The Anaheim Mighty Ducks won the Stanley Cup last night so you know what that means. Yes! It’s cupcake time for Carl. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about (which means you haven’t been reading my blog so shame on you), Carl Binder was gifted with a Mighty Ducks-inspired cupcake at the start of the hockey playoffs. Somewhere along the line, Carl vowed (or maybe I vowed for him, I don’t really remember) that he would eat said cupcake if and when the Ducks won the Cup. And here we are. To be brutally honest, that cupcake has looked better. The month or so its been sitting on Carl’s desk under the hot sun has exacted a toll on the once tasty-looking treat, now time-worn and rock-hard. Still, a vow is a vow and Carl made good on his promise to eat the cupcake. Check out the ensuing hilarity in today’s pic compilation.

A lot of you have been asking about a possible fifth season pick-up and I can honestly say that, at present, I haven’t a clue how things will shake out. I am, of course, hopeful that Atlantis will go another season, but the sad reality is the show’s ratings are down. Yes, cable, the networks, and, according to a recent article at, the syndication market in general, have taken an across-the-board hit and our six month lay-off certainly didn’t help, nor, I’m sure, does the fact that our tech-savvy audience has online access to episodes well before they air on SciFi. Still, the bottom line remains the numbers are down and numbers are something broadcasters tend to look at when deciding whether a show will be coming back or not. We all feel very strongly about the quality of the episodes we’ve produced for Atlantis’s fourth season but, by the time they finally air, the show’s fate could already be sealed. Which is why the upcoming final three third season episodes are so important. I think it’s unrealistic to expect the show to pull in the numbers it used to, but on the other hand I strongly believe that an uptick in our ratings over these next three weeks could go a long way toward securing a rosy future for Stargate fans. Yes, petitions and letter-writing campaigns are terrific ways to express one’s passion for a series, but the best way to keep a show alive is by supporting it while it’s still on the air. So in the next three weeks – Tune in. Get your friends and family and casual acquaintances to tune in as well. In the end, it’ll be our fans who make the difference.

Mailbag –

Majorsal writes: “Is there anything you could suggest (besides, you know, that pesky moving around a lot to burn weight) eating wise? i mean a specific food?”

Answer: Yes. Eat five mini meals throughou the day, snacking between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner so that you’re not ravenous for your main meals. Always have breakfast and start off with cereal (preferably high-fibre like All-Bran) or natural oatmeal (I prefer the steelcut Irish variety). Have some protein with every meal (ie. tuna, chicken, cottage cheese).

Bugguy writes: “Tell Carl congrats at his teams win. As a doc though I would probably advise against eating that cake at this point though.”

Answer: As you can see – too late.

Patricia writes: “What image is on your computer screen?”

Answer: My desktop is usually whatever cosmic tableau from Astronomy Picture of the Day strikes my fancy.

Watcher652 writes: “Have you ever tried scrapple?”

Answer: Never heard of it.

Geno writes: “What episode is currently shooting?”

Answer: We are shooting Spoils of War.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Any plans for the Ford story arc this season?”

Answer: Nope.

Iamza writes: “By the way, have you read Peter Watts’ Blindsight yet?”

Answer: I did. Great, incredibly imaginative hard SF. But, to be honest, I prefer more character-driven stories.

WWLH writes: “What exactly puts the “dynamo” in Cookie Dough Dynamo??”

Answer: The good people at Haagen Daaz?

Stargate Groupie writes: “Well the countdown to the final Sopranos episode is nearly over and I was wondering if you had any final thoughts regarding the show… Did you enjoy this season, who is your favourite character and what was your favourite episode?”

Answer: My favorite character is Paulie Walnuts and my favorite episode, like you – The Pine Barrens.

LogicSequence writes – and posts pics of a recent restaurant visit.

Answers: Now I’ve got a hankering for alligator now.

90 thoughts on “June 7, 2007

  1. Wow! Imagine my surprise and excitement at reading that you use Astronomy Picture of the Day on your desktop. So..what type of pics are your favorite? Galaxies? Planets? Nebulaes? The weird and mysterious?

  2. Sorry to hear about the ratings. It doesn’t good… I wish it’d pick up but sadly I’m not there in the States. I am looking forward to Atlantis in Season 4 even if Australian TV is only showing Season 2. I belive that the cable-scifi network here is showing SGA too.

    I like the pics you posted. Initially I thought that it was Carl’s birthday but then I wondered why he’d eat a miserable cupcake.

    I hope he isn’t too sick?

    By the way, who’s the other man in the photo with you and Carl?


