Pictured above are the remnants of my Art Asylum Rogue’s Gallery Venom bust that used to sit atop the window ledge in my office. Paul came in this afternoon and went to pull the window shut. Somewhere between my “Be” and “careful!” the handle had come off in his hand, causing him to knock the bust onto the carpet where Venom lost his prodigious tongue and upper palate. Sigh. No doubt sensing my dismay, he quickly offered to buy me a new one. I’d happily take him up on the offer provided I can track one down. I’m heading over to Taz Comics tomorrow to see if they have one – and maybe pick up that full-size Apocalypse statue I’ve been anxiously awaiting.

We’ve almost finished final preparations to welcome the big Save Carson Beckett protest this Thursday. The fence has been electrified, the moat has been dug, and the complimentary bacon-laced Stargate Atlantis hats ready for distribution (the attack dogs will be skipping breakfast in expectation of the big feast).

Oh, speaking of fan fury, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put an end to the Shep/Weir vs. Shep/Teyla vs. Zelenka/Monty the radioactive gopher debate. While I respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, clarify points made, and defend themselves up to a point, at the end of the day this topic just doesn’t interest me all that much. To be unfair to both sides (and even some parties not even involved in the conflagration), we’ll be shipping Sheppard with Carter in season four.

Fondy cooked again tonight. She’s a halibut fan while I’m more of a sea bass man so she made both – baked in caper brown butter sauce. The fish was accompanied by a cucumber and cherry tomato salad and a surprisingly good cubed papaya with pine nuts.

Hmmm. Slew of questions today. Let’s see what I can answer –

Anonymous #1 writes: “Have you and ms. fondy ever tried moroccan food?”

Answer: Yes, we used to enjoy it a lot in Montreal. Have yet to try it in Vancouver however.

Cel writes: “Are you a “Pirates of the Caribbean” fan?”

Answer: I enjoyed the first movie but have yet to see the sequel. Robert Cooper loved it though.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Joe, did you write that comment about The Tower yourself?”

Answer: Yes. I am the writer of fully half of all comments by Anonymous posters including yours.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Can I ask what you recommend as restaurants to visit while in B.C.?”

Answer: Check out Yuji’s on 4th for Japanese tapas, Figmint for wonderfully creative cuisine, Budapest for schnitzel, Prima Taste for great Singaporean, Go Fish on Granville Island for fish ’n chips, Zaukkushi for izakaya fare, Sea Harbour Seafood for high-end Chinese, West for a pricey but very special evening, Bistrot Bistro for hearty French food, Fuel for laid back/upscale cuisine, Don Francesco for excellent Italian.

Minigeek writes: “I was wondering if any of your guys had ever gone through an extended period of allergy like this?”

Answer: Sorry to hear about your little guy. Jelly went through something similar – not exactly an allergy but some sort of sinus condition that had her constantly sneezing. Thankfully, it passed but if I were you I would consult another vet for a second opinion, just to be on the safe side. And since I have your attention – and hopefully that of other pet owners out there – may I direct you to the big pet food recall covering 17 of the top 20 dog foods out there: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/ Good luck with Dolby and do keep me posted on his hopefully quick and speedy recovery.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I noticed that you write David Nykl´s name Nykel. So..it´s wrong”

Answer: For some reason I keep seeing “Nykel” in my head instead of “Nykl”. This is a problem. On the one hand, I respect David’s right to have his name spelled correctly but on the other hand I feel he should respect my right to enjoy his name with an “e”. After much discussion, we have reached a compromise. From hereonin, he shall be “David Nickel”.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Question about “Revisions” (I’m just now getting through S7–I know a late bloomer lol). It was a fun episode. I really like stand-alones. Anyway, I was wondering, were you inspired by the Original Star Trek episode “Return of the Achrons” and the “Landru” computer?”

Answer: The original pitch to Revisions was very different, even darker than the version we ended up spinning. As much as I loved the version we shot (like you, I love the good old-fashioned classic scifi stand-alones) I think that original pitch may live to see another day.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Joe, whats YOUR favorite comfort food?”

Answer: Hands down – Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream.

Anonymous #6 writes: “Totally unSGA related question: do you like white chocolate?”

