I would like to dedicate this blog entry to the memory of Engr. Miklos S. Abdulaziz who passed away sometime last year under hopefully not mysterious circumstances. “Who?”you may ask. Well, most of you probably didn’t know Miklos. And the truth is, I didn’t either. Or, at least I don’t remember having known him. Nevertheless, the late Mr. Abdulazziz has left me 7.1 million dollars in his will according to the email I received the other day. “On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the estate of the late Engr. Miklos S. Abd…” was the heading of the correspondence that popped into my inbox compliments of the Peters and Peters Law Firm, sandwiched between the transparently spammy “Urgent Stock Alert!” and the ever-so-intriguing “Be A Hero in Bed 65”. I clicked on the link and read:

“On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the estate of late Engr. Miklos S. Abdulaziz. I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter was returned undelivered.” – Returned undelivered?! Damn my Yahoo spam filter! It authorizes “ESTUDIA EN EL INSTITUTO PROFESIONAL LOS LEONES¡¡¡¡” but bounces back news of dear Miklos S. Abdulaziz’s passing.

“I hereby attempt to reach you again by this same email address stated on the WILL.” – Thank God Miklos had the wherewithal to include my email in his…wait, did you say “Will”?!

“I wish to notify you that late Engr. Miklos S. Abdulaziz made you a beneficiary to his WILL. He left the sum of Seven Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars (USD$7,100.000.00 ) to you in the codicil and last testament to his WILL.” – Now here is a guy who thought enough of me to include yours truly in his will, and I don’t even remember him. I feel terrible. Truly terrible. But the 1.7 million dollars helps dull the pain.

“The late Engr. Miklos S. Abdulaziz until his death was a member of the Helicopter Society and the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers.” – It’s no wonder we shared a connection. After all, we had so much in common, most notably our love of helicopters and electronic and electrical engineers. Had he been Vice President of the Eton-based Get Smart Appreciation Club, I’d swear we were soul mates!

“He was a very dedicated Christian who loved to be involved in charitable projects.” – Yeah, uh…errr….My mother was a minister and I have fended off many a charity phone solicitor in my day so there is some overlap.

“His great philanthropy earned him numerous awards during his life time.” – God bless him and his work for the underpriviliged electronic and electrical engineers of this world. Also, his Cable Ace Award for sound editing in a comedy and/or variety series shall stand the test of time.

“The late Engr. Miklos S. Abdulaziz died on the 13th day of February, 2006 at the age of 80 years, and his WILL is now ready for execution.“ – Hot dog!

“According to him this money is to support your humanitarian activities and to help the poor and the needy in our society.” – Riiiiight. My, uh, “humanitarian activities“. I just want everyone to know that, of course, finding the right charity to support will be a time-consuming and costly process requiring much travel to far flung exotic destinations (ie. Tahiti, Hong Kong, Bora Bora) that may seem excessive to some but regrettably necessary. Also, I’m assuming “the money to support and help the poor and needy in our society” is a reference to some second will that doesn‘t really concern me.

“Please if I reach you this time as I am hopeful, endeavor to get back to me as soon as possible to enable me conclude my job. I hope to hear from you in no distant time.Yours in Service, BARRISTER: Stephen McCann.” – And not a moment too soon as evidenced by Mr. McCann’s rambling conclusion. Quick, before dementia takes hold! Send me the check!

So there you have it. I’m rich. Between this, the 2.5 million dollars issued to me by the Freemason Society of Bournemout in the form of a masonry grant (special thanks to the All Seeing Eye Master Nicholas Brenner for sending me the good news via email), and the 10 million dollars The British Lottery Corporation has informed me I have won (I don’t even remember buying a lottery ticket the last time I was in the U.K. Hell, I don’t even remember ever being in the U.K.!), I am rolling in it! Aston Martins for everyone!

The ratings are in for our back half premieres. When all is said and done, SG-1 did a 1.5 and Atlantis a 1.4 – not bad given the six month sabbatical and the fact that the episodes have already aired, oh, everywhere else in the world and online. And especially not bad when one compares them with the numbers for the first run, first time anywhere season premieres.

Dinner tonight: the Big Beef Rib Dinner from The Memphis Barbecue House with a side of pork ribs, one pulled pork sandwich, collard greens, and a Big Mac (Fondy’s special request).

Also, I’ve almost completed plans for Saturday night’s soiree. It’s going to be overkill but, hey, when I throw a party I throw a party. Check out a pic of the first shipment to arrive.

So what’s on everybody’s minds…

Smiley Face06 writes: “Will you tell us which episode will be Carter’s first appearance in season 4 of Atlantis?”

Answer: Sure. Oh. You mean now? Okay. Carter’s first appearance will be in the season four premiere, Adrift.

Bugguy writes: “Come on down and I’ll see you in my office tomorrow and fix you right up.”