  3. You looked too excited with the fact that Carl was becoming “sick”. Poor Carl. Tell him that I’m happy that his Mighty Ducks won. Thanks for the laughs.

    Oh, I’ve been wanting to tell you that I’m looking forward to see Carter on Atlantis. You read it correctly, I’m one of the few that is excited that she is crossing over. Can’t wait for season 4.

  4. Oh crap…I think I messed up and accidentally sent you my incomplete comment. Anyway…

    Oh my God…that is brilliant! I’m sure you intended to look positively evil in those pics, right? Haha. But seriously, I would not object to you portraying some evil villain on Atlantis next season; you fit the part so well.

    So…am I right to say that all episode spots in the latter half of Season 4 have been filled?

  5. When does season 4 of Atlantis take place in relation to the SG-1 movies?

  6. Poor Carl! I sure hope he finished writing his episodes before he croaked off of that cupcake. But wait, this is SciFi, somehow you’ve created a way to bring him back, right? =)

    Been meaning to ask – have you watched any of the “Planet Earth” series? My hubby bought it for me for Mom’s Day. I’ve only been able to watch the first episode. Photography and scenery are GORGEOUS! I recommend it!

    And, if you find yourself without anything to do during that first week of July, I know a small midwestern country home in the U.S. where you could pull up a lawn chair and check out lots of pretty lights and BIG explosions on the 4th. Heck, I’ll even learn to cook by then and make supper! Ummmmmm, or maybe I’ll just find really good take-out, instead.


  7. Lol! According to that tag, Carl got treated at the Atlantis infirmary – Now that’s dedication to a friend’s wellbeing! 😉

  8. So Sci-Fi could actually decide the fate of Atlantis before season 4 even airs? That would seem awfully premature of them. Season 4 sounds like it’s shaping up to be the best one so far. With Carter coming aboard I imagine some SG-1 fans who might not have watched SGA will tune in. Hopefully the Sci-Fi channel will wait to see how things shape up when season 4 finally airs.

    As for Sam crossing over to Atlantis… I, too, have seen the negative comments and don’t agree with them a bit. I love the character of Carter and can’t wait to see how she’ll fit in on Atlantis. Keep up the good work.

  9. Well, that’s not exactly a happy prognosis for season five. Anyhoo, when do you think you’ll hear a final decision on season five?

  10. Rac76- “You read it correctly, I’m one of the few that is excited that she is crossing over. Can’t wait for season 4.”

    No, no… you’re just not one of the very vocal minority who seem to think it’s the end of the world. Lots of people will be happy to see her in Atlantis! Yay!

    Joe, that cupcake thing is awesome! And I love the villainous purple shirt. As for mucking around in the Atlantis infirmary… get back to your offices and write something!

  11. Oh my God! You killed Carl Binder!

    Won’t that mean more work for you now?

  12. I’m confused about how the rating system works, Joe.

    I thought that only Nielsen houses impacted what numbers you get. Is that not true or is it mostly true but there are other factors?


  13. I watch Atlantis religiously. Both the initial airing and almost always the one a couple of hours later. And the reruns. When there was SciFi Fridays, my friends and I would have viewing parties. But who do I have to see to get counted?

    Never heard of scrapple? It’s pork scraps and cornmeal cooked and formed into a loaf. Sounds delicious, right? Here’s a description.

    I’ll revise my question to: would you try scrapple? I personally like a scrapple and egg sandwich: a slice of crispy fried scrapple topped with an egg fried omelet style (salt and pepper to taste). Serve on white bread with a dab of ketchup. Hey, we all have our guilty pleasure foods. It’s not something I eat regularly, but sometimes you just have a hankering, you know?

    Have you tried/would you try rumaki? A classic appetizer. Marinade chicken livers in soy sauce, ginger, and sugar. Wrap a chicken liver and half a water chestnut in a half slice of bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Broil until the bacon is crispy. You can’t go wrong with crispy bacon.

  14. Don’t be silly. Of course Atlantis will get picked up for a fifth, because it has to be still going so I can write with you guys in the sixth.

    Smile and nod Mister Food Man, and try not to think too much ^.^

  15. hi, joe,

    first off, thank you for the dieting tips. 🙂

    second, those ‘death by cupcake’ pics are hysterical! and to see how much sympathy you showed for poor carl… it was heartwrenching. *wipes tear*

    sally 😀

  16. Scrapple is a Xmas morning tradition at my parents’ house. I’ve eaten it every Xmas for 27 years. I love it.

  17. Well, I’m trying. I’ve already converted more than a few people to loyal SGA followers and are doing my best to spread the word. But really, it’s not so much about watching, is it? It’s about watching if you have a Neilson box. But since all ratings are down, wouldn’t they take that into account when considering how shows are faring? I hear Painkiller Jane is doing pretty bad, for instance. And I so can’t believe that wrestling is apparently one of their higher-rated shows. What is the world coming to?