Answer: I’m not a huge fan meaning I won’t eat it on its own, but I’ll certainly enjoy it as an ingredient in a dessert.

67 thoughts on “March 20, 2007

  1. Joe,

    Are you guys, the writers, ever relieved to be done with certain characters or plot lines? For example,did you guys breathe a sigh of relief when Pete Shanahan or Kolya were finished? Or maybe when the Tok’ra mysteriously vanished from the story? Perhaps you’ll be happy with the end of the Ori (as you’ve mentioned a distaste for them)? What were some aspects of SG-1 or Atlantis that you were glad to see behind you?

  2. Good call Joe. Your last entry’s comments were like Gateworld on a good day; yikes.

    Since I’m first/almost first, I might as well ask a question: how CGI-extensive are Adrift and Lifeline? Are we going to get more First Strike-style eye candy or will it focus more on the characters’ struggle to survive? Or both?

  3. I’m astonished to see two out of three comments this evening are both serious and courteous. I think I’ll toss a “real” question in myself.

    I know that you’ve been asked this in the past, but what will the timeline for Sam Carter’s arrival look like? Will it be before the two SG-1 movies take place, or will it be set after the events of Ark of Truth and Continuum. Are you reluctant to answer because you’re not sure when the DVD movies will be available, and are worried about people putting off SGA season four until they see the movies?

    Thanks, and good luck with the blog comments.

  4. Joe,

    Are we going to have a lot of ZPM related episodes in season 4 of SGA, since it seems that this prop is very crucial and at SGA’s core. On another note, have you ever considered giving a seminar or conference at a university sometime soon… Thanks.

    Keep in touch,

    Your Montreal fan

  5. Aww…poor Venom. *pets*

    Sheppard/Carter? Hmm…well, Sheppard could be viewed as a younger version of Jack….Oh, dear, now you’ve got the idea in my head. I may just have to vid that (hey, it wouldn’t be the strangest one I’ve ever done; I’ve already got McKay/Cadman, Niam/RepliCarter, Teyla/Michael, and I’m working on a Sheppard/Ellia).

    Speaking of vidding, with Viacom sueing Youtube, Youtube has been cracking down on vids. You’ve said you don’t watch them, but how do you feel about the existence of fan-made music videos? Copyright infringement or derivative art that serves to pull in new fans? Or do you not care either way and remain content to let the fans and the lawyers deal with it?

  6. Shep/Carter hahahaha, I still prefer Shep/Wraith Queen. Or you know Teyla/Ronon, which ever one. LOL.

    Now question I don’t know if its been asked but hey, What kind of camera do you use to take your pics?

  7. Sheppard and CARTER? LOLOL! Are you serious? Sheppard would never get anywhere near Carter–his survival instinct is too strong for that (Jack could still kick his ***). Though, the pairing does offer some interesting fanfic fodder…

    Joe, you are my favorite producer. Thanks for keeping up your blog!

  8. White chocolate is not chocolate. It’s an abomination.

    That is all.

    Except can you reveal the names of any eps Elizabeth will be in?

    And you can’t ship Shep with Carter. We all know he likes teenagers, so Keller should be right up his alley (joking, joking!)

  9. I just read on Scifi Wire Brad Wright’s comments about having Richard Dean Anderson in the Continuum movie. They were very nice comments and showed great respect for both Mr. Anderson’s enormous contributions to Stargate and to the fans who have drifted away from the show in recent seasons. I hope we get to see Jack have a big part to play in the movie, and I hope that SG-1’s future continues to include Jack O’neill. I know it will keep me and my wife (who would divorce me in a second for a shot at Richard Dean Anderson) interested in SG-1.

    William Jacklin

  10. Just another quick question, if you don’t mind. There is a thread about your blog at Gateworld; do you ever check it out?

  11. You asked about Callie on Grey’s Anatomy a few days ago. She said she lived in the basement because she already spent so much time at the hospital, it was easier to just go down to the basement to sleep. Do you still have ice cream parties?

  12. Hi there Joe:

    Some kids want to be police officers, and some want to be astronauts. Have you always wanted to be a writer? How did you get started? Did anyone help you along the way? Were you ever mentored? Did you ever do any writing that you absolutely despised to pay the bills? Are you coming to my Fan Party? How many years have you been a writer?

