Since moving to Vancouver from my native Montreal, there are three things I’ve missed over the course of my eight years here: mom, a proper smoked meat, and a really good French bistro. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the French cuisine this city has to offer, an overall quality to rival that of my home city. Vancouver provides diners with some truly remarkable high-end choices, but when it comes to more casual French fare, it’s been mighty slim pickings. Yes, several potential candidates come to mind but, having visited most, I found that none truly captured the spirit of the homey French bistros I would patronize back east – until Bistrot Bistro came along. Finally, a place that got it right: great food, modest prices, and, most important of all, a warmth and conviviality that marks every visit.

I’d been hearing quite a bit about Jules of late and wondered whether it too had managed to capture that elusive savoir Bistro fare. From what I’d been told, the owner was a native Quebecer. That in itself offered hope.

It was a hot Thursday night and, upon walking into the place, I was struck by two things: the delightfully quaint décor reminiscent of the Old Montreal district I used to frequent in my McGill University days, and the lack of air conditioning. As we settled in and I noticed the perspiration beginning to bead on Ivon’s forehead, I thought “We’d better make this quick.” Thankfully, however, one pre-dinner mojito later and he was looking much better – not quite as hot and, even if he was, certainly not minding it nearly as much.

We started off by sharing some appetizers: an excellent heirloom tomato and Bononcini salad, a rustic pate served with a red onion compote and the requisite gherkins and pickled onions, one of the best terrines de foie gras I’ve had in recent memory, and a so-so tuna tartare.

For dinner, Ivon thoroughly enjoyed his ahi tuna steak – an nice thick flavorful piece cooked just right – while Fondy and I were equally pleased with our choices: tender AAA rib-eye steaks in dulcet herb butter served with the requisite frites.

The desserts were hit and miss. While the Melting Chocolate Cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream impressed with its almost pudding-like texture and deep chocolate flavor, the rice pudding and rhubarb compote was, compote aside, a surprisingly bland affair.

Service was great – friendly, attentive, yet unobtrusive.

I’m pleased to report that, like Bistrot Bistro, Jules is a west-coast bistro that has gotten it right. Now, if I can only find a place that serves a good smoked meat sandwich.

Mailbag –

Firefly827347 writes: “Was just wondering if we’ll be seeing much of Chuck Campbell in season 4?”

Answer: He’ll still be around.

Uber writes: “I remember you saying awhile back that you believed the credits would be similar stylistically to the one used the last two years. Were there any surprises (pleasant ones, of course) or did it turn out pretty much like you expected?”

Answer: There were no surprises because we were the ones to suggest the shots changed and added.

Uber also writes: “Is there a chance that we’ll be able to see it prior to the new season?”

Answer: Sorry. At present there are no plans to release the new opening credit sequence early.

PG 15 writes: “Oh, and I can’t wait for that package!! Just a note though…how poisonous is it, exactly? I mean, the actors would have to act near them, so I’m thinking breathing a lot near it is not a problem?”

Answer: It’s of minimal poisonosity, but it really depends what you mean by “a lot”.

PG15 writes: “As you said, Season 4 is more arc-based (ok, you may not have said that, but it was implied); how arc-based is it? For instance, if I miss an episode, would I be lost come the next one?”

Answer: You wouldn’t be lost. We still try to keep the episodes as self-contained as possible. That said, we’ll be making use of the “previously on” feature whenever necessary.

Redhooks writes: “Will the Travelers appear in a third episode near the end of the season?”

Answer: You’ll have to watch BAMSR to find out.

Promogirl writes: “Many times the directors talk about the difficulty in keeping scenes in the briefing room fresh (from a shooting perspective). Was there ever any talk of replacing it with a new set? Any chance it was replaced for the movies?”

Answer: No and no.

Glennh73 writes: “Are we going to see the gate malfuction anytime soon,I always enjoyed those episodes.”

Answer: One gate malfunction coming up. Check out This Mortal Coil.

