I woke up unusually early this morning at a little after 5:30 a.m. And no wonder. It had been a sleepless night of tossing and turning punctuated by night sweats so severe I actually dreamed I was suffering from malaria. Finally up and around, my fevered dreams of vomiting up my lungs far behind, I headed downstairs where I fed the dogs, checked my blog stats, and proceeded to vomit up my lungs. No, no it wasn’t bad news. Visits are topping well over 3000 of late and while that alone could be cause for some celebratory heaving, I had a feeling that wasn’t it. In truth, I suspected I was either a victim of food poisoning or one of those cloak and dagger Russian radiation hits. Well, it’s unlikely those M&M’s I received yesterday from the Save Weir Campaign arrived via Vladivostok but, just in case, I’m going to be taking precautions in the future – by having our office assistant Lawren open and taste test all our mail. No, I’m going to have to go with food poisoning because I actually started feeling unwell on the drive home from dinner last night. So what did it? Was it the sunchoke soup or the veal cheeks or the sticky toffee pudding or the coconut crème brulee? Let’s have a poll! The winner will be announced in tomorrow’s blog!

As I threw up the entire contents of my stomach and then some, I made a vow to never, ever, eat food again. And so far, despite my attempts to renege and feast on an entire half a banana over the course of the day, the gods of nausea have seen fit to keep me true to my word. Just the sight of something as innocuous as Bubba licking Jelly’s eyeball is enough to send me running to the bathroom.

Fondy made me some hot lemon water and ginger which is supposed to suppress nausea (as opposed to prompt it as I initially assumed) and dropped off a tiny bottle of the most hideous Chinese herbal medicine in existence. Apparently, it works wonders. Just avoid reading the list of ingredients that include: Radix and Rhizoma Rhei (to remove heat and toxins from the blood), Fructus Amomi Rotundus (the dried ripe fruit of Amomum Kravanh Pierre ex Gagnep), Flos Cryophilic (clove), Semen (!) Arecae (the dried ripe of Areca catechu L. (Fam. Palmae) – which I really hope is some kind of fruit), Fructus Capsici Frutescentis (cayenne pepper), Camphor (from the tree of the same name), Menthol (from peppermint), Glycerin (sugar alcohol), Alcohol (never heard of it), and Distilled Water (to, uh, cut the sharpness). It actually tastes even worse than it sounds. Fondy advised me to knock it back and chase it with lots of water. I did and, believe it or not, after some twenty minutes I was actually feeling better. Still nauseous, but not as overwhelmingly nauseous as I’d been this morning. Thank you’s are in order – to Fondy, Fondy’s parents for introducing her to this vile yet effective concoction, and, naturally, to the fine herbalists in Chinatown. I’ll never question their medicinal dried seahorses again.

I called in sick today but I’m happy to report I was not forgotten. Will called to ask me about a dialogue exchange from This Mortal Coil (and wished me well once he found out I was laid up), Carl forwarded a cheer-up article about a diehard Raiders fan (Quite literally. His last words before his execution were “Go Raiders!”), and Alan sent me the following heartfelt message: “Food poisoning? I can’t wait to read THIS blog entry…” I couldn’t very well let him down, could I?

Today’s pics: the lineup of suspects (it makes me ill just to look at them), the Chinese medicine,

Q&A –

Crazymom writes: “For dinner we had no-bake cookies and milk.”

Answer: Is “no bake” just another way of saying you picked up a pack of Oreo’s? Gah, just the thought of eating a cookie is almost enough to make me revisit last night’s dinner.

Speckles writes: “But next time could you post Torri too…i’ve noticed you never really tend to post Torri, it’s always everyone else.”

Answer: I always make it a point to ask whether a person would mind having their picture taken and making a blog appearance. If they’d choose not to, I won’t bother them again.

Jenny Robin writes: “ I am currently reading a book that was released about 3 weeks ago called “Plenty” by Alisa Smith & J.B. MacKinnon…”

Answer: I’ve seen the book and thought about picking it up. Of course now, even the sight of food will bring on a Technicolor yawn.

Anonymous #1 writes: “What will viewers think of a autistic character in Atlantis?”

Answer: I think that if he/he is well-written, there’s no reason why the audience wouldn’t embrace him/her. For a great book featuring an endearing autistic protagonist, check out Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark.

UberAmanda Fan writes: “As a writer, which frustrates you more…finding out an episode is too long or too short?”

Answer: Being short is the worst as it necessitates you writing additional scenes that all too often aren’t as essential to the story.

Irishchick writes: “p.s did you get the baileys irish choc i sent ?”

Answer: Not yet and – are you trying to kill me? Merely the taste of chocolate will have me taking a launch break.

Gilder writes: “Was Don consuming mass quantities of chocolate on my behalf?”