Answer: Are you a general practitioner? What advice can you offer my mother who is a chronic migraine sufferer? She’s received conflicting advice (ie. “Don’t drink coffee. It’s a trigger.” “Drink coffee to ward off the migraine. You’re not drinking enough.”).

Anonymous #1 writes: “How about some more hints about the crossover Carl is writing? Was this person a main cast member on SG-1?”

Answer: Okay. This “person” is a part of the SG-1 family and has been known to walk and occasionally run onscreen. Two eyes, two legs, ten fingers and toes (although I cannot swear to the former as it is more an assumption on my part).

Peter writes: “…is the second part going to be written soon, or are you guys taking a break? And is Martin Gero writing it?”

Answer: We will be breaking the second part of the two-parter tomorrow. It will be written by wunderkind Marty G.

Alanna writes: “Have you read the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb?”

Answer: Not yet. But based on your recommendation, I may just check it out.

Purp writes: “I didn’t know Canada was going to show Alabama’s A-Day game but glad to hear you’re pulling all the stops and going big. But you better move the time up, its Saturday afternoon! 😉 ROLL TIDE!”

Answer: Yea, Alabama! Drown ‘em Tide!

Lisa Saveard writes: “Have there been any other scripts you’ve written that have given you trouble like this one?”

Answer: Yeah. Pretty much all of them.

Lady writes: “Joe, would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?”

Answer: Easy. Pirate. Ninja’s live a fairly Spartan life whereas pirates party 24/7.

Ange writes: “I feel I must delurk to ask: NOAS = ‘Noxious Odor Advisory System’?”

Answer: Actually…no.

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: “Was wondering also if the Apollo and Colonel Ellis will make another appearance in season 4?”

Answer: Affirmative.

Joshua Meyers writes: “Can writers take ideas from fans or is there a legal issue still.”

Answer: Still a legal issue. Sorry.

Anonymous #2 writes: “A while ago you said Jason Momoa has a pink cadillac and promised pictures. So when do we get to see them?”

Answer: The next time he drives it to work.

Cheeky L’il Devil writes: “With the NOAS abrreviation (now Doppelganger), if someone got it right, would you tell us?”

Answer: Affirmative.

Ankhmutes writes: “ I liked Bill Lee, too, and think he’d be a great guest.”

Answer: Well, you’re in for a treat then.

94 thoughts on “April 16, 2007

  1. Joe, in general, is it a bad thing if SG-1 gets higher ratings than Atlantis? Do you guys or the network think that Atlantis’ ratings are primarily dependent on SG-1 as a lead in?

  2. Those ratings aren’t stellar – especially after the 6 month break (and they’re better than the early reports of 1.1) anyways…

    Was Ronan’s name chosen because it sounded alien? When the writers were coming up with the name did anyone know that that Ronan is a common Irish name?

  3. My mouth’s watering just looking at that stash of chocolate. And you say it’s just the “first stash”? Gosh, your guests are lucky.

    LOL if only those e-mails were true. Actually, my friend DID cheat like $40 US out of somebody who sent him an e-mail like that once. So who knows. Maybe if somebody bothered to reply to that stuff, they’d get something out of it.

  4. Joe-

    Ever tried Jacques Torres chocolate from NYC? I had it shipped once to DC for a party and it was pretty good.

  5. I was once the winner of a $1,000,000 scholarship. I only had to pay $1,000 to claim it!

    Sorry about your loss, however. I’m sure if you could remember your relationship with Engr. Miklos S. Abdulaziz, you would be devastated.

    Thanks for answering my question, by the way. Carter’s my favorite, so strange as it may sound, I’m looking forward to season 4 more than the rest of season 3…

  6. That email spam is horrible, apparently my brother got one indicating our relative had died (they used a name that happened to be our uncle) and that he had some huge bunch of money they were going to give us some of if we gave them a whole bunch of information. Our uncle is, thankfully, still living, but I am surprised such messages can/would be sent.

  7. (1) why is there a legal problem taking story idea from fans? Is it a money issue?

    (2) why is there such a big break in the screening of each series. Here in Scotland we see 6 months of a series and have a 6 month break.

    (3) are you a ‘chocolate snob’ or do you eat the usual commercial stuff also?

  8. NOAS = Nuclear Oatmeal Avenges Subtlety

    Never Overlook Angry Siberians

    This is like the new and improved Balderdash, but online, and you don’t get points if people chose your answer.

  9. Jaques Torres is the shit. Not only has he been awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France and run nearly every major pastry competition, but he also trained under Jacques Pepin. It’s totally worth the money for his services.

  10. I always assumed Ronon’s name was a play on the Japanese term ‘ronin’ for a free-lance samurai, one who wasn’t sworn to a lord — like Jinn on Samurai Champloo. Though our Ronon acts a bit more Mugen to me!