M writes: “Do the actors/cast of SGA ever have clauses that say that they should 1) avoid certain strenous exercise 2) keep certain appearances (eg hair length etc)? I guess I’ve just been curious since Mr Flanigan has hinted that he’s not supposed to do extreme sports etc.”

Answer: It’s funny you should mention this as Mr. F. is presently suffering from a sprained wrist that may curtail his bantos swinging.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is there any story you wished could of been told that wasnt or any storyline you wish you could of added too? Like Daniels Grandpap or the Ashen?”

Answer: Nothing really comes to mind.

Zabadoo writes: “1.)What was the worst thing about working in children’s television? 2.)Are there any drawbacks on writing for Stargate? 3.)Will there be even any mention of Ford in the next season? It just seems that not only is he in any other episodes, but he also isn’t spoken of. 4.)Will fourth season episodes dealing with the Wraith or the Asurans be mainly dialogue-based or action-based? Any “Reckoning” style episodes in the near future for Atlantis?”

Answers: 1) Being forced to dumb down scripts because producers generally underestimated the intelligence of children. 2) Not sure what you mean by drawbacks. 3) No mention of Ford so far. 4) More weighted toward action but studded with scintillating dialogue. BAMSR.

Minigeek writes: “Poor little Kobe though. Sure you can’t get him also??? He needs a loving family, too!”

Answer: I know, I know. That’s my one big regret. I told Fondy’s business partner that I felt badly because I knew that we could have provided a very good home for the little guy and there’s no knowing where he’ll end up. Her response: “You can’t save them all.” Still.

Knightowl writes: “Whats Fondy’s Dog Grooming business called?”

Answer: Petit Four Pet Boutique.

MsStargate writes: “Which episode will Amanda be making her debut?”

Answer: Episode #1 – Adrift.

Kath writes: “ 1.Have you ever brought the pugs to work? 2. How long have you and Paul been writing partners, and how did you meet?”

Answers: 1. If my dogs came to work, I’d be constantly worried about them wandering off. Once, way back in season four, Jelly made a run for it. I chased around the parking lot for a good ten minutes before Rick strolled over, scooped her up, and handed her over. 2) Seems like forever. We met in a creative writing class.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I was curious why Brad isn’t joining Rob at Comic Con, or having a separate Continuum panel?”

Answer: Ark of Truth will be released first so the focus of the pnale will be on the first movie.

Rosie writes: “What do you think of Jack McDevitt’s books?”

Answer: I have Seeker but have yet to get around to it.

Agent Dark writes: “Just curious as to why Carter wears an Atlantis expedition uniforms rather than her Air Force dress uniform?”

Answer: She wears an Atlantis uniform because she will be a member of the Atlantis possessing both military and civilian authority.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “Dans la saison 4 ont verra beaucoup les geniis??”

Answer: Pas beaucoup. Mais peut-etre un peu.

Kiwigater writes: “Does it feel weird not having SG1 up and running around you now that you’re back from hiatus?”

Answer: It does. Especially when lunch time rolls around and we no longer have a choice between TWO catering trucks.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Of the 18 books read during your break (good on you) which would rank as the favorite?”

Answer: My top five in no particular order – Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games, Camp Concentration, Before They Are Hanged, and The Light Fantastic.

Anonymous #4 writes: “ Is the Sam Carter that’s going to be on Atlantis in season 4 an AU Sam?”

Answer: Uh, no.

Anonymous #5 writes: “When will you know for sure if Atlantis will have a season 5?”

Answer: Anytime between now and this this winter.

Alipeeps writes: “If I beg really pitifully could you cheer me up with some enticing Season 4 gossip?”

Answer: Hmmmm. Gossip? Well, we were just watching a scene in which Sheppard and Teyla have a bit of a heated exchange. Interesting, no?

62 thoughts on “July 17, 2007

  1. I take it a Doggy Spa is just a posh doggy grooming place. Or is Fondy going into hydro therapies, massages, little matching outfits etc?

