July 14, 2010: My summer reading pile! Jelly’s return! Persons Unknown alert! And the mailbag!

My summer reading pile.

Since snapping this pic the other day, I’ve already made some headway, finishing The Strain and Bitter Angels and moving on to The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  Of course I also picked up three more books today –

So I’m right back where I started.

My eldest pug Jelly was away all yesterday and this morning as she was at the animal clinic recovering from minor surgery (see last issue, editor).  How did the other dogs react to her absence.  Well, in the couple of hours it took me to drop Jelly off and run some errands, this is what they got up to:

Of course I can’t be certain exactly which one of them was responsible…

Suspect #1 – Nabbed at the crime scene, but her presence could suggest she was merely an accomplice after the fact.

Suspect #2 – The first one to run, suggesting guilt, but a lack of his traditional tell (a.k.a. explosive diarrhea) suggests innocence.

Suspect #3 – Appeared unfazed by the allegations.  Cool as a cucumber.

Anyway, I picked up Jelly today.  She was in fine spirits…

Raring to go – home, that is.

A reflective moment enroute.

The ordeal of the past 24 hours has been forgotten. But will no doubt be quickly remembered tomorrow morning when she returns for her injections.

The homecoming…

Persons Unknown, formerly of Monday at 8:00 p.m. (and formerly of Monday at 10:00 p.m. before that) is moving to Saturday at 8:00 p.m. starting July 17th (that’s this weekend, folks!).  Please take note.  And if you spot it, do not approach it or make any sudden movements.  The last thing we need is for you to spook it and send it bolting into another time slot.

Tune in tomorrow for another big guest blogger announcement!

And you’ve got one more day to get your questions in for author Alastair Reynolds!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Debra.


majorsal writes: “how about putting the movies on the syfy channel first? maybe do them as a mini series? (and then maybe put them on dvds?)”

Answer: Even if that were the case, the studio would need to recoup its production costs either through sales, dvd or otherwise.  Back when the first movies were produced, that return on investment was a little more assured than it is now.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Have you heard much from Brie and Stewie lately?”

Answer: Heard yesterday that Brie is still bossing her little brother around, using him as her personal chew toy.

Kymm writes: “I think you may be doomed to a lifetime of links to really scary food!! Whenever someone hears of a weird/unusual food, they think of you (I know that I do) and will let you know about it. Here’s another one for you, whale vomit.”

Answer: I suppose it depends on what the whale just ate.  I’m in no hurry to try it.

dasNdanger writes: “They were simple – chocolate, lemon and strawberry – and sweet. Are all the macarons you get like that?”

Answer: Yes, most are sweet although I’ve had some savory versions – and, best of all, some sweet and savory versions like the Pierre Herme seasonal foie gras.

annie from Freemantle writes: “ewww @ Metacam.. I had some for my rats. That stuff stinks. How do you get Jelly to take it?”

Answer: Mix it in with her food of course!

Jenks writes: “Joe, do you ever feel like the show has lost something in it’s link to Earth mythologies, or would you consider that more of an SG-1 theme than a franchise one?”

Answer: I do consider it an SG-1 theme when it relates to specific Earth mythologies (ie. Egyptian), but SGU, like Atlantis before it, is steeped in the mythology of the Ancients.

Tim Lade writes: “Why are you not a fan of ascended visits?”

Answer: To be honest, I find them too esoteric, their existence more fantasy than science fiction.

J. Chris Tucker writes: “Lotta questions about a 4th season seem to be popping up, and you keep saying there’s been no discussion about one. When were SGA and SGU thought up and then actually developed?”

Answer: The topic of discussion was a fourth series, not a fourth season of the show.  In the case of Atlantis, it was developed as a replacement for SG-1 – except that SG-1 kept getting picked up.  As for SGU, it was a very general pitch late in Atlantis’s run.  To be honest, the assumption was that Atlantis was going to get a sixth season pick-up so Brad and Robert were looking to develop it for 2010 only to be told there was immediate interest.  As a result, they fast-tracked development on SGU and, while doing so, we received word that Atlantis would, in fact, not be returning for a sixth season.

Nicholas T. writes: “In preparation for SGU, did you ask the recurring cast members to watch/study SG1/SGA to prepare for their roles?”

Answer: Nope.  Some were already familiar with the other shows (or VERY familiar in the case of David Blue, SF fan extraordinaire).

Nicolas T. also writes: “From this point forth, can we impose a moratorium on your website on the usage of the neologism “frak” and any of its permutations.”

Answer: Personally have never been a fan of the term when used in contemporary (non television) conversation.  It’s uh – what’s the opposite of cool?

Nicholas T. also writes: “What are your feelings about China? Other than Hong Kong, have you been to mainland China?”

Answer: Almost made it to Shanghai two years ago.  Would love to check out China some day.

wraithfodder writes: “Out of curiosity, just how old are all your pugs? And how many do you have now? I seem to have lost count, and would you ever get a cat?”

Answer: Love cats as well, but there’s no room on the bed.  The gang is made up Jelly (11), Maximus (10), Bubba (8), and Lulu (3).

Luis writes: “As big a comic fan as I am what are my chances of getting the very first issue of your Comic Book Series autographed to me by yourself and Paul?”

Answer: Chances are excellent if you come find us at next year’s Comic Con.

Daniel writes: “I’ve a little confused – Paul has done uncredited rewrites on some scripts – so you share credit on them – doesn’t that mean he is credited? – do you mean to say he wouldn’t be credited if it was only your name in the written by credit?”

Answer: By uncredited rewrites, I’m talking about scripts written by other writers.  Even though Paul will do a pass on them (at times, a fairly extensive rewrite), the original writer retains sole credit for the script.  Because these rewrites fall under his purview as Exec. Producer, he does not receive an extra script fee for his efforts – as opposed to writing original scripts for which he receives a) payment and b) credit.