    And I will be happily waiting for Dr. Lee’s take on the Pegasus Galaxy. *grin*

  11. Geez, my teeth hurt just from looking at that chocolate…flood? Deluge? Avalanche? Overkill is right Joe, heck, it might not even need that “over”…

    Speaking of ratings, and I don’t know if you can actually tell us this, but what kind of ratings are they? I mean, I’ve heard all kinds stuff like “Live+7” or “Household”, and other stuff like that. It’s all very confusing.

    Ok, let me just summarize it. If it’s not too much work, could you tell us what the ratings for “The Return Part 1” was? Gateworld says it’s 1.6, is that the same ratings you got?

  12. I know you are one of the writers, but do you know if SGA is shot on film or digitally?

  13. Why are the first and second parts or two-parters written by different people? It seems as if the same person would normally write the two of them?

  14. 1. I was wondering if atlantis as a show can survive with the destruction of the city ship?

    2. Will Doppelganger be an unusual high budgeted eppy like Sateda given the fact that its the BIG boss’s baby?

    3. Would you accept an invitation, all expenses paid for a trip to Morocco?

    Your moroccan fan

  15. Joe which will be the science geek eppy in season 4.. I mean the one where we will see a hell of a lot of space ships and advanced technology at work… I’m guessing Lifeline but could very well be something else.

    oh yea… for NOAS, how about SAON as in secret asuran operation net

  16. Joe,

    Can you tell us who in the office pool guessed right on the ratings numbers? Was it the abnormally lucky Martin Gero? The quiet, calculating Paul Mullie? Or maybe Brad Wright just has too much experience for all of you?

  17. Those ratings aren’t great, right?

    Do you think the fact so many Americans have downloaded eps after they were shown in Canada has something to do with it?

    Or the fact that some people are losing interest due to the long wait or the casting changes? I’ve has season two on DVD for months now and have had no desire to watch the eps. In my case, it’s the casting changes that have done it (and uber Amanda fan or whatever your name is, it’s my right to say that I’m not happy that Amanda’s joining the cast and Torri has four episodes. I’ll be pissed off if I want to, okay? You want to look at the anti season four thread on GW? It has almost as many posts as the pro thread. That tells me that about half the Atlantis fans aren’t happy, and I’m sure that figure’s similar on other boards and out in the general public, once they find out what’s going on.)

    But seriously. The downloading. So many people have already seen the eps. They know what’s happening to Carson. They’re not happy. Does reaction to the downloaded eps when US residents first see them and comment on them on various boards have any impact on decision making, or is it still a case of making a show you want to watch and ignoring the fans?

  18. hi, joe,

    i can’t remember who does the extras on the dvds, but could you tell him that there’s a (huge and honkin’) group of fans that would LOVE to see the 12 takes of the sam/jack kiss from ‘grace’?

    k, done, bye. 😀

    sally 🙂

  19. What ever happened to Carson’s “wee baby turtles?” Did somebody manage to rescue the poor little buggers, or were they the main ingredient in a tasty soup? Or, did they end up as a stinky pile of goo in Carson’s earthside dwelling?

  20. My condolences on your recent loss, Joe. Where do I send the (arsenic-laced) flowers?

    I also suffer from chronic migraines. They get really, really bad sometimes with the vomitting & visual hallucinations for 2-3 days straight. Here’s what I have to do to avoid the agony of a week-long migraine. No coffee, no pop, no chocolate, no red wine (or any booze, really), no bacon or cold cuts, no loud music, no bright lights.

    But once in a while I say F-It! and order in a pizza with extra cheeze, pepperoni and bacon, wash it down with a Pepsi, then follow up with a Snickers bar for dessert and a lovely glass of Bordeaux while listening to some classic Jazz — playing loud enough to rattle the dishes in my cupboard. Nine times outta ten I end up bedridden the next day with a migraine that has me praying to the Gods (or the Goa-‘lds) for a mercifully quick death.

    KJC (I’ll have my Aston Martin in cherry red, please)

  21. I was wondering if you, or any of the other writers, have any degrees in physics. How do you get Rodney (and Sam) to spin off these crazy scientific mumbo jumbos and make it sound right? (Even though my friend working towards her PHD in physics says a lot is wrong).. I’m not complaining.. I can’t tell the difference haha.

  22. Hi Joe:

    NOAS – Never On A Sunday

    Cormac McCarthy has written a book called The Road. It is said to be a best seller and is on Oprah’s Book Club picks? Have you read it? I haven’t decided if I like it or not. It’s disturbing, yet hopeful. Weird.
    Do you find that reading Sci-Fi books inspires you with ideas for SGA plots? Does watching episodic T.V. provide you with an advantage in writing or is it just for entertainment?

    Have a super day.


  23. Is RDA still an Executive Producer on the show or is he completely done.Does his production company havr anything to do with the show?

