Well, Sharky is turning into quite the momma’s boy, crawling into Akemi’s lap at every opportunity, following her around the place by the sound of her voice (and, failing that, sound of her footfalls), and crying up a storm when she leaves to take a shower or pops out to go shopping.  In other words, the perfect dog for Akemi.

And, of course, whenever mom is in the kitchen, Sharky is never far behind.

We gave Sharky a piece of steak the other day and he acted like he’d never had filet mignon in his life.  Yesterday, he sampled salmon sashimi –

Like Suji, he adores a good partially runny egg yolk…

The gang at Pug Nation of Los Angeles sent us a few pics and a video of Sharky while he was there with them…

We figure he’s part beagle but, sometimes, he definitely looks a little frenchie…

Out and about with mom…

Doing yoga with mom.  His version of downward dog…

Hanging with his buddy, Bubbie.  The Banana Siblings!

Prepping for his first Canadian winter…



10 thoughts on “October 29, 2023: Sharky Sunday!

  1. All I can say is awwwww xxx and when are you getting his new brother/sister/both? xxx

  2. Awwww…
    Welcome, Sharky!

    One week at the retirement community as of today. Deep cold front coming through tonight, dropping 25–30° F. We’ll find out how well the building was insulated. (Built 2016-17)

    1. @Gilder Yikes. so cold so soon? Sounds like your new living space is going to take some getting used to. Is the apartment at least decent and the neighbors friendly?
      And how’s hubby doing?

  3. He is so cute! And small. Looks like he would be a pack mate cuddlier if he had a sibling(s) (unlike Suji, who wanted you all for herself). Does he bark much? I bet he can hear what’s going on next door! Thanks for all the pictures. Sharky is going to fit right in here.

  4. Awww, wonderful pictures! Gosh, it’s going to hard leaving that boy when you go on vacation. 🙁

    Are you going to get dna test on Sharky?

  5. Hey, save me some. It’s been years since I’ve had a good steak. 🙂
    Love his Canadian winter hat.
    Sounds like Sharky is wasting absolutely no time growing accustomed to being spoiled rotten. xoxoxo

    Perfectly understandable he’s been so clingy.
    He used to be confident and independent
    and since his visual sight was completely lost a few months ago
    his only coping mechanism has been to rely on the constant company
    of other dogs and as much attention as he could get from humans
    at the pug rescue with no one trying to help him regain
    his confidence and independence.

    Show Akemi my unpublished suggestion
    under the the October 27th tasty chicken parts entry, for her to try.
    If it works – it’ll be a good first step toward giving him new coping mechanisms
    and allowing the two of you to resume some normal out of the home activities together
    such as going to lunch with friends and colleagues and trips to the market
    without having to find a neighbor to serve as sitter, or
    constantly worrying about coming home to a seriously distressed puppers.

    Other thing you can do is drop by a Costco or Sams Club to pick up
    baby play pen area fencing to create a safe space in the living room area
    that has just his toys, water bowl, bedding, and blankets and nothing to bump into.
    He’ll learn this is “his” safe room with no unknown dangers to make him nervous or scared.
    Whenever Akemi wants to go take a shower she would put him in his safe space area.
    After doing this for about a week she could begin doing it when she wants to head out the door to the food market.

  6. I’m betting the more time Sharky spends off leash at the dog park learning to navigate on his own with mom and dad’s interference kept at a minimum .. he’ll become the perfect adorable spokes model for helping other blind dogs regain their confidence and independence and it’ll encourage more people to feel comfortable adopting a blind dog.

  7. It looks like Sharky is settling in nicely. While Akemi is the current focus of his attention, I think that has more to do with insecurity than just affection I would imagine that he will be less clingy with Akemi and more sociable toward you as he continues to find his footing in his new, amazing world.. You could always look for a companion for him and then each of you would potentially have your own lap warmer. Just a thought….

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