The other day, I received an email from longtime gater Gilder who informed me of the recent troubles being experienced by a once-mighty fan-run Stargate convention. Gatecon was the first and, in my opinion, best of the Stargate cons as it: 1) Took place in Vancouver where the show (SG-1 at the time) was being filmed and, 2) Always sought to be as inclusive as possible, extending invitations to as many production personnel as possible, everyone from actors and producers to artists and stand-ins (which is more than can be said for the other cons, but I‘m thinking of one in particular). In its infancy, it was an enjoyable week-long gathering that focused on all things Stargate. Gatecon used to be THE Stargate cons to end all Stargate cons because, at its core, it was a convention organized BY Stargate fans FOR Stargate fans. But, in time the big machine cons came along and, as a result, Gatecon had to shift its focus from all things Stargate to all things scifi. The name changed, from Gatecon to Timeless Destinations, yet the spirit of the get-together remained unshaken. But the truth is, even the best of intentions and grass-roots support are often not enough to guarantee survival in a very competitive field and so, this year, the fan gathering formerly known as Gatecon and formerly known as Timeless Destinations, now sporting the unwieldy moniker The Timeless Legendary Gathering of Fans and Friends, has had to scale back as a result of poor attendance. Rather than cancel the event (which would have left many fans with non-refundable hotel and airline tickets in the lurch) organizers were forced to compromise. Originally conceived as a 6-day event, the convention has now been contracted to three (August 3rd-5th).

Now a fairly modest operation, this little fan-driven jamboree will be hard-pressed to compete with its big corporate rivals. “They can’t pay you,”Gilder warned, “but they could use your support. Can I forward them your email?” You bet. The next day, I was contacted by one of the event organizers, Sylvia Graff, and I told her I’d be delighted to drop by. I won’t be able to make all three days, but I’ll definitely make it a point to show up for one evening and help out as: a thank-you to the fans who continue to support the show, a kind gesture for old-time’s sake, and an F.U. to that other con. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by. It will be a much smaller gathering but I’m sure the fans will be no less enthusiastic.

Well, back to work tomorrow and a week’s worth of meetings as prep begins on Kindred I. And, as I reflect back fondly on my three week hiatus, I also look forward to the next few weeks and specifically: Comic Con, some finished visual effects, and the release of two hotly anticipated titles – Scott Lynch’s Red Seas Under Red Skies, and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Pics: The final count – 18 books over three weeks, not quite a book a day but not bad and six better than I predicted.

Q&A –

Anlaria Onyx writes: “Do you know what kind of extra features Season 3 of SGA will have? And does buying the seasons help ratings?”

Answer: I don’t and while buying the DVD’s doesn’t help ratings, it certainly motivates MGM to keep producing the show.

Laz writes: “Lulu is such a little cutie. (…) When do you get to bring her home?”

Answer: She gets her microchip and final round of shots the 24th of this month and then she’ll be good to go.

OhioAnne writes: “I am bored and seeking suggestions for funny movies. Any favorites?”

Answer: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Better Off Dead.

Crazymom writes: “Who was Vala’s father referring to when he told Landry he had a friend who spoke highly of them?”

Answer: Just one of the many off-world victims of the goa’uld SG-1 has helped over the years.

Karen writes: “How do the episodes get matched to a director?”

Answer: At the beginning of the year, we set the directors schedule and then, as scripts are written, they are slotted into that schedule. It has less to do with marrying a specific episode to a specific director as it does timing related to construction and actor availability.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Who is Fondy’s favorite character on Stargate Atlantis?”

Answer: Rodney McKay.

Someday Scientist writes: “So, I’m writing a book that will probably never get published, but it’s always nice to dream. It’s science fiction, of course, and full of snark. Do you mind if I dedicate it to your supreme evil villainitude?”

Answer: Dedicate away.

FuzzyDuc writes: “Any words of encouragement before I tackle the evils of scams?”

Answer: Uh – Go get ‘em? Tiger?

Anonymous #2 writes: “Is it true that Carter takes command again of SG-1 as the actor that plays Mitchell won’t be around for any future movies?”

Answer: Nope.

Jenny Robin writes: “My precious Gracie kitty was very ill for a number of days, and I finally had to say goodbye to her on Thursday.”