  24. What do joe flanigan and rachel luttrell drive?

    What out of the books you have what is the most common author and what are the most interesting sci-fi reads?

  25. What a coincidence – I got an email Friday advising me I’d won the CocaCola UK sweepstakes of 1 million pounds!

  26. Is NOAS have something to do with some new ancient technology they discover…or maybe somthing new that they invent??

    And does Martin know all cartoon show tunes too?

  27. Oooh Theo bars. There shop is right down the street from where I live. I love the Chai bars, but could go without the curry. Not quit for me. There tour is very interesting, and tasty too.

  28. Jennie said…

    In my case, it’s the casting changes that have done it (and uber Amanda fan or whatever your name is, it’s my right to say that I’m not happy that Amanda’s joining the cast and Torri has four episodes. I’ll be pissed off if I want to, okay? You want to look at the anti season four thread on GW? It has almost as many posts as the pro thread. That tells me that about half the Atlantis fans aren’t happy, and I’m sure that figure’s similar on other boards and out in the general public, once they find out what’s going on.)

    Feel free to point out where I said you didn’t have the right to your own opinion. Oh, wait…you can’t, because I never said any such thing.

    My point was and is that online “evidence” means little to nothing in the grand scheme of things. Pointing out polls and fan threads to make your case will backfire in the long run because other people can point out other polls and threads to prove the exact opposite is true. What counts is how the general public will feel about the changes…the millions upon millions of viewers worldwide and of course the Neilsen houses in the U.S…who don’t give a fig that Sparky fans aren’t going to see their pair hook up on the show and furthermore probably don’t know what Sparky means. Neither do I for that matter.

    I doubt very strongly that Joe or Paul or Brad or whoever made the decisions regarding Weir and Beckett and Carter and Keller lightly. I’m sure they realize there are fans of all of the above who might not like the changes. Rob Cooper even said something to the effect that yes, there are fans who will be disappointed and there’s really not much that can be done to make them feel better. Of course the flip side of that is that there are fans who will be thrilled because maybe they don’t care for Weir and/or prefer the idea of Carter in command of the expedition or perhaps they don’t care one way or the other and just want a good show.

    I’m guessing TPTB are looking at the bigger picture as to what they think will be the best thing for the show and the franchise and probably feel that the changes will tighten the show and give the stories and the characters more depth and substance which in turn will hopefully translate into added longevity for SGA. But it’s only a guess because I don’t know any of them personally.

    I feel for those who are upset. I totally get it. But it’s not going to make me less excited about the many changes taking place that I think are necessary to make Atlantis a better product.

    Take care…
    Mary Beth 🙂

  29. Oh and Joe…those numbers scare me.

    As paranoid as this sounds, it feels like the SciFi network is intentionally sabotaging you. Why on earth did they handicap you all like they did with that preposterously long hiatus between half seasons?

    Can we expect something similar…time wise…for the wait between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of 4?

    Take care,
    Mary Beth 🙂

  30. Going on what else we know about Doppelganger then I’ll have a punt for the “N”, “A” & “S” of N.O.A.S. being Not Another Sheppard. The “O” is more tricky but I’ll have a go with “Not Only Another Sheppard”.

  31. jennie said…
    Those ratings aren’t great, right?

    They might not be earth shattering but they’re up on the 2nd half season opener last year which suggests that contrary to your theory TPTB are moving in the right direction.
    As to your rather curious “proof” from GW forum postings. Those protesting about something invariably are more prolific in spreading their opinions than those who are happy with how things are.

  32. “Hell, I don’t even remember ever being in the U.K.!”
    You’ve never been??? Oh, we need to do something about that. Any chance you could make it to SG-12 in November or Pegasus 3 in January?

  33. hello

    i was wondering after seen unending will we see development and evolution of the legacy they left behind for us or will it be just forgotten it’s hard to show it in sg-1 but will we see it in atlantis.

  34. How high do you think (or maybe even know) the ratings have to be to get the show a fifth Season??

  35. Have you ever had an actor/actress do such a great job as a guest star that you had to have them back for another appearance, if you didn’t kill off the character, or are the season episode outlines already done and if you wanted the character back, it would have to be in a later season?

    If the actor/actress’s first episode was early in a season’s shooting schedule and you could adjust a story from the end of the same season to include their character, would you?

  36. Nasty Ogre Attacks Sheppard

    Nasal Operation Aggrivates Scientist

    Need Other Atlantis Scripts

    Network Orders Another Season

  37. Those crafty lawyers are better than private investigators, I teel ya! I got sent a letter for David Hewlett informing me that one of his relatives had died. Poor David. 😉

    There was an Oprah show about it this week. The US Postal Service, alone, has intercepted 6 million fake checks; indicating that people actually feel for this. And those are just the ones they caught going through. Think of the ones they don’t catch!

