Everyone has a just-off-the-radar-restaurant. You know, one of those places you hear so much about that you’ve been meaning to try out but never get around to despite the fact that its practically within walking distance of your house. Well, Bishops is MY just-off-the-radar restaurant, a multi-award-winning Vancouver establishment that I’ve wanted to try for years. And last night, in celebration of our wedding anniversary, Fondy and I finally did.

Unlike a lot of the hot new restaurants in the neighborhood, Bishop’s clientele is middle-aged and professional and given the way many of them were received on the night we visited, it was pretty clear that they were repeat customers. Always a good sign. We were greeted at the door by owner John Bishop, then escorted over to our table where we were presented with our menus and a plate of fresh breads. Now I’m usually not a bread guy, preferring to save my appetite for more exotic fare, but not even I could resist the homemade soda bread. Our waiter happily noted how much we’d enjoyed it, cleared away our plate, then returned seconds later with a second round of the soda bread.

Bishops prides itself on making use of fresh, local ingredients, changing its menu weekly and offering nightly additions to the list of regular selections. On the night we went, we went with the fresh sheet and enjoyed wonderful morel mushrooms sautéed in cream, and sweet prawn in vermouth and green onions. For her main course, Fondy went with the duck – tender yet crispy-skinned served with candied yams and a roasted apple emulsion, a dish she loved so much that she informed me right there and then we’d be back for a return visit. I had a lamb four ways that included a somewhat tough little chop but a spectacular lamb meatball. For dessert, Fondy had a pear and pistachio bread pudding which I found somewhat bland but she enjoyed – although she didn’t enjoy quite as much as my dessert, a delightfully sweet frozen maple syrup bombe with salted pecans. And, just for the hell of it, I ordered a third dessert for the table: a chocolate brioche with chocolate sorbet.

Service was outstanding – professional yet warm and friendly.

If you’re planning to visit Vancouver anytime in the near future and want to try one of the city’s best, I highly recommend Bishops.

Speaking of food – I just got off the phone with my sister who returned from her Miami vacation yesterday, chock full o’ stories and pics of the spectacular meals she enjoyed while on vacation. Truffled polenta with poached egg and crispy bacon. Fall-off-the-bone short ribs with creamy mashed potatoes. Braised pork jowls with Jason’s barbecue sauce and fava beans. Crispy sweetbread. I really think she should start her own blog.

I was in editing all day today, trying to shave some eight and half minutes off of the Reunion director’s cut. It took me a good part of the day to get through the first three acts, then an hour to step back out of the catacombs and have my eyes readjust to the sunlight.

Today’s pics: our dinner at Bishops, M&M’s from the Weir supporters, a snap of Torri’s dog Sedge (Torri was feeling camera shy), and my nefarious alter-ego drops by for his fitting (I’m referring to the character Baal of course and not the actor Cliff Simon who, admittedly, is pretty nefarious himself).

The return of the mailbag –

Neep writes: “I have realised that Don lied. He lied to me and my friend. How very dare he! Now that I think about it, he might not have actually lied about not returning for the films… He said, “Generals don’t just keep popping back from retirement you know. It just doesn’t happen.”

Answer: It’s funny you should say this because when I was talking to Don on his first day here, he told me to apologize to the fans for telling them exactly that.

Plastschu writes: “ Will the deleted scenes be in the episodes or we can watch them only separated? We heard from Michael Shanks that 22 minutes were cut out from the Bad Guys. How many minutes are cut out by an avarage episode? 4-5 minuteS?”

Answers: The deleted scenes will be separate from the actual episode. As for how much time is cut out of an average episode – that really depends on the episode. Some are long while others actually come in short.

Alipeeps writes: “Can you tell us where in the airing order this episode will fall?”

Answers: As things stand, the airing order will be – Adrift, Lifeline, Reunion, Doppelganger, Travelers, Tabula Rasa, Missing, The Seer, Miller’s Crossing, This Mortal Coil.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Someone who was at a recent con said that Torri’s been in five of the first ten episodes, not four. Is that correct??”

Answer: That is incorrect.

Anonymous #1 also writes: “Is there a chance for her to be in more in the second half of the season?”