    No, I did not sneak any questions into the above group. You saw nothing, you heard nothing, you know nothing….

    Have a great day.


  13. Sheppard & Carter. You do realize, don’t you, that you will be burned in effigy by at least 7 different groups? Wicked, wicked man. Keep it up!

    Actually, I think they could be good friends. And, that might be interesting in how McKay would react.

  14. To Bill Jacklin:

    It’s not just your wife. When my husband and I got married eight years ago RDA was on my “if you ever have the chance to do it with a celeb, it’s OK” list. He looked at me like I was crazy, because he’d never even really heard of the Richard. After all these years I’d still hold him to that. When you’re that hot age isn’t even a factor. I tell hubby that if he looks that good at that age he’s gonna be one tired bloke. *grin*

  15. seriously, you can’t ship shep/carter ??? Well, I mean, you can, you can do whatever you want, (you, all powerfull being in Stargate world!) but please, don’t do that.

    I’ve understood you’re a Sam/Jack shipper, and i noticed you have a great sense of humour so… I’m hoping you were just kidding, and play with the nerves of your blog readers !

    By the way I loved your story of “how my wife is trying to kill me”, hilarious ! Gave me some ideas to free me from my husband lol

    quick question : what’s your favorite episode ever in SG1 (non-written by you) and why ?

  16. If you could play one of the SGA characters, which one would it be?

    And who would you ship yourself with? Hahah! (Sorry, I had to do it.. I’m thinking you’d be Ronon, shipping yourself with Teyla…. Or Shep, shipping yourself with McKay…)

  17. I’m a shipper myself. Thanks for putting the stop to all the nastiness that has been written here lately (should have never been started ;)), like you, I’m not interested in reading any of it either.

    -Torri/Elizabeth fan who wants her to be in as much as episodes as possible, preferably as a main character 🙂

  18. Joe,

    Since Paul made it into you blog today, though for a downer of a cameo, I was hoping you could answer some random questions about him.

    1) In the Joe and Paul profile on the dvds, Paul looks extremely tall How tall is he?

    2) Has anyone ever mentioned to him that he bears a resemblence to Billy Beane, the GM of the Oakland Athletics?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Joe,

    Proving why this fan at least doesn’t write the show:

    From: The ‘Shipper Plane Of Existence

    Announcement: Ladies and Gentlemen, please bear with us as we pass over ‘ShipShepNation as we have just encountered some turbulence and high pitched noise. When the toys are back in the pram, we will proceed safely on. Source of the turbulence is unknown, expected causes include the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and a squadron of Howler Monkeys.

    More seriously (honest), could you give any hints as to whether there’s going to be much in the way of weighty character eps next year? Sunday was great with the increased character interactions and hints of back story, any chance of more?

  20. Joe!

    You made me chuckle this morining!!
    Shep and Carter? You do love to get the old wooden spoon out, don’t you? I seriously love you for it!!! Tee hee!

    Personally, I’ve always secretly shipped Sheppard with the Daedalus – the one true ship in Atlantis…though Monty and Sheppard could work out quite well…

    Seriously, I think Sheppard and Carter will be really good friends and allies, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them working together!

  21. Before you had a blog, did you write restaurant reviews just for yourself to keep track? Or did you keep them all in your head? You go to so many restaurants, I personally would find them all start blurring together. Or are restaurants a “collectible” for you and you remember all the details of your purchase years after buying it?

    Were you always a foodie? Is there a food that you used to dislike as a child but later as an adult realized that it was pretty good?

    Thanks for the photos of David Nykl in yesterday’s blog. Those were pretty funny. The guy on the side had a control box. What did that do?

  22. But, but Monty the radioactive gopher so obviously cares for Zelenka — his devotion shines from his little gopher face. And Zelenka has his protective spacesuit.

    Killing this ship now is just so unfair!

  23. Joe, a question: Could you tell us which episode(s) you’ve been filming this week? If so, which one(s)?


  24. Hey Joe, I’m a massive Kavanaugh fan, and I was just wondering if we’ll be seeing Ben Cousins reprise his role as Kavanaugh in season 4?