    And Jenny Robin, when buying a house, you need to figure out how much you can afford per month. Don’t go by what they’re willing to lend you. It’s usually much more than you can afford.

    Or you could always ask Joe for the money, since he’s coming in to all those millions.

  38. jennie asked: Do you think the fact so many Americans have downloaded eps after they were shown in Canada has something to do with it?

    The Internet, what a cool invention. Here’s the thing. If you were desperate enough to strain your eyes at youtube, if you felt like waiting four hours or two days for a bit torrent or whatever, then you’re a die-hard. The biggest count I saw on youtube was somewhere between 6000 and 8000. Add up all the people who looked to help their brothers and sisters to the south or around the world, and it’s still a mini-nod, ratings-wise.

    Downloading (illegally) kept you up to speed, but let’s not act like the US has got every bloody person online, or for that matter everybody who watched youtube and downloaded were Americans.

    Unless the Americans happened to be watching the Sci-Fi Channel’s other stellar shows, a significant number of Americans still don’t know the shows are back.

    The advertising isn’t aimed at people catching science fiction-esque programming on other channels. In America, a 6 month hiatus between seasons is normal but in America when a show disappears 6 or 7 months in the middle of its season, it’s because the show was pulled.

    Love the Sci-Fi Channel for being innovative. They’ve figured a way to get 1.5, 1.4 ratings for shows everybody thought were gone and with practically no off-network advertising to speak of.

    “But seriously. The downloading. So many people have already seen the eps. They know what’s happening to Carson. They’re not happy.”

    Good. You have the right to be unhappy and say it. I’m more particular about the places where I whine, but again, here’s the thing. No offense to the die-hards who can’t bear to watch the shows without getting a glimpse of the guy (or the lady) but you ought to know there are people out there who watch because of other things. There are people out there who– brace yourself –see characters die or go to recurring on TV all the time. There are people out there who get wind of an impending character death and tune in just to see the drama, because, well, it’s just TV.

    ” …or is it still a case of making a show you want to watch and ignoring the fans?”

    It’s different for you and me because we take fandom to the next level. But let’s not act like there’s all that many of us.

  39. I think they should just release the episodes everywhere at the same time! It’s ridiculous sometimes here in the states how long we have to wait for stuff, especially non-cable people. Just last Saturday, ‘Rose’ finally aired on non-cable television. That’s just depressing seeing as the third episode of the third season aired on Sunday in real-time.

  40. Better than all of those penile enlargement emails, I think.

    Those drive me insane, and I don’t even have a penis.

    NOAS – Naked On A Ship?

    Hey, I’m lost.


  41. You say you’d rather be a pirate than a Ninja, because pirates have more fun. Have you ever watched Ask A Ninja? (askaninja.com) That could change your mind about the fun aspect. Actually do you watch any video blogs?

  42. Can we expect any McKay whump in season four? Cause we already know about Sheppard whump… why does everyone like him more? (don’t answer that)

  43. Hey Joe, Ok so one half of me thinks that the SG1 person is RDA cos he’s mentioned in your poem “jacks all wet” but then you say that those who like Doctor Lee are in for a treat.
    Can you be any more specific or are you still in talks with this actor and cant say.



  44. Good luck to your mother with her migraines. I’m not a doctor, but I do type their dictation, and migraines are frustrating. What sounds like conflicting advice to her isn’t as much as it sounds. Different things work for different people to such a degree that it’s very much a question of trying different approaches to see what works. They do have some very good medications out now, but even those vary from person to person in their effectiveness. I hope she can find something that works for her soon.

  45. Hi Joe:

    I just wanted to say I loved the Profiles on David and Paul that were in the Season Two SGA Box Set. They were excellent and you guys were so funny! I was just wondering if more were being planned for the next set? I would love to see one on Joe Flanigan!:)

    Also, could you give us another hint on what episode the “How Carson Returns Clue” appears in…does it air before “Sunday” or after?

  46. Joe, I shall want to know something: that will make Teal’c on Atlantis?
    and that we shall see him for a long time?

  47. will teal’c be amazed at the sight of atlantis or will he have a ‘wiser’ expression? (as in he wont really care)

  48. NOAS = Nerds On A Ship (with special guest star Samuel L Jackson)

    Get these motherf****n’ nerds off my motherf****n’ ship!

  49. Just a quickie on migraines – I get them all the time and they last for 2-3 days. I once lost a new job because I missed too many days due to migraines. Imitrix is like Mana from heaven. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for some of us, it is a godsend.

    As for ratings – I’m with the others. SG1 and SGA are broadcast in Canada and Europe long before reaching the ratings audience that matters. Many US fans have already downloaded episodes, and if one has a quick net connection (I have Verison’s new FIOS), episodes can be downloaded very quickly.

