Finished up the script for the second issue of the comic book.  It was a little tricky getting used to the format – and, truth be told, there are still elements that don’t make sense to me. It took me about a week to write the script for issue #1 (which is comprised of the tease and first two acts of the pilot), then, having got the hang of it, about a day and a half to write the script for issue #2 (comprised of the final three acts of the pilot including the big reveal).  Paul will go over them this weekend and they’ll hopefully be in our editor’s hands by late next week – at which point the search for a suitable artist will kick into high gear.  I’ll also send off to an email to Kevin and Dave and get the official okay to release the details on the future comic/graphic novel/t.v. series and/or movie.

Other interesting projects loom including one that – if all falls into place – will see us re-teamed with an old friend who’ll be BEHIND the camera this time.

On the SGU side, we’re all focused on episode #20, Gauntlet, which starts shooting next week.  This one’ll raise (and singe) a few eyebrows – and set the stage for some major season 3 developments.

I think Ashleigh may be losing her mind.  Today, she insisted Rhianna was better than The Prodigy.  With a straight face no less!  Puleeeze.  The trifecta of Invaders Must Die, Stand Up, and Breathe alone blows away the entire career output of Rhianna, Beyonce, Celine, and those other four clones combined.    I mean, seriously.

Over the past few days, several of you have asked me to dish on some of the stories we had in mind for Stargate: Atlantis’s sixth season.  I actually covered this in a blog entry not long after the show’s cancellation.  In it, I list not one, not two, but twenty of the ideas we had in store:

My Snow Monkeys just completed their first trade, sending WR Lance Moore to the Ken Ga Roo Colts in exchange for RB Brandon Jackson. With Marshawn Lynch floundering behind that weak Seahawk OL, I’ll happily take the Packer running back hosting the woeful Cowboys in Green Bay.  Having Robert Meachem made the trade all that easier. Who needs two Saints receivers anyway?  Especially this season.

Art Department work for episode 203, Awakening.

Destiny docks with the seed ship.

In the room, we kept alternating between calling it a “seed” ship and a “seeder” ship until Paul got fed up with everyone  suggesting this spaceship may actually have been made out of cedar (as opposed to, say, pine) and requested  we stick to “seed ship”.

The lovely Julie McNiven kickin’ back between set-ups for episode…well, an episode you haven’t seen yet.

A wonderful actress and an incredible sweetheart.

That’s what you call a “hull breach”.

They don’t get much breachier.

What secrets lie beyond these doors?

Tune in to next week’s episode to find out.

And if you’re going to bring snacks, make sure you have enough for everyone.

Hey!  HEY!  Where the hell does Atlantis think IT’S going?!!









It’s Wednesday afternoon and that means…


It’s Carl’s turn to play in the magic circle!!!




And more from my sit-down with actor Louis Ferreira, Stargate: Universe’s Colonel Everett Young.

Today’s question: What is your favorite genre to work in and why?

His answer will no doubt surprise.

And confuse.

79 thoughts on “November 3, 2010: Production Update! Stargate Pics! More of that Q&A with Louis Ferreira!

  1. Did Atlantis just become the Moon Base Carter alluded to in Continuum?!

    I love Ferreira. He is hilarious.

  2. Louis Ferreira is absolutely hysterical. Thanks for that, the pictures, and yesterday’s blog dedication. It meant a lot.

    Thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes to my husband. Things went well with his surgery today although there were some complications so it took longer than we thought. (When your husband tells the person on the phone at the hospital that something is bleeding before he tells you, you tend to move pretty fast. LOL) I was at the hospital for almost ten hours. Because they ended up having to open him up, he will be a guest there for a few days. I went and picked up my kids and brought them home.

    Hubby and I thought the ep was great last night. Hopefully, he will be home in time to watch next Tuesday’s ep.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi,
    first of all, no more alcohol for Colonel Young, for the sake of Luis “method actor” Ferreira ^^.

