November 3, 2010: Production Update! Stargate Pics! More of that Q&A with Louis Ferreira!

Finished up the script for the second issue of the comic book.  It was a little tricky getting used to the format – and, truth be told, there are still elements that don’t make sense to me. It took me about a week to write the script for issue #1 (which is comprised of the tease and first two acts of the pilot), then, having got the hang of it, about a day and a half to write the script for issue #2 (comprised of the final three acts of the pilot including the big reveal).  Paul will go over them this weekend and they’ll hopefully be in our editor’s hands by late next week – at which point the search for a suitable artist will kick into high gear.  I’ll also send off to an email to Kevin and Dave and get the official okay to release the details on the future comic/graphic novel/t.v. series and/or movie.

Other interesting projects loom including one that – if all falls into place – will see us re-teamed with an old friend who’ll be BEHIND the camera this time.

On the SGU side, we’re all focused on episode #20, Gauntlet, which starts shooting next week.  This one’ll raise (and singe) a few eyebrows – and set the stage for some major season 3 developments.

I think Ashleigh may be losing her mind.  Today, she insisted Rhianna was better than The Prodigy.  With a straight face no less!  Puleeeze.  The trifecta of Invaders Must Die, Stand Up, and Breathe alone blows away the entire career output of Rhianna, Beyonce, Celine, and those other four clones combined.    I mean, seriously.

Over the past few days, several of you have asked me to dish on some of the stories we had in mind for Stargate: Atlantis’s sixth season.  I actually covered this in a blog entry not long after the show’s cancellation.  In it, I list not one, not two, but twenty of the ideas we had in store:

My Snow Monkeys just completed their first trade, sending WR Lance Moore to the Ken Ga Roo Colts in exchange for RB Brandon Jackson. With Marshawn Lynch floundering behind that weak Seahawk OL, I’ll happily take the Packer running back hosting the woeful Cowboys in Green Bay.  Having Robert Meachem made the trade all that easier. Who needs two Saints receivers anyway?  Especially this season.

Art Department work for episode 203, Awakening.

Destiny docks with the seed ship.

In the room, we kept alternating between calling it a “seed” ship and a “seeder” ship until Paul got fed up with everyone  suggesting this spaceship may actually have been made out of cedar (as opposed to, say, pine) and requested  we stick to “seed ship”.

The lovely Julie McNiven kickin’ back between set-ups for episode…well, an episode you haven’t seen yet.

A wonderful actress and an incredible sweetheart.

That’s what you call a “hull breach”.

They don’t get much breachier.

What secrets lie beyond these doors?

Tune in to next week’s episode to find out.

And if you’re going to bring snacks, make sure you have enough for everyone.

Hey!  HEY!  Where the hell does Atlantis think IT’S going?!!









It’s Wednesday afternoon and that means…


It’s Carl’s turn to play in the magic circle!!!




And more from my sit-down with actor Louis Ferreira, Stargate: Universe’s Colonel Everett Young.

Today’s question: What is your favorite genre to work in and why?

His answer will no doubt surprise.

And confuse.