Answer: Hey, Jenny, I’m sorry to hear about Gracie. Hope you’re doing okay.

JohnManzione writes: “Joe, It seems as though my questions are being passed over of late. I hope I didn’t ask anything that ticked you off.”

Answer: No, nothing personal. It was probably a question I couldn’t answer or wasn’t in a position to answer.

Michelle writes: “If Fondy’s new dog spa means she is giving up her jewelry store?”

Answer: Nope. She’ll be running both. For now.

Michelle also writes: “ You never seem to mention a passion for gadgets. Does new stuff like robot vacuum cleaners, x-box 360s or iPhones make you itch to get out the credit card?”

Answer: I don’t have a passion for gadgetry. That’s more Marty G.’s department.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Have you read any of the essays in “Reading Stargate SG-1”?”

Answer: I haven’t. Anything of interest?

72 thoughts on “July 15, 2007

  1. Nice stack of books there! During my 2 week break before my second semester of uni, I only got 9 books read. But then, I was working part time.

    Have fun at work tomorrow!

  2. Hey Joe, I was just wondering when the hiatus ends? We’ve been missing Bambam on his ask thread over on GateWorld.
    Since you mentioned that Fondy’s favourite character is Rodney, who is your favourite character?
    (Uh oh, 2 questions in one post. Dangerous territory…)

  3. Don’t be offended by my sudden absence, or at least relative absence, from this point, JM. As of tomorrow I’ll be Officer Crazymom, and I don’t think they’re going to let me online quite as much as I’m used to. I’m a little nervous about being required to behave like a responsible adult all day, but I’m pretty sure I can handle it. The uniform will help. I’m hoping to find other Atlantis fans at the station, but if not, I’m sure I can recruit some.

  4. Hi Joe:

    I absolutely agree with you about Gatecon and that other convention company. I wish I could attend in August. But I can’t be in two places at once, mores the pity. I’m so glad to hear you will be attending. Go, Joe!!!!

    Glad to see you read “The Road”. What did you think of it?


  5. Regarding the upcoming HP7 (Harry Potter)…I encourage everyone to stop by your local bookstore this Friday evening to enjoy the various festivities that surely will be occurring.

    I have secured the local trolley company to convert their trolleys to the “Hogwarts Express” for the night of the party. The trolley tracks pass right by the front doors of my store, and the kids (and adults) got the biggest kick out of taking a ride when the last book was released.

    We also have an underground light rail station a couple of blocks away, and one of the platforms will be sporting a “Platform 9 3/4” sign this week.

    Now, don’t you wish you lived in Dallas?

    Each of you has an opportunity to be a part of the biggest book release in the history of the world. Why not take part in it?

  6. Cheers on you for supporting gatecon. I attended 4 of the 6 gatecons and loved them all. I love the camraderie, the fun, and best of all a charity getting the money, not some schmuck basically fleecing the fans to line his/her own pocket.

    The only cons i’ll go to are fan run, the Gabit ones and my friends and i are planning to attend gatecon 2008.

    Netu will freeze before we attend one of those icky ‘the only fans that count are the ones with money’ ‘professional’ ones.

    Hope to see you there, Joe


  7. great entry!

    Do you have any ideas on how to make Atlantis’s 100th episode special much in the way SG1s 100/200th wormhole xtreme type parody episodes were?

    We all know Atlantis will get a 5th season, it’s all about thinking positive =]

  8. 1.)Will we ever see Jack O’Neill retire?
    2.)Are there any plans to bring Maybourne back into the picture in any of the SG-1 movies?
    3.)Are we going to see any crazy awesome x-302/wraith dart fights in the near future?
    4.)Do the Asurans have small ships like Wraith darts or X-302’s?

  9. “I won’t be able to make all three days, but I’ll definitely make it a point to show up for one evening and help out as: a thank-you to the fans who continue to support the show, a kind gesture for old-time’s sake, and an F.U. to that other con.”

    Joe, that actually made me cry. Not because I don’t attend that other con (unfortunately, as you mentioned, it’s one of the only options), but because I think I just saw humanity in the world, and for the longest time I wasn’t sure it existed.