    I don’t know if people asked then, but who came with the basic concept of the alien race in Awakening? Do the writers (^^) get to chose (describe) what they feel an alien race should look like or do they leave the artists implement freely?

  4. David Hewlett has been directing lately, could you be talking about him? 🙂

  5. It was not the moon base, it is concept art for ‘Lost City’, Atlantis was replaced with the outpost.

    I was in stitches after Loius’ answer!

  6. Hi Joe

    Love that art of Atlantis. Season 7even of SG-1 – “Lost City”

    Anyway, after seeing the latest SG:U, it brought to mind a saying my Dad has about the wine he makes. He says “You can filter it until you’re blue in the face, you can’t filter out the headache”. I think Brody has found something he can’t filter out also… hallucinations.


  7. I saw “Trial and Error” last night. Lots of good stuff in the episode. Liked it alot. Greer and Eli bonding. Eli getting a girl (not sure I trust her though) The ship showing signs of sentience. Lt Scott stepping up and being a better second to Young. Asserting himself. The crew relaxing enough to kid with one another.


    The whole thing at the end…with Rush saying he was the reason the ship took off again. I can see how someone might have thought that was a good ending. And if it hadnt become the “go to” thing for SGU already, it might have been. But the thing about this episode that was so great was the chance it gave us to see Col. Young in a truly positive light for once. He’s been so tortured throughout the series, now we get a chance to believe that he has turned a corner and gotten his groove back. (That’s assuming he had one at some point before the series started). So we have that moment at the end where the ship takes off and we infer that the ship has acknowledged his renewed commitment to the job.

    And then we get dragged back into the dark by Rush playing his games again.

    Another problem with Rush always stealing away to the bridge is that it reduces all the other characters to the role of puppets. When the audience knows more about what’s going on than almost everyone on the show, it makes them seem kind of stupid.

    Rush broods, Rush yells, Rush plots in secret. That’s always at the core of any given episode.

    He’s kind of like House that way, except without a single ounce of fun. It would be far more plausible that he could pull off all of this if he didn’t ooze contempt for everyone around him.

    One thing I would just freakin love to see is Eli actually figuring out alot of what Rush is up to and creating a contingency plan to contain Rush if necessary. Holmes is never as brilliant as he is when pitted against an equal intellect.

  8. Joe

    Since you revealed the plot for season 6. If you had done SGA Extinction, I hope you weren’t going to have Shepperd die. Without him there would be no movie or show. I read on another blog that you and gang were pairing him with Todd. That would have been a good ending where you had them leave together. Since there appearantly is no movie. I wish you would cross them over to SGU to finish the pairing or the pairing of Shepperd with maybe Teyla. If you can cross over David Hewett to reprise his role you could do that. That would draw my interest and the rest of SGA fans who are not already watching to SGU. Also I wish you would put Joe Flanigan on another one of your shows as a regular. He is my favorite actor. Shepperd fan forever.

  9. Hello Joe.

    Can’t wait to hear that upcoming news… Whatever it may be… (Come on movie… …but probably comic book deal). 😉

    Last night’s SGU was good. I agree w/ another blogger that it borrowed a bit from Star Trek TNG… But the character moments involving David, Julie, and Jamil were GREAT, and that confrontation between… (Spoilers…)
    Scott and Young? Wow!!! The story was familiar. But the characters won me over, and I really enjoyed the episode.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next week!!!

    Best wishes,


    @Lisa R: best wishes. I hope your Hubby’s surgery went okay.

  10. Bring back Shepperd and put Joe Flanigan as a regular on another tv show.

  11. You sound pretty sure about a season 3…. The ratings are pretty dismal…. Hope your right!!!!

  12. I don’t know if Joe will allow this post below, but after reading it, now GW, I think it speaks to how I feel about the friction in the Stargate fandom:
    @Natasha (and everybody really) – Perhaps the live ratings are down because people REALLY ARE watching the show using alternate methods at different times? There are so many ways to watch television shows nowadays – DVR, on repeat, I-Tunes, etc… – that it’s impossible to account for them all within the framework of the current ratings system.