    Regarding alligator, I’d advise against it. I had it once in Oregon. I think the not-so-great-ness had something to do with being a couple thousand miles from Alligator habitat. Maybe wait until you’re in Florida to get it, I’d say.

  18. Oh my God; you guys are sick. LOL You look waaay too pleased with yourself. haha, I shouldn’t have looked at those pics after midnight; now I’ve got the worst case of the giggles. God.

    By the look of things, SciFi doesn’t really have much going for it if Atlantis bites it. Even though I don’t watch it I can imagine BSG ending next season won’t do the station any favours, and personally I haven’t found anything else on the channel worth watching.
    Que sera, sera, I suppose. They’ve really begun to piss me off anyway.

  19. Dear Joe,
    Wish I could help with the ratings, but I don’t have cable or dish or anything, just the regular 8 or so channels. My question to you is about writing: do you think it is best to always write in chronological order, or write whatever scene is in your mind and fill in the gaps later?

  20. I loved the pictures today! The Stargate writing team should totally act!

    And I’m not sure if anybody’s mentioned it yet, but Andee Frizzell also blogs.

  21. Has SciFi given you any indication of the premier of S4? You aren’t holding out on us, are you?

    I really hope S5 becomes a reality. It would be a shame to lose a quality show like SGA.

  22. Joe, I have two questions.

    1.) When will the SG-1 movies be done filming? Is it next week?

    2.) On another note, in Bounty, why was Mitchell’s home set in Kansas when he’s so clearly from the South? Why not just put his high school in North Carolina or Georgia or somewhere like that? Kansas didn’t make sense to a lot of us.

  23. Well, I hope Carl isn’t too sick. Might I suggest auminum foil and a freezer for next year? What do you think of the ‘Jericho’ fans – hopefully it won’t come to that for SCIFI and SGA season 5.

    I’ve got some beautiful wild salmon – any suggestions on how to prepare it – I’m thinking a nice orange/white wine sauce?

  24. What’s the weirdest and/or most disgusting thing you’ve eaten? (voluntarily or involuntarily LOL)

  25. I don’t want to make any assumptions about Carl’s past, but there’s something about the way he has his arm wrapped around that trash can that just looks so…experienced.

  26. Couple of things about the ratings:
    1)Ratings are going down for everything. People are starting to download more then they watch live airings.
    2)Why can’t SGA just air everywhere so there was no point in downloading?
    3)Is there any way to help if you are not in the states?
    and 4)didn’t you say you would be in the middle of your 100th celebrations which would mean that there is a season 5?

    Thats all,

  27. Bugguy writes: “Tell Carl congrats at his teams win. As a doc though I would probably advise against eating that cake at this point though.”

    Answer: As you can see – too late.

    Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t write sooner. It’s all my fault, oh the pain. On a bright note can I have some of Carl’s stuff?
    I’m in LV and unfortunately did not get to Michael Mina, but I did go to Hank’s at the Green Valley Ranch. I had the oysters rockafeller and bone in rib eye with foie gras. So yummy. I need desert now, maybe a cupcake.

  28. It’s very unfortunate that Sci Fi USA would be the only one to decide whether you get a 5th season or not. Stargate Atlantis has a strong fan base worldwide with people who will not get to vote in the Nielsen ratings no matter how many times they watch the show on TV. That’s life, I know, but that’s unfair.

    Of all american networks Sci Fi should be able to recognize the possibilities to make cash out the worldwide internet fanbase. Isn’t sci fi all about imagining a high tech future ? Why call themselves the Science Fiction Channel if they intend to stick with the old ways of american Nielsen ratings for life ?

    NUTS to Sci Fi Channel USA !

  29. I really wish I still had cable so I can help out with the ratings, but alas…I don’t.

    But to the original point of my comment: in your other post, you wrote about how Joe Flanigan wants to travel up to space. I, for one, am all for it, cause I know of no other actor who would want to do that, even though there are probably a bunch of other actors who want to. And I love your sarcastic comments (at least, I’m sure they were sarcastic, based on some of the things you’ve posted before) about starting up a campaign to help pay for this…but you know some people have actually taken you seriously for this? I find that slightly amusing. Because wow, the man could pay for it himself.