    Cats are pretty low maintenance compared to pampered pooches. But I do miss having a dog – a big dog about the size of Mars.

  2. Once, way back in season four, Jelly made a run for it. I chased around the parking lot for a good ten minutes before Rick strolled over, scooped her up, and handed her over.

    Haha! This is the sort of tidbit that I love! Yay.

  3. Hey Joe! I’ve actually written down the questions to ask you as I keep forgetting them when I get here. So, let’s see…

    1). What’s the difference between a Beat Sheet and an Outline? They both sound like documents to keep track of what scene happens where and what happens in them.

    2). Have you read the recent comments made my David Howe? You can read them here:


    It sounds pretty promising to me.

    3. Are you going to continue the Production Diary on Gateworld and Stargate Solutions? Those were facinating.

    4. (You may avoid this one) Why did you decide to delete some comments a few days ago when you have allowed certain arguments to slip through before that?

    Thank you!!

  4. Answer: It’s funny you should mention this as Mr. F. is presently suffering from a sprained wrist that may curtail his bantos swinging.

    Oooops. Poor Mr F – dare I ask how he managed to sprain his wrist?! Skateboarding mishap? 😉 Was there bantos swinging planned that has had to be rescheduled/rewritten or are we talking theoretical bantos swinging? 😉

    Well, we were just watching a scene in which Sheppard and Teyla have a bit of a heated exchange. Interesting, no?

    Definitely interesting! Were you watching the scene being filmed or is this rushes/edits etc of previously filmed stuff? Either way, consider me officially cheered up – thank you! 😀

  5. If liked Light Fantasticso much, you’ll be happy to hear that its getting turned into a TV mini-series this Christmas

    The company that are doing the adaption ae the same people who did Hogfather (another discworld book) last Christmas, and it was very good

  6. Great! Chuck’s in season 4. Thanks for answering.
    Will Kavan be gracing us with his presence in more than the five episodes he’s already in?

  7. Apologies for the double post but the devotees of the GW Sheppard Whump thread thought perhaps you should pass along to Joe F a wise piece of advice that we have to keep reminding ourselves about (we do seem to be a spectacularly clumsy/accident prone lot):

    “Remember – whump Shep, not self” 😀

  8. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you. For several days now, I have asked you question after question and you have answered the majority, if not all of them. Being a fan of the show, it is an honor to speak with one of the big wigs of the show and one of the guys who have written my favorite episodes. Also, I am a high school student going into my senior year, and have known now for about four years after making several shorts that I want to be either a filmmaker or a television writer/producer. Within the questions I have asked about future episodes of Atlantis I have also asked questions that I was curious about dealing with getting into the television industry. Every time, you have answered happily. I truly appreciate that.

    Thanks a lot, I plan to ask more questions on a daily basis. And warn you that within the next ten or so years, the Stargate community might be getting another writer on their hands. Although personally it’s highly doubtful that that would actually happen.

  9. I love reading your blog!!

    And your choice for a food subject is perfect for my question.

    What is your fav choice serviced my craf services while on set of SGA?? Do they every take requests?


  10. Assuming we get a season five, any chance of a Chuck-centric episode? I think it’d be amusing and unexpected.

    Also, any chance of getting occasional comments regarding people that have been lost? Like, “Hey, you know who’d like this? Ford.” And then they have a moment. Or, “That’s like this story Grodin told me once…” Really, little mentions, even meaningless ones, to let us know the characters don’t forget people once they’ve gone can go a very long way.

  11. I discovered your blog only a couple of weeks ago. You’re very funny and a bit twisted. Keep up the good work.

  12. Joe, I have to ask. What is with the Rodney Mckay love??? Rodney Mckay and Steve Urkel (Family Matters) have alot in common. They are both interesting charcters in small spots but slowing they take/took over the shows that they are/were on.

