July 21, 2010: Another chocolate tasting! Jelly shows off! 100 Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read – How many have you read? Solution’s tribute to Robert Cooper!

Another day, another chocolate-tasting.  This time, we shift our focus away from Paris and its award-winning Pralus Chocolats toward the high-altitude environs of Salt Lake City and Utah’s Amano Chocolate, makers of heavenly hand-crafted artisan chocolates.  The line-up:

Even though they’ve only been in business since 2006, Amano produces chocolate on par with the world’s best.  And, while quite frankly all six bars were terrific, one stood out as best among an excellent assortment.  The Dos Rios dark chocolate bar, made from beans from the Dominican Republic possesses a subtle bergamot orange undercurrent that had Akemi uttering “Earl Grey!” after the first bite.  Hints of clove and cinnamon round out the flavor profile.  Easily one of my top ten favorites alongside Amedei’s chuao the Pralus papouasie.

Jelly’s condition continues to improve.  Suddenly, after months of getting me to carry in and out of the house, she’s suddenly doing stairs again –

Okay, now she’s just showing off.  Two months from now she’ll be doing the doggy triathlon.

Every month or so, a website posts one of these Top 100 book lists and I invariably take the time to count off how many titles I’ve actually read.

Of the 100 Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read (http://bookstove.com/science-fiction/100-science-fiction-novels-everyone-should-read/) I scored a somewhat respectable (?) 47/100 although my reading repertoire is missing some seminal works including Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers, and Dune!

Thanks to Michelle for providing a link to the following tribute to Robert C Cooper from the gang at Solutions.  And just in time for what may well be his final Stargate-related Comic Con appearance.

And, finally, since somebody asked (Randomness I believe it was): on the anime front, I’m presently four discs deep into Mushi-shi, a series that failed to pique my interest the first (not one, but) two times I sat down to watch it but that now – after a little perseverance – ranks among my Top 25 favorite anime series.  At turns humorous, horrifying, touching, and just plain terrific.