  30. Why do they only look at the ratings to decide the fate of a show ?
    DVD sales are at least as important, especially for us non-American or non-Canadian fans. It’s more or less our only way of saying to the PTB “hey! we like this show”.

    I do agree though on the fact that a 6 month hiatus (or more) is hardly good publicity and I’m not really surprised that so many people are downloading the show. If they are showing SGA first in Canada, then the canadian ratings should be the ones that count.
    Frankly, what is Sci-Fi thinking, putting the show on two months later in the USA ? It’s a recipe for disastrous ratings, don’t they know their audience at all after all this time ?

  31. I was very happy when Anaheim won the other night, and your pictures just made the victory that much sweeter.

    Er, hopefully Carl will pardon the pun.

  32. I swear some coffee actually came out of my nose when I saw your pics today! They’re hilarious! And love the grin on your face! 🙂

    Since people are asking you about dieting… got any tip how to GAIN weight? I mean, I like the taste of junk food like once a week or so, but not EVERY day, is there any food that isn’t junk food that will help me gain weight?

  33. “Have you ever tried scrapple”

    Believe me-if you read the ingredients on the package before ever trying it-you would never touch the stuff. The name says it all. Though the best kind comes out Pennsylvania.

    Thanks the pics today too.

  34. You are so funny. Those pictures of poor Carl and his untimely Duck-fueled fate truly should be honored with an Emmy. (Or at least a Raspberry.)

    I am so frustrated by the suffering ratings for our beloved Stargate. All we can do is keep trying to get people to tune in. I still blame SciFi….

    Are you going back to the market tonight in hopes of finding good food again?

  35. Those pics were a great giggle! I just wanted to say that you guys have a large international audience as well. Unfortunately we can’t contribute to the ratings or the show’s renewal, but we can send you our love and support.

    Also, a book – well books – rec. Julian May is an excellent scifi writer, and I strongly recommend The Pliocene Exiles saga, and the two following sagas, The Intervention trilogy and The Galactic Milieu trilogy if you enjoy the first set.

  36. Joe

    I am devastated! What have you done to Carl? No more of Carl’s wonderful smiles, no more of his great scripts.. What am I going to do? When are you having the memorial service? Will he want his ashes send out in space? Maybe Joe can take them when he goes on his flight..

    You guys have such a great sense of humor it would be a shame to split up such a great group. Hopefully there will be a few seasons yet.. Seriously what other SCiFI show of this type and quality is out there? They have cancelled Battlestar Galaticia(didn’t care for) and Firefly(which I adored).. So what is left for us Space types? So I’m staying positive .. Stargate Atlantis will continue…

    Congratulations Carl on the Duck’s Win .. although 19 of the players were CAnadians.

    Have a great weekend..


  37. About the “father” of Teyla’s child: He is human, right?
    And about the subtle hint for the manner of Beckett’s return: Is it before or after his death?

  38. Why isn’t DeLuise directing Stargate any more? What’s he doing? Is he gone from Stargate?

  39. Good Morning Joe!

    Poor Carl….I have to admit though that when you are on a diet even that cupcake looks good. My husband is a huge Red Wings fan and all I can say is thank God for split screen. To say he was disappointed would be an understatement.

    I really hope that the ratings go up for you guys. I’ll be watching and will definitely keep my fingers crossed.

  40. Dear Joe,
    Did you get a chance to watch Spiderman 3 or Ghost Rider, or are you waiting for the DVDs? Are you going to watch Fantastic Four 2 and are you or any of the writers fans of Fantastic Four? Thanks.

  41. Oh my God, poor Carl.. I really hope he’s fine.
    Joe, do you know NCIS and/or have you ever watched it? Opinion.. Would really like to know.

    Take care of yourself..

  42. So, scrapple. Scrapple is a Philly thing, I believe. And you have to be a hardcore Philadelphia to eat it. Here is the wikipedia address with an explanation:

    Most people don’t want to know what it’s in it, and you normally have it with breakfast. It’s a bit spicy sometimes. You can get it in an respectable Philly diner.

  43. Hi!

    Great way to start Friday. The pictures were extra excellent today, especially your glee of joy as Carl suffered! Looking forward to the Gates tonight.

    Have a good weekend!


  44. If you could be one SG-1 character (from the team, not the supporting or recurring characters), who would it be and why?