Answer: Oh yeah! You have my yahoo email address. Send me your mailing address and I’ll pay up. Go Pistons!!!

Anonymous a ecrit: “Est-ce que nous retrouverons Andy Frizzel pendant la saison 4?”

Reponse: Peut-etre.

Wiveca writes: “Is there any food you’ve tried and just hated the taste of it?”

Answer: I’ve discovered I hate the taste of pretty much anything on its way back up.

Hannah writes: “Have you ever been here, and do you have any recommendations for good food? What are your feelings on grits?”

Answer: Never been to Atlanta. As for grits, I used to like them but today even the thought of eating them makes me want to toss my cookies.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Have you ever had a kosher pizza?”

Answer: No but a couple of years ago I went over to Rob’s place for matzo, chicken liver dumplings, and latkes. Yum. I mean, gah! The merest taste of any will have me talking to Ralph on the big white telephone.

Bugguy writes: “Going to a restaurant called Canoe in Toronto tonight.”

Answer: Martin went the last time he was in T.O. and had a great meal. Just thinking of you eating that rich meal makes me want to ride the porcelain bus.

Jace writes: “Should we assume then that Jonas is dead, and that we won’t ever see the character again, or is there the potential for the character to come back should the story and actor allow it?”

Answer: I would not assume he’s dead. Although we have no plans to bring him back at present, you never know.

Pauline writes: “For a culinary experience try Liverpool’s signature dish Scouse, meat potatoes carrots and onions.”

Answer: Today, it sounds both delicious and liable to have me laughing all over your shoes.

Aske writes: “Do any of the dogs (pets) get to be extras in any of the episodes?”

Answer: Yup. I believe Rick’s dog was in Singularity and Chain Reaction.

89 thoughts on “May 25, 2007

  1. Dear Mr Mallozzi

    My brother recently bought seasons 1 & 2 of Stargate: Atlantis for my birthday and I love it. But being new to the series I have some questions about the Wraith. My friend directed me to you as a person likely to be able to answer my questions. If you are not, could you please tell me whom I should ask?

    1) I’ve only ever seen Wraith suck life out of someone with their right hands. Can you get left-handed or even double-handed Wraith when it comes to sucking life?
    2) Do the Wraith that wear masks look the same as the Wraith without masks, or does Wraith society have 3 genders (i.e, soldiers, workers and queens)?
    3) Since the Wraith are evolved from the Iratus bug, does that mean that new Wraith are ‘born’ the same way as Iratus bugs, or are they like humans in that matter?

  2. *waves*

    Joe says: As I threw up the entire contents of my stomach and then some, I made a vow to never, ever, eat food again.

    Thanks very much for this wonderful image, Joe. It might be wise now to seek the experience of Mr Hewlett as he was ill for weeks from what he told us. The only advice I can offer is drink plenty of liquids (no coffee or tea) and in the water make sure you put a pinch of salt in there so as to not dehydrate and get your electrolites back on track. Fondy sounds like a lil star. Send her hugs from us. Ginger is great to settle the nausea, and if you don’t like the chinese herbal methods, ginger biscuits work just as well to. Just a word of caution, don’t drink milk if you’re still feeling sick… I won’t gross your readers out too much, but since you paved the way for grossness today. 😀 Let’s just say it… Curdles *tries not to puke at the memory*

    Nuff said. 😛

    Feel better soon *hugs*

  3. Is “no bake” just another way of saying you picked up a pack of Oreo’s?

    No, “no bake” means boiled on the stovetop and then dumped onto wax paper to cool. I won’t mention any particular ingredients out of deference to your condition.

    I believe today’s blog will be GeekBoy’s favorite. He is particularly fond of “big white telephone” and “Technicolor yawn,” although “laughing all over your shoes” rates pretty high as well.

    I’ll spare you the recounting of our menu for today.

  4. Hi Joe:

    Legal action!!! Just kidding. There is very little worse than food poisoning. Funny how it was western food and not the sushi that did you in. I hope you feel better soon.

    You and Martin G. did a wonderful job on Sunday, taking into consideration that people need down time. Will there ever be mention of some of the Atlantis people returning from vacations on Earth? They have to get time off occasionally, right? Otherwise, in real life, they would be dealing with burn out and having stress management issues.

    Please tell Cliff that Pat said, “be bad, be very, very bad”.

    Have a better day,


  5. Hi Joe,
    well after much research on the subject(I think I’ve had it once, if that qualifies me as an expert) my money is on the coconut creme brulee thingy. I never trust a desert that has to have a bath before it’s cooked. Hope you feel better soon. Relax read a book..but not a cookery book.

  6. Wow! Who knew there were so many different ways of saying vomiting. : )

    Hope you get well soon!