    Perhaps Syfy’s decision to move the show to Tuesday nights REALLY IS affecting people’s viewing choices? It’s obvious why the network decided to take the plunge and move the show into a more commercial time slot, but it’s a gamble that clearly isn’t paying dividends. Bring back SyFy Friday!

    Perhaps SG1 and Atlantis REALLY WERE cancelled because they had become too expensive to produce? It has been stated many times (by the producers of Stargate and other, unrelated shows), that a simple fact of the television industry is that salaries for actors and other production costs rise as a show gets older. SG1 after 10 years and SGA after five years became unsustainable. Especially since the latter came to an end right around the time MGM started to buckle under the weight of its financial difficulties, and the world entered a still ongoing economic recession. A brand new series (SGU) certainly made sense from a business perspective.

    And perhaps the only other logical way to continue Stargate (the franchise AS A WHOLE that we know and love) was to re-invent the wheel (no pun intended) and put a fresh spin on the formula? After 15 combined seasons of SG1 and Atlantis and several movies, I was very open to the idea of a familiar yet fresh interpretation that wasn’t afraid to take risks.

    It baffles me that even just a small minority of the Stargate FANBASE continues to be so bitter about SGU’s ongoing existence! So convinced are they that its creation killed of Atlantis, so determined at every turn (the comments thread of a ratings news article, for example) to point out that its not the same show “we” (speaking for everybody, apparently) know and love, that they are by their very nature hypocritical by posting as “fans” of Stargate as a whole on a Stargate fansite!

    Stargate is still on the air. Despite everything. Despite poor advertising. Despite poor scheduling. Despite the recurring bitterness of a few inconsolable “fans” that are too closed minded to see the silver lining that SGU represents…

    Stargate lives on! Be happy!
    Klinjon | November 3 @ 8:13 pm
    I feel I should point out that my above comment is NOT a personal attack against anyone, fan of SGU or otherwise. It is merely a response to the ratings debate and an observation of, and response to, opinions, attitudes, and perceptions of SGU. A point for discussion, and NOT intended as a personal attack against anyone.
    Klinjon | November 3 @ 8:17 pm

  13. I think I heard Louis Ferreira say “I’m too sexy for my shirt”. Prove it mister. Next video question – no shirt!

  14. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…!

    Bring back Ronon and put Jason Momoa as a regular on another tv show.

  15. Good luck with SGU. I hope you will have Joe Flanigan on one of your movies in a lead role and will put him in one of your shows as a regular. I hope you and gang do not let him slip through your fingers.

  16. The Prodigy? Meh…not bad on the surface, but it’s the same beat over and over…gets boring after a bit. However, I must admit to it being better than “Rhianna, Beyonce, Celine,” etc., etc., etc…I’d rather stick an icepick in my ear than listen to those screech owls!

    I much prefer the male voice, and more bass in my music…for their music alone, I love Tool. I mean, you just can’t beat this bass!:

    (I picked a song with inoffensive lyrics. 🙂 )

    Also love the entire Queen of the Damned soundtrack (never saw the movie, but love the music!). Korn’s Jonathan Davis wrote many of the songs, which might explain why I love the music. If I could explain my brain waves using music (not lyrics) as an example, outside of some classical music from the Baroque and Classical eras, Korn’s music comes closest, especially their multi-layered stuff. Anyway, I particularly love this song from the soundtrack…’touching you makes me feel alive…touching you makes me die inside’…it so reminds me of poor, beautiful Steve (there may be a raw word, or two):




  17. @Julie Merritt

    Joe Flanigan has stated on numerous occasions that he doesn’t watch SGU and has indicated that he doesn’t WANT to appear on SGU. If you have a concern with that, you should take it up directly with Flanigan, he’s on Twitter. I’m sure he would love to hear from such a devoted fan.