    I’ll be at Comic Con, my first non-that-other-con, and I’m looking forward to the change. It’ll be crowded, and very different, but I can’t wait to meet so many people, and now I’m really hoping we’ll get to meet you as well.


  10. So, Joe, I just got my nice shiny ultra-cool copy of SG-1: A Celebration of 10 Years book and was wondering if I was lucky enough to get your signature…but I can’t tell which producer’s signature I got…it’s looks like it starts with a large M and ends in something like a z or g or who knows…can you help in identifying? Thanks.

  11. Wait…Ben Browder isn’t doing more movies?! Where did that rumor come from?

    Speaking of SG-1, what can we expect from Vala in “The Ark of Truth”? I sure hope there’s something meaty for the amazingly talented Claudia Black to play.

  12. Wait, I’m a tad confused. If Gatecon does not exist anymore what is this, advertising Gatecon Vancouver in August 2008? Is that just another convention company using the same name then?

  13. Joe,

    Is there anything that we in the states can do to help Gatecon?

    Also, Is there any hope of McKay’s sister becoming a recurring character on Atlantis? I know she’s in at least one season 4 ep.


  14. Just a note… Gatecon and Timeless Destinations are actually two separate conventions. Gatecon is still going strong and will coming back to Vancouver in August ’08.

  15. I was just watching “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” today (unsavory title but wonderful movie/production), and was hit by a stroke of Stargate-recognition as I realized that the even less savory character of ‘Melvin P. Thorpe’ was actually one each Dom Deluise who played Urgo on SG-1, just with slightly more hair (though to be fair, it was a wig). I know, an odd anecdote to bring up.

    Are there any projects you’ve worked on over the years and looked back on as being decidedly odd? The kind that might leave SG fans blinking a few times as your name pops up?

  16. Hi Joe,

    You don’t need to post this, I just wanted to thank for hopefully rekindling an interest in Ray Bradbury.

    I’ve met him and he’s an amazing person and a wonderful writer.

    I’m truly looking forward to the new season, and best of luck in getting season 5.

  17. Have you seen the preview for the new episode of Eureka? It reminds me very much of a season 1 episode of Atlantis. One of the characters is supposed to put on a device that acts as a personal shield, they even test it by shooting stuff at him. Later he discovers he can’t turn it off. Of course they put a little twist into it so as to not be a complete gyp, but the preview screamed to me Rodney McKay and Atlantis!

  18. Hi Joe:

    Great pictures of the dogs the last couple of weeks. They make me smile. 🙂

    I’m hoping you can answer a question for me regarding Elizabeth. Nothing specific, the spoilers you’ve already dropped have me looking forward to seeing what you have planned for her. My concern goes back to the interview where Elizabeth was compared to Ford, which I’m hoping was just an unfortunate comparison since we have maybe seen him once in a blue moon, if that. Does what happens to Elizabeth become a recurring theme throughout some of the other episodes even if she is not in them?

    Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go find a safe place from the Harry Potter spoilers already on the internet…

    Have a great week back at work,


    PS: Yes – make Lorne a Cubs fan from Chicago!

  19. 1)So Martin Gero is a big gadget guy eh? Does he have a Wii or Xbox 360? If so, does he play online? If so, could I get his Friend Number/Gamertag?

    2)Do you know anything about the upcoming Complete Series release of SG-1 that hasn’t been announced yet? For instance: what will be on the extra four discs. I own all nine SG-1 seasons and both Atlantis (with the intention to buy seasons 10 and 3 on launch day) and will definitely buy the complete series set but I want to know if I need to start saving now so I can get it the day it is released, my money situation is abysmal at the moment.

  20. I don’t know much about the situation, but thank you for supporting a fan-run con, that’s really generous of you 🙂

    I’m visiting friends in London this coming weekend, so we’ll be right at the centre of all the Deathly Hallows madness! I don’t know whether to look forward to it or be slightly afraid… I’ll let you know how it turns out 😉 The thought of being part of history is always fun though!

    Have fun back at work…


  21. I don’t understand how you people, TPTB of Stargate, don’t love all the characters you write for and were created by you equally. Everybody always says Rodney McKay is their favorite, sad to hear, the rest can just go or you can get rid of them, you just don’t care. *sigh* I know other show creators/producers/writers who love all the characters they’ve created equally, show respect to every one of them by writing them in character, give them something important to do in every episode they write, don’t concentrate on only 2-3 characters of all there are per episode and don’t blame, punish the actors for anything they couldn’t influence. Maybe you people could bond with producers of other shows to see how it’s done.

