Remember those ten pounds I lost over the course of the past month? Well, I think I’ve gained them all back over the course of tonight’s meal. For dinner: Fondy’s super-garlicky garden salad, oven-roasted asparagus, sis’s super-garlicky mashed potatoes, mom’s canelloni stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese, mom’s lasagna, mom’s eggplant parmesean (my favorite), oven-baked mussels with garlic breadcrumbs and parsley, and roast leg of lamb. For dessert, I stopped by a new Greek dessert place (Be Sweet) on Sources Blvd. and simply picked stuff at random: light phyllo-pastries stuffed with a light cheese with a hint of rosewater (good but a little bland in comparison to some of the other heavy-hitters), honey-pistachio thickly-shredded phyllo pastry (very good), grounded pistachio and honey-stuffed phyllo topped with marshmallow fluff (not a fan of the fluff), sweet-cheese stuffed phyllo pastry (excellent), deep-fried honey dipped crueller-like pastries (a little hard and a little bland), honey cake (best of the best), and mom’s pumpkin pie topped with Madagascar vanilla whipped cream.
I’m thoroughly stuffed. Pray for Mojo.

2 thoughts on “December 24, 2006

  1. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds just looking at those pictures!

    Just wanted to wish you and all of your family a very merry and blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


  2. Merry Christmas! If you want some good Greek pastry, you should try Ambrosia on Samson in Laval.

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