    If you are asking Syfy to put him on another show, then this is the wrong forum to be doing that. For the most beneficial results you should contact Syfy directly. Joe Mallozzi has nothing to do with Syfy casting or programming, as he has indicated on numerous occasions.

    Have a good one!!

    (only if you haven’t read other posts w/ spoilers in them tho)
    Last night’s ep was great, Joe!
    Why is it that you & Paul always have your names on the best episodes?
    The whole concept about Destiny & Young is a great idea! I’ve read a few places where some people questioned the idea of the ship being able to read his mind.. but as Atlantis fans know the Ancients built ships able to read the mind (i.e.- how are Puddle Jumpers are able to operate? the pilot w/ the Ancient gene using their mind).
    All in all great episode, can’t wait for next week’s! Things are really heating up! Thanks for such a great story!

  19. PS…Freak on a Leash is my ringtone, btw. 😀

    But THIS is my voicemail notification:

    “Can’t you see I’m easily bothered by persistence
    One step from lashing out at you…”

    I really HATE annoying calls and bothersome voicemail!!!! 😡


  20. Hi Joe,

    Seeing as how the storyline seems in place through the end of S2, would it be safe to assume that there won’t be any scenes with a certain 3-star USAF general at Homeworld Security or with a colonel who happens to be in command of the Hammond this time around?

    And if there is (*fingers crossed!*) a 3rd season, might there be any hope of seeing them then?

    This probably sounds silly, but even just hearing the SGU characters occasionally refer to SG-1/SGA characters in the context of the appropriate situation, gives me a thrill. I think it keeps the storylines connected and keeps the other characters alive, even if we don’t get to see them again.

    Unless, of course, the news on MGM bodes well…?

    Regardless, I really do hope the news on Season 3 is good. SGU is quite possibly one of the two best hours of TV on the air each week. It must continue!


  21. Okay, how adorable is LF!? (Not as adorable as you Joe, I promise.) My coworkers are wondering why I’m giggling at my desk and I don’t care!

    Wuhoooo! for progress on the comic book series! I have to admit, I’m very excited to see how it turns out! Is there an estimated release date yet? Did I miss that? To be doing so well in your chosen profession must feel great! Congrats, congrats.

  22. Julie, I kind of agree with Kymm, I’m a huge Flanigan fan but I don’t think this is exactly the place for the fangirling…
    (That said, any opportunity to see him onscreen again would do my heart good. :P)

  23. Loved the “response”. Just one question, though: Where were the subtitles? Speaking for the “minority” here, not all of us speak Portuguese. 😉

  24. Thanks for the pic of Julie McNiven. Keep them coming. She is an amazingly beautiful and talented actress. I would like to see more of her in this season and hopefully a Season 3 if TPTB renew it.
    I agree with Don that Rush’s manipulations are becoming a bit tedious. But it looks like he will be getting what he deserves pretty soon.

  25. @LisaR: Sorry to hear of the few bumps in the road, but hopefully things will only go up from here and he will be home soon.

    Hmmm: The statement: “Other interesting projects loom including one that – if all falls into place – will see us re-teamed with an old friend who’ll be BEHIND the camera this time.”

    I’m thinking Amanda Tapping, RDA or David Hewlett or maybe even Jewel Staite? Or Robert Picardo?

  26. I’m with Julie! Joe Flanigan rocks and he should be on SGU for sure! Not only is he great eye candy but his character of Sheppard is exactly what SGU needs. He would be so bad ass! Even better than Ronin or Ford.

    So add my vote to Julie’s and let’s get Joe on board Destiny! Woo hoo!

  27. Hi Joe,

    I Loved Trial & Error- it was fantastic and Louis Ferreira was amazing. It is my favourite ep of the season.