  22. Dear Joe

    Please could you give me some advice.

    I work as a typesetter for a small magazine company. The editor has written a book, which I am being asked to set. Part of the early section contains material which seems originally to have been written in 1897, which is blatantly racist. (Yes, it really is bad!)

    I have tried to talk to him about my concerns and why you can’t write like that, but the considered answer I received was summed up as “Everybody else does it”, quoting in particular the opening sequence of last year’s James Bond film.

    Can you give me any advice as to how to persuade him that (a) even if other people do include racist material and get away with it, that is no reason why he should do the same and (b) that you simply can’t write like that in a book you hope to publish in 2007, even if others got away with it in 1897.

    I look forward to hearing your advice: as you are a writer, I thought you might have some words of wisdom.


  23. Joe,
    I had a question about how much leeway, in terms of time, do you give a guest star to be able arrange their schedule in order to be in an episode? If it is an important enough character, would you rearrange the shooting schedule slightly to accommodate them or maybe shoot their scenes weeks before or after the main part of the episode is shot?
    When writing a script, do you always keep in the back of your mind a plan B (or F :)) in case an actor who plays a character may not be available to shoot the part? Or is this discussed in the “breaking” of a story whether or not a certain actor is available? The only time I know it was mentioned about an actor not being available was in the DVD commentaries for “The Siege, Pt. 2” when Colm Meaney was not available so you used another actor as the representative of the Genii when Weir went to make a deal for one of their nuclear weapons.
    I hope you enjoyed your “vacation” and look forward to going back to work tomorrow. Please keep us informed if you hear anything about the Season 4 trailer to be aired supposedly Tuesday during Eureka.


  24. salut joesph!!
    et oui les vacances c est finit XD!
    jespert qu on aura plein de new et de photo de la prochaine saison^^!
    =}Le tome 7 d Harry potter a l aire génial, mais je vais attendre la version francaise en octobre^^!
    =}Oh les conventions, snif, voila une chose que je ne ferais jamais dans ma vie,ils ont de la chance les fan ce trouvant sur le continent américan!
    Pourquoi il n y a t il pas de convention en france??
    waou si une jour il y en a une sa serai vraiment magnifique!!
    Bon bah voila j y vais, je vous souhaite de passé une trés bonne journée,bisou, je vous adore, a demain!!

  25. Yes, cheers on you for supporting Gatecon. The fan-based Con always seem better. The experience at least.

    And as seeing stars is nice and all-its the behind the scene people that I would rather. Kudos to them!

  26. AH well do I remember back in the day when the only cons around were the fanbased ones, I attended my first con in 1981 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Star Trek naturally 😉 and I got to meet and actually had breakfast with the late great Theodore Sturgeon and his wife Jayne. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to many others due to finances and family commitments but when I DO get back up and running (well stumbling more like but never mind) Fan cons will be the only ones I do attend.
    Good on you for supporting the fans I wish I was nearer to Vancouver than cornwall.

  27. By the way I was bimbling around and I happened to notice under Atlantis Episodes is provision for season 5.

  28. I notice a lot of deleted comments. has someone been overly offensive? shame on them if they have for abusing your hospitality.

  29. Am I the only one in the world NOT looking forward to more Pottery? I’m sick to death of Harry ***** Potter.

  30. Hey Joe, long time since I last posted… Damn RL, nevermind moving on…

    Are you a big HP fan? What level of HP fan would you classify yourself? I’m just a few steps below manic 😉 I’m a H/Hr shipper but I accept thats not how it’s going to go.

    I’m also barring myself from all forms of media from Friday night until I finished the book (hopefully before Tuesday when I have to go interstate for work)

    My motto at the moment is as follows,
    “Spoil me for Deathly Hallows and I will Crucio your arse!”