  7. Oh poor Joe.. you really don’t sound well. That’s gotta be some nasty food poisoning to make even a supervillain take a day off! :S Hope you feel better real soon…

    P.S. My vote for the culprit is the coconut crème brulée!

    For a great book featuring an endearing autistic protagonist, check out Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark.

    Have you read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-
    Time? An excellent book featuring an autistic protagonist.

  8. I’m betting it was the créme brulée that made you sick. I’m speaking out of experience…course, it may also have been those clams.

  9. My money’s on the veal. I haven’t had hot lemon water since I was a kid…nostalgia. If you can find ginger pills in the vitamin section of your grocery store, I highly recommend them. They got me through six months of morning sickness.

  10. Bugguy writes: “Going to a restaurant called Canoe in Toronto tonight.”

    Answer: Martin went the last time he was in T.O. and had a great meal. Just thinking of you eating that rich meal makes me want to ride the porcelain.

    Well I wouldn’t want to do that…then again
    I had the Seared La Ferme Foie Gras with simmered beluga lentils and cocoa nibs
    Caribou hind and Foie Gras Tourtiere
    and a wonderful Toffee pudding for dessert
    I even took pictures, but I think that would probably send you over the edge.

    As for the food poisoning, I doubt it was dinner, too soon afterward, probably lunch. You should feel better in a day or 2. Fondy is right about the lemon and ginger water. Ginger is a natural antiemetic (vomit stopper). Flat Ginger-ale would essentially perform the same. Make sure you get lots of liquid. No fatty foods( like foie gras). If you are not feeling better in 48 hours you should definitely see a doctor.
    P.S. it is not the Creme brulee

  11. Hey! Okay, so, first post ever. Just a quick book question, cause i’m a book nerd; have you ever read “Still Life with June” by Darren Greer? Awesome book if you haven’t. *nods* Also, happy towel day!

  12. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear about your case of food poisoning. I sympathize, having had more than my fair share of that hazard. Then again, just getting it once is more than a fair share for anyone.

    My answer to your poll is this…

    I think the Sunchoke soup did it. The chokes may have been contaminated at the source or inadequately cleaned. The cream may have been held too long at the wrong temperature.

    Although, if the initial symptoms of food poisoning show up within 2 hours of a meal it’s more likely to have been caused by what you had for a previous meal or late day snack. (Those M&Ms perchance?)

    However, if you have a sensitive system then dinner could actually be the culprit.

    I have an actual question today:
    Is there any chance that an episode in season 4 (or later) will cover more of the backstory of the Ancients? Like what really happened to the Radek and John that went back in time with Elizabeth in Before I Sleep?

  13. If you can drink green tea you should try it. It helps clear the toxins.
    Actually ancient chinese already knew that ginger is antiemetic. They used it to avoid seasickness. So if they think it´s good, it most likely is.
    Also peppermint helps to settle the upset tummy.

    Hope you feel better!!

  14. How anyone can eat veal, knowing what it is, is beyond me. My money’s on the veal as the culprit.

    You said that it’s possible that Torri may be in more episodes. How possible? Is planning for the second half far along?

  15. I sympathize. As vomiting forces out all the good stuff as well as the bad, I recommend a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt to replace your good stomach bacteria. It’s also very good for soothing nausea, believe it or not, and will not curdle in your stomach (as it’s pre-curdled, so to speak).

  16. Sorry to hear about your sudden illness. I agree with bugguy and lughtigern. Unless you ate something that you just can’t tolerate, food poisoning usually takes a little time. Seafood is about the only exception, but it still usually takes a couple of hours and can make the illness extremely severe. I, sadly, speak from experience.

    I want to offer congratulations on your anniversary, though.

    I have a question, if you have the energy and willingness to answer it. You mentioned ComiCon yesterday. Any idea who from the crew/cast will be going?

    Feel better!

  17. Oh, poor Joe! I hope you feel better soon!!

    As for the culprit behind your illness, assuming that the people preparing the food didn’t neglect to wash their hands or anything like that, my vote is for the soup. *shrugs* I don’t know, though–never had food poisoning and haven’t had more than a cold for years–it just looks suspicious to me…

    Hey, here’s a funny thought: do you think that perhaps the wraith might get nausea? We did see them get “food-poisoning” in Poisoning the Well.

  18. GeekBoy would like to tell you about his memorable experience with, um, unswallowing. As a result of his memorable morning, we no longer had to decide whether to keep the carpet runner on the stairs. It went in the trash. After cleaning the bathroom, his father told GeekBoy he did good, but he didn’t get full points, because he missed the ceiling. The second time he had to clean the bathroom, he wasn’t quite as jocular about it. After that, we handed GeekBoy a 5-gallon bucket to keep with him at all times.