  25. Isn’t fandom fun? One slightly unclear reference to ships and your poor little blog explodes into pages of vitriol. Reminds you that the word fan is a derivation of fanatic, doesn’t it? 😉

    I weep for the loss of your poor Venom – speaking of, are you looking forward to the new Spiderman film? 😉 – but the life-size Apocalypse statue sounds cool.. how life-size are we talking though? He could be a pretty big guy at times! 😆

    Here’s a non-Stargate question: As a fan of comics etc, what were your thoughts on the X-Men movies? Did you enjoy Singer’s reimagining of the X-Men universe? Any thoughts on the different direction of the third installment?

  26. you know Joe… us Sam & Jack shippers can get very violent when provoked… we’re like caged lions at the moment!
    When i read your post i almost had a coronary.

    Pleeeeease be nice Joe and give us dedicated shippers the ending we (and Sam & Jack) deserve. We’ve been loyal for TEN years!!! Pretty please with a cherry on the top!!!!

    I even did my A-Level English Language coursework on the Sam & Jack relationship and was 1 mark off an A. Either i got a Sam & Jack fan as a marker or someone who doesn’t watch the show agrees with me!!!!

    I’ll love you forever Joe!!!! The millions of shippers everywhere will love you forever!

    Give us hope!

  27. Darn! And I was so looking forward to Zelenka and Monty the radioactive gopher! LOL.

  28. Bless you for stopping the shipping discussion. There’s a reason why I don’t visit GateWorld, anymore.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the “event” on Thursday. The concept amuses me. And, if they’re smart, they’d cater it with food from your favorite restaurants so you can have a proper party!

    On to SGA talk. You apparently seem to be enjoying tormenting David Nykl (aka Nykel and Nickel) with enclosed rubber suits. I was just wondering when you’re going to be writing in a chicken suit costume for Zelenka?

  29. Hi Joe

    So Mrs M. prepared a sea bass especially for you and this is the same lady whose trying to kill you? I think she’s killing you with kindness..

    You’re in excellent form again today. I love your tongue in cheek comments and your great sense of humour.

    Just a question about Montreal. What’s your favorite restaurant there?

    Have a great day


  30. Hiya Joe,

    I was curious and wanted to ask if there were any Goa’uld System Lords that you wished you could have explored more, (e.g Yu, Bastet, Olukun etc etc)?

    Take care Joe!

  31. Joe, I never thought I would say this being the rabid Shep/Weir shipper that I am, but you may just be a genius. !!! Shep/Carter is the best idea you’ve had since …um…ever. She’s strong, beautiful, brilliant, and will settle him down in no time flat. Now we just have to come up with a good nickname for the pairing. We’ve got Sparky (Shep/Weir) and Spanky (Ronon/Teyla), how about Spunky? And for those who ship Shep with the Wraith queen, how about Spooky? Suddenly, I am excited about S4. Who thought it was possible?

    But seriously, thanks for ending the ship debate. Now I can take my hands away from my eyes and go on with my life.

  32. I notice a certain predilection in your blog for food, very McKay like wouldn’t you say? As far as ships are concerned you certainly seem to enjoy playing with the viewers i mean what WAS “Tao” about if not to get the McWeir contingent all of a lather?

  33. I’m glad you mentioned the pet food recall, my little Puggle(part put, part beagle) apparently was a victim of the bad stuff and had to be treated for kidney problems, etc. He’s recuperating at home now but people’s doggies didn’t make it, and that’s very sad.

  34. Well, you certainly got some response to your threat of shipping John and Sam. I have my own preference of ships, myself, but as long as the show’s “believable,” it doesn’t really matter too much to me. After all–they’re TV characters. Which leads to my question (sorta) . . .

    How often do you guys get letters or comments from angry fans who don’t like what you guys are doing with the show(s)? Personally, I’d find hate-mail quite frightening.

  35. LOL on the Shep/Sam comment.

    With all due respect to the reasonable folks, there is nothing that makes a relationship more unappealing than its rabid shippers.


  36. YAY! You’re going to be shipping Sheppard with Carter! YAY I was right! 😉

  37. I’ve already seen discussion on Shep/Sam. The pairing is being called “SHAM”. Just thought you’d like to know. ;o)

  38. Sheppard and Sam?? Hmm, I know that was said in dry sarcasm…, however, Sam’s ‘black widow’ reputation/affect could then give Shep whumpers all the whump they want. I mean, has anybody dated Sam and not been injued? 😉 Or killed?