    I hope it comes out that Destiny let Rush think he had bypassed the simulation because Young had done what Destiny wanted and put the crew before himself.

    Louis has a very infectous laugh – I’m still giggling to myself, even though I only undestood a few words of the answer. Please, please put up a translation.

  28. @Don

    “And then we get dragged back into the dark by Rush playing his games again.”

    I actually found the role reversal refreshing. Because through season one, there were quite a few times where Rush did something “good” and then Young calls it into question at the end of the episode, dragging everyone down again (e.g. the shuttle evacuation before refuelling in the star, just as one example).

  29. @Why is it that you & Paul always have your names on the best episodes?

    I thought that too. The best episodes thus far in Season 2 have come from both Joe and Paul.

  30. Tuesday nights might be bad because even though I do not watch SGU those who watch NCIS and NCIS LA like me are not going to let anything interfere with that, plus as football season progresses they may alot of times have football on on Tuesday nights and on this side of the border there are a lot of football fanatics who will choose the game over any show.

  31. @Bryan M. White–Thanks for asking about my husband. Everything went well. He will be at the hospital for a few days as they ended up having to open him up.

  32. The Prodigy? Rhianna? Please…it was all about Curve…

    Hmmm…”and set the stage for some major season 3 developments.” Does this mean there is some news we’re about to hear?

  33. Julie Merritt: That is why God created DVR’s 😀 .

    Loved the storylines Mr. M! Too bad they didn’t come to fruition 🙁 .

    Can’t stand “Rhianna”! But how can you diss Celine?

    We got a shipping notice for our Kinect! Can’t wait to try it out.

  34. The Art for Atlantis taking off.. it says “Season 7even” not “Seven” lol

  35. I know Tammy,

    But you have to realize especially here in the South particularly here in NC you have a lot of Die Hard football fans who not only watch one game but at the same time record another. I work nights and record both NCIS’s and Thursdays Burn Notice, plus I watch on Use NCIS and Burn Notice Marathons.

  36. I just watch trial and error and I can’t hold it anymore. It seems like SGU is recycling old storylines from the others series. Ignoring that you have done dream heavy sequence 4 times already, let me point out the recycled storylines :

    First, the Chloe transformation : SGA’s Sheppard wraith hybrid combination put in very very slow motion

    Cloverdale : Okay, this one is also from SGA’s where Mckay and others got infected by nightmare inducing essence of a Crystal that they brought back from off world with the nightmare replaced by good dream (which take away the suspense away no matter how it provide insight to the character’s mind.

    Trial and Errors, the most recent : Part of the SG1’s the game episode where Teal’c got trapped in an undending simulation that designed to make him lose shortened into 3 simulation without winning. And this too has no suspense what so ever as unlike the game where Teal’c life is at stake, there’s not real threat in this episode. I admit, the suspense was good in the first dream/simulation but after that, the suspense drop to zero.

    In essence, the show has too much focus on the characters. It should be balance with suspense engaging plot to develop the character and to it to be fully entertaining.

  37. Thank you Wendy. Also Have him on another show or make a show that would have him as Shepperd leading.

  38. I agree only bring back Ronan and Shepperd and have both Jason and Joe Flanigan as regulars on another show. They make a good team.

  39. Thank you Wendy. I did the first season of SGU try to watch but it never caught my attention. I am asking SyFy and Gang to put Flanigan on another show. Now I just watch the reruns of SGA and when his 2 movies come out on SyFy and the one on LifeTime next year I will watch them and that is why I will watch SyFy.