  19. Joe-

    So sorry to hear you have been so ill! Whatever it is, food poisoning or a virus, I hope you feel better soon. My favorite remedy is cola syrup. Serve over ice, like a snow cone. Tasty and makes the stomach feel much better!

  20. Newbie – you popped up on my google alert.
    “Answer: I think that if he/he is well-written, there’s no reason why the audience wouldn’t embrace him/her. For a great book featuring an endearing autistic protagonist, check out Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark.”
    Thanks for this refreshing viewpoint and I hope that’s a recommendation for a good read. Looks like another trip to Amazon is in ‘store.’
    Best wishes

  21. “I always make it a point to ask whether a person would mind having their picture taken and making a blog appearance. If they’d choose not to, I won’t bother them again.” – No wonder that hewlett guy’s mug is always cropping up on your photos! Such an attention seeker! 😛

    On a more serious note, Hope the herbal remedies helped with the nausea. It’s definately not a great taster, but usually does the job, and definately better than having to hang a bucket round your neck.

  22. Dear Joe,
    Long time no write, I was on vacation in Florida. I’m hoping this time I can ask some question I can get answers too. LOL. Are you ready?
    1)In “Sunday” Ronon mentions to John about how he thought that John and Teyla might one day get together(rough paraphrase). Was that a ship you might actually do or were and the writer just teasing the J/T fans.
    2)Are we ever going to find out why John has problems with relationships and following orders.(ei. Bad childhood, abusive dad, dealing with the ex-wife, and so on.)And will we see that during season 4.
    I can’t wait to see Doppleganger and all the other eps., but I’m looking forward to see what happens to Lorne and all the others. Thanks Scifan

  23. Hello Joe

    My friend who is a microbiologist and med tech was with me when I experienced almost exactly the same thing you are describing (uncontrollable yakking after partaking of shrimp…I think you said you ate the shrimp). Anyway, she said that the only food poisoning to come on that quickly after eating is a form of staph, usually found in shrimp, and will last about two or three days, then you’ll start to feel much better.

    Don’t hold it against the restaurant – there’s no way to tell a good shrimp from an evil one before cooking … unless they have on a black pinstripe suit.

  24. Joe

    My friend, who is a microbiologist and a lab tech, explained this to me one unfortunate night when I experienced about the exact same thing. She said the only food poisoning that comes on that fast after eating is a form of staph which is most commonly found in shrimp. It won’t kill you, but for awhile it will make you wish you were dead. A couple days, some nice gentle types of food (read bland) and you’ll be feeling much better. And lots of water, or a beverage with some fresh ginger in it to help settle the tummy.

  25. Sorry you’re feeling poorly Joe. I hope it passes quickly and you’re back to your normal villainous self. 😀

    BTW, it may actually be gastroenteritis rather than food poisoning, especially if you had no suspicions before getting sick. Food will often be the last straw for gastro, and the symptoms follow the meal immediately.

    Take care, and give Fondy a big hug for taking care of you too.


  26. Joe,

    Oh my. I’m so sorry you’ve had an urpy day. Right hand to God, those M&Ms were clean, I swear! =)

    Although I hate to admit laughing at your blog describing your horrific day, I have to tell you that I’ve never heard that many references to throwing up in my life.

    Here’s another one…..”Hork up a lung” – as in, “If I have to look at another piece of food, I’m going to hork up a lung.” This describes one of those really powerful upchucks one has where it really does feel like you’re going to vault an internal organ into the toilet.

    Personally, I’ve never had food poisoning, but my hubby has. The most miserable night of his life and it took him over 5 years before he ate at Taco Bell again.

    A nice heating pad set on low heat on your tummy does wonders for stomach cramping, by the way.

    And, when suffering a digestive upset, whenever food does sound appealing again, start off with bland and boring – the ever famous BRAT diet – Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Maybe not all at once, though.

    Hang in there.

  27. Ok friendly Infectious Diseases doc here.
    “My friend who is a microbiologist and med tech was with me when I experienced almost exactly the same thing you are describing (uncontrollable yakking after partaking of shrimp…I think you said you ate the shrimp). Anyway, she said that the only food poisoning to come on that quickly after eating is a form of staph”
    There are 2 types of food poisoning, infectious and intoxication.
    Infectious is the one everybody thinks of salmonella, cholera and so on. Usually takes a couple of days for the bacteria to reach critical mass and make you sick.
    Intoxication i.e. staph which is a preformed toxin in the food you consume or scombroid which is a preformed histamine like toxin in food, literally kills the intestinal cells and causes illness within hours of ingestion. Really nasty, but usually lasts hours to a day, the intestinal cells come back really quickly. Hope this helps

  28. Have fun thinking up all those vomit euphemisms? How long did that take you?

    Speaking of autistic characters, though, two movies come to mind which have great ones. “Cube” (which a lot of Stargate fans should be familiar with) and “Snow Cake”, a recent film with Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver (which is, sadly, not the sequel to Galaxy Quest).