  39. Joe,joe joe why are ye tryin to mess with our shipper heads. i know yr jokin though ( yr a sam/jack shipper at heart)

    Tell me something have you seen anything to do with sanctuary?
    how cool is amanda tapping


  40. Poor Venom! I mourn for thee. I’m a huge fan of comic book heroes and villains. Batman is my ultimate favourite…there’s just something about a tight bod in black leather. Ahem…anyway, I hope you can find a replacement, Joe.


  41. Not that I’m a fan of the Shep had a wife thing, because it seems out of character and a bit “shit, they wanted backstory, we’d better give him a wife.”

    BUT! If Shep’s wife was ever to miraculously appear onscreen, what are the chances that Joe’s wife would get to play her? They did that on XF with Robert Patrick’s wife playing Doggett’s ex.

  42. I loved today’s blog..

    Any chance that you can get a special order of Joe Mallozzi Action figures made up by Diamond so you can add one to your wall of villians, since you seem to be a villian to so many?


  43. spazzyd said…
    Bahaha! Sam/Shep! That’s hilarious.

    Yeah, almost as hilarious as Sam/Thor!

    Or Beckett/Chair, now that one really amuses me!

  44. JM, it’s Zelenka/Ronon—now leave my crack-ship alone. ^_^ Oh wait, you’re a Zenon fan too, good.^_^

    I would you suggest in a bullet proof vest for the S/J shippers when they hear. ^_^

    JM, looking at your meal last nigh I noted you talking about Papaya, one of my favorite fruits and you don’t talk too much about fruits.

    Are there any fruit-foods that you love to have? Where? and why? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m big on fruit and raw foods (raw veggies that is).

    Can we expect more character mum’s in S4? ^_^

    We only had Carson and Weir. I’ve been very suspicious about Teyla’s mum because she never refers to her. for John for both, although we have an outline on his dad.

  45. Joe, you wicked man… Honestly, Sam and Sheppard… a complete SHAM
    You stirrer…

  46. Is Dan Shea going to move over to Atlantis now that SG-1 is gone? Will we ever see anymore of Kolya?

  47. TRUE or FALSE

    David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan weren’t available the day they decided on the look for the Atlantis action figures so Martin Gero stood in as McKay and Martin Wood stood in as Sheppard?

  48. What are the chances of ever seeing Paul McGillion again on Atlantis. Even if they did a time travel episode and went back and got the young Ernest Littlefield?

  49. Hey Joe, I love the idea of shipping of Shep and Sam. Normally, I despise shipping, but watching the various shipping fandoms implode would be worth the price.

    Shep & Sam 4 EVAH!!!

  50. joe mallozzi said: […] To be unfair to both sides (and even some parties not even involved in the conflagration), we’ll be shipping Sheppard with Carter in season four.

    *whacks joe* :p

    joe mallozzi said: (re: white chocolate) I’m not a huge fan meaning I won’t eat it on its own, but I’ll certainly enjoy it as an ingredient in a dessert.

    i know you don’t care for coffee, but try the white chocolate mocha at starbucks. yummy indeed. 😀

    sally 😀

  51. Joe said:Zelenka/Monty the radioactive gopher debate. While I respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, clarify points made, and defend themselves up to a point, at the end of the day this topic just doesn’t interest me all that much. To be unfair to both sides (and even some parties not even involved in the conflagration), we’ll be shipping Sheppard with Carter in season four.

    Can I just say i’m disgusted that you won’t be shipping Zelenka with Monty the radiocactive gopher? I had my heart set on that. And as for Sheppard and Carter, c’mon Joe, you CAN’T have Sheppard shipping with just one girl, not with the reputation he’s got. 😉 You need to ship him with at least every female he comes within 50 feet of. Can’t have him losing his reputation now can we 😉

  52. Watch where you step tomorrow, there have been rumors that several flocks of sheep will be wandering loose in that area. Not sure if they are there in protest or to pick up protesters….

    BTW, you are right to stop the Monty/Zelenka relationship. Monty is not the faithful type and would break the poor man’s heart. I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear about Monty with everyone else, cast and crew. But only as a one night stand.

