Martin Gero and that only one of guys looked familiar, which was weird for a Atlantis shot. Then I read your blog and learned they are from Martin’s movie. Congrats to Martin on Toronto Film Festival! Hope it does well and gets a good reaction.

    David Hewlett mentioned on Twitter that he was doing a night shoot. Do any of the producers have go out on location when y’all are doing a night shoot or do you leave that to the crew, actors, and directors?

    Have a good weekend!


    PS My town was featured on The CBS Early Show today. Yeah Charleston!

  26. Quelques réflexions sur l’avenir de la télé.

    Au Québec SCI FI channel n’est pas disponible; SPACE TV diffuse SG1 et SGA en anglais, (ce que je préfère tant la traduction produite en France donne de mauvais résultats à nos oreilles habituées à entendre la voix réelle des acteurs anglophones ) et Z-TÉLÉ en français. Ironiquement, la saison 2 de SGA a été présentée en français au Québec l’an dernier avant sa diffusion en anglais à SPACE dans le reste du Canada. SPACE a une mauvaise qualité d’image ( ni 16:9 ni HD ) et diffuse ces séries des mois après leur diffusion aux USA. Par exemple, la saison 3 de SGA ne sera probablement diffusée qu’en janvier 2008. Or on sait que les DVD seront disponibles en septembre.
    Je n’attendrai pas cet automne ou cet hiver pour connaître le dénouement de la capture de Rodney et de Ronon dans le hive ship wraith et j’achèterai les DVD. D’ailleurs je ferai de même pour les deux télé-films de SG 1.
    Donc on regarde de moins en moins la tv en direct et on achète plus de dvd. Alors comment faire connaître une série sur DVD avant qu’elle ne soit diffusée sur les ondes ou sans avoir fait l’objet d’un film au grand écran?


    Les cotes d’écoute à elles seules ne peuvent plus être un critère ou un indice fiable pour décider de la popularité et de la survie d’une série. La décision de tourner une cinquième saison de SGA ne peut se fonder que sur les “raitings”. À ce propos, je suis d’accord avec un autre blogger : vu que “Stargate Universe” est en chantier et que SGA a déjà fait 4 saisons, je ne crois pas que nous verrons John Sheppard et sa bande encore longtemps.
    Sniff , sniff !

  27. Two Questions

    Will we fans see Kolya again in Season 4? And will John Sheppard ever kill him and get it done right?

  28. I think the dream sequence would be cool if there were a device on Atlantis that made people’s dreams intercept. They would still be dreaming and not in much control (as we aren’t in dreams), but they could explore latent desires(no not necessarily sexual ones!! minds out of the gutter!). They would interract with each other, still thinking they were having a normal dream…until they woke up (or realized they were dreaming together and needed to wake up). It would be funny to see what their subconscious brain cooked up for each of them.

  29. Ever since I have seen Double Jeopardy, I have wanted to visit the Seattle area. The views of the beautiful hilly islands in the water are so exquisite that I want to see them for myself. Now I find out the movie was filmed in British Columbia, so I am thinking I should visit Vancouver also. Do you have any recommendations of must see/do things, in and around Vancouver? I definately want to take a boat ride!

  30. *waves*

    I’ve not been too well recently, and been a bit neglectful with my Quest. *Apologises to the fandom and hangs her head in shame* It has to be said though, that I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t at least comment on the chest peekage. 😛


    So, thank you Mr M,
    I was very pleased to see,
    Lots of chest peekage, provided by Mr G.
    But I’ve only one thing to ask,
    And I hope that you don’t mind?
    As my Quest is still continuing in the hopes to one day find.
    An episode of Shep, being shirtless and such,
    I really don’t think that it’s asking that much. 😛

    So, if I may be cheeky and ask,
    Can you authorise Mr G,
    That while he’s in the mood,
    To write the next Atlantis eppy. ;o)
    As I see a pattern emerging, from his wonderful script,
    That he likes to write the characters doing a little strip. 😛

    I think it will please the fandom,
    In fact I’m certain that it will,
    Some of us will have fan girl moments,
    And it will give us all a thrill.
    To have Shep in all his glory,
    Or some chest peekage just to tease,
    And would it make any difference,
    If I promise to say ‘PLEASE’.


    Thank you Mr M for all the spoilery goodies and the concept art it’s very much appreciated.

  31. Oh yeah, I knew it, Callum Blue..
    One question, who’s responsible for those transcripts on MGM??

  32. Joe,
    Since you’ve been back to work for a whole week now, is there any news that you can share with us? Has that IP turned into a YES or no yet Joe?

  33. Joe, Can we have some more podcasts? The Siege part 1 and 2 are the only ones that I could find at Scifi.com

  34. hi, joe,

    do you ever have days that you wish you hadn’t joined fandom? i do, like today…

    i sometimes go outside my usual haunts and see what the opposite side thinks and feels. and sometimes, i’m shocked at the hatred and vitriol going on. i mean, everyone has a bad day and might say something they’d regret, but to make it a habit of letting your dark and mean-spirited thoughts just flow out of your mouth like breathing…

    but to cheer myself up, i just think about getting another year of sam carter. i also get to experience another show i’d never have normally given a chance to (atlantis). and TWO sg1 movies as well! so all’s right with the world of stargate, at least for me.

    but anyways, i’m glad you chose sam to join atlantis. i’m more looking forward to that than the movies, actually. it’ll be a new side to sam and i can’t wait!

    thanks for reading my babbling.

    ~i think i’m cheered up now~

    sally 🙂

  35. So… My husband and I were watching SG-1 Window of Opportunity and noted that you, Mr. Mallozzi, have not only written Richard Scarry and Stargate Episodes – but you also have a doctorate in Latin studies (or at least you wrote a book on Latin for Novices that Jack used in the episode – of course we know it was a prop, right?)

    Now how’s that for attention to detail in the episodes? Now, if only someone could tell me the music that Sheppard was listening to in Sunday – all the mysteries in my simplistic universe would be solved.

  36. Hi Joe,

    I’d really like to see Michael back. Will you be bringing Michael back for an episode in season 4?

  37. Hi Joe,

    I was just reading something on G.W. that really bothered me. The actor bashing and bashing of one of the producers has really gotten out of hand. I wonder if they realize that people like myself that don’t post on any forums and only lurk are reading this stuff. I kept wondering why a mod didn’t step in to stop it. I guess that’s kind of hard to do when it’s the mod that started it.

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