  29. Answer: I would not assume he’s dead. Although we have no plans to bring him back at present, you never know.

    Wasn’t it mentioned that Kewlona (yeah, my spelling is awful) was one of the planets wiped out in um…Counterstrike? ‘Cause I remember hearing it and saying, “Oh, no! Jonas!”

  30. Salut mon ami! For an upset tummy caused by whatever reason I find that it is best to drink flat gingerale (my preference is Canada Dry) or weak tea. If trying to eat something then try unsalted soda crackers or toasted dry white or french bread, no butter or jam or peanut butter. No dairy products for a few days. Gravol may help as well.

  31. hi, joe,

    sorry about you vomiting internal organs. 😀

    so does rick not like being photographed?…

    if he doesn’t, MAKE HIM. if that doesn’t work, get amanda to sit on him.

    this rda fan *must* see his greatness!! 😉

    sally 😀

  32. Another nausea cure is to take powder Jello and sprinkle it over crushed ice. Coats your stomach. My mother gave it to me when I was sick and it worked every time.

  33. My money’s on the soup, but then again i don’t trust anything with foam. Reminds me too much of… errr… well, what you saw going the wrong way today/last night.

    The veal… Mmm, i don’t think so, as long as it was cooked properly. The only other choice is the coconut in a close second. Coconut can go bad very quickly this time of year, especially if it’s not refrigerated properly.

    Anyways, as a person who enjoys the culinary experience as much as you, i will wish you a speedy recovery and a short memory. And i will save the story of my fine Asian dining experienve on my recent trip for another day :).

    I wrote a lengthy entry the other day that i hope you read, in case you missed it, the just of it is, Thanks for writing to us! And i’m looking forward to season 4!


  34. Joe, had anyone not known you were a writer prior to today, this blog would certainly have clued them in. The many and interesting ways you managed to say “throw up” are both amusing…and slightly nauseating in and of themselves. Bravo.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  35. I’m nothing if not persistent…
    When you wrote Season 4 did you take into account what happens in the DVD movies ? I mean what happens in the movies will have an impact on Season 4 ? Do the action in the 2 movies happen before S4 or after or in between ?

  36. Oh Joe. I’m so sorry, man. I’ve only had food poisoning once – my first month out of Uni, living alone in a strange city, hours and hours from anyone I knew. Fun times, fun times.

    It wasn’t an option, but my vote’s on the prawn, due to how quickly you got sick.

    Also? Ginger all the way. Iced ginger tea, real ginger ale, or ginger syrup over crushed ice. A cold washcloth at the back of your neck and around your throat helps, too. Hope you’re already feeling better!

  37. Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for the recommendation. I will look into it. Be on the lookout for a book called “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon. It is a very fascinating one.

    Thanks once more,


  38. Two things to say:

    #1: I vote veal.

    #2: You lazy puking bum. I haven’t missed a day of work ever in my life. Suck it up, mister.

    Your non-empathetic pal,

  39. Oooh, all the euphemisms for hurling! Nice.

    I had a sleepless night for an entirely different reason… a drunk friend kept ringing me… at 2am, 2.30am and 3am. It’s ok, I phoned him at 7.30am to check on his hangover because I’m sweet like that. I think he probably spent his morning in much the same way as you did.

    The sickest I have ever been was when I was in high school and my chemistry class went on a trip to the fonterra milk products factory and then a university science department. Between sessions of throwing up I was dragged around the milk and cheese factory (I managed to convince them to let me sit out the chocolate and cheese taste testing) and then on to the university. It took throwing up in a bush in front of a row of professors eating their lunch before my teachers let me curl up on the back of the bus with a bucket for the rest of the day.

    Thanks for bringing the memories back up, Joe! I hope that you’re feeling better soon.

  40. Oh poor Joe!

    Food poisoning is vile. I did have to chuckle at your many ways of describing said ordeal! Perhaps you could use this experience in your writing, and have an episode where the entire Atlantis expedition toss their cookies after eating some of Teyla’s cooking? 😉 Just kidding…

    Hopefully you’ll feel better soon. Though in my experience you’ll probably feel pretty rough for a couple of days.

    Thanks for making your blog so entertaining today! It’s quite strange how such a horrible experience can actually be amusing at the same time, though it has to be said, it’s amusing for the reader, and not the writer!

    Feel better soon!

  41. If there were a prize for record number of vomit euphamisms, I think you’d have won it. I hope you don’t try to beat your own record tomorrow, I also hope you have no need to try. Feel better, Joe.


