Roughly 700+ spaceships into my Test Your Spaceship IQ thread on twitter and, after some easy offerings in the opening rounds, we’re getting into some far lesser known vessels at this point.  I had intended to just do 50 posts, then 100, and now I’m thinking of wrapping things up at 250+ which will get us to approximately 1000 spaceships across film, television, anime, comics, cartoons and…others.  Head on over and see how you fare.

Taking a much-needed breather after delivering a first draft of my new pilot to my buddy and potential co-writing partner Alex Ruemelin (check out his new series, Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy, on Amazon Prime) to watch more crime shows.  Yes, yes, I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy.  I’m 45 shows ind will compile my Top 10 list once I hit 50 – which shouldn’t be too long from now, but I will have to finish up the last two season of Unforgotten and the final season of Line of Duty, two shows (spoiler alert!) that will be making that Top 10 list.

Finalized the pitch deck for my cozy mystery series.  After much back and forth, we’re finally locked and ready to roll.  The producer I’ve partnered with on this one has set up several  other procedurals, so let’s hoping we find ourselves in production on this new series next year.

Meanwhile, we’ve attached a director and lead to that action-adventure series and will look to go out with that in the coming weeks.

Still on track to shoot that horror movie in Bulgaria in the spring.  Just waiting to lock down elements on the financing side and then it’s smoooooth sailing.

Finally, awaiting editor notes on my horror comic.  Was expecting them last week but I guess the comics industry is really no different from the t.v. industry.

Today’s Yes/No…

9 thoughts on “October 30, 2023: This and That!

  1. My Beagle Maggie died today. Last 7 weeks she had been going down fast. Working with the Vet nothing seemed to help, just made her feel worse. Today we did x-rays of internal organs and saw 2 big masses attached to her enlarged spleen and one by her enlarged heart that was pushing her trachea into an unnatural bend. Her kidney and liver blood work was worse every time they checked. She had stopped eating and was staggering around the house looking terrible. Mostly sleeping all the time.

    So I made the heartbreaking decision to let her go. She died peacefully in my arms. My house now is terrible. Quiet. Lonely. I still don’t make a move without looking for her. I guess I’ll get over that, eventually. I’ll miss her following me around. I’ve become hunchback over the last 15 years from looking down, watching my feet so I don’t step on her. She was always right there. I have invited her ghost to come haunt me. Come back home.

    I want to get new carpet then another dog. You are right Joe. Eating is no fun if you don’t have a dog to share it with.

    1. @ponytail oh no. 🙁
      I am so very sorry to hear about Maggie.
      warmest soothing hugs.

  2. On the ships: When you first started posting the ships, I could guess a few. Now it seems like you’re in the advanced level. I tried to get my hubby/son to play nmore video games so I could tap them for additional resources but alas, they said no. 😉

    Yeastie beer: 🤢

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