  31. Marline said…
    “Have you seen the preview for the new episode of Eureka? It reminds me very much of a season 1 episode of Atlantis. One of the characters is supposed to put on a device that acts as a personal shield, they even test it by shooting stuff at him. Later he discovers he can’t turn it off. Of course they put a little twist into it so as to not be a complete gyp, but the preview screamed to me Rodney McKay and Atlantis!”

    Joe, I don’t know if you have seen Eureka but, tbh I can’t understand how Scifi could say Eureka airs new episodes when it just copies[literally] from other shows. Like the whole nanoid and disruptor thing. And now this? I wouldn’t be able to stand it if I were you. Which begs another question. Is there any story plot that YOU,tptb, have copied almost directly from something else?

  32. G’day Joe! I know that you probably wont be able to answer this judging from the amounts of comments you’ve been getting lately (congrats!!)

    I was wondering if ratings in overseas countries (Australia for example 😀 ) contribute to anything. I doubt so because the damn FTA channels take forever to show the current seasons, but do the sellings of SG1 and SGA to overseas countries, and the DVD sales count towards MGM or Sci-Fi’s decision making?

    – Keep up the hilarious work!!

  33. Who bestows the titles upon the episodes? Who has the last word??
    Do you watch Sanctuary?

  34. I agree with desertrose. All you hear from everyone is praise for McKay. He might be funny, but he can be downright annoying too, especially when placed in a scene with Carter (the two of them together is the one thing guaranteed to make me turn my tv off!)

    My personal favourites have always been Beckett, Weir and Sheppard. I think it takes a lot more skill to write them well than it does to put snarky words in the mouth of Rodney McKay.

    I hated the character in SG1. Absolutely loathed him, because of his interactions with Carter. These days I quite like him. I can only imagine that’s going to change once I see him with her again.


    I can’t think of anything worse.

  35. Hi Joe,

    I had to go three days without reading your blog because my home computer is out of commission. Now the only place I can read this is at work.

    I saw the new Harry Potter and Transformer movies. Transformers well exceeded my expectations, and HP is the best of the movies thus far. Have you watched the Harry Potter movies? If so, did you like them?

    Oh, and what’s with all the delted comments?

  36. Please be aware that Timeless Destinations is NOT Gatecon. It is a spin-off organisation which acrimoniously parted company after the first joint effort. They are in no way connected.

  37. Fondy has great taste in dogs – Lulu is so cute – and characters – McKay is the greatest!

    Saw Harry Potter V this weekend – not as dark or intense as the book was. Good movie, but as usual they left a lot out and changed up the story quite a bit.

    Can’t wait to get book 7 and immerse myself in it.

  38. No answer to my question about Black BDU Mitchell ” Hey Mitchell. When the time comes, cut the green one”.

    So that’s means one of two things:
    – You forgot the line and forgot why it was for so you can’t answer to my question.
    – That line was only to torture those like me who watch carefully an episode; shame on you!!

    No hard feelings!

  39. Much <3 for the latest e-mail to Ali. Especially love the last part.

    Was rewatching several season 3 episodes this weekend with my brother and sister-in-law. She’s Canadian, so she gets irritated when you guys gently poke fun at Canadianisms on TV (ie: the Canadian “sorry” bit in McKay and Mrs. Miller) It has nothing to do with her being sensitive, it’s just you give her husband more ammunition against her.

    So my request… give him more ammunition in season 4 if possible. I have a great time watching the fall out.

  40. Hi Joe,

    I bet you’re excited to be back to work today. Vacations are nice but after awhile you probably start missing everybody – especially if you really enjoy your job.

    I think it’s great that you’re supporting Gatecon. When Stargate started having an official convention, I had heard that Michael , Amanda and Chris weren’t ‘legally’ allowed to attend Gatecon anymore. The only actors that were allowed to attend were those that weren’t working on the show anymore like Don and Teryl. I also agree with those that are saying that Timeless Destinations isn’t affiliated with Gatecon. Michael and Chris were both at Timeless Destinations last year and I didn’t think it had anything to do with Gatecon.

    One reason I’m looking forward to Comic Con so much is to see Michael, Amanda and Chris on stage together again. The 3 of them were great together on stage at Gatecon. I wish Mike and Chris could lure Amanda to Dragon Con with them. I’ve heard it’s a really good convention too. I would love to see you do more conventions too Joe.