  13. Dear Joe,
    Had deep-fried coca cola at the Calgary Stampede and happy to report I’m still alive. Should have tried the deep fried cheesecake. Before I do, I’ll make sure to put you in my will. Would you be interested in a tank full of guppies?

  14. Hopefully this is something you or one of your readers can answer for me. Why didn’t Jessica Steen continue in the role of Dr. Weir? I’ve loved Torri in the part, but I’ve always been curious about that…

  15. 1.You said in a comment that Mr F sprained his wrist, was that before the hiatus or when he came back to work on set? 2. how many episodes are almost done with for season 4? 3. Did Joe hurting his wrist make it hard to shoot the banto fighting scenes that you said Joe was shooting since he hurt his wrist?

  16. Hiya Joe,

    Curiousity propels me to ask, after your bantos response:

    Are there Occupational & Health Safety officers on set/in the studio? Fire wardens?

    Have you ever had incidences where culprits have broken into the building to take pics of the stargate or something weird like that?

    Take care,

  17. Hi Joe:

    When you said your wife is running a dog spa, I found these images:

    Will Fondy be selling merchandise to, or just services?


  18. Hi Joe,
    Hope you have got back into the swing of things with work and all.
    You sorta touched on my question today but I will ask it anyway, Do you ever go to a Keg and just have a fat steak.
    And to change the subjact to one of susan the tartan turtle comments,
    A big dog about the size of Mars.
    The mind boggles and is glad it will never have to poop scoop after anything that big.

  19. Just saw the Atlantis promo during Eureka, not quite extra long though, unless i missed other parts of it. I think it’s quite obvious the clip was from either Adrift or Lifeline? Joe? 🙂


    And it revealed, as i have always suspected, that the team is going to use Rodney’s puddle jumper hyperspace engine design from “Tao of Rodney” to go get help for Atlantis. Right Joe? 😉

    The clip centered around John asking Rodney if he was ready to go, and Rodney explaining that his engine rigging could catastrophically fail at any time and they could all die horribly. Then John says something akin to, “Yea but are you ready?” To which Rodney replies, “Yep.”

  20. Answer: Hmmmm. Gossip? Well, we were just watching a scene in which Sheppard and Teyla have a bit of a heated exchange. Interesting, no?

    I had to chuckle – sometimes reading your responses/posts, I get the feeling you are deliberately trying to stir the pot. Surely you can’t be that evil right? :-/

    Also felt the need to mention, banishing p-diddy was for naught, as the tiny preview of Atlantis left me feeling disappointed. Any chance of another one? Saw 4400 getting a plug, any chance of cross promotion with USA network? Really wish you guys could run small previews on other channels.

  21. And for those who missed it, here’s the promo in video format, 320×240, 2.9Mb (DivX codec required):

    Atlantis Promo July 17, 2007

    Joe, if it’s some sort of taboo or violation that i posted it here, please feel free to discard the post :).

  22. Gotta ask Joe,
    Just finished watching the second episode of season 2 of Eureka. How does it feel when someone takes your idea for a show and changes it just enough to make it ok, but not nearly as interesting than the one you “Joe Mallozzi wrote in Atlantis season 1 “Hide and Seek”.
    On a lighter note the SGA trailer was much better than the gallactica last week.
    Mike, D.O.
    Infectious Diseases

  23. Thought you might enjoy watching this pug, Louie, singing along with Olivia Newton John. Should Olivia be flattered or worried, I wonder?

    What’s to love about a rib-eye, Joe? I would have thought you’d be a filet or new york man.

  24. Weirdly enough, out of all the characters to wonder about, I’ve been wondering whatever happened to Cassie? Maybe it’s because I just saw that x-men movie? So, what’s Cassie up to these days? Partying it up at college? Attending raves? Medical school? Traveling the galaxy?

  25. From PG15 “4. (You may avoid this one) Why did you decide to delete some comments a few days ago when you have allowed certain arguments to slip through before that?”