    SciFi needs to stop the long breaks (my son’s teen friends were also unaware the “Gates” started new episodes last Friday), unless they purposely want certain shows to fail. Seriously, after seeing their new fare, “Painkiller Jane”, I’m thinking the whole network is ready to crash and burn.

  50. I don’t know if you can answer the following questions concerning the s3 DVD boxset. Ivon Bartok hasn’t posted at his GW blog in months, so I can’t ask there. If you can’t answer these questions, could you pass them on to Mr. Bartok? Thanks in advance!

    – Will the DVDs have deleted scenes and/or bloopers?

    – Will there be a Profile on Joe Flanigan in season 3’s DVDs?

    – Will there be a mission directive for Common Ground in the DVDs?

    It seems odd that Joe Flanigan is the leading actor and we haven’t had any extra dedicated to him or any of his episodes neither in s1 or s2.

  51. Congrats on the Stellar ratings as well as the millions (really millions?).

    Have you read any of the Wayfarer Redemption series?

    NOAS-Nanite Oriented Assimilation System.

  52. So, Joe… How did your mother, the minister, react when you told her you wanted to be a supervillain?

  53. Joe, explain to me how the commercial for Line in the Sand doesn’t have a picture of either Sam Carter or Vala on it. That is some seriously shitty advertising.

  54. Regarding your mom’s migraines… a friend had debilitating ones that would not respond to any of the drugs (Imotrex, etc). So the Doc put her on a mild anti-depressant that’s known to have the side effect of stopping migraines, and she hasn’t had a migraine in over 3 years. The drug took some adjusting to, but she has no regrets. I can ask her which one it is if you’d like to know.

  55. “like Jinn on Samurai Champloo. Though our Ronon acts a bit more Mugen to me!”
    I never actually saw this reference until now but you are quite right. Although Ronan appears to be a combination of the 2. Can’t say we’ve seen him but off a guys arm just for being a jerk.

    jennie said…
    or is it still a case of making a show you want to watch and ignoring the fans?

    Yup, he doesn’t write to get paid, he does this whole show as a hobby just for his own entertainment. He has nothing investing in actually writing a good story that people will enjoy, his lively hood is not affected by simple things such as “ratings” or how much the fans like it. He does it all just for his own amusement… [/sarcasm]

    How dense are you, seriously? Don’t come flaming onto a blog because you and 50 other people on the GW forums aren’t happy with the show. The millions of other fans dissagree with you.

  56. Hi Joe
    Has Carson’s return something to do with the ancient device they found in the Tao of Rodney?

  57. Hello Joe I want to ask if we will get to see an episode based on the wraith’s point of view and see what they actually think of us and what goes on day after day on a hive ship?

  58. Hi Joe,

    I hope the ratings climb for both shows, and I’m sure they will. There are some excellent episodes ahead, I know. 🙂

    I was wondering how the filming of Travelers went? Can you tell us anything more about it now? You said it was an episode that had physical action in it. Was any of that done by Joe F? And if it was, did he enjoy himself doing it? He’s often said how much he enjoys doing such scenes.

    Thanks very much, and I hope you and Fondy are feeling better now?

  59. Nykl’s Old And Sexy!

    Nykel Orders A Spellcheck

    Failing that maybe the letters are a bit mixed up and its boring NOSA Next On Stargate Atlantis?

    Which reminds me – when you are writing the first part of a two parter with someone else writing the second part – say Martin Gero. Do you try to make it as difficult as possible for him to save the team/right your wrongs (or write your wrongs)??

  60. will teal’c be amazed at the sight of atlantis or will he have a ‘wiser’ expression? (as in he wont really care)

    gee – maybe he can appear to be petting at Atlantis and look like he’s going to cry at seeing it for the first time (sound familiar)?? Then, for good measure, Teal’c can be put in charge!!!!

  61. Ok people, here’s the deal. It makes no difference to Scifi that so many people download the episodes illegally. It makes no difference to Scifi what the DVD sales are. The only way that Scifi makes money off of the Stargates is through their first run ratings numbers. Those numbers are used to sell ad time during the shows. The higher the ratings, the more Scifi gets paid for its ad time.

    The fact that so many people are choosing to view the shows through alternative means is a reason for Scifi to cancel Atlantis. If the best Atlantis can do while being aired on the Scifi Channel is a 1.4 or 1.5, then it’s a hard decision when it comes time for renewal. Unlike other low rated Scifi Channel shows, the Stargates can’t help to abate Scifi’s costs through DVD sales nor do the Stargates use NBC Universal’s production companies. And, frankly, Atlatis will be entering its fifth season if renewed. Considering that most shows start seeing audience erosion around season three (as Atlantis has), then the decision to greenlight a season five becomes that much harder to make. The fact that Atlantis’ ratings seem to be almost entirely dependent on SG-1 as a lead-in doesn’t inspire confidence in Atlantis’ ability to stand alone, either.