  53. Hi Joe, thanks for quelling the ship war! Because SG-1 is not in full production as a television series, has the atmophere at the office changed since last year? (Also, white chocolate is not legally chocolate in the U.S. because it contains no chocolate liquor nor cocoa solids…don’t know if Canada’s legal definition of chocolate is the same)

  54. When we were first introduced to Ronon, we never really found out why the wraith didn’t feed/finish him off? And when he got shot through the leg, he never needed medical attention afterwards? Does he have better healing powers than the rest of the mere humans on Atlantis, and will that be explored at any point?

    And will Teyla sing again? Rachel’s got a lovely voice!

  55. I finally got around to watching SG-1’s series finale, I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. Quick question (and sorry to everyone who want shippers to die horrible deaths at the hands/paws/claws of a pack of crazed mongeese), are we going to get any kind of continuation of Daniel & Vala’s relationship in “Unending”? I know you’re not actually writing either script, but you’ve got connections.

  56. Here’s a question I’d ask at a con, if I ever got the chance to go.

    Since ‘Tao’, I have noticed a softening of McKay’s character. He seems more relaxed, less obnoxious, less abrasive. The part in Sunday when he is chewing out his errant scientists is a good example. He seems almost paternalistic. The S2 McKay would have more acerbic.

    Is this a) all in my imagination, b) a decision by the writers to show growth in the character due the events of that ep, c) a decision of the part of the talented actor, or d)all of the above?

  57. Answer: The original pitch to Revisions was very different, even darker than the version we ended up spinning. As much as I loved the version we shot (like you, I love the good old-fashioned classic scifi stand-alones) I think that original pitch may live to see another day.

    Thanks for the response–I would relaly like to see another version of that stroyline. Did the original not involve a computer? Perhaps something more sinister?

    Monty the radioactive gopher? Should I count that as a spoiler? lol.

    Thanks so much for blogging, it’s a treat to stop by at the end of the day,


  58. Regarding ZPMs – I have to ask. Atlantis and the other Ancient technologies use ZPMs like they’re D-cell batteries; they’re in everything. Why is it that in the massive database of all Lantean technology, there is no “How to Build a ZPM” article? I’ve never even seen the expedition folks LOOK for such a thing. One would think that technology this crucial to the Ancients’ survival would be well-chronicled, especially considering their repositories (like the two that were downloaded into O’Neill’s head) contained instructions on how to build a ZPM-like device with enough power to dial another galaxy (“The Fifth Race”)…

  59. Your unfortunate incident with Paul and Venom has made me think of three comic-related questions:

    What’s your favorite comic book based movie? What’s least favroite? Which one currently in production are you most looking forward to seeing?

  60. Hi Joe.

    SGA related: Go you for putting a stop (or trying to at least) to the shipper nonsense. I think it is unfortunate that people can’t appreciate the show developing characters friendships and working relationships as the characters develop emotionally and personally, without needing to transform it into a sexual relationship. I’d like to thank you and the other producers/writers for not delving too far into ‘ships. The day a SGA ep starts with “Like sands through the hourglass…” is the day I stop watching. Until that day however, I’ll continue to enjoy the show for what it is.

    JM related: I think it’s fascinating reading your thoughts on food. I’m in no way that attatched to my tastebuds, although they probably prefer that I was. As strange as it sounds, reading your blog is an interesting journey into a different point of view, which is always fun. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Finally thanks for all the little teases of the upcoming season! Doppelganger and Travellers sound especially tantalising. Thanks. 😀


  61. Interesting the comment about David Nykl’s name. Whenever I see your last name I pronounce it Mallozzi with a long O. I think I heard it is pronounced with a short O, but I still think long O every time I see it. I respect your right to pronounce it correctly, but not sure I ever will.

  62. I can’t let this pass without comment. I assume you’re kidding, but to be very, very clear: ship Shepherd with Carter and I will never EVER watch anything you work on, ever again. Seriously. Now I couldn’t care less who Shepherd is with — McKay or Weir or a visiting Horta, I don’t watch Atlantis for ‘ship, and the romantic entanglements of the characters will not impact my viewing regardless. As for Carter, however, that is another story. Don’t frak with the fans for sport. Leave that to the writers and producers of lesser shows.

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