  45. How come you changed your shirt? Do you often change your shirt in the middle of the day? 🙂

  46. Go Scotty Niedermayer and the Ducks!

    I’m new to this blog, so bear with me. I, too, am curious about the paternity of Teyla’s child, but am perfectly happy to wait until next season. My biggest concern is this: this territory is dangerous ground. I’m sure you all are working hard to avoid the trap of turning SGA into a soap opera (Like ER became). SG-1 handled the Daniel/Sha’re stuff beautifully – even when he delivered her baby it wasn’t annoyingly sappy or melodramatic. What I love about SGA is the humor, adventure and social commentary. Despite the impending birth and questionable paternity, I hope you will remain focused on those features of the show.

  47. I hope Carl feels better soon.

    Unfortunately, I’ve already seen season 3 so that makes me even less thrilled about watching season 4. I won’t be watching SGA tonight because I have to work and I really don’t want to watch it anymore. I hate how you guys have pushed Torri Higginson’s character aside. The show isn’t going the way that I hoped for so I’m not sticking around to see what happens next.

  48. Aaggh! I didn’t mean hit publish earlier. Let me try again with correct grammar!

    Great way to start Friday. The pictures were extra excellent today, especially your gleeful look of joy as Carl suffered! Looking forward to the Gates tonight.

    Have a good weekend!


  49. *waves*

    You know, Joe, I always suspected you were a closet whumper 😉 Nice to see that you’ve taken the plunge and joined us on the dark side. 😛 With those first few pics of yourself and Carl, you look absolutely squeeish ( a true sign of being a whumper). ;o)So, I guess all of our persistance *cough*branwashing*cough* with talk of whump has finally come to fruition. ;o) But remember, Joe, whump Shep, not Carl. That’s the golden rule. :o) I was pleased to see you had an infirmary scene and the bonding around Carl’s bedside.. very tasteful… Just to clarify, I wasn’t talking about the cupcake. 😛

    As you’re feeling ‘squeeish’ (that’s the technical term btw) how about sharing some of it around? Anything yummy you could tell lil ol’ me about to cheer me up? *begs pitifully*

    Thanking you kindly you’re a very wise and kind man. :o)

  50. Yay the Ducks won! Go Scotty Niedermayer!

    Okay, I prepared a comment before, but I’m new to this, and it didn’t post, so I’m thinking I did something wrong. So, I’m going to try again.

    I am not going to enter the speculation as to the paternity of Teyla’s baby, because I like surprises. One caveat I’d like to add, however, is that what makes SGA so wonderful is the adventure, the social commentary and the humor. While the impending birth is a major plot point – please please please do not turn SGA into a soap opera-like show (a trap so many shows seem to fall into when faced with this sort of story-line). I think the SG-1 writers handled the whole Daniel/Sha’re/Apophis/Harsesis storyline so well, and I’m hoping they’ll do the same with Teyla’s pregnancy. Just a thought! SGA is true sci-fi, and I hope it will stay that way! Thanks!

  51. Isn’t half of the problem with ratings that we’re entering a new age? First of all, I’m not a Nielson family so no matter what I do, I’m not likely to count in the ratings. Nielson chooses families based on race, income, location but not on scifi fan, drama fan, etc. This is short sighted because I don’t think the typical middle-class-white home represents the television I watch at all.

    I know TIVO/DVRs are somehow factoring in to the mix, but it is not clear to me how. And does it still only apply to Nielson families?

    So second, the real problem with ratings is how not just Nielson, but how networks see them. With DVD sales, iTunes, and other ways for people to show support, networks fail to see this as part of the numbers of who is watching and who isn’t. DVD money is seen to be extra as in on top of what the show makes from advertisers. It is not factored in to how much the show is actually making. Enter demise of Firefly. Enter a soon demise of Stargate Atlantis, unless networks can figure out that this supplimentary income is just as important as what is earned from advertisers. The more society changes and the less people are willing to put up with commercials and the more Nielson fails to take into account the “geek” fan, the more networks will have to learn to adapt to other ways of making money off of their shows.

    Speaking of which, how is Atlantis selling on iTunes and on DVD? Does this make any impact at all?

    I really would love a fifth season. Someone at scifi should get smart and wait until season four ratings appear to make a decision, given it was scifi’s bad decisions that got us where we are right now.

    Sorry, ranting a bit here.

  52. I’ll watch tonight, because I am a deeply loyal fan that does not want to see SGA end. I’ve been a fan since day one, and have enthusiastically loved all the characters and plots and many of the episodes beyond all reason and rational. Which is why it’s so disconcerting that so many are apathetic about this show. I love SGA for its’ characters first and foremost, and I feel like S4 is going to be something else entirely. Especially Elizabeth’s absense from the show, which is a bitter pill for many fans to swallow. Remove Carson, throw in Teyla’s new plot arc, and add the overwhelming pressence of SG-1 veteran Carter, and it doesn’t sound much like the show I fell in love with.