  41. With Carter taking command of Atlantis, there will undoubtedly be a lot of McKay and Carter interaction. Will this change Rodney’s relationship with Katie?

  42. I know you have probably answered this question more often than you care to remember, but I have always been curious about the DeLuise connection with the SG universe. How did this relationship come about? How much are they still involved in the SG universe?

  43. Is it possible that The Ark of Truth will be released the same time Season 4 of Atlantis is still airing. And if it is, how can Carter be commanding the Atlantis expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy and looking for the Ark of Truth in the Ori Galaxy at the same time.

  44. Hi Joe,

    have you read Slice of SciFi’s interview with Claudia Black yet? –

    She’s mentioned the “Vala-haters” in it TWO TIMES… it makes you wondering what nasty comments from this bunch of total idiots she has read that it made her not only aware of them, but she also takes their hate personally… Tell Claudia that there are much more people who love Vala, unfortunately we’re not that loud and visible than the haters, but we’re in the majority.

  45. Joe and all,

    A clarification, since I put Joe in touch with TLG organizers. (Joe, please forgive the long post.)

    As many have now commented, “Timeless…” by whatever name is NOT run by the same folks who organize and continue the great Gatecon tradition. I’ve heard that Gatecon moved to the UK for 2006/2007 and is scheduled to return to VanGroovy in 2008. All the best to them!

    Some GC veterans based in US and Canada decided to organize as Timeless Destinations to provide a Vancouver con. I understand that last year’s TD was fun.

    There have been changes to the 2007 event, including the name…Timeless Legendary Gathering, etc. (TLG). It has evolved into a “fan reunion” and/or “relaxicon” (my words).

    I’ve been off the “con circuit” in 05/06. Many of my “con friends” are attending TLG, so I’m looking forward to attending.

    BTW, I’ll be bumping around VanGroovy area from 28 July to 7 August, so if you recognize me, say Hi!

  46. Joe,
    Have you seen the interview with EVP Dave Howe of Sci-Fi in IF magazine? Here is the link via GW:

    If this guy thinks that SG has been a flagship then he is out of touch with his promotion and advertising depts. They constantly ignore SG-1 and SGA except for the occasional “watch the last ep of SG-1.” How stupid are TV executives anyway!?!?!? I think most of them got their positions by being a kiss-a** to the idiots above them. I know you can’t say anything, but is the worst part of your job dealing with such idiots? Networks would have more money to develop and air good programming if it wasn’t being wasted on idiots like this one.

    Most of TV would be better if some of LA would fall into the Pacific during an earthquake!

    Rant over.

  47. When the Asgard all died, did Hermiod die too? Or is he still running around on the Daedalus?

  48. Hi. Joe.

    I agree with you about the big machine cons. I think of them as the walmart of cons. It comes in and all the small guys can’t compete. I think it is great you are lending them a hand.

    You should also know that GATECON still exists.

    As far as I have heard the original organizing committe broke into two different groups. One that stayed in Vancouver (timeless dimensions) and one that moved overseas (GATECON). As a matter of fact it is returning to Vancouver in late August 2008.

  49. Joe, ever thought of visiting Vienna? Just curious!

    Have a nice first day of work after hiatus..

  50. Hi Joe.

    Welcome back from vacation. Here comes one of those anal character questions I know you *love*. Heh. But you have a parental type of pride in the character since it was your creation, so I’m hoping you’ll indulge me by answering. 😀

    What’s Bill Lee’s background as far as his personal life/marital status?

    We know that he has [young?] kids because he talked about how they love “101 Dalmatians” in Season 2 SGA.

    But then he was geekily hitting on Weir in SGA’s “the Return Part 1”, and later raving about the singles scene to Carter in SG-1’s “Bounty”. So…is he widowed (aw), or divorced (understandable considering the hours he must work at the SGC–but aw), or am I presumptive he was married at all? 😉

    Also, will Mr. Dow be reprising the role in either the SG-1 movies or SGA Season 4?

    Hope Season Four is working out well.

    (Apologize if this is a repeat, Joe. My internet connection cut out just as I hit send).

  51. Hi Joe! In season four, will we be seeing a resolution of the arc involving the Aurora mission reports and the Wraith weakness? Particularly the fruits of the data the Wraith stole from the Atlantean database?