  42. Hi Joe! I hope that you are OK!!!

    Don’t eat so many chocolates…

    You must try to eat natural youghurt! It is very good for the health of your stomach!

    About your bad dream, I think it is a reflect about your “stomach illnes”.

  43. Yes, feel better soon. Now I am kinda glad on holding off sending that package to you. 🙂

    Blame it on eating outside (if seeing the pictures correctly indicated that to me)

  44. Sorry to hear you’re unwell (but thankful you haven’t lost your sense of humour during the course of your illness).
    I had food poisoning once. I was puking for eight hours straight all through the night. Didn’t get a wink of sleep, and when I finally dozed off, my dad woke me up to ask how I was feeling…
    My advice to you would be to drink plenty of water. Not only does it give you something to actually…ahem… ‘bring back up’ once your stomach is empty, but apparently it’s supposed to flush the bug out of your system (literally…)
    You might spend a while in the bathroom but I’m sure it’s better than the alternative. 🙂

  45. oh mince!!intoxication alimentaire!!
    Je suis impatiente de savoir ques qui vous a fait sa!!

    Soignez vous bien, bon rétablissement!!

  46. Feel better! Food poisoning is quite possibly one of the worst bugs to get, you come out of it feeling like you had a near death experience.

    Get well soon!!!

  47. I seem to remember you saying once that you were a big fan of Boston Legal. Do you think a character like the great Jerry Espenson would be good on Atlantis?

    Personally I think he would rock, although there’d probably be some kind of friction between him and McKay.

  48. I have concluded that Friday just wasn’t a good day to have a stomach. I was out of commission too and couldn’t go to work.

    Do your dogs tend to hang around you when you feel sick? I’ve always found that mine would stick by me when I was ill. In fact my dog slept on my stomach most of the day, and made it feel better.

  49. Joe, this is the second time in recent months you’ve mentioned severe indigestion. Sounds like testing is in order.

    I’ve mentioned my food-tolerance problems before. The blood assay for sensitivities was the best $500 USD I ever spent!

    As for the trigger, as Bugguy and Lughtigern said *tips hat*, it was more likely in lunch or breakfast than dinner. It usually takes 12-24 hours for intolerance symptoms to raise their ugly heads. (And I feel your pain; have been ill myself past 24 hours.)

    (Aside to Bugguy: Any chance you’re a fellow Ursinus College graduate? I checked your profile.)

    Speaking of Ursinus, here’s a vomit synonym learned my first week of college:
    (U.C. was a bit of a party school back then.)

    Private email on the way with address. It’s “get on the bandwagon” season! *grin*

  50. Mr. Mallozzi:

    Possible more F-304 destroy in the Atlantis season 4 or in the DVD films? Possibly to appear new F-304? I like see battle between the F-302 and the wraith dart, than in the ’No Man’s Land’. Will be such? Thanks!

  51. How are you feeling today??????

    anymore ‘riding the porcelain’ ‘talking to raplh on the big white telephone’ for us???

    food poisoning is a bitch..i had it and i was unable to eat for a week..

    just get the fluids into you!!!!!!!!

  52. Nauseous + vomiting…. wait a minute! Your the one being pregnant with Teyla’s Alien baby! *gigglesnort*

    My guess for the poll is: The dog! “I love dogs, but I can’t eat a whole one”

    Looking forward to Season 4 which will probably air in Sweden around 2010.

  53. Hello, Mr. Mallozzi.
    Sorry to hear about your illness, Sir.
    I just wanted to say that I like it when you use your bench players (Lorne, Zelenka, etc.). Lorne in particular, I am thrilled that he is going to have some shenanigans in Doppelganger.
    Are you going to use more of your bench players in the upcoming season then you have in the past? Is anyone of them moving to the starting rotation?
    (I love baseball and find it rather fun to talk in baseball euphemisms.)
    Thanks for taking the time out!
    You are the very best.


  54. Joe,

    Two words: Compazine and Zofran. Either one will fix you right up.

    Feel better,
    The Anonymous One

  55. Hi again Joe, just a couple of quick question.
    When you are writing do you do any thing in particular for example listen to music have the tv on in the back ground etc or do you have a pattern you follow.
    I have just finished some re writes on a play about Charles Dickens, when he wrote A Christmas Carol he was one of the first people to advocate time travel as in the ghosts of past present and future. I had all the dialogue set then the director told me it was too long! “In the middle of my back swing!” Any way no kids to bother me so sitting here ‘pruning words’ watching Dark Angel and later on Sky have five episodes of SG back to back I’M IN HEAVEN

  56. Oh and I love your food reviews. I live in New York City, and I don’t doubt you’ve been here. What’s your favorite spot to eat here?