    Slipped through!!?? are you kidding, you have to be, right?? You have been around here long enough to know that Joe does not let anything “slip through”. He knows exactly what he’s doing and why.

  26. Mr. Mallozzi,
    Haven’t been here in awhile, but Little Lulu..OH, I LOVE that name!
    and she’s adorable, btw.

    Question: I know you mentioned that Teyla would probably not make it to Earth this season. But is there a possibility that she may appear in the Earth story pitched in by Mr. Flannigan? Or will this depend on Rachel’s availabilty during filming?

    The Atlantis preview during Eureka was definetly a quick sneek peek. Thank TPTB for me and tell them to give us more so that viewers can stay interested and tuned!

    Thanks for the gossip! I can’t wait!


  27. Actually, PG15, those comments from Mr. Howe are a bit disconcerting to me. He deliberately redirected his answer away from Atlantis towards the franchise as a whole. His references to Stargate were to the brand, not Atlantis. Such specific wordplay seems to me to indicate that Scifi does NOT see Atlantis as the future of Stargate on the channel. Reading between the lines there is almost the impression that Mr. Howe was saying that Stargate Universe or the Stargate movies are what the Scifi Channel considers the future of Stargate. I’m afraid for Atlantis. It hasn’t been able to gain any traction being paired with SG-1 for so long, and now it’s being almost totally smothered by the SG-1 movies, especially Continuum. If Universe does eventually go, then you can be sure that it will be the show receiving all of the fanfare and publicity from both the network and TPTB, just as Atlantis received 95% of the advertising and publicity the Stargate franchise gets during it’s first season. Atlantis seems to have had its day in the sun as far as everyone is concerned.

  28. Hey Joe,
    I was just wondering…

    12 shots for shooting a scene of 5 seconds, is it frequent or unusal?

  29. Hey Joe. Assuming we get a season 5, will there be any episodes that would reveal more about the Ancients and there time in Pegasus and Atlantis?

  30. Anonymous said…

    Slipped through!!?? are you kidding, you have to be, right?? You have been around here long enough to know that Joe does not let anything “slip through”. He knows exactly what he’s doing and why.

    Well Mr. Anonymous, whoever you are*, you’re right. It’s not a joke, of course, but a misspeak on my part. That’s all, nothing to fret over.

    * – just a tongue-in-cheek joke.

    And to that other Mr. Anonymous that mentioned my name; hmm…that’s certainly another way to think about it. However, Universe won’t premier until next year at the earliest and the movies can only take so much screentime, unlike a series.

    Given that BSG is going under and that Painkiller Jane is DOA; only Dresden Files and Eureka will be left if Atlantis goes. Actually…have they even renewed Dresden Files yet? I don’t think so. Even if they do, though, something tells me having only 2 rating-grabbing (that’s not even that true with the Dresden Files) SciFi shows on The SciFi Channel is not going to look well to…everybody.

    Of course, it’s not like I know all the info regarding this, right Joe? Heh. Well, I just think Season 5 is looking pretty good.

  31. I hope the heated exchange between Teyla and Sheppard relates to him asking her WTF she actually does on his team and telling her to stop being a deadweight and having alien frigging babies.

  32. Hey Joe!

    I’ve been asking around for good restaurant recommendations, as I will be visiting Vancouver soon, and Bistrot Bistro seems to have turned up on several occassions. I must really look into giving it a visit 🙂

    Personally, my favourite thing to do when I visit a new place is trawl around the biggest/oldest bookshop for an afternoon. Where in Vancouver would you recommend?


  33. Hello joseph^^!!
    =}Merci beaucoup de m avoir répondu c est trés gentil^^!!!
    Bah alors ont ne les vera certainement pas beaucoup, c est cool je n aime pas trop ce peuple^^!
    =}Oh mince on ne parlera pas de Ford dans la saison 4 dommage!
    =}Jespert de tout mon coeur qu il y aura une saison 5!!
    !Alalal c est trés éxitant toute ces new sur le saison 4!!
    =}éhéh vive la nourriture francaise^^!
    =}Ma question du jour:
    Esque dans la saison 4 il y aura beaucoup de nouvelle piéce découvert dans la cité?