  52. Hi Joe,

    I have been reading about your wonderful experiences with your Yahoo account and I thought I could offer you some help.

    My sister-in-law Laurey and her three children Mumbi, Mwaba, and Mwapi who live in Zambia are coming to visit with us here in Canada. Now I realize that Nigera and Zambia are not exactly next door but they are on the same continent. If we could be of any help with the fund transfers from there to here please feel free to contact me.

    This international money transfer thing is so complicated. Go into a bank pay about 50 in transfer fees and it is in your account in about 4 days.

    I am sure due to the importance of the orphanage that a hand delivery would be preferable to the Nigerians. If they can get the funds to Zambia in a timely fashion, they are leaving Wednesday, we would be happy to assist you.

    Your humble servant,


    P.S. I now have some other young minds to convert to Stargate fandom being a good uncle and all!

  53. Now I know I come here too much. Yesterday I had a dream about doing what I’m doing right now: posting a response to your blog. Congratulations, you’ve infiltrated my subconscious.

  54. Anonymous #1 writes: “Who is Fondy’s favorite character on Stargate Atlantis?”

    Answer: Rodney McKay.
    What about Stargate SG-1?

  55. Just a quick question- with Atlantis now under military control, will Col Carter order Sheppard to get a regulation haircut?

  56. “She’s mentioned the “Vala-haters” in it TWO TIMES… it makes you wondering what nasty comments from this bunch of total idiots she has read that it made her not only aware of them, but she also takes their hate personally… Tell Claudia that there are much more people who love Vala, unfortunately we’re not that loud and visible than the haters, but we’re in the majority.”

    Change the name Claudia to Amanda and there you have it, and the sad fact is that Amanda has had to put up with direct, personal attacks against HERSELF personally, not just about her character, for many years now and in spades these past few years.

    AT has also mentioned in interviews over the years how hurtful some of the personal stuff is and she, just like Claudia, takes it personally (AT seems to be able to roll with the stuff said about Carter since that is a fictional character so she does not take it personally – it is the personal stuff directed right at her that hurts her). Claudia is not the only actress, or actor for that matter, in the Staragte universe that has put up with personally hurtful remarks from so-called “fans”.

    Fans should never say personal or hurtful things about ANY actress or actor, unfortunately it happens and A LOT to some more than others, the things I have read that some so-called “fans” at certain sites say about Amnda Tapping are absolutely reprehensible and these “fans” should know better.

    Fans who live in glass houses shouldn’t call the kettle black if you know what I mean.

    Joe – tell Amanda that there are much more people who love Sam (and Amanda), unfortunately they are not as loud and obnoxious as the “haters” but we’re in the majority. (The “haters” have to be loud so they can think that their agenda will get them somewhere – Shakespeare had it right with the simple quotation “me thinks the lady doth protest too much”).


  57. Howdy Mr. Mallozzi,

    Lulu is cute beyond words!!! What a looker! Scratch behind her ears gently for me next time you see her please.

    Gate_Strider said…
    Just a quick question- with Atlantis now under military control, will Col Carter order Sheppard to get a regulation haircut?

    Bite your tounge/typing finger! Shep w/o that hair? That has got be a crime!

  58. *waves*

    Hi Joe, can’t be bothered logging in, but I felt I needed to drop by to educate one of your posters.

    I have to say i’m shocked AND appalled to read this from one of your posters. It takes a lot to get me into a rant, as you well know, but oh my goodness. *gets on her high horse* How someone could even suggest such a thing beggars belief. I hope that my post here today goes to educate the fandom somewhat regarding this potential travisty..

    Please Mr M, forgive the intrusion. Now given the number of deleted posts in your blog today, feel free to delete mine if you feel i’ve overstepped the bounderies. Now I know people may think i’m ‘policing again’ but when it comes to this serious matter I think you’ll agree that now is the time to take a stand on this most serious issue.

    Gate_strider. Please read and inwardly digest.

    I’m sorry Joe, I know you may feel i’ve overstepped the boundaries of your blog, but needs must and all that.