    I’ll watch tonight, but honestly, I hope you reconsider some of the drastic changes you’ve made to s4. The show was perfectly cast, as is.

    I know people that loved this show above all others once upon a time. Now, they have to be asked to watch it. A lot of fans feel this way. I hope that says something to you, because as loyal as I am, I admit I’ve been leaning towards their way of thinking.

    SGA is all about the characters we love. The characters that formed the foundation of season 1, 2, and the best of them – 3.

    – Sara, from California

  53. Well, I’m sorry for Carl, but not *that* sorry. At least his team won. I’m from Ottawa, and therefore support the Ottawa Senators, so I’m disappointed that we didn’t win. Oh well, maybe next year!

  54. Thank you, thank you, thank you–if it wasn’t for Stargate, I think I’d be crying now. It’s only knowing that I can look forward to the Gates this evening that is keeping me sane today. First I was assigned 20 extra dictation files to be transcribed by 7 p.m. (in addition to my regular daily work, and then I discovered that the 8 letters the neurosurgeon needs copies of? I saved over. I have NO IDEA how I did something so stupid, but now I have to find the voice files and retype them. If my keyboard wasn’t in the way, I’d be banging my head on the desk right now, no exaggeration. I’m just going to stay focused on the idea of the glider rocker and the Gates this evening. And a bottle of wine, perhaps.

  55. First, do you guys eat any good food on the set? I mean, all this chocolate and cupcakes and stuff sure can’t be good for the arteries…. 😉

    And, is the recent flooding in the B.C. area having any impact on the filming of either SGA or the SG1 movies?

  56. I hope the ratings pick up soon. I really want a season 5.

    Is there any chance of Felger coming on Atlantis – even for one episode? I’d love to see how Ronan and Telya would react to him.

    P.S You would think that after your recent bout of tummy ache you would be a little more sympathetic to poor Carl. You really are evil!

  57. Hi. Does it help with the ratings if we buy the episodes from iTunes? Do the execs look at those figures too? I love Atlantis and want it to continue very much, but I have to get all my SciFi channel favourites from iTunes, as we don’t have cable.

  58. hi joe, about season 4 any plans for deeper mcarter (mc kay/carter)?

    any plans to bring ben and claudia in season 4? (I love them)
    any plans to bring back jonas in a stargate tv movie or in atlantis (corin nemec told me that jonas was originally created to be in Stargate Atlantis), why Jonas is not now in Atlantis?

    about ratings, I don’t understand why SG1/A fans leave the shows more and more. because I read transcripts about both seasons (in france we are not ready to see sg1/a on m6, they don’t wanna tell us when the shows will be aired! 🙁 ) and to my mind, the scripts looks well. I really hope season 4 (sga) will be better than season 3.

  59. Thanks for those pics. Very funny ^_^

    But your comments about the ratings made me feel very sad. I’m not in the States, so I can’t help. But I’m curious what’s the reasoning behind asking fans from the States to get more viewers. I’ve always thought that the only people who counted where those with a Nielsen box, so fans could theoricatelly get 1 million new viewers and the ratings would still be the same… unless that million had a Nielsen box, of course 😀

    Correct me if I’m wrong…

    I never watched SG-1, but many Stargate websites have both SG-1 and SGA news all together so I guess it’s impossible not to read anything about SG-1 even if you only watch Atlantis. My point is that I seem to remember that TPTB asked the fans exactly the same right before SG-1’s cancellation news were released.

    Now hearing the same about Atlantis makes me feel certain we’ll get the same news in the next few weeks 🙁

  60. Hi Joe!

    After I read your entry from last night concerning the ratings, I went and posted threads at various places on the net, reminding people to watch the show.

    Unfortunately, since SGA has such a worldwide fanbase, a lot of people aren’t counted (and some can’t be because their countries aren’t airing season 3 yet).

    But somebody had a good thought. Do you think it would be at all effective to contact SGAs sponsors and tell them how much we love their products and the fact that they support our favourite show?

    The person who suggested it said we should start thinking about what we could do to support our show if we don’t get SciFi and aren’t a Nielson family. Do you think it’s a good idea? If not, what else could we do to help you guys? It sucks to sit here and not be able to help in any way.

  61. Some people are talking about DVD sales and other incomes. But, as far as I know, the Sci Fi channel doesn’t get any of this. The only money they see from the Stargate franchise is the one advertisers are willing to pay based on the shows’ ratings. MGM is the company that gets the incomes from all the Stargate merchandise.
    With other shows like BSG, NBC/Sci Fi get DVD sales revenues. Not with Stargate, so it makes sense they base their decision on the ratings only.