    Voila voila!! Je vous fait de gros gros bisou, a demain, bonne journée! je vous adore!!

  34. Oh noes! Somewhere in the middle of my astronomy lecture when my lecturer was explaining triangulation and I was watching my friend doodle earth point of origin symbols, I thought “ooh, Joe’s blog!” So I was looking forward to it for the rest of the lecture and on my trip home (it’s freezing and it was dark) only to find that I already read it this morning.


    Maybe you should update 3 times a day, to save me this kind of disappointment. Or dedicate your next blog to my frozen fingers… that would be lovely.

  35. Awwwww aren’t those folks at SciFi good to you, Joe? They must have seen that you’d promised in here to list all the episodes touched upon in the “extended trailer” to air during Eureka… they obviously thought, “Gee, that Joe works so hard putting together this great show for us, and here he is creating more work for himself by offering to do this for the fans. What a guy! Let’s help him out a little and save him some work. Let’s put just one clip in the trailer!”


    So, I guess your list will be pretty simple – Lifeline or Adrift? I’m guessing Adrift?

    Mind you, I guess you could always list the episodes seen in the quick montage of clips at the beginning of the advert (taken from the previous Season 4 promo advert)? To start you off, I reckon both the Keller zoom shot and the final clip of Sheppard & Carter are from Doppelganger…

  36. Ahi tuna is a French dish? Color me confused. I am, however, always on the lookout for a good boeuf bourguignonne or coq au vin. (Which, in Atlanta, is best found at Violette.)

    So who ended up with the best vacation stories after the break?

  37. Hi Joe,
    What’s your honest to God opinion regarding Sam and Jack? After seeing the last two Stargate seasons do you think they’re together? What do you think a regular/non-shipper would conclude regarding this relationship after watching season 9&10?
    And you still haven’t answered my qs – What’s Fondy’s favourite character on SG-1? (My money’s on Sam)

  38. Joe,

    Happy Hump Day! In some interviews I’ve heard cast and crew rave about the high quality and overall “yummyness” of the Stargate catering and craft services. Can you give some examples of the better than ordinary fare?

  39. In Ripple effect AU Mitchell says “cut the green one” any plans to resolve that in the movies.

  40. Hi Joe, My new TV Guide came in the mail yesterday. I immediately turned to the sci fi preview. You are quoted as saying that Teyla “gets to kick some major butt as her character takes a dark turn.” Could you be a little more specific about the “dark turn”? Does Teyla have a hidden mean streak we have yet to see? Or should we take the term dark to mean tragic? Can’t wait for season 4!!!!!!!!

  41. *waves*

    Anonymous who appears to be having a huge hissy fit has said…
    I hope the heated exchange between Teyla and Sheppard relates to him asking her WTF she actually does on his team and telling her to stop being a deadweight and having alien frigging babies.

    Someone’s a bit pissy today! I mean, how dare a woman get herself knocked up. What is the world coming to? Joe, it has to be said that I had no idea that the Athosians were able to self procreate without the aid of another… sorry can’t for the life remember the name for this. I personally think that’s a great twist and I stand and applaud anon for pointing this out. So, anon, anymore wonderful revelations you’ve got from your crystal ball that you can share with us? I mean you did go forward in time by way of a time machine and watch the episode didn’t you or are you really psychic? If it’s the latter, what’s next weeks lotto numbers?

    So would you prefer that she has non alien babies? Now that would be a feat in itself considering Teyla is an alien. And the dead weight thing? Well, i’m sure you know a lot about that, especially considering you’re carrying such a big chip on your shoulder. :o)


  42. Once, way back in season four, Jelly made a run for it. I chased around the parking lot for a good ten minutes before Rick strolled over, scooped her up, and handed her over.