Answer: It’s possible.

M writes: “When do you all (ie cast and crew) take your summer break from filming?”

Answer: It looks like we’ll be off for a couple of weeks in early July, then taking a long weekend so that we can all head down to Comicon.

Silver writes: “What do you feed your dogs?”

Answer: They eat dog food – and the occasional McDonalds French fry. I’m sorry to hear about your dog.

Kristine writes: “Do you hide Jason Momoa’s tatoo on the show? What are the rules about that? Did he have to ask you before getting the tatoo or did he just do it?”

Answer: Jason’s new tattoo came as a bit of a surprise and we ended up writing it into Reunion. In general, the actors don’t have to ask us permission when making personal decisions, the only exception of course being who they date and/or marry. In the event they are looking for love, they will advise us well beforehand, giving the producers time to put together a list of appropriate candidates based on show business bakcground, compatibility, and value to the show.

Bugguy writes: “I just had foie gras for the first time last night Joe. Unbelievable. It is soooooo good. What is the favorite way you like it prepared.”

Answer: I prefer it panfried with a port and apple reduction. I did cook up a foie gras meal last year for Marty G., David and Jane and made a terrific foie-gras stuffed rigatoni with black truffle cream. Martin referred to it as “meat candy”.

56 thoughts on “May 24, 2007

  1. Joe –

    Thank you so much for sharing the pics of the M&Ms and of too cute Sedge. Sorry Torri was feeling shy, maybe next time?

    Happiest of Anniversaries to you & Fondy. Here’s to many more years of wedded bliss!

    “Anonymous #1 also writes: “Is there a chance for her to be in more in the second half of the season?”

    Answer: It’s possible.”

    Very glad to hear that. Here’s to hoping possible changes to probable in the near future! =)

    Thanks again,

  2. Just a brief comment about the ratings this year- Sci Fi is airing both shows an hour earlier now. I think this, in addition to the long hiatus and lack of promotion, is a factor in the lower ratings.

  3. I think it’s funny that your sister takes pictures of her food, too. My husband is on a business trip for the next 10 days or so, and GeekBoy and I were saying we should start an alternate blog of what we eat while he’s gone as a counterpoint to your meal blogs. My husband is the only member of the family who actually likes vegetables and cares about nutrition (bad mom, I know), so when he’s gone, things get pretty weird here, meal-wise. Today we went to GeekBoy’s favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch, since it was his last day of school for the year (sweet & sour chicken for him, Triple Delight for me). For dinner we had no-bake cookies and milk. Tomorrow’s breakfast, which will probably take place just before noon, will be scrambled eggs and the rest of the cookies.

  4. Hi Joe, That’s awesome that you posted a photo of Sedgie, she’s beautiful. But next time could you post Torri too…i’ve noticed you never really tend to post Torri, it’s always everyone else (not that that’s a bad thing, mind you.)
    Can i ask? Did you always want to be a writer? On Sci Fi?

  5. So, first game of the Stanley Cup is over. How is the lucky cupcake holding up?

  6. Sedge! She’s such a sweet little girl.. She’s especially cute when roaming around autograph lines getting attention while Torri’s busy with the fans.

    Glad the M&Ms arrived..

    Can you tell us now if it’s true that Torri’s been in five eps, not the four you originally said? That’s the number quoted in one of the convention reports recently.

    Can we hope to have her in more episodes than that?

  7. Any chance you’ll drop some more hints about Miller’s Crossing, other than a certain Mrs. Miller might be in it?

  8. Can you be sneaky and get at least one shot of Torri while she’s there? Maybe with Sedge so you can pretend it’s not really of her?

  9. Your posts always make me hungry! You keep posting pics and talking about this yummy food.

    I may have to trek back to Vancouver. Some of the best food I’ve ever had was when I visited for a few days.

  10. Regardinig Bishops’ use of fresh, local ingredients:

    I am currently reading a book that was released about 3 weeks ago called “Plenty” by Alisa Smith & J.B. MacKinnon.

    The authors challenged themselves to eat locally (foods grown within 100 miles of their home) for one year.