    Season four, on the contrary, was a relatively safe bet. Atlantis only had 60 episodes after season three. Following season four, the show will have 80 episodes. Eighty episodes is enough for the show to be sold as a syndication package in 2nd and 3rd window markets (most likely to Scifi). Everyone involved in making Stargate Atlantis–MGM, Scifi, the producers–stood to make a very significant financial gain by producing a season four. Season five, holds comparibly less value. Sure, at the end of season five Atlantis will have 100 episodes, a definite feat for any show. And while it’s possible that Scifi will want to use such a milestone as publicity, I’m not sure that such an achievement holds that much value to them after beating the drum so loudly for SG-1 200th episode. You can only get so much mileage out of nominal achievements. For Atlantis to be guaranteed a season five, then I’d guess that the ratings numbers would have to average somewhere between a 1.6 and a 1.8. Anything lower, and it’s a crap shoot. Scifi could cancel the show outright, they could slash the price they’re willing to pay for the licensing fee, they could reduce the episode order (see the Scifi produced fifth season of Andromeda).

    That is how Scifi is looking at Atlantis right now. It’s how the show’s producers are likely looking at the show right now. And all emotions about character changes aside, it’s how fans should be looking at the show right now.


  62. Does the mid-season 2 parter follow on from any of the stories in the first half of the season or is it a new story all together?

  63. Joe, if Amanda Tapping is in fourteen episodes, please tell us which episodes (if any) in the first ten she will not appear in.

    k thanx, bye

  64. WEB RESULTS for NOAS:-

    Norsk Organisasjon for Asylsøkere

    Nissan Offroad Association of the Southeast

    Northeast Ohio Adoption Services

    Noas PHP, extreme framework for PHP5


    Nocternal owls ate shepherd

    Ninja Orangutangs actually smile

    No Obviouse Atlantis storyline

    November, October, August, September (some kind of time travel eposode!)

    No Ordinary Asgard Ship

    New Orbital atlantis shield (that would be cool)

    ok, so i am crap at guessing…… give us a clue. Is it related to doppelgangers eg ghostly doubles , omens of people about to die etc???? or not! :o)

    Could you tell us if we get one of the words correct… PLEASE!!!!!!! (not shouting begging:o))

    scuse the spellings


  65. You said that Bill Lee will be making an appearance; is that on Atlantis or the SG-1 movies?

    NOAS: Nanites Overtake Angsty Sheppard?

  66. *waves at Joe*

    Thanks for answering my question, we’ve been having quite a debate about NOAS, so is Nightmare On Atlantis Street right? If not, then most of us are going to be eating a lot of humble pie, hehehe. I’ve never eaten humble pie, i’m wondering if it will have some whip cream on it? Hmmmmmm whip cream. *tries to keep her comment PG especially given her next topic*


    How’s Travelers going? Have you got much more to go or is it all wrapped up now? And have you got any more juicy tidbits for the whumpers? Maybe a bit of chest peekage? Some nice infirmary scenes? I’m hesitant to send bribary chocolate given the chocolate stack in your pic :D, but i’m willing to send you the whole shop if there’s a remote chance of Evil Shep 😀 😀 😀

    You are a very wise and kind man Mr M. 😀 😀

  67. What are ratings out of?

    NOAS – I found a really good suggestion on Gateworld – No-one Ordered Another Sheppard.

  68. Just wanted to say that was good…. interesting… post 🙂 *lol*


  69. Anonymous asked – was wondering if you, or any of the other writers, have any degrees in physics. How do you get Rodney (and Sam) to spin off these crazy scientific mumbo jumbos and make it sound right? (Even though my friend working towards her PHD in physics says a lot is wrong).. I’m not complaining.. I can’t tell the difference haha.

    You watch the Physics Channel, right?

  70. Anonymous said…

    “Ok people, here’s the deal. It makes no difference to Scifi that so many people download the episodes illegally. It makes no difference to Scifi what the DVD sales are. The only way that Scifi makes money off of the Stargates is through their first run ratings numbers. Those numbers are used to sell ad time during the shows. The higher the ratings, the more Scifi gets paid for its ad time.”

    That may have been true in the past but the networks are trying to incorporate at least some of the other viewing because of technology. Several examples.

    The TIVO or DVR:

    I know lots of people who have these devices and they never watch the TV show at the time it is on. They watch it later or wait until they have two or three shows recorded and watch them as a group. Advertisers are willing to accept the additional numbers but want to pay at a much lower rate because they expect many will fast forward through the commercials.

    The Network TIVO: Best of breed is CBS.

    As an example, go to to CBS’s website and you can watch the last four or five episodes of their prime time shows in full screen with maybe three or four commercials.