  40. Can you any way bring the furlings(I think T.J’s baby is with them) , the forth race of five in SG-1 and in one episode i clearly don’t remember its name a lucian alliance guy says ” nothing on earth” this is a phrase people of earth use not guys from other planet. This mistakes were never made on SG1 or SGA at least he could have said “nothing on t’ouri” :)) . And please stop experimenting and plz plz plz cut the drama out you people are great ScFy writer you are experts don’t go for doing family drama. Tell us more about the nureal schema of destiny We even don’t know the enemy yet . and if SGU team is so weak they shouldn’t be there still how can guys like this even get recruited in sgc. Build up the story build up the characters , i can tell name of every single characters from sg1 and sga even guys from the planets they visited in SGU i know 4 names young,Eli , rush and TJ.

  41. @It baffles me that even just a small minority of the Stargate FANBASE continues to be so bitter about SGU’s ongoing existence!

    I saw someone like that on tvbythenumbers. The level of hate the person was showing shocked me. I addressed his points kindly and politely then gave up as I realised I was dealing with someone so creepy with their hate.

    I really do hope SGU gets a Season 3. It’s a lovely show, it deserves the old Friday timeslot back.

  42. Julie Merritt: N. C.? How is the weather up there. I’m in M.S. , and it’s 60ish. Friday we are plunging down to freezing, so I’ll be doing dead plant cleanup outside 🙁 .
    I’ve gotten so addicted to my DVR that I find myself reaching for the remote during a movie at the theater! So your addicted to recording games? We can record on two channels and (thank God) my hubby doesn’t watch football games! I lucked out with that one! We both love Sci-Fi, though. (Mr. M., hubby is really warming up the character Greer.)
    I have to respectfully disagree about Flanigan fitting in on SGU. I’m a fan but his character doesn’t know much about ancient technology, pre-dating the “gene”. Sheppard didn’t like playing by military rules, so I don’t see him being in the SG command center, either.
    Flanigan has some new show he is filming now, doesn’t he? You’ll be able to get your Flanigan fix in the near future. Does anyone know when his new show is going to air?

  43. Hey Joe !

    I just saw last episode (on streaming, i can’t wait two years for the french translation, it pisses me off.) and I’m disturbed by a few things :

    I’m french, so I’ll try to write clearly my questions xD

    1. How did Eli downloaded the videos to his computer ? Is there a USB port on Kinos ? :p
    Comment Eli a téléchargé les vidéos sur son ordinateur ? Y a un port USB sur les Kinos ? :p

    2. More disturbing : How did Eli just printed the photographs and stuck them to the wall ?
    Plus dérangeant : Comment Eli a imprimé les photos et comment il les a collées ?

    3. Come to my house and I’ll cook you a traditionnal french meal : the saucisse-purée.

    3. SG·U is the best show ever. Thanks ♥ ☺

  44. for cat444 and anyone else who is curious about what Luis Ferreira is saying

    Now you’re asking me a question that is very interesting to me what film genre I like to work most , I think for me what I like most is “foreign film” … laughs … because when we are in the … it’s too sexy

  45. Randomness it is sad that someone could show so much hate. However you have to realize there are people like that. I for one do not watch SGU but I have no hate. I wish it luck.

  46. I doubt SG1 or SGA was anymore expensive to do than SGU, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary are.

  47. Yes I think the production of SGU killed SGA as well as MGM and SyFy. If they had not ended season 5 with a cliffhanger and let it have a good ending there would not be any of these problems.

  48. Tammy the weather is warm but rainy today, however this weekend it is suppose to get down in the 20s. No I do not think Joe Flanigan has a show coming on. He has 2 movies coming out on SyFy next year and 1 on Lifetime next year. I think he would some how fit on SGU, but I guess he does not want to be on SGU and no his character did not play by military rules, but he saved a lot of their rearends plenty of times. Weather here in NC is strange, you never know from one day to the next what it will be.

  49. I am glad to see they are recasting the role of Wo Fat. I was wandering if they were going to bring on Wo Fat.

  50. Some time ago I had a lovely conversation with a friend about SGU. He had watched AIR Pt. 1 and determined it was “not good” (he used stronger language) and hasn’t watched any further eps. Even now he gets a tad sweary when I mention about giving it a chance.