    The relevance to your post is that this couple lives in Vancouver. I am enjoying it thus far, though I cannot seem to consume large amounts of it at one time.

    It reminds me somewhat of a book that is now in paperback called “Not Buying It”. The author, whose name I cannot remember, and her partner tried to live simply for one year, only buying necessities.

    I tried that experiment myself in the month of January 2006, and was doing well until I had to buy a new car, which made the entire exercise laughable at that point.

    And along the same Food Reference subject lines as “Plenty” is another new book called “The $64 Tomato”, and one by Barbara Kingsolver, which title I cannot remember.

    It’s certainly not your usual fare of Sci-Fi, unless The $64 Tomato is the sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but diversity in one’s ready repertoire never killed anyone…at least not yet.

  11. Hi Joe:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the scruffy Cliff Simon picture. He looks great even when he looks like a street person.


  12. In the city, (Chicago) they actually banned selling foie gras because they considered it inhumanely raised. What do you think about people banning such foods like that?

  13. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I really need an answer to this one last question:
    What will viewers think of a autistic character in Atlantis?

    From a budding writer,


    P.S. Sorry for my insistence.

    P.P.S. Glad you and Don like the sweets from Kiwi-land.

  14. Heya Joe!
    Just gotta ask…

    Anonymous #1 also writes: “Is there a chance for her to be in more in the second half of the season?”

    Answer: It’s possible.

    How possible is possible? ^_^ Cause I like possible…

  15. Joe…

    As a writer, which frustrates you more…finding out an episode is too long or too short?

    And which happens more often?

    Mary Beth 🙂

  16. Is ‘Stargate Universe’ a working title or a definite title of the third series?

  17. So Joe just wondering but when your in these nice restaurants having a meal and you whip out the camara do people look at you like you’ve slightly lost the plot??

    p.s did you get the baileys irish choc i sent ?

  18. I don’t quite understand. Is foie-gras a dessert or an entree? I’m going to France this summer, will I be shunned for not knowing this? I hope you don’t stop answering my comments due to my lack of culinary knowledge.

    The picture of Sedge the dog is ADORABLE! Do you ever bring your dogs to work and have doggy playdates?

  19. Thanks for the picture of Cliff, glad you and Fondy had a great day.:D

    Are you planning on going to see the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

  20. Any chance you could “sneak” into the Continuum set and snag some Claudia Black pictures? Sure, it sounds a bit creepy…and looks a bit creepy…but I don’t think she’d mind. Besides, you have a nefarious reputation to uphold.

    I’m really interested in seeing what the costume department comes up with for Vala, they really do make some wonderful costumes for the show. I can only imagine the kind of couple Qetesh and Ba’al would make. Well dressed, for sure.

  21. Joe,

    If the producers wanted to put “Director’s Cuts” of all the episodes on the boxset DVD’s would they be able to, or is it not something they are involved in? I know millions of fans would be more excited to buy a seasons boxset if they knew that the episodes were all Director’s cut.

    With the DVD’s ability to store much more content they could even offer the standard broadcast version and the Director’s cut, so why not?

  22. Hi Joe:

    Who do you enjoy writing dialogue for the baddies or the heroes?

    Have a great weekend!

  23. i think i figured it out, Teyla’s pregnancy, she is going to do a cordelia and spit out a fully grown human……………Carson Beckett

  24. I’m really glad that Jason’s tattoo will be explained on screen. Since it wasn’t explained on screen,fans are still speculating how Daniel went from long floppy hair to short hair without an explanation. As much fun as it is to figure it out on you own,Hathor must have cut it while Daniel was frozen,I prefer the characters acknowledging the change…. Especially if it will be noticed by the fans.

  25. “Neep writes: “I have realised that Don lied.”
    “Answer: It’s funny you should say this…”

    Don also asked me to pass the news and his apologies to the fandom. One can read his comments on Selmak.org and the DSD Fans Yahoo Group.

  26. Happy belated anniversary. Steve and I hit 25 on 29 May.

    Was Don consuming mass quantities of chocolate on my behalf? *grin*

  27. salut Joe,

    merci pour les photos des tournages, ça aide à patienter. ça va être long d’attendre l’automne por voir la 4ème saison qui à l’air très prometeuse. Les épisodes décris pour le moment me mettent l’eau à la bouche.