    I read an article that said so many people heard the buz about “Heroes” that they have gone to the NBC website to watch all the old episodes (all 18 of them).
    The viewing numbers on the website have been so high they think next Monday’s return may have higher ratings then when Heroes left their slot many weeks ago.


    Another form of revenue for the show (especially from the mobile viewer).

    Your description is the way it was

    I believe that it will become less so as the networks address these shifts in viewer habits and use of technology.

  71. Well it looks like the Shep whumpers have got it right with their Nightmare on Atlantis Street, because a few hours after they posted it here in your blog Darren at GW has come to the same conclusion!

  72. From where I’m located one has more chance of it snowing than finding any Tanya Huff books, and I last saw snow in 1979 – no kidding!

    Thank God for e-books!

    Her books are a scream, one series in particular all about a second-rate Vancouver film studio producing a series called Darkest Night.

    In one chapter our hero, a wizard, reduces a demon to a pile of ash in the parking lot outside the studio.

    A bug-eyed reporter asks, “How come no one noticed what you did?”

    Our hero shrugs. “Special effect.”

    “They’d think a charging Demon disappearing in a flash of lime-green light was a special effect?”

    “You should see what the guys at Bridge get up to in their parking lot…”

    True or false?

    Her books are as follows:
    1. Smoke and Shadows (2004)
    2. Smoke and Mirrors (2005)
    3. Smoke and Ashes (2006).
    The above exerpt is from Smoke and Ashes.

  73. Could you tell us if we are hot, warm, or cold?

    NOAS- No Ordinary Aparition Story

  74. That is how Scifi is looking at Atlantis right now. It’s how the show’s producers are likely looking at the show right now.

    Now if we can get Scifi to stop being its own worst enemy.

    And I agree, downloads don’t keep me from watching first runs.

    I worry about iTunes sales and so should Scifi. If you watch first run episodes and still want them electronically, you already have them.

    Thank you Scifi for motivating a large portion of the shows’ Internet fans to cherish high speed access.

    Seven months, good God! What were they thinking?

  75. And now something not related at all to the topic of your blog. I thought, in light of the many not-so-nice anonymous posts you get here, you might appreciate these thoughts a friend linked to:

    It’s just everywhere, isn’t it?

    Oh. And if you Google NOAS, you get the Nissan Offroad Association of the Southeast.

    So obviously we’re going to have Nissan 4×4’s cruising through the Pegasus galaxy on a particularly muddy planet.

    I solved it! 🙂

  76. I loved the season nine episode that you wrote, “The Ties That Bind”. I have a question about the last scene in the gateroom between Daniel and Teal’c. I was curious if the embrace between them was scripted or an ad-lib from Michael and Chris. I thought that it was really a nice touch that showed how far their friendship has come.

  77. Joe, Darren said at Gateworld that the ratings GW would soon be posting for the premieres are:

    SG-1: 1.5
    SGA: 1.3

    Since you mentioned
    SG-1: 1.5
    SGA: 1.4

    Is the difference caused because GW is taking Live only (according to Darren himself) and you’re counting Live + Same day? Does Sci Fi look at Live only like GW, or Live + Same day?

  78. *dies of laughter* yes spam not only an interesting meat it is an interesting topic that everyone can relate to. Just like when I was the 999,999ith person to a page, TWICE!!!:D I know I am just that amazing!!!

    Since I haven’t read back to even know what the NOAS abbreviation is used for I shall take a guess NOAS: Not Open Although Sometimes

    I’m wondering if we’ll ever go to a non-desert, non-forested planet that doesn’t include going underwater???

    Better yet, let’s have a complete episode of them all improving lol.(complete joke I love writers!!!)

    I honestly don’t understand ratings so I’ll take them as an okay thing since you think so. 🙂

  79. I still don’t get the ratings game. I mean who are these Nielsen people? I don’t know them. Do they really exist? I was lucky to watch the second half of the season thanks to my Canadian uncle *winks* but I’m looking forward to watching them again on a big TV screen as opposed to a small computer screen.

    Good luck on this weeks ratings!

  80. I’m really curious as to your opinon as a sci fi writer/producer on what responsibilities you think television shows, or the media in general, have in portraying violence. I don’t think SGA or SG-1 are overtly violent, and the use of huge ass guns and machine guns are usually appropriate in their use against evil aliens, but do you ever draw a line as something being too gratuitous or glorifying gun use too much? Do you approach things differently because you are a sci fi show?

  81. Just wanted to let you know that one of the commercials that SciFi is running for next weeks SG-1 episode refers to Carter in the clip as Amanda and not Carter

  82. Miklos S. Abdulaziz willed me too!

    Seven Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars (USD$7,100.000.00 ) to you in the codicil and last testament to his WILL.”

    Maybe he only named me and you unless he had time to put 500,000 people in his will!

    USD$3.5M or USD$14.00…Hmmm

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