  57. Sorry to hear that you got food poisoning. After getting violently sick after eating lamb, I still can’t stand the smell nor will I eat it. I guess it takes time, afterall, it’s only been 20 years. Maybe you should start eating more fast food….I mean what could be better than a Big Mac with a side of greasy fries….Works for me!!!

  58. Isn’t it amazing that when you’re sick, all anyone wants to talk about is food…?

    My vote is on whatever you ate the day before… from what we were taught working in the restaurant, most food poisoning does take between 24 and 48 hours to set in, though there are some more severe cases…

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  59. I feel your pain. The other night I was up at 3 AM in abdominal agony, actually wishing that the vomit would hurry up and get over with already so the pain would go away and I could go back to sleep.
    This has become an unfortunate, unpleasant pattern over the last few months.
    The culprit for me? I think it’s the cool ranch doritos. For you, I vote for whatever that round thing was with the white blob on top.

  60. Hi Joe,

    So sorry to read (in vivid detail) about your food poisoning issues. You must be an excellent writer because by the time I finished reading your blog I too was beginning to feel nauseous!! ;-P

    Sincerely, I hope you’ll feel better quickly.

    Jennie in Oregon

  61. Are any of the characters going to get food poisoning now that you can write about it from experience?

  62. Awwww…poor you, Mr. Mallozzi!! don’t come anywhere near me, if you are gonna up-chuck! LOL

    Hey if you’re ever in the Wirral (left side of the River Mersey)here in England, i recommend a lovely Italian place just 5 minutes from me in Heswall, called Est Est Est! The food is amazing, especially the lamb! If i ever meet ya, i’ll take ya there one time!

    Keep the faith,


  63. Sorry to here you’re not feeling well! 🙁 Food poisoning is no fun – I was laid up for three days once because of it.

    I second anonymous’ recommendation, try peppermint, particularly peppermint tea. Much more pleasant than that herbal remedey, probably 😉 Also, try rapid, short intakes of breath, with forced, slightly longer exhales, always helps me …

  64. Dear Mr Malozzi,

    Hope you’re feeling better now.

    To all the SGA fanbase wondering how the ratings of the back half of S3 can affect the renewal for S5 : cheer up, hope is returning for all the TV series on the bubble.

    US networks – and most importantly their advertisers – are about to change the way they see the internet fanbase of a TV series. I’ll bet after they see what’s hitting CBS they’ll think twice about cancelling another show with a strong online fanbase.

    SkiFi already knows about the huge SGA fanbase and will not be taken by surprise as CBS was. But still.

    I’ll bet the Jericho outcry will change forever the way US networks look at an internet movement. 21093 lbs of nuts delivered to CBS in just 5 days… The internet rules !

  65. Ouch. Get well soon! Well, hopefully you are. It’s the next day.

    Ginger works wonders with nausea. As do chamomile tea and peppermint tea. Cheers to Fondy for being such an awesome wife!

  66. Just avoid reading the list of ingredients that include: Radix and Rhizoma Rhei (to remove heat and toxins from the blood), Fructus Amomi Rotundus (the dried ripe fruit of Amomum Kravanh Pierre ex Gagnep)…
    Oh Joe, poor you. But those ingredients don’t sound that terrible (as a Pharmacy student I should say that.. ). As a kid my doc said “drink some coke”.. for your stomach.. acid and stuff…

    Hope you’ll get well soon!


  67. So you’ve taken up pebbledashing, hueying, barfing and chundering. well done mate! hope you’re feeling better soon.

  68. Hi Mr Mallozzi I would like to say it is really nice of you to do your blog. when I start to look at it I was surpize,alot of food items. Then i started to like it. I am a choclate nut and its go to see their are other’s like me. I would like to know , what are the most place to get choclate. I am doing to BC> in the future.Sorry you not feeling good today Saturday 25,07. hope you feel better. Note to all reads Pleae eat before you read Mr Mallozzi blog.I just say I had a 1Lb of choclate and sweets after the first time reading and looking at his blog. He must of to work out alot.bye for cher in north bay ,ontario. bye

  69. hello again from cher sorry about the wrong date is may 26,07 . I am haveing choclate and simpsons withdrawl.

  70. Fondy’s remedy sounds…well, interesting. We used to drink coke syrup til they figured out it was totally addictive and put it behind the pharmacist and requiring a prescription! Hope you’re feeling better.

  71. For the person who asked about Fois Gras, it’s a liver pate created through the barbaric practice of force feeding birds through a tube down their throats to fatten their liver.

    How this is still legal is beyond me.

    I’d personally like to see everyone who eats the stuff stuck in a cage with a tube down their throats.

  72. Answer: I always make it a point to ask whether a person would mind having their picture taken and making a blog appearance. If they’d choose not to, I won’t bother them again.