    Est-ce que nous retrouverons Andy Frizzel pendant la saison 4 ?

    Tes Carlins sont trop mignons ! C’est pas un peu pot de colle comme chien ? car moi j’ai un bouledogue français (ça se ressemble beaucoup) et c’est quelque chose.

  28. salut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trop superbe les photo!!waousa donne trop faim^^!

    alors voila j ai une question:

    Allons nous rencontrez d autre méchant
    dans la saison 4 de stargate Atlantis? et ils seront fort??

    voila merci! a plus tard!!!

  29. I’m nothing if not persistent…
    When you wrote Season 4 did you take into account what happens in the DVD movies ? I mean what happens in the movies will have an impact on Season 4 ? Do the action in the 2 movies happen before S4 or after or in between ?

  30. Happy Belated anniversary!

    I really “enjoy” the food pics you put up.
    To bad that the homemade strawberry pie I made the other day and posted is already finished ;0)

    Q: Is there any food you’ve tried and just hated the taste of it?

  31. Hey JM…^_^ Thanks for answering my last question! Sak passe?! Wait, you don’t understand creole! You need to hook up with some Haitian people in Canada/Quebec (to satisfy the Quebecois’ ^_^), it’s our home away from home!! ^_^ Comment t’allez-vous? Ca va?!

    Any chance of Teyla coming out and saying “And hell yeah…I’m the mutherf’in princess!” Or something there abouts?!

    I need a little conceit coming from my girl. You know she’s like leader and all, we need some authority from her. It’s so rare to see her in leader mode—I think the last time was like the Tower. Aspects like in The Seige 1 when she punched Bates or her response to Weir in The Gift.

    I recognize she’s like Zen-mama (figuratively speaking) but she has to get pushed to her limits and we rarely see that. Will we be getting some assertive and aggressive Teyla in more than one episode (this is not counting Missing—I got an idea of that)?!

    I think that’s about two questions. I’m allergic to shellfish, down with shrimp!! ^_^

  32. I’ve been terribly neglectful of your blog lately, Joe, and it really is a shame. Although, I have to say, it’s nice to find three or four new posts to peruse all at once. I blame it on work. The things we do for a paycheck. Speaking of which, I think your blog may have infiltrated my brain, because here I am, once again in food service. I’m even preparing food for people! Breakfast! Lunch! Dinner! Random, non-categorizable-time-of-day meals! You can just call me the Sandwich Artist. (Oh, Subway.)

    Loving all the pictures in the past few posts, and Torri’s dog is so pretty!

    Funny story, dog related. I was sitting in the van the other day, while my Mum and step-father were in the gas station buying coffee and peanutbutter-and-chocolate fudge. I was in the backseat, and our dog, Neeko managed to finagle his way into the front seat. He has an uncanny habit of getting the most regal look on his face, and a couple walked by, stopped, and started ogling him. I think they probably didn’t notice me through the tinted windows in the back of the van. Anyways, after commenting on his prettiness (which he just soaked up, looking even more regal by the moment) they wondered alloud what breed he might be (japanese chin/american eskimo) and that he was very “interesting”. Goodness knows he loved that. He’s a bit of an attention whore.

    And after regaling you with that, (hmm, didn’t mean for it to be quite that long. I tend to be wordier than I have to be) I’ll wander off to get some gardening done and get ready for work. (Someone’s gotta make those sandwhiches.)

    Take care,
    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  33. I’v relocated from California to Atlanta, GA for the summer. Have you ever been here, and do you have any recommendations for good food? What are your feelings on grits?

    Also, how does it feel to have become many peoples’ go to guy/expert on food? With great power comes great responsibility.

  34. Gilder said…

    “Neep writes: “I have realised that Don lied.”
    “Answer: It’s funny you should say this…”

    Don also asked me to pass the news and his apologies to the fandom. One can read his comments on Selmak.org and the DSD Fans Yahoo Group.

    Aw how sweet of him. I just love that guy.