    Taz and others also asked about why the decision whether to renew or cancel Atlantis was based on season 3 and not on season 4. Well, we don’t know when s4 premieres (Fall could mean September, October or November), and TPTB need to know whether they’ll get a s5 before the end of November, according to what some of them said in the past. So in practice Sci Fi could need to make a decision before s4 actually starts airing.
    At least that’s my understanding.

  62. “”Watcher652 writes: “Have you ever tried scrapple?”

    Answer: Never heard of it.””

    You don’t want to, Joe. My stomach still turns at the memory of scrapple served at college breakfast table. It’s an eastern Pennsylvania thing.

    Instead, give me New Jersey pork roll or sausage and peppers any day!

    “At 500 grams of decadent 70% cocoa, it’s not only delicious but the perfect murder weapon. “

    Reminds me of a psychiatrist’s joke based on a giant Hershey bar. Can’t remember all of it at the moment.

    Saw Ronny Cox at Kerrville (TX) Folk Festival last (Thurs.) night. Arrived late, missed most of the set, so will probably attend his Austin concert on Sunday. (Both K’ville and Austin are about 1–1.5 hours’ drive from San Antonio.)

  63. “Anonymous said…

    2.) On another note, in Bounty, why was Mitchell’s home set in Kansas when he’s so clearly from the South? Why not just put his high school in North Carolina or Georgia or somewhere like that? Kansas didn’t make sense to a lot of us.”

    Joe made a similar comment just after that ep aired. I think my response is in the next day’s comments. If not, email me off list.

  64. Re my last post about “Bounty”

    My comments on Southern accents were posted on Michael Shanks’ blog (sorry!) and are copied below.

    “”Re: Justification for “Mitchell’s” Southern Accent

    I live in Military City, USA, and have been a Red Cross military caseworker. I’ve noticed that servicemembers tend to develop Southern-sounding accents, despite their origins. I think of it as a generic “military” accent, probably learned from several drill sergeants along the way.

    Had a real challenge one day understanding a sergeant whose accent mixed New England “down East” with a broad Texas drawl! *grin*””

  65. I don’t think it was the cupcake that did Carl in but a cheap shot from Chris Pronger. 😉

  66. Joe, those pics of poor Carl cracked me up so much 😀 However, I’m slightly disturbed at how gleeful you looked at the prospect of Carl’s misfortunes… I actually managed to catch some of the game over here in the UK (my first ever hockey game!) so I’m glad the Ducks won, because thanks to Carl they’re the only team apart from the NY Rangers I’ve heard of 😀 Oh, and Michael Shanks’s Canucks…

  67. Hi Joe, our Sci-Fi channel here in England doesn’t carry SG1 or SGA it’s carried by Sky One so I suppose we could write to them in order to keep SGA on screen.

    Poor Carl what away to go ‘death by cup cake’ and so young!!!

    I don’t understand why people don’t want SGA to evolve. I do understand that core actors are essential to the plot and that people have their favourites but in many cases ‘new’ blood can be a good thing. Well at least it’s good that people feel so passionately about the characters it shows you’ve written them well.

    You should try Bubble and Squeak we have it in England the basic ingredients are cabbage and potatoes usually left over from Sunday lunch and mashed together and fried up for Sunday supper.

  68. Well, at least Carl died happy!

    Good luck to you and the rest of the Stargate crew in the next couple of weeks.

    If we non-Americans could help we would help – you know that.

  69. Will Sam be giving even a tiny mention of what her old buddies back on earth are doing? i.e. specifically: Jack & Daniel (when’s the wedding?), Teal’c & Vala and Cam (same question)?

  70. Joe, if you are not entertaining people they are not going to watch.
    I’ve been stunned by the reaction to Carson’s death, it’s crazy! The number of people posting on boards all over the place saying they are not going to watch again……I hope I’m wrong but it just feels like the end for the show.

  71. Hi Joe!

    I’ve just seen part 1 of the season 4 interview up at the MGM site with you and Paul.

    I just want to say that season 4 looks awesome! The interview has made my day! Clips from Travelers?

    I apologise in advance for what I’m going to say next….


    Sorry, I just couldn’t contain myself.

  72. One of the things that the SciFi Channel has done that has driven me batty is the whole “Let’s wait six months between the first half of a season and the second half.”

    I stopped watching because quite frankly, the story momentum is lost when things are cut off right in the middle of a season.