    Ahahahaha. Oh that So should have been worked into a show. maybe a future atlantis episode… 😀

  43. Man, some people think they’re pretty darn special around here, don’t they?

    I’m not going to name them, but please! Someone says something you don’t like so you make a whole long post attacking them?

    Methinks some people need to get lives outside fandom, and stop seeing themselves as above everyone else.

    Onto another subject. I took a look at that plate and saw what looked like French Fries to me. Uh, just because they’re called that doesn’t make them French, right?

  44. Propagandor said…
    If liked Light Fantasticso much, you’ll be happy to hear that its getting turned into a TV mini-series this Christmas

    The company that are doing the adaption ae the same people who did Hogfather (another discworld book) last Christmas, and it was very good

    Oh No! I HATE TV adaptations they always lose something in translation. Yes Hogfather was ok but there was SO much more to it than just the story.
    Did you watch it Joe? How do you get the footnotes Pratchett makes into a scene?
    Check out!

  45. Joe – why was the decision made to make Mitchell co-leader and take sole lead away from Sam? Forget the ridiculous excuse that seems to have taken minutes to think up that the team broke up and there was no SG-1 and and, oh by the way we took an extra 15 seconds and thought up an excuse for why Carter isn’t around – Sam left for Area 51 A WEEK AGO – talk about short shrift for one of the stars who helped get the show where it was for 8 years. Everyone knew that AT would be back ergo Carter would be back.

    Really, the real reason for making what, in hindsight, has to be seen as the very big faux-pas of not leaving Carter in charge of SG-1 by herself and bringing in a fourth character/team member to fit the show and the team as opposed to trying to fit the team and the show around the new character(s) (this was where you really lost me – the show and the team was Sam, Daniel and Teal’c (and Jack) for 8 years when you made the show about Mitchell and Vala and tried to fit Sam, Daniel and Teal’c into their universe that is what turned it on it’s head and all logic left the building). Perhaps it was supposed to be Stargate Command starring Mitchell and Vala but you had to name it Staragte SG-1 for some reason, hhmmm 10 years WAS record after all.

    It is the lack of sense, the totally contradictory way of handling the show in general that has me flummoxed and led to me leaving the show behind in season 9 (it’s not just the Carter thing, Vala was a real contradiction and a move so illogical I still can’t get my head around it either).

    The Carter thing is the biggest one though because after 8 years of Carter being groomed as Jack’s second, and getting SG-1 command in S8 you bring in a guy who never saw the Gate, never saw the SGC and never went off-world, and likely never even saw an alien, to co-lead coupled with such a very, very bad background story for where the team was, where Carter was and why they even came back it just defies the logic of what the show had been all about for 8 years (then again if it was meant to be the beginning of Stargate Command – I guess maybe you got what you wanted and the audience didn’t buy it as SG-1 or Stargate Command).

  46. Hello Joe, I’ve just finished my 3rd and final paper for the class that I’m taking and there is a great weight off my chest (I much prefer to read than to write) so thought I’d celebrate by asking a few questions.
    1. Can you tell us (please do if you know) why did Ark of Truth’s premier get pushed back till 2008? it because of the amount of special effects or that some network is trying to premier it prior to the DVD release?

    Thanks for your entertaining blog, it helps me get my stargate fix.


  47. Hi Joe,

    My family has left Zambia this morning. We phoned at 3AM our time to wish them a safe journey. However Laurey did not give any indications that the Nigerians had dropped off the funds for the orphanage.

    I think she is keeping it quiet till she gets here.

    I hope to have good news for you tomorrow or the day after!!

    I should have Mumbi my 14 year old nephew converted to an Lantian within two weeks!! LOL



  48. I’m REALLY looking forward to my favorite character’s return in “The Kindred”. Not asking for spoilers, but do you think we are going to be completely gobsmacked by it and be saying to ourselves, “I totally didn’t see that coming”? And I’m really hoping that there will be at least a bit of a story arc leading up to it. *fingers crossed* Oh, the suspense! I can’t wait!