    Joe…if Don happens to stick his head in your office in search of more chocolate, please tell him “No worries” from the fans; we just love seeing him. 🙂

    Mary Beth

  35. Hey Joe,

    I know that the actors don’t have to get permission from the producers for certain things,however,I had heard that they are not allowed to play sports during filming. I remember an interview from a child actor. When he was asked the hardest part of being a child star his response was not being allowed to play baseball. He said that it was stipulated in his contract..no sports.

    As an example,considering Rick and Michael’s love of playing hockey,does this mean that for all those years from March thru Oct. that they were not allowed to get on the ice? I’m using hockey as an example because it is an extremely rough sport and the chance of a broken bone or busted up face is higher then some other sports.

  36. Hello Joe- Wondering if you ever watch Boston Legal? I just stopped. I found Kelley’s writing clever & fun, for the most part. Putting the ever cute “Aflac Duck,” in a recent epi was brilliant. But, I’m starting to see what some of the work buddies mean when they call the show “too preachy.” I don’t care if he is married to Michelle Pheiffer, David just lectured me for the last time. Admiring your 5/24 pics…nice food…Torri’s Pooch…& aahh squeeeee…squeeee!! ahem…all better now. How can you do that to a dignified 40 year old lady?

  37. Do you have any idea when the Atlantis Season Three DVD collection will go on sale? Besides commentaries, will there be any extras, such as outtakes, etc.? How about featurettes on Joe, Torri and Rachel this time?

  38. Hi!

    I’m very excited my books I ordered (Scott Lynch, John Scalzi & Frank Herbert) have shown just in time for me to take on vacation with me next week. Those with Alipeep’s recommendations means my week of R&R (reading and relaxing) should be great. And I when I get back I get to look forward to catching up your blog, because I’m going to be computer-free.

    Have great weekend!


  39. Happy belated anniversary!! 🙂 – I screwed up in year seven….

    Hmmmm, meditating on the pic of gorgeous Cliff Simon I wonder: Does this mean Baal´s beard has changed back to the “old look”?!? Please confirm…!!!

  40. Every time I read this blog I get hungry! I did have an interesting food report. Last night, my brother and I cooked kosher pizza (since he cannot eat any dairy). We made our own sauce and put a variety of toppings on including artichoke hearts and olives. They were suprisingly good cheese-less pizzas.

    Have you ever had a kosher pizza?

    Thanks again for all the pics and stories. Tell Don S. Davis we’re just glad he’s in it! I’ve missed Hammond.


  41. Wow, I didn’t know one could get things written on M&Ms. And as for the misinformation about Hammond’s appearance, well, better that way than the other way around, hey? I’d hate to hear that a character I liked was going to be on, only to find out they aren’t after all.

    Can I just take a moment to pimp my sister-in-law? You’ve got a number of women in your aquaintance. Maybe some of them would be interested. Or maybe some of the people who read your blog. My sister-in-law, who happens to be a very talented fashion designer in Vancouver, has created a line of very cool, sexy, comfortable-looking sleepwear. http://www.sandmaiden.com

  42. Hi Joe,

    is it too early to post some request for the extra features for The Ark of Truth DVD? A commentary by, a featurette on Claudia Black would be really nice. MGM completely ignored her for season 9 and 10 DVDs and this is very unfair…

  43. Any chances of a better picture of Jason’s new tattoo. Only curious because I have a few tats myself.

  44. Joe,
    Going to a restaurant called Canoe in Toronto tonight. They reportedly have the best foie gras in the city. Will report back, although with my relative foie gras naiveté I don’t know how accurate it will be.

  45. I’m one of those people who’s insanely jealous of you and the writing staff for having such an awsome job. If it weren’t for the Atlantic and my degree in the way, I’d be hammering the door down to try and join in. But, because I can’t, I’ve resigned myself to merely wondering what I’d do in your situation.

    One of the things I spotted – because I’m sad like that – is that one of the episodes earlier this year (Counterstrike, I think) mentioned that Jonas’ planet, Langara, had fallen to the Ori. Should we assume then that Jonas is dead, and that we won’t ever see the character again, or is there the potential for the character to come back should the story and actor allow it?