    And even with TIVO or other DVR type boxes, it doesn’t help when you’ve lost the narrative thread and have to pick it up months later.

    I understand that you all don’t have the overall power to set broadcast schedules, but I wonder if you all have spoken to the Powers That Be over at the Sci-Fi channel about this issue?

    Other than writing letters, I fear that as fans, there’s nothing we can do.

    As for other issues I have had with the show, I think Sara From California said it very well and I can’t offer any other comment.


  73. Hi Joe,

    Just watched the SGA season 4 part 1 vid over at MGM, and I just wanted to let you know that I am now looking forward to S4 even more than I already did!

    I loved the little S4 episode clips, and there was even some Shep whump in them, too! *grins happily*

    I am really very excited about the new season! You will tell us when you hear anything about when S4 will air, won’t you? *bats eyelashes*

    Oh, and here’s hoping the ratings pick up! *crosses fingers*

    Love, Trisha

  74. Nice to see the supervillain and his elusive co-conspirator “live in action”, as it were, on the MGM website. Can I just add that the little clips of Season 4 shown have resulted in unprecedented levels of squee and ended my busy, stressful week on a high note of flailing fangirling. So thanks! 😀

    Wish I could do my bit for the ratings but I’m not in a part of the world that counts… sadly. Though I did manage to raise SGA’s profile incrementally today by somehow managing to mention the show during a telephone interview with a candidate in Ontario! Hey.. every little helps… 😉

    P.S. Today’s photos? Started my day off with a much-needed chortle. Bless Carl for being such a good sport.. 😀

    P.P.S. You smile too much for a supervillain. It’s scary. Oh. Maybe that’s the idea…? 😉

  75. Just heard about the vid clip on MGM website. All I have to say is no more Joe F. kissing the beautiful female guest stars!!! Especially, Jill!!! You could write a bit about some extra on Atlantis kissing Larrin and I can be in Vancouver in six hours to volunteer!!!
    A Jill-a-maniac

  76. woo hoo, joe!

    i just watched the season 4 thinger you and paul did, and now i’m even more jazzed on watching it! i’m SO glad you included sam/amanda in that, because i *finally* got to see what she’ll look like!

    (i had to uninstall/reinstall quicktime just to ‘see’ it… i got a bit excited :p)

    sally 😀

  77. I would definitely tune in live but I don’t get Sci-Fi, or Movie Central in Canada. I have cable but MC is only available on digital cable, which is like a million dollars a month… Sorry! I want Atlantis to stick around for a long time – it’s my fave.
    – scarabgirl

  78. I’ve been trying to convince online fellow sga fans from the US, to tune in, but I’m getting back a lot of ‘well, whatever, it ain’t useful tuning in if you haven’t got a Neilsen box attached to your TV’. And well, since I’m not familiar with the US rating system, I don’t know what to say next. Got a smashing return?

    *Helpless in Holland*

  79. Wow, if you manage to even get to reading my comment I’d be impressed – that’s a lot of different opinions. Personally I’m not thrilled with the idea of Carter being on Atlantis (mostly because if I wanted to see Carter I could watch the 200 or so episodes of SG1 that she’s on), but it will really depend on how she’s portrayed – there are just *so* many ways she could step on the toes of other characters (and by extension the toes of that character’s fans).

    Have you guys given her a special niche in terms of her plot function, or is she doing everything – going offworld, captaining ships, solving scientific problems, shooting the bad guys, ect.(which I would be pretty unenthusiastic about, honestly)?

    And I honestly wonder about the people over at SciFi, because their programming decisions have been ridiculous, and cutting out the shows that have shown themselves to be successful with proper support doesn’t make any sense at all.


  80. Which is why the upcoming final three third season episodes are so important.

    Okay, wait. The only fans that will have an impact on the ratings are Nielsen households, so isn’t telling “all the fans” to watch live – and to get their friends to watch – setting up a false expectation?

    I mean, unless there’s some Sooper Sekrit way that Nielsen has of accurately counting every single fan that isn’t a Nielsen household, which there isn’t…or, Skiffy also factors in TiVo ratings, in which case, maybe add that bit of info to the “hey! watch the show LIVE!!!!!!” because then the fans understand why, and how the system *really* works. You know?

    :::crosses fingers for tptb:::

    p.s. I’ve seen the whole season already. Good stuff, yo.

  81. bonjour or hello or hi enfin bref c’est bien un blog sur Stargate parce que moi je suis Française et j’adore Stargate bon ba merci
    in english
    Iam a fans of Stargate

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