    Weird really, people seem to either like it (me) or really really really really hate it with a passion (him).

    And I can’t stand Marmite.

  51. I heard “pregunta” so I’m guessing he said something like “oh, that’s an interesting question” in a latin-based language. Can anyone translate the rest? I’m assuming he said something funny, then “my favourite is foreign films because they think my accent is sexy” or something like that! 😀

  52. @Julie Merritt
    Ya know, if the movie does not come, I am very happy w/ how Atlantis ended. Mckay’s last line: “I’m alive, and I’ve got you. What more do I need?”. Perfect ending. It wraps things up, and though you want more, that moment does leave you satisfied.

    If we don’t get the movie, I still feel like the show had a satisfying conclusion, though the movie would be the icing on the cake, w/ chocolate shavings… Yum…

    Best Wishes,


  53. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just watched the most recent episode of SGU for like the 5th time. Trying to figure it out. You all have managed to get into my head and scramble my brains. I have been playing out scenarios of what could be going on – and the one thing I cannot figure is, was Rush really controlling the simulation? Was Chloe controlling it? Who does Destiny want to be in command. And, is Destiny really controlling Rush? I’m starting to think that Rush isn’t beginning to understand Destiny. Destiny is beginning to manipulate him – and it manipulated him into overriding the simulation and re-engaging the FTL. I think Destiny is using Rush to complete its mission. How far off am I?

  54. Julie Merritt: I thought I read on his twitter that he was doing a plot show for a potential series. Something about an airforce pilot (newly married w/o kids)who inherits his sister’s kids?

  55. I’m gonna say it…

    I love SGU and the only criticism I’d give it is this – a lack of humour.

    Now before you go saying that SGA had humour in it and we’re trying to be different in this series… humour keeps people sane.

    We have a bunch of people stranded on a ship, food’s crap and they’re stuck together whether they like it or not.

    Putting some humour in makes them seem more human because as far as I have seen in my life, cracking some jokes, doing pranks on one another makes life bearable.

    I see in the kino webisodes that they show humour and a more ‘human’ side of SGU . Many comments on the vids on the youtube channel suggest that these little clips are actually better than the series itself and that they wish these would actually be in the show. There’s practically no bad comments ..

    I’ll make mention of the kino webisode of ‘the apple core’,
    and where they try to play a prank on Riley

    these are two great examples of the human side to the show. 🙂

  56. I’m one of those who has watched Stargate since the very beginning, and initially I was quite happy with Atlantis, but it never seemed to get anywhere, and I quit watching during the season 3 run. I didn’t see the rest until I bought the complete box sets of every season.
    I think the idea of the Wraith was interesting, but I think the execution was terrible. I never liked the ‘invincible’ Atlantis team either. I had the same problem with SG1 at the end, beginning with the introduction of the Asgard teleport tech. Teleporting is magic, it’s not sci fi and it will never be sci fi.

    SGU is a huge improvement on the series and a delight to watch. We need a reset back on earth too, so have the Lucien Alliance wipe out the earth ships and we’ll be back to using Stargates as the only means of travel. Beautiful 🙂

  57. Bryan
    They need to do the movie to stop leaving it in a cliffhanger for instance get Shepperd and Teyla together.

  58. Tammy

    It is a movie he is doing for Lifetime called A Change In Plans where he and his wife take over raising someone’s children when their parents in the Peace Corp are killed. I wish it would be a show for him. I can tell you I would watch.

  59. I especially liked Shepperd and Todds bantering back and forth. They each know how to talk to each other.

  60. It is a movie for Lifetime called A Change In Plans where he and his wife take over raising his sister’s kids after his sister and brother-in-law who are Peace Corp workers are killed. I wish it was going to be a tv show I would watch it.

  61. Why not put up a code on SGU, and ask the viewers to log in to a server and enter the number. Count the different IP locations and then judge your viewers. Makes sense no?

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