    I liked Jonas as a character, and the scenes with him and Jackson at the start of Season 7 were great. I can imagine quite a good McKay/Zalenka/Quinn dynamic as well. Just curious to see if you think the character is dead, buried and should stay there or not.

  46. Do you know if Torri has a blog? if not would you mind writing it into all the cast’s contracts in future to make it easier for us borderline stalkers…I mean fans to keep up.
    Thanks for keeping us all uptodate,it IS appreciated greatly.

  47. Hi Joe, for a culinary experience try Liverpool’s signature dish Scouse, meat potatoes carrots and onions. It comes in various guises of Blind Scouse- no meat. Lob Scouse- very thick so you have to lob it (throw it) on to a plate and last but not least Scouse pie. Story goes it comes from Norway via the ships that visited our great port.
    There is also a great restaurant in the south of England called The Fat Duck which serves such delights as Snail Porridge and for desert Nitro-Scrambled Egg and Bacon Ice Cream. It’s in Bray, Berkshire England. The Chef is Heston Blumenthal. ‘His original and scientific approach to the molecular breakdown of cuisine has teamed him with fellow chefs, scientists and psychologists throughout the world.’ If you ever come to Liverpool let me know I’ll make you some Scouse!

  48. About three years ago I was able to come over and see the set for SG1 and Atlantis. I was amazed at what you all do there. Of course there were so many other fans there it was overwhelming during some of the tour. (Of course I guess that happens when you have a dislocated shoulder and your trying to keep people from bumping into you – go figure.)

    Anyway, John Smith (?) was our guide and afterward we got to meet a bunch of dogs that belonged to several people there. I got the impression that the dogs are a fact of life on the site. Is that true? It seemed as if your work environment was very open (dogs & kids allowed). It’s was nice to see people who enjoyed their work and had the opportunity to bring their pets along.

    Thanks for taking the time to share the pics. Do any of the dogs (pets) get to be extras in any of the episodes?

  49. Salut Joe,

    Je m’ennuis ce soir et donc j’ai decidé de vous écrire en français. Pourqoui pas, nous sommes tous citoyens du monde, hein? 😉

    Comme étudiante de langues étrangères moi-même, je m’interesse de saviour comment vous le trouvez apprendre les langues étrangère; et-ce que vous le trouvez facile, c’est quelque chose que vous interesse? Je sais donc que vous parler français et anglais assez courament.. 😉 Est-ce qu’il y a des autres langues que vous connaissez?

    Enfin, parce que je reste toujours une “whumper” au cour (comment est-ce qu’on dit “whumper” en français?!!), nous savons donc que Travelers et Doppelganger seront des émissions que les “whumpers” vont aimer, mais est-ce vous pouvez partager des nouvelles des autres émissions du quatrième saison ou on va trouver du “Shep whump”? 😀

    Merci beaucoup, Joe – j’espère que vous passerez un bon weekend. 🙂

  50. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, your blog is making me very hungry today, lol, especially the sweet prawns. I don’t remember seeing much fishy food on your blog, are they not one your favourite foods? I love going to BBQ’s where they have prawns and fish on the menu. What surprises me is how cheap the food is over there. I went to Florida once and some friends and I went to this sea food restaurant where we had 1/2 pound of garlic prawns for a few dollars and rack of lamb (mmmmmm)in a red wine sauce with mushrooms, it was out of this world. And cost less than $20. In the UK a meal like that would cost at least triple that.

    So, anyway I just wanted to ask your magic eightball a couple of questions if I may, it’s been a while since we’ve seen it (so to speak) Did you throw it away for not giving you the answers you wanted. 😀

    So finally after all my rambling, Magic 8 ball what are the chances of having Shep shirtless in S4. 😀

    Oh and last one before I go, as my friend was wondering. You know you told us a while ago that Joe F was doing wire work, which episode was that for?

    Thank you Mr M, you’re a very wise and kind man 😀

    Have a great day *hugs*

  51. It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair — waaaahhhhh!!!! OMG — give it a rest would you.

    Rob in Vancouver

  52. Just passing through! Loved the pic’s! Evven if they are over a year old! Better late than never. 😉
    Later tater! Tracey

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