  49. Cher M. Malozzi,
    je cite un blog:
    Anonymous said…
    In Ripple effect AU Mitchell says “cut the green one” any plans to resolve that in the movies.

    July 18, 2007 5:57:00 AM PDT

    Anonymous et moi ça fait deux qui attendons une réponse.
    Suggestion: si l’enigme a été oubliée au fil du temps ( ce qui peut se comprendre vu la somme de travail que vous abattez mais ceci me semble être la raison pour laquelle vous ne pouvez répondre ), pourquoi ne pas la récupérer dans un futur épisode de SGA saison 4. Par ex. Sam pourrait y faire allusion dans un dialogue avec Rodney !


  50. Pretty please with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top*, would you tell us whether Sam Carter’s “complicated” love life (as stated in Season 9 to NID Agt. Whatshisname) will forever remain a mystery?

    *Using our family’s traditional begging phrase!

    And please forgive me, I think I’ve asked before. You may withhold chocolate from me in Vancouver if I have.

    (I think y’all have left it mysterious on purpose. *heeheehee*)

  51. Hi Joe:

    Thanks for responding to my question regarding Brad and Comic Con. Perhaps he will have a Continuum panel at next years Comic Con. I get the impression that Continuum might be released quite awhile after Arc of Truth. Sooo, if Arc of Truth is being released in 2008, then does that mean that Continuum could be pushed back to late 2008 or (God forbid) 2009? As you can tell Joe, patience is not my forte’.

  52. Hey Joe!

    BAMSR. What does it stand for?

    And by heated exchange, do you mean like angry dialogue like in Letters From Pegasus when Teyla tells John off and is dissapointed in him or by heated do you mean like ‘steamy’ as in the John/Teyla shippers will be in heaven??


    Oh, and do we have a title for Torri’s fourth episode yet? She is still contracted for four episodes right?

  53. Joe: all this about the Jack/Sam ship stuff, can I please beg you to leave Carter’s love life out of SGA and out of the movies if at all possible (I know I know you are not the movie guy but maybe you can put the word in). With all the damage done to Carter over the past few years while the show was under the new showrunner I fear for the “love-life” stuff, plus it is not at all necessary.

    Carter is a strong, intelligent, loyal person and a good friend to Daniel and Teal’c and the character doesn’t need to be burdened with badly written soap-opera tripe (leave that junk to Sheppard and Teyla).

    If it has to be addressed at all maybe it can just be a passing remark and let’s move on and waste no screen-time with it because when it is shown on screen it’s scary what happens – it’s so badly done.

    Thanks heaps.

    Gerald Wilton

  54. Carter has authority as both a member of the military and a civilian? …Sam’s not retiring/resigning, is she?

  55. Heey Joe! I better get these questions down before I forget…

    1. Will there be any tension between Carter and the team when she takes Weir’s place, or will they all just sort of accept it?

    2. Will any episodes next season center around exploring the flooded/recently discovered areas of the city?

  56. hi, joe,

    have sam and jack be married. uh, TOGETHER! :p

    k, done, time for cake.

    sally 🙂

  57. Keirberos said “Carter has authority as both a member of the military and a civilian? …Sam’s not retiring/resigning, is she? “

    I’ll take a shot at this and I am sure Joe will correct if wrong. As Commander of SGA Carter has full authority over military and civilian personnel since she is military.

  58. Dear Mr Mallozzi,

    First the flowers:

    “The ties that bind” what a pleasure to wath it yesterday night for the ?? times. Great, funny, intelligent, good supporting actors and great moments for my beloved Vala. Others very good you wrote “Inauguration” “New order I” “Moebius I & II”
    “Memento mori” (maybe my favorite)and “Family ties”


    What the frell problem you have to answer to a simple question.It’s easier to get an answer from one of my adolescents than you !!! YOTS!! SO PLEASE :Why Mitchell must to cut the green one when the times come???

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