    So could you tell us whether you asked Claudia Black about it during filming The Ark of Truth? Was her answer “no”? Or you didn’t have the chance yet?

  73. Sorry to hear that you got food poisoning. I’d have to say it was the veal cheeks.

  74. Blame Voodoo. It’ll be some vengeful fan who has made your likeness out of rags and putty and keeps squeezing its tummy.

    scarimor 😉

  75. Me again, (are you feeling any better?)
    I was just wondering if you ever go on the GateWorld forum any more? Judging from your profile you’ve not been on your account for about a year, but do you ever browse as a guest?

  76. s said…
    Blame Voodoo. It’ll be some vengeful fan who has made your likeness out of rags and putty and keeps squeezing its tummy.
    scarimor 😉

    ROFLMAO!!! I bet it is, too!

    Seriously though, if the bacterial content of a food is high enough, vomiting can be induced in mere minutes – bad mayo is always good for that, and I speak from experience. (Twice.)

    If you were in the restaurant for a while, your creamy looking starter could easily have been the culprit. Sort of thing bacteria love. After several hours though (3 or 4 roughly), food poisoning tends to be less vomit/more diarrhoea as the bacteria make it through the stomach into the gut.

    Sip boiled cooled water to keep yourself hydrated and send Fondy out for acidophilis capsules from a health store. If you don’t recolonise your digestive tract with those clichéd “friendly bacteria” you’ll just get sick on a regular basis for a good long while. Ironically, you don’t really want to take anything that will stop your body expelling the toxins out of your system.

    And my final suggestion would be to milk this for all it’s worth – you never know if you’ll get this sort of sympathy again 😉

  77. Remember that 25 Sci Fi greats list that EW produced? Well in the latest issu they ran an “Episode II” due to the outpouring of criticism. The new top ten list, based on write ins, had SG-1 as number 1. They ofgfered their reason why it shouln’t be on the list:

    “While the sheer act of not being canceled is laudable these days, lngevity doesn’t necessarily imply quality– Yes, Dear was on CBS for, like 43 years. The move was diverting, but the fact that every new alien culture on the TV series speaks English invalidates it, MacGyver notwithstanding” (1 June 2007 p.44).

    Not only is that statement untrue, it is ridiculous! That complaint is absurd especially since Star Trek was included on their list which frequently features different cultures speaking English.

    At least they printed a new list.

  78. I remember someone saying once that when you have food poisoning, first you’re afraid you’re going to die, then you’re afraid you’re not.

  79. Hey Joe,

    The restaurant I visited in Miami is called Michy’s. The chef is Michelle Bernstein, formerly of Azul. The food here was fantastic! I love that most dishes are available in half portions, allowing us to sample many and still have room for their outstanding desserts. We had the Baked Alaska (dulce de leche ice cream and pistachio cake) and the warm bread pudding (with cognac, chocolate chunks, orange rind) served with vanilla ice cream. Although my mouth still waters thinking about the truffled polenta, this place is even worth it just for the dessert.

    To Hannah in Atlanta…
    You must go to Rathbuns (www.rathbunsretaurant.com). It is among my top restaurants anywhere. The menu is divided into small, raw, big, and second mortgage plates. Our group of seven ordered three small plates each, allowing us to sample many items. Among my favorites were the eggplant steak fries with confectioners sugar, the pan fried kefalatiri cheese, the chicken livers with fig marmalade, the lamb scallopine and the calamari. For dessert, try the dessert sampler… $10 for 4 desserts, chef’s choice, or $11 for your own choice. I love a place with service that goes that extra mile. In a place where it is almost impossible to get into without booking weeks in advance, we managed to book a table after explaining that we were only in town for a few days. The staff were courteous and attentive from the time we arrived and throughout our meal, offering suggestions on favorite items. I am considering a trip back to Atlanta… motivation – Rathbuns.


  80. So what is the etiquette in these cases: do you call the restaurant and tell them what their food (preparation) did to you, never go there again, or both?

    Hope you’re feeling better today!

  81. Hey Joe,

    2 quick questions (or qqs). 1. Who is responsible for keeping the season going in the direction it should go from beginning to end, a sorta “Big Picture” guy? 2. Do you guys have Memorial Day in Canada? I don’t mean to be the borish American, but I know Sci-Fi isn’t running new episdoes on Friday, so I was wondering if you guys had a break for this weekend. Happy Memorial Day to you! Enjoy some good ole Texas BBQ and think of me… not really!

  82. I beleive that the Cocunut Creme brulee is what caused your downfall…by the way Im not a Doctor I just dont like anything Cocunut.

  83. PS — I’ve found that, if I have recognizable preliminary symptoms, one of the Ranitidine /Zantac Rx can forestall the worst of it.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have that advantage this week. *sigh*

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