19 thoughts on “October 3, 2023: Sharky!

  1. He is adorable! Is he the new member of the fam? You and Akemi would be a perfect fit for this pup. Wishing you all well!

  2. Welcome, Sharky! What a cutie! He’s found the perfect new home, for sure. Wishing you and Akemi and Sharky loads of happiness and fun times ahead. ❤️

  3. He’s cute! Sharkey is one luck boy if you two adopt him. Is Akemi going to change his name?

    What are some of the things you need to do for a blind dog? Doesn’t your Sis have a blind dog?

  4. I’m already in love! How can you not want to bring him home? He’s a great age with the perfect temperament to have an adopted buddy. It looks like he could live for years and make a wonderful writing companion.

  5. Congratulations Sharky!! You have been chosen to join a family with the most amazing and devoted parents. They will take outstanding care of you. Anything you need or want, plus more, will be provided. You will automatically have a big fan base that will follow your every adventure. You might even end up on the set or behind the scenes of a movie or TV show! Get ready Sharky. You’re in good, loving hands now.

    Congratulations Joe and Akemi! He’s a cutie!

  6. Oh my gosh. Much, much, much, too adorable.
    I think I’m in love already and you haven’t even brought him home yet. xo
    You can definitely see the beagle mix in this little guy.
    Something tells me people will be fawning over him everywhere you go!
    So, are you and Akemi planning to take him with you to Japan
    or are you going to let auntie Andria visit with him for a bit?

      1. Oh, that’s right. It’s been so long since you needed a sitter that I forgot you and Akemi have a local Toronto person who took care
        of Lulu & Suji the last time you travelled.

        You and Akemi heading to your moms for Thanksgiving before taking The Big Apple by storm?

    1. He has beagle mix in him??? Oh my goodness! My beagle is the most stubborn, hard-headed dog. You’d think after almost 15 years she would have the routine down by now. But nooooooo! It’s either her way or I pay!! But I bet Sharky will have a beagle-like nose on him. Since he is blind, he will be tracking your every move around the house with his nose. My beagle is a big nosed, big mouth, pig-headed dog. Your gonna need more TREATS!!

      1. @ponytail He was listed on Pet finder as pug-beagle mix. If you look at his color & markings, ear length, slight difference in mouth shape, it’s noticeable.
        But I doubt it really affects his disposition much. He’s likely just a sweet mush ball who seeks close snuggling to humans to feel safe and will probably want to snuggle close to Akemi at night for her comforting human female scent and softer vocal tones.

        I saw another sweet gentle special needs cutie listed on Pug Nation LA who’d likely make the perfect companion for Sharky. She’d likely seek to be Joe’s gal and want to snuggle close to him at night if they should decide to adopt her. As an added bonus
        She already has a Japanese name. And because she is quiet and mellow Joe could continue searching for the right Juggle to expand the family. Even though she is not technically a senior pup at age 5-6 years, It does seem she’d be a good fit because Joe & Akemi would be able to get her the better meds and therapies she needs for her current condition to significantly improve her quality of life.


        1. We absolutely considered Kami but she has an issue with her jaw that makes it impossible for her to open her mouth and chew. Akemi wonders if she might benefit from botox treatments that would relax her jaw.

          1. Growing up I had a neighbor with a small black Scottish Terrier who had a chronic locked jaw problem.
            No idea what kind of therapies they tried for him- but they eventually worked.
            So, if they had therapies that worked several decades ago – there’s a pretty good chance there is something that will work well for Kami now.

  7. Ponytail said it the best; I concur and could not have said it any better. I can’t wait to virtually meet Sharky and follow all the things you will find out about each other. He definitely has won the Lotto.

  8. Oh Joe he’s perfect! He’s cracked it with you two – he couldn’t have found a better home! Love his name too!! 

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