    Hope your day back at work wasn’t too hectic. So, have you got anything nice to share with us? *bats her eyelashes*

  59. Joe…

    If you don’t wish to publish this, that’s fine but I don’t have any other way to contact you (that I know of). If you do, that’s fine too. I can survive a little public prostration. 😉

    I apologize for causing you problems on your blog. I enjoy confronting people who I see as being fairly rude with a reasoned response, seasoned with a little snark. 😉 One of the reasons I do it (other than it’s fun) is so that people can compare what to me is fairly over-the-top rhetoric about how horrible Carter and her fans are with what they see I write. I try my best to be respectful even when snarking back…although I confess to failing sometimes when I lose my temper.

    At any rate, I don’t post on OS, as they censor everything they don’t agree with so this was the only public place I could confront what I felt were blatant untruths and attempt to inject a little reason. Problem is, it’s not a public place. It’s your personal blog. And although you’ve allowed some controversy (and heck, even encouraged it at times), I apologize for my role in causing problems for you over the past day or so, as I noticed several people “replying” back to what I said (and who knows how many you didn’t bother screening in the first place).

    I do enjoy your blog, seeing the food (although some of it appeals to me and some…not so much) and your adorable pugs. And I love the concept art you post for the show as well as the behind the scenes pics.

    I hope I’m still welcome to post comments and questions and I’ll do my level best to keep my nose out of trouble from now on. And if I do unintentionally cross the line, you have my permission to thwap me upside my head.

    Thanks again,
    Mary Beth

  60. I know I’m a little late in saying this, but I just wanted to put in a quick YAY’s for Kavanagh coming back in season four.

    I’m a big fan of the character and the actor, Ben Cotton.

    Just a quick inquiry: Will he be getting a first name, finally? I hope you don’t mean that ‘he won’t find his return as quite enjoyable’ as in he’s going to get whacked. Say it ain’t so!

  61. Farscapefan said…
    […]”have you read Slice of SciFi’s interview with Claudia Black yet? […] “She’s mentioned the “Vala-haters” in it TWO TIMES… it makes you wondering what nasty comments from this bunch of total idiots she has read that it made her not only aware of them, but she also takes their hate personally… Tell Claudia that there are much more people who love Vala, unfortunately we’re not that loud and visible than the haters, but we’re in the majority.”

    well, farscapefan, i guess that makes claudia AND amanda having to deal with the *haters*, doesn’t it? but then again, there’s a difference between disliking a character and the actor that plays the character.

    sally 🙂

  62. Gate_Strider said…

    Just a quick question- with Atlantis now under military control, will Col Carter order Sheppard to get a regulation haircut?

    LOL! I totally hear ya.

    I loved the episode Sunday but one thing that drove me nuts was seeing Shep’s shaggy doo spill onto the collar of his dress blues.

    Mary Beth 🙂

  63. When Stargate started having an official convention, I had heard that Michael , Amanda and Chris weren’t ‘legally’ allowed to attend Gatecon anymore. The only actors that were allowed to attend were those that weren’t working on the show anymore like Don and Teryl.

    That I’m afraid is a complete fabrication. The only times an actor (any actor) is not allowed to appear at another con is when they have a contract to appear for Creation in the same place within a close time frame. It is not an uncommon clause and is I think a perfectly understandable condition. It also has nothing whatever to do with them working for the show, it has to do with their contract for the convention. Therefore AT for instance who does not do Creation cons is completely free to appear at any con in any place that invites her and given past experience it is unlikely that Shanks would be invited to a Gatecon, nor that Chris would accept if he were. This is exactly why many of us are happy to go to a commercial con like Creation as it is free of petty fandom bickering and agendas.

  64. Just a quick question- with Atlantis now under military control, will Col Carter order Sheppard to get a regulation haircut?

    Bit hard to enforce an order you refuse to comply with yourself. With that stringy mop she’s now sporting Carter really doesn’t have much grounds to complain about anyone else’s non-regulation hair cut.

  65. Qu’auriez vous aimez faire d’autre comme métier??
    Et enfant, quel était votre reve??

  66. Mr Malozzi;
    Thank you so much for supporting Gatecon/TD/TD fan gathering. I run the Fanfiction Writer’s Workshop (and have for the last four years). It really hurt to see our con fall apart this year, but what has been born from the ashes is something truly wonderful.

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